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Carroll Daily Times Herald Newspaper Archives Oct 19 1970, Page 1

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Carroll Daily Times Herald (Newspaper) - October 19, 1970, Carroll, Iowa Fomb a place to Carroll daily times Herald 246 return guaranteed october pages Tir levered by Carrier boy each evening for 50 cents per week copy loophole lets lawmakers keep gifts hidden committees9 give huge sums to Senate campaigns Washington a hundreds of thousands of dollars in Campaign Money have been Given senators through hidden fundraising groups set up in where a loophole lets the lawmakers keep the contributions Senate majority Leader Mike Mansfield of Montana and his gop Hugh Scott of head the list of candidates using the hid Den committees to help bankroll their reelection races this labor groups Are making Large donations to another Washington committee set up for Harrison who is in line to become chairman of the Senate labor committee if he in political the hidden Campaign groups Are known As the District of Columbia in contract to the Home states of most senators has no Laws requiring Public Dis closure of Money raised and spent for As a dozens of senators and congressmen have committees set up Here to raise Campaign particularly from names of the hidden commit tees came to Light in a study of the detailed list of donations that other political such As those for labor organizations or Industry must file with the records show groups representing Cable shipping and Sav Ings associations Are among the contributors to even the re publican and democratic National Campaign chests have funnelled Large chunks of Money to their candidates through these Winston locked in a Tough Battle this has at least four commit tees set up to get Money from the his democratic former Philip has at least two committees among others using the de vice Are Joseph d Frank Dutah William Ralph Ted Ste and former vice president Hugert hum running for the Senate from Many of the commit tees have raised As much As or but few Are willing to interviews and re ports of various political groups traced at least As being channelled into various Senate candidates the True total May be Many times that because of the Lack of reporting require some committees could stay hidden As one Senate aide i gather that every senator Here has a committee like the loophole in reporting Laws has been recognized for but chances of it Ever being plugged Are be cause the legislators who use it Are the Only ones who can close the fundraising groups have become More controversial because of recent bribery charges against former Daniel the which was dismissed by a judge this charged that had been routed to Brewster As a bribe from a mail order company lobbyist through a hidden group called the commit tee for Maryland another the committee for Montana pro was reported to be involved in the Justice depart ment probe on postal it was set up for Arnold 01 a House postal subcommittee in a rare step this a re election committee set up in Washington for Edmund the presiden tial filed a full Public report with Congress voluntary muskies local treasurer lists raised by this group going into Many of the contributors Are scattered throughout the including such donors As the chairman of the Board of labor is pouring some of its largest contributions this fall into a hidden fundraising group known As the Harrison Wil Liams if he Williams is slated to become chairman of the sen ate labor committee As a result of the defeat of Ralph in a Spring one hidden group for a Senate candidate said it wanted to make everything find a Way under Fred Israel of the Humphrey for senator commit which raised More than at a cocktail Buffet for the 1968 democratic presiden tial said we looked for a Way to re port it in Washington and there is no we wanted but we terrorists kill one hostage Montreal like City at War As massive Hunt continues Montreal a a Mas Sive Hunt for the terrorists who killed Pierre Laporte gave Montreal today the appearance of a City at the search went on for the terrorists other Kidnap James army and police helicopters flew constantly Over the local and Royal Canadian mounted police spot checked cars on the Busy roadblocks and checkpoints were set up on Bridges and routes leading out of Mon which has million people and is Canadas larg est Security checks were in creased at the particularly in new Vermont and new the Canadian the mounted police and Quebec own provincial police expanded their operations under Ittie War measures act imposed by prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau last Trudeau himself pledged that the Law forces will find these vicious men and bring them to Justice in the Calm and dispassionate atmosphere of Canadian he predicted More terrorist violence but declared the government will not Back the prune himself a flew to Montreal sunday night to pay his respects to the family of que becs labor and to con Fer with he then flew Back to the Federal Cap warrants were issued or the arrest of Marc Carbon a taxi and Paul a on charges of taking part in the kidnapping of Laporte 10 and Britain Trade commis two weeks ago Laporte was shot in the head saturday and his body found Early a letter in Cross handwriting that reached authorities sunday night said he was alive but in danger of exe cution at the hands of the que Bec liberation police raided a Frame Bunga Low in Hubert this morning a half mile from where Laportes body was found