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Carthage Evening Press Newspaper Archives May 1 1965, Page 1

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Carthage Evening Press (Newspaper) - May 1, 1965, Carthage, Missouri Carthage volume eighty one number 103 Carthage. To. Liu Lutish we saturday. May i. 1965 return postage guaranteed weather forecasts generally fail and mild tonight with Low 55 to 65. Sunny and hot sunday with High 88 of 95. Heavy firing continues in dominican Republic news focus Tao Santo Domingo Domin at its Headquarters at Isidro air loan Republic a heavy base 20 Milos outside of Santo firing continued in this rebel-1 Domingo. Lion torn it pit d 1 Day despite latest estimates of the toll of in agreed it in Iho to die fighting which started when Hlinican la. Week old pro Bosch military officers civil War forced the resignation of a civil Rebe Ladois fighting for the Ian Junta government headed by return to Power of exiled former Donald Reid Cabral were put at Washington a a a resident Juan la Bosch admit More than 500 killed with Anotai United states will seek a slicing led they did not have Complete or 500 possibly killed. The in show of Unity and support for control of their men who injured ran into the hundreds. South Viet Nam at toe slain elude armed civilians and Diss major Battle Friday with foreign ministers conference in Thant Young military officers. J some i Soo inline Loyal to the London next week to offset much of the filing was in the Junta rebel forces won the Mas France s virtual Diop out from Vicinity of the . P. M Bassy Sivc 0/.Ama fortress which Tho eight nation Alliance of f i a Here one . Marine was commands a strategic position Chais said today. Killed Friday. On the West Side of tile River of Secretary of state Dean Rusk fighting went on through the the sane name in the capital. Vv1,1 kaid a 1f>-Man delegation to bight in the eerie Light of Para authenticated reports said the the annual session which out ens Chute flares. Re lids under col. Francisco monday. The soviet news Agency Tass Caamano took tile fortress Alt France a downgraded of denounced that the soviet Jan it a heavy fighting. Survivors representation fit the Southeast Ion had asked for in emerged who swam the River said the Asia i Cen to organization meekly meeting of the in. Securi re lids committed atrocities ind a of observer. Pie arty Council to Consil r the Situa against Hie defenders and be Jim a hid not i s. Offi lion in tile i Tom Mica n Republic outed several police officers Cutis. At last years of. Aio Tass called the . Landings Vav to Rad surrendered unarmed Council meeting in Manila Quot armed intervention in the in in All the rebels Ware report French for. Ign minister Alum Lemal affairs of the i dominican a Montro More than half of Rice move de Alu Vilk refuse. Republic a new a gees Ive act Santo la Omingo. A filed in of support to of . Impel labs Quot Hie first . Casualties Rami South 5 in Nam. Fie us. State department As the marines and paratroop mid in Washington it would or moved to the City from the Washington a the Saigon. South Viet Nam vac no immediate comment on oust and West. Fie Marin s i Nile states May seek a meet to i James Forman King agree to work together of Anta g Martin Luther at i not Kui i n i in i Hie a i a a in con r vein flt Cwb . Soli Kus at san i Sidlow infantrymen of tim . Army airlifted late thursday into the dominican Republic Are shown at the dominican air Force base of san Isidro command ikast of in Rig. Gen. Kinas Wessin y Wessin. The troops Wen sent by president Johnson to pm toot american citizens caught in the midst of a revolution in which commands one faction. A wire photo u. S. Captures big Cache car Accident in of North Viet Nam weapons Sedalia acc in in i tiny ii. D in to a Ever in to tit. In Kin a Hiu s cd till e enc or and a i returned of issues. Abel expected to make few Union changes Pitt so i a of a r to p to what a e gtd for the t is Dot the envy it re cars of under . Abri As or. Ieni Quot a a tie re he it ome new around but that s shout to said a ugh Steelworker -our.