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Carthage Evening Press (Newspaper) - July 16, 1966, Carthage, Missouri GABTHA&E PRESS VOLUME EIGHTY-TWO—NUMBER 168 CARTHAGE, MO. .SATURDAY. JULY IB. 1966 RETURN POSTAGE GUARANTEED Calm Settles Over Shocked Carthage In Aftermath Of Hercules Explosions Rain Dampens Latest Threat; Salvage Operations Underway Blasts Take Ufe Of Maurice AWa CrowelL Funeral 10 AX Monday Calm aettled over Carthage and the area today in the aftermath of the frightening series of explosions which Thursday and early Friday leveled much of the Hercules Powder company’s Carthage plant and caused damage still uncounted to homes and business places throughout the city and in nearby rui*al areas. Cleanup and repair moved along at a steady pace. But, ydXh the calm, there was an aura of sadness, TTicy are itoy Chrisman. 47, Jof>lin, satjgfactory condition; aifford Hilton, 62, Joplin, T ”    7whose condition was fair, now particularly poignant for; gard, Carthage route 1, satis- one family but in some unique way shared, by every Carthaginian. Maurice Alva Crowell, 48,' 1901 Sou,th Ma.ln, moat, seri'ous-' fa'Ctory' condi,'ti,on; Raymond Brill. Joplin route 1, satisfac-torj’. One new patient u-as admit- ly injured of all those who were ted at 1:15 a.m. today. He is hurt by the blast», died at 6:20 Robert Lux. 1209 Kellar, wtio Is p.m. FYiday at MoOmc-Brooks suffering from siiock. PaHents released after brief CiweU, a Hercules slUpping hospitalizatíon were David Wil-clerk and an employe the last; »<«. 1033 Fulton; Eugene Wil-18 years at the 'ncw-d,evas.taled, j 'Suo,,, 903 East 'Tli,irt,€»enth,; Burl plant, was the only man who| Green. Sarooxie route 1; Rich-did not escape from the cen-< PaJone, Alba; Harry Platt, tral explosion area approod-mately with or shortly after the first In the series oC eight major blasts. • • • He finally was rescued from Carthage route 1. Cool Canadian tie lUWtijr ««    I •f| the smoking ruin early Friday; jRii< Macc I |f|c and at 1:30 a.m. was taken by;    Lllld Long Heat Wave and Ulmer ambulance to McCune-, Brooks, where he remained in crttlcai oonditaon until his death. Funml BMwices wdU be coo-'    .j,,,,.    asSOCI.ATED    PRESS dueted at 10 a.m. Moswiay at    ficrcelv    hot.    enervating «I* Uta«r Xutwrnl    , «» R«. Jo* D«yrliiger. Burial,    ^ «igns Mloolnc travMlde Krriow ^ Up after a week of Monday afternoon, will be in    temperatures    in    the services afternoon, will be in Hamilton cemetery, Hamilton, Kan. lOOs. A mass of cool Canadian air Bom OcL 18, 1917,    ,    has    spilled    over tlve border and Kan.. CPO«Vn cam* in 19« to    »«th«-ar<i,    touHiin-; Chaos still faced the many reside nt.s of the Here ules area today and reporta of damage aiitl tin usual im‘idciit.s still were piling up at the Carthage |>olice station and 34 Boys Report For Annual Pirate Tryouts Tlie Pittsbiirgii Ihrates l«se- Imll 1r\-rmt ramp at CaiihngPi Municipal park sl.aditim came to an end Hus afternoon with I'ir.ili' l ilent hunters repoiling llieiT' were some pmmisint: players in the group reviewetl. Thirty - four boys reported for Uie sumil camp playing sessions. Local iUiUionties ngain ex ilie Jaai>er county sheriff's offices in lx>lh Carthage ami tended an invitation to the Pi-Joplin. In Cartilage, more than ,    ..    ,    r,n ,    .    ,    ,,    Imsy until the ram iM’gan to fall 10 crews of ,glas.s installa-, tion men were on hand bus- depailment reports imlkales ily replacing window panes nearly all units wero active dui- in the downtown, area. In the rural areas hardest hit by the shock waves which followed, the explosio,n,s Thursday aflenioon and Friday morning, were combing the debris in, their homes in search of personal effects to be moved to te,mporar>* quarters. ing the danger pericxl. While fire units were not iwu’-mitted in the pkuil area until the dan,ger of explosion had Iwn reduced at noon Friday, two families    called thero Friday aftermjon and helped in trying to bring the .slubbont fires under control. Tlicy were iiullcd <xit of Uie area w1ien the winds shifted and eaus'Pd, the alert late Fiiday. Carthage ¡jolice. wiio were ba.sy Thursday ami Fiid,ay d,i-or demolished,, many were dam-' ¡ppcting tratfic and piilniling the agod beyond repair and othei's shattered downtown area, today were damaged so severely re-    recount some of the pair S'gema unlikely. Tne dam-,    ,yf    activity in a M,ghter I age appeared spread mostly to ; the mirth and east hut some    calls,    u>uaily a lieadache I dam,age occun*ed in otiier areas. ^    ^ifiic-ers, provided them with I Activity at tlw wrecked ex-jg    humor    to ca.sp    the len- plosivps plant also was at a    the    tragedy. ■ {leak this morning, with clraraip    Leland Boatwngot had In Uve rural areas, while no homes actually were flattened rale officials to hold, a try-out camp Ivero next year. This year's camp was the latest in a .series siar1,ed several year* ago. I^.st >ear moie than 100 hoys' were on hand. It was thmight the extreme heat ami prolilems caused tn* the Heixules ex-plnsMins proliahly caused tlvoj sharp (Irep in attendance this year. Chet Montgomery, scouting supervisor fur live Pitt:sl»urgh' ball team, w as in ch.irge of the: trxxaits. He was assisted 1 •SoKit.s Bill Oai-k and Kennil' ljUehlier. The bast'hall ,set>ut« were, guests Find ly night at an in- foniial dinner at tJie OiW cafe,, _ given by the Carthage aiamln*r| of Oimmcrce. Rotiert E. Young,; seciTtaiy. sencd as lK»«t. .\ttendanee was limited to local baseball enthusiasts who were in.stromental in inteiesl-ing Uie Pirates in kteping the trvxHit camp in ujieration here. T!»e Pirates will conduct a tryout camp Wednesday in Jefferson City and anoiher next MOUNTED MAIL — Tlie Pony Express rides again I Steve Heney, 8, sou of ,Mr. and Mrs., IIoIli,s Hency. 2(r21 Hroadway, i.s .shown a.s he picks up the mail for hi.s parent.s and others on the street where he lives, lllaek Ke,:uity, liis small |»ny, doesn’t seem to mind llie tlaily trip to the maill)ox and waits patiently for Sieve to get tlie mail. Welcome Rain Washes Area Tue f,ir,»t moistuie for 37 day,s ,ing a bara. Tree Hm,l« wer» and 17 lioum was receivixl in felled. _ . Carthage beginning at 4.30 p.m. Termed speculation only wer* Friday, when a ihumierstonn Uieories the Hercules ,, and inspectMfi crew,*s bu,sily en-.just .ajinoujiced olticers vrou,id, ^    _ ' gaged in attempts to salvage as attempt to {)icKU(i any moi'O;    ano it much equipment and repair as    a    canine    cas-    Chanute.    Kan. many buildings as possible. ualty oí tlve bla.si wandeied in  ...... j ; Plant sisvkesmen were quolwl pj^^k dtxir of tiie siaiioii and    ^vav    from Ivmie by moved in providing mudi need- liiggercd the local weather as saying the plant will be re-, ambled up to liuatwngiW* de»a. >    vii.viktr    «ivi    ^ rainfall and cooler temix'ra- changes, but it was noted aU oC r.con as possible, but fkie hi the ^    T..r.t«,r haU h!<    among    'their reports. Tlve rainfall measuivment I0- .    direcU'On. Former Ik-jxily .Sheriff Omer! cally w;ls morded tii.s morning* S{iringfield’i stoi-m movei!Jn Ca.>cy, Cartilage, said his pet ns Uiroe-quarters of an inch, a* -:30 p.m. Friday from th# Maurice A. Crowell the Carthage area from Sunflower, Kan. Earlier he had off tuihuJent weather along its ■ front. The Weatlier Bureau said ; temiierat'ures ,shouid cool olf made his home many years near Mad'ison, Kan. He «-M m»rried May 13. .ijghUy. bcW the lOMi^rce 1M9, to the former Mist Ruby    Wed„es.iay. Ellon Holland, «-ho surylves, at| tl Dorado, Kam ^    heat-attributed    deatlvs rose to .105 Friday, residents welcomed Surxdvors in addition to i go-degi^ee weather. Tennessee Grosvell include a aon. Richarf; seven heat fatal i'ties. L^Roy Crowell, Qeveland,    than    an inch of rain fell i Guardsmen Depart For Camp Ripley After Duty At Scene Of Explosions fctglUeiwnl away the blaat. Missing and recovered' •    *    *    fami    animals    were    moi'e nu- r,nA    Tuni€T    ,tiad    hi,s    car    I    menxis    among    'their    reports. : many po.blem, of insi^rtKm and    „ .r.