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Carroll Daily Times Herald Newspaper Archives Nov 20 1971, Page 3

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Carroll Daily Times Herald (Newspaper) - November 20, 1971, Carroll, Iowa Daily times Herald Washington notebook editorials nov Mytr 1971 basis for policy George the former United states ambassador to the soviet made a shrewd observation about our foreign policy Many years ago in his american he suggested that historically a Funda mental basis of our dealings with other countries has been what he described As the legalistic moralistic by this he meant that americans tended to formulate foreign policy ques and their response to foreign policy on moral and Legal Kennan was critical of this numerous other scholars also have found fault with their misgivings Are Well two recent events have indicated that this approach is unproductive and leads to unrealistic perceptions of foreign the first instance concerns the of foreign policy toward Mainland Ohina since the Early 1950s was one of this was based on the Legal ground that the communists were a usurping and on the moral ground that we did not like their from this Basic approach Tipert developed a completely unrealistic View of the after 21 years of the situation is decidedly the government in peking has been admitted to the United nations As the de Facto government of and the chinese delegation has arrived in new this development can be taken As symbolizing the fact that henceforth we must Deal with the chinese on a realistic not As some vaguely understood the second instance concerns when Fidel Castro overthrew the Batista regime in this was widely regarded As foreshadowing a communist political if not 071 the Western the Legal and moral approach came into play Castro had overthrown a government and we did not like his politics hence he must be isolated from the rest of the More than a decade Cas Tro remains in latin America has not gone and in realistic terms the great Castro threat simply has not had much the moral cant was and has done positive harm by interfering with relations which would have served our National each of these instances provides a striking object lesson for the legalistic moralistic approach de cried by Kennan is not productive in foreign it leads to false perceptions of nations win which we and robs our foreign policy of executive Laws from time to time the supreme court is accused of legislating instead of merely interpreting the this is of some though one must note that complaints generally come from those whose of is being gored at the another no legislative Way of Mak ing in has come to notice of this is the executive which has not received much Atten Tion until recently though numerous presidents have made occasional use on the issuance of such orders is a proper exercise of the executive so Long As it is done some observers think there is a growing tendency to use this Power without due consideration for the prerogatives of Congress As the lawmaking Branch of our gov such a trend would be cause for since a balance be tween the a Cutie and legislative branches must be growing use of the executive order disturbs North Carolinas Sam Ervin chairman of the Senate judiciary his interest was Given impetus by president Nixon re cent order granting additional Powers to the subversive activities control the president authorized the Saab to update a government list of so called subversive something which Congress has refused to by overruling this congressional de says the president is usurping the Power of Congress to legis he sought to retaliate by Amend ing an omnibus appropriations Bill to deny funds for carrying out the executive but the amendment the episode is useful because it focuses attention on a matter of no Small executive orders of earlier years were pretty much limited to times when presidents Felt there was great and urgent need for a famous instance occurred in when president Truman attempted to end a wartime steel strike by nationalizing the steel had the move rejected by the supreme executive orders Are an acceptable Extension of presidential Power under certain Cir but this Power should be used with great Nixon China goals Clear Washington Aba from talks with officials close to president it is possible to outline somewhat roughly what the president believes can and cannot be accomplished by the China it will not mean breaking our old Alli ties with Japan will remain our commitments to South to South nationalist Ohina on Taiwan and to thai Laos and Cambodia will continue As essential components of our asian and world most clearly there will be no Alliance with the Peoples Republic of there most certainly will not be recognition if peking insists on abandonment of the Taiwan government As the likewise we will not ask or expect the Peoples Republic of China to weaken commitments to its we expect no great surge of nor any major As one White House source puts both Russia and Mainland China Are motivated by their attempt to control the world communist parties into positions they might not necessarily want to and actually it is one of the reasons Why there Are limits on How conciliatory they can be toward but there Are things Nixon advisers believe can be these gains lie in peking telling us what they Are prepared to do and not do by Ray Cromley in some very ticklish situations in and our indicating our As one presidential adviser put it in a private conversation with this reporter what there worried about is we Hope to convince peking that it is in their interests for the japanese to have an Alliance with the United in the same Way that it is in the soviet unions interest for West Germany to have close ties with if it were net Fer the then of must build much larger military this peking would not alliances such As ours with Japan make for restraints on both the Nixon will undoubtedly explain to chairman Mao Tseung and Premier Chou Menlai that they should not be unhappy Over the Korea and military for if the United states should with these two governments would most certainly be forced to seek an Alliance with we shall certainly ask peking its intentions in Southeast Asia and what its approaches will be to pleasant