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Carroll Daily Times Herald Newspaper Archives Sep 28 1970, Page 3

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Carroll Daily Times Herald (Newspaper) - September 28, 1970, Carroll, Iowa Daily times Herald editorials monday sept. 28, 1970 Oriental Puzzle school failures another report on another aspect of american society has been made. This one the result of a three year study commissioned by the Carnegie corporation finds in a sizzling indictment that most schools in the suburbs As Well As the slums Are not Only failing to educate children but Are oppressive grim and Joyless places preoccupied with order and control with curriculum characterized by banality and triviality and where the natural curiosity and desire to learn in children is soon killed by an authoritarian system that educates for docility and is structured in such a Way As to make students totally dependent upon the teachers who themselves Are treated As subservient employees and operate under the Assumption that students Are not to be trusted to act in their own Best interests. It s enough to make you wonder How the country Ever got As far As it has. But before anybody gets his Back up he ought to read the report which will be published under the title crisis in the classroom and under the name of Charles e. Silberman author editor and former College teacher. Though they May reject some of the More extreme charges few people who have been subjected to what is called an education in the Public schools or in most private schools for that matter will argue against Silberman s Contention that much of what is taught is not Worth knowing As a child let alone As an adult and Little will be students need to learn far More than the Basic three is he says. For children who May still be in the labor Force in the year 2030, the Only practical education is not one that teaches them specific skills or How to adjust to the world As it is but one that teaches them How to learn and gives them the kind of intellectual discipline that will enable them to apply Man s accumulated Wisdom to new problems As they the report recommends a Radical reordering of the classroom along More informal lines freeing students to use their own interests As starting Points for learning under the guidance not the domination of a teacher who in turn is freed from the tyranny of a lesson plan that requires All students to study the same thing at the same time and at the same Pace. There Are a few such schools in this country and More in Britain As a result of the 1967 Plowden report a somewhat More positive and less universally damning counterpart of the Carnegie commission report. In these schools says Silberman there is great Joy and spontaneity and activity coupled with great self control and this is incontestably the Way it ought to be and the Way such experiments As the sesame Street television program prove it can be. But even under the worst of systems which we apparently have Good teachers have managed to set kids on fire and even under the Best of systems Good teachers will still be needed. Moreover Silberman himself along with a lot of other Fine people is a product of the traditional Way. It can t be altogether As soul destroying As he alleges. We must also guard against falling into the belief which some pedagogues seem to share with the medieval alchemists that there is some magic formula some philosopher s Stone which can turn Lead into Gold or your Ordinary kid into a knowledge thirsty scholar. The american people repressive As they Are supposed to be have generally been willing to leave education in the hands of the educators and have gone along with every new scheme they have dreamed up from the look say method of Reading which turned the English language into a chinese Puzzle for a generation of hapless students to the new math which has yet to prove it can produce people who can add a simple column of figures any better than those who Learned under the old math. They will want to be pretty sure that the educators finally know what they Are talking about before embarking on this new adventure in learning. Mental health falling off a log is difficult compared to naming programs one thinks should not be unduly restricted by o v e r a 11 curbs on Federal spending. Acknowledging this we nevertheless submit that the mental health Center program is one undertaking that deserves More than it is scheduled to get. Mental health problem is Are on the Rise in our tension Breeding society. The capacity to Deal with such problems also is growing but there is a great Lack of facilities and personnel. The Community centers program authorized in 19c4 is a promising approach. The trouble is that Only a few More than half of the 420 centers established since then Are actually staffed and in operation the plea by a bipartisan group of senators for appropriation of a further $40 million to finance existing centers and expand the program should we think get favourable attention. Development of a nationwide system for handling mental health problems