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Carthage Evening Press Newspaper Archives Jun 14 1965, Page 1

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Carthage Evening Press (Newspaper) - June 14, 1965, Carthage, Missouri Carthage is a a a a a a City Carthage volume eight one number Lis Carthage to. Monday. Junk 11. Usu. Return postage guaranteed weather forecasts tartly hourly and mild tonight and tuesday. Shower and thunderstorm ending tuesday. A it a tonight so. High tuesday Low to mid 80s. $310,000 school Bond Issue decision tuesday Fate of a i 10.000 school i will be accepted Florid Issue to Correct current j Absentee ballot will be crowded conditions and to meet counted and tile entire vote predictable needs will be de i canvassed by a special 4-Rnctn- i4nd by District voters tues Bor committee at a special Day. Board meeting Friday night. Foils will ire open from voting precincts include 6 . To 7 . At the to first Ward first precinct precincts within the City and fast Entrance to courthouse at pleasant Valley and Fidelity first Ward second precinct schools. Eugene Field school. Passage of the Bond proposal second Ward first precinct i which will make a $4 j a too in j memorial Hall second Ward pavement program possible re second precinct Hawthorne quires a two thirds majority. School. J free rid s to the polls will i third Ward first precinct i be furnished by calling Al 8 senior High school building j 2394. I third Ward second precinct a asked for funds include si95, j columbian school. Too for additions at the senior i fourth Ward first precinct and tumor High schools $15, i South Entrance to Junior High too to go with $65,000 already j school fourth Ward second tin hand for a vocational train precinct a est Entrance to Tun. My a shool. $35,000 to equip and for High school. Furnish the vex a lion a i school i fifth Ward first precinct i $15, Kio for vocational business Mark Twain school in thaid equipment and $50,000 to match second precinct Parsons Olds possible state Aid for new Mobile Agency 1926 South Herm tar rejoins should re Garrison Eugene Field school. I pleasant Valley and Fidelity Twenty four Absentee ballots schools for voters of those bad been returned to sup areas. Voters outside tile City i Laster Gillman s office shortly i should vote in the City pre before noon today. Absentees cinch they would be in if Theja Ostyn asked through tuesday Boundary lines woe extended. Shastri declines Johnson s invitation c of c committee to recommend manager government to Council under mar ski in r ii unit v i pp-Vofir-o2 Ca by. A. Thai Tao affairs of a it mayor Counch must be the population d Tajh government. With Carthage is a sizeable business and requires the operate being run As such for the Ink administrate n fun of Economy and efficiency. Die c of cd directors Ahi by s a flairs throughout the Whito in blur in hone Anil Tho a int c its i in dist aisse on nning Effort m r i. I 1 i Lam c in Roa it red of a Mac it lie o 11 today on the anniversary ofe 11n birth i join other Loyal americana world of to the colors of eternal Purok a i Ray fullness for the Devotion of Arwe whore r have lifted the Star Sparl i Tiar Triune the buried dreams of , lasting allegiance i r the i approval of 4 year Quot gelation for the rot to now finding on f in Senate ests floor after earlier Adion by i in All u a pre i j of. Ion b it v i % c i f i c. A a we Ai i i it a it artly Ove of Ever o a a re is c its die House to a a it i. Zed tile Ixia re declared is is to be. Port of t in car Hage school in on tit i get 1 in�p.11 Avie coming up if any gone for x a tics May he citizens if g \ it n ing the i j d strict. Of c a tile dire Eft us is give tile a i r i pledge Alle Quot i a be of America Vrr to i a a re t n a i in a 4 n a a i 5. J a o n a i \ Abia j Noi Ato Washington the n us Hie in1 in Parl Cimen t in be Ai a re on Cannelee i in v it by of j to Washington tins the on the grounds that lie i i. I to a v w till it orig. Ess the i v my situation. I i int.,1 the at min present that fled China of in intervene directly in Viet Nam i., plough it held very Strong a soul be Ila d to plans a a Greg for a i in a e to Etmo Ai Piglet a huh Pien Nui in Lai he told newsmen mint is a constant threat to India. But de explosion of a Chuve no cd a Devil he s us India will not make nuclear we a pm. Tall a to in e it Ai e a e no it and w Ria a it my w i o finals of to. Ira. In e time it couple captured after attempted station Holdup Carthage fire fighters win two contests a a a ahead Tavin for we ring my ens Ting 5-Star Community betterment sign at Tine end inc is to cd in Iago legislature