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Carroll Daily Times Herald Newspaper Archives May 22 1965, Page 1

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Carroll Daily Times Herald (Newspaper) - May 22, 1965, Carroll, Iowa Carroll daily times Herald 121 return postage guaranteed May pages picks 2 Isles for facilities would be used if atmospheric tests resumed Washington a the United states is considering us ing two additional islands in the Central Pacific As part of its nuclear weapons test facilities if a decision should Ever be made to resume atmospheric it also is preparing readiness plans for an underwater Wea Pons effects test if the limited test ban treaty outlawing All but underground tests is this became known today after the release of a highly censored version of secret testimony Given Congress several months ago on the status of the nations nuclear weapons pro the two tiny islands which would be used Only As Sites for test monitoring instruments Are Baker and Howland both discovered by american whalers in the Early 19th Cen they Are located near the about Miles Southwest of Johnston the land base for any future Low Altitude or Hig Altitude nuclear test blasts in the the United states has previously disclosed that its Pacific testing area the site for test ing the most powerful types of weapons has been made ready to resume atmospheric testing on Short notice if the soviet Union or any other Signa tory Breaks the limited test ban of the worlds five nuclear France and red Chi a have not signed the while the soviet Union and the United states William assistant to the Secretary of Dis closed that testing could begin anywhere from two to six months after the godhead Sig Nal had been depending upon the nature of the he also said the Johnston Island facilities have been greatly improved since tests were last conducted there in that the government is at least considering using two new islands for employing special diagnostic equipment conceivably could mean that any resumed testing would involve some novel the word about the islands each about one Square mile in area came out in testimony Given to the Senate House joint committee on atomic Energy by Delmar director of the atomic Energy commissions division of Mili tary delivered by Carrier boy each evening for 40 cents per week single copy Nea telephoto Helper a Marine gets some help from the local population in Santo a dominican civilian holds the marines Rifle while the Leatherneck climbers up for a rooftop Check on kidnapped Goya Art is returned London Goya portrait of the Duke of stolen from the National gallery in has been in Good the painting was recovered in Birmingham Friday night from a baggage room in a rail Road it was then taken to London where it was identified today As the missing an unidentified person had sent the baggage ticket to a London newspaper office and police were a joint statement was issued by the London metropolitan police and the National they said the portrait appears to be in Good condition but it will not be exhibited until it has been subjected to expert Examina a accompanying the painting see Page 7 late news off wire Washington a the agriculture department has under study recommendations that it take the initiative in training negroes for jobs in its offices in the states and such training which would be on the be used As a technique to assure the hiring of More this recommendation has been made to Secretary of agriculture Orville Freeman by the departments citizens advisory committee on civil the committee was appointed by Freeman some time ago after the civil rights com Mission issued a report in which the department was criticized for alleged discrimination against particularly in Southern found guilty Burlington a Wal Ter of Burlington was found guilty of second de Gree murder without malice Fri Day night and will face the court next tuesday to learn his the District court jury deliberated for More than eight hours before convicting Haley of tie slaying of Richard of Burlington last March the prosecution had asked for a first degree murder 90 planes attack Barracks 55 from capital bombs base close to Hanoi Viet Nam massive Force of air Force planes slammed bombs into the Quang Suoi military Barracks in North Viet Nam today in the closest raid so far to the communist capital of ninety air Force jets destroyed 37 buildings in the tar get area which stretched from 55 to 60 Miles due South of a military spokesmen on one previous occasion planes had gone nearer to Hanoi but that was to drop Leaf All the planes returned and no enemy aircraft were a spokesman no planes were reported lost in today series of air strikes which began with Small scale Navy reconnaissance raids shortly after and ended with the mass assault on Quang Soui Barracks Early this forty air Force f105 thunderchief bombers struck the Quang Soui escorted by 50 support a spokesman said the aircraft ranged Over the target area for 45 then the air Armada moved South to Phuoc qui ammunition 100 Miles South of and destroyed six Barracks buildings and damaged another the planes dropped 75 tons of bombs Over both tar they were mostly 750 a spokesman ground fire was reported intense Over Quang but no enemy aircraft were Navy planes also Ham mered at Road targets and a naval at 10 planes from the Midway cruising in the Gulf of j Tonkin hit a vietnamese Navy it boat hidden under camouflage and being towed by a Many hits were made on both ships with rockets and machine gun a spokesman the trawler was left vietnamese air Force planes joined in at 1 with an armed reconnaissance raid along three highways near the Laos the vietnamese seeks Extension of dominican truce Santo Domin ican Republic a the United nations sought today to extend the 24hour truce in the iowan charged 19 year old youth was flown to late Friday to answer a first degree murder charge in the shooting of a Colorado dist Edmund Kase said Wesley Gene Kelly waived Kelly was charged in the wednesday night gunshot death of Oliver whose body was found thursday