and said it May have been used by Laportes there was blood on the detective Albert Lisacek said it was believed Rose May have used the Bungalow but he did not say what led police to this police officials said Security in Montreal and the surrounding areas is tighter than Ever before in up to this 326 per sons have been arrested in sweeps against the which seeks Independence for French speaking Quebec through Revo a Montreal police source said the measures being taken Are merely to help with investigation of the kidnapping cases and prevent any incidents Between the Public and he said there is no conscious Effort being made to suspend or infringe on civil Rose was involved in a 1968 Community fund drive tomorrow the Carroll chamber of com Merce Community fund will begin its 19701971 fund drive tuesday with a break fast at tonys instructions will be Given and Calls will be distributed to 55 All chamber conducting the meeting will be fund president Paul the Community fund was begun in 1964 by the chamber so that its members would be contacted fewer times during the year by charitable solicit seven agencies have Bene fitted from the onetime collection of the fund in the past and this year the number has been lowered to six because the mid America Council of boy scouts of America has chosen to leave the fund and solicit on its the remaining agencies Are Lakota Council girls scouts of Carroll county red arthritis foundation Iowa Iowa heart As Carroll county retarded childrens association and West Central Iowa sheltered before receiving their portion of the fund the charities must conduct a residential fundraising drive to workers will be requested to Complete their Calls As soon As possible and report Back to the chamber office by tuesday or it is hoped that All Calls will be completed Page 2 Syria cracks Down on Arab guerrillas Lebanon a Syrias new military ruler is cracking Down on the Palestin Ian guerrillas the previous marxist regime Arab diplomatic sources reported to the diplomats said Hafez a Assad of the air Syrias defense has closed Down the Damascus Headquarters of the Saika guerrillas and asked the Central committee of the Palestine resistance movement to suspend its Saika guerrillas returning to Syria from Jordan Are be ing disarmed at the Border and shipped off to detention areas in Northern the sources they reported Assad has put Syria under military paralysing the baath socialist party gov Assad forced Noureddin Atassi to resign As president and Premier of Syria on Satur and today Salah marxist Leader of the baath was reported to have fled the possibly to Northern assays coup is believed to Middle see Page 7 hot off the wire red agents in Vietnam new York a the new York times said today the Cen trial intelligence Agency has told president Nixon that More than communist agents have infiltrated the government of South the times said the Cia predicted a resurgence of communist strength As United states troops Are withdrawn from South the the newspaper called the communist apparatus virtually impossible to destroy and listed As agents an aide to president Nguyen Van Thieu of South a for Mer province chief and High officials of the police and military Clarion a a Wright county District court judge has ruled that defendants in minor criminal offences must be and shed of their constitutional rights by arresting Paul in nil i so dismissed an i rage Beer Possession iv3 against Joel Gabrielson Hel Svege said the Young want informed of his constitutional rights when offi cers took a confession from Ohio a a 21yearold former Kent state University student was served today with charges of first de Gree riot in connection with Vio Lence on the Kent Campus last officiate said an indictment handed Down by a special grand jury last Friday was served on Richard in a cell at the Portage county where he was awaiting Transfer to the Mansfield reformatory on drug a the Minnesota attorney generals of fice has filed suit against cent ral Chinchilla of Des claiming the firm fraudulently advertised the potential returns to Chinchilla chinchillas Are Small fur bearing animals with a Rabbit like explosion destroyed a greenhouse and damaged another at the Stanford research Institute facility near the University of Cali fornia Campus Here Early authorities investigators said it Possi Bly could have been caused by a there were no Glenwood a a Box containing six Sticks of Dyna mite was discovered Over the weekend near a Missouri River Dike West of Highway patrolman Donald Rowland said Rowland said the dynamite weighing about three pounds were found by a Man and his son who had been fishing in the Ohio a president urging the elec Tion of republicans in the re Gion he Calls the said today they know America cannot bring peace abroad unless we also restore peace at our our our Cit Nixon urged in a Campaign statement the election of Robert Taft to the Senate from Ohio to displace a and of Roger the state to be Dallas a police said they had no new clues monday into the theft of in Dia taken from the room of Gardner Cowles at the Fairmont hotel Cowles wife of the editor chief of Cowles communications publishers of look checked out of Tihe Fairmont shortly after re porting the incident and moved into the Home of and Stanley president Oldes Moines a the largest state banking convention in the nation got under Way Here monday As some persons assembled for the Mth annual convention of the Iowa Bankers featured speakers at the which ends wednes Are los Angeles mayor Sam Yorty