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Read an issue on 20 Nov 1862 in Carlisle, Pennsylvania and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Carlisle American Volunteer.

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Carlisle American Volunteer (Newspaper) - November 20, 1862, Carlisle, PennsylvaniaVol. 49. Carlisle Pav ,._xovembe� 20,1862. No. 24 american Volant Well. Published every thursday Moji Niit a by. Joists b Bratton. Terms. Dollar and fifty cents paid fun Advance two dollars if paid within the year find two dollars and fifty feints if not paid within tho year. Those tormj8 will to rigidly adhered to in Rory Ine Tunco. And subscription discontinued until ill alumni Gas unless at to option of the editor. A a. Advertisements accompanied by the Oahu and foot exceeding one Square will to inserted Throe to times for one Dollar and Twenty five cents for each a additional insertion. Those of a greater length in proportion. Job printing Stich As hand Bills posting Billa Jaiup lets Blanks labels amp of. Ac., executed will Ift Curacy and at the shortest notico.,. A a to Eurll. Tho apples Aro Ripo in the Orchard a a tho work of tho reaper in Dono and the Golden Woodlands Redden. In the blood of the dying Sun. At tho co tango door tho grandsire sits Piilo in his easy chair while tho gentle wind of. Twilight plays Frith his Silver hair. A a woman is kneeling beside him. A a fair Young baud is pressed in tho. First wild passion of.8qrrow, against his aged breast a. And far from Trovor tho distauro a he come a of the by Iii blast of trumpet and the a rattling Roll of drum. And the grandsire Speaks in a whisperer a a the end no Mau eau see buteo give him to his country and our prayers us thee. Tio Rio lots Star tho Meadows a. A thu Ringo Trio door. And Over tho Grassy Orchard tho Pink White blossoms pour. A but tho grandsire a Abnir i a on pay a Trio cottage is dark Aud still a. Quot there a a a Moless grave on the Battlo Field and a new Ono under the Hill. A and a pallid tearless woman. A a by tho cold i oath sits Alono. Anil Trio old clock in tho Eor Nur a ticks on. With in steady drone. A. Quot 3s�a�e Ai a of. A mystelle�3 Wal you have no Faith in Trio Supei Naiuli a i ? i have. Yuu do not believe in Nehru Zimney or astrology,.or in tho Power of the Ovil Eye a i do. The reason Lor you Uro Amori Noy. De seconded from English ancestors Wiiilie Ruu a. Cute Imam ,>5oijd May buy Yeins and ii a Fiorit a Rov Renoe for. What you Sneor were a disembodied spirit to Riso at my bedside to night i should question it and own to being frightened while Yogi would throw a candlestick at its immaterial head and in i Solo Trio last upon its being a burglar in disguise. Yet murky me in spite of yourself your hair would Rise and your blood curdle and Yuu would feel what you would net acknowledge f6r the world. Bib if Stich tilings Lyvo no existence what do our strange shivering and shuddering mean and Why do we look Abuwi us with Awe stricken eyes a when Graye Yards after dark you do nut you say. Are you sure of it ? i have. Never seen a ghost cannot desire the must Joe an beating of the heart at such a Sig tit. I i doubt if Many could retain both through such an ordeal. A a i am a Dotur. Years ago i was poor and. Young. I came from my own country with my diploma and nothing Elsm i found that a the great cities of the new world were full of doctors Young and poor As i was. I left them and went westward., i settled Iii the shiite of Indiana. It was hied one great Forest with clearings the re and there for Fields of a earn and rude log houses. Any Ono led a hard life there. And a doctors it scorned to me the worst it of All. Miles and Miles of hard a iding through rain and thud to visit patients pay Quot nothing Miles Back again to steal a few moments of repose be Iuro another announcement of Somo one being a a vory. i was skin and hones in a Twelvemonth but that was nothing Une uni Lii Uii in that part of tho world. The Only a wonder is did not have what they called a fever a i was the Only person free Fumii it for fifty Square Mijos. However 1.prospered after a certain fashion and in a a year or two made a considerable local reputation. The Placo was growing and my Spir a its began to revive. A it was about this time when i first saw my watch to which All i have now relates. A cold Hialit in november Hud set in. I was ii supper in my Little Home and enjoying a hungry and weary Man can enjoy loud. Done tisk what i had it was out West a remember. 01 course to Tere was a preparation of own and a preparation. Of whisky Corn Tinq Jyh pork and whisky Aro the Staple Brucw Quot Oil cred a out i. Was Obj dying my supper As i have Sailand a loud Knock at my door was nut the Quot must delightful sound a which could have broken the silence. How Evor i said a cd to in in with As Good a Grace As possible Anda stranger Osterud. He was a a tall Broad shouldered Man in the dress of a Bac woodsman and his Large features Woro a Trull ipod expression. Quot i saw at onco that something Sobious had occurred. A its a bad night to trouble you to Como so a str doctor lie said looking at to from in utter his fur Cap a but theron a a bad avoid ont happened Over at our Clearing and if you pm do anything for tho poor Chap ill to i5htd to Seo it done Moro Partie Laily As i helped to shoot him.