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Carroll Daily Times Herald Newspaper Archives Jul 21 1973, Page 3

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Carroll Daily Times Herald (Newspaper) - July 21, 1973, Carroll, Iowa Daily times Herald editorials la Turnoy july 21, u71 cracking Heads quite t few motorcyclists fat Defiance of common sense relish the idea of being helmet less free spirits on the open Road. Accident figures suggest that they take a serious risk of becoming free spirits with cracked Heads. In states requiring protective helmets motorcyclists have a markedly better Chance of escaping from a crash with their lives and even with their Heads unbroken. Titis conclusion in a depart Brent of transportation study is sup ported by data from Illinois which has no helmet requirement and Michigan which does. In Michigan 15.8 per cent of motor Tyc Liste involved in accidents received head injuries. In Illinois the figure is More than double 37 per cent. Analysis Al More than 7,000 accidents also showed that head injuries killed 3.2 per cent of a helmeted riders involved in accidents in comparison with less than 1 per cent of those wearing helmets. The Dot study also showed that in accidents occurring at speeds under 35 Miles per hour Una Ebneter riders Are even times More Likely than those wearing helmets to suffer fatal injuries. Event higher speeds three times As Many without helmets Are killed. This should prompt second thoughts in those who fancy whizzing along unhampered by a helmet. Some rethinking also is in order in state Legislatures which have not yet seen fit to make wearing  helmet mandatory. Am a in drugs in rescinding its policy of not investing organizational funds in drug companies the american medical association seems to have taken an ethical backward step. The Ama has followed this policy since its adoption 10 years ago on grounds that 8u&-1 were a potential conflict of interest. That potential still exists and May be greater than Ever. The rationale of the Ama s judicial Council which deals with ethical matters is of interest. The Council first said that while it would be of questionable ethics for an individual physician to invest in drug stocks this does not apply to the Ama As a corporate body. What follows that attempt at justification is More interesting. An Ama fact Sheet on the decision contains this explanatory passage with the diversifying of Many corporations into Many Fields the restrictions against pharmaceutical vestments became More and More restrictive. Also the restriction denied participation in a Long and Well recognized growth segment of the this leaves the impression perhaps unwarranted that the Ama judicial Council is really saying in effect drug stocks Are a Good investment and there s no reason for the Ama not to put in some of its Money. Maybe so. But in View of the medical profession s intimate involvement in the prescription drug business it might have been better to stick with the old policy and depend on other kinds of investment to swell Ama corporate funds. Control addicted As far Back As a Century before Christ the chinese emperor we to attempted to control prices by government decree. History is Replete with other such examples most of them distinguished by markedly Little Success. In announcing phase 3 and one half  partial return to the controls of phase i of August november 1971, president Nixon reflected this lesson of history. We must never he said slip into the temptation of imagining that in the Long run controls can substitute for a free Economy or permit us to escape the need for discipline in fiscal and monetary policy. We must not let controls become a narcotic and we must not become whether or not controls on everything except raw agricultural products wages end rents Are a narcotic they seem to be the kind of Medicine a feverish Economy needs at this juncture. The question is whether that Medicine is Strong enough and timely enough and even so whether it will do More than treat the More visible symptoms of whatever it is that alls the Economy symptoms that could Only flare up again once controls Are removed. It is not controls that we Are in danger of becoming addicted to but inflation an inflation that has distorted the Economy for the greater part of the past decade and which we have almost Corn to accept As an inevitable fact of life. Added to the problem of Normal inflation in recent months has been the attack on the Dollar in the world s Money markets an Adverse balance of payments and As the president noted crop failures abroad and some of the worst weather for crops and livestock we have Ever experienced in America. Thus the attack on an inflationary situation of such complexity must be conducted on a Broad front with the ago mixing knowledge that not every variable the weather for instance is fully amenable to human manipulation. Now Don t Rode the boat dear Abby ready to wed just needs a girl Washington notebook Hanoi upstages pc Washington Nea a vietnamese speaking Friend for five years a prisoner of the Viet Cong and the North vietnamese and i had a four hour talk a few Days ago on the bitter in fighting now going on Between the pc guerrillas and forces from Hanoi. In our minds was the belief that if disunity among