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Carthage Evening Press Newspaper Archives May 28 1966, Page 1

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Carthage Evening Press (Newspaper) - May 28, 1966, Carthage, Missouri CARTHAGE PRESS \ 0LITME EIGHTY-TWO^NIIMBER 126 caktiia(;k. mo. SATI KDAY, MAY 28.1966 RETURN POSTAGE GUARANTEED Rusk Reaffirms Troop Pledge To W. Germany n> -HHIN M. IIIGHTOWKH . t cintinuod division of Grmiany W.VSHINGTON (AP) — Stn-- ;2fi yoars after the start of World rrt.iry oí State Dean Rusk Iws ,War U. West German Chrinrel» mled 'Onl any major withdrawal, lor I.i«dwig' Erhard spoke of this of n.S, ti-ootia, from Geraiany. | division: Friday when lie said lie viitd l-jinoftean allies have cme of ti»e Rreat tasks of the hern asMiml “mir forces will Atlantic alliance is to In'ein a mnain there as Ions; as they "real dialog” with llie Oonunu- aiT needed and wanted.” Rusk also told a news confer-enee Friday ho hopes members ni.st workl. “It i.s possible to ignore the displea.sure of Germans over of the NiM-th Atlantic Treaty the division their eountry,' Orcanittilion can reach firm i Erhanl said. ”It is ivd possible to ignoic the confixintalion of decisions som on plaas for re- VFW Threaten To Boycott Hotel Mi;\ni    in. i.\p»    ,\ llireatcned Ijoycott id a Hilton hotel by vcteran.s has arisen because a ihlton offic'.al shunted aw.«y a pnuiji r-I WTHindcd velei-ans he f-arc i nii.i-dit dcpreS'. nnrular n fht-ciuh pit.mtU'. Andy Ikii g of SutHnior, Wis., president o' the Veterans of Foreign War.s, tlmvdenett Friday to w ilhdraw the VUV's n,i-tion.il cnn\enlien from the New    C.>mbodia,    presumably    for    a Y. ik Hilton Aug. 19-2H unless an    ’’nve    against    llie    sh-ategic    ren- apilogy is m.idc. The .\m«*i.iaii l>*gion's n.i-tional commamliT, L. Eldon Commie Infiltration In Cambodia Major Issue In Pentagon Circles dal highlands Nam of South Viet moving N.\rO‘s military head- the world pavers in central Ku-    Eiiroi»e,    said he wa.s *'di*cply distresised hi I(*ain lliiiit the .sacritiec on fhe part O'l our young men and women in Vict N.mi might make them imwekome aiiy-'wheiT in Ameiu a ‘ • • • P'ft tcr I’aiTis, mai«iger of live Conrad Hdton Hotel in Ch'cago ‘ which íe.aHiríN an ice skating ■ hi>w in Its la •tnoiiable Biaile-vard Room, said Tliiirsilay he did not want a j.vtrty ot .some "0 w'tHUult'd vrtiTans lo atP tid the rcgiil.tr .show Ix^i ause tlieir presriK-e inigld depivss oilier p.itrons. n.il pin li t of one of the nort list wtli infiltra I ion roUites used by Hanoi troop*. Tire mountain ouiidy    is in alxKit 40    p«'r cent of    1    Tlu'sc rcjmrt.s have Iks-h com-i    known to have heavy jungle    ca- .South    Viet    Nam,    maete tlie    j    ing in for    several months and I    nopy trees and gixwvUi pixividing statement at    a Washington news    '    have only    been confirmed in I    concealment, confcrrnee.    j    reecnl weeks.    |    Igirsen    is commander of The statement brought a deni- ¡    •    •    •    ,    ^    f.n-ces    m    the    H    CoiT!»    ar»'í*. al from tlie U.S. IXfense l)e-1 Accoiihng to imormalioii in.    iixiudes    die nrntral higti- lanil-s. fly MonERT TUTKM    sihlc dnve into    Vmt    Nam.,of tlie Nortii Vietnamese foire SAIGON. Sixjflh Vict Nam| I-irscn, commaivler of Field | m Camliofiian mcamtairw facing (API — Authoritative sources j Fmco 1, comprising all major'the liciku diva of wcst-ccntral s.ud today up to 10.000 NtaHi j U.S. Army and Korean ground ¡ Vict Nam. Vietnamese regulars arc tmised ; forcr.s in the tliu nmng Moutitains in HP CADI»Fill I — Schoolboy Patrolman DC VfinCrllL. Mike McKee tiUnds guard a.H students