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Carroll Daily Times Herald (Newspaper) - November 21, 1960, Carroll, Iowa Eyes on the Ball times i960 it is obvious that the Kremlin would like to nurture and aggravate the divisiveness that afflicted the United As it always does in a election for months prior to the this intent lurked in Premier Khrushchev message of congratulations to president elect More recent it cropped up when Deputy foreign minister Zorin expressed soviet ingress to negotiate with the Kennedy administration in an attempt to break the East West disarmament the Kremlin Effort to Foster divisiveness among americans will As any really perceptive foreign observer of this1 country political be Havior the reaction of americans is that summed up in ambassador Wadsworth remark that Porins statement was totally unjustified interference in the internal affairs of the United the Kremlin will have to Cut its and try something once this has been it should also be noted that disarmament is one subject which must have the highest priority in its claim on the attention of the new notwithstanding the soviet unions tactics of delay and to mention its niggling efforts to use this Issue to stir up trouble among the american control under a rigorous system of inspection must be one of the major goals of the United states the Point we make is that this coun try must not allow its attention to be diverted from the fundamental Issue by annoyance at soviet we must keep our Eye on the Ball of Dis pain the United states must per Sist in pushing for arms reduction and it is not at All an exaggeration to say that the Fate of the world hangs in the steel Price decision the steel Industry will soon have to make an important decision to raise or not to raise steel wage in creases granted As a result of last Winters and postponed until after the take effect Decem Ber without significant exceptions Over the steelworkers pay increases have been followed by steel Price in this year that pattern May be for the steel Industry today finds itself pressed on several in the first with production at 50 per cent of the Industry hesitates to weaken demand any fur ther by raising in the competitive Field substitute materials such As aluminium remain Alert to take Over any portion of the Market set free by overpriced nor has the threat of cheap foreign steel imports Digap any one of these factors in itself would be disturbing to the managers of together they add up to a real but the per cent wage increase must be even though it will add considerably to the expense Side of the it is reasonable to guess that the companies will absorb these additional costs As Long As when it is no longer economical to do How when the steel companies feel that conditions have improved enough so that the Economy is better Able to absorb higher prices for this Basic commodity prices will be social frats face time of great change by Peter Edson Washington correspondent Washington Nea under hotter debate on Many College campuses than the football teams record or whom to Date for the next prom is the question of integration i greek letter social stated the other Way its the proposal to remove All remaining restrictions of race or Creed for fraternity Only a Small minority of the 100plus mens and women National fraternities Are now believed to have membership selectivity clauses in their but fraternities with no discriminatory membership restrictions have not crossed color or Relig ious lines until recent years and then Only in a few for Over 100 years College fraternities have been free to choose their own Mem Bers by whatever standards they cared to without interference from College a fraternities of been criticized for their snobbish Ness and overemphasis came into focus after world War soldiers of All races and creeds had fought Side by they got i Bill of rights scholarship Grants and they went to College Side by veterans from the North played a prominent part in raising objections to discrimination in Campus social or Amherst College in 1946 was the first to question the right of Freedom of Choice by fraternities in selecting their the next year Indiana University decreed that no new fraternities could be established on its Campus if their constitutions contained discriminatory membership fraternities already established at Indi Ana were not required to change their membership but were urged to do and this is the pattern of mini mum action followed by numerous other in including Illinois and Ohio Wes Southern Oregon and Washington accurate National data Are hard to but at least 37 colleges and universities have taken some action on this question through there has been agitation for such action on 43 other campuses a total of perhaps five of these protests have been led by faculty members principally the Young social science professors who regard any form of discrimination As undemocratic and contrary to the highest educational at 17 other institutions the trustees have initiated on 21 campuses the student bodies them selves have protested and voted against discrimination in their fraternity it is the alumni fraternity members who pro vide strongest opposition to letting Down the in ten cases of record student Active members of chapters have defied their National conventions and National organizations on the discrimination Issue and