�?T. Helped to shoot him a i said with a Start a what do you moan a ave took him for Sonto kind of a Erit Tor lat s How it was answered my visitor a nut. I purpose string or. To think Hoaps of him. A do on i Huv shot a a inf Vabo it the Man spoke tho truth and a in ibo in j0x Sung goal instruments under Lull n followed him to tho spot Olio to his mine saddled a a Dulko a know Woll enough what tho a l or�0.uded, and had Mado him ready. It to 0 la a moment a ,m wore 8pok<m As to Rode along darkness. I asked what Horthy ,. My Eom. M ate Rod tax of to i asked approached a dwelling and with Short. A we re thar doctor my company sprang from his Saddle and entered tho door. I followed him. The room was feebly lit with flickering candles. About a Bedin the Centro Wero grouped four or five men and a woman Large and Broad shouldered As any of her masculine a companions. A child too Lay crying in its Radlo but no one seemed to notice it. They make Way for my approach and t saw a figure Street Hood upon tho it was that of a Man with sinewy limbs and weather beaten face. Ilis shirt was unbuttoned and the breast ands Leovis were soaked with taint of no use doctor he said As i Bent Over him in Mogono Good. Doctor a a stuff aint no account to to now / i did not believe him i is Faeo was not that of a dying mail and tho wounds scarcely seemed dangerous. A those bullets a re bad things to Liao. said a but men Havo lived through Mono than cheer up a -. A i ainu to Down hearted doctor answered tho Man. I Shan t Claro no children nor no Ivio to from after to and suffer fur want of my Rifle. I never Rcv Boon much feared of death. But i Tell you All you eau does no Uno. Thorois a. Sign that a Atit be mistook the group about tho Bod glanced at each other and the woman Shook her head at me As though she would have said a if Evor mind Bis did Wonit i could for him. The a were extracted and Trio wounds bound lie was weak but not desperately so. Hook him and Siuy led. A Aloiv now said i a Quot taint no Usoz Trio we ate lug aet he answered. Quot. A then for the first time i noticed that beside him on the bed Lay it Grei told Fasli Onod Silvei watch the. Coso battered Trio face Dis a i ii ofed and that it ticked wit i a strange Dull sound ail it were very Quot old acid Feolo. A Trio watch has been injured by the bullets i suppose said i a besides a All. Watches Stop at. I imps.�?T. A 1a ,. A a a of this Ono stranger said tho wounded Man. A they be about that watch a. Hundred times now to lib a a la find my Story a True i that watch and twill a top at Trio same in Nulo tiie woman at the bedside Shook her head again. A its a old fancy of Yourn Mike Barlow she said a you la to Seo the icily of it a. A to the talk said the Man. A now listen d Wietor. A a our be come to see me and done ail you could ill give you that watch. Its Money value. Arne to Muesli but it la do. You service. It was give to me by relish Iii Ini put of Canady Lioa lie was As i Sun Layin a. It had been his fathers and his i and father be mid his great grandfathers Liis great a a before that and tins is what lie told Lue about it and this is what you la filid Tobo True. That watch will tick slow and steady Reg Lur As Trio Sun a-5 Long As whoever it belongs to is Well sate Aivil thriving. When a there a danger coming it begins to go fast fax tur a and faster and faster until it is past and so loud that Yui Roan Hoar it the Asp lain As if you held it ill Yinti to tidal Ltd death is coining that Waidi begins to Stop. It goes slower and slower. Its voice grows hollow and when the breath leaves the hotly there a no More spurn to to Hoard and All you eau do wont make it go. Or n year. At the end of that time it. Will Start All if a sudden and after Bluit can foal your Fate by it an 1 know your death hour. It was so after old Pierre died. It will be so now watch when i am gone Doeum. I. Could hot help looking wit i some interest at the battered time piece a strange Story bad been Woven about it and the marvelous always had a Olaf no fur me. I sat bes Doniv patient until lie sunk to sleep Lio seome Devi be doing Well still Anil i bad no doubt but that the morning Light would Soo him greatly better Buta Foster hospitality would not permit of my departure it that late hour and i was lodged in an upper al Gunbei Puu a Bod As clean and simple As it was fragrant. I slept soundly. At Midnight however i was awakened by the hews that my patient was worse. awaken of in mortal agony. A Suine inward injury impossible , Luoi Ilond its work. I sited nuts Iii of Hope now,.Anil Trio dying Man Lyu Kod at to with a smile a. A a a a a a tiiko1tlie watch to said a a me you will find to a these were the last words he uttered. Iio after thin tossed his Aims about and struggled for his at last lie seemed to sink into a my i Audi was of his heart. I Felt its beating grow faint Fai Utor fainter still a at last there was no motion. He was dead. .1 lifted the water to my earn that had stopped also. Quot a a there Wyro tears in Trio Oyos of men about me and tho woman opt As she might for Oue of her Uvyn Kindred. I could do no Good now and i turned away leaving the water upon tho cover lid but Ono of the men Emo after to. A a / to give it to you to said a and its your a. To had nobody belong us to hip so you need ii to afe ered to take it. Iio must Liev fake ii a Likiu to you for to to bought a Heap of it. Take it a doctor and so the watch was mine. It was Dum b and motionless and. Re pain. Cd so. I took it to a watchmaker and to laughed at the idea of its Ever going again. This was after i had loft Trio Wost and dwelt in a Largo and populous City in tho Eastorn states some eight