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Carthage Press (Newspaper) - November 16, 1968, Carthage, Missouri f » I I i f sponmm m am MOSCOW CAP) — Ttit Soviet preie today accused the United States of using Saigon’s reluctance to come to the Paris peace table as an excuse to hide its own ' unwillingness to negotiate. **lt is difficult to beMeve that the United States has no means to bring its Saigon puppets to their senses,** said the Commtinist party daily Pravdo. NEW YORK CAP) — A Yemeni Arab accused of plotting to assassinate President-elect Richard M. Nixon has been rdeased on $26,000 bond. **I love America — I*m innocent,** said Ahmed Rageh Namer, 48, in his lawyer’s offke Flriday alter his release. MIAMI, Fla. CAP) — A former Havana baby doctor and eight other C^ban refugees were convicted Friday of conspiracy to blast ships of naüons that trade with Fidel Castro’s Communist regime. ST. LOUIS (AP) — Police apprehended an escaped convict Friday as they continued their hunt for two fugitives who escaped from federal authorities Thursday and invaded a St Louis area home for a night JODRELL BANK, E'ligland (AP) — The unmanned Soviet spacecraft Zond 6, is heading back to Earth after orbiting the moon and miid^t land in the Indian Ocean Sunday, British trackers said today. MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) — A Memphis newspaper quoted Jamea Earl Bay’s new attorney todtaqr as sajfag he is having a difficult time in locating a Memphis attorney to help him in the defense of the man chaigcd with murder in the death of Dr. Martin Luther King Ir. **About 20 Memphis attorneys have ; been considered by none has been available.” BRUSSELS (AP) — Henry H. Fowler is devoting his last days as secretary of the US. Treasury to promoting a plan for long term ñnancing of Joint Western defense so that international payments of the United States do not suffer because of troops and equipment it sends abroad. WASHINGTON (AP) — The nation’s Roman Catholic bishops have offered a measure of freedom to married couples to use artificial birth control, but little immediate help to dissident priests who clamored for them to take a stand. In a 16,000-word compromise pastoral letter, the National (ktuncfl of Catholic Bishops firmly defended. Friday Popt' Paul Vl*8 continuing ban on all artifical contraception. But, in the climax of a week of Heree debate, tiiey said couples who break the ban will not ba turned away from the church and communion. LONDON (AP) — Anxiety about the French franc mbbed off on the U.S. dollar and the Britiah pound today as the world’s top bankers assembled in Basel, Switxerland, to discuss a growing monetary crisis. Speculatora rushed to get rid of francs, dollars and pounds, switching to gold, commodities and the German mark, currently cated the safest of all paper money. CARTHAGEJia PRESS Ydnme Eighty-Four—Number 272    Saturday,    November    16,    1»68    JiBliMlialliWiSB    t'aiihage,    Ho.    Reiurn    Postage    Guaranteed By Ciiy LmámrM • • • Power Problem Is Disscssed An Informal dkmer Thursday night at CAW cafe, courtesy of Nordberi ManulactuiinK com* INUiy lepresentattvei, for the mayor, city osiincll and other city officials followed an informal gatherinf of the Board of PubUc Works at the Carthage Water and Electric Plant office. Joe Adams 'Of Nordbe'tg told dinner guests the company is unaMe lo meet all terms of its oontect ;for an 8,350 kllowa.tt generator and proposed negotiations for two smaller 4.41S kilowatt generators for the same package price. Elza Johnson at the boatd meeting said Ms reoommendar tkMi Monday afternoon to ad vise the council to consider further negotiatkitis on the contract was not valid since it was determined a regular meeting was not held Monday . Supt. John C. Woody, Ward Chittenden and Earl Blanset of the CWAEP staff were instructed to make a survey of Installar tion costs of the two smaller units M compared to' the larger one and the three reported ttie new proposal wtmld result In an esümaied savings of ftO,-000. Woody said the present foundations of the two oldest engines could he used with few alterations. Adams said at the dinner the first englte! could he delivered In Januaiy, IfTO, and the sec ond in January, Ifll. The double - engine 'package would cost less to operate than the S.