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Carlisle American Volunteer (Newspaper) - November 27, 1862, Carlisle, PennsylvaniaVol. 49.carlisle, thursday november 27,1862. No 25 american Volu Steell. Published every thursday morning by join b. jims. A Dollar and fifty conts paid in Advance two dollars if paid within tho Yon re and two dollars and fifty conts if not paid within tho Yoav. Those terms will to rigidly adhered to in Levory inst no. No subscription discontinued until ill Aro paid unless at tho option of tho editor. A. A advertisements accompanied by tho Cash and a not exceeding Ono Square will to Insor Tod Throe Himes for Ono Dollar and Twenty five conts for each additional insertion. Those of a greater length in printing such As hand Hills , a pamphlets Blanks labels amp a. &o., of Ocuto with a Jim Curacy and at tho shorts the destitute. For a moment Brothers listen. To tho moan that Toomoth lip from tho thin lips of tho Sostituto. Who drink life s anguish cup. Thoro Aro brows As fat Alo As ashes. There Are hearts As cold As Snow. Cursing on Aud you will find it so it there is Manyu Lone Lone orphan boating out tho March of life mid the clamor and confusion. All Afono amidst tho strife. kindly doing to Lovo them and Tlly Mother s feeling prove a a do not pass them coldly saying a Mino Aro All that i can sue sits ill Oxe. A Sho sits alone Frith fold Oil from Hor full and Lustrous of Cal Imperial Light wakes lire a a Lovo that huh Eood quickly Dies. Sho sits Alono among Thorn All. So near stand far a Thoy soom a but bul Quot Olafso waking thoughts while Sho is the reflection of a dream. Sho sits Alono so still so Calm \ Aso queenly in Hor grand repose you wish that Lovo would slap Hor Cheeks and make tho White Rose Teiml lanrits. How to save the country. A letter Erom governor Bigler. Clearfield pa., Noy. 1, 1802 a or dear Sik a in reply to your Tavor of the 30tli Ultimo i have to say that you have been rightly informed. I do no Intond to he a candidate for United states senator at the Oming. I deetion Grid. Have so expressed my fronds on All proper occasions i have a number of reasons Public and private for Bis course one. Of which is that the Eastern and Northern sections of the state make pc. Cial claim to the senator at this time on the ground that to have one in tho West recently elected and cannot reasonably claim both for so Long a term. A. A. ,. The other question you ask a a a that can to done to save the country a is not so readily answered. Tho usual response is god knows. Few of our Best thinkers Sooin to Clear views on the question. And Quot it. Is not even certain that the administration at Wash Jungton has a Well defined policy to that end i have some thoughts on the subject which i do not hesitate to give you. They May seem to you crude end on some Points even novel and startling but. They a re the result of. Some reflection. A 1 Quot -. The. Sword is the Only Agency at work. But the sword cannot do All. It is an agent of destruction. It can tear a Down hut cannot build up. It May chastise and silence the rebels in the Field cannot Mako a Union if states it cannot restore Confidence and fraternity amongst a people estranged and alienated from each other. Quot if the War was he Aigist the leaders in the South Only As Many at the beginning supposed then the sword might put them Down and tho masses could return to their allegiance. But the conflict turns out to a with the whole mass of the people within the revolted states old and Young Niale and female numbering Many millions. With such a Power sooner or later we shall have to treat and negotiate. The sword along will Nover rest to this people to the . Yon Well know that when Trio present calamities Mona oed the nation i was for peace Ful niemans to Avert the blow. Then. Our present suffering and sacrifices could have been avoided and is i believe tho Unity of the states preserved for generations without the sacrifice of principal or Honor or conscience on either Side passion prejudice and fanaticism Only would have to give Way and i still think nay i am sure that other Means besides War Aro necessary to save our country our whole country a from present afflictions and impending ruin. A i know How easy it is to talk about War and carnage about Stra Tegeti. Positions and Brill int Vio Torios about the prompt subjugation of the South by the North How pleasant it May to to some to float in the common current of excitement and passion and especially How unpleasant if not unsafe it is to Stem this tide. But the time is coming if it be hot now when tho men who would Render his country a substantial service must do this. Lie must look at the whole work before us and strike for tho right regardless of clamor or consequences to himself have had War for eighteen Mon pcs the like of which the world has Seldom witnessed before to sustain which a National debt of a startling magnitude which must hang Over posterity Long into the future bos already been created and More than a Quarter of a a virion of invaluable lives Snori fico on the Union Sido Alono in addition to the Many thousands that Dvo Boon crippled or diseased for life and yet but Little if any substantial Progress Hab been made in. Tho Good work of re establishing tho Union or even of maintaining the Federal authority within tho states. Has not Thon tho of Pori Mont of War As a moans of out rioting the country from its present deplorable condition Beon already tested tested at last to such an extent As to prove its utter futility unaided by