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Carlisle American Volunteer (Newspaper) - March 02, 1865, Carlisle, PennsylvaniaVol. Carlisle pa., thursday March 2,1865, ii rican Volunteer. Tina had by set inn Star Liob Jiha by John b. Bratton. Terms. dollars if paid within tho i ,1 and two dollars and fifty cents if not paid Hin tho Joar. Those terms will to rigidity and i Rialto in Erory inst Anoo. No subscription Dii to tinned until All Arrea Iago Are at i option of tho editor. accompanied by Thoc Asir and v acceding one Square will to inserted Thorto for $1.60, and Twenty Firo cents for Pooh Cal tonal insertion. Those of a greater length in portion. It. Of Pri Tikot Fitch As Elnid Billi posting Bills Ijain Bwy a Blank la Boll Acac executed with a flair and at win shortest Notie a poetical.  81sr� dais in we it Obj. Bad r. Macarthy lamer is glorious season farm and Bright and pleasant Alit the past is not a reason 1 to despise tho present. Labile health Oan Olimb Trio Mot Tain a and tho log lights up the Hall hers Are sunny Days in Winter a. A after ill 1 Spring no doubt hath faded from us ims Iden like in Barms Lumiser too with All her Promise. Ipp Rishi a in our arms. Lit the memory of the vanished i whom our hearts Ravalli. Iiah sunny Daysun Winter s a i i after All 1. A 1 it a toe a Ioro a Monroe a i Oyjer that Blo Omoth. 1 ail tho Best Arp dead ?. Lot tho Wali Flower Atill. Porf meth 1 loader Garden bed. Ltd tho Lily flowered Arbutus 1 hugs its Coral balls. A hero Are sunny Days in Wontor after All 1 Limmor Trees Are plenty vary 1 and Ione Thorn Well. But this Holly a glistening Berry 1 hone of those Excel. While the warm the landscape i and the Ivy clothes the Wall Here Are sunny Days in Winter. Aiter All 1 Lunny hours in every season. 1 with tho inn conf a those who Tasto with what their god hath sent. I who neither soar to highly i nor too lowly fall enl the Sunray Days of Winter. ,. A. After All i a although our Darling treasures i vanish from the heart a Hen although our Onoe loved pleasures 1 one by one depart. I Hough the Tomb loom in the distance i and tho mourning pall. Hirs is Sunshine arid no Winter. A after All 1 of Otto Law us faithful fore ebb i it is a dear Delight for tho soul to Bare lust in the Faith of another. It makes a Pil a of softness for the Cheek which a Burn Primith years and the touch of pain. It hours in to the sorrow. It is a Hope undeterred a flowery a eel Sion Ito or High the mind when weary of sadness lamp a Retreat for a Caress of constant love a Pani Ith in Thuc a of a up of Friendship forever Jin Keriagon the hand. A consoling voice that swells As with a Ftp eternal Echo on the ear a off of Neroy falling on the let raised and doubled. Hearts of this world. Bereave a Flats and wishes Long withheld descend Fiffie Tinea As chastening Griefs upon our Nuj but the re is no Solace tit the bitterness i Grooh faiths _ 1 Jennie was to pfc Horhing Star of my Litas pm Forb i trod the Many wide deserts of a so re he i pledged my Hope to her. She a to of Young that my fresh As pm upon her heart. She was gentle to me Nuth der and fond Andes motives i tho t in uhf loved to less fool Ritj than Fifthe Jake of love. So i we toned the openly a loom of her mind. I wondered a Wlms up Riojos of truth were bursting Thore to make or a Joy and a Blessing on tho Earth. I that every pulse was warm with a baled love but it was not then that i Learned Lithe deep and abounding Faith that had its a no in the heart of my Jennie. I Jennie was slim and Graceful with a Light pop and a gentle dignity of Demeanour which with her Joyful ways was like the freshness p Shade near a sunny place. Her face Ras a air with a betimes a pensive expression was a Good Loving face with soft Blue floating eyes full of Beauty and tender thou to. A smile always played in the lips not former of gladness but of Charity Content add Trust in the future to which her Hope turned. And often a song poured thro pose lib As though some Happy Bird wore pitied in her bosom and Sang Tveith her a amp ath its hymns of Delight in the Joys of i All this did Jennie seem to me and More re this she was and she loved me and i p8 confident in her a of Fention. For i was to Young and my heart was warm and was flt Rodg. -1 was buoyant As the and my life was for Yeara a perpetual Pernor s Day., it was the time when the pm of firings of nature had not been wasted the of Foukle and a the cold it was thei a pwn season Aljen Trust is the companion Roth it Wak the1 first Harvest which Gar Eyfa into thai bosom those thoughts and Emo-18 Smid which. As on a bed of flow vets j. We of Najfi Reading Liko a the in hot of Jonnie Basiao deeply stirred but i a Owril wag a Naira Somri Tynan inane a two was a fearful Strim Iri a Europe. I it grim tyrants sitting on thrones irenes Toloy Gas their Somri lauds to Arriss a which marched t6 the East and to the West and Toro up tho vineyards and trod Down Trio gardens Rind blotted riot who police of the world. Anon there Camp rumours of a mighty Host that had melted Awayan tho North glutted with its blood tho russian snows. Then there Carrie o strange ambition into my mind. My blood became hot. A Cala i Pitons frenzy filled my brain. The name of glory consecrated nil those murders to my imagination t would carry a Flag in one of armies. To would Nix in the Ori Pison. Thong. .1 would Nyrin Elfear a sword amid those Forest of flashing Stoeh and i Tola this to a Fannie. I though t she would is a pro. L thou to she would Mitra i Iii if about my wrist and bid me a go Waits Theo a if i still remembered her. Bat when i said i should leave Hor for a Wiiilie and of me Book with Honor and Pride Rind tho Fri Flory of Bravo arits arid the sons cods of a breast that never knew fear Sho Bec Otrio Pale Rind looked it me sorrowfully and fell a pin my neck weeping most bitter tears. I Riskind her Yohy Grieve and said the danger was one of Hanco Saivong innumerable probabilities of Success but she Only sobbed and trem Blad and pressed me to her bosom and prayed too not to go. A i Roa Onod with Jennie. I tried to persuade her of Trio glory of the War. I told her How much More worthy of a love Bhe a would think to when a Ltd me Buck adorned with laurels. Of How toot Are the leaves that Bloom from Slang Teri 1 said her Iri Iago would to Triy companion Hor voice would be my Vesper Bell her smile a my Star of the morning Hor face would be Alie. Visitant of my dreams her Lova the Moroy Liat would shield me from every danger. Sho with suspended sobs arid trembled arid All the while her eyes were appealing to toy own and penetrating to my heart to invoke its Faith that i might not tempt misfortune to blight the Early bridal of our hearts. When i had done her answer was As if i had not spoken Only skid that i must not go. Sho gave no More reasons now. And in did i deserve her love Whon i thou to that explaining and persuading were answers to tho pleading tears and swelling bosom and quivering Framo and speaking eyes of that Maidan Niobe Simken by her Mournful fears f. you will be a hanged Whon to return a she said. A. I change i i know i Ronld not change to Why should Jonnie doubt my truth i would prove it. My. Mind was fixed. Sly of nov was flushed by ambitious anticipations. 1 was resolved to leave. Jennie it length when Here entreaties of nil cd reproached me but so gently that her very upbraiding sounded like a Benediction. And so it was. It was not oven the selfishness of off motion. A it was a Pine tender Earnest solicitude. Sho told me i was breaking Faith with her in thus going Ridway to engage in War. Was it for this that Sho had become the affianced of my heart was it for this Thrift she had pledged her love Wilh every sacred vow to Rin Swor mine ? Wab it for All this i should Tate my hand from the pleasant cares of Peaco to corrupt it in the Villali ies of War Itiat i should mix with tho worst of my kind that i Thorild ride Over tho harvests of the poor and carouse in the Glare of their burning Hemes and Soo Sweet a babes Mado fatherless and wives bereaved and brides left desolate in the world Oli no. It was i that broke my pledge. I was not True to my Early vow i was not All for her i had made a new idol of my heart. I had declared i would never cause any sorrow to her by denying to Hor love one of its Earnest wishes. And now i was doing this. I was making her Grieve i was risking tho leaving Hor desolate to the end of her Days. For the Sako of what for tho Sake of a soldiers ambition 1 ambition i As though to Wear the Gray hairs of a Good old Man of tire a not a nobler Hope than to die in a Tregob of live shuddering with the memory of oar nage and fire and blood and All tho nameless horrors of War 1 a i cannot Tell nil the sorrows of that parting an infatuation burned in my Bond and blinded me. At length i went. Jennies last Blessing upbraided me More deeply than Hor first reproach. When she knew that i should go Sho said not one More responding word and then did i feel How gentle she was in sorrow As Serena in her Days of Joyi but i comforts a myself. A decided that Jennie Good us Bho was a dear Loving Noble could not a of Pribbend the idea of patriotism and once a thought of falsehood crossed my min d. I reflect fed that i had never tried her a she might not be True to the absent it would be Good to test Hor Faith. And so i went. Lot me forget the horrors and the crimes of to limit Long adventure. Instead of two Yore i. Was a Ajr seven Rind from the first i was said Siok nothing but Meir Iory recalled to to tho i Voi and thin did Jennies a of Roaches Rise up in judgment against me. Was Long lost from her during tho Lori fusion of Thutt terrible Campaign. A solid Oon finont now Lay Between us and now an Ocean. I heard not of her duh g four years. A she , said i the fiery wilful one to whom she gave Hor Early love.1 at length i returned but i was not to to whom she had said that Sweet and dear Farewell. I was maimed mutilated a Ripple an object borne with a Fleet filled half with trophies half with the limbless sightless remnants of a glorious War. But then it was a glorious War. Yes in to Vonty years Netth had icon dyed with the blood of six Rii Illious of Rilen. What a miserable things the re lid of a Iris i. Hooked when in those any summer a wore Down the Channel t thought of Jennie As the parting cup went round. 1 already look of upon Horas lost i had not falsified my pledge yet had i not broken my own Faith in doubt inhere iro Pontod All i had done Gold i bind her to her own ? could Lask her to take instead of the Manly Fig fire she had last seen a wre Ehod creature auth As i then was. A Iliad feeling of Honor naval Honor Honor that blooms on the drum head Honor that struts in a red Sash and feathered Bat. I would release her h As though a Penkul of Ink ooh old blot out the eternal record of a hearts first faithful affection. I wrote to her. I said i heard she. Was unmarried still. I had come Home i was also unmarried but i was maimed distorted disfigured an object to look at. I bad no right to insist on our font Root. I would riot Force myself upon her i would spare her feelings. A i would not extort a final ratification of Hor Promise. I loved hoi still Rind Bohld always with ten depress remember her but i was a fad to release her.-,� she was Freo i a i Quot a , by. Virtue of a written lease. Free Byon Bline Wenth interwoven Mem. Eries of a life a Long Faith were bound Abou t her heart when every Root of As Botieri that bad struck into her bosom had sprang up with new Blossom s of. Hope to adorn the visionary future. Eres by my honorable Oon Duoto Whon she a Herb by Das on an altar tho flame of Hor Vestal love made fragrant by purity and Trust. Ilor loiter was not like mine. It was Quick pose Mialo burning with . It began with a reproach. And tho repro Oli was blotted with a tears it ended with a Blessing tid a tear had made that Blessing snored too. Let Rao Como to who. Lot her embrace me. Let to never is rive her wrote and Sho would soothe me for a Rill the pains i had endured. Not a word of her own sorrows 1 soar Elv could that happiness to and had my Long a Sorico Inid my miserable disasters Miido no change was i still for Jennie the beloved of other Days a what did you Tell her a said i to Iny confidential Comrade the one eyed Commodore n Bluff old Herb with a heart As warm us Ever heat us der Gold buttons. He had taken my letter and brought Buck Jennies answer. A you were al out tho Hull till you were is Atid Whiat did Bhe say ? did Bho Blind der As with aversion a o no she bobbed and oried and asked to if you Werby Inri red a such and said you must have suffered bitterly but Sho Inid too that you must come to her. A miss a i said a he is so knocked about that you won know frighten you. He ruin he has hardly any body a and then she Flueh cd to the brow a Jive him that she cried a and Tell him to comb. If to. Has enough body left to hold his soul ill cling to him 1�?T. And where Iri Talo of song in history or fable is Rin answer accorded of Boro lie Toio Beauty ? what had Ito Terish iter of Honor. Hers was tho Honor of tho heart the truth of tho Soril tho Fidelity arid Lovo of a woman born to bless this world. Mine was an Honor worn like a Feather in a co kid hat like an Paulet Liko a spar. It was la Elul Ntim a Honor Honor by tho rules of a tho Jennies was better than Mina. A lived with her near the old place. And my wife the Lovo of my Early Days was still the fond Jennie a Gentoo tender trustful a and fro Rii that Day i buried my idea of,.the Pride of writ Jennie was my Only glory and Sho was faithful to to forever 1 a Ita French lady a there seems to be an idea prevalent non us that i French lady is a sort of Butterfly fluttering about tho Hobo or away from the House but always appearing in the character of in ornament. This is far from being the Reri Strite of the ease. So few families in France May be called wealthy that most of the Bright this pcs two sometimes Seh in Public Are compelled very Prario trally. To look after their own affairs at Home. Thoro Are of course exceptions among tho upper tour Cowic and in the Faubourg st. Germain sufficient to form a class but writ we should Call Mere fashionable Are a juice Rico in Paris the a to of Olegando arid intrigue. Half tho ladies who attend the Imperial balls have been in the Kitchen that very Day scolding their it inca and lifting up the kids of their casseroles. A really elegant Dame spends the Moy Ning at her toilet and is ready to to admired at four of clock in the afternoon. Admirer s a tire not Long Iri coming. In Many houses from four to five gentlemen Call in and Are received in the sri Lon by tho lady alone. No visitor of her own Sei is expected and her husband is away iria Trig Calls on his own if he were to remain Rind be present at his wife a Reo optic i he would be considered simply ridiculous and this is i thing Chirib to most especially avoids. Many frenchmen would rather be what they often arc thin run the risk of being supposed to be guarding against Bach an avoid ont these afternoon meetings however Are very pleasant and when the lady of the House is Clever and Lively Are perhaps Superior in enjoyment to tho soirees. A woman is never seen to so much advantage As when no rivals Are present. She is then sons pious of exercising undivided Sway none of her Powers Are wasted Iri spiteful watching for defects in others and there is no maliciousness in or Nihil ability. Tea russian russian army is. Not intelligent. Beneath the european oos tume in which it is tricked out it still betrays its origin. Look at its. It presents so heavy and sinful air an appearance Thrift the least Practised Eyo immediately re of Nisi a the disguised peasant the Savage tamed but yesterday hardly knowing How to morph and studying to the Best of his Power his part of Soldier for which he was not intended it is Only redoubtable by its masses which Hof Ever Oan be very efficacious by acted on by grape shot of we have seen Rit Austerlitz Friedland and other pm rides. The. Russian Soldier is not easily shaken. He does not possess that Cobl Energy and contempt of danger nor that powerful Reaa Oniris of True courage which characterises the French army and makes heroes of men he is i merely a Mohine of War which never reasons and is cumbersome to move. His Popes moreover Foster Hini in the idea that to in invincible and that the Bullet or the Cannonball destined to kill him will reach him quite As Well from behind As from before. But that Eross if he turns his Back to Ihbe one my and in spared by death to will to beaten with the stick and with the Knodt 1 \ in mem0e1a�. Or Jacob a. Mummer Down in tho Valley lies my love. Her soul Linth lied to god hath Gad to the realms above hath fled from beneath tho violets Sod. But from Mosho hath gone my love i Xii Ith loft Niy heart forlorn and All Allie i Rove a woo is me that i Evor was born. Low in tho Vollov lies my Loosly own,.my dear toy Trivic i sigh by her grave in the Grove \ a what shall this broken heart she is Gono my own perfect love a the heart i a o tenderly pressed shall never never More move 4., in its narrow bed of silent rest. Tho ringlets fringed with Gold tho laugh so joyous and free the face and form of Porfert Mould can never return to h�a.�, i lib through tho silent a highs a and dream of the Liri Poy past of tho Days tha Thonvo taken their flight. Of the hours too joyous to last. And then to me there comes a spirit from above a and steadfast with the Eye of Faith i see in heaven my own True love 1 take it a deaf old lady lib an notion for damages against a neighbor was being examined when the judge suggested Compromise and instructed her counsel to ask what Bhe would take to Quot Settle the matter. A a wha will you take a asked the of unsold of the old lady. She Shook heir hold at the counsel inform i tho jury in conf Denile that she was a very hard beririri�?T.�?T, ,. His Honor Wartts to know what Yori will take a Abood tho loomed counsel Aguin this time bawling ris lord As he could in the old lady sear a i thank your Hondr Kiridly a said the an Orient Dame a and if it is no to him ill take a Little warm a clergy Man wins once sent for in Trio mid dub of the night by ode of the ladies of the congregation. A i. A Woli woman a Enid to so you nip very ill and require the consolations of religion what can i do for you a not replied tho old lady i am Only nervous and Qaud to a How Onn i help that ?.�?T asked the Parson. A a sir you always put me to sleep so nicely go to of Rich that i thought if you would on it preach i Lite Lefor pie the Parso Umade tracts al. A. _ e.-. Aby what is most Riss Ful is generally least Hila rating. Liget has Ribo Olor Pater no taste air no . Set thit very tears be d by by Trinity to Day May b o in this Fieldon Clouds and of to Morriw 1 a y a the re firs. A a Quot. In personal App Cai i no and formation these Kaffir area Rico of tho most Manly and handsome among Savages and in Many of their Point resemble tho new sealanders. In stature they Are Genor ally tall their height in stature varying from five feet night Nohea Tri in Whf Yff six Foet. Their muscular Frame is remarkable for symmetry and Beauty As Well As great strength but their Erms from want of proper exercise a to Deyo Lope the Muscles owing probably to their usual indolent Mode of life appear sri Rill and Dis proportioned Iri size to the logs and body. of them tho lower limbs Ore strikingly robust and Fino and causes of . Arc very rarely to to noticed among them. Belr ii Ringo is stately and upright a in Many even Iii Jestion and this is particularly observe nude in their a chiefs whose habitual attitude of Case and abrupt Brit Graceful actions in giving their commands Are trily eloquent arid imposing. They Are proud in their hearing and carry the Bead quite erect atol thrown x to left Arm. Is usually Laid across the Chest to support the Blanket or Kayross which carelessly Slung Over the left shoulder is their Only covering or article of clothing. This where Inov Irig quickly they gather closer around them and then throwing the 6econd Riorer of it Over the right shoulder they leave it to hang in negligent folds across their Fine expansive chests reminding tho beholder much of the roman Toga of their shoulders Are Square and firmly set and like the Chest very. Broad. Their beards Are Large but net disproportionate to their bodies their forehead by eing elevated and intellectually formed and in Many cases very High Rind finely developed in a Phron Ologio al Point of View. Their hair is not so Tiok and Ina ted As in either the negro or hottentot races from who ii the Kaffir widely differ in All Points of personal appearance. Their ears Are Large butt Well Mado and seep generally to have become elongated by the weight of Pendant ear rings and ornaments. Their features although Minoh varied Are Fine particularly the eyes which Ore. Keen rigid Pior Ping and although always unit ready wandering and Stealthy yet from their Large size Rind great brightness and from their being Well set under their Broad deep a Tori the idea of running and deceit which undoubtedly is their National character arid has usually to be found out by some do or Quot bought experience does not at first sight impress a stranger. A the common color of the Eye is Black or dark Brown somewhat in Harmon in with that of their skins which Are however Darker in. Some tribes than in others especially in the Amri Pone and More northerly bios the nose also Ries in to Slom Hio tribes being broader and Riore of tia negro Hape than Iri the Unikas or g Salokas r assumes More of tho euro Penn liar note. In Many of them the perfect grecian rigid Pomrin nose Are discernible. These latter tribes appear in All other respects to retain their original Natiba Willty of Ripper Range. ,. Moret Quot Loyal Cotton Philadelphia press from North Carolina if would rip Psar that Geri dutch Gap Sutler is Likely to be brought to account for another stealing arrangement involving a Large lot of Cotton of which plunder Tuffo government thief Quot got Only one half of its Sharst the general and Bis Friend s absorbing Trio balance. The correspondent says a singular Giro Ustance Lori noted with gon. Butler s Cotton speculation has Home to Light it Soems that the chief of Geri Shep la yes staff g. H. Johnston resigned several months Siple to enter is Butler s Rohlof Regent into the business of buying to ten from the Rob is in North Caroline. He remained at this Long enough to make Over two Hundred arid fifty thousand dollars ris his share which his deposited in Trio first of Norfolk i a few Days go the military commission instituted by Grin. Grant to investigate the proo Ridings of Gen. Butler relative to Ootton got wind of or. Johnson. A a lie Hoard Thrift they would fall upon him soon but not intending to to outdone by them he Drew i l his Money Bank and decamped in tho Baltimore boat. They telegraphed to the authorities at Baltimore to arrest arid Send him Brick to Norfolk but a to a liar id Jolin ton did not go on the boat Fiir her Tolian Fortrose Monroe where to took tho Washington boat and landed at Annop Olis. No ode knows Hie whereabouts although he is anxiously waited Herb the commission hits proven that Butler re carved two fifths of ill Cotton brought hero his brother in Law on a fifth and Middle men of whom to Hirsoh is on0,etwo�?T fifths the govern my Rit getting but one half of that which waa rights fully due it. Xou Rray expert Over More Ai found log revelations than these 0 a dentist Jusic Star big in business never Tibet that How spares no pains to fen d eur his operation a do Fol Storf. A 1 the following incident is said to alive of of Arpod Many years ago in tho state of Virginia West of the Blue ,.and bears a close comparison with the deeds of that wily animal Xhu a Wolf. A storekeeper in a Village in that part of the country possessed a rom Kably Intel i gent dog of the Mied poodle and Newfoundland stock., he was a service to his master in guarding his property and had been taught to do Many useful had become the talk of the country aide. To would con vey parcels Home to a customer carry his masters boots to the Shoemaker Roh diligently for anything which Hotd lha a amp win the Fields or tho Roadside pm to Only watch in article to which i attention had been directed to comprehend any command which Vraa Givon Lii inv having by up Well cared for in �pi�5 of the Oross he an extraordinary size and was Post eased of great activity for so heavy an animal. His coat was con Rob and heavy f and in allusion to has to Rev. Color and something of magnanimity in he looks to was called lion. T f. A mild per offal disposition though Brave As his Royal namesake he was a favorite with All visitors to the store and Only an object of. Terror and dislike to thieves and marauders. His Masr ter had refused Large offers for him and it tho period to which we particularly refer he was in the very prime of his Days. About fisc Miles North West of the Village and three from the main read was a tract of Hilly land known in tho town Bip As the Hampton farm a Large portion of which was devoted to the rearing of sheep. Ti10 Hampton farm had at diflerent.po-rfod8, suffered As was supposed from Depre Tiou As of. Wolves which though becoming scarce in the forests of tho Vicinity wore of of Souly to to met with. A ,.a for nor than a year not an individual had been shot in tho township nevertheless sheep were still worried from time to time and suspicion pfc Jas Toffell upon the dogs of the neighbourhood. But the strictest scrutiny failed to detect single plague spot and accordingly tho whole corporation of curs was pronounced to to sound. Who charge then reverted to tho wolves but though to naps were set on the Hills and a watch Coutu fully kept no signs of a Wolf could to perceived. A ,. A few nig its after Viluan of had been to Laxon a she Epcot was broken into and a number of tho flock either slain outright or so mangled As to Render it Neces Simiry to put the knife of Trio in throats. A the Grazier and his Man of. Ranged at this and a. Price of Twenty dollars Largo sum for the neigh boyhood was Furty Witlip setup Flthe de predator a head. From tho circumstance of there being no now upon ground at the Timp it was of Purso impossible to track him but a Cloae inspection of tho Remesis established the foot that the animal was alone and of unusual size from this the conclusion was arrived at that it was a Wolf which had its den at a distance most probably in the mount aids at the foot of which tho farm was located. Several Good Hunters turned out with their dogs but utterly failed to strike the Trail although the search was continued Fajr j3qver in Days. At last however chanced that is one of these men was crossing a piece of land Between the sheep Hills and main , an hour or two before Dawn he saw by the waning Light of the Moon an animal which he immediately conjectured to to a Wolf rising an Elevation on his left at a Long loping Pace making it appeared for a run about two Hundred Yards Distant. The Man stopped and Boc feed Liis Rifle list having no dog with him his own having Beon w Orn out by tie previous Days run a prudently for bore to fire so Long As there existed a doubt of his being Able to sight a mortal part. The creature passed his a at fall Speed directing its course for. The run whither the Hunter on Tiou by Foll Weij. A o soon Porow ived that it had broken the Ioe and halted in the water and under cover of inequalities in the ground he was Able to steal unperceived within Good covering distance. Taking deliberate aim to pulled the trigger and the brute leaping up with a loud yell dropped dead on tho Bank. The Hunter carefully reloaded hire Fly loosened i knife in its Sheath and with his Finger at the guard of his piece slowly advanced to the Post when lo1 instead of a Grey Wolf to his utter amazement he immediately recognized even a y the. