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Carthage Evening Press Newspaper Archives Oct 30 1965, Page 2

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Carthage Evening Press (Newspaper) - October 30, 1965, Carthage, Missouri News from our lady of the ozarks College by for. Gerard Fuller Omi William Pollee so Jim Durov. And buries Koy Esok freshman Are shown at the Money table. Polnyj pot you it prize. Gamblers could satisfy their yen for danger by playing fat the Casino. Business Here seemed slow limiting itself to Black Jack and Lucky seven Dice. Looser could vent their frustration at the balloon and i Dart Booth. The Booth was so i successful it ran out of balloons an hour before closing. Sharpshooters tried their skill at Hie by gun in Ltd Pencil Booth. Bro. Frank Silver picked off three of the Pencil targets in rapid succession i is reckless 1 customers went to the squirt gun Booth where they tried to d use Candle flames with a squirt gun. Hie worker of Titis Booth said it was quite a Job trying to relight the soggy Wicks. Tile Penny pitch Booth Drew Many customers. Tile losers i could go to the f Rostran j a inn i kith. Here the object was to put a Ping Pong Ball into glasses from a distance. Tickets for prizes were in the two Spei Ial features were the Carthage to press sat Ort. 30, 196j�?p2 mrs. Charles Moran formerly of Carthage tells of girls town mrs. Charles Moran St. Louis formerly of Carthage was guest speaker at the Junior tourist club s opening fall meeting wednesday afternoon at the Home of mrs. Charles t. Miller on Grant Street. She discussed the major project of the provided a Home on the 40-acre tract. Girls Between the Ages at la and 15 Are admitted and May stay until they Complete High school. Hie girls attend the Mountain Grove school and churches. They Ara accepted As Missouri federation of a part of the City. Those who women a clubs Missouri girls need vocational training Are town located at Mountain provided an Opportunity to pre Grove. I pare f0 in supporting jobs. Mrs. Moran is vice president j a clinical psychologist works Rev Joe Dayringer Rev. Dayringer to pleasant View pastorate tile Rev. Joe Dayringer it As Public relations Board of directors of Missouri girls town foundation. Quot we of the Missouri federation feel girls town is tile most important and worthwhile project any group May sponsor and since it is a non profit operation we Welcome assistance from organizations and individuals a mrs. Moran said. Regularly with the girls to provide guidance which is the heart of the program. A a a in some cases mrs. Moran said family situations improve allowing the girls to return to their Homes. Decision in this matter rests with the courts. Quot we have been assisted financially by Many civic and Mission sunday on Tho v. I t or r t 7 77 can . After exults it to the kit to in it i 1 a Sie int it it the gym. Tiie re awaited for the in Cache and the jail ii Quot u t i girls town was founded on fraternal groups including then Kun w1c j,1u accepted a unanimous Call fro to five minute shows wore a to w Ffrith in hum in cup amp City for j Nom no progressive r d in ors mexican team Hopes to refine electronic Eye to help the Blind Mexico City map a the Skull of the patient. Mexican team has invented an or. Enrique Vodka an Eye electronic device that bypasses j specialist says the impulses the Eye and sends Light signal sent through the wares enable a directly to the brain. The team j Blind person to distinguish be Hopes it May eventually be de tween Light and Shadow. In of eloped to help the hopelessly j pediments Blind persons Hae Blind. Had a sense of seeing flashes of or. Armando Del Campo a i Light going on and off. Professor at the National uni-1 Del Campo says the expert varsity says the device now