in a Culvert under 60 North East of held in beating Council Bluffs Omaha Man who said he was released from the Nebraska state Penitentiary two weeks ago was held saturday on a robbery charge in connection with the beating of an elderly Iowa a ground and air search resulted Friday in the capture of Francis William Grant police had hid Den in his clothing and another in his Floyd of Mas who was found unconscious in his car near Carson thursday later told offi cers he had been beaten and robbed of about Senate kills Union shop 3127 Des Moines a democrats have lost their major la Bor a Union shop but their leaders said saturday they still hoped to pass two other measures in their three Bill package before the legislative session the Senate voted 3127 Fri Day afternoon to defeat a Bill to legalize Union shop labor which require a worker to join the Union after he is Harold Hughes said he was but glad that the measure was Well aired and that All lawmakers had a Chance to he said he still Hopes for passage of two other major changes he is proposing in the labor seven democrats voted against the Bill along with All republicans except Leo Al who was they Are Adolph elvers of Elkader Merle Roy Al West Union Warren Boone Donald Melrose Howard and Bass Van All other democrats voted for political repercussions Al ready were being Kruck said Iowa democratic chairman Lex Hawkins told him As Long As i am chairman of this party in Iowa you wont get another thing from the Kruck was a Leader of democratic opposition to the the House also has passed a Hughes sponsored Bill to create a commission to work to prevent and mediate labor disputes much As the National labor re lations Board does on a National still to be introduced is the third to liberalize the Law on picketing in labor outlaw so called secondary Boycotts and hot cargo and restrict the Power of courts to intervene in labor disputes without giving a hearing to both majority Leader Andrew told the Senate Friday the Union shop proposal is the most twisted out proportion Issue to come before the legislature since when labor haters passed the Bill the present Law which they thought would take labor unions out of he declared that it would not require anyone to join a but would merely allow employ ers and their employees to negotiate such contracts if they so Tom Cedar said the practical effect would be compulsory Union he said this was wrong in principle he would vote against the Bill although labor leaders helped elect him to the Musca said anybody who votes for this dangerous Bill has no right to talk any More on civil he said it would remove from the Law a guarantee that the individual can make his own Senate see Page 7 dominican Republic into a last ing before the shooting stopped at noon the military situation had developed into a standoff Between the two warring this made diplomats optimistic on the ceasefire the civilian military Junta fought with tanks and machine guns right up to the deadline Friday and was reported to have crushed rebel resistance in Northern Santo this left the rebels with their Down town stronghold which is sealed off by troops who have strict orders not to allow armed forces from either Side through their the area is about 8 City blocks wide and 12 blocks the truce which ended at noon today was negotiated by the red Cross and the United nations to evacuate the dead and Secretary general u Thant told the Security Council Friday that his representative in Santo Jose Antonio was try ing to extend it another 24 Jordan and several other nations were working on a Resolution which would have the 11 nation Security Council Call for a lasting in strategists said prospects for a solution to the dominican crisis have taken a turn for the better and chances for a permanent cease fire Are they cautioned that much remained to be the United states announced it would withdraw some of its troops in the Domin ican the number to be pulled out is about equal to the number of troops being sent in by latin american nations under the auspices of the organization of american officials said a sizable contingent and some inter american forces May have to remain on the Caribbean Island for the United states has been pressing for a coalition govern ment which could run the coun try until a permanent govern ment is working with Oas have pro posed Antonio Guzman As presi Dent of the interim he is a Farmer businessman who served in the Cabinet of former president Juan both rebel president dominican see Page 7 the weather Iowa forecast mostly Cloudy through sunday with showers and thunderstorms Over 2040 per cent East portion and 4060 per cent West portion saturday night and 4060 per cent North portion cooler Southeast saturday warmer lows 60 North to 65 the weather in Carroll daily temperature Courtesy of Iowa in bloc service company yesterdays High yesterdays Low at 7 at 10 today precipitation 24 hours prior to 7 weather a year temperatures ranged from a High of 87 to a Low of 67 de Grees a year ago telephoto flying classroom the Federal communications commission has approved expansion of educational televisions mid West programming to six videotaped pro Grams Are beamed to a wide audience in the area from this special dc6 equipped with a 24foot an negroes attack White free youth new York a angry negroes twice attacked a White patrolman Friday night and both times freed a negro youth he had accused of breaking into a furniture a puerto i can grocer who tried to help the patrolman was critically Early three More policemen were injured in a free Orall sequel at the Home of relatives of a youth being held As a result of the a Spanish priest Heads the jesuits Vatican City a the very Pedro a Spanish priest who is also a medical was elected general of the jesuits today at a secret conclave of roman catholicism biggest and most influential religious father a 57year old Basque who earned a name As a smooth administrator in running the multinational Jesuit province in Japan the past seven was chosen in a secret vote at the Headquarters of the