columnist Sidney j Harris Robert presi Dent of the Federal Reserve Chicago and chief jus Tice of the Iowa supreme court Edwin controversy at on the Gaspe when 25 Young people occupied a Abner Perce said the youths bothered tourists and when he and others he was threatened by six or seven including the the abductions of Laporte and both signalled an Esca lation in the faqs which began seven years ago with bombings of patriotic statues and mail the Fly made seven Ransom among them release and Safe conduct to Cuba or Algeria for 23 persons convicted or accused of terrorist an Fly communique which led police to Laportes body in a Montreal suburb saturday night said he was executed because the government refused to com while refusing to free the 23 men demanded by the Kidnap the government offered to parole five of them and also promised the kidnappers Safe conduct for themselves to Cuba or Algeria if Cross and Laporte were returned after la Portes body was tru Deaus government announced that the offer of Safe conduct to Cross kidnappers police released the text Sun Day night of a letter from Cross reporting that he was alive and in Good but he warned the Only danger for my life is if the police find out where i am and want to inter the Fly will not give up and i will be the first the authorities will never Page 7 and Arden Hinners of Arcadia Center rulers of the elks 1970 photo purple Are flanked by last years and Jack arcadians reign at Ball the largest crowd Over attended the tenth annual purple Ball saturday night at the elks crowned As King and Queen of the Charity Ball were and Arden Hinners of they Are the parents of seven Hinners farms near outgoing King and and Jack Fleskes of crowned the Cou ple before a Large throne flanked by red Rose Trees beneath a sky of Moonlight and red other Candi dates for the Honor were and Jim ulveling of Breda and Cal Sparks of Glidden and Lam Schwaller of Templeton and Bob and Gib Johnson and and Leo All of general chairmen of this Charity affair were and William Hammen and and Robert Hammen termed this years Ballex Tremley proceeds from ticket sales will go to several Carroll county no draft Likely in 1970 above lottery 190 Des m9ines a those Lowans with draft lottery num Bers above 190 probably wont be inducted into the service this says state selective serv ice director Glen Bowles said sunday that most Iowa boards will reach Between 180 and the highest num Ber nationally expected to be drafted is he because of the emphasis on a Volunteer he Contin its possible that next years High draft number in Iowa May not exceed 150 also figuring in that he is the size of the 1970 extended which is eligible for induction for an additional three months in 1970 and is called ahead of 1971 the extended group represents those whose numbers were reached during 1970 but who were not ordered to report for area forecast More weather in Page 2 mostly fair and mild through lows monday night lower highs tuesday upper rain chances near Zero through Flag test in High court Washington a the supreme court agreed today to consider the constitutionality of state Laws that make it a crime to defile or cast contempt upon the american the court granted a hearing to a new York Art dealer who was convicted in 1967 of Violat ing that states Law against Flag he contended the Law conflicts with the first weekend crashes take lives of six by the associated press at least six persons were five in saturday in weekend traffic accidents in Lowel Titus of Des was the victim of the Only sunday sch Rock was killed outright when his car went out of control on Highway 69 North of Sheryl of died sunday of injuries received saturday in a one car Accident South of Sioux victims of saturday accidents were Kathy of Ca Manche Steve of Carolyn of Russell and Rule Louise 01 Coon amendments free speech guar in other actions the court refused to review the new York convictions of four men on truck hijacking charges after testimony by Joseph notorious Cosa Nostra to Rule on a 1968 Law that requires manufacturers and transferees of certain kinds of firearms to Register with the Federal that railroads discontinuing passenger trains have to give notice Only in the states in which the trains dissent from the Vietnam War has prompted several tests of Flag Laws across the courts have been some upholding the Laws and other finding them in the Case to be heard by the supreme Stephen Rad owner of a Madison Avenue Art was prosecuted for exhibiting seven constructions by Marc an artist and War protester who used the Flag in Bis the one found most objectionable by state courts displayed the Flag As a male sex Washington a the states of Oregon and Texas argued today in the supreme court that Congress acted unconstitutionally when it granted the vote to both states took the position at a hearing that their 21year minimum was not a form of discrimination the 14th Amend ment gives Congress the Power to the 21year Standard is a reasonable classification that Falls far Short of the prohibitions of the 14th argued Lee the attorney general of Charles Alan a Law professor who spoke for agreed with Oregon position and said that were it not for the courts respect for the body across the con Page 2 Wurr land sold for per acre an 80acre farm in the Adolph Wurr estate was sold monday morning in the court room of the Carroll county court House to Louis Kroeger and Myron the Purchase Price was per the farm is located one mile West of lid

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