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Carthage Evening Press Newspaper Archives Jan 17 1966, Page 1

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Carthage Evening Press (Newspaper) - January 17, 1966, Carthage, MissouriYalj your Kom Lowi my i mfr Astop Yin re 1 a mkt a Mak Hilt Tain Minnii a bettor plan is a Herb to the and do feta Iaela Carthage volume eighty two number 13 Carthage. To. Monday Jam my 17, l%6 press Iii 11 in Posi it w i i i d weather forecast a rat a tuft a my it Rte m Lon Tibt it Idi to Titt a in i a a it it a Toni to �ltd1 it i to hit nun in Mem Tulili he Lilli Yrtti Fittl to Gen. Irons Heads nigerian government after coup try 5 men rescued hit Over Spain Lagos Nigeria apr Nigeria army com Mander emerged As the dominant figure in Africa s j Moat populous nation today following an unsuccessful coup attempt by mutinous elements lit the armed forces i. F maj. Gen. Agul i 1 it Nisi dec a Rad himself temporary j 116 t i 13 Al 6 s head of the Federal government and chief of All Armad forces sunday night and suspended key provisions of the nigerian Constitution. He also suspended the nation s top civilian officials including prime minister sir Abu Baker to farm Baler a president Azikiwe Nnamdi the Heads of nigerians four regions and the Federal and regional parliaments. Balm was kidnapped during handles such matter As foreign a Fra i it 11 a de corny in i i c a. T von a. Railway and. Defense. Irons called on civil servant amt pol i c e to Cunt Nile in the r a posts a a he announced he was forming an interim government after conferring with other chief of the armed forces police and the coup attempt with i in a members of parliament. Fiance minister chief Festus j Kig Cria to the fifth african a ebon. The rebel Are nation to come under military believed holding them Hoa Talfe Rule in the past two months. Q Irons a troops were reported searching fur them. Troop. Loyal to Irons guarded government buildings and other key Points in Lagos and manned five roadblocks Between the Airport and the capital. Remnant of the Rabel Force appeared to be on the run. One report said 1 011.1108, the chief Northern City was. The Only main Center in rebel hands. Irons said military governor would take Over in the four1 regions and would be responsible to his military regime for keeping order. The federation of Nigeria i composed of the four regions plus the Federal territory of i a Gaa. The Federal government Vil fan government has been suspended in die Congo Dahomey the Central african Republic and upper Volta. The revolt began saturday with an announcement by the rebels Over Lagoe radio that the military had seized Power to Almeria Spain api two . Air Foroe Jot planes with a total of h crewmen a b o a r d crashed along tie Mediterranean coast today after a collision in the air while refuelling. . Air Force officials said five men had been rescued. The Headquarters of the1 16th . Air Force near Madrid a said the1 planes were a b52 bomber from a base to the United states a and a. Cd 35 Jet Tanker based at Moron Airport near Sevilla Spain. One of the two plane crashed on land the1 other into the Mediterranean. Children on then Way Toj school near Almer a said they j heard a loud explosion in the sky High overhead then saw smoke Clouds above Vliem. Lit. I or four parachutes were seen bring an m l to first rum and Doe Odin of Tow disorder corruption and Arvei Al hours late r. 1 a Goa Radd came Back on the air with an announcement that an unnamed general had seized the nation briefly. A woman announcer oame on every 10 minutes and repeated Quot the army faithful to the government has the situation Well to hand Senate group unanimously okays Weaver to head new department Washington apr the unanimously the nomination of Senate banking committee Vot-1 prof. Robert c. Wood of the de unanimously today to ap-1 Massachusetts of Institute of prove president Johnson s Nom a technology to be undersea a i nation of Robert cd Weaver i tary to the department. . Air Force sources said the b52 carried seven men and the big Tanker a Crew of four. Rescue planes reported they spotted a. Big Dye Marker about a third of a mile off the coast. Pilota said it appeared too Large to have come from one Man s survival pack. Accused Mossier slayers Miami trial convenes Westmoreland halts War for lunar Holiday truck Tali Tor itt Loit firing hive of Fly j 11 it Mas a. Zilkia Saigon Smith Viet Nam a the com of i a. Fun Iris in Viet Nam gelt. William we la my today ordered All am Dreim 1. Roo is to Ronfor 7 a