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Carthage Press (Newspaper) - September 19, 1970, Carthage, Missouri Spotlighting Tho now Carthage volume eighty six number 221 saturday september 19, 1970 press Carthage to. Return postage guaranteed by press a service Kansas City a voting for the eighth time since March patrons of the Hickman Mills school District finally approved a school tax Levy Friday 8,032 to 2,087, a majority of 79 per cent. Two thirds was required. Washington a a search for weapons in the hand Luggage of passengers boarding International flights is under Way at Washington new York and new Orleans and will be expanded to 33 major . Airports by next week. Phenom pen Cambodia a the Ca Mobilian military command plans a big assault to smash through a communist Strong Point that has stalled the governments largest offensive of the War there for nearly a week. Washington a . Military officials predict it is Only a matter of time before the palestinian guerrillas out manned and outgunned Are Defeated by Jordan a Royal of fiercely Loyal bedouin tribesmen. Oakley Idaho a it has been a rough year for rancher w. B. Whiteley. A cellar he owns at Declo burned last Spring. In july some of his fall potato crop was lost because of a Hail storm. Then the week before Harvest another fire destroyed his cellar at Oakley leaving him no place to store his potatoes. Washington a with american forces in the Mediterranean bolstered president Nixon kept continuous watch today on the crisis in embattled Jordan with american lives and the survival of the Hussein government his primary concern. Jefferson City a the probability is growing apace that a fourth special session of the Missouri legislature will be called after the nov. 3 general election in a new attempt to solve the states financial woes. Durant okla. A Bryan county sheriff Joe Brimmage is still sheriff today thanks to the flip of a Coin. Brimmage was challenged in the sept. 15 primary by 0. W. Highfill and unofficial vote totals showed Brimmage the Winner by 22 votes 2,993 to 2,971. Highfill asked for a recount and the tabulation in District court showed Friday the outcome was a tie. The men agreed to flip a Coin with the Winner becoming sheriff and the loser undersheriff. Kansas City a some 4,500 shrines and about 500 vehicles All bedecked in Bright red purple Orange and yellow moved through downtown Kansas City today in a noisy Central states shrine ceremonial Parade. Charleston w. A. A Vincent Jennings associate publisher of the Charleston daily mail is dead at 57 san Antonio Texas a mrs. Louis Swinehart who spent 37 years As a missionary in Korea and authored three books quietly celebrated her 101st birthday Friday. Royal Oak Mich. A Philip f. Miller editor and publisher of the daily Tribune of Royal Oak since 1954, died Friday. He was 55. Albany . A the worldwide a fuel crunch threatens new yorkers with Power a a brownouts and fuel rationing this Winter Joseph c. Swidler chairman of the states Public service commission warns. Pittsburgh a . Steel corp. Began Friday night to move into its new Headquarters a few blocks away from its present location. A spokesman for the largest steelmaker said the task would take a year and 1,250 moving vans. Portsmouth a. A a Crew of firemen was dispatched Friday to Rescue a cat from a tree. Mission accomplished the cat was released. As the fire truck started Back to the station it ran Over the cat. Madison wis. A seven University of Wisconsin social fraternities have offered their living rooms to offset a loss of classroom space aug. 24 when a fatal bomb explosion destroyed the Campus mathematics research Center. Peace talks not to resume. Heavy blow inflicted on american Hopes Washington apr israeli prime minister golds Meir has inflicted a heavy blow on american Hopes that the Middle East peace talks could be resumed in the near future. Mrs. Meir told president Nixon there can be no peace talks until Egypt removes the missiles Israel claims were implanted along the Suez canal in violation of a military standstill agreement. Nixon and Secretary of state William p. Rogers tried Friday but failed to persuade the 72-year-old israeli Leader that talks under United nations mediator Gunnar jarring provide the Only Avenue to peace. In principle mrs. Meir agreed. But she asked Why should Israel negotiate a peace treaty with a country which violated a lesser cease fire agreement virtually the same Day it agreed to observe it president Nixon and Rogers Are reported to have understood mrs. Meir a argument although they would not agree with her conclusion. American officials concede the standstill cease fire violations could not have occurred without the knowledge and complicity of the soviet Union. They say there is no quarrel with the harsh words the israeli Leader used at her Friday press conference when she accused Moscow and Cairo of bad Faith and said a they both Are the Nixon administration consoled itself with the conclusion that because of the Jordan situation the question of resuming of political talks is hypothetical anyway. The United states however would not take mrs. Meir so a not for an answer. Diplomatic prodding will continue on several fronts officials said. Moscow and Cairo will be negotiations sought. Pm Calls in labor relations chiefs urged anew to a rectify the violations which