-350 KW unit, he added. No formal action 'was taken. Attendiixc the dinner wwe Councilmen Rex Mealey and Glenn PagC', First ward; Delbert Flaker, Second ward; C. A. (Ab) Hargis and Fielding Asendorf. 'Third w^ard'; 'Robert Evana, Fourth ward, and Gkn O. Burnett and Dr. Emil Oex-m.an., Fl.fth 'ward. Councilmen ,1. B. Montgomery, Second ward, and Ben Goeltel, Fourth waM, did not attend. Other officials attending included Mayor Carl Taylor, Board of PuMic Works mem-bcri James Spradling, Ray Carter, William V. Barksdale and Johnson; Blanset, 'CWtien-den. Woody; Phil Rrumbaugli, CWAEP controller, and Joe Adams a'nd, Charles Sm,ilh of Kordberg. The cltj’ entered into a contract last March for the larccr unit which vs*as described by Adams as a prototype. He ».dd the' new design, was the biisir reason the city could oinain the large unit at such a low c«wt. He termed the ppoiect a muhi-al development iietween the city and Nordlierg. Adams said no secret meetings were held concerning the change in the contract and no formal action wms suggested at this time. Ai NmwB CMfmrmmcm • • • Johnson in Full Control MIAMI, Fla. (AP) - Richard M. Nlaon ditclafans any effort to make Mmself “ooPresldent" «Ml juzisdlctloii over foreign policy in advance of Mt tnaugu-ratlofi—but he itlU matntaina that to be valM, any long-term eonunitments abroad need his approval. That, in essence, is the position the President-elect took, and made public through a top aide, after PretMetit Johnson made clear hit determination to remain firmly in command until Jan. ». Biyee N. Harlow, an assistant to the Prestdent-eleet. telephoned Johnson Thursday nlidtt, lot a call badi from the President f^riday. And sources said Afimr Invauon... Harkwv had aamired Jahmoii that Nixon was **not attempting to presume upon file eonsfitu-tlonal authority of the President.” As for Jt^naon, a Nixon associate saM, 'The President tried to make it clear that constitutionally, there is one Preel-dent of the United Stales, there are no eo-Presldents. with which Mr. Nixon is in perfect .agreement'.'” TMs statement came after hours of apparent dlsoord be-'twecfi Johnson and. Ms Re'puMl-can successor over Nixon's Immediate rede in foreign affairs. Nixon laid Thuraday that he anl Johnson had worked out an< arrangement tor prior consultation on foreign pdlcy matters. 'He said 'fills 'was done In connection with Ms Monday pledge that foreign policy decisions of 'the 'preS'ent ^administration would be honored by the next. "Bi order to make this a viable arrangemem it Is.. 'Of course, necessary that there be a prior consultation on such policy decisions." Nixon tak) Thursday, "and that the President-elect not only be informed but that he be consulted and that he agree to the course of actian." Ntaxi. ackriowled.ged 'that the' ■rrangement waa not precise as to 'whal 'WouU happen K he did not agree. Then Johnson spoke at • White House news 'conference Friday: "The decisions that will be made between now and Jan. '30 'Will he m,ade 'by 'this Pres.I-dent and by this secretary of state and by this secretary’ of de'fe'ns.c.'" He spoke slowly, emphatically, and swung his hand to underscore 'the point. However, Nixon sources said Harlow concluded Ms telephone conversations with the White House convinced that there is no misunderstanding