is to state the obvious of Basic importance to the health of our society. Dear Abby Washington notebook Agnew dims gop chances Washington Nea one Republican expert believes that the 1970 Nix on Agnew strategy of allowing the vice president to Hammer especially hard on democrats he Calls Radical liberals is a Handicap to gop Senate candidates like rep. George Bush of Texas. Bush is widely judged to be trailing Lloyd b e n t s e a who beat incumbent sen. Ralph Yarborough in the Texas primary and enjoys heavy backing from the state s conservative democratic leaders including former president Lyndon Johnson and former gov. John Connally. The expert s theory is that Agnew s tactic seems to separate democrats into Good Guys and bad Guys and suggest by implication that defeat of the Good ones not Radical Liberal is not so vital. Bentsen clearly Falls in the Good category and he already has enough going for him in Texas without any indirect pats from the administration. Bush attractive still has a fighting Chance but his less than 50-50 prospects like those of Senate candidates in some other states need a better kind of Nixon Agnew push than they Are getting. Texas sources say Bush s Money problems Are becoming serious since the pressure went on from the influential conservative democrats. The gop nominee won t starve financially but hell have to spend More time than he should to Rustle up the necessary. When Yarborough was the expected adversary Bush figured to do a John Tower and gain the votes of disgruntled democrats or at least see Many of them stay Home on election Day. The usual democratic conservative Liberal split is at work in Texas but the judgment of sources there and among experts Here is that fewer liberals will be jumping to Bush or staying Home than was the Case in sen. Tower s 1961 and 1966 races. Labor s unresponsiveness to Tower s two opponents was also a key Factor in those Battles but Here again Bush is by Bruce Biossat not Likely to Benefit in the same Way. Though Texas labor leaders Are not exactly turning Handspring Over Bentsen they Are reported to be giving him More Aid than the usual lip service from National Al Cio sources has actually produced in past tests involving conservative democratic nominees. None of this Means Bush will get no assist at All from Texas Liberal labor forces but the Outlook is for Only a modest sized replay of the defections that twice helped Tower so notably. The truth is that though Bentsen is said to gain from the open Campaign Effort being put out for him by both lbs and Connally this advantage among conservative voters is not having the same painful offset among liberals As when Johnson and Connally were actually in seats of Power. Some political analysts Are arguing that Bush will make a significant Dent into the state s Black and mexican american vote but they Are not saying this is Likely to prove decisive. Bush does have his pluses in addition to Basic attractiveness. One is a Good organization sparked by Marvin Collins who last year helped elect Republican Linwood Holton governor of Virginia. Unaccustomed to heavy challenges in the past the democrats never have developed a thorough going grass roots setup across huge Texas. Bush needs perhaps 200,000 democratic votes if the nov. 3 total approaches an expected two million and most specialists Don t see where they Are coming from. He and Bentsen Are close on issues and yet somehow Bush is being blamed for a controversial Federal court order affecting part of East Texas on school integration though he did not favor it. Bentsen reportedly is having some Success too in laying Nasa space cutbacks on Bush As a representative of the incumbent Nixon administration and he is thought to be making Points on the argument of let s not have two Republican senators in putting it All together Texas adds up As a reasonably close race with Bentsen seeming to compelling weight. Some new Nixon Agnew strategy will be needed plus More Money coming faster to give Bush real Hope of closing the Gap. Woman s world Courtesy is a happening i Don t think any of us deliberately move to a place called Grimville but sometimes it seems that s where we re living. And we wonder whatever happened to Good manners Courtesy and a once in awhile smile. Nobody is saying that a pleasant Good morning from the Milkman will do much for the great ills of society. We All know it takes disgust not manners to push through a Community rat control program. We Don t need smiles but Money ideas and hard work to solve the Public education fiasco. Being courteous to a waitress might not cure cancer either. But i la bet 10 to 1 it would help her feet feel better this morning when i called the local Goodwill industries and asked them to pick up a bed we no longer need the woman apologized i m so sorry but we won t be in your neighbourhood until next As i marked it on my Calendar i said that s Fine i plan by Betty Canary to be in All to my Surprise she thanked me for being understanding. We re understaffed Here and it s so Nice to have somebody say they Don t mind waiting i had t