has been interpreted As removal of their missiles deployed in the Suez canal zone contrary to provisions of the standstill cease fire agreement and new efforts will be made to persuade mrs. Meir to end her Boycott of the talks. American and israeli diplomatic observers agreed that despite the failure to smooth Over differences mrs. Meir a Day intake trial. Long talks with the president and Rogers were useful because they restored Confidence Between the two countries. . Officials reluctantly concede the safety of hostages held by palestinian guerrillas and the chaotic jordanian situation in which the throne of King Hussein a pro Western Monarch is at stake have priority Over the hoped for resumption of the peace talks. Watson summoned Detroit apr general motors corp. Today called in labor relations chiefs from its various divisions As both it and the United Auto workers stalemated in National bargaining sought to get local level negotiations moving. Law president Leonard Woodcock says local level working agreements which supplement the National wage package must be wrapped up in 155 locations before the 344,000 strikers return to their jobs at pm. They went on strike at Midnight monday. Local level bargaining opened with that on the National level in mid july but Only three settlements have been reached. Woodcock and other Union chiefs meanwhile continued their nationwide series of meetings with local Law bargaining teams in what they said was an attempt a to emphasize the urgency of the in the past local level strikes a Over such issues As seniority lists parking lot privileges air conditioning and water cooler locations have crippled Auto makers sometime for weeks after National settlement. There Are 30,000-plus demands on local tables. The pm and the Law National bargaining teams have recessed their sessions until next tuesday. On Friday approximately 365,000 striking and Laid off pm workers Drew their last full weeks pay until the strike ends. Some sources forecast that May be As much As two months away. Union strike benefits done to Cut in until sept. 29, and they will fall far below the pm average hourly wage of $4.02, or $160.80 a week before taxes. A single worker gets $30, a married worker $35, and one with children $40 a week in strike benefits. The Union estimates its $120 million strike fund will meet benefits for about seven weeks but says that its strikers wont Cave in regardless. When the strike began National negotiators were stalled on a company offer of an additional 38 cents an hour and a Union demand of 63 cents. The Law was also seeking a minimum monthly pension of $500 for each worker with 30 years of service with pm regardless of age and an unlimited Cost of living wage escalator. In calling the strike the Law exempted 27 pm plants employing 72,000 and making parts for Ford Chrysler and american motors plus some Independent truck manufacturers and some agricultural implement factories. But since pm no longer requires parts supplied by the exempted plants layoffs have been mounting there. The addition of 9,231 Friday brought the total to 21,219. Some of Gmys 39 suppliers also have furloughed workers. After planning on Cairo. Hijacker settles for Cuba Miami apr a gun toting Hijacker who wanted to go to Cairo settled for Cuba instead saturday and took an Allegheny airlines Jet and its eight crewmen to Havana. The Young hijackers believed to be armed with pistol gasoline and dynamite was aboard the Boeing 727 on a flight from Pittsburgh to Boston and took Over just before the plane made a scheduled Stop at Philadelphia International Airport Federal aviation administration officials said. He allowed 90 passengers to leave but kept aboard three flight crewmen three stewardesses and two men believed to be Faa inspectors or airlines personnel the Faa said. The plane sat on a runway for an hour while it was being refuelled. A the Pilot John Harkin said Over the radio he talked the Hijacker out of Cairo and persuaded him to go to Havana instead a said it. Robert Baker chief of Airport police at Philadelphia. John Balderama one of the passengers released by the gunman said the hijackers described As a tall thin Young negro a grabbed one of the stewardesses by the neck and took her to the front of the planet just before it landed at Philadelphia. Passengers said the Hijacker then told another stewardess to bring him a Small canvass bag stowed under his seat. A passenger who helped the stewardess get the bag said it held a butane Gas Container with a White plastic bottle taped to it. The Hijacker set the bag in front of him and announced a a in be got something Here to blow up the whole a Young female passenger who declined to give her name said the Man sat about two seats behind her and that she saw him take a Small pistol from a canvass bag he had under the seat. An Allegheny spokesman said it appeared to be a .22-caliber pistol. Baker said a stewardess slipped one of his men a note re questing a gun. He said a policeman a .38-caliber service revolver was passed up to the stewardess through an emergency exit door. A it was my understanding she was requesting it for the Crew not the Hijacker a Baker said. A ordinarily i do this but she looked like a pretty competent girl a he said. A unit of police sharpshooters approached the plane while it was being refuelled in a futile attempt to get a Clear shot at the Hijacker or Board the plane. The aircraft left Philadelphia for Cuba at 1 46 ., Edt and landed at Havana a Jose Marti Airport at 4 32 ., the Faa said. Los Angeles a smiling vacantly and uttering not a word Charles a a text Watson has appeared in the same courtroom As four old friends the defendants in the Sharon Tate murder trial. He showed Only a Glimmer of recognition for the three longhaired women at the counsel table Friday and never looked at Charles Manson Leader of a hippie style family of which Watson was a member. The tall slender Watson 24, recently extradited to los Angeles from Texas is also charged with murder conspiracy in the slaying of the actress and six others in August 1969. A witness has said Watson was Manson a lieutenant in the slayings. Watson was unexpectedly summoned from jail Friday afternoon at the request of attorney Paul Fitzgerald representing Patricia Krenwinkel. He said he wanted witness Danny Decarlo to identify Watson As the Man described in his testimony. Manson a attorney angrily objected to letting the jury see Watson claiming it was a prejudicial and the attorney Irving Kanarek moved for a mistrial on grounds of prejudice and the judge denied the motion. Decarlo a stubby moustached former motorcycle gang Leader who lived with the Manson family in 1969, was asked by Fitzgerald if he recognized Watson in court. A yeah he a right Over there a the witness said pointing at Watson. The judge then asked Watson to stand and identify himself. Nudged by bailiffs Watson Rose and stared straight ahead expressionless. A your name sir a the judge said twice. Watson said nothing and was finally told to sit Down. He was soon led out. The three women defendants a miss Krenwinkel 22, Susan Atkins 21, and Leslie Van Hou ten 20�?giggled, smiled and waved at Watson. Watson neatly groomed and Clad in dark Blue Blazer Blue shirt and Gray trousers smiled at them once then looked Down at the floor. Decarlo now a Gunsmith in Medford ore., has testified he saw Manson firing a gun like one the state says was used in one and perhaps three of the Tate murders. Ojukwu bored with Lack of activity while in exile Nixon signs orders. Rail strike blocked for 60 Days Washington a acting a with great reluctance a the Nixon administration has blocked for 60 Days a threatened nationwide rail strike. President Nixon signed executive orders Friday barring a walkout by four unions against 160 rail lines and creating a five member Board to investigate the dispute. Unless Congress enacts emergency legislation the unions will be free to strike if no contract settlement is reached in the next 60 Days. The orders signed under provisions of the railway labor act affect some 400,000 Union members about 70 per cent of the nations railway work Force. Asst. Secretary of labor William j. Usery a top labor troubleshooter said at the White House he had hoped for a settlement negating the need for the executive orders. It was a with great reluctance a he said that the labor department recommended the president sign the orders. But he indicated Only a few Points of major disagreement remain to be resolved after weeks of government sponsored talks. Those issues should be dealt with by the Board he said. He said a five member panel instead of the usual three member Board was formed a so that an equitable settlement May be reached at the earliest possible its members Are to be named later. Under the 44-year-old rail labor Law the Board will study the dispute and submit its recommendations within 30 Days. Over the following 30 Days the unions and rail lines Are to consider the recommendations during negotiations. A strike had been called for sept. To but government mediators won agreement from the Union to delay for five Days. There were selective shutdowns in some areas tuesday and wednesday until a Federal court order blocking any strikes took effect. . Dist. Court judge Howard Corcoran said Friday he would leave his order in effect until it expires sept. 23. Earlier this week c. L. Dennis president of the brotherhood of railway airline and steamship clerks claimed the Industry negotiators remained Adamant in offering Only a one year 7 per cent wage increase offer. The unions want a 40 per cent or higher increase Over three years. Besides the clerks the unions involved Are the United transportation Union the brotherhood of maintenance of Way employees and the hotel and restaurant employees and bartenders Union. By James Markham associated press writer Yamoussoukro Ivory coast apr Chukwuemek Odimegwu Ojukwu who for 30 months held world attention As the Leader of secessionist Biafra is bored and restless. For eight months he has lived in unobtrusive exile in this pleasant upcountry town a guest in a single Story Villa provided by president Felix Hou Houet Bovigny. To avoid complicating his hosts relations with Nigeria and also to avoid endangering his fellow ibos inside Nigeria Ojukwu has pledged not to engage in politics or Grant interviews. But he has told friends a i am somewhat bored with the Lack of the 36-year-old Soldier added wryly that he has a Kindred feeling for Ghana a former president Kwame Nkrumah who is passing a similar exile in next door Guinea. Ojukwu himself according to those who have seen him has not made up his mind about where he might go eventually. He lives