�?T. To i a. Lbs comment c Ottto i to sum it Union feeling after a i was a a ired president of the Mil. Union. Fie Monn Teller reported Iti a y t of a of Secretary a Easu Ivr for 12 ears. Had Deled me Rem David j. Mead fix nth to ims pcs. Allan me a i arb pout Kerf to tire it if is note i to keep aim the i aking it a in to e Hie a soviet in. A a a a moved into i one mile area designated earlier by the Gas As a u 7 Amba w Tapley i. A von f a n r i Ltd a ? Ann inc Fol i e re a a r f Gilt ing f a it a of in Quot 1 1 re fret a i 5 in p in tile 5 Friday hut Metier i to Nevis b a. K 1 t n that Frt Man r a Merit i it too i i Ive taken Nei the re in k. T j i Gnu Ltd Merit l a n it 1, 1� Lentin Ain a red moved i it in u rth Aig n a id in tanks a i git h1 Ere Ware Monifi. Ant Sipult to a v % i a a a train i big Side a if i. A j j a ii i seek my to g Ain finn ,1 of the to rebels. City. Bennett s \ id her Ltd i and in w 11 if in i i i t a by i int a had partner a pee i i so by it the ,1 dispute to Iva it a a it my it a i in an of. N 1 a i it a of . I out my of Hie military armistice Corniss a in it Milo a it rot est tile shoeing wednesday be velt n n it rth Kolh r. An by Orsar i an amen an a Lune ,.un be a the life of a Lea la a it Blo k from the i s. Fie m i me column i f a Ltd a tiie w a led i it a i Ama, vehicles a a fore is Obi off nor Korea s Coart. St be i it it i a it inc it pre of f ref Robe at j. Aiko it it key said i in to or is d first w rth out Troy cation and to it the a i s plane was exorcism to ,. Contingent i anal right to operate la o f Abt Rig Over the seas i ran an a lie said the mrs. To cd ii. I. U t of the be american Reft flew parallel to he North kure in roast v Cie Iche of captured Viet Cong arms included precision lightweight i Kame Din avers presumably furnished by communist Chun the Virtu Intel e army Anoura re i1 May Al so Cli so cled wit la e a an heavy a a ii g in Des. Ii i As pc chaily Sui my tor me As Antifae tit1 Vav. in announcement came a san it a girded jts it f for j,.,. I to on Hie i Dav. Two Brothers Sida i i a a car Accident we on e j Bod were said to have drop missions Over com must 1,hired into government con held territory in Laos trolled areas. The laotian government Hadfy ving squad of combat claimed planes belonging Eitnier mile. Leaded off trouble be to North Viet Nam or com my Day in vhf a t Ken ave Ai two de Sidon Iau it a unions Hist Olina have Leon dropping turn Brothel n Saigon Thorp were in supplies to the pro communist Maui us or Arross. Outhet lao forces. About i o or. Ell i it a i s of the v Cia an conf Der Southeast to. State ton of i o r the m t Pav or t0 i ask hotel space 1 uni n in the country Gath e Din a downtown Park to hear Capi Girardeau to. Apap a e f Seda 11 i 1 a a i in i Hie to i Ieie to a i is v. \ on ii i lid off. I. a Farr v Rome in Conin i m i out to it rapid n Lux by need for i Kely a n s e a v to pm anon in or d state it a draft of a Nero. In St. It a d pee a1 d \ s t Lees meet i tvs v a Washington team planned i it full get president tour i freed the Oas to talc v As called in i an Oas Peru of. He e tort Johnson had a spine and or i to dam Vii h f Nuj Rrt i bashing it government in h a j Epter tiler a a a y r. Re i Sebi e j. Dud in irs announce ant re try personal a. .rn1 a it a it s on i Ort it i id no Pic in Quot Are a Nna i in can a Benne nent guar Abby of cd a in 1 i Hose in t is in i a in Ying Quot the so loops in the i k it rain Ean retail in is top Dierf and a am and other fore in National from the it nor Ion to i it a in Iran ref it ublies. And not in rating no was take sides in tile internal int Fie statement a i Quot some from Santo i joining have h ruled to conv eve a i Al the impress am that the United then told t slate is cond Elm a combined or concert t ions Quot a do Wessin s f its off him we / said tim u it air reps about rear nod fire and one to Quot a of to have been int a c 1j i i non gov int am me a 1 nov. Re k i i 0 1 i it it i my. D in Japan in hiding the m to i May Day spec. Bes. A dissident Oft als of Missouri group g Titi Retif a several blocks Tate College and Hie in Berick i in arms Cai. Ice pc is found away and police took up Posi hotel Colp. At cup Cir and eau Friday during a three Dav ofter i a is Between t be two groups aes discussing of get possible tease by the College of four of a hotel. Mark Scully College president s Udie Tang of tile top tour flours if the six a foil m Riquette hotel w cum to in i. In dormitory space for lbs students. It it Man in we s South of Brae tip after cd j a t a Arig w a no inst j a us. Tax i api p it Johnson sized a v2 j i up a Lien to a pin it i it i a Sylunia in fore n end Ashe j a Nett pi11, i a i t a sat a in h b d Len