hours starting at noon thursday in Oitim a of tin v Ietna trom lunar Sims Var Holiday Fel. A Edn Iorland i order seconded that a decision of son is i v a a a a a lit to halt fighting Dur the National emigration. Similar instructions a rut South korean australian and new a Alai id inn ii Civ h m hot p uni Liy n Hills a i a Aid i a Quot a i Fri Quot i it w inc Rhca in print 1 ast t in fighting alongside the truce in doll Lea tin Ilo him fire observed a Force during tin Mas Holiday. Lizul i hours Short of the truce proclaimed he vie t orig. They hav it claimed not to attack i . Wisd lasday i . Sunday a u Davs. M Vietn than a a Iii mss Allied i Iiri to Falls 18 tet the pro rom to ii of four a trios and Amor a cans. A i i. Ali fun i Paul with guerrilla feral a tolls m a digit Fri Fth it it a Mill. Iii a i Vars Iti 1 Ike it id woi1m k i Booi second. Cd vomit a i a Quot Al it ease inst. Of tic i Quot. T Hill i or i a at Tun i not i Quot i Friday when t j seem who itt. Not a. A in if 1.11 a cd Kira the off e school Sod rat killing five wives ton of i to. I in to intr in Dren re ii next Morita t ease it re Frt not i it i Edmi noun thu Rad a and i Lay Guerr in it a a. Ament Apok to 6 a in. S undue. It in amp Quot i i a Quot 1 ai1 of if % sued the a ibes agreed on Lif bid the e fleeing Vii of rent hours to avoid giving the 1 a a to can Yin impression t they Wie him ply of in Alfil. .1 think it d it an. Jagt Cee cok f lets Shak so ii doff a 1.1. Arte 14 w i in i ind. Api a tin to tin mums i on twi nod four the j in i ii it the St. No. Iti Jayne off int Fin a a could it my. It in to t Pirir Otey Quot i it t m a 1 to broke into Hiver the week or a Nev tin v a i a 1h j _ and its dry to Boot recent Rains made the going rough for Tow Slung dogs like this Voung fellow. He found Refuge in a rubber Boot where he was posed for a picture by Johnny a 11 i be Pilot it igra. It i u r for the g. Is Ionia . Gazette. A wire photo Westmorel Quot at us. Of i will not fire except in be there w e goo sector i Gilt in g he though Eisert Mill turn and if in the s , tit a minued Republican congressional Heads answer Union message tonight stroke attack no and armr i Progress noted. 7,817 phones in use in Carthage i id my let in. While Miami Fla. Apr Candace a Mossier 47, and Melvin Lane pwt Nii her l4->caixijd Roth Law a continued Good service and pan i annual statewide r a go on. Trial today m it j reduced rate highlight cd 1%ti clues by Alec t 63.5 slaying of mrs. Moss or a 11u Telpi ice service in Carthage a Mccord also pointed to the new York negro to Bead the committee chairman a. Wll lion Are husband. Said r. J. Mccord lot at Man drop in the Federal exch tax new department of housing and a a robertson., d-va., said the it Jim Mossier and Powers son Jigar foe southwestern Bell Tele on Jan. 1 As another it at Ings for Urban development. Nominations would be reported jars. Moas Cen a sister Ekaas j phone company in a year end users. In 9tit> alone. Weaver slated to Betly first pts a to the Senate for a a a Featherby Powers Are review. Negro aver to serve in the cab a affirm at on vote. A urged with the bludgeon Stab tale Pink no comp a n y i tort got a far friendlier Varep j he said this might come lat blog death of Jacques. Mossier spent 6207,100 in Carthage due Tion than when he drat appeared j or in week Al the Mph there a financier who had eaten ing 1x5 to expand and improve was a possibility democratic leaders would Call Vliem up afternoon. If All goes As exported. Weaver 58, will become the first. Negro member of the Cabinet. Sul Ero readings plague Germany 165 per from i it Bur i j. I a a a of of in Crosse Frankfurt. Ult or to it Rural roads and Inge of the Inland Waterways iced up As a sub Ero i a parts w Ere Eon before the same group five years ago As the nominee1 to be Federal housing administrator a a a f e Morra t i e a not Ite up Bli can members vied in Praise of Weaver and his record As head of the housing and Home finance Agency which forms the nucleus of the new department because he had discovered a a love affair Between the two. The Bill passed by Congress circuit court judge George last year setting up the new i Schulz who Art aside1 six weeks. Give banking and loan company j Mccord n Ted. That interest. Was port of hot Overall con tie state charges that mrs. Struc Tiomi total of 683.9 million Mossier and Powers plotted the j spent last year in Missouri by june 30, 1964. Death of Mossier southwestern Bell. W m. Cabinet department allotted to a for the trial freed tie two on l he commit Jenc or personnel of \ s30 too Bonds each after an ear the housing and Horn finance her f r e ,, bearing during and flattered by teens tie 1963 head Inge me an while Ca r t. A t eur it towers shared in three state. Wide reductions in Long distance rates which saved Missouri Telephone customers almost. $3,5 million annually a Mccord continued. State increased in the one years through 1,970 the phones is expected Anotnie 73 per limn d Toke a i most of Fie Many he noted Laai in a to so a i i in its icy grip with the tax at Only three per Westem Bell Plana to Send a at least three death were Tafeen instead of 10, Missouri j proximately sv5.7 million in trim Ted to exp tamil. Telephone customers will save Missouri to further i pro e j tempera lures ran de Between about $15.4 million. When the j Telephone sen ice. Zero and if he Low i fahrenheit excise tax. Finally is eliminated a your past accomplishments during the night in 1969. Missouri customers Wilt plus the service improvements several mass collision save 633 million annually. Schedu Leil during 1%6. Testily j curved on Higl nays but there to careful p using for to Quot the addition of 334 new Tele Jure is assuring qua it of i he it no a do t ing 1965 inn. Set i to vice for Cati Hage 11< t i 7.817 the total phones in cart a Lff mate a Mccord said Mcco to said. Quot both hot number but it 11.1 Jab r. Washington t apr u at i a is get Anthi i Quot stat of the Union message Tom lit a. This time from the republicans. Senate gop Leader Everett m. 1 it Ken and House gop Leader �eraid1 r. Ford will deliver their party s answer to p resident Johnson message of list week. Radio and television networks will f a re t he i i a Icv 1 Sirn minute 1 it try sen cml rep y Vav 11 Ich pm s been billed As Quot a High level and realistic look at the state of in the i Vvs. Leaders Ltd sex cited to Call for close a scrutiny and .oti1ii��s cutbacks in Domestic s tending. And give our men in vie 5iaiii Whit they need to Vav in and Sti meet even legitimate Quot in Wii Estie needs a Ford said org Rosa is going to have to Cut deeply into the Rimini str it ions Soa alled a real society bldg t a Here s the out look for the week on Capitol Hill tie Senate and House will Ami k time As far As major floor act i is it me i red ik11 a a Rte Mitides May take up some controversial measures. Fun were no fatal lies ser i traffic on West Sci in waterway links with 31 u six Nate s a gut alive it Ltd Eket in Ludes consideration today of a Bill to preserve the natural Beauty of live Western riven. Followed by a Bill to author ii a 69,5-Nlillton int i Aro re in a it of to the Republican cultural and Trade Center inter a Giuy it it a butter pos11it>n w11s att it it in . The River wi1 Given by Ford in the current has not passed the . The Issue of the rest publican Cong res cultural Center measure Binal commit to i weekly the House last year but run into on tax main is was virtually paralysed. New Sitter. Quot if we Are go a. Tion and prevent see ale Oppolt Dion to halt Infra i Hore k no Bunn a Foi to x inc re ases 11vm ise Fkan rth 1 s Vav eek., ii is ran five i Agency but nothing Al. Days and four member of the committee voted against Weaver with 11 in favor. Today s hearing lasted less than an hour. Several members of Congress said programs in other departments dealing with air pollution Urhan , and edification which time the state produced much of tie evidence it i armed to use in tie trial. Powers was arrested in hons ton. Tex. Three Day after Mas 1 a a skidded More reductions in found to his l ,. Interstate rates were lows xxi on feb 1 and. April 1. Intrastate rates were . April 15. Bari y 111 i s year co it 1 car tie com m i to dec Al so Ron f i red 5 t Al to tie n Evv Dej a arts i Lent. 30 american College students held Tor sex narcotics crimes will reduce the Telephone com Irle phones and the Call volumes a i of new it a i u f o r t 111&Quot i a be 1 said a cml Quot we fee Dies shows that our customers Are finding their Telephone serv Iet More us Ful to an Ever Quot indications print to an in Creus ing 1 y i r111�mant it a be t c or the Telephone in the. Quot for in i to 1965, the number of Tele phones in by Hal Cooper j to lewdness. The police bag1 in minted press writer this raid on an apartment near a series of police i Vestiga. Tie Campus included two 18-Tions have led. To the arrest of i year old coeds More than 30 students of a do meanwhile school officials in . Colleges recently on ii said they were investigating a slum areas should be trans her Ink j Tain Telephone rates and j manager cd