the Northern invaders and their South allies was great enough then South Vietnam has a Chance of surviving As a nation. This would Lessen chances of . Re involvement and be a major step toward stability in Southeast Asia. As my observant Friend described what he heard and saw while being taken from place to place in South and North Vietnam Over the years every month it seemed the struggle Between the Southern pc and the Hanoi farces grew deeper. Lesser educated and less efficient men got the promotions in the army. Better trained More highly educated and efficient Southern communists were passed Over. As time went on the incoming officers and civilian cadres sent from the North grew younger and More arrogant. These inexperienced Young men made certain their Southern allies knew who gave the orders and who obeyed regardless of rank. The territory occupied by the mainline Northern troops was clearly marked. Southern Viet Cong units could not move through they had to go around. They by Ray Cromley moved when the northerners said move and stayed put when the northerners said Stop. The southerners were used in screening and assault probing actions taking the heavy casualties. Despite talk that Northern mainline troops would go underground my Friend was emphatic in his belief these foot soldiers would be ineffective As guerrillas or civilian cadres. They d Likely do More than Good to the communist cause. Both the North vietnamese and pc however have a major capacity for organization within the territories each holds. Their tenacity and their skilled and persistent propaganda their Active adult education programs which Combine teaching and mind control their Ever present Mutual development projects for rebuilding the Countryside were and Are effective organizing tools. But if Tho pc North vietnamese conflict deepens if resentment of the northerners is foreigners grows deeper among the pc and if disdain of the southerners As inferiors continues to increase among the Hanoi invaders then in fact there will be three states in South Vietnam the South vietnamese nation government by president Thieu the Viet Cong lands and the Southern territory controlled directly by Hanoi troops. This is the situation now apparently developing also in Cambodia and Laos. It May be the United states will in the end have enabled the South to win the War in the sense that Saigon will be Able to keep its Independence by withdrawing our troops and that Hanoi finally will lose because it did not follow Mao tse Tung s advice and pull out its armies. Equal rights and risks by Joanne and Lew Koch if the equal rights amendment fails to be ratified this year it will be As much the fault of females who Are afraid of this across the Board Equality a male chauvinists jealously guarding their Power. In the Early Days of the women s liberation movement we could Gripe about being oppressed females perhaps get our husbands to do the dishes or change a diaper with greater ease and still not have to face the Challenge of dually changing our own lifestyle. New that men in 30 state Legislatures and countless private Homes have seen the rightness of the liberated position Many of them coming around rather quickly As oppressors go a number of women Are frightened of the new Freedom and the new responsibility they will have if they arc indeed treated As equals. With some men now saying come to think of it Why Don t you go to work Many women Are saying just a minute. Do i want the awesome problem of supporting my family do i want to face the pressures of career Competition the Small humiliations of swallowing Pride Compromise my ideals to hold the Job to keep the Boss Happy of course the equal rights amendment which has six More Yean to win the support of the additional eight states necessary for ratification would Force women who arc housewives and mothers to go out and work. It might even put a higher Premium on child bearing and Domestic responsibilities. But the passage of Era and the change in attitudes toward male and female roles that it would codify would Force choices on women who previously had a familiar if not always fulfilling path to follow. A so called housewife whose children were in school Moat of the Day who was not investing a full time Effort in her Home or family could no longer enjoy the luxury of society s support whether at Home or on the Job women would be expected to be productive. After studying the exodus portion of the Bible in sunday school my daughter Lisa asked Why the jews who went out from Egypt had to remain in the desert for 40 years. I told her that slaves because they have never been allowed to design their own lives become accustomed to following orders. They must obey if they Are to survive. Even when they Are freed from bondage they would find it difficult to make decisions to assert their opinions to fight for their existence to win. So the 40 years would allow a new generation to grow up born in Freedom with a belief in their own Worth. The men and women who have grown up with the More Subtle limitations of cultural bondage yoked in pairs will not have the privilege of wandering in the desert for 40 years. Men who have grown up regarding warriors business magnates and athletes As their heroes must now practically overnight learn