is ments Lead him to Hope til at in the experimental stage and is hopelessly Blind can count on too Large and Bulky. I some help in the future. But he in time he said it May be agrees with Wudka that much possible to refine the machine remains to be done Down to a portable size to betide studies and experiments used much As the deaf use hear with Blind people were carried ing aids. J out at Hie faculty of sciences of a a a j National University and in the Ile and four aides developed i laboratories of Mexico s largest the device recently after years television system Telesi Stema of work. Mexicana . A government tile machine is called a Grant for further experiments is Amauro scope from the greek i expected. Quot Ama Rosis a meaning Blind collaborating with Del Campo tile Rev Jack Sanders Well Ness and Quot Skopeck to see. Are Jorge Arias pandal and me Sanders we Guerrero y Coffier a known in this Community will 1 j j Rev. Jack Sanders first Assembly of god revival opens sunday that Given Ltd a tile in or in the Eso pleasant View Baptist Church or Dayringer was reared lie Carne his was a repro-11 Carthage and is a graduate of be. It a of a beatnik s pad com a it the with beatniks Low lights on a Drums my Ziern Art and be the evangelist for a revival meeting to open sunday at the i first Assembly of god Church basically a series of photo re dents at the University Alejan ceiling elements that catch Dro Guerrero v Cliffie of the Light and Send it directly to the Institute of Monterrey Ani \ c ire served As a jail. Any paying for the purpose could cartilage senior High school lie studied old and new testament hebrew history and the Art and science of teaching under or Basten from okla n development and growth of no association wives of the Jun-1 meeting to open sunday at the ted and dependent girls who i for chamber of Commerce Are wards of the courts not by i members Opti-mrs., american i Carthage virtue of their own delinquency legion auxiliary business and Phe Rev or St but due to pressure of crippling j professional women s clubs in ordained minister of the the eyes. Wires Are attached to statute end comments of the Home. She and others. Many individuals it Assemi of go 1 movement brain through five intermediate Abelardo Medina y Diaz Infante j circuits without passing through of the National polytechnic in explained Curt d a the or in of a All Horn a Baptist University. He live anyone Oie kit in jail. A has studied hip incarcerated one gained his Southw. It a r so or you Stern Seminary fort Worth. Texas. A Hie re and mrs Dayringer t first Assembly of god Churchi i 10th and Lyon Street a a a Hope of the bored broadcast Sun 8 30 . Komo services five Freedom in for minutes priests five and Sirtom were thrown in jail these various times. An 1 Pink hot j Ine reside at 1537 Oik. Jane is a student at Junior High. Tim Rev. Or. Dayi Ager has served As pastor of the Baptist Churm at Reeds is interim Pasti i of Impie Baptist in Carthage and for eight nears was pastor of Warrens Branch Baptist it Burel Southwest of special service that will he instructive and inspiring for All Ages. Special music will lie Fea Joplin. Since resigning his last a Sun. School 9 15 .wed., 7to Bible study j j 1 1 n 1l�?T num pastorate he has served a an a morning worship. La 00fri., 7 30 . 