or dlsagre»*-'ment 'be'tween thC' Preside'nl .and his succssor. NATO's Alert System Found Ineffective BRUSSELS (AP) AMled military officials ackmxriedged privately today the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s alert cyttem waa found to be faulty and largely ineffective after the Rutsian4«d invarion of Gtecho-alovakia. As a result, orders have been issued by the supreme commander of the allied powers in Europe, Gen. Lyman 'L.. Lem-Mtaer, lor the reorganixatioti of NATO's alert prooedures. This proeeas is now under way. .Spokesman for Lemnltzer declined official comment on statements made In London Friday by Lord. Wlgg, .a. former British labor minister. Wlgg said "something of a fiaico" developed wttMn NATO afier the Ctechoelovak invasion Aug. 30-21. He asserted key officers bi oomm.unica.tioni. lines, of ocHnmand «era not available to pass okx^ orders for a Europe-wide standby decided upon as 'One 'Way cf 'denMns'tratl.ng thS' alliance's concern over the thrust by the Soviet Union and four of its Waiaaw Pact allies. But NATO's secretary-general Manilo Brosk). told newsmen the NATO 'Council, ne\’er, m fact, deckled to call an alert. Therefore, Brosk> said. Lord Wigg’s 'Charges "are la.cking the' essential basis of truth." Despite tlie secretary-gcner-al's disclaimer. Drench officials said positively asi: alert 'wms ordered. Another informant said: "In one way the Soviets, by their in-' vaskxi. did us in NATO something of a favor—they enabled us to' discover holes^ in our' 'Slert procedures. These deficiencies now are in the process of being re'm,edi'ed..'" Re-Organized Plan Submitted To State Board of Education WASHINGTON (AP) — The nwn who centrols congressional tax-writinf machineiy haa cast doubt on chances for lifting the 10 per cent inconie 8urtax« striking a note of discoid among postelection Democratic pledges of cooperation with the incoming Republican administrar tion. VALLEY FORGE, Pa. (AP) — The first granddaughter of former President Dwight D. Eisenhower marries a South American insurance executive today. Fi'iends and family membcra from two continents will converge on Hie small WaKhington memorial chapel in Valley Forge National Park for the noontime ceremony. JEFFERSON OTT (AP) -Tha Missouri School District Reofganizatfa» Oxnmiizkm today aiuiiiunosd in its final repost m plan to «atafaUah 93 nr glonal aobocil districts and z«-file umber of local dla-triets from 788 to 133. The plan «•■ aubmitted to tha Blate Boaid of Eduoatíon. H approved at that level, the state board would aubmit it to the Ifllp legMstiire. The regional dlstriets would be governed by a 19-inember board with general taxint power after the zegtoni become ef-facttve in 1973. In the interim the districts would seek estab-Uahmecit cf local achool units within the regkms. K voters in a propoecd unit area failed to approve It after two elections, the State Board of Education would have authorily to establish the unit without voter approval. Hie regional board would levy school taxes throughout its area and allocate the revenue to each school unit. Regions we'.re designed to' 'eq'uallze' economic conditions go there would be no poor school unite financially. The local unite, governed by nineraember boards, could levy a local tax of not more than 13 per cent of the amount levied by the regional board. State Rep. Jamea I. Spoin^ bower, D-Marshal, chairman cl the oommisakm, said In teleaa. ing the report its goal la "to provide equal aoeera to educa-tkxwl opportunity for all Mis-;aotirt children." Parttoulai' alfitioB wm da- voted to variationa in educational opportunity in the Kansas Oty and St Louis metropolitan areas. The report «aid, "The movement of Industiy and the iight ef the more proape'rout taxpayers to aeleolcd auburta eontin-ues. leaving the city and