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Carroll Daily Times Herald Newspaper Archives Jun 5 1965, Page 1

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Carroll Daily Times Herald (Newspaper) - June 5, 1965, Carroll, Iowa Carroll daily times Erald 132 return postage guaranteed june pages delivered by Carrier boy each evening for 40 cents per week copy Viets strike at reds Monsoon offensive Start s Viet Nam a government badly battered by Viet Cong ambushes in recent struck Back with the Aid of armed helicopters and claimed today they killed 48 communist guerrillas in a single action a military spokesman reported that Quick action by army helicopter Crews accounted for 20 of the Viet Cong six reds were captured and eight others taken As suspects in the operation near Vinh 55 Miles Southwest of vietnamese units continued to comb the area saturday with the support of armoured and artillery four government soldiers reportedly were killed and four others were wounded with a army adviser in fridays the adviser was struck in the left Arm by hand Gre Nade he was not injured government forces were not As fortunate in another engage ment they reportedly killed five Viet but suffered 18 two wounded and 32 missing themselves after a communist battalion attacked three hamlets 265 Miles North East of this brought to 299 the toll of government forces wounded or missing in action in the last three the High toll and pronounce ments by a High military spokesman and a communist chinese propaganda Organ underscored that the Long awaited Viet Cong Monsoon offensive had the spokesman said in Saigon Friday that the important Battle of the summer parliamentary snafu Marks end of session Des Moines a the Iowa legislature came to an abrupt end Friday night after a comic tangle of parliamentary confusion in the the House had managed to get itself into an impasse where it could not proceed with a Good fit telephoto comedian Bob Hope tries on his sons mortar Board for size after delivering the commencement address at William Kelly Hopes los Angeles High legislative demos set increase taxes Des Moines a democrats promised changes last january when they took control of the legislature for the first time in three the legislature which went bullets fired into Home of Deputy men fired six bullets into the Home of the chief Deputy Sher Iff Early today As officers pressed their investigation of a terrorist style chief Deputy Doyle Holli who lives about four Miles out of said he rushed from his House and emptied his magnum Pis Tol at a fleeing perhaps one of the shots did some damage but i am not he two of the bullets fired by the Nightrider ripped through the Kitchen two hit an air conditioning unit and another lodged in the Wall of a Breeze Way to the the other could not be located in the the shooting came As Federal and local officers pressed a massive investigation into the shooting of Washington Parish first negro Deputy Sher a White Man charged in the Ernest of waived extradition Friday was returned to Louisiana from where he was Holliday said he and his wife were sitting in a room behind the the bullets hit the Wall right behind he Fri and state crime Labora tory investigators were making casts of the tire tracks made by the car As it drove Down a Cir Cular driveway leading to Holli Days the Holliday House is situated about 300 Yards off a Blacktop Road West of agents also were probing for the slugs that Tore into the iome Friday set some Marks which should stand at least an other 30 it was the longest regular ses Sion in Iowa it raised or extended several moved toward major reorganization of gave schools More Money than Ever and adopted a record budget of about Richard r said it also passed 25 Bills which will produce vary ing increases in local property Iowa Republican chairman Robert Ray said the legislature left Lowans overburdened with new taxes at every level of government and failed to provide truly representative government by turning Down legislative sub eliminating secret sessions and committee the 1965 legislature fought on the floor issues that otherwise might have been quietly axed without a major the resulting Donnybrook Over revision of the rights work Law to legalize the Union shop divided the democrats and left democratic gov Harold Hughes without the changes he fought the Union shop proposal was it was a session that approved eight proposed amendments to the Iowa Constitution More legislature see Page 7 Oas tries negotiating a settlement Santo Domin ican Republic a the stalemated dominican civil War marked its sixth week today with a fresh peace team of the organization of american states trying to win a political so previous major efforts to negotiate an agreement ended in including those by the the United nations and the there were reports that the three nation authorized wednesday by a Spe Cial Oas brought from Washington a plan for a Swift Oas supervised but Oas and government sources Only would say that the election was one of a number of possible Compromise solutions under an Oas followed by an and a coalition provisional government were other the dominican rebels already have rejected an Electon for Mula proposed by the civilian military the rebels demanded restoration of the 1963 Constitution and creation of a new government before an elec the new Oas peace Effort was launched Friday when its com Mission met with Eman Uele the papal and with ambassador Tapley the Vatican representative was one of the first to attempt to mediate the members of the peace team dominican see Page 5 2 bandits get in Holdup Davenport a two masked bandits held up a Davenport tavern operator Friday night and escaped with More than Leroy Jones told officers he had picked up receipts from two of the taverns he operates and1 was in the the Twilight when