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Carroll Times Herald (Newspaper) - June 5, 1944, Carroll, Iowa M can or Dlud Tolt oct to 6tl% Dunty an subscription rates w6iimi- Bof delivery Bach liar 3.00 Stuj to them that Are. Of a fearful heart be Strong fear Nott behold your god of Hlll a Dixie Ejmi vengeance,1 even Fri Ood with a recompense he Iwler a a total a. In Cli Ity Vve inclined to Fortney a things later when Dan be seems to have abated and High Jael continue. T we had better face the fact Low that the defeat of Germany and Japan willnoi1 mean the end of danger. Fascism 1b a cancerous growth which once started spreads rapidly and reappears unpredictably unless it is checked. For proof we have Only to look to South America where fascism is waxing As it wanes in Europe. It is a disease that requires surgery not palliative. It will be Well if we impress ourselves now with the certainty that if we want world peace we shall need the strength to enforce it whatever it costs to keep up that strength it will be cheaper than another Pearl Harbor. My urn of 1 congressman James w Worth r future reference j wads-1 of new York recently spoke some. Wise words which though addressed to a group of ii Al fahd adn finals apply More directly to the general taxpaying Public they deserve to be passed along. B a Der. Wadsworth was pleading Iii Iii Coa Fery avoid its fast fill takes and maintain an Ade Amie armed Force after the end Uteri Way. We have gone into a of our major wars woefully a Tel prepared and yet As or. Wads of Worth Points  out after each Coni Flave have argued ourselves into that we need Only a american chewing gum is a favorite with our boys overseas. They la teach the world to choose the Choice of Chews. 4 a one Man in the East stole 36,-000 pounds of pork. A lot of Little pigs and one big pig that did t go to Market.  the perfect wife is one who never throws her ashes on the floor. Good time is anticipated by All the War today. An Advance raspberries the you is a Bee. Amed rower proved in Rome by Dewitt Mackenzie associated fires War analyst ejection of the nazi Vardala from the Jet real Gity will be accepted the world Over As a guarantee of Allied ability to demolish hitlers fortress Europe truly. A propitious introduction to the tip when picking i a Day which will Mark the final assault. One that stings mini for Skeleton of a National de fee reasons have not been in optimistic or pacifistic. Or. A wort i exp Lihs it thus  whenever the american people Grovr restive under a tax Burden they Are Apt to turn and starve Hou own military congressman knows i where of. He Speaks. He saw it happen in the twenties when As. Senator from Newyork -.he. Was chairman off the Senate committee on Mili Tea relations admits usher e will be plenty of temptation to repeat the process when this War is Over. Such things As Julu a interest on a staggering na-�liunai1 debt and billion in expend yes for returned soldiers will a bring4 unprecedented peacetime " to of ,ifls.,obvious now that we paid a Price for unpreparedness in the months following Pearl Harbor the squeak of a cat boat s swinging rudder is another sign of the season. The cat s meow. 1v k a casual stroll across a Busy Street is Likely to Lead to a Casu-1 Alty. Re Mem Wiy Back when Ber " -189"4-miss Bertha Bangs has gone to it. Vernon to be present at commencement and to visit friends. -1894 mrs. Ira m. Guley and Willie arrived from Albion neb., and Are visiting at the old Homestead. -1894 mrs. S. C. Quint left for her old Home in Michigan last saturday night in response to a Telegram announcing the death of her lather.-1894 miss Blanche Patterson returned Home from Benton Harbor last Friday morning. The splendid execution of her performance at the school entertainment Friday evening showed that she has put in Iier time profitably while away. That seems to me to be the outstanding v aspect of  this grand ifs specific and overwhelming answer to Der fuehrer s wild cry of yesterday the year of the invasion will bring Germany s enemies an annihilating defeat at the most decisive empty mouthing three years ago or even less time such a declaration from the master gangster would have made Many Peoples cringe. But today with his shattered legions fleeing northward from Rome before the hotly pursuing allies the harsh Gutte rals which once terrified the timid Are just the empty mouthing of a beaten Herr Schickle Gruber. It s worthy of note that once again Hitler has proved himself to be without respect for his own word. He had declared that German troops were not occupying Rome. Yet Allied forces had to fight their Way into this City for whose preservation All civilized people were praying. Fortunately there seems to have been Small damage done to the capital according to reports thus far. The recapture of Rome satisfies one of the two major ajor just tilday objectives of the Allied offensive in Italy. The other was the annihilation of  German Field marshal Kesselring a armies. A. How Well the allies will succeed in the grim task of destroying the enemy is still to be determined. They were pursuing columns from the nazi tenth and 14th armies northward from Rome today and continuing to take bloody toll. The Allied air Force was piling the