other a Happy thought of president Lin a expressed in his inaugural that if to out to War to could not Firlit always a a and in after much loss on both sides and no on in other you coast fighting tho Donti 3u08tlon� As to terms of Intercourse lilo i a 0n this prophetic and or to a a s cant sont Mont shows to Lent even Teduiii-50 a War began anti Nipa Timo in ouse it did Login when it would be necessary to put tho sword to rest at least for a season in order to resume tho identical old questions sont Mont. It docs not seem to have occurred to him that tho sword could do tho whole work but that inevitably to would have to come Back to the original Point to Compromise and bottle. If then to cannot fight always what amount of fighting is necessary to Render it proper to prepare to cease or suspend in order to consider terms of reconciliation. Thoro Lias already a a been much loss on both sides and no gain on either a and whilst Timo to coast fighting May not to yet the period has surely Homo when other Means besides tho sword should be employed in the Effort to save the government and country. Certainly the object of tho War and the extent to which it is to go should to definitely known to tho country. A if it to subjugate the states in rebellion and hold them not Ift states in the Union but is conquered provinces then tho sword must to kept in constant motion and War and Carnego to the order of a the any. Now levies and fresh supplies May be properly raised for it will require a formidable army in Oach of the seceded states to execute and maintain this schctno.1 if a extermination be the object then tho sword should have unrestrained License to Deal death and destruction amongst the rebels in All parts of their country regardless of sex or age or condition. But neither of those purposes if practicable would re establish the Union although there might remain n Union composed of. Certain states. But when the Union is re established the South As Well As he North Viust to. In it the family of states must exist is heretofore else it will not to the Union about which we have talked so much and for which so Many Brave men have offered up their lives. The physical Triumph of the North Over tho South in tho Field As the North in tho did May Triumph is nut the whole of the task. The states must be brought together the feelings of the a people of both sections must lie so constrained Ami moderated that Thoy can fraternize and live together else the Union is gone forever. tho Southern states and so hold them could Subserve no Good end for either Section and in no Way that i can discover Advance the of the North for so Long a the South was so hold their hate of the North would increase and whilst the. North so held tho South it could do but Little else meanwhile its material interest must languish and die. But in addition such a work is utterly inconsistent with tho Genius of our institutions and could scarcely fail to. Load to their utter perversion and ultimate overthrow adding to the calamities of disunion tho sacrifice of free government. Conquest. Arid Empire a mover a could not compensate for Sulci a loss. To Cofer innate the inhabitants of tho South would be a deliberate emasculation of tho. Union rendering its reconstruction. At once impracticable and hopeless and involve a work of barbarity from which the novt Iorii pet e would shrink in horror. The existence of the Southern states in some Tor wilp inhabitants and on spine Torrn of Intercourse is highly essential nay i will say a to tho welfare of the , therefore,-.against examination Ami against tho policy of holding tho Southern states As conquered provinces. This ground can be. So easily maintained on purely selfish considerations for the Iii the whih will occur to All that i need not trouble Yon with their presentation on this occasion. Iam for re establishing the Union As it was or making a Union As similar As practicable the states to to equals and to the extent the states Lynw a re each to have and Hejny such Domestic Institute Cutis As it May choose and were a in a Congress i should sustain that a measure of War and , that would clearly tend to tho accomplishment of those ends but no War of subjugation or extermination. 1. A. I know it said in reply to All this. Thon let the Southern people Lay Down their arms and Como Back into tho Union and All will to right again. Would to god. They could to induced so to do Thero is no guaranty in i would not to willing to . But do to see any indications of such a return to tens a and duty ? i can see none and i expect toss a hone so Long As the sword is unaccompanied by agents for set the moist and peace. Who our army went to Mexico it was accompanied by a , in order to. Embrace the earliest Opportunity for settlement. In gods a Amo i would ask should we do less when engaged in a War aping st ourselves ? it is Idle and worse than Idle to delude ourselves about tho nature of the conflict in which we Are on gag of. To cannot make a Union by Force alone though to May Triumph Over the South in the Field and May is Well look tho complications Square face As not. The first question is to we Intond do we desire to have All the so Thorn states Back into tho Union on the terms of the Constitution ? if we do Thon it is seen that Tioy Are to be the equals of the Northern states in rights sovereignty and dignity. Does any Ono believe that such a relation can to established and maintained by the sword alone ? should a. of the states subjugate and humiliate the others Thon they could not Livo together is equals and friends for tho subjugated Are always the enemies of the Subj gators. When All the states therefore resume their former relations or new relations of Union and Intercourse it must be the not of All if the settlement is to to Complete and permanent. I have Beard a great Deal about Patching up a dishonourable peace about the humiliation and disgrace to the North involved in any and every proposition for settlement and there is nothing that is said about tho affairs of tho country for which i Liao less respect. It is oven held by some that he. Is q disloyal citizen who seeks to re establish the Union by other Means than the sword. How absurd 1 the sword has been at work its Agency has Beon tested vigorously and terribly tested and Liow stand tho states not that should to in Harmony ? tho response i where they wore Whon tho War began arrayed in grim and relentless hostility. Then Why spurn Othor agencies to Aid in the Good work in tho words of or. Lincoln we cannot fight always and to should not fight longer unless we can do sons a Means of Multi into Union and permanent Ponce. What Thon can to done ? and i regret that All that shoud to done cannot to accomplished promptly. Tho states now in tho Union should to in convention or have delegates ready to go into convention in order to reaffirm the present constitutional relations amongst tho Statos with explanation on controverted Points or to Mako such now relations As May to found necessary to bring together and retain All tho Statos. The Stato Legislatures could petition a Congress for such a convention As provided by tho Constitution and Congress could Mako tho Cocossa by provisions for it Bosforo tho Coloso of the coming session. Such state Logi Siatros of do not moot in the. Rog Ulyir order could to specially convened and lion tho no cosgary number of states petition it is obligatory on Congress to comply. The body thus constituted would to competent to adjust and set to All tho complications which now beset us. In tho midst of War then to should to prepared to make peace whereas,.when tho time comes for set Lomont in the Abs Eneo of such a body it might to found Flint we have no competent authority in existence to do the things that May to necessary. Neither Congress nor tho executive nor the two together Havo rightful authority to change the old or to Mako now relations amongst tho states. Congress May submit amendments to. Tho Constitution for tho ratification of the states and i believe the present calamities of the nation could have been averted in that Way in the Winter of 18g1 but now Trio disorders of tho country Aro probably too complicated to to reached in Itiat tho president and Congress should prepare tho Way. For settlement indeed by consulting tho people through the ballot Box Thoy might make a settlement to to ratified by tho states thereafter. Let the president propose an armistice for the purpose of considering some programme of reunion and settlement in which the feelings and rights of. Tho masses in the South shall be duty appreciated and provided for. Invite Thom Back on the conditions of Trio Constitution with explicit definitions on controverted Points or on new conditions with tho fullest Assurance of Justice and Equality when they do so come. Let him do it this and Challenge tho rebel authorities to submit such propositions As May he agreed upon to an unrestrained vote of the Southern states As lie will at a a same time submit such propositions to Strung a an vote of tii miso of tho Northern states with the pro Vail Edv understanding that if a majority of slave Statos and a majority of free states accept a the proposition a its conditions should he binding until ratified or superseded by tho states suppose the Confederate authorities reject Liis on any similar proposition no Hurni could ensue Quot to the Northern cause. Such action would Only Leavo them in a Worso Light Bosforo tho world and tho government at Washington. In the better. The preliminaries for such a movement could Quot be readily arranged by. Commissioners selected for that May be said that we Are constantly inviting tho Southern people to Lay Down their arms and come Basic into the Union and this a a Tild seem to to. Conclusive hut it must not to forgotten that they rebelled because As they say the party now in Power at a Ashington would not permit them to enjoy in peace the and covenants of hat. Union and that there is no Evi Doseo that they would fare bettor now. Beside he has studied human nature to a poor purpose who Enn not discover that unconditional submission. Involves a degree of humiliation to which they will never Como so Long As they Havo any Means of res Stonco. In the Effort to gain big cd masses their passions and Pride and self respect May he wisely considered. To must give them some new ground some pretext it not completo and a guarantees lie fore rower can expect them to entertain the idea of forsaking their present leaders and of bracing the old Ai am fully Anro of the indignation and even contempt with which these suggestions will to pursued by both sections hut i care not Are to not in ganged in an Effort to re establish and maintain tho Aro not the seceded states to Coli pose part of that Union ? then Why riot Endeavor to Rescue tii Ein from destruction and cultivate Good relations with them. When the family of Statos again exists a heretofore they must become Gourji Lethron and our equals in every particular. What pleasure Liori can destruction or humiliation if there to any friends of the old