bluntness will be the Rule on our hopefully on 19 Kuemper High november 1971 33 language clubs elect officers latin club the latin club has elected officers for the 197172 school they Are Linda Consul Linda Stai Teri Scripa Secre and Craig Quator the Moderator of the club is sister the function of the latin club is primarily to get everyone More interested in latin and the life of the romans and Linda is the daughter of Margaret and is a member of holy spirit she is involved in or and cheer the the Hope is that if some of these Bowhen asked what sections Are Laid on the perhaps it were or the some needless risks can be avoided by both As a White House adviser put it the major problem is to make sure that we talk that we respect each others Point of View and that we understand there Are major they do skits for Spe Cial latin Bingo and make latin Linda is the daughter of and Edwin Staiert of holy she commented that the goal of the club is to re late latin to modern Day have the students learn More and make it More she participates in chorus and also was in the past Hawkeye science Teri is the daughter of and James and of the she participates in chorus and the science Craig is the son of and Lawrence of Johns Parish at he participates in basketball and is a member Lawrence dear Abby son bars forgiving return by Abigail Van Bur in Abby Van Buren dear Abby my husband of 33 whom i have always was unfaithful to i caught and there was no Way out for he begged me to forgive said the woman meant nothing to him and he would never see her but i was so Hurt and numb and heartsick i went to my son and daughter in Laws Home where i am now living and told them All about what had Hap i have thought everything and realize that since this has never happened my husband deserves an other but my son has forbidden his father to come near or their i spoke with my minister and he agrees i should go Back to my How can i my son tells me he will have no respect for me if i go so now i must make a can you advise me torn dear torn go Back to your Hus and Tell your son that one who cannot forgive destroys the Bridge Over which he one Day May need to dear Abby there Are bachelors living in this apartment they Are not they Are churchgoing yet there seems to be plenty of free love going they bring girls Here Day and night without any apparent changing girls every few even the children know some thing Shady is going with All this Hanky Panky going on i can understand Why the Young people have become so disgusted with the older i think these men should be asked to i would like your Over thirty dear Over what people do behind their own closed doors is not the Busi Ness of As Long As they do not disturb their i see no reason for them to be asked to you would have a hard time proving that your suspicions were Cor dear Abby Paul Hes my Hus band has a Best Friend who is slowly driving me weve known this Guy for about four years but about a year he became and that when the trouble this Friend is Here every weekend for and afterwards he and Paul go out on the town and i am left behind like Cinderella to clean up the Paul knows How i feel about this and so does his but still they con i Haven been out alone with my husband for months and i am getting fed every time i mention Paul gets tonight this Friend had the nerve to bring his shirts along and ask me to Iron them am i being a nag like Paul or do you think i have a right to be upset alone again dear alone you have a right to be remind your husband that he has a and if he wants to go out on the town he should Tell his Bachelor buddy to get a girl and the four of your will go out and unless you put a Stop to Pauls routine right you will find yourself alone More and liking it if you ironed the you need More help than i can give you in a confidential to Barbara i think you should Tell Sandy that if she is serious about wanting All the girls in her wedding party to be she should select Tell you will gladly stand up for but you wont Dye for and whats wrong with a wig dear Abby this is to thank you for what you did for our we had been scolding our 13yearold Daugh Ter for her bad posture for about a year with no then one Day you published a letter from a doctor who warned parents about spinal disorders in he described a simple test a Mother could give her child at i tested my and she had All the we took her to an Ortho medic surgeon and found she had a spinal with the help of god and a Back it is being surgery May be needed but even if it we thank you for printing that wonder photo French club officers left to right Max Vic president Sylvia and Stan not drama ii students learn How to apply makeup Ful doctors helped others the i Hope that article Way it helped our dear Abby your column in the stars and stripes has kept a lot of Guys Here in Vietnam its the next thing to a letter from i know you need a but the one Day of the week dear Abby is missing we get the your fans in Nam daily times Herald 515 North main Street Iowa daily except sundays and holidays other then february november 11 by the Herald publishing James publisher Howard editor news editor Martin entered As second class matter at the Post office at under the act of March member of the associated press the associated press is entitled exclusively to the use for republication of All the local news printed in this news paper As Well As All a on november students of the drama class walked out of the room with Pale blushed red lips and Blue had a War been raging i the classroom to make the students turn colors they had planned a special schedule for their Mon the idea of the plan was learning the different techniques and styles of putting makeup on participants in in the beginning of the class Weems explained and demonstrated to the class How to apply makeup for a she used a student Guinea pig to display her and grease paint and makeup was dabbed and then rubbed in to the neck and Rouge was added on the Cheek Bones to add a healthy appear eyeliner was applied above and below the eyes and after that Blue eyeshadow was brushed on the Eye and then the color red was added to emphasize the but this was official paper of county and City subscription rates by Carrier boy delivery per week by mail monograms