prepare to cros.s the street at Mark Twain school during the final day of cla-ssrs Ijefore sumnier vacation. Soon these children will be playing liftl! and riding bicycles during the long summer days and there will he no schooHxty patrolman to caution them at street corncr.s. A safety message designed to call attention to the dismissal of schoola and wanting drivers to exercise caution appears in tofiay’s edition of The Press under sponsorship of a numl)cr of Carthage business firms. to iiitormatiou Tins was leaincd after .Maj. partmcnt    i.'siigon, the North Vietnamese Gen. Stanley R. Uirscn said in ^    •    •    •    j p|;,n to move agmnst Sixilh Virt Washington that up 10'six    Norlli j    Hmvevrr.    ihc j.uu:rces    .said    j Nam whm die rainy    Reason VIc'lJiamrse regiments    are    mlcUiigence    rciMii,t.s avaii.ible to    i pa,:Rses its    mi id summer    'pe«k., mas«e<! In Camdn'tdia for    a    fios- i    military commanders, here    tell    pro'bahly in    early fall. Two of the six regiment.s m the Camliodia mountaiiw are die Xind and Xlrd of tlie North Vietmamese 32Tith Division which fought in the big battle j last Novemlxx- in the la Drang ; Valley, inlonnants .said. U.S. Marines, South Viet Forces Meet Small Resistance In Assault (iu:irters and hnses from 'rofie which is Ixamd up with tliis J-Vanee.    ilivisiim." He said ways to imjamve |    *    •    * East-West relations will be dis-} Senate Majonty I^eader Mike rus.seil extensively when he and Manstield has proposal thinning other allieil foreign ministen? out U.S. forces in Europe arvl gather In Brussels June 6 for a an As.soriated Pres.s poll of 73 N.VTO    Council meeting.    senators shows    44 favored some •    •    •    reduction in    the 225.000-man His    ixiinments    came    a>    an    U.S. force in    Western Europi' allieil    move was    reported under    under NATO.    Six U..S. Anuv way in Euni(ie to respond to-divisions are in West Germ,any. .Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei' Rusk said the NATO military A. Gromyko’s call for a Pan-' situahnn and possible Ihrval.s European security conicrcnce. against Western Eun>i>e would iH'nniark plaas to luxwch theMx* reviinved in the Bni^scls con-idea at tlie Brassol» meeting, ferenee, but declaml of Anien-Qualified diplomat.s in l^nndon can forces in (Terniany .said the United States and var- “We have indicateil that our.veterans. Resináis other allied coiuitries react- forces will remain there as long    Mumlelem,    a    .sulxirh    ¡    ‘• ed cautiously hut not adversely i as they arc neeiled and wanted, iO,icago, sp>nsors wlien notified of the Danish in- And we have also indicated to ****' .scrvici’men's tenlion.    'the NATO Council that we do mint, declim'd the invitation.    ,    ..u    .    . ,    .    ..    r prongeil as'.ault 1» miles north action took placo in the area of Pan-e said ho had been mis--^ Quang Ngai fHiofed then «aid, '*1 c»msi«ler - northeast of Saigon this a [jublic apology,” but at Id- .    •    •    • cd later Uiat he "w^Hild iscuc an: ■    U.S.    commaml    at    tirst injuries Received In Fall From Truck Fatal To La Russell Youth l-trM’n, nt.nv on Ic ivr in Waslungtoii, toltl newsmen Friday tlicre Is plenty of evidence of the Nor til Vietnamese    trootis ' concentration in the    camhidiaii |    Marsltall    Eugene Calvnn, 13. I    Mm of Mr.    and Mi-s. Howard Alter he .said Üus.    die    ivm.v 1    ^‘vin. La    Russell. , was piy- gon cimtradicted Ihm and Ijir- S.VIGON, South Viet Nam totlay at two sunpevtixl \*im    •    •    • AIM — A combined f«>rce of 1.