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Carson City Daily Appeal Newspaper Archives Jan 16 1870, Page 1

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Carson City Daily Appeal (Newspaper) - January 16, 1870, Carson City, Nevada A in to ? Tiv a try r or a to or utri a --n-1 1 .1 ii in w 1 i in it i ii 1 a ii ii a ii ii ii ii ii i 1 a ii vol. X. Carson City Nevada sunday morning january 1g, 1870. No. I the Carson Appeal Ormsby House leg an v gifts Publ had daily. Monday excepted Corner of Carton and second streets st. Charles Ratel Comer Canon and third of Threeta Canon City. Nrvh1a. Obo Rob Tilv. Proprietor. For bib y Jcakson City Nevada. Ifor the holidays Frye proprietor. K. Mini ills m. Robinson. . Tiik Aada Atta fun that the Iii to tei Tofte Oritt v a Dat c v 1 ii l i. N. N. A. Baring leased House w mid i 1 i can Decatte a Larouere. The iiu1kl i inform it Rinir i mint this a Ioapo has Lestum great preparations Olce i Boyd Brick building second Street Oppte lie Plaza. And put in Complete Riler for the Pleasea Teof All tio May to give at Tubi ii Iii can. Sacotte i Alai Lai Tho to. It a Evcei Milr been or Kitty a h de in al let a talk. The attention of the Iti bloc a toll the l Able will at All Limea be annulled with Knors of a1 Vertinio i til the Nientai Itzale a. A i u the Lii urine that Carson Book store the Market a Foffi. A. In. Will be soared to re d s old cot. One la lar 2ia cams first due ration Onn please i costs. And every attention will lie paid to ted to Putin int insertion 1 is i Weir Reie tire want at All times ror Carton March 1 Ltd 9.profession to , la lines or month & 00 i the Bak is Well stocked with Fine Liq Oora jewelry Ines. to the Monse a a Hilmar room Bohrk 63containing three table of the latent improved i of Lata Maleat anal s print s it. Jlee with Good cues. Ills and Fine Light. Pub Tutti also. Hick f daily line of room rating with All the different lines of Cater i and to a i no Emir sea ran a la Ronan this state Ami ii California and any informal inn in re Tiou to the i of time. I lame will y Givon at All time an. Or Ange m liar attention i to booking Palinger. Ealons thl. In. Anal if Wells Fargo & co s on am after House and 23 t Jet s renovated and repaired in x p r b s watches mokd4y, . Kli i6f. Stage will leave to Onn Ilijin a Louie of ti1k John g. Fox it 5 30 p. .11., la u n i e k r i v e d has talc in leave or the no Men with both Talna from the and w eat at or. No. I. Of Hie Louse to l thoroughly Orpi Viau e 1. The dining at the meet at the East room an k Irhn Era get it the bar st lied i u a Superior m. Rotl daily -0 a Larson Street win leave Reno tor Nroa at Vixo a .11.at 5 30 o clock f. If tta8 jct received a carefully a a selected Block of Eor Tenient of fihe 4n liquors and the rat Tiido arrangements repaired and improved. My wedding parties served to order making com connection with the train Katt nod Silver and i lated Ware past freight 8 Carson Lei it Aero Camily Patill Ohad Elsmor Tbs o Ullh k a. . 11. Dyer proprietor october . Futor. Gift ws7 books Rittu a Cather notice our rate from san r ranciar4 to Virrinia. Old Olill. Reese s Saloon Tea fast and Faaa . Ana Paraon win Joseph r. C0wex, proprietor. Jamry 9,h he under Sion d has opon and now Tho wnk4il fait freight a Cuti Par found exp test 6 cat Pat posed l.iu1it Bulky packages lately occupied t., Mark to Arr i and Ai Lake a Pitrof Nivea to Plaht it oat on Ihie line if it Tekow Nau. The Caol tol Hull Ding l in laced he in Vita All i id Friend and the Nib Lac he charged really to Call with Coin in their Pihe tand a him and be Homilee thai no lowly shall Kun 1. F. A a. 91.rtcului every fiut of Aola. He will a ratio the Articie a chains Wiswell Kiefl line Brandt 01n, a a bit Era fancy goods,ore1t Renic Tom i malt liquors Etc to Price of Franks. Viz perms and will be on hand r in Tieron or by at Tractive a Riv in a acres Usu 9311 00 Ara Sawwa e if Moith. Soon nine Brethren in Good standing cordial invited i tend. By Orde. Of i he a. M . Petcov. Or Iii. Wheeler & Wilson seh avg macii1aes at .xias.100 6 00 i with a we twin do maj. Us.1 l. I to i of a Antita to auit Hie Patron. Nut door to atm circa i Dan Froal Carson c1tt. J. Mart a Kris proper motor 10 50 i 5 As i watches and jewelry Quartz jewelry. And of new and elegant patters. Sax for. Cisco rates the great trial of sewing machine this Lik audest is the w irm unit Market. Wei a paroo 16. 