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Carthage Press (Newspaper) - September 28, 1970, Carthage, Missouri Spotlighting Tho nows by press a service Miami a writer Effie Lawrence Marshall Best known for novels based on the lives of biblical women la dead at the age of 97. Washington the annual flurry Over Christmas stamp designs May be averted this year. Postal officials plan to offer two Stamps to the Public one religious and the other non religious. San Antonio Texas a oilman and philanthropist Charles f. Urschel who was kidnapped and ransomed nearly 40 years ago by the machine gun Kelly gang died saturday after a lengthy illness. He was in his 80s. New Youk a Arych Neier newly elected head of the american civil liberties Union says his organization will defend persons charged with violating the Federal Law prohibiting crossing state lines to incite riots. Blackpool England a Britain s opened its annual convention today with Harold Wilson s leadership and policies under Challenge from the left right and Center. St. Louis a the United states is faced with a tremendous surplus of unwanted dogs and cats the american humane association was told sunday. Saigon a the . Command announced today that american troop strength in Vietnam dropped by 1,400 last week to 394,100, the lowest level since dec. 13, 1966. Washington a mrs. W. Averell Harriman wife of the Veteran Diplomat and former governor of new York died saturday in George Washington University Hospital. She was 67. London a a London Coroner returned an open verdict today on Jim Hendrix after a pathologist testified the american pop Singer died of suffocation. The Coroner said there was insufficient evidence to suggest Hendrix had taken his own life. St. Louis a about $1.4 million has been awarded to the St. Louis housing authority to hire 170 Public housing residents and train them As Security guards housing director Thomas p. Costello said today. Behlin a communist East Germany convicted a Young american Mark Huessy 21, Jericho Utah of agitation against the state and sentenced him to seven years imprisonment informed sources confirmed Here today. Paris a the Rev. Carl Mcintire sponsor of a win tiie War rally in Washington says the Nixon administration pressured vice president Nguyen Cao by of South Vietnam not to attend the event. Washington a the Federal Trade commission has been asked by consumer protectionist Ralph Nader to investigate the possible production of tobacco products containing hazardous foreign matter. Washington a the Wolf Bayou recreation area in Scot county in Southeast Missouri is the object of a $100,000 combined state and Federal Grant for land acquisition and development. Washington a More than one in ten buses recently inspected has been ordered off the Road As apparently unsafe government officials say. Many other buses were cited for minor safety violations. Saigon a Viet Cong rockets dropped on Hue Vietnam sold Imperial capital for the first time in almost two months As the enemy tried to thwart the Saigon government s pacification program in five locations a military spokesman said today. Auckland new zealand a a Man trying to set a world Beer drinking record has died after Downing 77 glasses. Jack Manokau 33, aimed at setting the record on saturday but collapsed and later was found dead in his car. Kent Ohio a students began fall Quarter classes quietly today at Kent state University under the slogan a Power to the peaceful Quot a theme of a student government sponsored a think Point Lookout to. A the speleological society at the school of the ozarks has established a Cave Rescue squad that will answer emergency Calls within a 125-mile radius of Point Lookout. Jefferson City a gov. Warren e. Hearnes Democrat charged today that atty. Gen. John c. Danforth was criticizing the Hearnes administration in an Effort to further his Republican Campaign for the . Senate. Rolla to. A three International conferences Are scheduled at the University of Missouri Rolla next month in conjunction with the school s Centennial Celebration. Washington a president Nixon s plan for a guaranteed annual income for the nations poor is nearing a crucial Senate test with the administration unable to count on the Strong Republican support necessary to win. Advance gifts under Way. By Nixon in Rome. United f und goal $46,666 f Reed hostages greeted a goal of $46,666.66 has been set for the Carthage United fund Campaign opening thursday according to Robert Knell Campaign chairman. However the menus and women a advanced gifts divisions headed by Thomas e. Taylor and mrs. Joe m. Morrow already Are in the Campaign Field. Fifteen agencies including a newcomer this year Are participating in the United fund and All but one have been budgeted percentages of the Campaign total. The new Agency this year is the Fellowship of Christian athletes a National organization which has a chapter in the Carthage senior High school. The free bed fund did not make a budget request. Other division chairmen in this years drive Are Frank b. Thomas e. Taylor Williams jr., corporations c. W. Peiter Industrial