highways with dead germans and shattered equipment. Some 20,000 prisoners had been taken during the 25-Day old onslaught. The total of the great number of germans killed or wounded is something which Kes selring himself can t know at this time. Five German divisions perhaps More than 50,000 men have been virtually annihilated. Several o t h o r s have been shattered. The greatest Slaughter May be going on at this moment of debacle. Whether Kesselring will have enough strength left to make a stand on the Rimini Pisa line 160 Miles North of Rome depends on what happens on those awful highways As his men flee from death. He May keep on going to the main German line of the to River. Ann Pendle a fefetii1 today on the Home front. By Pete charts sell of a to Public by James Marlow and George Zielke Washington in you be probably never heard of Zenas l Potter even when he had his big Success in tucked away in opa pot Iowa a Otin "4.,.,. No opposition in other and state races Des Moines up voters in Iowa were balloting on 11 major races in which there were contests in today s primaries. Candidates for the other senatorial congressional and state offices had no opposition. Races in which there were contests and the candidates democratic United states senator Guj m. Gillette incumbent Cherokee and Ernest j. Seemann Waterloo Republican governor Robert d. Blue Eagle Grove Henry w. Burma Allison and Milton w. Strickler Des Moines Republican lieutenant governor a. A. Evans Emerson g. W. Hunt gut Tenberg and Hugh w. Lundy Al Bia Republican state a Altor Chet a. Akers incumbent Ottumwa Ben h. Hall Cherokee Republican state treasurer John Cruick Shank Sioux City and j. Grimes incumbent Osceola democratic state treasurer James v. Curran Ottumwa. And e. G. Doughman Bussey. Congress first District Republican Thomas e. Martin incumbent Iowa City and Harry b. Thompson Muscatine first District Democrat Walter Dietz Walcott and Clair a. Williams Danville second District Republican a. A. Mccullough Clinton and Henry o. Talle incumbent Decorah fourth District Republican Karl m. Lecompte incumbent Corydon and Ross r. Mow by Newton sixth District Republican James i. Dolliver it. Dodge and Fred c. Gilchrist incumbent Laurens. At i a " the Redl use a it Sifea of a society Pirlot Tho poet to work in a War Plant.   ,".-ut it takes up a lot of room and in order to arrange the component lines in some semblance of a pattern everything is Topsy Turvy to the shop they express it differently. My fellow workers i in Yunha service inc. Find have quite a gift for phrase. And my fellow workers now Are no longer girls but Fellers for i am at last out of Bench and on the lines. On the line which makes the stabilizers for the new plane the at last i am a Riveter.  # at Simpsons on Tho Day when a vie first met rivets i was incredible its it How seems not Only entirely ignorant of what riveting might be but hardly sure what a rivet itself was. I remember looking curiously at the round headed Short and unpainted Nail five thirty seconds of an Inch in diameter not quite half an Inch Long. The ohly rivets i had Ever a rivet run is an alarming Little machine until you become accustomed to it. Before been aware of were Large red hot. Spikes that men tossed to each other on the girders of a new building. Did these have to be made red hot i wondered they Don t. Aluminium rivets or More correctly aluminium Alloy Are driven cold. The Metal May appear to be hard As nails but it is in reality soft enough so that it can be flattened by an Ordinary Hammer. You Drill a Hole you put a rivet in it while your partner holds a buckle a bar a hard Slid. Piece of. Steel against the. Proud my Shank of the rivet Yoi Rabke your rivet gun at Simpsons. Your pneumatic Vibrator please. Into the muzzle of your gun you fit of set Tho end of which is shaped to cover the rivet head you hold the set firm on the Rivot pull the trigger. Grostol Tho Shank has a Astedt itself Down into a Flat head on your partner s Side. This they explained to us at Simpsons was the procedure. Now we would try it and Tia classroom echoed with an explosion of violent rat Tat Tats accompanied by a explosion of girlish shrieks and a third 0 dropped buckling a tors. A rivet gun is an alarming Little machine until you become accustomed to it. At Simpson s we were taught an elaborate code of taps which we were assured was used by All riveting teams As their ohly Way of communicating with each other. You la find it in All the textbooks and perhaps riveters somewhere do use it. At Kerry Kraft where we fuckers want to say More we Don t tap we say More and when we want to let our gunners know that they have made to thing too Flat we express ourselves much More forcefully than by using taps. And when we Are ready when the rivet is in its Hole our bar against it set for the gunner to gun we yell hit it hit itt there s a certain unvarying inflection to it a certain pitch to the voice be it that of a Man or girl. It has something of the same Quality As the go which sets off runners. A hit itt hit it All up and Dovi the lines that s what you hear 1 hit it and the instant Sharp incredibly fast and incredibly Piry hammering of the gun. That is riveting when you to got a Good rivet team who be worked