or Pine months after poor alike Barlowes death. The Wato Hemker Only confirmed my own suspicions. It was a strange Ooin Cionco that it should last exactly its master s i Notimo hut that was All. So i Hung it Upun my chamber Wall a memento of those Days of toil and struggle in the far a est. Ono morning i awoke Only. The blushes of Dawn we Ojust breaking Over the Earth. Keep the fastened. It and put the battered Silver monster in its place. Trio budding develop Mont of tho mystery Madoc it More precious to to Thau if it had been set with jewels. A it did not Stop again. I heard the soft Clear a tick tick tick All Day and when awakened in the night. Once or twice it boat More rapidly than usual and always before peril the first time when a Yovor threatened to the second As i stood upon a broken bridge., which was swept away Ono hour afterwards and at other moments Havo forgotten hut which served to keep alive the fancy that i have loved to. Cherish. Never voice so Clear and soft Asoh that evening when i first not Llosa Grey. I loved her from tho list moment and she loved to in return. Avo had neither of is any friends to interfere for she was orphan. Brother la is and sister loss and so after a Brief courtship to Woro married. I had no see Rocs from my wife and in a Little while Slio Learned the Story of the water. , Anil thought or fancied she Euld do Toet tho vory shades of a tui Erin co in its utterance when i was weary. Sho. Said the watch was weary too when i was Gail it had ajoyou3 Ocho. I know that on that night when a feeble breath fluttered in a feebler Frame and the Little creature to whom our love had existence struggled vainly for its life there was n piteous cadence in the voice of that a old watch i Hope never to liar again. So we lived on together Jit wins gods will that to should be childless but to loved Neueli other All the my re i grew Rich acid. Pros Cnidus and our Only grief was Trio missing of those baby eyes and voices which to had impede to have about our Hearth. It was his shall never forget Trio Day when a Trio water boat its warning. My wife and i Hoard it a Tono in of mint. Never before had Trio voice of. That water Beon so loud or rapid All Day Long., All the next and poll Trio next that warning continued.1 the Strong within the1 water Shook the table on which it rested when i from my pocket and made the Iranno Cin my bosom Rise and fall when i replaced it. Wore Jve threatened i Villi illness in 1 her Eliock was Blooming Anding Pulso was regular. Arhat would it mean 1 , four Days i began to Laii ii army own credulity Llosa began to Loose her Faith in to lib Monitor. About noon i left her and Wiit alone in a Little room kept my medical works and some rare drugs and curiosities. It was i purpose for a lecture was t iat evening. I state do myself at my desk and Pom moneyed to read Blit after Afefe moments i began to experience a singular faintness and to inhale a our. I to cognized the smell in a moment. In the jars upon Iny shelves was a rare essence of great use in eases a of consciousness was necessary but excessively dangerous save in skilful bauds.-. Some one a servant probably a Lead Boon meddling with Trio stopper and tho room was fall of tho . I Mast leave it if i would live. I sing Areil to the door put Iny Huml. Upon the la i when Lior ror of 1 it Vouri ipod in nov Abl sonnet Ling had i appeared to the , i strove aloud but Rev Vieo failed to. I clutched the table for support but lust my hold and fell heavily to tie floor. I a Iii disco nothing All grew dark about Nio. Mcclain really i placed .1113. Band upon Trio water within Iny bosom at had stopped acid 1 remembered nothing More. A. Consciousness came Back tii 1110, As it May come Back to a new born babe fill aught i know. I 1 tilt a without Liidi i striding was c ins Eions of facts for eared nothing i was Iii tie dark i was very cold and my movements constrained but it did not seem As though that wore any Altair of mine. A hunger at last Nwoko to who animal aroused the mental and i began to wonder whore i and a lib re i was. I Pat Iny hand tip As Well As i could. Oliero bras a Low roof Over my Bead folds of Muslim in Lay about me and something was on my breast which emitted a sickly ii a Raneo a Liu Neh of Flowers seeming half withered. I knew this by the touch. A Bat was the matter with me ? Pupil 18 ii0� a i a a it a l my Eomy papion to. If Tom a m ? de they be doctor i asked -a�sweredu1�l i?-a.n y0uns or 9ld. And ll0 Fow w Sig forty a and then after a nip by a iut? of the r0ad�?T we a slim Moring Light told that to had just i it was tho month of november hut still the Day was Lovely. Thorn was an unwonted sound in Inyl Oom. Atli st could not guess from whence it came. Had the sky Beon Cloudy i should Liao imagined it to to the rain upon Trio roof. Then i began to feel that this sound i Beard was too delicate for tho Patter of rain. It might Havo Boon the lung of fairy Hammer or tho tapping of tho beak of Somo minute Bird Savo that it was too regular but Trio mystery of the sound was that it seemed to Appeal to me to reproach 1110 with forgetting it. I Bat up and looked about me. In an instant i understood the sound. It was the tiek of Trio old watch in the Wall. Silent for a. Twelvemonth it has suddenly found voice As though Somo spirit voice Lead touched its Springs. I looked at my memorandum bulk. Twelve of clock of Trio past night was tho anniversary of Mike Barlowes death. His words Lead Como Truo at last. Iio had said that when it