7 Norro int in a Young people pastor a. Dean Boid Al 8 is58 8-1 in a a a a where the full gospel is taught and practice n to evangel Assembly of god i 101 fast Fainie sunday school 9 50 . A w worship 10 30 , Christ 6 15 . Sunday night and wednesday night 7 30 . Tile instructive Side w As not i sent t main exhibit High i the Mission of Brazil. Another snowed articles from a t in in Quot ions an exhibit on Gua a i Showl the effects of n it and Brough out o her Ficu Dix in that mis Ion Bdl Fournier r. Liege Man n Ahmad a hectic i it a in pre a Para Ion he planned the num and variety of us its or a Lilied them my set up the prize both j Riv t Bop test As worked on covering the gym f a it a. On the const suction of Toothdecorate-1 tile gym. Ordered the foil re Cream Dougi Vnus soda sieved the seniors h a to make Cotton Candy ran the raffle made out i t a nees to Ped out Tine warrants for tile jail made the bands and ties Laid out the Booth plans and is Sigmut it it it a. Out Side of this he did no to have much a do As Bill said Quot the fact that carnival was a great Suc also have assisted and we Are. I several years and presents a a a i most grateful to All of rounded ministry. Quot of in motto is helping a Quot we Are looking Forward to. Rcv from i Mono is Urpin a each evening there will be a girl today strengthens a fam an expansion program and will in a tomorrow we Endeavor As continue to need support of All nearly As possible to provide a the speaker said. Family setting and we encourage Quot girls town is unable to a com j a Complete i Iodate the Large number re 1 girls town founded by mrs. Feared to tile Clarence Kemf it or. Clinton when 1 mrs. Moran was a guest while she was president of the Jib in Carthage of mrs. Miller and s Mil l federation of women s mrs. Frank b. Williams clubs was Incont Ratel in j mrs. Miller served luncheon to pm preceding the pro ram. Tie club will meet nov t with mrs. Everett Hough i members of Hie Cong a a a Gabon and the pastor the Rev. It. Dean Reid extend an invitation f the Public to attend. . Support demonstration slated in . Fire Breaks out on Hollywood film stage set it t and has d be Supply Spring 11 Ion in inv i Estive Public attrib Sci ices a horns int \ ice. Year ii a Rule us a of Tirums Tore in Brookin it. State Church Council head to speak Here dedicated la and Ian ived its to St resident in Jan re. Lh>0 Duliere Are to girls town at the present in toe five Yam of of i i it cd abut to girls in e Xien Quot a growing Church in .1 g Rev. Klir Ivi to t Foj no run a a a a a tile Rev. Walter b. Price exp and Blat we had fun put a Ruve director of the 7.1 re i on made up for All toe Souri Coutv .1 of Clibur cites Vav a a or it i a lot no amt or deliver the Sermon during a i. Re it Quot a never morning Worsnip services a a. A v. A n at a it a a ice w ill Ioc it sunday a Faut Presby come in Handy later As a mis tartan r Vuich Dunphy explains testing to r-13 Pat members new York a a Mas Hollywood a rive demonstration of support flames raced through movie for american fighting men in eels at two Hollywood studs vie Nam is being marshalled Friday night driving 1 no on new York s fifth ave guests from tallies a an outdoor Nile. Banquet. A turnout of of xxx 100,000 is film stars Steve Mcqueen e ted by it1.viers of the like Sommer Martha liver and March set to begin at n it a. Rory Ca i Ivun were am my t a five n Libers of t a Media re diners who fled As t in fire Sud Llo rior the nation s High. D Mil Denly flared up at the end of n tory Decora in Are Gran i mar simulated Western reef n a i United pre Gnu to an c s for the . Radon one was injured. W a it Ivien met As. I i a a i. A i a s an Mower to live an i a fire it it 11. D a u be i i n or. Willy or Goy v a or. Nee at the two s Adios pare cd i a o i As an my vier Nam prom mrs tit Randall was c s Des m r it Lim an Tegt w eks Ai or lint and i a re in Joo door Adna loin i Dunphy senior Rug Counselor was the. Speaker p the Avilla r-13 Pat pectin held Friday oct. It. At the school he explained the testing pro i mrs. k i Gram in the Missouri g. Hinds chairman Toni inc de the Busi sting tile various tests for ele Ness session. She a noun a a it to. A men Ary and High school my annual erg in mis. A1 Given by url miss Betty Anne Wyatt w two. Jests m s