tenderness compassion the ways of babies the Vicissitudes of chichen pox and sibling rivalry. Women who have been used to following orders must now make choices. Accustomed to a routine that provides accustomed to a routine that provides few new challenges but also few insecurities somebodies must now face the Prospect of testing their Mettle in a daily and often grueling contest. Timely quotes by Abigail Van Buren the simple fact is that for vast and increasing numbers of Consumers with valid complaints there is nothing to be done after two hours of haranguing the Salesman the supervisor the department chief the customer service girl and the store manager other than to drive 15 Miles Back Home kick the dog yell at his children and curse his wife. Lewis a. Engman Federal Trade i mini fun chairman. Abby Van Buren dear Abby i la seen be 30 and i want very much to get married preferably to a nurse or teacher but i have trouble finding Marriageable girls be cause i Don t drink smoke or dance. I m a College graduate not rep Lively ugly and i m a stay to Home person. So How does a stay at Home person meet another stay at Home person pickings Are mighty slim someone else s castoffs divorcees with kids or a girl with a face that Only her Mother could love. Guys Tefil me to go to a bar and order s soft drink but bars Are so noisy you can t hear yourself think let alone carry on a conversation with someone. Mom says go to Church an idea which does t Appeal to me much. And computer dating is a bad when i was working i met girls who Only made it through High school. If i d say i was interested in anthropology they d say something like of i like gardening if i Don t find work by september i la go to technical school where the girls will be 10 to 20 years younger than me and unless you Are Sonny and Cher i Don t think that Wib work out. Any suggestions b. B. Dear b. A Volunteer work and Community sponsored social programs attract the kind of girl you want. And Don t put Down your Mother s suggestion. Stay at Home girls usually go to chuch. Dear Abby i have been married for seven months to a real he Man or so i thought until recently. Now i find that he puts himself to sleep by sucking his right thumb and rubbing his left earlobe i have caught him several times and it really bothers me to be married to a Man who has such baby ways. I Haven t said anything to him about it because it s too embarrassing. Now i m wondering if maybe i should Tell him i have seen the Way he puts himself to sleep and ask him to please try to get Over it. Abby this Man is 6 2", loves All kinds of sports and he s seen Active duty in Viet Nam so i can t understand it. How should i handle it baby a wife in Arkansas dear wipe what possible harm is your husband doing to himself or to you by putting himself to sleep in this manner leave him alone and thank your Lucky stars he does t need sleeping pills barbs dear Abby when Rudy he s my husband was stationed in Kentucky about 18 years ago he became Friendly with another Soldier. Rudy spent a lot of time at this buddy s House. At the time Rudy was 26, and single. To make a Long Story Short he had an affair with his buddy s wife. Rudy says he really did t care much for her but she was Handy. I have known about this for a Long time and it never bothered me because my husband hardly Ever mentioned it. Now All of a sudden he is talking about it a lot and i find myself becoming very jealous Over something that had absolutely nothing to do with me. I be even had nightmares about it. Rudy is 14 years older than me and we have had a Good marriage. Mountaineers Are Good till the first drop. If they could harness political hot air the Energy crisis would be Over. From the Way some kids behave during vacation we say they should be heir conditioned. What would bugs do without people to Plant gardens for pm too Many people use to As an electronic baby Sitter. One Man s nostalgia is another Man s junk. Daily times Herald 515 North main Street Carroll Iowa daily except sundays and holidays other than Washington s birthday and Veteran s Day by Trie publishing company. James w. Wilson publisher Howard b. Wilson editor w. L. Reitz news editor James b. Wilson vice president general manager entered As second class matter at the Post office at Carroll Iowa under the act of March 2,1897. Member of the associated press the associated press is entitled exclusively to the use for republication of All the local news printed in this newspaper As Well As All a dispatches. Official paper of county and City subscription rates by Carrier boy delivery Par week $ .50 by mail Carroll county and All adjoining counties where Carrier service is not available per year .$15.08 outside of Carroll and adjoining counties in zones 1 and 3, Par year .418.00 All other mall in the United states per year .-.$22.00 the Carroll daily times Herald la an Abc daily newspaper. The number of subscribers recorded daily on permanent records and verified by the nationally recognized audit Bureau of circulations guarantees advertisers the Eald circulation figures of the Carroll ally times Herald Are accurate. Only an Abc newspaper can give Assurance its Ata Toi circulation is accurate. Do you think he keeps talking about this affair because he feels guilty and wants to get it off his Chest could he be proud of it or do you Mink he just does it to Hurt me i have never told him How much it bothers me because i believe he should know that. You can print this. All Rudy reads in the newspaper is the sports Section. Upset dear upset it does t matter Why Rudy talks about it but i think you ought to Tell him How much it bothers you. Ask him not to mention it again. Confidential to m. M. In great Falls Montana it s a great Deal easier to forgive an enemy after you get even with him. Your personal finance overloads fiery threat by Carlton Smith Carlton Smith there Are two things you should know bout room a conditioners before you buy one this season or before you plug in the one you already own. One bit of information j can help you save quite a few dollars every summer from now on. The other involves More than just a few dollars nothing less in fact than the Cost of your House or apartment being burned out. Every room conditioner now manufactured is rated on its Energy efficiency ratio or . It s a measure of How much electricity the unit consumes to accomplish a Given amount of Cooling. In other words its efficiency. Between different makes of air conditioners even Between various models of the same manufacturer there s a Good Deal of variation in efficiency. A series of tests made last summer by a City purchasing department indicated savings up to $30 a season in operating costs could result from using a conditioner with the Best . Rating. Any Salesman should be Able to Tell you what a unit s . Is. Dealers Are furnished by the Home appliance manufacturers association with a directory showing .s for All 1973 models. But there s always some Salesman who did t get the word. When you ask about the . His answer will be huh in that event consult the plate or sticker which gives the essential information about the unit. One figure will show the . Rating toe Cooling Capac in. Another will give Watts the amount of electricity used. Divide b.t. by Watts and you have the . The higher it is the More efficient the conditioner is. For example you Are comparing two makes each rated at 5,000 b.t. one consumes 710 Watts the other achieves the same Cooling with 625 Watts. The first unit has an . Of 7, the second is rated at 8. Last summer when a save a Watt 1 Campaign was being waged in new York City to Avert threatened brownouts and blackouts Consumers were told that any unit with an . Below 6 was unacceptably inefficient and wasted electricity. In the purchasing tests the lowest rated unit had an . Of 3.6 and the most efficient was rated at 12. So much for the savings afforded by Superior efficiency up to $30 on 1,500 hours of operation during a summer season. To avoid a major financial disaster there Are safety rules about electrical circuits that have become important recently. During the single month of july Leal year More than 400 fires in houses and apartments were found by the new York fire department to be directly traceable to electrical systems overloaded by air conditioners. Many overload problems Are being caused by the recently marketed portable air conditioners City officials warned. Some ads Tell you that the Little conditioners require no installation that you can just plug it in anywhere and away you yes up in smoke maybe warned the City s department of consumer affairs. It s True that the portables Are Low amperage units and will usually operate on a regular House circuit without blowing a fuse. The trouble is that any air conditioner Large or Small makes a Start up demand on current that causes a surge in the wiring system. The same is True of any appliance with a fairly Large motor refrigerators washing machines dishwashers Etc. A House circuit already May be carrying a near capacity Load because of lights radio to and other Normal usage. If an air conditioner and another heavy appliance switch on at the same time there s a Good Chance that the surge will exceed the limit for which the circuit is fused. But fuses usually have a Short time delay built in so that they won t blow when there s a Brief temporary surge. When a circuit repeatedly is subjected to such overloads wires can get hot enough to set Wood and other flammable building materials soldering. The fire can Start anywhere in the House on that circuit wherever its weakest link happens to be fire department officials explain. Or a fire May Start in the appliance itself because it s not getting enough current from an overloaded circuit. It runs at less than rated Speed and overheats. Fire can then break out in the motor windings of the appliance. It is in fact illegal to operate an air conditioner unit either regular or portable on anything but what electricians Call a Home run circuit if your Community has a first rate electrical code. Such a circuit is a single line running directly from the circuit Box to an air conditioner outlet. There is no Way to plug any additional appliance into the circuit and it s separately fused. You can probably get away indefinitely with violations of the code or just plug your conditioner in anywhere if your local code does t prohibit it but you May pay an extremely High Price for it some hot summer Day when your wiring system is we by Nia inc. 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