once began to Movo it would Boas my Monitor of safety or. Danger. All else had Lio had foretold Why should not this Homo to pass ? i wore upon my guard Chain a Dainty Little of Ion water. I in Why could-1 hot breathe freely was i Blind and def to Liat could neither Soo or hear a a suddenly the truth fun shut across me 1 had been buried alive a in la by in my coffin i and All this time you ask a hero was my wife How had she born the blow which had fallen so suddenly upon her she it was who found me senseless upon my study floor and she it was who hoped for returning consciousness after All others despaired. At last they told her i was dead Ami shrouded me fur burial. Learned men decided Bluit the stingo preservation of my Frame was caused a by the manner of my. Death Anil at length Ray body was committed to the Tomb i bad Ofton made his wife Promise to that if i did first Sho would take the water into her own Possession and Wear it while Sho lived and so now that All was Over site took it. Voiceless As it was,.and Laid it next her bosom. Eor three Days and nights she never slept but at last exhaustion did its work and 10. Foil into a heavy slumber. She was awakened by a sound As strange As it was unexpected the water silent Saneo that fatal Day bad begun to tick fast and furious us it never ticked Bosforo loud Ono gli to arouse Here loud enough to make her Spring from hoi Pillow in agony of Liopo and about her thought Slio was a mud woman but nevertheless the strength of her purpose bore All. Bosforo her. Through the streets of the deserted town Sho passed in her White Nightgown like a ghost and they dared not hold her Back. Sho reached the Church door at lust and boat wildly at tho old sort orig a door. I am Yoiiro to toll you to open my lius bands vault Sho said a lies come to life a. A a thought her mad and yet dared not disobey her and All the Liilo tho furious ticking of the watch was heard by each 0110 there. It softened it stilled when Trio doors were opened and the Black coffin stood upon a the turf. It grew musical when Iny wife Bent Over to and caught 1110 to her heart no corps hut 11 living Man and it Lias had no Chango in its regular beat since that moment. It is Bosforo to flow battered and worn As it was lion it first came into my Possession and you May laugh Aliko water and a tho superstition with which it is connected. But my wife believes it firmly and Leves it As Woro a living thing and for the matter of that so do i. C3r-�?~ Julius did you attend do Lasome Otino of do debuting society a a yes sir. A Avoli what was do Fust thing Flat oui before de Iio Uso of Why it was a charcoal cart in. Of according to Trio Black Republican papers and orators Bosforo tho election Breckinridge Lias earned six of Trio principal Northern states. To scorns to to much Moro popular now than in 1860. A Story Fob tile Little folks. Trio Litlie r tii Roa Ltd station. In a Beautiful Valley close beside the Railroad which run along Trio whole length of it there stood a Woitt Little station House. To body lived in it and Tojo Young Man who Lead it lived in too Village which was situated about a Knif. Mile Ristaneo. It was built in tho got Lyo. Style. A great Oak shaded it and n larg privy Vino Clini Bod up. Its sides and All along the roof so that in the. Distance Trio House looked As Green As an Elm tree. This was the Home of the 6tation-keep-er through tho Day 1/t late at night alter All the trains had passed to would go to his the Village where his aged Motohoi lived. Early in the morning lie would to off again to his Beautiful station was. A Bright morning in the of july and not very War 111, of the i Oslo Breeze pious stains. Wow Mother said John Ali station keep or a i want gei ready to go with me to Day to the station. Your foot is very lame but a will take you Iii Luy band Wagon. ,-.i think the change and tho excitement of seeing und hearing the ears going will do. You a Groat a al of Good. Hurry Mother for you know i it i miss tho train i Luso inv a the proposition . And it was a luxury to. Theold. Hide to see the ears pass along. Slio was almost frightened out of her wits at. First As tho trains up making such . She declared As Sho sat in the Long Bench Iii front of tho Slation and looked up from Trio Sloe cing which she was knitting that Trio ears would surely run Over her but John assured her that Slio was As Safo there is in their Little Homo in the vill Ngel train after Traisi Iamo and wont Aud a Frei each one bad gone Jolyn. and sit beside flier and read a a in Ign pc Iii which lib had bought on the Day before in a Bookstore. All at one Lio noticed that Slio stopped knitting,.and.was leaning her head on tier hands. She was thinking about something and looking . John observed tier eyes Aiu saw tears Roll Down her Pale wrinkled. Bocks. At last Slio could restrain her feelings to Lunger and said these words to him. -. I a John i Havo something on my Blind have for a Long time been intending to Tell Yuu. I think As you pro now a Man that i ought hot to keep it Yim you any longer. Your father died lion you were n Little child oily two. Years uld find you have never a Learned anything of his history., a tin to first went into big Sinics. Ii wins wealthy and owned it very i Rob Maision in Trio great City which is five Miles Distant Ira of our Village lib went into business wifi Trio great bookseller sir. Nugon Tah for a Olnie wore very extensive. But by and by to noticed that to bugs wet not looking so favor Able acid when ii a Wayoff to Berlin 011 Iii animal business Toov Jand Rotor Noel Lionzio Agibin be found that ugh sri Notos coming due. Uliey must be paid. Or. Nugent took oath Defuro til 0 Oil . Lit to had 110 Motiey of Rcpt was Bobre so your a Tbs a to let a Elliis private property and his splendid mansion be sold the debts which wore caused by air. Nugentq a . Ayin he it Ivas All Over Yoni father Hud hard Trio Glits , he was very sure that to had secretly taken the profits of their business for Bis own use and Ali. A .1.1. 