- Omg troop cvmeeritralioo area.s. This «rea in Vicl Nam is áhü Americ.an Maiim-s anti Tlie targct.s were 3U miles north-, across tive Imrder from wfvere the Nortli Vietnam,'ese are now iT'ported ma.ssed. It is m termi- Any conierenee on European not anticípate withdrawing ma-securily would center on the 'ijor units from NATO.” ■Soutli Vietnamese tiwps wx*st of Qua.ng Ngai city, launciiett an amj*ibious -ami In oIImt war 'di'velopm'ent.«: heiicopter assault against Uie —A reiniorced Viet Cong pl.i-Vhet Cong near the ncn them tmrn attacke«l a unit of the U.S. He ofierotl to m on a sjiecml    city    of    khiang    Ngai,    the    L«t    Cavalry’s    Airmoliile.    divi- commaml anmarm-ed to- sitm FYiday night but was driven off m a .'lü-minute figlit after A si>t*kesman saiti tlie joint the cavalrymen cailixl in ailil-t ntertdin i‘*cce had met little re.sistanee lery and Uluminatml the area in the coastal sweep, a three- with flares from planes. At a news conferonce Friday, ¡ son said, "I stand coiTcctcd.” Oliservei-s here felt tlie Defense Department denial wa* issued because llie situation Involves a profess ctHy neutral ciwnlry, Ca mbodja. Toll Road Authority Discussiou Expected At Highway Sessiou Wed. Diis nouncetl dead on am val al 7:30 p.m. Friday at McCune-Brooks Imspital, wtiere he w as taken by Ulmer-Moes ambulance following an accident tux» hours earlier, one half mile southeast of 1.a, R,u:s.seil on Jaspei' county :Rtwte F. Dr. Wendell F\riir, county CO'C-oner, ruled die death resulted from accidentally inflicted internal injuries. Trooper J. D. Starbuck, Carthage. of the Missouri state ' hlglnvay patixd, said the boy Jojail said that the main eni-was riding in die back of an Maj. Geu. Larseu's Red Troop TaHy Gets damp From Peutagou Bj FBED S. HOrFMAH WASinNGTON (AP) — R«^ sentiul military officer» said today the Pentagon Jerked the rug from under Army Maj. Gen. Stanley R. Larsen in publicly VktNam, Ruakaaiii: — *n»e polftioal ophe«\-a! has had very little affect on military operations against the Oommu-nists apart fimn the region Cin«idei*ah1e interi'st auid at-trndiipce are expected to dcvcl- pliasis at the Weilnesday hear-| empty hay truck driven by Boyd cp with regiuxi to a hearing that; ing will be on the subject of toll ^ Edward Oorum, Jr., 17, La and 235 miles ¡ Operation Crazy Horse 2U mih>s    Holiday    Inn,; road autliority with spokesmen ■ Russell, along w ith several odier 'n«ih of An Khe and 26.3 miles ■    j    Wednesday    byippes.ent    by    committee'    a:iTHn,ge-,'boj-s. when he fell from 'the northeast of Suigon. Hjioiugy only if neccssaiy’. Cold Brand Used In Place Of Clipping Wash. t.U*> around Da Nang and Hue, cen-contradictmg his statement thaljtcr of the hroak bciwrrn the up to six North Vietnamese rog-imfnt« are massed in Cambodia. But Larsen, a top field commander on leave from .^th V’iet Nam, said *‘l am Just a soldier” and acccpte<l tlie rebuff. ”1 stand coiTCctcd.” the two-star general luld a reporter, ’i’m not going to question my superiors about what tlioy say. The EkiiTise Department has a kit more inkamation to go on that I have.” numlx*r of officers strongly iniicali-d irritatum at the Pentagon’s action In private conversa uons. • • • 'k'crctary of State Doan Rusk said later in answer to newsmen's questions that he knew notlimg abfxil Lai'scn’s rcjKxt. But Rusk said Communist forces have iKen abusing Cam-IxMlia’s neutrality. He added that tlio Unilotl Stales favors International action to sccuro that Southeast Asian country's neuU'ality and territorial intcg-nt\. On otlicr mattcro relating to Buddliists arKl tlie Saigon regime. — U.S. pilots *'liave insbuc-tions not to intrude” into Red China’s airspace. The st>crclary of state said pilots involved in a recent incident claimed tiiey had not violated diirnse airspace. But Rusk said he thought there had boon an m!