-[».r no estímate. ^ Ute    ^ ^required weie available    j    ,ype    rlim,.bed into tiw've,hicle a,ml dog was fouiKl dead atat haJfvviih vnr>-ing armmnt,» received, iwri beast and the at^vc.^'^ndllS twÜT, tn    '■«"    his    homo,    appa.-'    in    neaAy    area..    '    «n-tved    from ^ pUant proiicrty alone. Several hi'indret'l llvousand dollars in damage was indicated in tlie Carthage community and in the blast-damaged rural area.s. west. local ram th« toutii- A d«»K owned by Gooi-ge C\n'- ently having ju.sl become fatally Stningfield wa«. \ irtually íKsxi- r>. i i c- «a .    i    a dell, 10ÜÜ Forest, wa.s found hid-; cxlvausled or frlglvtened by the ed by a dviwn|>.iur of 1.71 inches    ^ injtj in 8l Tn'ii mi ill flur»' luMriiiiio /\f'! Kluuf    lnriMilf'iH1T    «    ,ar%    f    h    r    f*    ■    ^    F    ®    C    O T 0 S Of CSLrtÍTHjp# Ohio; three brtXhers. Lewis Jay at several Oklahoma points, soared 'to a 107 before the rains Crow’ell, Emporia. Kan.;    of    which    reported a, drop' Ellsworth Crowell of the state ^ temperature of    30    degrees    in of Wisconsin and Robert AUen 3^    Oklahoma    Qty Crowell, Hutchinson, Kan.; six sisters. Mrs. Robert Holland. Madison. Kan.; Mrs. Elwood Ht^and, Emporia, Kan.; Mrs. Harold Rhodes. WicWta, Kan.; Mrs. Ivan Holland. Mrs. E. S. Anderson and Mrs. Don Harding, all oC Madison. Another son iM:«ceded him in death. Four patienti still remained j Traffic signals w-ent out, snar-today in BIc-Ome - Brooks hos- i ung traffic, pital being treated for injuries:    Early morning tem|x;ratures suffered in the Hercules ex- ^ ranged from 44 at Lebanon, plosions.    N.H.,    'to    98    at    Blythe, Calif. came. Hie top in Texas was 106. Severe thunderstorms Friday evening broke the heat in Atlanta, and at M'On'tgom'ery', Ala. Three persons were Injured in downtowTi Atlanta, streets w'ere flooded by rai,n and, power lincS' were dowived. Disruption of electric service was wddescpread. Men, of Headq'Uarters Headquarlci-s company Com¡>any B. ‘2nd Battalion, liOSi-d ,A,rmor, B,risiiOuri Army National Guaid, after being on duty during tlio Hercules Powder comp.any explosion, ,Ieft Friday in tlircc' groups for Camp Ripley, Little Falls, Blbin. 'M'ost of the Guai'dsmen from Webb City, Lamar, Nevada and Qinton were able to leave on schedule F,ri,day morning. The first group from Carthage left Friday morning. The re'maindei’ of the CaiUvage unit left at 3 p.m., with the excep-lifin of 23 men who departed at 8:30 p.m. after the all-clear had been given around the Hercules, area. Upon reaching Camp Riley, field training w'ill begin. The .M 4 p.m. Friday, another alarm was sounded and highway rmt'rolmen cru,ised 'ttmmigh tlie previously restricted residerrtial aroa within a mile radius of the ¡ilant ins'lructing residen'Is to An e.siimaie » t the amount;    damaged homes. Wind-whipped flames threatened to touch off additional ex-i plosions. The thondei-storm i w hich caused the w ind provided the means of easing the situa- „ .,    ,    ,    'tion:, 'how-ever, and ra,in quendi,ed return tnp Fnday. July and Guaidsnien will use 38' ni(tl,ium and gun tanks, two light gun tanks, two 4.2-inch mortar uarriei'S and 12 personnel carriers. .spent for ammunition is $J5,000. A round, I'anges in cos,t from U-j ; to two cents for rifles and up to $20 for tank ammunition. bam at the iMune of .Ml'S. J. W. Tlioma>, route 2. about two miles west oí the city, and a dog owned by Roy BeiTj’-hilt, Jasper, was found on liie Carthage square. Members of tiie Ja.