with his wife two children and a speckled two month old great Dane Puppy. The Oxford educated exile with his distinctive Beard pads informally around his sparsely furnished Villa in sandals Slacks and Loose fitting african shirts. A bodyguard watches Over the High walled compound. Ojukwu eagerly asks visitors about the ibo people in Nigeria a Are they hungry Are they still going to Church have they kept their sense of humor a for history and posterity he is a polishing up the Thiara declaration which late in the War committed Biafra to a leftist ideology of a african Ojukwu contrasts that with varieties of a african socialism propounded elsewhere. Ojukwu evidently considers he made two major mistakes. One was his failure to throw his entire behind the biafran contingent that rallied out of the secessionist territory captured the midwestern state and threatened to March on the nigerian capital in August 1967.weather Annapolis my. A or. A. Bernard drought first after cease fire proposal. Civilian Dean of the . Naval Academy in 1964, died Friday. He was 55. He played a key role in the modernization and expansion of the naval Academy a academic program and facilities. Salinas Calif. A two Western grower organizations have announced plans to fight Cesar Chavez nationwide Boycott of lettuce sold without the Union Label of his United farm workers organizing committee. New Orleans a Melvin Howard and Israel Fields two Black policemen who infiltrated the Black panthers As undercover agents say they ran for fear of their lives after their identities were discovered and they said they were beaten prior to a police shootout this week. Charlotte . A a sign in a restaurant window says a waitress wanted will marry if but owner Lawrence Mcgee says the signs nothing but an Eye Catcher. He a 47 and happily married. I v vib of a i by v i v it it w or w in w guerrillas Given ultimatum forecast a a becoming mostly sunny this afternoon. High around 80. Mostly Clear tonight. Low in 60s. Sunday Clear to partly Cloudy and warm. High in the mid-80s to Low 90s. Sunday september 20 suns Rise. I6 43 Sunset 7 03 Moonrise. 9 42 monday september 21 Sunrise. 6 45 Sunset. 7 01 Moonrise. 10 33 Beirut Lebanon of a Cairo radio said today King Hussein has agreed to an egyptian cease fire proposal but shortly after the broadcast Jordan a military governor gave palestinian guerrillas an ultimatum to surrender or face firing squads. The ultimatum from Field marshal Habis maj Ali had a three hour deadline. It appeared to mean the egyptian cease fire Effort had collapsed. Maj Ali said in a broadcast by radio Amman that the guerrillas who did not surrender would be executed As mutineers. The Cairo broadcast said president Gamal Abdel Nasser of Egypt had proposed to Hussein that he and the guerrillas accept a 24-hour cease fire. According to Cairo Hussein agreed. Cairo said the agreement had been worked out Early today in a meeting Between Hussein and Gen. Mohamed Sadek Egypt a chief of staff who had flown to Amman Early in the fighting. It said Sadek then went into conference with Yasir Arafat Over All Leader of the guerrilla movement and other officials of the Central committee of the Palestine liberation organization. Maj Ali a announcement made no mention of the egyptian initiative. He stressed that the ultimatum was imposed under the martial Law decreed by Hussein at the Start of the fighting on thursday. The egyptian Effort and a Jalius ultimatum came in the third Day of fighting. Casualties were reported soaring past 5,000. Royal forces were reported attacking the guerrillas called fedayeen in the North. Maj Ali a proclamation said a this is the last warning to the fedayeen. A fall guerrillas must Lay Down their and surrender by 4 . Anyone who resists the Royal forces after this time limit will be treated As an outlaw and killed or arrested and tried by courts martial on a charge of armed Mutiny against the authorities. A this crime is punishable by the deadline was to ., Edt. Maj Ali repeated earlier assurances that guerrillas wishing to surrender would not be harmed. In Beirut guerrilla spokesmen said before news came of maj Ali a ultimatum that Nasser a proposed cease fire had virtually no Chance of acceptance by the guerrilla leadership. The iraqi news Agency said guerrilla spokesmen in Baghdad denounced Nasser a efforts As an a affront to the dignity of the Arab Cairo radio said Sadek cabled Hussein a acceptance of the cease fire proposal to Nasser. The guerrillas reply presumably was expected to emerge from Sadek a meeting with Arafat. Sadek reported to Nasser that he was received by Hussein Early today and the King a promised to announce the cease fire order As soon As meanwhile King Hussein a launched heavy artillery and tank assaults against guerrilla strongholds in Northern Jordan As the number of dead and wounded soared past 5,000. I . 72 i 65 2 . 73 2 65 3 . 74 3 65 4 . 74 4 an. 65 5 pm. 74 5 a jul. 64 6 . 74 6 am. 65 7 . 72 7 am. 65 8 . 70 8 am. 65 9 . 68 9 66 to . 67 to am. 67 la . 66 Midnight. 65 maximum 74. Minimum 64. Temperatures one year ago today maximum 58 and minimum 73 two years ago 77 and 62. Use roads Louisville by. Apall of the Miles of interstate Highway allotted to Kentucky Are now either open to traffic under construction or in the design stage

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