Flag and Trio old government within the seceded states they should cultivate the same spirit toward thou North Trio absent element of a substantial Union is fraternity Ari Longst the. People and that can never be furnished by the sword again in tho words of or. Lincoln. A a there Lias been much loss on both sides and no gain Oti Vithor a and Trio identical Oil question As to terms of Intercourse Are , arid we should Sekso to adjust them As to establish Trio Union on an imperishable basis. But it May to asked is this a War for the Union ? a re to Suro that those in authority intend nothing else ? they certainly profess nothing else and i attribute to else. If the War is not for tho Union and is not directed with Solo reference to that end Liori it is tho Host stupendous fraud that has Ever been Practised upon the world. To All know Lio Wover that Many very Many of its partisans will not be satisfied with tia tissue. It might be very important therefore to tho salvation of the country when the Timo for reconstruction Homos if Ever it so bibs Como to have tho soundings on this Point taken in Advance. I should like exceedingly to so a popular vote taken in the North especially in new England Between tho proposition to receive All the states Back nto the Union on tho ter his of the Constitution which Mako the states equals and alike Sovereign each with Havo such tons As it May choose and a proposition to recognize the Independence of the Southern confederacy. It might he interesting As Well As instructive to unveil the hypocrisy of n certain school of politicians who have clamoured so zealously about the War for the Union. It is painfully apparent that notwithstanding this Olat rior they do not intend that tho Union no null l pm. Blah am Mia trip Iyll Fly a quoth al c-/ot1�?T Liall exist hereafter of tho terms of the Constitution Quot if it is to embrace All the Statos. The ratio of slave representation Ana the rendition of fugitive slaves Are features of the Constitution which they condemn and abhor. Between the maintenance of. These recognition of tho Southern confederacy Many of them in Ray judgment four to one Woi ild prefer tho latter. Their aversion to these clauses of the Constitution was a primary cause of tho alienation and hostility of the South and i fear they would not yield that aversion now to Render the Union what it was. Let or. Lincoln try this question if to would solve tho problem of the nations imbroglio. Do not understand to that i would al old a the sword or any other Means calculated to Render tho Union what it was what i mean is that if tho Union and is tho object tho sword will never find tho belligerents in a better condition to cons mate that work than they Are now and that other ngon oies should to promptly employ of. I yield to no Man in Devotion and loyalty to tho Union As it was and to tho principles of tho Govor Mont trans Litton to us by our fathers. Tho main tonne co and perpetration of these shall to tho Obj oot no Arost my heart whether i to in private or Public life. With much Ostrom i to yours truly we. Bigler. To . Andemone esq., Philadelphia a. K7�?�in Alabama the people Aro making Toa of Blackberry Leacost offic 13 ill n. Grand ovation Ottly a troops to to Weir commander. Mcclellan s Farewell of uis offi a. 1oers. On sunday evening a most touching soon took place. After having concluded his arrangements with Burnside my col inn sent an invitation to All his own staff officers requesting them to Como into his tent at 9 of clock that evening to drink a Glass of wine with him. Before lie should Lipil Rhein appeared in full uniform. A Largo log fire was blazing within Trio enclosure formed by the Headquarters tents. The officers Woro assembling in the court. My Collari stood just inside Trio door of Bis marquee the curtains of which we? Aud thrown up on either Side. Promptly at the appointed hour approached. Lie grasped each warmly by the band and with a kindly word ushered him inside. Trio Tont was soon crowded to its utmost limit and Many were compelled to remain outside. Among them wore a number of officers from different divisions of Trio Lar friends of the general who had come to Seok a personal interview with him before lib should leave the Field. They participated in the interesting and solemn scene that ensued. The wine was produced and tho glasses were supplied. Tho Largo log fire in front of the tent brilliantly illuminated the court bringing into full View Quot. Every form within it and throwing a Halo of enchantment Over tho and solemn scene. Deep silence now Streva Ileda. My col inn raised his Glass and proposed i tho Only Toast of Trio evening Horn s to tho army of tho Potomac a an officer in the company. Appropriately adding a a and to its old commander a. The sentiment thrilled through every heart As the wine a Sqq Maffed hero were officers of Ink ind education genial gentlemen and. Bravo soldiers most of them had known my Clellan in private life and All of them Ltd. Laboured with him in the Public service. Lie and they Woro bound to each other by tile double Bonds of Friendship and companionship in Arnis in a just and holy Friendship the most Beautiful relationships among men. True Friendship is eternal. There is Mueh of hint feeling in its purity existing Between my Clellan and i is officers and men. Danger renders Friendship dearer. The privations and perils to , they Havo been. Expos of line increased tho feelings before existed friends. Arid companions in arms 1 what relationship Coull be More comprehensive or More