1869. Reduction of i settings of Moss Agate cutlery the to Leea. The u Hau world 1 and All tha Alai Euttu. A v i i Ria mite a Leand Rallon. Labia . La Tho Gio aum Aboo Oaxaca Saxl of fair c y st Ati Olf Bry practical use the test up Tab cndrr8i0ved ii 4 Vino 1 removed hta place of , fam the old King Virrel Itald to the . The pm versa verdict thai w Wii Sud sewing machine the Chromo lithographs uni of Market on Carson 8treet, one door bout ii of d idiot al i prepared to for blah he old co Toner. And la. As a or line Park skit nor arvo would ladies watches on and alter this Date thei Park Ciarko twin on of Tii Iise machines. Face so us equalled machines in Ami the Mii is f work Tiu two i a piiotogr4piiic yie1ys the Pai Ilic at Yuuko with the Chute. Kiuda of the fare Between Carso. And Yir Ixia of t fun Riili make al in different Gritche. W Ith it the Colic idiom of the other Mac bin a. Globe fasteners. H b x1,Mtjtton--, pvn in w i 1 a put in inf the wheklkr4 Wils n Machi Aei by file hut Xeia Urc Amo ritual t to work by Wilson s stage line stands reduced to tue we tel r & win a is Well known his wan Verv Mil in which in him . I the hit or humid. F Merit tie Fla Cal Eramela f a sat diaries for 1870.havana cigars of Veily Oil r Vinci Iii tar Conn Lent us the lists Iii if a d Iliin Niy to h fated tin line it a input fairly. Ii Avito 4 cry f Prenis Rynn Tuy and a Mil Ritoda of other thing la the Lino of musical instruments. Families hotels Fth oliday a Reseau aaa Tapio arc Ian Loo Namei aaa to mention. Are not now. Luever i Dhosi of to Tew the have Reichi. I a in the to hit Trtol. D tily it the Roach it the world where Only t Aero it finds Fattor. And win the rare the Wheeler a will Swetti i m in thine stands Triump tautly the three dollars and and new in tie v rat i the Leopie. Call and take a look. Supplied to older of in Moat favourable terms Josim Rosset proprietor Colon Market Carea City october 27th, i. Their Are Titi al to wat fare in proportion. . F. , proprietor. December 8, is9. I very v. Lety or sewing from the l to hrs Amiin to he he Tiet cloths. They Ejnik y Uell no silk Linen wow nor option of Ifni. Wuh ill tour or l Ottn Threadie Amin. Q hiring. O i her str heat Iii. Fei Lizur. Cording. T to . . Us making bar to i with the great f it h.4 . k livery . W. Friend change of . J. M. Sexton the the. Re a n a he be. Oil. New Flaue of business Carson Street near it canal Batul Liapi. it win of h. Vittit Tivit tic a it theh of hero male . Ftjrnittjrb4 full ill t actions re cml , Arol re. In. Auction or icefall up. Eve. By Iroini a detail a. I a t company Oach machine. Anil Nahl in. A Erie ced to oper the with it Ilidio cult. I the will Aell at his place Obnel of All sorts for Holiday gifts at Yery Low prices i our t m Hie working Olma 1 Aeao on to strewn Street al Ineat e formerly occult to Itiat of the per cheer Anil i plea in Uton a Ijoma Alaor truant of Charles w. Friend household furniture to. It n to Nhi of Correen Ofteda Rotherie any pen Roqui Rint Mii Cliine. And Mac Niue repaired Here War rants f a Veir. porch an. J the Luna liable Lor Aierle occupied by be Najr m. Thai Wood a Careen Street Openell w. S. Eve c Lapreea of Lea will keep cola Tanto of head a food apply , buggies . Tad the Ilka 1111 to la Eoa Taat Attoa Aaro Arp the Public terms reasonable. Frae Sal a Walar Waukau Kar Aad bedsteads co stating of Crockert. A l the modern improvements incl Dir the bedding Farrahar. All kinds of jewelry made to order. uni Lite of 0 it n Ami Suk fir Ajo at iate.4 cult and see terms. W. Ill. Stud did general agent f pariae Graat. Montgomery meet. Corner of san Pran Taco. It. Tvs Ayers Abbatt raw Carona ataul via Wralty Cottam december 11, 186t., a Ero Zamat Prieto aam. A a a Olaa Etmar. Stoves chairs tables. Sofas and general iioc8eitold . u Pauj Kaoo Aach arts Laatu do Anil to an a0 a Call. Jalu la. J. Corma Csc a sets Rios aug tsar. Jonn. Fox. A Abms stt1sa 17, ims. I Isis
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