1. i in Ion made of Atli that he was Worth nothing c struggled hard with poverty., Blit in two years time trouble and anxiety brought your Hathor Down upon a bed of. Sickness. One week rolled 011.after another until finally the told him that to must soon i Phi would not live Moro than a week longer. Iio did hot want to die and feel that any one had hard thoughts toward him so lie sent fur air. Nugent and asked his Pardon for All that he had said and thought about him every word t oat passed Between Thorn and it was a. Strange conversation. Your father to him among other tilings a. A air. Nugent i am Smo that 1110 omit of my wealth for. Immediately after Travo up All my property for the debts of tho concern and to had dissolved , you engaged very extensively .111 business again and bought Largo Bouses. Even now the House you live in was the magnificent mansion Tomt was my own House and gave up to to sold which wore caused by Yoti. But i forgive this. I have not a Liard thought toward you 1 love you though you Liao Wro god 1110. And now i want you to forgive me. I Hopo. You Liao no against me. I have Only spoken tho truth and you cannot blame me for unit. A. A air. Nugent was silent be troubled and tears came in his eyes lie Lead not opt before since lie was a boy. Iio took your fathers hand and whispered to your father that if lie had wronged him lie would to his Ltd no. You Are that son John mid not 0110 word Liao i Beard from air. Nugent about Bis Promise from that Day to this. He is a very old Man now but lives in the same Iio Uso and still drives fast horses Iti this Beautiful shining coach. But every Timo i Soo him i think of the lust dear father spoke Anil lie Siirid then ,.�on�oriii.ig von John �?1h have not see lie Rigli Toons forsaken nor his seed begging bread.�?T. A the so to tin keeper was greatly affected by those Strugo word s of his Mother. But just Treu the train1 whistled around the curve and to had. To jump up and attend to his duty. A it in weeks afterwards lie was Ahmo in his Tittle station House. At night a inn came running Down from tiie Village in the direction i Vlier he was. Asho i a clod him to said a your Iother is very Niele Slio May die any moment. She has tho heart disease. Come right Homo and see her.�?T. Aliat could John do in a half hour the express train would Lio due and if to was away from his Post of duty the cars would run off the track lives would to lost and he would to turned out of Bis situation. But to knew that if to ran All the Way Homo and All tho Way Back he Cople return in Timo. Even to Iii to. Would Liao Only about five minutes in which to see jigs Mother. Iio Odonel nod that to it sooner than not Soo Hor at All. So off lie rap As Fust us to could. Slio seemed to to dying. Iio kissed her and loft again. hard thing to go away then but a lie must get Back and attend to Trio switch or tho ears would run off tho track and i airy persons might be killed. He got Back in time but no sooner had the train passed than to started off again to Seo Iii Mother. The Naglit Ivas very very Dura. If to had not known the Road so Well to would certainly Liuvao lost Bis Way. Onoe 1,0 heard a noise like horses running away with a Carriage. 1 t r end Flash As Bright As Day. To saw no a a a la a drawn by two horses wino i Wero Runmin at a fearful Speed. They wore very no. 1 the Lake and running Bluit Breeton. In minutes it would to too late lie rushed with nil his might and quod Jodo in catching Ono of Trio reins for the Driver had already fallen from his seat. Iio turned the horses Heads they wheeled around against a Largo Haystack which happened to to standing there Trio Carriage was already broken but the. Horses Wero still holding to it by tho harness. Thoro was n Young lady inside who had fainted away from fright and Hor Laoo a As bleeding a Little from a Cut under Eye. After John had tied tho horses to a tree to took tho Mung lady to a House near by. By this til no to recognized her As air. Nugentq a Beautiful daughter Gertrude. Si10 revived in. About a Hal Tuur and John told her that he would Send her father word of tho Accident but Sho. inform him who had saved her from being thrown into the Lake and drowned. She promised that Slio would not Tell him and then lie left her Leo United the horses and took them to tho Village placing them in care of Trio hotel keep or. Immediately to sat Down and wrote a Noto to a. Nugent which read thus a. A or. Mut end dear air a an Accident lies a happened to your daughter. The horses seemed to Liao lost to Iii Driver and Woro running at full Speed until they Lead i in almost in Trio. Deep Lake. If in Rovid enoc had not interfered your Gertrude a Yould have been drowned. As it is you tier at air. Land your horses at tho. Blu Star Carriage found near u10 Lake Shore. A very truly a John sent the note to or. Nugent by a Young Man who Rode a Lior Seba Kas fast As lie could. Now who Ould Beli ovo that the Young Statum Kupor could a such an act of kindness while