it in b a i of Wei is or City and mrs. J olm Dyer Anders Circle the a Quot at in Aas new p Nee of w a g Scio ii c f so p i Quot. In a. A \ it Nam i e. Other s is of none Sre i i i re on a e a in b a. Or g la a lbs Sermon a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a romans 5 i you Are invited to worship with the Church of Christ Lith and main cd w in id Sundy six Hyk is Jack Lawhon up. 6 pm w re _ 7 30 . Bont i r y Gnu for no bribe coi irs. . Brite Church of Christ Lith my main Carthage to a id s i or i. 8 1338 Church j of to j Nazarena or the 4 o e a the singing Church sunday Soh end 9 15 Wyr ship to 15 . 6 30 seniors teens Fanini sen ices adult Bible study Church of the a a in the key. Vincent. Kieb it i tor h Kim i in i ifs i his Welk of i Ober 51, 1965 to in i Kim ii Sini \5 i i Kkt i Bim by 7 a holy Suchat it a to ., i Amily set \ ice and Hutch school 10 to a in. Tiff it hour i i i it hot Al Suchat ast and set Mon 3 50 ., a Al Ite w itunes it a. Station lbs 5 15 ., a a i he sear t h a Slation Ivi 5i 7 50 inquire lass monday nox pm blk i Kkt Vii of Aik saints 10 00 holy Suchat it i 50 ., St. A laigaie>ii11d 8 00 ., alcoholics non you w kinks \ nox pm blk 5. 1965 9 15 ., axe Cutie a timid meeting 7 50 hair in Active thi bad \ v non pm bib i. 1965 9 30 ., Imay it roup meeting Friday non Ember 5, 196,5 10 00 holy Euchari to Sam Day non pm blk 6, 1965 10 15 ., Gitts choir in Active ii 00 ., older of St. N invent no Yoi the Boi i i ii is is Nonn. Ink of Baima Pok 7, 8, 9, and 10th graders a you Are in it item to worship with Howard St. Carthage to. Xiii i Phi in 4 k i a a Ulusc i run ill Ive Quot Faith of Dir fathers feature vfka1 is. Mrs la. E w .5 Quot my Faith in Dice tile Ann Nuveen was made Lay by the Rev j., m Rote is or. wan is q Rev. James Ahrens revival at Frisco Church in Webb City Vii w Rev a of Christ f it i e gtd i a i i ill fast Rove re ear. Ii a Ort Vaughan. An a a a Seta a h an. Dis i t. In a in Rev. James a Ville will begin a revival Lay oct. 31 at Frisco a he West Daugherty h Civ 5krvi is will con nightly at t 30 through Lay non 7. Rev m Aln prs and Enie min any i y a Aas he has i i keel vide free it in am Guymon Mil it Ford an n m t. I in his been an e St of any ears c it nig revival meetings .3 it it n in. I. I in Quot Oun from i of a for this f. And g a s to a Fomia cars. Next series of Cam crusade planned at Duenweg Church the Rev. K. L. Sat a in ring a he session nov. 21, at the first Privily the mrs. Bib Dunkle it chairman of Lan Church. The Chili supper committee miss Myrtle fad gave to a gave a Complete report of the program for missions project and stated the unit mrs. George w. Wood gave to cleared approximately $250 the for tile ame Vui us ii Money Wirt be Urt for Pat afr i. As ,. R to Ion. A Pix a Jet a mrs. Max Wilkerson re next Zirri tin w. W w announce. I the Pat member my r. C. Jarry to at 9. A Ai ship now totals 55. Yov 19. Reports of tile recent car _ huge trip made by seventh Grade a of a ii ii r-13 were go a by Christy m Corm k Kaen snort la Bra Sanders Ani a. Conway. Ernest Evans. Or principal Anno inned fort ii Eon. My events and dates nov. 23. Til in and i High Grade no pro grim Nam. 25-2s, my a anon dec. 22. Fust and eco and Quot Lins Mas program i tee .3-Jan 3. Christmas a. Us Tiff 3h seventh an i Grade february program Pili 22, fifth Ami Gade Spring program. Open in us will be of to cd at to a Pat to i get he d a 7 k p in. , nov. 19 flit ii and Grade Moth i a naive of toe the no. G a s the Irving of m j nor re Al it Ert f in i a ii City Conn a ii it s co p it non a to pc a Guni a Nan a Quot lies v Troy or am he new York Joi. My Ainor a nodules a r i is g in r a a a a sales to i no a it now tiers id a in turn on. Rind Iii i Stern on me r ii it is a Sepal nil rant flames a tile h f. Lit we 