win plus i be Bis Royne apart int. K throughout Missouri stance from. 1954 Mossier a head had been smashed with a heavy object and the Kilter had stabbed him 39 limes. When she first heard Fri Law Crsp arrest mrs. Mossier said of. Pooh. Mel did t do she scoffed at state claims that she and Power were lovers. The Southern voting act opponents wage Battle against government licit sex and narcotics charges. No definite comte option be report that a 16-year-old girl was smuggled into an Oklahoma tween the various incidents was University athletic dormitory claimed and. Only a tiny Minori for a sexual orgy during the to of undergraduates was said i year end holidays to in involved. But Puliese re ported evidence that profession at the University of Michigan a.,1 dope putters were operating six students and six persons de on the fringes of s number of. Scribed by police a Quot Cam pus Cam Prisc s. Han Gers on a were Are a i a of # # # or Sale of Naro Oriex. In Akron and Columbua Ohio Oil def Lent a 29-Yoar-old 32 Young persons were arrested it Painter was said to have grown last week in marijuana raids. Marijuana in a Home Garden including at least nine sti.n1.ents plot three blocks from Titt Cantor former students of Ohio state i Law a i u i Kent St ate in l ver s. I t i Ltd a. I to-1 a c i is e i n i Versi t y St it 1 it a t lice said they believed there returning from the holidays was had been big shipments of the nabbed by detectives who said narcotic Weed into the area his Luggage contained Marl weal Lif r record is a them Kim fn4ini at 1 ., Loliar re a nil had til i Are a a a a a w or Ahe Uris to Mph Iati it re Lar s4 Hoar Lorl dlr from. Mexico. In Norman okla., eight a to Dent and five former students of the University of Oklahoma p. In . ,. P in. . .____________ p m10 . 1 . Midnight 1 b. 111. Maximum 33 33 49 13 38 33 36 37 35 31 33 53 3 . 3 4 . 3 .  6 . 7 . K . 9 . 10 . 11 . Noon. 1 . 32 32 31 30 30 30 29 29 29 30 30 32 minimum 29 temperatures one it e a ago today maximum 40 and minimum 9 two years ago 50 and 22 .juana., heroin pills known As goof bait and a knife. Police said the use of Nar i Colic s a t 11 Leun Ive r 11 y i 111 bet a n j 1 us Ltd t. A Irey were arrested in charges rang under investigation Fine last i a painful wound to Man but Teg from . Of a amp Root Ian i fall. I generally has no serious effect. The scorpion uses its poisonous stinger both to defend itself and deliver a lethal Jab to tin Poison causes by Joseph Mot Bat a tired let it six met Lew a suing a n a the c. \ to it a eng along Uli so it h Cani of Toerag i Hemment Al Isle d Lina we it a lha of free in with a big segment of the South from Alabama. Luisiana mis today a de Bate Over the Eonsti-1 Sis Sippi Georgia and a a Iru Ima. I a tonal i t v i if the 1.963 Vot u in. J it i h i i n Linda i set at fat ctr d by rights Art o Pentyl before the tie Vot in rights Art. Is not supreme court. Taking Pul David w. Robinson ii pm uni. A Bolas Kaen Younse for South Garolin. Rose Hack. Who reel us ats s lit 14th to launch die eight hour debate today a defend Over the Law. The legally of the five Sumith nearly a Quarter of a million old Law in his first supreme negro re have registered to vote j court argument Sun e lie be in the seven amp kit Hern states Eione tie Emmet Quot a t tip a Tou Elied by the act since it tie in Oil in last year came Law. Lawyer Tim new ,1et&Quot.se> Une of those states Joi Riihl nit 31 the latter South Carolina in its attack on representing 18 Northern and Tow Law As an Nappert it pria 1 a Aiu 1 Wisecu site a a s to Sun i in fair use of Federal Power to enforce tie 15th amendment to tiie Constitution forbid Tang denial of voting Rig it it been use of race or color. A a a t i ssi t e i s. V 1 Iet her 11 in Federal government has tie roust Itu Mer Federal norts. A a cents tonal authority to aur fish liter us ,.x�?z, to a to ul41tmui at least Acy and other voter qua Ifica tji Roith i us nay. Tim tests which id been it a a Oil the so eminent. Tie Lur. court a ail it Ted eight Lor hem i the tse which South Carol Tia big Nigel direr i by in tin supreme court instead of going thro Tieh the Jou Kofy that in did in i it a \ i la a medics Risili i. A i. T cd. A purge i a \ St in r on St t w Are 1 11 v 1 act it it o r after 1. Y St e r had i Kate 11 s i us to i x a a \ Iet Gong super at to nit Lap South Viet Nam. By to to f i tac l Imp 1 from i he of i land comm Tider of he Lions battalion of the i4. Vision hours later to a hug Iloa Hospital ai1 .1 photo

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