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Carroll Daily Times Herald Newspaper Archives Oct 17 1970, Page 3

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Carroll Daily Times Herald (Newspaper) - October 17, 1970, Carroll, Iowa Daily Lucr rold editorials october 1970 food output lags More than a Century and a half has passed since Thomas Malthus pro pounded his grim thesis that world popu lation inevitably will outrun world food some will find a chilling Echo of that thesis in the report that during 1969 there was no increase in the global output of fisheries and even though population continued its this is All the More disturbing be prior to the stagnation of food output in there had been a steady increase since Over the 10 years the annual growth in food production averaged almost three per and in 1968 it went up four per that puts the 1969 lag in these and other figures published by the United nations food and agriculture organization do not wholly justify the conclusion that the moment of dreadful truth foreseen by Malthus is at there Are extenuating one being that there was reduced output in the More developed countries As Fao surpluses rather than shortages Are the it also is noteworthy that in the far one of the worlds great shortage underdeveloped nations achieved a four per cent in crease in food production As against the areas 10year rate of per the malthusian spectre seems not far when one considers the Central import of the Fao Survey As a result of the Overall standstill in food most of the underdeveloped re Gions where population grows at the rate of per cent annually will have less to this is True even where there were slight increases in food production in latin for a one per cent increase in output must be matched against a per cent Popula Tion the statistical picture is even worse in some in excepting South production not Only did not Rise but was Down about one per no increase in food production was recorded in the Middle warnings sounded by demographers and ecologists in recent years have been countered to some extent by Hope that improved methods would keep food production ahead of population the Hope is still but optimism tends to Wither in the heat of an Fao report that last year food output remained about the same while the number of Mouths to feed kept going oceanic dumping a Story from Stockholm provides a Good illustration of the rationale under lying president Nixon Call for strict controls Over what is dumped into the the swedes Are fearful that the Baltic sea May be dying As a result of Industrial and other it is a fear shared in other countries whose shores Are washed by the and with excellent this constricted body of water has a very slow regeneration period the North sea flushes it out on a 30year there is a Strong possibility that Oil and a variety of other poisoning substances will kill off desirable Marine life and make the Baltic a already there Are signs pointing to if All the countries bordering on the Baltic worm get together on a program of pollution this might be the difficulty is that these seven nations have political differences which militate against concerted we must come to however not merely with regard to the but throughout the this is what Nixon was talking about in his message to Congress based on an environmental Quality Council he seeks Legisla Tion to halt United states use of the oceans As dumping beyond the intent is to propose International there is a naive tendency to regard the oceans As both limitless and self the Baltic is Only one of Many examples that gives the lie to this no it should be for that Thor Heyerdahl encountered Gross pollution in the Atlantic hundreds of Miles from the administration is right to urge that a Start on oceanic pollution control be made at sour grapes the Success of Luna russian robot Moon vehicle which brought Back soil touched of a Stream of invective against the not witnessed in the soviet press since the Early Days of the space reports aviation week space technology according to the Apollo with its attendant risk to human was fitting in a country where with unusual ease they murder presi candidates for the presidency and Public where armed clashes on Soal grounds take a daily toll soviet on the other has or an its own said the party translation the soviets cant Send a Man to the but they sure know Luw to Smie Eze the sour grapes for All tic Washington notebook Rocky vibrant on vote Trail by Bruce bios sat Carroll hire order Bruce bios Tat new York Aba at bidding for his fourth Nelson Rocke Feller May be just about the Best campaigner in the United he has been running either for governor or president virtually every two years since but Hes still in unflappable when the booing is capable of turning a dry text Al most into a comic if he beats his a magnetic but still potent democratic Arthur the reasons will be none will be More important than the fact that Rocky Hast lost the ability to draw a crowd on a Street walk even in democratic Brooklyn or charge a room with electricity As i saw him do this summer at the governors at a Staten Island party the governor was praising state John the Man who tried in 1969 to beat mayor John As Philo people in the audience