have had their Charters this has meant thai these chapters became local fraternities or just boarding clubs with new the present trend of administrative and trustee thinking on Many campuses is to encourage similar action by Chap ters whose National constitutions impose membership whenever this happens the local usually goes downhill because it cannot attract Stu dents who want the advantages and pres Tige of belonging to a recognized National a recent development on some campuses is the imposition of a compulsory pledging guaranteeing fraternity membership to every student who desires to join such a students not voluntarily pledged by the fraternities May be assigned to one by the faculty or College a chapter that Doest take an assigned member May be among the important colleges and universities that have imposed some regulation on fraternity membership requirements Are Vermont and thoughts and bring the fatted calf and kill and let us eat and make mirth is lie Sweet wine of human it should be offered sparkling with zest Ful life unto Ward 4 ways to prevent food contamination by Harold Thomas written for newspaper Enterprise Many of you May remember the amazing Story of typhoid the Cook Many years went from Job to Job leaving a Trail of illness behind her like the Wake of a never herself a victim of typhoid Mary was an innocent and healthy typhoid Bacilli Carrier whose dishes included at least one More ingredient than was mentioned in Standard re Hyman at a wedding reception in Louisiana not Long history repeated itself As 30 of the 80 guests fell ill with typhoid each recalled having eaten Chicken salad prepared by a 68yearold woman who denied recent illness but admitted exposure to the disease during a household to the casualty list were added 17 persons who did not attend the wedding but who feasted on leftovers taken Home after the invited guests the unsuspecting cause of All this Dis Tress assisted in boning and grind ing the Chicken and in mixing the quite Likely the Transfer of disease producing bugs from her fingers to the sandwiches occurred during the last of these it All might have been prevented if shed known enough to scrub her hands be fore handling on several occasions Ive called attention to outbreaks of food poisoning often incorrectly called while the Louis Iana experience was typhoid Al in the vast majority Are due to the Pesky staphylococcus that gets into food mixtures such As Cream filled meat Chicken creamed Chicken and salads made with egg or what makes these epidemics All the More unfortunate is the fact that at least one of these food mixtures is to be found on the menu of every school Church supper or Community Outing that takes place through out the Here Are several suggestions you might con Sider next time you Are involved in any of these party meals see that each food handler conducts a five minute hand scrub before engaging in the preparation of any substitute potato chips for potato salad and commercially boxed or packaged ice Cream for homemade Cream filled pastries and pack food in portable ice Chest and carry a Supply of additional ice for replacement if needed three hours after food has been removed from the Burn whatever Hast been consumed up to that not very you say its a bar gain compared with the Cost of a single out break of v around the Rotunda by Harrison Iowa daily press writer to violence mate can do without some aloneness too by Ruth Millett the nagging wife is practicality an extinct says a prominent French that because women have been warned so often against nagging their husbands that they have overcome that wifely says the Treyve replaced nag Ging with an even worse Treyve become aggressively compan for a that harder to Cope Millott with than after a Man can walk out on a nagging wife slamming the door behind he can even nag that All you Ever do before he Bangs the but what can a poor Guy do when he comes Home to a wife who is so determined to be helpful and companionable and understand ing that she wont give him a moments peace he cant slam the door on a wife who greets him you look you must have had an awful sit Down Here in this easy chair and Tell me All about nor can he forget his work when he leaves his office if his wife insists on asking interested questions and offering in asked for he cant sit Down with the evening paper and read it in peace and quiet if his wife is so determined to be companionable that she chatters at him All the while he is trying to the doctor who deplores the togetherness trend in marriage thinks wives ought to be made to understand that what a husband needs most at the end of the Day is to be let least Long enough to cast off his workaday he is convinced that never being Able to get away from an aggressively companionable wife can make a Man physically because its a problem a husband Doest know How to Cope apparently the Only one who can Correct the situation is the aggressively companion Able and All she has to do to set mat ters right is to Stop insisting on so much togetherness and give her husband the gift of a Little broken promises leave Mark on by Muriel Lawrence this week i want to write More about what goes on in a child to whom promises Are persistently suppose you Are the in the Corner store you have seen a red Pencil Box you passionately i am your Mother you ask me for the Dol Lar to buy i ill