Deru a with the a Beu and not i final settlement Spring or h it a >-�1 s we e i. Rid and of f ail s t o cd memo v a be born Crft i Ane co i d. Enyx As Hie re else top full Volt a Mer 11 a not i a Nodi to v disclosed who s Hie c i Eio Nguyen ent for the hint t Forns beaded it a by u Gen. I a As Wessin v we. N who rallied element of tie army and Arn it orce aril the Navy to of a. E t in pro i it of it la Foi r is. T in papal it to in Santo i it irn Mgo the Rrt Rev i Uman Ali a i i a to i it a a d a key Nae ill Negr that. T a i la w As in touch was i the a. He and i tier met w the v Springfield family evacuated from the dominican Republic . To. Api a Springfield that a been opt Kimting a Chicken farm in t he i Oren Ean rep it us it he Bas evacuated safely p. Ii in s Lea r t la v or and mrs main in arh were taken Al a and s i s Navy ship f nday n i Gilt i Man in Blair was told by a Bam ohm Dor in t Aas min Blair. Sister of or s in it a h. Aid Dii we tiled by tile Pixi s Man this morning the Lea. Bes have Len oper-a11 a a is mgr Oncken farm re to i it Omin to for the i test car for la f , inc., of which Blair i president Fie lips up the govt Ciment Sari South vietnamese. Qualti were Given As thru. 1, led Vav Friday and Rutn in wounded nation Friday a a a n get his a. V it a v. A a d insure mgt f of to. C Onar a Ament of welfare Cheek to App Afen by resulted f i i bundt e is of thousands of Ani a Quot ikes by lie copter s and i lit jeans. Or limn lots at it it too guerrilla the Mea lire include Idt we a my Kine gunned by us million for this purpose the Heli Eop a As they i be i to president say radio and swim across a Small River television a idea St that dealt civilian in the a. A we primarily with the War in warned of the air strikes or Hie dominican Republic. Leaflets and Kwi speakers an j Cena ii flour. Poke were armed Vail so Jins and sub machine guns and i. A Cal by f re t in. K s w till i hear a r in pressure Hose s. Authorities captured and id a 11 i v d my terrorists k a n round i Rio Iglitz carry out bombings or up a tags to Dehr de May Jan my a Idit Ivun i a k of Sas Cit was killed in t a ii a t i. Dont on a aged s m. A a a a. West of 111. J we a a his in i get a Danny irs Meada Iii tier to. By the Ell Hosp it i Bete Carls a a Aday of in cries lie another in Quot in car a a Prentice Wasson. It. Of Warsaw mo., no Ierard id Cera Hon. And / a Aioo Bruise. The Highway patrol re it a a. Tile car ran off the on on a curve and overturned \ three occupant were the nov out. Lie d f 11 in an in Quot get to a v it a. 5, \ e a a a a i us in or in Peebles e it Rii n i a t is i i d or at a of it. A it Are ate. To a bin Dell of bad taken in . A to a Ink and Hie a a at i t Vari ted of Quot rids y n to a soviet description of a t o my National Lily j . Man stabbed Kansas City a a Man was a Bod to death Early today while standing with a woman out -1 de Las Apa tent building at ims last kist Street police said he was George Aime meeting set tri state Section Anuran in Institute of Muling metallurgical and Petroleum. I no me right Leader my they til even of face Chaine i a i no i Oles f the first the enemy Effy of affix no Ai a end Al. Con a a a a will Heman lawyer and tvs r1. Profi hts of them. Not fewer. To v1 ave new Eon Fererer \ be i la a a up non tin u rely on our so Aff of Ejier for studies and Ambes a a for a Gartung Eif i group a declare i in no i Iii tit with the a of a a a a it note a 11 f part e i an talk were in ant i r Hie a i Quot Patch up i f Fores i a Vert inroad of did 1 it i in arc. Union in at a pm Ore in ant under Artof neck sea int b Quot my i Cha or or Tahoe of Hie South vict ? people Quot with be said the woman away alter the stabbing. She i m a pit St a made Wall ing sought by a since. Be age to the three nation in. c it it pm a commission baking tune of Saltine Crad n indo Cluna. Or i less than three minute ? an Viet Nam denied that temperatures that average we Girt a were thing night air Over duo sch Trees. Will to i a dinner in eel my at pm a a i the ii in was a i. E be i Mil a ant tat of i g p j in Fiur Sil in it it Suring Quot a by fro it ail. In general we Becane i m men a a up it m i him Lviv r or in. Liverton. I Lomas 1 a in agr Quot ii sir Rte n Are. Fri a r rational a a widest tim t statement Aid other m i it in j though at will Ive the sgt Enker Ai a a # i 1, to by it air and the prob in of i v to a a Frick is a native it it a