dear.? sonic of the Sweet associations past Wero opon severed. Everybody Felt tho deep solemnity of Trio occasion. Tears wore shed in. Profusion an hour or. Two Ivas passed Iri pleasant social converso during which gen1. My Clellan bail a kind and cheering word Foj. Evory. One. The officers inlay i a neg. A. Affectionate fire will of his soldiers. This morning it was Arr briged that to should visit tho troops near by and. Proceed to Washington by a special train in tho evening. A splendid photograph of tho general and his personal staff officers forming a splendid group in front of his tent and another of the general on horseback Wero taken Eforo starting. When just about to go lie said,1i can hardly Bear to see my soldiers then Paceoni Panido by his officers and escort a magnificent end Sieade a lie Rode Oft to take a last Farewell of his troops. The infantry and cavalry attached to his Headquarters Wero tastefully disposed on in adjacent Hill. They presented a Vei a soldierly appearance my Collan Rode along the lines. And Asho passed enthusiastic cheers spontaneously arose from Trio ranks. A the soldiers could not restrain their com Trolin admiration for tho general. After he. Lead passed along the lines and was returning towards the 1 ill Gen. Patrick commanding tho Provost guard at Headquarters dashed up the. Crest and with Cap in hand led the Wlizlo command in Throo additional to. Melt pious cheers for Gen. M�?Tciollan., the Sturgis rifles which Ltd Boer with him from Trio Timo of his first Campaign in Western Virginia gave an extra complimentary cheer and All the men turned their Heads around and Long last lingering look whilst to Rode away to similar Adieu to of lick commands. To Thon passed through tho Camps of Trio Reserve artillery the batteries were All arranged in convenient positions Trio cannoli hers standing by. Their guns. Tho Mon presented sabres while Trio music mingled with their cheers As he passed. The artillery Reserve of Trio army of Trio Potomac which my Clellan had organized with so much care lie. Scorned reluctant to leave now when there was an immediate Prospect of its fell of Poncy being fully displayed Oil tho Field it was Wii Ilo Riding from hero that Burnside accompanied by a Brilliant staff came dashing across the Field and joined they Shook each other cordially by Trio hand and Rodo together during the remainder of the Day. When to reached tho Turnpike on either Sido of which troops Are encamped we witnessed Ono of tho most Oft Active demonstrations it has Over Boen our Fortune to behold the troops in Gen. Fitz John porters corps Wero marshalled in magnifier it array on the right of tho Road and those in Gen. Couches corps on tho loft. Butterfield a Sykos and Humphreys divisions in porters corps were disposed in order the banners of each command appearing in the Centro close on the Road. Laii Cooke a and Howard a divisions in Couch s corps were arranged in similar manner with Trio artillery of both commands planted on prominent been done in the other instances my Clellands Farewell address to his soldiers was read to Thorn just Bosforo lie passed to personally hid them Farewell. Asho Rode along the Turnpike with head uncovered Between the lines of troops and followed by the glittering array of officers fifty thousand of his devoted soldiers with hearts and voices in perfect unison and All with Ono Accord burst Forth into Trio most tumultuous Elinor ing. Along the Linos to Rode amid tho continued acclamations of the fifty thousand while Frenn tho distance to would occasionally Catolfi As though it Woro an Folio Trio sound from the troops to had left behind and who Wero cheering Yot Long after tho general Ltd gone away from tho rimmed to Vicinity of his . _. Tho banners Borno by tho various regiments Woro hold near tho Road on either Sido and their int trod frn Monts Woro fully exposed to View Whon tho go Noral and party passed through the lines of troops some of the standards had Little but the Gold and Silver Trinin Ings. Rind Trio Silken fringes left. A a re i to Ripe of tip a of Many of Trio flags had beware i in Battle in or the Gallant leaders lip of gon. My col inn. Those tattered banners haying inscribed upon them the tho Battles Iri which the troops Lead fought victoriously beneath their Silken folds Weros mute yet most eloquent memorials of tho mighty struggles which my Clellands sol Diers Hayo passed through. Whilst Lio Rodo along the butt Orion fired salutes the bands played and tho Soldier Che Rod Trio Smoko from the not Pillory floated in among the perforated banners and Trio acclamations of tho troops mingled with tho martial music of the bands and guns. I cannot recall from my experience any occasion on which the enthusiasm manifested by. These soldiers has been surpassed. ,. A a passing the end of porters and couches a lines Genii. My Clellan and party proceeded four or five Nyilos further to tho Placo whore Franklin a corps was encamped. On the Way soldiers followed and cheered him. Lie was soon near Franklin a corps. Ilis arrival was riot expected quite so soon and Trio troops formed to receive him. But when the soldiers saw him approaching their Encampment tho color hearers of tho various regiments grasped tho stains and stripes and regimental standards and came dashing Down the Hills and across Trio Fields the members of Trio regiments without arms dashing wildly after them. My Clellar passed through this mass if Sti Diers to . Rank line a Headquarters where lie Burnside and Franklin a while Trio letter s troops were being