give it to you when you get Home from school this on your arrival Home from i i had to give All the change in my purse to the milk Lawrence you expected this Dis you now know that i dont really want you to have the Pencil but you have to believe that i you to have you have to believe that Ive told you the you Are 7 years you Are dependent on not Only for your Phy Sical survival but for orientation in this Over whelming grownup to know that i lie to you about wanting you to have things that i dont want you to have would equal chaos for it would be the shattering awareness that All my words May be As false and treacherous As so you must reject your secret knowledge that i have lied again and accept my sex you Bury the knowledge deep where you Hope it will not trouble you and cling to me with what seems to be renewed and unspoiled but that buried knowledge begins to make itself Felt in an increase of haunting you May Start biting your you May find it hard to concentrate in you May have fantasies about my being your you become defensive with other you cant feel Safe with around adults and children alike that buried knowledge of my unreliability diffuses it self in a constantly uneasy suspicion that they Are hiding critical feelings toward you that make them different from what they seem to this sense of mysterious threat will be come acute whenever others make promises to you will not know that it de Rives from your buried knowledge that they will break their you will often feel this uneasiness in the course of your life because your Trust of unreliable people will continue to involve you with you May never discover the Root of this Des and towns which have been fighting for an increase in Road funds Are not go ing to receive much of an increase at least that the Consen sus of some to substantiate their prediction they refer to a meeting of the legislative Road study committee held last week in they say the Rural interests on the com Mittee were lukewarm to a proposal which would have Given Cit ies and towns a sizeable increase in their share of the Road 50 per cent of the Road use tax fund goes for county 42 per cent for primary highways and eight per cent to cities and the Iowa daily press association has Learned the Public administration service Pas has recommended to the com Mittee that the Road formula be changed to 55 per cent for the primary 30 per cent for the county system and 15 per cent for cities and the which was employed by the committee to study and make recommendations on Iowa tax Structure regarding also suggested that of the 15 per cent for cities and towns 11 per cent be earmarked for arterial streets and the remainder for the As recommended by the divided the county sys tem into three area feeder and the trunk system would be the major one in this cat ego although no definite action was taken by the the group reportedly displayed some dissatisfaction Over the proposed forum reliable sources re port there was considerable senti ment among the majority of com Mittee members present to change the formula to 50 per cent for counties and 10 per cent for cities and Charles City councilman from Des Moines and a member of the 11man was not pre sent for the Ames sever Al members of the committee Are reportedly holding out for a formula of 50 per cent for the 38 per cent for the counties and 12 per cent for cities and the committee is expected to resume its discussion of the Road use tax formula at its next meeting on Al though the committee will bring in a recommendation to the 1961 the ultimate decision on allocation of Road funds will be in the hands of the who Are predominately from Small count in recent years representatives from cities and towns have been clamouring for a greater share of the state Road use tax they contend distribution of this fund is heavily weighted in favor of the so called Rural they say Rural roads carry Only 17 per cent of the states total yet receive 50 per cent of the Road fund 35 per cent for the secondary and 15 per cent for the primary roads carry 62 per cent of the traffic and get 42 per cent of the Road use tax while City and town streets carry 20 per cent of the traffic and get eight per at the 1959 legislative ses Sion cities and towns requested their refund be increased to 18 per As a Compro Mise the legislators made a temporary adjustment by giving cities and towns million off the top of the Road use tax fund before splitting the this special adjust ment was made for an 18 month period with the under standing a further readjust ment could be made after an exhaustive the Pas has completed such a the Iowa daily press association has also Learned the Road study report will show Iowa is spending million annually in this total represents re venue derived from every Means state and Korol Hoover gives a hayride times Herald news service Scranton Karol daughter of and Everett entertained members of the Junior High school class at a hayride saturday Chap Irons on the ride were and Larry Hoover and Everett following the the guests returned to the and ice Cream cottage for refresh and Arthur Vander Council spent Fri Day with and Kenneth and Dick spent the weekend in the Home of and Alan and Neary drove to Marshalltown sunday where they were guests of Ethel they were accompanied by Susan Flack and Nancy Mosier who visited Kathy and Peggy Bair in the Dwight Bair Home Judy Henderson who attends Wayne state teachers College at spent the weekend with her and Roy and Linder and were sunday guests in the Home of and spent several Days in the Home of and Francis on Satur Day Kious entertained at a family dinner in his Over night guests monday in the fran Cis Kious Home were and Frank who also visited in the Cleo Gib son members of the Church of Christ met in the Church Friday afternoon to sew for four teen members were Lemma Henning and Gertie Knauss served the next meeting will be 9 when they will stuff toys for make f friends dont keep them guessing at a party4 identify yourself to other instead of saying dont you remember me charmed lives a who says children dont Lead a charmed life thinly youngsters escaped injury when their school bus collided with an Auto they climbed and transferred to another the second vehicle skidded and turned Over on its Side into a this time two children were Hurt minor cuts and Jiffy knit hits daily times Herald Dally except sunday and holidays by the Herald publishing company 515 North main Street Iowa James publisher Howard editor entered As second class matter at the Post office at under the act of March member of the associated press the associated press is entitled exclusively to the use for Republica Tion of All the local news printed in this newspaper As Well As All a Dis official paper of county and City subscription rates by Carrier boy delivery per week by mail Carroll county and All ing counties per per outside of Carroll and ing counties in zones 1 and per per All other mail in the United per per Nineteen fifty four Hundred tickets were mail knit up a storm Delight All your Little youngsters with these cuddly they hug their toes and tickle their sense of humor easy to knit just one Flat piece plus ribbed pattern 7336 Childrs sizes 4 to 12 Send thirty five cents coins for this 10 cunts for each pattern for is class Send to Dahy times Hern 235 household arts Box old Chelsea new York print plainly pattern just out our 1961 needlecraft Over 125 designs for Home for Cro Bazaar six designs for popular veil Quick Send 25c remember Way Back when Nineteen county auditor Peter Stephany did not Hope to be elected state but he made a Good show ing in All of the counties and got a majority in Carroll Nineteen George Meinhardt is installing a Complete equipment of repairing machinery in his new shoe store in the Ludwig it is a machine run by electricity to sew soles on Welt Nineteen miss Helen Beiter entertained the Shakespeare club last Friday Nineteen a native of per will lecture in the Baptis so they say top Many of the younger people work too there All Busi Ness and worry about and they can kill themselves that screen idol Ramon Novar on hectic american men Are too interested in their work with a turkish Man you feel like youre playing with italian and French men dont think a girl has lived until Shes met one of them and a spaniard makes a game of the whole actress mar after theres no the Young musicians cant play jazz of its dying old time jazz is dying famed new Orleans clarinet St George Lewis country club has dinner party Lake View the Sac county country club held a dinner at the Frozen sunday evening with bring at the Vincent Obrien Home Fol lowing the prizes went to Ray Sac am Tokheim and Al Len both of prizes for the men went to Vincent Obri and Hugo Lange and Byron Sac Eugene Cris received the travelling or and Percy and and Lester Lille were and Des spent the weekend in the Marvin Weitzel Jim and Joann students at Sioux spent the weekend with their and mrs Daniels and Daugh Ter Leslie have returned thursday from a three week visit in tin Keith Lewis Home at Ariz Daniels and Lewis Are and Kenneth Sorenson Cedar spent the weekend in the Ernie Swanson avid visited wednesday with and mrs Ernie Bloomquist and Swanson Are former school Dean Gibson completes service times Herald news service Scranton Gibson who has been stationed at fort Hau has returned to Scranton upon completion of his army he is the son of and Bill and Kenneth Donel son and Cedar were weekend guests in the Home of and Lester a county meeting of the Ameri can legion and auxiliary was held in Rippey thursday evening at the Rippey legion attending from Scranton were and Emory Daisy to Ralph Black and Eloise a potluck supper was followed by a business the next county meeting will be in grand Junction in Jan Jerri Lynn three year old daughter of and Gerry Cedar Falls was taken to the Cedar Falls Hospital sat urday suffering from an asthma she was released monday Jerri Lynn is the granddaughter of and de and Otto Mueller and spent the weekend with muellers and Emory Ter Edward Buenneke trained members of her dessert Bridge club in her Home Mon Day Leo Miller and children drove to Des Moines saturday evening where they joined she had visited there during the week in the Home of Charlotte Mcnabb and Mary they All returned Home sew swiftly duo printed pattern 9183 1020 Graceful Princess lines fashion the jumper that doubles As a for 5 and after Clever Blouse fills in the neckline easy sew Blouse 1 Send fit a cents Colin for this pattern Giuld 10 of r Send to Marian pattern 18th new York plainly new Send now for our l and Winter pattern very wage in exciting Over 166 styles for All Pisa uhf Insu i

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