his Mother was so ill Anil might even then be dead ? but to had a Good heart ready to give a helping band to anybody who need ills assistance. Fortunate Lye we big to got Home to found Bis Mother better Quot and it turned out that the o lord spared her for several years afterwards. A the next morning 1.0 could his Stal Tion House again and attend to Iii duties As usual. A week after this to received tie following Nute from the president of tie Railroad a a a. A a Sia a i have Beon informed by a gentleman of wealth and respectability i mean air. Nugent Liat. Some evenings ago Yuu wont Home at tie time that the express train wa3 expected and that it Luid to wait about fifteen minutes for you to return. We cannot allow such neglect an our Road. The matter is too clearly proved to allow any exc disc. You not answer this note but will vacate your station ,. As another and i Trust a prompter Young inn Lias been pm. to take you could a hardly believe his own eyes he know that lie got Back Iii time from his sick Mother a Why Slio Eldair Nugent try to Hojui of him True he had Mot air. Nug Orit Oli horseback Trio night to was running Homo to see. Iii Mother but tho train was not yet do to and i16 got Back in Timo too. Besides it Jas on Liat very Sanie Naglit but Afton Ards that he bad a saved the life of air. Nugentq a daughter. It was a very hard thing to loss his place on a false charge and especially through Quot Man whose Only daughter he Lead at Ved a Row i so dds a death. Jolius left his. Little , but could get no situation until Hist he was hired for a Coachman in a Rich a Many a family. When Gertrude grew bettor her father asked her who it was that had stopped tho horses and saved her life Sho told him that Sho had promised he i not to toll and Sho must keep tier Promise. Once about two months after she bad completely recovered they Wero Riding in the cars when the train came up to the station which Jolin had formerly kept some one Emo out whom Gertrude had never seen before. ,. A Why father what has become of. John ? Wasny tho a Good station keeper a. 1 a no my child he neglected his train one night and came very ii oar destroying a train of cars and Many lives i met Lipini running Homo at Naglit just As fast a is he a fold when to ought to have been fit his station. It was tie Samoa Naglit the horse Sian away with you mid t could not have been More than an hour before that Accident happened i informed tho Railroad president of the affair and to was very promptly a gli my dear father. You do ii to know what you Lyvo done. You Uro a wrung about his neglect aug ills train. Lie did no to do it. His Loor old Mother was almost dead with Trio learn disease lie ran i101110 to see her Anil then got Hack again five minutes Eforo the train Liat do you think to did after the train wont away,.and lie started Homo again to see his Iother ? it was he who saved my life. Iio. Turned the horses Asido from running into tho. Lake and to did no to want 1110 to toll you.�?T. A. A. it be possible of that i have done that Young Man so Niueli injury ?.�?� replied air. . Lib began to weep i will make it right with him replied Gertrude a father. And Lio did. His heart was touched fur the first Tim Sinco to had been a Eikild. I will toll you what Lio said to John three Days afterwards and it will form a Good conclusion to my Little history re i Havo wronged you John As i did your father. Hero is �o10 deed for tho House in live. It is yours,.and your Mother shall live with you. Ti10 House is yours because it was your fathers. I never owned it justly. Siefo is a Check for fifty thousand dollars. I give it to you As a present for i our kindness in risking your life to Savoy daughter. You shall have my thanks As Long As you live. John your kind nos Lias Mado me a bettor Man. You Liao taught 1110 the truth of Solomon swords �?11/ in Iii enemy be hungry Jive Iii bread to cat he be thirsty Nice him a water to drink Jur thou Sliaut Heap codes of fire upon his head and the lord shall Reward . Y. Methodist. Of talking to boys in Public meeting is petting to to Aii Art and science. Billy loss is a great Temperance lecturer and at Lluli Villa 111., was preaching to the Young 011 his favorite theme. To said. A new boys when i ask you a question you to afraid to speak right pot and answer me. When y up Kje a see All those Fine houses arms and cattle do you Over think who owns them now ? your tethers Oriyu them now a a yes sir a hand Rod voices. A Woll where will your fathers be Twenty years from now a a dead a shouted the boys. Thu it a right. Aud who will own All Tuluo property then a. A us boys a a right. Now Tell Uio did you Over in going along tho streets notice tho drunkards lounging Quot around the Saloon doors waiting Lor somebody to treat Thorn 1�?T a a yes sir lots of Woll Oliero will they to Twenty Yoars from now a. A shouted Trio Uro hiris. A a and Ivelio will to drunkards lion a a us then a Billy was Ali under struck for a moment but Romeo voting himself tried to Tell Trio boys How to escape such a futo. A a der Snail poll the. Writer sat alongside the Driver Ono morning just at the break of Day As the stage drove out of blah Borry �10 was a through Pas Songor to Squash. Point. It Ivas a very cold morning. In order to break the ice for a conversation the Fine Points of Trio off horse was a discussed. The Driver thawed. A Yaas she a a Good Boss and i know How to tribe Liim 1�?T. -. A it was evidently a Caso of mixed Breed. A where is Wood who used to drive this stage a a Lee bos Laid up Mit ter Rumatz since yester week and i Trivo fur him.