collected and disposed had a protracted interview. A a. A a this. Ended the company mounted their horses again and Rodo among tho troops of Franklin a corps. Smiths division Portin Lino of Dattlo and column greeted with great enthusiasm. Brooks division came Rushing across tho Valley in one grand solid cel Uinn with the flags floating in Trio Breeze to meet the retiring general. They flocked Quot around him discarding entirely , concerning tho rules of military for nation and in the most feeling1 a manner bade him an the troops in newtons division formed farther on were no less decided arid enthusiastic in their Coinon Stratios. It was really wonderful to see Liow. Deep was the expression of feeling by the soldiers on Lii Spock Sion. a having passed through the lines of All the troops in tho Vicinity Gen. My Clellan turned his horses head to go Hack to his Headquarters whence lie intended proceeding to Quot tho train which was waiting to convey him to a Ashington nov to witnessed the most affecting Sceno of All until this monent it hardly seemed that to Weir Favorito general could leave them. But new to was going from among them to. Had already gone. The moment that they fully realized it All those soldiers animated by Ofie Universal impulse ran after him Somo weeping aloud and shouted in tho nost touching and appealing manner a a fetch him Back fetch him Hack 1�?� and a ooh come Hack to us come Back to us my Clellan 1�?� a a As he Rode a Tang the Turnpike 4111 his re turn from Franklin a corps troops under Couch and Porter which he had passed in a regular formation a few hours before now rushed out. From their Camp around and thronged tho Roadside anxious to Tako another Iris t look at their beloved general. Many of them Woro melted to tears. Arid after cheering him again and again joined in 0110 Universal supplication a a a Como Baak Tous come Back to is parting at Fitz John Forter a Headquarters. Riding up to general Fitz Joni porters Headquarters he was met by a delegation compose to of several Hundred officers in por tors command. After the party had dismounted and my Clellan Lead reached Trio Portieri of the House whore the officers were assembled the division generals of the corps being Eloso beside him ger Oral Butterfield Iri a few Well chosen words alluded to tho affection existing Between my Clellan and. His officers and stated that those who were now Lund convened to personally bid him Farewell. In reply Gen. Mchollan said a a i hardly know what to say to you , officers associated so Long with to in Ilia Arney of the Potomac. I can Only bid you Farewell. History will. Do. Justito to tho deeds of Trio army of the Potomac if tho present generation does not. I Feci As if i had Boen intimately connected with each and All of you a a nothing is Moro binding than the Friendship of companions in arms. May you All in future preserve the High reputation of our Armand serve All As Well mid faithfully As you have served to. I will say Farewell now if i must say it. Good Bye god bless you 1�?� a Cor a. To Herald. Tie Promise. As Camo out of the Gato at Trio Little parsonage Sho found herself face to face with her father. He had been drinking As usual and his features were inflamed with Bent and anger. A. J where have you been a i10 demanded roughly. A a at the ministers saturday class a an sword do Alice. A ,. A Arhat Aro you doing a a studying the Bible.�?T. A now look Here girl i gave you Leavo to go to school on sunday and that a quite enough. In a not going to Liao you wasting your Timo in this Way. You Enn find plenty to do at Homo without running around to tho Parsons Sor often. New mind a lie added raising his right hand thre tingly a you done to set your foot there 1 ,. Alice turned trembling away and with a sinking heart Bent her Steps homeward to give up her precious Bible class when she was just beginning to feel tho Valuo of Trio lessons Sho Learnt theron of she could not Doit. Ashen out of her Fathor a sight Sho. Sat Down on Trio grass and. Cried but in Trio midst of her grief a Verso that had been in lesson erne to her mind a Cali upon me in the trouble 1. Will a deliver thee and thou Shalt glorify "mo.�?T. A it is god s Promise a thought Alice a and to will keep it. I will Call upon him arid i know that to will deliver Sho Knelt in the grass Quot Anu told her now Tro Uble s to him who listens to the cry of tho Humble. There was 110 Soi Ilid in answer god did not speak from the Clouds an Ang so with his reply hut Alie e lipid the sure word of his Promise to abide by and with it lib Rias Content a a i will deliver tlieo.�?T. The week passed by. Alice prayed daily arid waited in Faith for an answer. Moring. As she was Busy sowing her fatties cd my in. It was an unusual hour for him to be at Homo and a rare thing to see slim with so Palo a. Face. Ito dropped into Trio nearest chair and buried his face in his hands. ,. A father what is the matter a exclaim died Alice. A Peter Hanlan is dead a he groaned a killed just in Ai Leond. He had taken my place a , or. Elso a it would have been me.�?T. A. R a 0 father a a said Alice a i am so thankful it was not you. I knew Blidt Peter was a said no More her father remained silent for a Long time and then said huskily a Alice i guess ill go with you to Church tomorrow and you mind what i said about your Bible class go if you like.