he was the bandits took in receipts and about he had in his Jones and then locked him in the trunk of a Jones cries attracted the at Tention of they called who earlier had been called by one of the band its who reported that Jones was locked in the vandals steal Pool Nylon rope the 100foot Nylon rope which supports floats and divides deep from shallow portions of the american legion swimming Pool was taken by vandals thursday Ralph chairman of the legion swim Ming Pool said saturday that apparently the vandals climbed Over the Fence during the this rope int Worth any thing to anyone the Pool is operated for the Benefit of the general and Carroll in we regret that some few saw fit to inconvenience the rest of us and to cause us the extra expense of a new he the Pool opened a controversial Resolution it had taken up unless All unexcused members were and it could not vote on a motion to excuse the absentees unless All the unexcused Mem Bers could be rounded Many of them had left for just when it appeared the House had resolved its difficult the Senate lost patience with the whole affair and journey for the Senate adjournment was the death Knell for a Bill to extend the sales tax to admissions to athletic plays and the like sponsored by charitable and educational inst the Senate adjourned at when word of its action reached the the lower chamber the process of approving a Compromise ver Sion of the sales tax Extension the House than threw in the Towel and adjourned at All agreed that failure of the which would have produced about million a would not jeopardize the million a year budget that the legislature has put but Many legislative leaders had hoped the Bill would be passed so that the Money could be used in some Way for property tax Veteran legislators and newsmen agreed they had never seen anything like the parliamentary snafu that marked the sessions dying it All started when Rural legislators headed by Harold sought Pas Sage of a Resolution calling upon Congress to Convene a Conven Tion to Amend the Federal Constitution to permit consideration of factors other than population in apportionment of one House of any state a supreme court decision a year ago held that population is the Only basis for apportion ing seats in a state Urban legislators were dead set against allowing the Resolution to come to a it had been passed some weeks earlier by the Mueller said 25 other states already have passed similar James d Des seeking to prevent a filled a Call of the House on the Resolution and All amendments and motions there of 1965 has just been joined events have been such that we Are moving into an important period of the the new China news Agency described the Viet Cong Offen Sive As a glorious Page in the annals of the liberation War in South Viet a Brilliant Page in a Peoples Advent of the Monsoon is throwing the aggressors into still greater a bigger defeat is in store for three air were reported against North Viet namese targets Twenty a4 sup ported by eight f8 crusaders from the Carrier Bon homme blasted the Ben Thuy port facilities at Vinh about 160 Miles South of pilots said they hit an off Shore wharf with missiles and damaged a Coal Yard and Ware houses in the an antiaircraft site was blasted with a direct bomb the spokesman in other the spokes Man said trucks and Bridges were destroyed in armed route reconnaissance missions rang ing Over three a Supply depot and a Power Plant were damaged in separate strikes Over North Viet Nam late Friday the sources pilots said they scored a direct hit on a boiler Plant at Ben Phuon 135 Miles South of Hanoi and destroyed or damaged 14 buildings at the Vinh Supply de simulated space walk telephoto astronaut Edward Whites venture into open space is simulated at the Mcdonnell aircraft Plant at special rigging gives the appearance of weightlessness and per mits a technician to float about the simulation space twins crack endurance record at mid Point in flight heavy bombings continued against Viet Cong positions in South Viet the spokesman and vietnamese War planes flew More than 300 Sor ties against communist concen destroying or Damag ing nearly 100 in another a army enlisted Man was injured Friday by Small arms fire while on a helicopter resupply Mission about 150 Miles Northeast of he was not reported in serious despite continuing heavy Bat the casualties on the communist estimates of Viet Cong strength currently stand at about higher than they were four months according to the Best Intelli gence data now communist forces in South Viet Nam currently have Between 000 and with another to Par time comparable estimates in february were to full time troops and to included in this estimate is one regular North vietnamese battalion infiltrated As into Korntum province Central a Call of the House requires Page 5 Hunt for missing Independence youth Iowa a authorities started a search saturday for Larry Allen Ham of near the youth was last seen about Friday when he went to the Wapski Pinion River to go the weather Iowa forecast considerable cloudiness through showers and thunderstorms Over 6080 per cent of area saturday night and 40 per cent of state locally heavy Rains South and East saturday Little temperature lows Satur Day night in the weather in Carroll daily temperature Courtesy of Iowa Public service company yesterdays High yesterdays Low at 7 today at 10 a unit in the Apas Tro nauts James Mcdivitt and Edward White ii neared the Halfway Mark of their record space flight their routine broken by unidentified satellites and Little league baseball americas newest who cracked the space endur pastor Dies of crash injuries red Oak a the David of near Clarin died Early saturday in a Hospital Here of injuries suffered in a traffic Accident last the Henry was Pas Tor of the Bethesda lutheran Church near Clarinda