some of the innerring siiburbs with a declining tax base to provide educatkm for an inereaaing per-oentage of pupia from officially deaignated poverty areoa." The propoaed Kansas aty metropolitan regional school dlatrkt would encompass Platte, day. Jaclcmn and Gass eountles. The St. Lmjte region, called the East-West Gateway Regional Dli'trict, wouM .ind.ude' St. Louis city and the counties of St. Chariec, St. Louis and Jef-fcraon. Th«re wouM be nine local school unite in the Kansas Qty region and 16 In the St. Louis re.gion. Uni.ts in the toner' cities^ would get as much financial aid from the region as any other 'unite. The other regicuis generally would fMlow county linee and 'Would look like 'tMs.; South Ontral Osarks— Counties of Wright, Texas. Shannon, Oregon., Howell., Douglas and. Ozark. Foothills — Counties of Rey-nol,ds, 'W'Syne, CS'it'er, Ri.iiley' and Butler. Green Hills—Counties of Har-rbon, Meroer., Putnam, ;Siilltvan Grundy. Daviess. Caldwell. Livingston and Lirai. Sbow-Me—ftounties of Lafayette, Jeiuiaon and Pettis. Bootheel — Stoddard. Scott, Mlsslsslppf. New Madrid. Pemiscot and Dunklin. Kiascuri Valley - Ray , Cai^ roll. Chariton and Saline. Oxwk Gateway — Barton. Jasper, Newton and MoDonakL Mark Twain — Macon. Shel-to, Lewis. Marion, Monroe, Rais. Pike and Randolph. ABCD — Andrew. Buchanan, Dekalb and Clinton. Hourly temperatures for a 34-hour period ending at noon today furnished by Empire District Electric. FOKBOAST: UfU rala maUa-alBf today oad Suaday . Highs today tow 4Se. Law toalght aiM Ms. Taralag colder Saaday alght. I p.m. 3 p.m. p.m. p.m. p.m. p.m.. p.m. p.m. p.m. W p.m.. II p.m. Midnight 42 42 43 43 43 43 43 43 43 1 2 3 4 3 6 7 8 9 43 10 B.m 42 a.m. o.m. a.:m. a.m. a.m. a.m. a.m. a.m. a.m. 43 43 43 43 43 43 43 43 43 44' 42 M'lX'Imum '— 44 Minimum — 42 Preciirftation — 2.55 inches total. Temperatures, one year ago today, maximum 67 and mini- m.um 46': two yC'ars a.gO' 13 and 48 ROAD WORK FliOODKD — Recent rain.s have flooded the area of cou-structnni on Ü.S. 71A for the new 4- lane highway south O'f 'Ca.rthage., .Here high watei-x thunder downstream at the 71A bridge over Onter creek. *rhe water lia.s washed away a portion of tile new road buildup. Streams ill rough out the ar'ea early today were raging out of their latnks. ReporiB Say. • • Protest Strikes in Capital PRAGUE <AP» Pmifst strikes were reported in .suburban Prague and in Olomouc, central Miir.avia. .k C/.e» hi>«lo-volda’s 0>mmunist leadors waged a power 'truggle uith pro-Sovict hardliners behind closed doors. It wax no* immediately learned what action If any au thorities planned to lake, Tlie government hax banned demtuj strations to try and maintatn calm during a crucial party Cenlr.U CdmmiUee meeting, now m Its seormd day. C£4T' bos lova k m ,il ila ,ry po lie«'-' men with sutamurchlne jjtms pa-Irtdled Pra-^ue street* an«| in-.ío'rm'iints said the CzechoBtovak ;u-my’s 6.(MlO-man Prague garri-w;w alerted and all leave-, canceled. „..rmortHl personnel 4th grf 131 Armored personnel carriers were n<iitired. at one 'Of the amal'l .Soviet military command pos is in Uie city, but there was no coníirmaliím of ntmots some Soviet unite had retuniad to Prague' from, permaasnt camp* in outlying areas. .student leaders sold ttto tm ports of army and. pMloa 'SlcftS made them realize that demon-stratKJns would be suicide. Iksy announced plans for :pta)cellii sit'-inii. starting Sundajf—one lof' a (lay to protest the ban on demonstrations, and another for up tO' t'iiree days if 'the 'Ofitral Committee decisions ore unfavorable. Soufiieost—Small portions of Crawford. Reynolds and Dent eoufities plus oU of Iron, St. Francois, Ste. Genevieve, Perry, Cape Girardeau, BoUtnger and Madison. Mid-Mitoouri — Ode. dsage. Moniteau, Cooper. Boone, Ckl-laway, Audrain and Howard 'Counties.. Boonslick — Montgomery, Lincoln and Pike counties. Norttiwest — AtcMson, Nodaway. Worth, Gentry and Holt counties. West COnlral — Morgan, Miller, Camden and Laclede counties. Northeast — Schuyler, Scotland, Clark, Knox and Adair counties. West — Vernon, Cedar, St. Clair, Hickoiy, Benton, Henry ana Bate* eountles. Apoints Assistant JEFFERSON CTTY (AP) — Christophe'F "Kit” Bond, a Me.x-ioo, M»J., attorney, has bet-n appcsnted a fulltime assistant to J'C*n 'C. Danforth., Mksoori’* attorney general-elect and the only Republican to w'in state office in. la.'St week’s 'election. Bond wa.i; the unsuccessful Republican candidate for 9th District 'Congressman, He said he wiü go to work immediately with the piesent attorney general, Norman .Anderson,, and his staff to insure continuity in the change of administrations. Danfort'h W'’ill lake offiC'Pk in. January. AFffFHiffon. •. NATO Warns Saviet Unian BRUSSELS (AP) — The 13 na.'tt'0ns. 'Ol' th.e North At].antlc. Alliance warned the Soviet Union today any further aggression in Europe' or thC' Mediterramean would "provoke an international crisis of grave consequences." 'ITie warning to MoS'Cow was endorsed all members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organiza-'tl'iwi.., including ^France. The twoday meeting of the council of the alliance ended with publication of the comniu-nl.qua. French aFpiw,al w.as taken as an indication that France has closed ranks with ite allies following the Soviet occup'a'tion of Czechoslovakia. The communique said: "Members of ttv*' alliance ui'-gently invite the Soviet Union in the interest of world )K-ace to refrain from 'using force and intervening in the affairs of other slates resolved to safeguard the freedom afwi independence of their country. They (NATO members) could not remain indifferent to any development which 'wO'Uld endanger 'their 'se-' curity. "It is evidem that Soviet in-terv'cntion hav.ing a direc.t or in-' direct influence on the situation in Euro|»e or the Mediterranean Would pro''Voke an intema.tkmal. crisis ot giave consequences.” Source# Say... Thieu May Be Bending PI— Thieu May B<‘ SAIGON lAP( - Authiirita-tive sources said today President Nguyen Van Thieu may i>e bending his conditions for sending a delegation to the Paris peace talks, which he has boycotted for two weeks. 'Th.e sou.rces said he is ready to send a negotiating team if Washington assui’es it a leading role in the lal.ks. They 'Said he would still refuse to recognize the Viet Cong's National Liberation Fnmt., but would .allow delegation to addros its remarks broadly "to the Communist .side." Officially Thieu is still on record as saying he will not ,*e.nd ,1 delpgaticn to the tailis d' tiie NFL sits as a separate » Hating entity Sources clo-ie to Vice President .Nguyen Cao Ky re|K»rted the vice president was approached b> Thieu to head .S<»uth Victnam.’s delegation in Parts. They said Ky was considering the oiler. Ttiere was .nothing to indicate tiuit Thit‘u had changed his stand, however, in an otfieial st.a!enien1 released by h'is press aide. Lt. Oil. Tran Van Lam. L-tm quoted Tliieu ;is saying the U.S. and South V'letnamese go\»-inments are “working to resolve our dilierences and everything must be 'settled 'with composuro and patience and in an open-minded, understanding 'Sp.i.nt, *'* ^ .Vnieiicau stjokesmen In Saigon also down played the re-po*-|^ of a breakthrough, saying filer* was no reason for more than cautious optimism. Meanwiiile. other sources said uptimist.s within the Saigon gov-ertimeni are speaking of Nov'. 22 as 'the date 'for a Cal^et res.'liuf-fh which would clear the waiy for the dispatch ol a delegation to Paris the following 'wee'k-. Lfniimd Fani (ioiU .....—.......— Carpnl fleoelpts Ktill Needed_____ 8 9jsmm

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