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Carroll Daily Times Herald Newspaper Archives May 11 1968, Page 1

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Carroll Daily Times Herald (Newspaper) - May 11, 1968, Carroll, Iowa Carroll daily times Herald 113 return guaranteed May pages evening Fot so cents per week copy reach Accord on procedures officials atmosphere very good9 Paris a american and North vietnamese negotiators reached agreement today on procedural matters for Mon Days opening of talks which could Lead to an end of the War in the atmosphere of today meeting was described As very Good by an american Cyrus Deputy Leader of the american Dele told newsmen after to Days session we have concluded All procedural arrange we will go into sub stance on Vance was emphatic on one Point the atmosphere has been very he said it has been agreed with his opposite a Van that the Confer ence will be conducted in two official and French As the working this Means that each Side will use its own language in conducting the Day today business of the Confer but French will be used for any conference documents and which can be readily translated and under stood by both after today second and final 2hour and 22minute procedural Lau was smiling As he usually and told newsmen he was very sat asked if there would be a further meeting he said tomorrow is pressed As to whether a Viet Nam ceasefire would be the first order of business he replied no we must leave that to the Heads of the Vance said an Agenda for the talks monday was not Dis Vance and Lau were reported to have shaken hands at the Start of the As they did the first time they their opening round Friday also had been described As to Sharp fighting in Saigon area Saigon a forces reported today killing 442 North vietnamese troops below the de militarized zone in renewed Sharp described by some officers As another phase of the ene Meys peace talk of in the ene Meys Sevenda Yold attack on the american command reported 50 Viet Cong soldiers killed in fighting in and around the some guerrillas still were holding out on the Southern fringes despite heavy Allied air in the Northern War 1st air cavalry division troops rushed in to reinforce Marine units battered in heavy fighting around Dong where enemy soldiers have been re ported killed in the last two the army reinforcements and marines reported killing 442 enemy soldiers in the last 24 hours in five Battles ranging from 5 to 11 Miles below the demilitarized american casualties were put at 24 killed and 54 if the count is 18 enemy soldiers were killed for every american Many of the enemy dead were claimed from american strikes and artillery bombers reportedly killed 56 enemy troops Between Dong a and Gio another Marine Strong Point to the after a company of infantrymen from the 199th Light Bri Gade came under enemy Small arms fire and pulled one american was killed and two medal for Bruning Glidden Deane son of Clar ence Bruning of has received the air Force commendation medal at Scott transportation staff was decorated for meritorious serv ice at Travis he was cited for his Superior management techniques and supervisory skill he is now at Scott in a unit of the military Airlift who was commissioned in 1948 through the aviation Cadet is a Veteran of the korean a graduate of Glidden High he attended Creighton his wife is the former Dolores full Lulu captured marines examine a captured 75mm recoilless Rifle used against them in recent Vietnam 2 candidates share dont meet a Hubert Humphrey and Robert Kennedy have shared a Campaign seeing each a promoter of the vice presidents cause said he hoped the appearance would encourage Humphrey write in votes in the Nebraska presiden tial Kennedy arrived at salad Humphrey came on after dessert Friday night As the presidential rivals took turns addressing some democrats at a fund Rais ing Humphrey got the More frequent he was the featured and was at the microphone More than twice As Long As Ken by the time Humphrey a Kennedy was on his Way to for a round of campaigning in that primary Kennedy and Eugene Are the democratic contenders on the Nebraska ballot for next tues Days Humphrey is not entered in any but democratic National committeeman Marvin Werve of Omaha said Humphreys Nebraska supporters hoped to Remote a sizable write in vote for the vice Werve said in an interview he loped the Humphrey show in Omaha would bolster what he called an word of Mouth its not in tended to be any kind of an aggressive he this is going to be Ponta while Werve would offer no the weather the weather in Carroll dully temperatures Courtesy of Iowa service company yesterdays High yesterdays Low at 7 today at 10 Iowa forecast considerable cloudiness Satur Day Chance of rain cooler Low temperatures Cloudy 30s Northwest to 40s partly Cloudy and continued Cool Amthor a year ago it was Rainy a year ago today in in the 24hour period prior to 7 a total of Inch was tempera Tures varied from a High of 56 to a Low of 39 estimate of the potential Humphrey he said it will be Humphrey specifically denied he was trying to promote write in the Omaha engage ment was arranged months before he was a candidate for the and his Campaign Headquarters in Washington disavowed the Nebraska write in United democrats for Humphrey said the vice president is not directly or indirectly involved in the and his organization has no part in any write in this was designed to dissociate Humphrey from efforts his strategists rate As Likely to Kennedy is rated the Ite in the Nebraska while Humphrey was having no part of the write in he was not neglecting the other Side of the primary on which nebraska1 democrats will choose delegates to cast 28 nominating votes at the National there were 103 42 of them pledged to president Johnson whose name also re Mains on the preferential although he has said he will not run the preferential poll does not bind the Steve Garst on Humphrey unit Steve