smiled As if to whats that got to do with Rocky he responded its i like that there Are too Many of us who Are Down there i wont say in the but in the he dealt buoy Antly with his own like declaring that democratic comptroller Arthur Levitt is in like he said i cant say things like that any the press is i got in trouble on that mindful of his critics harping on the difficulties of the now stat owned Long Island the governor chopped right Back if we haunt bought that line six years it would be out of existence and most of those Guys would be or they be driving their cars on 26lane highways if they came into Man John Lindsay would be towing them All Only moments Rocky at a Headquarters opening had refused to be thrown by catcalls from a group of crudely discourteous he plunged pausing now and again to say to them ill come to your problem in a min Ute in telling you you can talk afterwards quiet Down and put those signs Down so people behind you can nobody knows better than Rockefeller that this is a Tough what with Goldbergs inevitably Strong grasp on new Yorks big jewish vote and the pull on Blacks exerted by Black state Basil democratic nominee for lieutenant yet the governor still has some things going for him in the where in the past he ran steadily better even As his upstate margin dropped he has More labor endorsements than Ever and should grab a lot of Irish and other conservative ethnic he May do very Well with the puerto who resent the Paterson nomination As neglectful of a puerto rican serving in the state Legisla Ture from the is out for few have that registration in the City is off by perhaps which probably will Hurt Goldberg More than where the governor has the Best Chance to make is in 1958 he came to the City line with a margin of by that Edge was Down to but this time the upstate and new York City suburban conservatives Arent mad at him and dont fear him any More As a presidential Hes got his own cadres canvassing like crazy and is pulling on the old patronage lever with full he has Learned it hardly needs to be said As Rockefeller Campaign is lavishly superbly expertly geared to put All that together with his incredible Good Luck and his still winking electricity and youve Given the formidable Goldberg a huge Wor religion today on the Road to peace by Donald Poling Donald Poling when the Carl me in tire announced a special rally for in october with South Vietnam vice president Nguyen Cao Kyas his featured guest few people As a renegade presbyterian Mcintire had always run his own sideshow that was More entertaining than in he tagged along after the world Council of churches or the National Council of providing pickets and news releases to warn the Public of the Apos Tasy of these a presbyterian general Assembly was considered a Flop if Mcintire and his professional pickets did not appear sometime during the of Mcintire became so that he was Given space in the press daily times Herald 515 North main Street Iowa daily except sundays and holidays other then february november 11 by the Herald publishing James publisher Howard editor news editor Martin entered As second class matter at the Post office at under the act of March member of the associated press the associated press is entitled exclusively to the use for republication of All the local news printed in this news paper As Well As All a official paper of county and City subscription rates by Carrier boy delivery per week by mail Carroll county and All adjoining where Carrier service is not per year outside of Carroll and adjoining counties in zones 1 and per year All other mail in the United per year the Carroll daily times Herald is an Abc daily the number of recorded daily on per manent records and verified by the nationally recognized audit Bureau of circulations guarantees advertisers the paid circulation figures of the Carroll daily times Herald Are Only an Abc newspaper can give Assurance its stated circulation is room of such religious meetings so he could receive his own Batch of speeches and material released by the sponsoring Mcintire enjoyed front step debates with christians who could not accept his version of the scriptures or his View of Church last year he proved to be As annoy ing to Riverside Church As reparations Leader James a few weeks after Foreman had interrupted a Wor ship Mcintire tried the same stunt but received an even faster Depar Ture notice from Riverside deacons and new York City somewhere along the line Mcintire discovered that America was not win Ning in in he blames the Nixon administration for this Nowin policy and announced that by would be present in october to explain the whole problem to the nation a la a Washington when by told reporters in Saigon that he had accepted this invitation and would be Happy to lecture the United states on its responsibilities in people started de criticism and opposition has come from every segment of our preachers and Hawks and congressmen and clerics have insisted that by stay Home and Mcintire stay at this the rally is on and by and the minister ready with Sermon and lecture for the adm Nistra the Congress and the and Why Why not for one it is a free country and they ought to be Able to exercise this right under the they also