employees c. T. Miller or. And Dale Hegwer retail Donald k. Stamps schools mrs. George f. Wood and mrs. Opal Johnson organizations. The american red Cross is the largest . Participant while other agencies involved Are big Brothers inc., boy scouts cerebral palsy cystic fibrosis girl scouts humane society children a mercy Hospital of Kansas City Carthage mental health salvation army Carthage area sheltered workshop Carthage welfare fund and the United service organization Uso. The Myca was the largest participant until 1968 when a $12,000 allotment was termed insufficient by the Myca Board of directors and the operation closed Down. The budget committee also headed by Taylor completed the budget setting task last week and Knell selected his division chairmen. Workers under Taylor in the menus advanced gift division Are Otis Buck Charles Yarbrough Chet Wilson Roger Lawrence Stuart Smith William Frederick William Putnam jr., John e. Williams Sam Morrow jr., Ray Peterson Lee Newman Hartford Patrick John o. Phelps and George Beimdiek. U. F. Board officers Are Gene c. Thompson president James Atkinson vice president miss Mae Chitwood Secretary and David Peoples treasurer. For returning hijackers. Cuba willing to enter agreement with . Miami apr Cuba says it is willing to enter an agreement with the United states to return air plane hijackers but Only if such a pact also covers the hijacking of boats. This could involve cubans who steal boats to come to Florida and the state department declined immediate comment while it studied the statement by foreign minister Raul Roa. In the past such cubans have been granted Haven in the United states. Roads statement was broadcast by Havana radio saturday night in an unusual Public communique. A the problem of the Hijack of planes could not be solved by simple publicity measures a roads statement said. A if the United states government wishes to discuss this problem in a serious and definitive Way the cuban government is willing to subscribe immediately an agreement on the basis established in the cuban Law no. 1,226 sept. 16, 1969, which includes besides the Hijack of planes the hijacking of ships and other violations of regulations and Laws ruling the International traffic a Roa said. He added a we do also express in a final and categorical Way that we will not accept and will not respect any International agreement relating to the Hijack of planes unless it concretely includes All piracy forms and violations without any Roa also declared that Robert i Abadie 27, a . Army private put aboard a . Plane at a cuban Airfield and returned to this country last thursday As an accused air plane Hijacker should be treated As a mental Case rather than a criminal. Labadie has been charged with hijacking a trans world airlines jetliner with 86 passengers aboard to Cuba aug. 24. The hijacking occurred As the plane flew Over fort Wayne ind. Roa said Labadie was turned Over to the United states As the result of a note to Cuba through the Neutral Swiss embassy. The note requested Labadies return Roa said and expressed american willingness a to seclude citizen Labadie taking in consideration that he was under psychiatric treatment at Valley forge a . Officials flew to Cuba thursday and brought i Abadie to Miami where he was held under $500,000 bail on an air piracy indictment which carries a maximum sentence of death. He was flown Friday to fort Wayne ind., for further court action. Rome apr president Nixon discussed War and peace in the Mediterranean with italian leaders today and made an unscheduled trip to Rome a Airport to Greet freed american sky Jack hostages flying Home from Jordan. Nixon flew to Fiumicini Airport by helicopter and met the americans on the Tarmac As they walked off a special trans world airlines plane that is taking them Back to the United states. Such was the crush around the smiling president that authorities herded the 28 Hijack victims Back into the plane. Nixon followed and addressed them inside. The americans had arrived an hour earlier from Nicosia where they had spent the night after being freed by palestinian guerrillas in Amman. They were to continue on to new York after refuelling but the Surprise decision by Nixon to Greet them held them in Rome a Little longer than scheduled. Nixon said afterwards i think i feel As Happy As they he told reporters that what the hostages went through May mean a the possibility of this happening again in the future has been substantially he referred to measures that include armed guards aboard aircraft and Security at airports. A it sometimes takes an Inci Dent like this to bring world attention a Nixon said adding that the reaction was one of a a outrage and one of compassion for the victims. Before visiting the hostages the president told italian leaders the United states is committed to a Strong presence in the Mediterranean which he called the a Southern Anchor of he made the reaffirmation to president Giuseppe Sara Gat at the beginning of talks seeking Means of a lasting peace in the Mediterranean. He later talked with Premier Emilio Colombo who accompanied