�?T. A of i thank Yori father 1�?Tsaid Alice and with a feeling of wondering gratitude Sho went to her. Room to return thanks of him who had not Only answered her prayer but giving her to much More than she had asked 1 by inclining bet fathers heart to listen to tho i words of eternal . A it was a precious lesson to Alice Rhcnce-forth.in1 every trial Evory grief she carried her sorrows to Ivor heavenly father a and throughout her life Lead often cause to glorify. Liim who delivered when Slio Eallond upon him in tho Day of a a a. Brevi ties. True courage Well directed cannot to Over praised. It is Good to learn from tho experience of others. Nothing crushes tho heart like to lib fall of an idol. Tho Chap who look Oil destiny in the face was put out of instantaneous method of producing vinegar Praise one Young Jady to another. Aviv is a Milkman like pm Aronha a Daught or ? because lie takes a Little profit out of. Tho water a. A a when your Wilfo is silent hold tho baby for her perhaps it is As much As she can do to hold her Tongue. Alliy is a Many a coat larger lion he pulls it out of a carpet bag ? co also he finds it in creases. Achy is tho.letter-1 in tho word military like the Noso because it stands Between two a i�?Ts.�?T. -. Bread is the staff of life and liquor tho stilts the former sustaining a Inan. And tho latter elevating Lipini for a fail. If Jeff. Davis wants to get in a Safe place we advise slim to climb a High tree and draw it up after him. A. If to Lack the sagacity to discriminate nicely Between our acquaintances and Pur friends Iii Fortuno will readily do it for us. ,. Thoro is a Man out West whose memory isso Short that it Only Penchos to his Knees con soc gently to never pays for his boots. A Darkey a instructions for putting on a coat Woro a Fust do right Arm den do left. And den Gib Ono general Pond Elsbun a. A Freo press is the beginning of a free gov Orf Imant is a tavern a blacksmiths shop and a Lawyor Are the beginning of a Village. A poet Saj s Trio wind kisses the that p p suppose is the celebrated a kiss for a blow a about which we have heard so much. Glen Ormont. To his Friend a a Hwa Reyolti a going to the Surprise party to night a Friend �?1 yell done to know where is it a gent a a at my Home a. A being called upon for a Toast said a hero ish to Quot de heroes what fit pled and died at de Battle of Bull run of a Yhiel i am if i am courting a girl i Liao but Little ac-ovaintaoee.,with, How Shalli come to knowledge of Hei faults ? answer Praise her drowning a Squirrel. A hit of advice for boys. A a Hon i was about six years old Ono morning going to school Quot a ground Squirrel ran into its lilo Eforo pie. I thought now i will have fire fan. As Thero was a Stream of Wator just at hand i thought i would pour Wontor into Trio lilo till it would to full and when tho Little fellow put up his head i was going to kill him. I got n trough from behind a sugar Maple and bras soon pouring tho water in 011 the poor Squirrel i could hear it struggling to get up and said Quot of my Little , ill soon have you just then i heard a voice behind me a a yell my Hoy what Liao you got in Thero a i turned and saw it Good old Mph with White looks who had seen sixty Winters. A a aah ii a said i a a i have a ground Squirrel in Here and no go Fig to dry we hint a a Ashen i was a Little Hoy a said lie a Moro than fifty years ago i was engaged one Day just As you Are drowning a Squirrel and an old Man like me Como along and said to to a you Are a Little Hoy now if you Wero Down in a narrow Holo like that and i should Como along and pour water Down on you to drown you would you think i was doing is id be a Dono by ? undo that Little Squirrel and life is As Sweet to it As it is to you and Why will you torture to death an innocent Little Creaturo that god has made a a Saul lie i have never forgotten that Anil never shall i have never killed any harmless creature for fun since and now my dear boy i want you to remember this Whilo you Livo and Whon tempted to kill another poor Little innocent animal or Bird think of tills and mind god done to allow us to kill his Protty Little creatures fur Moro than fifty years have passed since and i never forgot what tho Good old Man said nor have i killed tho least animal for fun Sineo. Now you see it is ninety years since this advice was first Given and it Lias not lost its influence Yot. Most remarkable Caso of indecision to Over Hoard of was that of a Man Olio sat up All night because lie could not determine which to take off first his Poat or Liefl bo9?i. Enc option 0/ on another Page will to found n so risible a letter from a manufacturer stating to limit lie always fiilds intelligent educated mechanics Mono profitable to employ oven at higher wages than those who Are uneducated. Ayo have never Mot any one who had such experience in employing Large numbers of men who did not hold tiie same opinion and As a general Rulo those manufacturers Are most successful who Are most careful to Seuero intelligent and skilful workmen. Or it requires extensive observation one even partially to ppr Cokato Trio wonderful extent to which All the faculties Are developed by mental cultivation. The nervous Active the touch is More sensitive and there is greater mobility in the hand. Ave Oneo knew a weaving room filled with girls above the a Crago in character Anil intelligence and Thero was one girl among them Olio Lead been highly educated. Though length of arms and strength of muscle Are advantages in weaving and though this girl was Short and Small Sho Law tips wove the greatest number of Pioves of any in the room and consequently Drew the largest at the Endios every month. Ave might fill Many pages with similar oases which have Como under our observation hut there is no occasion. It Inis Long since been settled by the general observation of , that intelligent workmen will do More and better work than ignorant ones. A but tho excess in the amount of work p or formed is not Tiris Prinst important respect in which an intelligent Workman is Superior to a stupid Ono. He is far More Likely to to tho interests of his employer to Savo fro Rii waste and to turn to profit everything that comes to his hand. Thero is also tho of being surrounded by thinking Active and , instead of by brutes. A such Are sumo of the advantages to tho a captains of Industry a which result from the employment of intelligent workmen not in one article rior Iri any number of articles could those advantages be fully set it is impossible to state the advantages to the employer How vain must be the Effort to describe those which result to the Workman himself the increase of wages is the last and lowest of the Rich rewards of mental whole being is enlarged and exalted the Scopo of View is widened the objects of. Interest Are increased the subjects of though 1 Are multiplied life is More filled with emotion and tho mail is raised in tho Scalo of american. Ii store of the stars and stars Rind stripes Wero unfurled tho first at Saratoga at the surrender of the Battle of Bunker Gilill was fought under a Rod Flag bearing tho motto a a Como if you on tho 14th of j Une 1777, the Continental Congress resolved a a to lust tho Flag of Trio thirteen United states to thirteen stripes a Tornato Rod and Whito and Tomt the Union to thirteen stars Whito on a Blue Field representing a new by Trio United Statos Law of january 13th, 1794, it was enacted a a that from and after the 1st Omny 1795, tho Flag of the United Statos to fifteen stripes alternate red and White and Tomt Trio Union to fifteen stars.�?�. This was the National Flag during Trio War of 1812. On the 4th of april 1818, tho Flag was again al Toroid to thirty on Stripo and Ono Star fog Overy Stato in Trio Union. Among her female . An old negro on tho Peninsula forcibly illustrated the rapidity with which the rebels a skedaddle a Thoro. He said a you could see tho lightning Flash from their Boot a Ashen rigged omit in my Best clothes said a Labouring Man a Iam like a Pond covered with weeds very Well to look at but not fit for a useful purpose a. A Down East editor says to 1ms seen the contrivance our lawyers use when they a warm up with the to is a Glt a concern and holds about a pint. A you would to very pretty indeed said a gentleman patronizing by to a Young lady a if your eyes were Only a Little a my eyes May be very Small sir but such people As you done to fill them a. A roaring Tornado a roofing houses and uprooting forests May be less calamitous than a Low whisper from tho lips of a mischievous woman which has the Power to Sunroof rout Atins and uproot Lippi Rios. Voltaire speaking of lava said a i never was but thrice Iri my life completely on the Virgo of ruin first when i lost a lawsuit and secondly when i gamed a prey sir take pity 011 a miserable wretch. I Liao a wife and six a a a my poor fellow accept my heart Felt sympathy to Liao influence of sensible to Olsen. 0 1 it is a wondrous advantage to a Man in every Pursuit or avocation to secure an advisor in a sensible woman. In woman there is at once a Subtle delicacy of tact and a Plain soundness Obj Ridgemont which woman Ifilio to really your Friend will have sensitive regard for your of Fracter Honor and reputation. She will Seldom counsel you to do a slip by thing for a woman Friend a Henys desires to to proud of you. At the same timelier constitutional timidity makes her Riviore cautious than your male Friend she therefore sol dam counsels you to do in imprudent thing. By Fenlo friendships i mean pure friendships those in which there is no admixture of the passion of love except in the married state. A in no a Best Friend is a wife of Good sense a Good heart whom he loves and who Lovos him if he have that he need not seek elsewhere. But supposing the Man to to without such a helpmate female Friendship he must still have or his intellect will Havo Many an unheeded Gap Ovon. In the strongest Fence. Better and safer of course such friendships were disparities of years or circumstances put tho idea of Lovo out of the question Middle life has this advantage youth and old ago have. Ave May have female friendships with those much older Liati ourselves. Moliere sold House keeper was a great help to his Genius and montaigne a philosophy takes both a gentler loftier character of Wisdom from tho a to in which to finds in Mario do an adopted daughter a certainly valved by me a says tho Horne of essayed Ltd til m0r6 than paternal love and my sol tudo and retirement As tho heft to of my tai.-. Ale Trio Nishio indeed 1bto Man a a Pra Suhu it Dull sweetner ornament Eliis o Isth it a 7r or a mental Curcuro it la inv i Quot a. Dolls All his a of w m vat clout to him knowledge of to world. Never of they mean to Ray ibo tall students out in Avi Consin. An Exchange paper says a its Hoard of education Lias resolved to erect a building Largo enough to accommodate Livo by band study uts three stories High a f. ,a9.0c beginning.�?0 a abolitionists having be j1 of Tjio Boston q Good common och a Quot a a dry Ftp this makes the Portland a Groom Eye a 000,900. Tho a nos a bully for tho who Rush ror i l do Quot i Quot 11 Strid 800,090 Pron Muuro a a Apoc path a cords ego of too much com Yaiyo w wore him pon let

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