>lance in« which a navigation error had resulted in an Uitrusiun.” « '• • The flap over Larsen’s remarks developed after the general appeared at a Pentagon news conference. In reviewing military oix:ra-tions, Larsen pointed on a map to an area of Caml/odia just across the bordi*r from one of the most fought-over sections of South Viet Nam’s contra! higti-lands. ‘’There is plenty of evidence that tliere aio up to six regl-mofils in there.” Larsen said, clearly indicating he meant Noitli Vietnamese forces. 'Diis would represent 10,000 or more Commimist troops in position to strike at Soutli Vict Nam's midsection. , announced llie t^ration wa.s an —Oilier units of the cavalrv all-Marine slxwv Iwt later cor- liivision uncovcrtxl a Viet Cong rertíM üiis to say that it was a cache Friday containing 42 re-mi.xcd tliree-battaiion force of coilless rifles, 17,000 rounds of Marines and South VitHnamc.se | ammunition, 18.000 pounds of Irriops.    ; salt. 1,200 pounds of rice and a The oonlinuing assault was lai'ge quantity of metlicaJ sup-workeis have laundiix! Wednesday, and re- plies. salnwOT finger    indicated allied troops ini-j —'Die U.S. 23lh Infantry Divi- mally advised State Rep. Rdb- tially    h«d    failed    to flush    out    .\ion ended a 12-day sweep of    crt E.    Young that the bearing many    Viet    'Cong. They    report'ed    .jungles 33 miles nwHiwcsl of'    would    be lield as req;uested, ear- killing 15 of the enemy awl 'tap- ,Sííi,gon called 'Operat'km Wahia-' lier by Young. in    the    first    wa. The infantrymen reported |    The    arrangements wei-e offi- killing 157 Viet Owig in the oper-    cially    confirmed today by Sen- Also in Quang Ngai Province, ation and capturing 10 while ate Presklent Pro Tern John W. .seattij:. U.S. fisherii's bramled 500,is»0 lings so far thi> year. Tlie small hr.indjng iron is cook'd to 68 degt'ces l»el(nv w'ro. Die inlcnso cold lcavc.s a wiiite mark.    ¡turing    20    suspects A brandeil finger]ing can ban- four days, dk* it.M'lf liciter in the wnkl than a iin-cUpi«ed one, fLshery workers say. the 'Missiwri legis,la1iu'e'*s    inter-1    ment from OWahoma.    K'Cntucky    i w’estbou.nd, vehicle    and    struck ini study committee    cm    ur'ban j    and Kan-sa'S turnpike autlwriti'es.    j roa.d sign, and higliway    transportation ¡ Joynt pointed out pait of the    •    •    • problems.    j    committee’s assignment, as di-, 3316 truck whs owned by Ed- ArrangemcmLs for the hearing | reeled last year by the legi.sla-! Maggard, La Russell, were announced at    the    Inter-¡ture, is to investigate    tlie u.^e of:    3hP youth was    txirn Oct. 31, city road conference    in Kansas    loll roads.    |    ^^2, in Ulysses, Kan.    His par- Clty Thursday when Slate .Sen-1 The committee also Is asked    Mr.    and    Mrs.    Hoivard    Oal- Htor William Baxter Waters. I to make possible recommenda-Ncnate majority leader, infc»^; tions regarding a statewide bond not far from tlie Marine assault, Ameriean B52 bombers stnicdc sustaining light casualties tliem- Jo>Tit, St. Lnui.s. chairman of solves. the interim roads committee. Issue and metropolitan area tiunsportation impnn'cment. It is e.xpected tiiat the le,gi«-lalive ccMTunittee’s rearirig will, resume at 9:30 a.m. Diui-sday with adjournment slak'd before noon. Attendance was urged at the inter - city conference by all interested citizens. vin. moved to the La Russell area nine years ago from Kansas. Mr. Oilvin, a medíanle pany, ^Vm arillo, Texas, working at Red Oak, Okla.. when he received word of th« death of his son. He left there