Nixon on the trip to meet the hostages. Nixon said the hostages were a very proud of being americans. They never lost their their slogans were a thumbs up and a they had no complaints about what happened a he added. The president spoke to reporters briefly on the ramp of the plane that was to take the hostages nonstop Home to new York. Nixon spoke of what he said was a dilemma faced by his administration and other officials trying to gain release of the hostages. He said that while helping to obtain their release it was not possible to move in a with massive Force for fear of hurting them. A while we showed great Power we also showed great restraint a Nixon added. He called this a a landmark cases that would influence american foreign policy in the future. Nations railroads seek fifth hike in freight rates ending civil War Arab leaders sign agreement by the associated press Lebanon guarded against renewed guerrilla attacks against Israel today after King Hussein of Jordan palestinian commando Leader Yasir Arafat and eight Arab nations signed an agreement in Cairo ending the jordanian civil War. Observers at Tiberias Israel reported that lebanese troops were out in Force along their Border sunday apparently anticipating increased guerrilla activity. Hie peace agreement signed sunday by Hussein and Arafat set up a three Man committee to ensure that its provisions Are carried out and to report any violations to the eight consigning states. Foremost among the agree after three weeks. Mentus 14 Points is that Hussein a army and the palestinian forces will withdraw from Amman almost destroyed by to Days of fighting. The soldiers were to return to their Normal Barracks and the guerrillas to positions a Best suited to their activities in the a liberation Battle against Israel a presumably the Israel Jordan ceasefire line along the Jordan River. The pact prohibits a fall propaganda campaigns inconsistent with its objectives and orders the return of prisoners taken during the fighting. It directs that Irbid in Northern Jordan and other guerrilla strongholds North of Amman be returned to the a military and civilian situation existing prior to recent events a in effect any Northern portion captured by the army would be returned to guerrilla control. Its final article expresses support for the palestinian revolution a until it achieves its objective of full liberation and defeat of the usurping israeli the agreement came after a week of meetings among the leaders of Egypt Tunisia saudi Arabia Kuwait North Yemen Lybia South Yemen Sudan and Lebanon. Hussein and Arafat arrived sunday and the final draft was completed during two sessions. The Delegate from South Yemen left before the signing ceremony and the governments of Syria Iraq Morocco and Algeria failed either to attend the conference or to sign the agreement. Sporadic fighting was reported in Jordan. Arafat Sal Fatah guerrilla organization said at its Beirut Lebanon office that its forces were shelled in Amman and Zarqa but were not retaliating. Amman radio said commandos had fired on government troops there. Along the jordanian Frontier with Israel hundreds of peasants began returning sunday to tend their neglected crops. Farmers fled the Jordan Valley Southeast of the sea of Galilee a year ago because of daily israeli forays against the guerrillas but there have been no incidents reported since the War in Jor Dan started. By Mark Brown associated press writer Washington a the nations railroads a claiming they Are caught Between labor unions on one Side and Bankers on the other Are asking for a fifth hike in freight rates in four years. Contending that inflation and increased labor costs have wiped out All gains from previous increases railroads in the Eastern and Western United states Are seeking a 15 per Coit rate boost. Southern railroads Are asking for 6 per cent across the Board hike until next feb. 28, plus a permanent 15 per cent increase in Coal hauling charges. The interstate Commerce commission which scheduled a hearing today is studying All freight rates. But unless the study brings out evidence previously unavailable to the inc history indicates the hikes will be allowed. In the last several decades inc officials admit the commission has never turned the rail roads Down cold and in most cases has Given them everything they asked for. The financial collapse last summer of the nations largest Railroad the Penn Central lends an urgency to the railroads plea. And the labor difficulties the carriers have experienced in the last year have evoked a sympathetic response from inc chairman George m. Stafford. A in an interview last August Stafford said rising labor costs Are a major financial problem facing the railroads. The railroads also have Felt the Pinch of tight Money a a problem faced by much of in Dusty but especially critical for the Cuil intensive railroads. Twenty eight hostages released Nicosia Cyprus a Twenty eight americans left Cyprus today on the last leg of their homeward bound journey after being held by palestinian commandos for three weeks. Four of the 32 americans who arrived in