Garst of Coon rapids has been named a member of the lows United democrats for Humphrey Minnesota Walter men Dale saturday announced key positions in the Humphrey organization in Iowa including state John Tapscott of Des Iowa Campaign director for vice president Hubert Humphreys Campaign for the demo cratic presidential George Des will head the state com Hugh Des president of the Iowa federation of will work with and Fred vice president of the National com growers will work with Campaign Headquarters will be at 320 West grand Des restraint on wages and prices urged hot a president Johnsons top eco nomic adviser and an official of a Federal Reserve Bank say that even if there is a tax voluntary restraint on wages and prices will be needed to combat chairman Arthur Okun of the presidents Council of economic advisers and presi Dent Alfred Hayes of the fed Era i Reserve Bank of new York told the nations Indus trial leaders Friday some action must be taken to halt Spir a Ling wages which in turn threaten spiralling Okun and Hayes address the business Council at its Spring some 100 presi dents and Board chairmen of the nations biggest firms discuss Urban problems Okun said the journey Back to Price stability will be a Long and difficult one even if con Gress enacts Johnsons proposed 10 per cent surcharge on income the Basic problem for reconciling Prosperity and Price stability is going to be with us a Long tune and the need for some kind of voluntary restraint is very great he Okun did not use the word guideposts to describe the voluntary wag Price restraints he but Hayes said this device needs careful and sym pathetic reexamination even though it is considered out of while direct and rigid governmental controls Over prices and wages must be rejected As counter to the very principles of free Commerce we seek to sus we must find some Way of upholding the guidepost Princi ple of keeping wage increases in line with average productivity Hayes Prill fund hits the fund to help Leanna of go to Denver for a kidney Rose to an estimated sat Robert Moehn of local drive announced these new developments the student Council at Lake View raised in a Cam the Kuemper High student with the permission of the Thomas voted to hold a drive at Kuemper starting Mon the Lake City Community High where Leanna was a freshman Early last is holding a letters Are pouring in from All Over the area a the result of the interest raised by news paper Moehn plans Are being worked out now to Send Leanna to Denver and receive a kidney from her Iowa City doctors have estimated the Cost of the entire procedure at Between Tod following the saturday ses Sion spokesman William Jorden met reporters and issued a statement saying the two sides have agreed on proce dures for official conversations to begin monday at it also was Jorden said in response to for each ambassador Averell Harri Man and North Vietnam negotiator Xuan make opening Jorden said he did not know yet whether those statements would be re leased for ambassador Harriman is pleased that the procedural questions have been settled and the official conversations will begin on Jorden add on the basis of reports from the spokesman de scribed the tone of the meeting today As Good Aind business he said there had been no Dis Cussion of an Agenda to be Fol Lowed in the monday talks and no agreement to set a schedule for future sessions because that would be worked out from Day there also is no arrangement for either Harriman or Thuy to preside Over the apparently the discussions will be carried on primarily As a give an take conversation Between the two he added that it has been agreed each Side would be permitted to have up to 20 persons Ait the monday including members of each official staff a s s i s t a it record and the it also has been agreed that the two sides will Exchange lists of the persons who will participate from this Jorden said he concluded that there would be some Contact Between the delegations on but he did not know or at what Vance and Lau reportedly agreed that they should give out As Little information As possible on their the North vietnamese spokes Man said the americans suggested that nothing further be said and the North vietnamese other sources con firmed that this was an Ameri can Vance and ambassador Averell top be will use English in the associates be cause neither is fluent in vietnamese diplomats normally speak French As Well As their native what language they will speak in the conference is optional among the two official and one working uses office recruiting Corn Field workers a total of 650 Corn Field work ers will be needed to fill the work order at the Iowa state employment service office Harold Van Der Mana said this is the largest order in recent history and prospects Are for he the office is recruiting All boys and girls Over 14 for these the pay schedule is per hour and Many workers in the past year made consider Able Money at this kind of work to use for school workers go out i Crews of there will be tour Crews out of Denison and five or six out of there will be at least one each from Manning and Auburn and possibly two each from Jefferson and Scran interested Young people Are urged to apply at the nearest Volunteer farm representative or at the Carroll the local office is also taking applications for Crew foremen who will receive a Day and for an John Longnecker photo 2 Hurt in crash Raphael was injured seriously when the car he was driving skidded into the rear of a parked Lytton Creamery truck at als seven Miles North on Highway 71 at Belanger was hospitalized Here with a Skull fracture and fractured left was hospitalized with head injuries and fractured the Belanger car was attempt ing to pass a northbound truck driven by Donald who was turning into the serv ice station Belangeri Auto struck the left front bumper of the truck driven by Roberts and skidded into the rear of the parked the Accident was investigated by