immediately for his home at La Ooesell. Marshall Eugene attended tha Sarcoxie scliools. .Surviving in addition to tha paren,t8, are fi,ve brottier», Bol*y, C. D., Ch,artes H. .and Billy 'Calvin,, aH 'Of tlie 'horn'*, and John Calvin, Wichita, Kan.; five sisters, Mrs. Jackie Pai^ i.sh. Oxnard, Calif.; Mrs. Joyce Brown, Oklahoma City; Mri, Ethel Parker, Liberty, Mo.; Mrs. FTnis Royster. La Ru^ sell and Jerita Calvin of the home; and the grandparents. Mr. and Mrs. John F. Calvin, Ulj'sses. • • • Anoth.er b r o t h t r, Harlej Wa,yne 'Calvin, was killed ta • car accident April 2S, 1963, at Beaver, Okla. Funeral services will be at 3 p.m. Tuesday at the La Rnssell Baptist church. The Rev. Ken-jMlb Holman will officiate. Burial will be in Harvey cemeteiy'. The body will remain at tlie Ulmer-Moss funeral hon% until for tbe Brodie Construction com- noon Tuesday. 9,000 Persons In SHAPE Involved In Mass NATO Transfer P A R I .S lAP> — When kj-prenie Ileodquarters, Allied PowTi's, Euroiic — SHAPE — leaves Fronch soil some time hdoie next April it will mean .111 extxlus of 9.ÍXX) fKn'sons, SHAPE, fii'st heiuled liy Gen Dwight D. Ei.sentiowcr after tJie Nuiih AlianUc treaty was signed in 1919, is located J wt west of Paris in a ternpordi-y, rambling building. Working tliore aro fiOO officers military stall total aixxit 6.000 and some live in SILYPE Village. wliich lias 400 apartments. SHAPE Village also ha a school for 1,800 pupils, run hy the Fixmeh Education Ministry. Prt'sident Qiarles do Gaulie has said he will vvitiidraw the 60 remftining Fi'ench officex-s Ironi SHAPE by July 1. But Froneh sources have said that the Inilk of otlioT French miUlary ami civilian personnel will he [>cr- aiKl 2.300 enlLstevi men from 14 mitted to remain to help kt'cp nHJiitries - tlie United States, France, Britain, West Germany, Nonvay. IN'nmark. Belgium, Holland. Portugal, Luxembourg. Tin*key, Canada, Greece and I Lily. SHAPE ofierating and as.sist in moving when the lime comes. A timetable for the move may be blocked out for rev iew by the mijii,stjeTÍal mee'ting in Bru,s.sels, Belgium, June 7-8. A decision Tlie 13lti member, Iceland, may be reachixi ttwrn on whore' has no military foi-ces and is not SHAPE will go. Most specula-1 276 CJHS Ninth Graders Advance To CSHS In Ceremony Under The Stars Certificates of gi-adualion were Linebarger, Laura Gay« Ranm, presented 276 students Friday | LVnnis Rliine, Ray Lee Shull, night in the eighth annual gi'ad- ] Susanna Smith and Carmen De-¡ ualion exerei.ses of Carthage ¡ lores Ward. ; Junior high school, held under j The speaker was iiitixidyced Uie stars in Public School Sta-j by Supt. Lester Giilman. diu:m.    Th,e    processionaJ,    and    :i«ce.»-' Die principal six'dker. Bob ^ sional, Pomp and CSpcuiTiitance, LytUe, minister ot First auis- were played by the OHS band. tian church, offered tlie graduates A IvCsson Of Proparedness, describing in modem terminology tlie Biblical story of the victory of David over GoliaUi. David’s triumi^ w'as possible. which a ho offered as a concert piece. Celebrated Air by Badv. The baiKl was dkcctcd by I. D, (Jack) Newton. Under direction of Dennis SpiUe, the nintli grade chorus the speaker declared, because i sang The Loid Bless You and "he had been prcpai ing all Ids , Keep You. life.” "Gtxl and one person makes a majority in liiis world,” he added. That one person wittiout 1 God makes o.xaclly notliLng . . . . 1 God can still use teenagers to | change this world and there are j still giants walking around that j need to be slain.”    