represent the feelings of a minority in this land who want to go All drop the big bomb and win in i Hope that this opinion does not prevail and i believe that the vast majority of our people pre Fer to see a negotiated Settle ment of he Many of us believe that this is coming to never the let these people have their moment just As the Sandakan Beard crowd should enjoy the same air time and the same an even better reason for this rally and keys presence especially is the Opportunity during his visit to really give the press Opportunity to question and fully report his grandstand re for years we have been trying to Cross examine this Guy about his pol his View of democracy and his admiration for in newspapers Are closed and critics but Here in the United states by will find quite a different playing this will be a first rate experience for him and an educational experience for our citizens to see just what we have been paying for in As for his mixture of politics and religion May not win the War but it May hasten the Day of a negotiated peace when our people see the alternative endorsed by see you in published by the students of Carroll High school 17 october 1970 7 theater demands discipline by James Knott theater at the secondary level should offer the student an Opportunity to participate in an Art the primary objective is the student must become aware of the discipline it requires to perform in an consequent secondary education should offer Good theater and put real demands on the student per once he has Learned the sacrifice and discipline demanded of an his appreciation will grow and the arts will live for him even if he never performs in approaching theater in this manner the school is serving one of our greatest human needs the Basic need of understanding his fellow human once he has done an in depth study of a character and has tried to put himself in the great conflicts of he should be better equipped to Cope with the problems that he and his neighbors face every the student becomes a part of a make believe world that depicts the Best and the worst in our How he should be pre pared to apply human under standing to both the Strong and the now he can be fully aware that different emotions and motivations prompt Many actions and reactions that make up the world about his world is alive and his concerns Are real the bet Ter theater productions he is acquainted the better pre pared he will be to Cope with any Art form demands Subj Mission of the artist Only through self discipline can the student expect to reach any real satisfaction from this Art once he has Given and Given until it actually hurts does he realize the True satisfaction from this Art this is True j this is individual i achievement that will remain j with the the j achiever feels real individual i accomplishment and becomes aware of the satisfaction of what More can we the secondary level in education offer our obligation is to demand More than participation by our we must show a re1 Spect for the Art form that will motivate our youngsters to want to this respect begins in our Choice of the experience in my the show that we ask them to we must establish standards and require that they be if the Stu dents make the sacrifices these standards require and do not j reach we have the Obliga Tion to recognize the Effort and girls attend science Camp at 4h Center by Sharon Onken a science Camp held at the 4h camping Center and on the Campus provided a time for learning and experiencing the aspects of the Many different branches of the girls attending the Camp last weekend were Sherry Dianna and Sharon they were accompanied by the physics Donald about 100 students were in attendance from a number of Iowa including Mason Monti East Des and saturday morning provided time for listening to several lectures at Iowa state univer some of the subjects Cov ered were sanitary biomedical High Energy and nuclear each person attended two of these the afternoon was spent by first viewing slides and listening to the experiences of an Stu Dent who had spent three months on the Tanker and ice no school there will be no school administrators and instructors will be attending the 116th state convention of the Iowa education association in Des principal speaker will be Ken Neth and guest lec Turer for general his address is entitled As the Twig is Tiger talk by John last the inclement weather seemed to affect the Ball game As Well As the Home coming even though the tigers netted 145 Yards As compared with Only 92 total Yards completed by Sac act tests Given Here today a number of senior from schools in this area Are taking the american College tests at Carroll High according to Thomas guidance the results of the tests compare the Scho Lastic ability of an individual with that of others who also wish to attend College or some other institution of higher learn College and University admissions personnel use results of the tests As a Means of determining How successful a Stu Dent May be in handling col lege and also for Grant ing financial Aid and scholar this College testing program is open to any Junior or senior from a Public or private school in a specified the same testing program will be administered again on the follow ing dates