Nicosia sunday aboard a red Cross Airlift from Amman Jordan remained in the cypriot capital. There was residents evacuate. No immediate explanation Why they stayed. The 28 left aboard a trans world airlines jetliner for new York with a Brief Stopover in Rome. Six other hostages remained in Amman but diplomatic sources in Beirut Lebanon said sunday that they also had been freed and were turned Over to the egyptian embassy which has been acting As a go Between for the International red Cross. An egyptian embassy spokesman in Amman said that the six were being freed unconditionally but added he hoped the Western nations involved would free the commandos they held. The guerrillas demanded As Ransom for the hostages the re lease of Arab commandos held in Britain West Germany Switzerland and Israel. Although Britain West Germany and Switzerland have indicated they will free seven commandos held in their jails diplomats said sunday they will not go free until the release of All airline Hijack hostages in Jordan is confirmed. Reliable sources in Jerusalem said Israel was planning to free 12 Arab captives apparently As part of a Deal for the release of the hostages. Palestinian guerrillas hijacked three airliners to Jordan sept. 6 and 9. All but 54 of More than 400 passengers and Crew members were released before Jordan a civil War erupted sept. 17. Forecast a generally fair and pleasant through tuesday Low tonight Low to mid 50s High tuesday Low to mid 80s. Tuesday september 29 Sunrise. 6 54 Sunset. 6 46 Moonrise. 6 00 1 65 i an 53 2 67 2 an 53 3 68 3 52 4 pin 69 4 an 52 5 69 5 am 51 6 69 6 am 51 7 pm 65 7 am 51 ,8 pm 63 8 am 52 9 pm 61 9 am 55 10 pm 59 to am 66 11 pm 69 la pm 69 Midnight. 55 noon. 69 temperatures one year ago today maximum 85 and minimum 69 two years ago 79 and 49. Mammoth Brush fires continue los Angeles a huge fires spread on Brush covered slopes outside san Diego and los Angeles today after destroying hundreds of Homes and forcing thousands to evacuate. Three persons were killed. One Blaze devastated 150,000 acres in Southern san Diego county advancing to the outskirts of several san Diego suburbs. A spokesman for the state division of forestry said this fire covered a greater area than any single fire in the states history. Another Blaze blackened 115,000 acres around the los Angeles Basin. Fire fighters managed to Check the Western Progress of the san Diego area fire sunday night As winds wildly erratic during the Day subsided. But the fire moved southward toward the mexican Border. More than 50,000 residents fled the san Diego area fire and thousands of others were evacuated from Canyon Homes As flames raced along a 35-mile front Northwest of los Angeles. Other fires some believed set by arsonists burned in various parts of Southern California for the fourth straight Day. Weary fire fighters battled flames from the air and the ground. They faced another Day of temperatures above too de Grees and winds stronger than 60 Miles per hour. San Diego los Angeles and Ventura counties were declared disaster areas by gov. Ronald Reagan who urged californians to donate clothing and toys for families left homeless. Federal and state teams were ordered in to assess damage and pave the Way for Federal Relief funds. Evacuation centers were set up in the fire ravaged areas. Many of the evacuees were taken into the Homes of friends and strangers. All Southern California military bases were ordered to stand by to receive fire refugees. The san Diego area fire had burned about 200 Homes in Pine Valley Alpine Jamul Harbison Canyon Crest Al Cajon and other communities along a path 30 Miles Long and to Miles wide. The fire began saturday in Cleveland National Forest 50 Miles East of san Diego from Sparks spewing from a fallen Power line. It roared Westward through Brush covered mountains and Lush valleys to the outskirts of Al Cajon and Spring Valley near san Diego. South of san Diego flames approached National City and Onila b. Marty director of san Diego county civil defense said 40,000 to 60,000 persons were evacuated from Homes in the county Over the weekend including 6,000 from Alpine late sunday. A state division of forestry spokesman said the san Diego county fire surpassed the 125,000-acre Matil Laja Blaze which burned from Kern county to los Angeles county in 1930. Northwest of los Angeles flames burned a path from the Pacific Ocean at Malibu into Angeles National Forest near Newhall. Firemen fought to keep it out of the populous Topanga Canyon. Six new fires broke out sunday in the area joining nine others previously burning. A a there a a firebug in the area starting these things a a fire official said. A the has been observed starting at least five one Man was arrested saturday and three others sunday for investigation of arson. Fire officials said More fires that sprang up later appeared to have been of incendiary origin. One body found saturday was identified As that of a Chatsworth Man. One unidentified body and a third identified As that of Jack Burton 38, of Northridge were found sunday

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