been purposely thoughtful so i can hardly take credit for helping her get through what obviously had been a rather bad morning. But. Her being thoughtful enough to thank me for my somewhat offhand Courtesy gave me a Good warm glow the rest of the Day. Not Long ago i was in a shoe store waiting impatiently to replace the Tennis shoes that were falling off my son s feet. Silently i prayed the Man helping the customer next to me would still be Busy when my number was called. I could t keep from noticing the Way he shoved first one shoe then another onto her foot his gestures screaming that he wished she had picked on another store Down the Street. As a customer the woman was hardly a prize Winner. She d walk a few Steps in each new style sit Down and abruptly say not this one after the fifth try on she suddenly said i should t have shopped for shoes today. I know i be been rude but i just feel terrible the music at Church weddings by Abigail Van Buren Abby Van Buren dear Abby i am a Church organist who has been intending to write to you about Church music for some time but what happened yesterday was the last Straw. A Bride to be re Quested that i play aquarius and let the Sunshine in at her wedding. Naturally being a conscientious Church musician i refused. She complained to the pastor who brought the matter before the Church Council. Believe it or not. The pastor and Council agreed with her now Don t get me wrong i have nothing against the two songs mentioned above but they have no place in a worship service which is what a wedding is. It s bad enough when we have to play the traditional wedding marches by Wagner and Mendelssohn or those sentimental love songs such As i Jve you truly and of Promise me but i think when they approved aquarius and let the Sunshine in they hit Rock Bottom. Thousands of serious Church musicians will thank you for printing this. And if you do please use my real name because i would like for people to know where i stand. Very truly yours Thomas l. Scheck organist st. John s United Church of Christ Mansfield Ohio dear organist it might interest you to know that Rock Bottom was hit a few years ago when another organist wrote to Tell me that she had been requested to play what kind of fool am i at a Church wedding. And she played it. Dear Abby four months ago my beloved husband died suddenly of a heart attack. We had been happily married for 40 years. He was 63 when he died. Soon after his funeral i visited his grave and saw a vase of fresh Flowers there. I asked friends and relatives if they had put them there. No one i asked had. On several other occasions i visited his grave. Again fresh Flowers with no sign of the giver. I have no idea who is doing this As we were a very Happy couple. My husband was always Home nights with me so i doubt that he was seeing someone else. I wrote a note thanking the unknown donor for the Lovely Flowers and asking her to please identify herself and i put this note under the vase. On my next visit there were fresh Flowers and my note was gone. I have visited the cemetery at All hours hoping to run into this person but thus far i be seen no one. I am just heartsick Over this but have kept it to myself. Losing my Hus Polly s pointers band was difficult enough to Bear without this added Burden. Can you help me Abby. No name dear no name Don t let your imagination run wild. The unknown Flower donor need not be a woman with whom your husband was romantically linked. It could be a devoted but shy person possibly a Man. Or even someone who admired your husband from afar or one whom your husband did not even know. Don t torture yourself with frequent visits to his grave. Stay away. And most important retain those memories of a faithful husband. Dear Abby Between Syracuse n.y., and Auburn on the new York state through Way there is a sign which says watch out for some Clown added Abby after evidently the vandals know you too. Very truly yours c. R. Vanwagenen your health living habits Challenge by Lavrence e. Lamb . How different your medical problems a Are today compared to those of people living at the turn of the Century. You have More than one Chance in two of dying of a heart attack a stroke or some other disease of the circulation. In 1900 a heart attack As we know it today had not even been described. Of the disease we Call atherosclerosis fatty deposits in the arteries and. Del e. Lamb sometimes less accurately hardening of the arteries had been seen in a few people on examination after death. It is now known that some people in fact had this disease but it was not yet understood by doctors. It is almost incredible that this same disease is today the single greatest cause for death. Heart and vascular disease kill More people than All other diseases including cancer plus automobile accidents and the Vietnam War. You can do a lot to prevent vascular disease or its complications such As heart attacks by How you live. Specifically what and How much you eat your exercise pattern and your habits including cigarettes Coffee cola drinks and alcohol. I shall try in these daily pieces