«*i>er ctmnty sherifís staff also received nu-j serve as a clearing I merous calls conceming animals t items of tliis nature. blast Casey today was, looking^ ami tie temiwratur'* there tor a new dog. hopefully’ a fc-'dixiiified from 100 to 77 ilegreos male Germ.ui shepiierd pu|>py. in an houi's time. Radio .station KD.MO announc-    •    •    •    j ed receipt of abujt .*>0 calls con-    outages were ob- ceming lost or fouml animals    ^nd a tornado lost or fouml animals and announced the station would" iKMJse for, weather, furnished TTie Pres» with tiie *’to-ttic-hour*’ record of when the last raim were e.x-perienced. • • • lie oliserve'l tlie last local rain touclu'd ik«n nvai-    -    mdod    M    mldniithl,    Jun*    7.    AIro AiTiila in, northem Dade county, damag- fixim 'his files c¡m¡ Tv --- Wition    that    tlie    local    drop    in their re'turn trip Friday, July 29, spiending that night at Spencer, Iowa. Saturday night will 'be spent at ,Ros.ecrans Air Force Base, St. Joseph . The men are due buck in Cartilage Sunday afternoon, J'uJ,y 31. Hanoi Announces Special Broadcast 'TO^KYO '(AP) — 'Radio Hanoi today hinted it will broadcast an important announcement Monday momin,g. While the rains were welcome after 37 day's without moisture and alsO' 'for easing the fire situation at the plant, the moisture posed a problem for many home- owneO' who had been, 'unable to repair sliatlered windows and other damage sustained in the explosion. 'Carthage firemen, wlio first responded to the alarms sounded Tliursday afternoon by residents around the plant, remained Chicago's West Side Silent After Illinois Guardsmen Help Restore Order In Streets By JABIES E. PWTER | CHICAGO (AP) - Flying squads of invpressively armed j National Guardsmen and police restored relative peace today to the scarred streets of a West Side area ripped since Tuesday by racial violence. Youthful gangs who had loot-fed, burned and fired sniper-style from rooftops faded away Friday night as guardsmen — told to shoot to kill if Qred upon — went on patrol. Through the streets of a 140-square-block area rolled trucks loaded with soldiers, rifles at the ready, bayonets fixed; jeeps with machine guns mounted: police cars with shotguns {xiked out windowa. Knots of Negroes lined curb® in some areas, catcalling occasionally, but there were only scattered ,inc'id,ents: one' ,reportr' ed sniper shooting, wiüi police returning fire but finding no one; a fire bomb throwm into a s'ti’'ee't outside a home; a 'few store windows broken; several flres in houses and stores. By mi'dnight, poi,ice reported,,, streets were virtually deserted. • • • The calm contrasted diamati-cally 'W’ith Thursday night, 'whc'n an estimated 5,000 were abroad. Then, two Negroes were killed by gunshot .and :30 'were ,in,jured amid widespread shooting, looting and burning that continued ,in:to 'the day Fri,'day. Gov. Otto Kemer called up the C^rd, 3.000 strong, Friday at 'ttW' roq,iMist 'Of Bl'ay'or Richard J. 'Daley. Hw may'or said be 'felt police alone could not cope with the rioting, w*orst in the North since '34' were ,ldll'ed in massi've rioting in Los Angeles last August MaJ. Gen. F',rancis P. Kane held 1,500 troops in reserve and sent 1,500 into action, coating from a base in a parking lot. Tbe'y teamed 'Wi'lh l.'OOO :police,., "If anybody shoots at my men," Gen. Kane told newsmen, '•'imy 'Ordere 'are 'to shoot back —■ shoot to kill." The word must have gotten around. N'ew’smen interviewing N'egroes on the streets reported an attitude of fear among many — especially of the guardsmen. There was. much, comni'ent about weapons. And tliere were some who said the Guard will leave, soO'O- er or later, and trouble will come anew. '• • • "We 'can’l cope with the stuff they got on those Guard trucks," a youth told a newsman, "but we can C'O'pe with lh,e police. As soon as those GIs go back, these oops are gonna m-ake a, 'mistake,.," "We all gotta die some time, we'll fight," said anoUier. The tiijuble began Tue.sday iiiglit when police turned O'ff a fire hydrant sprajing kids with water during a hoi s{)ell. A crowd gathered. Rocks ,flew. Violence began.    