society of the Jesuit at the Edge of Vatican a majority of the 218 electors representing Jesuit provinces around the world elected him on the third ballot in a halfday voting he succeeds the very Jean Baptiste a Bel who died last october after running the order for 18 by word of the choosing of the new general the 27th since Ignatius Loyo la founded the society in the 16th Century was sent immediately to the the result of the voting was then announced at the Vatican press a general or world wide meeting of the be Gan May the jesuits Are Active in de missionary work and scientific jesuits operate Vatican the Vatican astronomical Observatory and the widely respected pontifical Gregorian University of Many of the leading roman Catholic universities of the world such As Fordham in new York Are Jesuit two men and a woman were taken into custody the trouble erupted shortly after 9 near the 174th Street station of the third ave nue subway line in the it is an elevated station in a pre dominantly negro and puerto rican residential area where a similar incident occurred four years police gave this description of the events from the station patrolman Philip As signed to overtime duty As part of the cites crackdown on sub Way spotted two youths breaking into a furniture he chased and collared a crowd of 50 negroes met him Back at the store and demanded let him go let him go when Siegel he was knocked Down by a blow on the head from the patrolman got fired a warning shot and chased and recaptured the the now numbering again confronted Siegel and the no handcuffed the men rushed kick ing and slugging him to the the soft drink bottle smashed Down on the patrol mans knocking his Nightstick from in the Strug the youth ran storekeeper Enrigue and seven friends came from his grocery to Aid but Negron was policemen subsequently arrested Eddie a be and booked him on charges of felonious by assaulting a policeman and interfering with an vow to end session by 29th of May Des Moines to floor leaders in the Iowa legislature and a number of Sena tors apparently have contracted going Home but rank and file members of the House appear to be immune to the As the legislature completed the 131st Day of its longest regu Lar session in history Andrew dds and Elroy majority leaders in the two vowed an fallout Effort to wind up the session by next they a formidable task if they Are to wind up their work by that Frommelt has had pretty Good Luck at holding the Senate in ses Sion for Long hours the past Cou ple of the Senate even went into a couple of night ses Sions this week to Deal with a parimutuel betting his forces deserting him whenever he proposed to hold either night or saturday he gave up Early this week on a motion to hold a night meeting because too few House members prom ised to be and a vote Friday on a saturday meeting showed Only 48 of the 124 Mem Bers were even the Friday afternoon House session had to be Cut legislature see Page 7 Nancy Wenck to England As an ass student Nancy Wenck of Carroll has been notified that she will be going to England for the sum Mer according to an announcement made saturday morning by Arthur president of the Carroll chapter of the american Field miss daughter of and Clarence is completing her Junior year at Carroll High she will leave for England Early in the name of the town and other details of the trip have not been the Wenckus have been Host family to Keo Ken Deng student from during this school he graduated with the class of 1965 from Carroll High school thursday night and is being honoured at a reception sunday from 79 at Paul lutheran planes also dropped leaflets on the towns of ton and a the 10 vietnamese planes All returned safely after striking at a series of targets including the Quang Khe naval Brick Barracks at Xong Ray and a group of 20 Small boats at Phu the vietnamese reported sinking the intensive fire hit the Vietnam Ese from the Quang Khe base but All planes a Sharp clash was reported today Between vietnamese army troops and Viet Cong forces near Ben about 30 Miles North of the Viet Cong were reported to have hit the town with 25 rounds of mor civilian casualties in the town were said to have been first reports Aid casualties May have been heavy in the fighting that followed the mor tar the reports said up to a battalion of Viet Cong troops May have attacked about 70 South vietnamese unconfirmed reports said possibly americans accompanying the vietnamese were air strikes were called in and some were said to have hit with in 600 Yards of Ben a Strong communist guerrilla the fighting broke off late in the afternoon and armed helicopters prowling the Region were said to have lost sight of the Viet in South Viet marines carried out a scorched Earth operation in a Viet Cong hideout area South of communist guerrillas fled after Token resistance when marines with flame throwers burned Many containing on the political the Long awaited reshuffle of pre Mier Phan Huy quads govern ment was expected to be announced this the s h a k e u p announcement had been scheduled for Friday but vietnamese sources said it was delayed by a reported plot against Quat and key military reports indicated that the air strikes were Only partly Suc a military spokesman Aid four a4 sky Hawks ranging Over communist territory Friday night spotted 20 trucks parked in a Clearing off route 16 about 120 Miles South of they hammered at the area for 10 minutes with 250pound bombs and and reported leaving one truck the pilots also reported that a building near the Clearing burst into it was believed the Viet Page 7 distinguished alumni citation to Wilson a James publisher of Carroll daily times was awarded a University of Missouri distinguished alumni citation in a ceremony Wilson was attending an alumni Board meeting of the Columbia teaching newspaper of the school of journalism for which he is vice anti guerrilla Radt telephoto paratroopers landed by helicopter infested territory West of Danang air fan out for a sweep through Viet Cong

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