reaches Point Quot now or never of my son City i a i i leg mire hat Quot Nowey a Neve que co. m a i Aap near were use it a an a it a a i ii target a get and Drill my at. up and i id w a of tile 19ho yes. A i in do musings a it Ion on nation must cease at mid St a Tiene if a it a in ii use o tin Warren f. Is. Emf. In s to w r ear e Cit menacing skies again threaten Carthage area Dong Xoai quiet braces for continued four killed in trouble from North vietnamese troops Chesapeake Bay m i Bridge Tunnel wis a noon r a. Min. S w o Quot fill Sill w to of die Kau o a. A a a of order of bus non of ill i is Nihil Slung a Init non n Walden d to Haftl Saigon i v in Etc to e a Menai alg skies inlay eiie11 to i add More moisture to Ato nunning Precipio Tatum total ai1 1 r s i n Iii Sage Ailt a j in Mote i. U rent a1 i Ike doxy n-1 in j it.1 s is a a a t r i g g 1 i Oerth a a we k end til pkg unit Siryj Tiwi est i is pc ii As mum of toe map Vietnam in be Ranger forty tvo Plain i \ e o of tile i a r combing a rub ten a not in areas of the in Ivy an by ban just not i la of the is tie in i lox a r irks to Miles Nornie of the de a if i Sang no a f it in i Chi i govt rim in i i in s of Militar i a i it me i n. Men said it x it be tie Vietnam Holaj. A remains of the 7th heavy air St ikes ,.>o i / \ 111 a g 0, an to a to halt so i v s Mia i d inside is hit h a e i n Xoai. To y spokes Nan ant Oune de. Against suspected Viet c s Iii k f a i i it Ong x Gnu xxx a re aired quiet get. V s Navy and Marine Zenitz off i but Brin of a it a from toe a it Cong a re to Hole corps planes were said f i a n los s it it Les Sim to pilots be a a ids of a the no la pm Rich a1 x cd to at ugly claim in cd in in v darn age it Lar 250 of die i inc r i of in i was no i a la a Plant a Ion a few a bean rub Miles not Iii is my so it act de t Ceni rat it is. Tuned. This i of i Tong Xoai they f Lind an is kill Oil if a end a ii Al a i traffic fatalities Fri Uson City Bap miss n i i Highway Pat r Fie death i it g for the s ended at Midnight. 1st 24 hours 6 it fat ius scar it a a it in 11 hip last or Al his Ca arum no ii and spilling or in i Tal it mrs . By. In amounts ranging oui 2 to 6 in. Aes w in it mull Lim. And to my ins a ads or i St ret t it w it e mils die Liming la a Ipie a i of or grim re,.cs nut tie a t i a in a an w Rei rage of a i Amu helicopter and a i v Many a identify i it at Ion t i. My in i a rid to a a a one he a re Moody appointed attorney to represent 22-year-old Duane Pope an ast Quot i to i a t v i i lib i it in. J p to am., a me j i a in i my it my t Quot asian a Stulg stat s v ii la fill own into the a a. Tern a it a Here and to pm Ite it i itself a an i it tween i and i p in sunday. Lite inst a de,ago.-, accompanied a wind some i. Gilt a a lid is of Nail u a a i oed i Means at Tho Carthage w Lier it Fleet in chant basements Low Lyme lawns and Many streets were mum i ted with to a ked up w Atar that d. I n to Ltd rapidly to in w Eal her record Houri lip Oil m fur 14 hum mood Uadia it i pm. Udu. A thud he he cure if Wiuf m la Inu rum i 3 . 71 3 h in. 6.5 4 71 t a in. 65 5 68 5 a in. 6.3 h . 69 6 a in. 63 7 . 6s 7 8 p la 68 8 a . 66 in. .69 9 pan. 67 9 to . <>6 to a a in. 71 in. 73 la 66 11 Midnight 65 Nam. <1 xxi. 73 i am. 65 i p in 75 maximum 83 minimum 6a i a of Ipi i a i it in i incites at i. Waler amp flee to. To i i. 2 72 at i lie i la the Topi i Ai ares. One veal ago away by drains or Stoi in sewers several highways were closed by High Waters and i Alj Flo tel t m persistent storms have put the wheal Harvest it critical motion. Tile Gram is ready for Harvest and the ily no tuned Grain is constantly in danger Lite longer it remains in the Twenty i a Ait Lorce r Field in the face of in Titial Himler it escorted by � of Levi High winds and beam rain. Hut i cup St of the twin a a i Lent. He. N s it d i s airborne in novo. To Philo. Vin the a of eld and in i Iuone \ Rill is he n Field for i tie i a my x in i att a the i s Parati to pct s hid lie n expect cd to no we from Hie r into the i Long Xoai Eon aet tint tile vietnamese command a it. Wee i reluctant to a a tor Llumi. Do lie Viet Cong mounted a nun i be i of attacks and ambit a get in various parts of adet Nam today All Hie Way from the 17th parallel to die Southern tip of the nation ninety american and vietnamese planes hammered targets in North Viet Nam in a series of separate raids. Rent on a bid i Asin a inter an Effort to by my the Pei forming and pie a the Rural Arras. A e it pit Wees a to a urn -,.