�?T. I went 011 Reading a . A fellow passenger on a Back seat not having the fear if murdered English 011 Iii bands coaxed the dutch Driver into a Long conversation Multi to the Delight of 11 vory pretty Jersey Bine Belle who laughed so merrily that it was contagious acid �11 a ,-from being like a Conven Ticle to Wero As wide awake As one of Christy a audiences. By Sunrise to were Iii excellent spirits up to All sorts of l ut.,. And when a Little. Later our stage stopped at the first watering place the Driver found himself in a group of to reiters to the distilled juice of apples. A Here a a package to leave at airs. Send Dev so tie third Iio Uso 011 tie left hand Side after you get into Jericho. What do Yuu charge a a a Givlio so mod to know tho Driver \. A a pout a Leffy answered to receiving the Silver Lio gathered up the i Eins Anil put the Square package Iii the . Just As lies started Trio horses lie loaned Iii Hoad .o.of the stage and looking a Back to Trio Man who Gnevo. Lipini the bundle shouted but the questions 1 a ter fired bans on ter left baud out of Teriko v. A tho Man did no to hear him Driver was satisfied. On to went at a very Good rate considering How heavy the roads were. Another to Vern Intro watering More Applejack. Another Long stretch of Sand and to Wero hearing Jericho. A. A a any Putty know der Aliss a Ciattei hairs ?.�?T asked the Driver Bra ehg his feet on trip mail Imp in front of him , Iii i Tad round so. A is to face in. There be oiled to by a consultation going on inside the stage. A i done to know nobody 0�?T that name in Jericho do Yon lisli.?�?T asked a weather beaten. Man who apparently went the sa.m.0 Way. A. A there was old ski Giro grows Day ter she a married a Scudder and moved Here some two years Back. Come to think on to guess Sha lives higher to glossho.use/,answered. Lislie. The Driver finding he could got no Light out of the passengers Seo Iii a tall raw boned woman washing Somo clot bos in front of a House and who flow sight is the stage flew in hand me As be jumped from Bis. Seat and. Ebasco. The fugitive hallo oing. A a. A a in be got der Small pox i of got der a a. Lloro his. Voice was lost As lie a Slid into Trio open door of the House. But in a minute he reappeared Brolan with an enraged woman annexed and a loud voice shouting out a you git out 0�?T this i Clear yourself quicker. I ainu to going to Havo you Dis easing honest folks if you have the Small pox a i dells you in be got der Small pox. Tony to you vers Teth a Dor Small pox a. This Timo Hosh outed it out in . A ,. A Clear out i ill Call the Meir folks if you done to Clear a and at onco shout Din a tip top voice a Ike you Ike i whore Are you a a Ike made his appearance 011 the full rain. A i doll you ont More for der last dime in be got do Small pox and Alister Eliis to gift Nio a Luff a to give der Small pox to Aliss. Seutter and if Dat widow is miss Szuttor i promised to if her der Small pox it was Aliss Seutter and i explained to her that it was a Box to had for Hor. The affair was soon settled its regarded delivery lint not As regarded file laughter and shouts of the occupants of to Ion uld Singer conch As to rolled away from Jericho. The Driver joined in. Although he had no earthly idea As to its cause and added not 11 it by saying in a triumphant tone of voice a a i Vas Pound to if ter old romans Tor Small -. A. Ykteb it upside to tot a Yvo Havo heard of a Good Story told by a son of Erin a Isle wit�0i1 is Worth repeating. Sonio two years ago there was Quito a struggle Letwon two certain prominent democrats of Woad Orvillo As to which should go is who state convention. Trio evening prior to holding the county convention judge my re a and Squire j. Drops of Wistum. A too much company is worse than none. To set up for a critic is bullying Mankind. Man is Seldom tho of Bidet of envy. T. A done to judge by one View of person or thing. A ally a purpose with some truth endures 111 what of immutability. Thought is the wind knowledge the sail and Mankind is the vessel. Fortune May favor fools but that a a poor reason Why Yon should Mako a fool of yourself. A. A Negrao women Are born to Sezieme and some to love and i wish some respected Bachelor that reads this May take tho sort that heat a. Women never truly command until they have Given their Promise to obey. Dentil to a Good Man is the coining of tie year of its blossoming time. Do we Call it dying lion tie buds burst into Flowers ? Oliero arc some which 110 Man eau be contented to follow the advice of a if other Suino Points Uii which lie eau consult his own conscience Only. A a a a a a to have turns for Tea hot your Seey oif a kiss Trio waiting maid. A sure tiling. A to prevent a headache when getting sober drunk. A a to Tell if you love a girls have some tallow headed Chap go to Seo ber. A below will be found an interesting letter a picked lip ,011 the Street and handed. Us for publication. It is till of tho Etiopi die and,.