the following Are recommended for football Mono Grams by balk Mike Mark Rich Mike Kim Frank Bill Tim Bob Mike Tom Grado Joe Steve Norm Jeff Rich Terry Bob Mike Leon a Randy Gene Dan Bob Ries Glen Randy Bill Greg Mark Schroe Dave Leonard Bob Craig Dhoti latin club officers left to Linda Lyons Linda Staiert Consul and Teri Oherron not Dentlinger just the Basic makeup to i there were still lines to b drawn on the by the and near the eyes to brag out the facial the result was an average Stu Dent made up to resemble a participant in a this part of the class was successful but when it came to the part where the student had to try to put makeup on his fellow War began the student determined to have his fellow student resemble the example of perfect by either using too much makeup or too War cries were that paint youre put Ting on and hold still or this time ill poke you in the Eye on and this makeup is packed on so hard it will never come so the students of the drama class did walk out of class look ing like they had just fought a War because of their appear but it was just their make French club Stan Sylvia Max and Gayle Juergens Are the newly elected French club president daughter of and Mario is a member of the camera club and also plays the violin in the school Sylvia intends to locate some French speaking movies to show to the club in order to make learning the French language a More inter Esting Vic president the son of and Rex is an interested participant in he has participated in both wrestling and he is also a member of the debate squad and plays in the school speaking of the Max i Hope that through this the students of Kuemper will become More aware of the language courses at daughter of and Vernis w i 1 serve As the clubs Gayle is presently the treasurer of Lawrence Parish co and recently attended the National co convention at Wash As a Gayle participated in speech and received a red ribbon at the science speaking of the be Circle Francais Max she i want it to become More Active than it has been in previous years and Hope that a lot will be accomplished through this years French club acting As treasurer is Stan son of and Clayton Stan is involved in wrestling and when asked about the club he i Hope that the French club can provide for its Mem Bers some of the festivities tha French people i Haven any ideas As of yet but Hope to come up with some As the year All four officers Are presently in their second year of tryouts held for 7172 cheerleaders cheer leading tryouts were held for the 7172 wrestling and basketball season on in and varsity squads were picked for both sports As Well As a squad for members of the student Council acted As there was a Choice of cheers required for but the girls were to do a traditional jump and an optional a Cartwheel was also the candidates were judged on person Arm and leg ability to inspire a cart jump and optional they were graded on a Point system from one to or fair to Carroll county and All adjoining per year outside of Carroll and adjoining counties in zones 1 and per year a other mail in the United per year the Carrol daily times Herald is an Abc daily the number of recorded daily on per manent records and verified by the nationally recognized audit Bureau of circulations guarantees advertisers the paid circulation figures of the Carrol daily times Herald Are Only an Abc newspaper can give Assurance its stated circulation is National Csc turned Over to local direction by official 1970 general decision of its the Catholic students Mission Cru after 52 years As a nation Al organization turned Over its work to local this was announced by father Seuntjens at the second meeting of a Sec on october the Catholic students mis Sion crusade was a National organization of Catholic american student the purpose of such an organization is to teach its members righteous and thoughtful habits of the Catholic All Levels of schooling Are involved with this Organiza Tion such As High col seminaries and e v e i some Grade the program of a Sec Deal with the study of missions prayer for the missions an sacrifice for the membership in the a a local Mission include All Catholic students at Kuem question of the week i look for reality in a dont like plays that portray fakey atmosphere because it seems too illusive and usually As a plot that Doest build Pon my interest in the lost i look for the Oise and naturalness with hich the actor can identify i the particular character he r she that was the reaction of Eanice Hyland to the question f the which was what o you look for in a play be Ause of plays being presented 11 the time in our schools and students were asked their Deas of what a Good play con its in a play i look for Good Quality and characterization of he i look for the Ori finality of the and last f All i look for the reaction of he replied Diane a senior at who teaches English ii in a play i ook for the unexpected skill of youth Kristy Stickrod said that she expects a Good plot and Good i do want to feel like in really in that time and and Good acting a com Lishes this answered Janet a Sophomore at Kuem sister head librarian and Library club Moderator said i look for Superb vivid expression in face and words some humor and silence from the audience while the play is i look for the acting abilities of those i also look for a suitable theme and setting so that it takes you out of your own life and makes you part of the characters on replied Cheryl Mark a j u n i o r at i look for reality and for something that will convince me that a lot of work went into the speech and English teacher i like plays that show a great Deal of creativity on the part of the author and the and requires the audience to become involved with what is happening on the stage and what it in a play i look for convincing acting and answered r u s s a senior at Clara Soyer i look Good pretty round table reflections to the of Little women for an excellent fall of the week to orchestra direct who has replaced the traditional Onet Rothree with the More Lively method of directing photo preschool students take time out from their Busy Nursery school schedule to pose for Charger photographer during tuesdays family living

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