together and know each other s that is riveting when youth Knockin pm out and when v everything is on the beam Okay and Movin. That is riveting the Glamor Job of aircraft. Tol be continued Ter is hip deep in charts and he s As Happy with those charts As a congressman with a microphone. At 57 he looks a Little like a contented Santa Claus without the i you never heard about Russel Richards and his no overcoat before hut you re going to now from both sides. It is a bit academic at but fraught with soc significance none the less. My Chi wdvn08 first became important last i whiskers. He s director of opa s by a Jujj a match when a pave Macdonald Secretary office of congressional inform Ali Ted steelworkers of America Especial War labor Board panel treasurer of the appeared before Litton. Recently opa Boss Chester bearing the unio%.,$tition for wage increases and Bowles took 118 of Potter s charts demanded action up to me capital to show the Sena "i0swry-�$ sit around Here for Days and How a 8aid opa is holding very present these Var. Macdonald,1 sick and tired and i . I bought oils and a Brush and went Home and told his wife Miriam Clark Potter author of children s books i think i can he illustrated his wife s books and did landscapes. The War arrived. Potter wanted to help out. He came Ero to work for the government. When the War ends Potter will go Back to painting and puttering., Day Down prices. % of Raenita cd Bowles lectured with each Chart. Quote frankly r am getting he Fml shed the Gona. Stave a letter up on my desk Tot said his talk and the charts ugh it it along with me. It is were and they asked signed by russe re ichards a Young Man who in for. Special charts for themselves a Mij Ted Philip Murray fowl resident of the United Steelwork to use when they address Cham s4mertoa. Rub i Richards Iii this letter detailed his expenses Bers of Commerce or Public find has income. His total income per month is "$201.67 As an average year. He Ivy a a wife and six kids. Russel re boards has t this made Bowles Happy but been Able to buy and i. right. He wanted Henderson to it to t a Ray s5? ass we heard a shot Rule we per of Potteet. We went Ito flee him a or the Compa Hyt w Richards had whrkedf48 to ask h a about himself and his jivm8 "16 would be-,$66.35 per week or"$266.40 charts. This is what he said he Hift wrings averaged oniys420l65 Pef month 06fre before Tho last War he worked a we five Conald the Only Conold Solloh ii khat Russ Elloh for a Cash Register company whose Jufu Ift eve re Day he could have worked a a a it per t i t Ich Macdonald did not Brinig into the record is with Hia it Freer Russel a Lovarda had been offered a batters Leiti Liv Jajev ii fun de pro no a for i i " re to to i a Maya it of Fifiel of the company that a Lve Ford ibo in is a a a in whip ii a if Sable to reduce Federal taxes in the aggregate by More than half Ruml said. Ruml who is chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of new York looks for a $12,000,000,000 to $14,-000,000,000 annual business in the construction Industry after the War but believes a Public works program should be designed to help hold the Industry to a stable level when the demand for private construction decreases there will be a big housing demand when constructors Are Able to lower their costs he asserted. More women will work Ruml predicted More women will be working than before the War but the number will be fewer than currently employed. If the 55,000,-000 High employment figure is attained he said some 2.000,000 to ,000,000 employable persons would still be without work. He declared we should cease the practice of building up huge reserves for social Security and unemployment insurance but should adopt a Standard of rates and benefits which would not create a Reserve until after the High level of employment is attained. He said the new simplified pay As you go tax plan passed by Congress was Long overdue and now it has been flashes of life ,9gt Winter will get an Over president was a firm believer in charts. This permanently impressed Potter who left the company in the first world War to help direct special government Bureau which weekly provided confidential re ports on Home front conditions for president Wilson. After the War Potter became vice president and business manager of the new York evening Post. Then he moved into Adver Tising where the could with charts. Carroll ranks 3rd in Salvage in 8 counties scrap Metal Salvage is getting hard to find in this Section of Iowa a web Salvage report re leased june 1 showed. Sac county according to the ret port is listed in first position it a group of eight counties come prising Audubon Calhoun car Rolf Crawford Greene Guthrie Sac and Shelby. J Sac with a 32.5 per cent completion of their quota leads shelf by with 25.2. In third spot is Cali Roll county with 104 Tony turned in or 14.5 per cent of the 7i&tofi quota. A i fourth is held by Calhoun a it 9 per cent fifth by Crawford Irith 7.7, sixth by Guthrie with seventh by Greene with 3.63an l cellar rating by Audubon no sub report is Blank on the web l a St not so prophetic Pittsburgh in the screen at traction was none shall escape but 600 patrons filed calmly and without mishap out of the new Granada theater Here last night