to help you Leam a better Way to live. The problem of atherosclerosis is not limited to its role As the leading cause of death. This same disease of the arteries to the brain can cause senility aging and is responsible for Many of the mental problems and nursing Home cases in the industrialized nations. You do not have a simple Choice Between living happily without concern for your health or sudden death. There is something in Between the possibility of years of senility or being disabled because of a stroke. This May be worse than death itself. The sad truth ils that in the midst of Man s great achievements we still Don t to clean Stone fireplace by Polly Cramer Polly Cramer dear Polly like mrs. O. S., i have a Stone fireplace and would like to pass on to her the Way i clean mine. Make a thin creamy paste of one cup powdered pumice Stone can be bought at most drugstores and is very inexpensive one cup household ammonia and a cup water. With a Paintbrush spread this mixture Over the smoke stains. Allow to dry then scrub off with a stiff Brush dipped in Clear water. One application is usually enough but if the stains Are old it May be necessary to repeat. Sure does the work. Hazel dear girls this remedy is sometimes suggested with the ammonia and powdered pumice added to a soft soap made of one cup of detergent added to a quart of hot water. Be sure to rinse Well with plenty of warm water to prevent streaking. Polly Polly s problem dear Polly i am a heart patient who lives on the second floor and should avoid exertion. I cannot carry clothes outdoors to air them while the closets Are being cleaned. What can i do to freshen clothes closets with the clothes still in them Nordie space in baby s room make a diaper Stacker with a Pillowcase. Sew hemmed end together to fit on the top of a coat Hanger with the Hook coming through the Middle. Make a Slit Down the length of the Pillowcase right in the Middle of the front. Stack diapers inside and the Hanger can hang on the Back of a door or in baby s closet. Mrs. C. O dear Polly safety pins pulled out straight with the curl left in the Middle make very attractive bulletin Board pins. Connie you will receive a Dollar if Polly uses your favorite homemaking idea Polly s problem or solution to a problem. Write Polly in care of this newspaper. Know what old age really is. What we Call old age is usually a disease. All too often it is disease or abnormal function of the body that robs you of youth and vigor and a disease which can be avoided or deferred by proper living patterns. In the past Man often died from infectious diseases. The emphasis was on germs and viruses. Since there were no antibiotics Many people died of pneumonia and the leading cause of death was tuberculosis. Malaria once was a major disease in the Southern United states and today still ranks As the most dangerous disease to the world traveler. Polio once the great crippler has been subdued. Even rheumatic fever with its dreaded complication of rheumatic heart disease can be prevented. Much of what remains is caused by Man and his living habits. It is True that we Are the products of our environment and experiences. The individual who understands the role of life patterns of health now has the Opportunity not just to live longer but to live better. Let s try to find that Way together. Daily times Herald 515 North main Street Carroll Iowa daily except sundays and holidays other then february 22, november 11 by the Herald publishing company. James w. Wilson publisher Howard b. Wilson editor w. L. Reitz news editor Martin Maher Advt. Mgr. Entered As second class matter at the Post office at Carroll Iowa under the act of March 2, 1897. Member of the associated press the associated press is entitled exclusively to the use for republication of All the local news printed in this newspaper As Well As All a dispatches. Official paper of county and City subscription rates by Carrier boy delivery per week $ .50 by mail Carroll county and All adjoining counties where Carrier service is not available per year .$15.00 outside of Carroll and adjoining counties in zones 1 and 2, per year.$18.00 All other mail in the United states per year .$22.00 the Carroll daily times Herald is an Abc daily newspaper. The number of subscribers recorded daily on permanent records and verified by the nationally recognized audit Bureau of circulations guarantees advertisers the paid circulation figures of the Carroll daily times Herald Are accurate. Only an Abc newspaper can give Assurance its stated circulation is accurate. Dear Polly Start saving those pull tabs from aluminium drink cans. They can be fastened together Tab pulled through the ring of the next Tab to form a decorative Chain that will be great to use for decorating the Christmas tree. The Chain can be sprayed any color or left As is and of course May be any desired length. Sharon dear Polly to save drawer is r�70 by la the Way this women s lib thing is going i suppose we have to Start giving hurricanes names like Arthur Bill Clyde David 89

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