the sheriffs office and Highway cities pressing for College told to relax Council Bluffs a Western Iowa communist lies eagerly pushing themselves for Ward As the Best possible site for a new Iowa College Are be ing told to relax and wait a the decision on where the new fou year school is to be located rests with the state Board of Board Secretary Wayne Rich 3 killed As car plunges from Road Glenwood a three Young persons were killed and three others injured late Friday night in a one car Accident near this Mills county killed in the crash were Gary Allen dim Mitt and Charles both All of Council the Highway patrol said King Rey was driving the car when it ran off a gravel Road about 4 Miles Northwest of Glenwood and went Over an injured in the crash were Rita Gerenek and Sandra both of and Richard of Council their injuries were not believed by said Many communities continue to inquire about their chances of getting the new and there All getting the same there being told that if the Board wants information from it will ask for and if it Doest there wasting their that int quite As brusque As it the regents this week adopted criteria for choosing a Loca Tion for a new but these guidelines Are so general that almost any Community could claim it meets the Board designated the 38 westernmost counties As the Western Iowa Region where the school will be next consultants Are expected to recommend a few particularly Likely areas of one to four counties each for closer Richey said he Hopes the by the Middle of will designate an area of per haps two to four counties As the general location for the he questionnaires will be sent to communities in that gathering More information for use in pinpointing a this would enable the Board to decide what areas it wants studied intensively by architects College see Page 6 trapped miners rescued Hominy a stiff and chilled Coal miners Rode a conveyor Belt to i Freedom before Dawn today aft i or spending five terrifying Days huddled in a flooded left deep in the were 10 of their Fellows for whom All Hope was lost Long it was believed Bhe 10 were swept to their death monday noon when a break in the Wall to an adjoining abandoned mine shot millions of Gallons of water i through the mines Wavy Pas j the first Miner came out of the mine into the Glare of floodlights and the wait ing arms of his wife and family at he had spent a to Tal of 118 hours and 20 minutes in the mine since he reported for work at 7 the others followed in Quick As each Man stepped off the Blanket was thrown around his shoulder and he was led to a padded they were Black from hard hat to Boot and wet from water they had to Wade through on part of their Journ the lamps on their hats flick ered through the at first the 200 friends and relatives who had waited most of the night around the mine in trance were then there was a great wave of laughing and it was difficult to make out any of the conversations As the scene turned to photographers bulbs went off like harsh there also was sadness among relatives of the 10 miss ing men crowded to the in trance in faint mine officials had not re leased a list of those known to be alive and those presumed dead but it was Likely that families had been but they still crowded in Elwood Odell was Ohe first Man the men appeared dazed by the harsh floodlights and the questions being thrown at them by mine officials and Only five minutes elapsed be tween the emergence of the first Man and the after a few minutes sitting Down on foam covered benches outside the mine the men were led to but All did not one Man who came out of tha mind did not get into an Amu a woman had her Arm around his Waist and yelled Here he is the Miner had gone from the mine Entrance up the opposite Over barricade ropes and was greeted by the woman front of the mine Lee Todd of the mine quickly looked Over each Man before he was led to the ear officials had said that the men had agreed Over the radio Telephone to undergo observation in hospitals at Summers Ville and late news off a wire Vatican City a Pope Paul i relieved roman catholics in his own diocese in Rome today from the duty of attending mass on sundays and feast Days and made it possible for them to fulfil the obligation on the eve Ning in a decree released through his vicar for Angelo car Dinal Pope Paul ruled that evening masses in Rome churches on saturday and on the eve of a religious holi Day could be considered of equal value to the sunday the ruling will become effective on an experimental basis june at business meet hot a president Johnson arrived by helicopter at this Mountain re sort today to meet with business leaders at the Spring meeting of the business some 100 and Board chairman of the nations largest firms Are Here this weekend to discuss Urban prob lems and other subjects concerning business and building program Council Bluffs a a million building program for Iowa three state universities that will require about in state funds Over 10 has been outlined for the state Board of officials of the three state universities said Friday the plan is needed to make up pres ent space deficits and meet the growth needs of the crush riot Paris a Gas masked riot police crushed the latest and bitterest student revolt in the latin Quarter at Dawn today after 11 hours of tear clubbing and warding off rocks throw by police chief Maurice Gri Maud said 367 persons were injured and 468 arrested in what he called a veritable guerrilla by the associated press the poor Peoples hit by a and some Lack of continued its roundabout route toward Washington the Southern segment of the which spent the night in after housing was assured of Beds at its next Stop in the Georgia coastal City of and in Washington officials worked out an arrangement in which the campaigners will be allowed to erect what they Call resurrection in a Park Between the Washington Monument and toe us onto

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