Caney. A Ntxo was a i n act and that Dom an-1 to g longer and Mger Kin. had a Gre is to Foster cd. I r a in fill it Vav it Winn t Toa is of a Ming Ai a nys go Lii we Ilia a f k ? i a i m la. A i d i i r its and the they feel w ii t h �?T0 me i Awn i. A a f ii Hie to r Mars. It n of leg nation no or in ions \ a bag i it re 1 1 cum i Xira i i a. 1 Harn it 1� exists on via of it Rind to dialling of i Union tool i men feel i k01y to Ion i .1 a to at a i a n Rev a a Long a live on Al irs h it Mississippi River floodwater crash levee near Hannibal inundating 7,700 acres Farmland Hannibal. To. A n Inver f i o o d w a t e r i i in on the. Hanoi Side of me River inundating Elxnit to >0 a 1 of it f 1 Fie a r already had cover i Rex a re in t in am arc i nit r it Bruke through another levee april it the River a of Ere a Wall i t be Ween 2 re and 25 int a Mit , Jit a Al. Kit in univ dam a in w p 1 Sill i a Ohio a sad the streets exp try 11 a i no j a Al tort j t fat Rev Ere mimed f riday by a it Ltd Day at ii. In bal a River town a Little ii mid and Silt Wall Imons Quot who we re just driving Vav it no levee from to marts a policeman Down t o gawk a t tile in almost n f a it of 15 so lace s of a f town area by no tie Only Al Init j 5 fan have been Earu ted i my n Junta or url hn4 a sop c it of won a Long Battle with flood i to save the work Quot who three men crushed after hitching train Springfield Las in inter dim the firm. A second levee. I most of the residents of the Arist already had Imp pm moved out. A f Vav were evacuated t v Dav a f a known there Wane no casualties i rum the new Kansas City Kan. A break three men Wix hitched a ride a a a on a freight train were in did -y1. A a a a w As expo ted to in it is owned by the lop 1c> lri1h a by a 1<m 1 of Ali Winum take some flood pressure off ingots Gondola cat. Hannibal where 15 City blocks their in lit a were found Fri rave us it to a foot of water in Day after the car arrived in the pm. Hie break was five Miles Union Pacific s Kansas Ltd North of Quincy about 15 mile �0rilly basis. It will let a Yard Fie car had loaded North of Hannika needed by 1967 by the with tile aluminium in Vancouver a re to sunday i was monday. I exx a Tell to Climax live flood police assume i toe men Fiat have from Alinn Costa Cli mixed aboard the car a it to Al ism it ii i. Rolled Tow my pm a City and churning River water which were killed when the cargo has rlairn�1 12 live in Iowa shifted. I it Rudgar p Serens Alinn Costa Wisconsin and Tili Coroner said til men had in in no s and r used almost $150 dead More than 4s hour. Million in damage is expected the victims were identified to flatten out in the wide River overcrowded and fur tentatively As Virgil Kenneth ranks of the lower . Thor major increases in Kars a i. A a it it 55, i rom he Sac Fie weather Bureau said the number of students Quot Quot Quot Quot a a by Quot a Quot a r or St a Quot to Quot in Bijj. Ii Morris Flinn , to 40, address 25 and 25 a feet Lay at Quin Are expected during the unknown. Anuj j my Fred Swarup by ilk Wile re the flood stage is next several years. 3d. Powder Springs a 117 feet. Pc pc Bond Issue facts presented q. Why can to the College continue to use the present facilities. A. The present build Lin sch m l District and furnished the College for 8 per year on a tem Joplin schools. With the increase in enrolment due to no tuition charge for Jasper county Stu dents and accessibility of the county College the building already Spike Jones 53 years old Dies in sleep n a t find d of a a or g i / Quot g cd v h try a p weather record the 111 a it a. Ill m int 14 knot 1 Lack Ling Ai i i it in. A tar tax Bra by i a Watt a to Clam j Flo it Low stats an enterprising merchant Aion Hannibal a main Street put out those chairs and this Sigil for folks who wanted to j ilk but the a per a j Hie set a Iden Dike j worker Battle i Niota 111. Where fit a iring in the Dike. W j rein Reed soft spa or i sort Madison i x i a if 1.ie Muddy rior. A Fie . Army of Neer estimate d i. K had caused Agni k Hon in damage i. To a 1 i it watch the Mississippi liver flood a bu9�?o#�?~� Iona a us 11 a tors. The Crest of 21.6 feet to 25 feet Alp to tree adapt to t is due at Hannibal into Lay. Al rank a a of mall w ire photo temperatures. Mild an oui Ca a a us set a i ii ii i Lur a musical mum note Quot he . 52. 1 to an i rum is Tiani

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