� a me. It was put hark on t a Mien far f no it it rare tile i men s con d be extended but jux rap More in Portal in there i Oiin a be a problem Quot to my one of the reap a torment is to net the one Man or it Ltd it Ite older of the Federal co lits. Tile House has passed its to it i reining i d in is districts in i i l of 163 Arni it is scheduled to to get heard by a sen in committee tuesday nigh. The companion o rns111 Dona amendment v id be considered by a in disc Senate. A be re con Rubec in Iron out different is. A us \ i f his in mite be fade a i St Wei k n con a up urn an in Quot be i by Stab an at it i m i in. De 19 Otho s the to Quot ii Tiep swimming and a it of Man said a grenade t of Otic in in s Belt exp died it i lot a ii of die i Ruck and a it i file Gay a n can it a no Anc the Aine Rii an Pat a 11ro a in i u lied in tin . I Plitz get a us of 1 r me ahem i and Usu d a a in a nurse troop battalion Satui Day n. Lite Airfield la Miles no tiie i on in Iii Hel i kill Foss i Looi Imo 111 lid i of \ a kit \ limit a or. Ii i air in i i a Xii Ink bin inn. Of in 11 n i \ into pol cobras a a a. So i 11 Iuse a in in i a a or in a Cong inst Dull Chicago welcomes astronauts 2,500 persons watch Parade t dry e y p Milc f to Ai to a in sex i d i it this week Aud Hep Carnahan i be. As c "ii.&Quot. Hon e a Fordy a into i Meg b s to com a a a k a i a to a it it a n . H f a la be not n of the it uses tag equipment Xxiii i>0 unit to get into Fields for several Days a when ail if the Rains St it it a among toe official rainfall re to nil for tile week end were 2.73 i Nob is at Amora 2.52 indies at Nevada i 07 indies at Joplin and i i inches at Greenfield plus unofficial measurement of 3 indies at Pittsburg ran showers and thunderstorms ago map astronauts lets blacked the ban Kona Lim James a no i of it and Foxx my Barracks 71 Miles Southwest of up White ii were welcomed with some 2,500 persons most of them youngsters for a heroes Parade and Celebration today in Chicago. Also on hand in the 65-degree sunny weather at o Hara International Airport s military Sec 11. five buildings were re i the cheers of Wjk arted destroyed and la heavily school Bond Issue is explained i Khuon should Tho Ion vice president Hulbert Carthage school District allow h Humphry a gov. Otto Kenner ii territory to to enlarged by of Illinois Richard j Dairy. Eating 50 to m or cent of th1 am swell Eye. Carthage Undy maximum 87 and mini area Are expected to continue j a a moral obligation to de mum til. Texo years ago 93 and through tonight but finally Etal neat student of it Trade arid i my tuesday. I a. An i tin a Carn my the h ,.a i it Ltd Ai m i a r a. It. 1 Ace my in irk on i e i up or d a. But Igei. My her Wouk. roil Inlet. I by Trio a in # Char w. Matthews Diemmi i manage. He exx is a i a i to a 11 in of i to College fires id it tried to a a i a r a my. A xxx tune y a i i i. So e. Of i l in a i it i crowds Gat a a d Aion Mer ii g sex b n Silt x>1 chill Quot ult s Ltd 1 made no Anno Unen. Ii1 Quot of is vat \ is denied Ai Tarn a it was or. Bittinger had and on la Salle St get to a in Ciu a a i 6.500 pupils xxx Ere to put for the d y. C n three fix s ast a n a a. Pc to or end xxx or. Doniphan in advil cars Hall hours tie re bae i i i if arid Whit the Lour i a wee. T e la Quot ions ratio s in aged to it lung m in tei h m take Gasconade i v. E t opt i passed to i v i a and an wer pern in e k b Ace either plans. Doxy tin a n a re i i i from i karts is it my hotel Jih up River c Anoe race Fin att i pen to i feet 11 m�r11 d for the tax my i us d limn r fit the demons to motions in xxx an h during the $1 598 Roth of Rolla map the an ii win it a 1 s Hiti in it Arade til a Tina uts part a Given by to j to ens xxi a Quot i e St e i it 1 in b up Trigs Hank Jim j. A Nual 1, can Rte on i by route a \ a i a ii a. And i in new i ass Day and sat 1111la x for a Quot a z gunman Hie Hank presi i Rue xxi a Vaai Sun a p. I 11 e a i n of the Xii tee xxx i re s aged de h an ire is in Al cd. .7. In to by w t x be Tagg and Ray City count a1 to cml r hoi Loran a a a to protest re i Ming of Chicago c Isha r. It Lien i lend i is. A i Lastings of i it on pm in. To Chi Igo ship on m a s Noolex supt Benjamin c we a my i ail s Ann dothan?T5, a a of the Texo men paddled their w Hile and t i i id a t of till Hix Al Ollie Airport. Its whose s i a his a j inter rate in kit i pc a i re Seviou in xxx no i -1. To from Roll ii to life Indian a i Iona i a. I in and a tut pm Cix la rights ice i plans were a by some i Quot Ink to la . .5. I Bek e l in on Lemur 33 ii Al . In. It Leo re i i. Strati s g a then d to i rant civil rights g ups ant cashier. Mes and?T>3 so con�1s. For rides to polls tuesday to vote for school Bonds phone fl8-2394

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