j • • • SuggCNting the young jx-ople will have difficulty finding mdi-1 I vidual identity in tlis age of growing iioiiLiIalion and nut>s techniques, he advised them, "YfHJ will bo identified — with God or against Him,” and jjomtixl out. "You can do exactly what you desire to do and clioose to do — vvitli G«xl.” "Christ is tlie ansvvei lo change the wxiild,” he ci«iUn-ucil. "I’m not a reiot iner. Tlieie will be no need tor social ro-tonn, if we will lei Je»us lule our lives "Any young    v^iio    Iws profuin’d lo meet tkxi,’ Lvttle concluded, "is pro¡>an\l to meet w hatevcr comes m hie here and hereafter.” Tlie cerliiicules of graduation were aw arded by Roy E. Maye.s, 'Jr., vice president of the Car-tnage R-9 B*>arcl of Education, following presentation of the class by Principal Dwiglit Serge nt. .Names of graduates we« aiv nounced by Janet Coble, Barbara Father, David Ha finer and Phil Jensen. Die invocation and closinf prayer were delivered by the Rev. M. C. little, pastor of die Qiurch of God at Case and Sycamoro. The Weather FORECAST — Fair to partly cloudy tcmlglil mud Huiidaj; a little w:uroier :Sujida.y. :Lowa to-niglit U to M. Higli Sunday near tu. Slightly cooler S'unday nighi and Alundiiv. 1 - P.m........ 80 2 a.m. ---------61t 3 p.m. _______ 81 3 a.m. ....... 56t p.m. ....... 82 4 a.m. _______553 p.m. ... 80 5 a.m. -----546 p.m. ______ 79 6 a.m. _____54i 7 p.m. _______ 77 7 p.m. -----66^ 8 p.m. __________ 72 8 a.m. ____'6St 9 p.m _______ 70 9 a.m. _____73Id p.m. ......... 63 10 a.n:i. _________ 7611 p.m. ....... '62 11 a.m. __________79I .Midnight 60 •N’oon 1 a.m. . 38 1 p.m. Ma.ximum—82 •Minimum—34 Temjierdtures, one year ago lovlay, maximum 71 and minimum 50: two years ago 66 and 33 represen te<l. There also are 430 civilians, aliuut 80 ¡«'r cent Fronch. Many are involved with stgjport operations. such as secretarial wwk, Ims (h'iving and maintenance jobs. tion oentcrs on Brussels. Besides SHAPE headquarters located near Paris, there is a secret underground commiuid post designed to withstand atomic attack and continue to tunolion m time of wa^. SHAPE RESPONDING Dependents of the non-French i officials will not discuss details. — An emei’geiicy Ited Cross aii'iiual fur f unds to aid U.S. senlcemen in Viet Nani and assist with disaster relief today moved into its secontJ day in downtown Carthage. Collection points were placed around tlie square and in tents installed on the courthouse lawn by Cartilage National Guardsmen. At upper left. Miss Uachael Tliomton is picture! signing the register of eontributors at one collection table. At righC Ed Kyle deposits Iiis gift At lower left, the regional disaster relief unit is pi'CtuT'ed on the south side of the Fquare. Tlie mobile unit will remain on displaj’ throughout the day. Mrs. George F. Wood, executive secretary of Eastern Jhsikm' county Red Cross chapter, said all interested i>ersons are invited to inspect the disaster vehicle. Refreshments were being served at the National Guard tents by Red Cross volunteers. Most churcli-es will provide congregations with op|M>rtunities to contribute to the campaign during Sunday worship services. Texas IÍ- 'R'Cger.ts O'kay LB'J B'Ulldinf .Scrg'Viit also iniroduct’d tlic I honor    stU'dent.s.,    in alplia'betical    *    AUSTIN.    Tex. '(AF) — Th*' Older.    ;    Regents of    Uie University of Diev are Sheila Bracken, Te.xas have approved plans lor Mike Endicott, Jdni Hohorl E.s-    a bujUiing to liousc tive L>tvIcmi Í leiTy,    Roberta    Evans. Molfin    B. Jolmson    Institute of Puhlio Fasken. John Griggs, Jim Hess, NaiK'y Howerton. Relia Jeffries, Slimuit Jennisivi, Jeanene John-i ihe^ «tie of tlie Ljiidon B. Juhn-iofi, David Waj-ne Jdnes, Jan ¡son Library. Semco. The mititute will be in a boUdmg to be constructed oi)

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