while smoke from a rubbish fire in the basement poured through the Structure. Might see red York a. In a pair of spectacles turned up at russian Relief Headquarters with this note attached i wore these when i first met my wife and decided they might help some russian to find a Good old stuff to him Concordia to in the con Cordia band opened its 1044 sea son As usual with an impressive Roll on the snare drum by August f. Brockman. It s old stuff for Brockman. To started drumming with Tho Concordia band at the ago of 11, 57 years ago. Cooler weather Des Moines a cooler weather prevailed in Iowa today following rain Over most of the state last night. The most precipitation was reported at Cherokee where 1.33 inches fell. Estherville had 1.01 inches Carroll ,05, Forest City .83 and Spencer .77. Other reports were .60 at Council Bluffs and Mason City ,68jit fort Dodge .84 at Lamont i46 at Crest ii .38 at Des Moines .33 at Cedar fat plus and m at Albia Tough break for cat now York up a Black cat became its own bad Luck when chose the transmission Belt in fruit firm Here As a bed. A watchman switched on Tho electric motor and the following damage resulted a mangled Tail for the cat and a blown out motor for the firm. State ticket. Tennessee democrats will meet the same Day to pick 26 convention delegates. Wac recruiters to be stationed Here acc office junes a wac recruiting detail rom Des Moines will be stationed in the Carroll chamber of Commerce rooms on june 8 until 8 p. M., it. Elizabeth Berryhill of the was said this morning. It. Berryhill was in the courthouse this morning and afternoon interviewing prospective wac applicants. The detail which will to in cur Roll june 8 will consist of Lis. Elizabeth Davidson and Barbara Carmichael and m sgt. Francis Sherman. Infant daughter of mrs. Plum Dies after Short illness demo continue from Page 1 interest on Public debt which will run Between ?5,boo000,000-6i-000,000,000 possible to halve taxes our tax Structure would bring in $40,000,000,000 a year at current rates on a National income so it Ouid be pos vent on vote-139 Short of Tho s30 needed for a first ballot Victory. Of the total pledged or Undis notably claimed for Dewey 169 Are in the East and Northeast and 107 in the Midwest. Idaho democrats met today to pick delegates to cast 10 National convention votes and in Iowa voters decided in a primary on party nominees for the governorship now held by Republican Bourke b. Hickenlooper and the Senate seat now filled by Guy Gillette Democrat. Hickenlooper is not a candidate for re election Gillette is. In new York tomorrow the party members face a Republican Challenge in special elections to fill vacancies in the fourth congressional District caused by the death of Thomas h. Cullen Democrat and in the eleventh District to succeed the late James a. O Leary Democrat. The republicans Are running Ellsworth b. Buck resigned president of the new York City Board of education against Thomas a Cantwell lumber dealer nominee of the democratic and american labor parties in the eleventh District which the democrats carried by 9,000 in the fourth District where the democratic margin ordinarily is 11,000, William g. Nolan superintendent Stevedore is the Republican nominee opposing. John j. Rooney assistant District attorney of Kings county who has the democratic and ame Lipan labor nominations outcome of the races will affect the standing of the teams lit the House where the democrats Row Jive 215 members arid the republicans 210, with the Ren Ilander accounted for by Vati Moteles and minor Pirty Mem tit also on tomorrw1 schedule Are new Mexico Prihar to Nomen ate Jid Tai feb a a yet Toor now filed by jew Pemaj Dent two House a Najfi a Scranton tuns Luceno Vel a Plum fifteen month old daughter of or. And mrs. Albert Plum died at 6 o clock last evening in the Greene county Hospital at Jefferson after a Short illness. She was taken sick thursday and was removed to the Hospital the next Day. Funeral services Are to be held at 2 30 tuesday afternoon at the Huffman funeral Home Here and burial will be in the Scranton cemetery. The body is being returned to the family Home this evening to rest there until the time of the rites. The baby was born at Scranton mar. 6, 1943. Besides her parents Albert and Eloise Plum she leaves one sister Charlotte a brother George her grandmother mrs George Plum of Scranton and grandparents or and mrs. An Drew Lindahl of Bayard. Every business in Iowa is now under wac Rule controlled hiring regulations become effective july 1 Des Moines in regardless of its size every Iowa business will come under the new controlled hiring regulations of the War manpower commission which becomes effective july 1, George a has Kell state wac director has announced. Haskell snid Many employers of eight or fewer persons had asked Whethe r the n new regulations which require that All hiring of men must be routed through Tho United states employment service were applicable to them. Chairman Mcnutt s order gives regional authority to decide whether these Small firms Are to he exempted Haskell said. Iowa s regional director Frank m. Rarig jr., Man Neapolis has deemed it advisable to apply the ruling to All

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