and the strand lutheran Church at Vil he was injured at a Rural intersection Northeast of red Oak when the car he was driving collided with a car driven by Judy Arterburn of she was not the a for Mer missionary in is survived by his wife and four precipitation 24 hours prior to 7 inches of rain weather a year ago High temperature a year ago today was 77 degrees the More taxes be paid by Lowans Des Moines a Lowans will pay More taxes in a variety of ways As the result of Bills passed by the 1965 heres How starting next month cigarettes will go up three cents a from five to eight cents in state the tax on gasoline will Rise from six to seven cents a a state tax of two per cent will be added to the Price of rooms in hotels and the Cost of a Drivers License will be instead of every two next 1 state income taxes for 1966 will be deducted from paychecks through a new with holding but in april 1966 Lowans also will pay on 1965 taxes in one higher rates on inheritances also will go into on the brighter persons owning securities which have been taxed As moneys and cred its will get a five Mills of the six Mills tax has been re the loss will be made up by a higher income tax rate on taxable income Over Ance Mark Friday were to reach the midpoint of their Marathon journey at est As their gemini 4 space ship sailed High above the nation during orbit Mission control reported the Craft and pilots in excellent White slept through one attempt to give him a routine medical Check and had to be awakened later in the 27th orbit for the As the spacecraft crossed Over the libyan desert Early in its 29th orbit the Canary islands tracking station told the Astro nauts everything looks Good from everything in Here is White also got the Good news that his got one hit out of three times at Bat in a Little league baseball Mcdivitt was told by Mission control that the Little league team of his also Mission control said the pilots had reported no More sightings of the unidentified object Mcdivitt reported during the 19th officials listed at least 11 Earth most of them fragments or space in the general area of Mcdivittt As they whirled through their seemingly endless my White were pro excellent physical Divitt and bounced in White suffered no apparent aftereffects from the 20 minute excursion he made out Side the capsule shortly after thursdays launching from Cape but no american has spent As much time orbiting the Earth and the medics were on the Al Ert for any sign of physical or mental deterioration that might result from Long exposure to the weightless if there is it May not show up until after they return to Earth monday could affect the whole future of american manned space the astronauts reported see ing another satellite whirling through the heavens Friday and trackers today were trying to Page 7 posse Hunts killer of 3 in Nebraska big a a huge posse spread out across sprawling Plains of Western Nebraska and Eastern Colorado Hunting an icy Calm gun Man who killed three Bank ploys with shots in the Back and wounded a every available Man in 100 Miles is taking said Sher Iff Floyd late Friday sheriff a foot4 Man in a wide brim West Ern made his Headquarters in the state Fri sheriffs officers and police from neighbouring towns trooped in to report to the 510 residents of this Vil Lage astride the Denvert North Platte Highway 10 Miles North of the Colorado Border stunned by the killings i have no idea Why he shot said county Robert they didst resist when he told them to Lay Down on their the gunman fired eight times As the four Lay on the floor of the Farmers state three died the fourth was critically killed were Andreas Kjeld Page 7 late news off a wire Waukon Man Dies in Accident Dorchester a Ken Neth of near was killed Friday night when his Gar went off a curve at the intersection of highways 13 and 119 near officers said Ward was Dis charged from the army last survivors include his widow his and Lawrence Ward of near and 11 Brothers and by the associated press severe thunderstorms accompanied by damaging Hail and torrential Rains swept across Central and Eastern Kan Sas into North Central Missouri late Friday and Early at least 11 persons died in Highway accidents during the height of the tree limbs and Power lines were knocked Down and windows were shattered by High streams went out of their Banks and a number of persons were evacuated from Lowling implicates 3 More a a weary old Man a former member of the Oklahoma supreme court stunned a Federal court Friday by implicating three present members of the High state court in a bribery the and in failing testified at the perjury trial of former okla homa City mayor Cargill that Cargill helped for 20 years to finance his election campaigns in return for his vote on the High trouble brewing Cairo a unconfirmed reports reaching Here today said Khartoum Airport was closed Down and trouble appeared to be brewing in the Cap ital of Cairo Airport said it lost radio communication with the Airport at Airport officials noted the loss of radio Contact could be due to a strike rather than political support loss Washington a the agriculture departments commodity credit corporation re ported saturday it lost in carrying out Federal crop and farm income support and related activities during the ten month period ended april this compared with lost in the like period a year included in the losses were payments made to Farmers for holding Down acre Ages of feed grains and Cotton under programs designed to prevent losses incurred in storing and handling surplus commodities totalled com pared with a year this reduction reflected Small stocks of surplus products held by the government under Price support the corporations investment in surpluses totalled 000 on april compared with a year

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