december february and april Peterson they lost by a lopsided margin of 32 to Sac scored twice on pass interceptions of 40 and 59 Yards and once on a 42 Yard punt Carrolls Only touchdown came with Only left in the game when Wayne Hill smashed Over from the one Yard the successful Point after came on a Kim Thorup to Lynn Ole Rich pass the tigers Host a much improved and underrated Audubon football Audubon is a Young group and last week they Defeated a Good Jef Ferson team by a score of 6 to since the game is away from the bengals need All the support that the can give go to the game and support your As it sailed to the Arctic Circle to test the possibility of shipping Oil from the newly found alaskan Oil a Field trip to the Skunk River presented an Opportunity to learn about the proposed Reservoir in this area and the in formation the Banks of a Creek or River can reveal As to what Type of Bedrock lies under the the next Stop was a visit to a Swine production farm where engineers in the Field of agriculture attempt to raise hogs without creating a trip to an Observatory was to be the highlight of the eve but no one was Able to look through the Telescope and View the Moon because of an overcast after breakfast on sunday morning a biologist from the University told about tracking wild animals with the use of concluding the Camp was an hour and a half hike through the Woods and near a Stream on the Camp Many aspects of wildlife were seen at this the Camp proved to be a Way to become acquainted with some of the Many different categories of make sure the feeling of achievement is this must be the recognition of the individual and also the they must learn that achievement is most satisfying when it con tributes to the last and not the Levels and standards of our theater program must enhance our literature if the pro Gram does we Are making the literature program unreal and an experience for the Crea Tive minds if we we can make our literature pro Grams live for our they do not Only read about the great human experiences but they become a part of their appreciation becomes Complete and literature be comes a part of their with these facts in mind we Start another theater year at Carroll High with the prime of miss Jean we will follow this with an Anatole Bracht festival of one act plays and then another childrens theater we will culminate our year with a three act play that will provide a completely different our Young people Are determined to achieve and wish j to entertain we feel you i deserve the pleasure of being part of their cast chosen for fall play the cast for the the prime of miss Jean has been named and rehearsals Are under scheduled for Friday and sat urday november 20 and Are under the direction of James assisted by David except for four the principals have been double the Complete list of characters and the students who will play those parts is As Fol lows Jean Gail Thorup Derrith Thomas Sis Ter Mary Peters and ten Winchester i Bud Knott and Jon Ware Deb Debower and Pattie Hartzell Robyn Martin i and Jan Krogh Mary Mcann Chambers and j Kathy Hambleton miss Mac Paula Severin and Dianna Wederath Gordon John Peterson and Kim Thorup Teddy Jim Debower Paul abbe and Gary Shriver miss Rhonda Kroneberger girl schoolgirls Jane Nikki Ann Karen Jill Han Carolyn Shelly and Kathy seven schools in chs symposium on the musings of an Idle mind by Dianna Wederath verse of the week to be at Carroll High now that fall is Here fires Blaze on the school House Lawn and citizens shrink in Cindy Sunderman received a rather unusual Corsage for it is not every body who can Wear a Flower Sean Furey has come up with a new recipe for French no less Olufs sur some people in the Vicinity of the music room report they have heard the tis not the Nightingale nor the just the swing choir singing in the cold Gray Light of an Iowa High school symposium on the was held 10 at Carroll High this was one of nine or ten such meetings within the state of Iowa set up to gather information for the general session scheduled for 21 in Des seven schools in the area were represented at the Carroll committees were formed to discuss the various problems confronting the United the principal topic of discussion was the policy of the United states in connection with peace Environ human Trade and the symposium was con ducted by College students from i the University of Iowa in City and from Iowa state University in Terry Goodwin and Theodore Edwards of the Carroll High faculty assisted in making four Carroll High students were appointed to statewide committees Sean en1 Viron ment Ann peace keeping Bud Trade and development Mary human these four Dele Gates will go to Des Moines 0 Gates will go to Des Moines 20 to Aid in setting up activities for the general session Des Moines is one of six cities in the United states to be named As a site for an area it was chosen because it ranks High in interest in the United nations and in in the a total of ten local representatives will take part in the Model United nations at the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar members of the committee on peace keeping Are shown at work 1milu during the United nations

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