There was more Wednesday night. Then the' climax Thursday ni,glit and Friday d'uring the day, with ¡lolice reporting at one {x>int they were unable to control the mo'bs. • • • BIa>»or Daley said liiat he bla'mes tlie outbrO'ak '"in la,rge nieasurc" on aides of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., chair-,man 'Of the ,Southem Chris'tian 'Leadership Conk-'rence. King and his staff have lieen conducting a civil rights dnve in Chicago, Said Daley: "Surely some of the people timt came in here have 'been talking for tli,e last year of V'iolence, and showing tpiclures and instructing people in Ikiw to comluct violence. They’'re on liis fl\i'ng'‘s) staff." Said King: "It is unfortunate that one in such a high {xisition of auth'Ority as. the .may'Or of Qiicago sliould perpetrate such i a falsehood,” King said he believes the National Guard call up 'W-a.s n,ece.s-' sary:    "The rioting must be i quelled." 'Daley and King 'met Friilay and agreed on several moves aimed at reducing tensions; equipping fire h.vdraiils with sprinklers so citizens can c(xil off in hot wealliere; requesting f'edera! fim,ds 'for S'W'i,mming fjools and other recreational facilities in Negio areas; appoint metit of a citizens committee 'to 'recommend changes m police proccdui-cs; apixiintmenl of political precinct workers to 'Walk streets urging an. end 'to 'Violence; equal access to pub'ic IswiiTYming pools for ail persons. tem,peratu're' marked the time since before July 4 that the tliermometer had dropped below the 90 degree mark during afternoon houre. The .'vpringfield dov\upuur resulted in some flooding but no serious damage. FORECAST — Fair to portly cloudy and niild with rhaiM'e of litóla IC'd 'thundemho'wem loolfht and early .Sunday. W'armrr Sunday afternoiHi and evening. Lour loiiiKh't m to m. ,||i|gh S'Uiiday 15 to 90. Clearing and warmer Monday. 2 p..m. ............ % 2' a,.m„ ___723 p.m. _______92 3 a.m. ____724 p.m. ...... 91 4 a.m. • Tlió p.m. ------- 74 5 a.m. ___726 P'...m.. ......... 7'4 6 a.m. _______127 p.m. ------- 73 7 a.m. _____728 p.m.-----73 8 a.m. ----739 p....m, __________ 72 9 a.m,. 7.*10 p.m........ 73 10 a.m. ______7811 p.m. _______ 74 11 a.m. ____79Midniglit .... 75 .N’oon 1 a.m.........73 1 p.m. Maximum 961 Minimum — 72 P,r'ecipita,tion — .75 oí .an uich Tenqie rat uros, one jear ago tixlay, ma.ximura 87 and mmi- muni 64,; two yetUN ago 89 and 6K., SEARCHING FOR CLUES — T'wo Chicago Police Department experts make a dose inspection of articles found in tO''wiiliou.se' where eight student nurses were slain. Willhim Scan lon, seated, a fingerprint tediiiiciaii, uses magnifying glass on purse while Sgt. Ray lleimbuch, standing, photographs the ite'ms Thursday. (.\,P Wireplioto) Pfc. Flies Will Hubert Humphrey FORT WORTH, Tex. (APt — .\n ■e,xti'.a, fiaNsengcr w.its along Friday night wiicn Vice Pi-cs.-dcnt Huliori H. Humt4ir*‘y ttw< off for Minne.upolis from Cara-well Air Force Base, catch a commercial flight to hlv Alter learning he could not home to S!iaw.ano, 'Wi.-..., P"fc. Thomas Patenck oí rt. WoHitn, Tex., went to Carswel! seau'h-ing for a r'lilc. Tlie VICO president said Pat *,• ick could ruio with huii. Paterick leaves Ft. Wi»l!*">i-s for Viet \’am as mwh at h« j Coupes Uu k fiom leave.

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