1 a 1 i Iii in Bai Lier of 1 a Al a t tiv Lien tie a is i in at til be a i a i u from a 1 Parte pit Are lab t a in frit in i of Iniz w . Y nit i Aud s Dent not a. A a Ais and a no i a of i Anga an Quot i else a x a a Quot silent \ Igil a Mist i a \ a n. I w in w Iii in Iii a1 to x inn me y several it a a a o g p. Irs in Tulles e a at a a a no i m g At is Cue scout my it. An it. I1 a a an eve aug Ai Irr or a in v an i in it i if j St Aden be n in Vietn n a in Vav i turd nun 2 thi St a in us in Quot a x a Mari j i to i is in v a a it to Uriel in ? you first a x. A1 no n it pm 5si 0 m cd in a in Ami 40 Well i a ii rift i 3 res i the fall season brings a new Devotion Ani do do action in the task at hand. Make Yoi r dec a six definite to give god Yolk Nery Best worship with is this lord s Day ministers sunday sermons a 10 30 .�?morning worship Quot open heart surgery . 6 50 . Sunday # 7 50 .�?evangelistic hour a repeat performance Bible school hour 9 30 . Family hour of study by aureus was bum or. Winn to become a St. ,. And attended Sci Seminary president he has Mam rest offs vhf it Aik Den. E several years at Pineville or a Dun Curry Winn will Ive fat a Lux family. Rome president of i Ita vide Rev i k Reed i he sit Erum Seminary next Quot of frito Chare a extends an Fara try. He succeeds or an a to t a to a la h Cit dwell who resigned tend t in services. In june 1964. Ext Vii 11 i a a la d Sci 111 is. Vav he d Tell 2 it Cli t six i1 it pack a i a a Quot. E fast m a a Hodi St e a a it i a 1 Lams ii 1st Ai a Vav a Ca i men puny i Iii so a a an i ii v nig it it m t Ai ii a. Us de �?�52 be Lier i est. A six t u j is 11 Wax h a i x t>1 j ii Lith d by mrs. Den i s it a i. Tags to a s Hie Den Vern in a orate i aft 1 n 1 ut1 Al a pal w 1 t ii to i i. A a a Chito n la a ski. T axe Ila ran a n -1 1 a hcs la u in we in Smeil w in it a fans mint limn Rilling 1 in How. Mel in s it fag far do tiie or d a. �?T1. Ai la to x pre a Vav Quot til c til. If f a a Hae. Al win ii 1, Gal ice Elsall j e of Cima Autti no la in s in. A Man shot in fight Dies in St. Louis at ii ext a is or a i it to o i. I ult in tim Community that s what gets the Job done Loris n a i y mgr Xiv til a a a in in sunday a ii in a his a i radio broadcast 9 15-10 15 . A Ery sunday not Templeman teaching for All shut ins first Christian Church main at has Tel t you Are invited to worship with the first methodist Church seventh amp main c artha Missouri sunday services morning worship. 8 15 Hurch school. 9.-30 morning worship. 10 15 reverend Eduard a. Neimeyer pastor Junior High Fellowship. 6 00 senior High Fellowship ,6 00 evening worship. 7 30 come worship with a sunday it shool i i morn. Worship 10 1.% youth service 6 30 evening service 7 30 teenage choir in evening service special singing in All serv ice James Earl sunday school supt. Pastor in g. Earl minister of music Galvin Schreck grand Avenue c Hurch of god a 1 Rand i. In w is James Reece a it 1 i but in fight 1 a was 1 to 0 a men in .1 vat Ait i a Ronard St a Kwa i 17 of so x it mrs a a was a Laurx i y Wail he \ a w Mirn to kill Ai wad shoot in by the a gifted a in Zhendi a and Jonnny men women equal for examination Airt g 1. A and Tolu examen a it Ely ii a tent at le., it a tile r. Use if in k Are an exit May i or p Nice a. A. Ire Guy i a v depart rent Bias role Bro my Rule x from an appt a by Cai int a if , a p i ice Woumn. Sunday school�?9 to a in. Morning worship 10 48 a in the Shadow of a mighty Kocky training Union a 6 15 . Evening we a Nihls it 7 30 pan. A a accordino to c Apac 11 \ a morning worship broadcast Over Komo ail services interpreted for the deaf Nursery provided for All services rest t ii Dziut a Erie a. Mitchell 1/ i i i \ i Sycamore pastor 11 i i i ii i Church

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