-wo Hope will Liao the effect of winning i aug. A a a a a ,. A a a 28,1802,. Diak i have been Long �11 Lovo Wii i you but was afraid to Tell you go with you to Quot tie i am almost like a fool altogether unfit for company i . Of you All Day Aud All night i Dreanie of Lily dear Alai a. .1 am Well settled in work and my wages Aro eight dollars every week. You Anil i eau live on that and i shall bring it Homo Uii touched Ivory saturday evening a i will ant go to any Tamoru hut. , As my work is. Done return Lioi Iio to Niy dearly Hel Ovod Alary. I Hopo my dear you will lie angry for i am really Inlove. I be Happy unless you Aro Mino. I was afraid this to you but if you will leave an an Sweiti at Ray lodgings .1 will meet Yon next. Sunday after dinner at -.the,when to will take a and drink Tea. How Happy shall i be to Bear from my Clinner but a thousand times Moro Sho. Will be mine. I am my dear your real hip r. Cor of Hal. P. lot to know by Trio next mail. Quot. Each Inid ballots printed with the names of to Iii Irio ads upon them. A Sho judges delegates wore beaten and before retiring be consoled himself by loading his let with bricks. Next morning in Good season acting upon the principle that a a hair of the dog is Good for the just called for the decoction Billy mob Larney. Stepped into the Saloon and saluted tie judge lieu the following dialogue ensued a Trio top of the morning to to judge. And the Mouth rms to lives Bato us entirely a the curse of tlift.orld Light on Thorn a a gel morning yes the Squire was rather heavy. But i say Billy i understand Yogi voted against 1110 . That a a Biily air Blarney voted against to. Trio lying. Scalp teens by 1110 solve judge id rather Havo my whiskey stopped for a Yoi ii than do Liat same a Aliat you vote Billy a. A and Suro i voted the Ciekot with Yor Honor a Nemo on the top us it a but Biily my name was last 011 Trio. List a at the Bottom a a. Tvs was rather a puzzler to Iii Liy Liq scratched his Bond for .111 instant then suddenly exclaimed. A bad Luck what a fool i am i 1 voted my ticket upside Doyon Atho judge immediately ordered an orc opener for Billy to had fairly boat him 011 tho Triniy Cal journal. Der Quot a Saliby s got a Emu bus to pro no Legato to a a Prono Darker a. A Jav Oil lion Why am you like a tree a a Why am i like 11 tree i Gib that a tie reason you am like a tree is because you 11111 eber i keep Affili a a Julius in so got a Eon Umbus to propound to a a expatriate den Woll Don Why am you like a Trio a a i Gib that up a den Darkey i can demonstrate do fact. The reason is you am a Low cuss a Good Bye darkly i Oxe Haugo no Moro salutations wid you c/7�?� How to cling to every soft october Day Liat Dies kno iving Bluit afterwards not ing can Como nothing will Como nothing ought to Corno but Winter Aud few Days ago a missionary visited the Camp of tho 16tli regiment in Hartford,.conn., for the purpose of giving the soldiers Spurio spiritual and Vic Ile wont to one tent where stood a private and sail to Liim it. A a ,. 1 pc. A a my Friend do you love the Cdr did a no a a a a a done to Lovo the lord v a a no -. A. Ivy Lier upon the missionary Quot pm e the Young Man and appropriate advice and left with him a tract. Passing on to. Another tout to Emo upon ant list member of tho regiment. A a a do you Loye the lord a a . A i Havo some tracts would you Liao some to distribute a. A yes i should to vory glad to ree Oivo them. And pass them around among Niy. Companions. F i am Happy to find so Truo a Christian Gen tic Man ask yourself at a tent just ,.i Mot a j a ung Man and asked him if to loved the lord,.and Lio said no.�?T. A sail what a lie said no. A Llo did did hoi Why i thought the d a fool knew better a ,. The missionary was understood to say that. Hartford oui qty furnished so to very doubt a Fui christians Tor her regiment. Advantages of women a a woman says what Sho thinks without being knocked Down for it she. Can take a i Koozo after dinner while Lier Lusbi Piid goes to work. She can go into tho Street without Boug asked to a stand treat a Slio can paint her Faco if it to too Pale and if too red. A a she can stay at he pro in time of War and get married again if her husband be killed. A a Sho. Can Wear corsets if. Too thick other fix inst if too thin. can get divorced from her lius Bull we Nevor Sho sees one she likes better she can got Hor husband in debt All Over. Until lib warns the Public hot to Trust her on. Bis account. A Quot. Val Jable receipts., make a Lay your head under a descending Jpike Driver. To see if a Man is your Friend make Uvo to Iii wife 1 a. A a. To get the Frost out of your fingers put them in hot water. To so if a girl amiable a ear . In a ballroom. G. To keep yourself warm 1b bed set it on fire. To Seo How hard a Man strikes Tell him he lies. To keep poor relatives from troubling you a commit suicide. Quot to keep from being dry a stand out flu the rain. To do away with spectacles put your eyes out. A. Fok scene in surr con hallers office a a Poctor if the loot wont answer i have another Hll sufi Lieut rqasort�?0110 that you cannot Rouso to exemption for a a a Siatris it asked the doctor. A Why the fact is doctor i have not got Good sense i am an idiot soberly replied Thoai pliant. A Aliis said the doctor a what proof rave you of Tomt ? what evidence can you bring a a proof conclusive said tho applicant. A Why sir i voted for Abo Lincoln a and if Liat Isnit proof of a Many a being a or d idiot 1 done to know How idiocy would be proven�? Vandalia Democrat. A by a Man proposes and god disposes said a pious aunt to her Over confident Niece. A let n Man propose to me if to dare was the response a and ill dispose of Quot him according to my own views Asho suits to 0/7�?� a Young lady was thrown from a car a Iago and on being asked whore she was injured most innocently to plied Down at tho Surprise party lion Tom skill Mun wont Homo with Ono Thor girl

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