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Carlton Chronicle Newspaper Archives Aug 6 1836, Page 11

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Carlton Chronicle (Newspaper) - August 6, 1836, London, Middlesex The Carlton chronic 139 where neither Sun nor Moon shall Greet thine thus i May dread no danger from thy seize attendants bind him they bind my lord How can you treat in such a Way a Man on whom gods hand has plainly been revealed v let us if twill a second time preserve remove him to my ill follow in person i will see him lodged at you dare not do the emperors self Durst tis violation of our charter Ges where Are they has the emperor confined them 1 he never has done such favour must won by yielding first Complete rebels be Are All against the emperors and Foster ers of desperate i know you i completely through Huiai from among you i select at but you Are All partakers of his the Wise will study silence and followed by Hare and Fiu Ebhardt and leu Triold alls Over with me he has resolved to bring destruction on me and my to Why did you provoke the tyrants rage 1 let him be who feels the pangs i tour every Hope is now extinct with you we All Are Fetters and country people surrounding we lose with you our last remaining in sorry for but must Farewell Walter Tell clinging to my dear father Tell pointing to thy father is on Call thou on him Hast thou no to Send thy wife Tell clasping his son passionately to his the boys uninjured god will Succour me ears himself and follows the soldiers of the leaves v an unpublished by vhf Eckwill be torn p it once a fortnight the Hospital in my rambles through the streets of after evening has set i have often paused be Neath the windows of some Public and pictured to myself the gloomy and Mournful scene that were passing the sudden moving of a taper As its feeble Ray shot from window after until its Light gradually As if it were carried further Back into the room to bedside of some suffering Bas been enough to awaken a whole crowd of reflections the Mere glimmering of the Low burning lamps which when All other habitations Are wrapped in darkness and denote the chamber where so Many forms Are writhing with or washing with has been sufficient to Check the most boisterous Merri who can Tell the anguish of those weary when the Only sound the sick Man is the disjointed wanderings f some feverish slumbered near the Low moan of or perhaps the Lon forgotten prayer of a dying Man who but those who have Felt can imagine the sense of loneliness and desolation which must be the portion of those who in the hour of dangerous illness Are left to be tended by wha be they Ever so can wipe the Clammy or smooth the restless like those o or child impressed with these i have turned away through the nearly deserted streets and the sight of the few miserable creatures still hovering about has not tended to Lessen the pain which such meditations the Hosp Al is a Refuge and resting place for who for Suofy institutions must die in the streets Ana doorways what cant be the feelings of outcasts like when they Are stretched on the bed of sickness with scarcely a Hope of recovery 1 Tjie wretched woman who lingers about the hours after and the miserable Shadow of a the ghastly remnant that want and drunkenness have which crouches beneath a to sleep where there i some shelter from the have Little to bind them to but what have they to look Back n death what Are the unwonted comforts of a roof and a bed to when the recollections of a whole life of stalk before them when repentance seems a and sorrow comes too late about a Twelvemonth As i was strolling through covent Garden had been thinking about these things overnight i was attracted by the very repossessing appearance of a who hav ing declined to take the trouble of walking to the police on the ground that he haunt the slightest wish to go there at was thither in a to the huge Delight of a but apparently not very much to his own individual somehow i never can re Sist joining a crowd nature certainly intended me for a Vagabond so i turned Back with the and entered the in company with my Friend the a couple of and As Many dirty faced spectators As could squeeze their there was a ill looking Young fellow at the who was undergoing an examination on the very common charge of on the previous ill treated a woman with whom he lived in some court hard several Osnif Essieb bore Testi Mony to acts the grossest a certificate was read from the a neigh v injuries the that her recovery was sex Kemerly some question appeared to have been raised about the identity of that the two magistrates should visit the Hospital at it was settled that the Man should be taken there he turned deadly Pale at and i saw him clench the bar very Bard when to was he was removed directly and he spoke oot a i Felt an irrepressible curiosity to witness this although i can hardly Tell at this for i knew it would be a painful it was no very difficult matter Tor me to gain Permis and i obtained the anal the officer who had him in cus4 were already at the Hospital 1 reached and waiting the arrival of the magistrates in a Small room below stairs the Man and his hat was pulled Jordanl Over his i could Tell by the Livial whiteness of his and the constant twitching of the Muscles of his that he dreaded what was to i j after a Short the magistrates and clerk were bowed by the and a couple of Young men who smelt very of dressers i think they Call them after one magistrate had complained bitterly of the and the other of the absence of any news in the evening it was announced that the patient was and we were conducted to the casualty Ward in we Kip she was lying the dim Light which Buru tithe spacious room increased rather than diminished the ghastly appearance of the hapless creatures in the bed which were ranged in two Jong rows on either in one bed Lay a child enveloped in with its body half consumed by fire in a rendered hideous by sore dreadful was wildly on the Coverlet in an agony of pain on a there Lay stretched a Foung apparently in Liat Heary stupor which s sometimes the immediate precursor of death her face was stained with and her breast and arms were bound up in folds of two or three of the Beds were and their recent occupants were sitting beside with faces and eyes so Bright arid that it was fearful to meet their on every face was stamped the expression of anguish and the object of the visit was Lair in at the Tipne end of the she was a fine3 Young woman of about two or three and her Long Black hair had been hastily Cut from about the wounds on her and streamed Over the Pillow jagged and matted her face bore frightful Marks of the ill usage she had received her hand was pressed upon her As chief pain was her breathing was Short and heavy and it Plain to see that she was she murmured a few words in reply to the whether she was in great Paihr flit id having been failed the Pillow by the looked and Dousey into the strange countenances that surrounded her the magistrate nodded to the to being Atman he Aid and stationed him1 atth6 bed it the girl looked with a wild and troubled expression of she take off his said the the officer Jold As and l3if to Iris Fea Tures were t the irl started up with an Energy quite Preter Natu Taf f it was a Felt f i t l with her into an wholly after a Brief pause the nature of their errand was and the once and folder Fig hands together no for god s Sake i i d re it was it was an Fin didst Hurt me he Jbf you you her sight was fast failing and her hand groped thai bet in search of m v j3rute As Man he face from the a Colour we aspect the feel mob which prompt you to the Ipton first but let me warn not to persist a what you know to be until it As too it Swift of save i murmured the j in top upon his they Cali Perside me to swear your life away he didst do gentlemen he never Hurt she grasped has Arm and in a broken t Hope fo4 Al mighty will forgive Aoe All the wrong i have and the life i have Ood some kind gentleman take my love to my poor old five years he said he wished i bad dte4 a i wish l had 1 i wish i had i we turned away it was no sight for strangers to look nurse Bent Over the girl for a few and then Drew the Sheet Over her it covered a

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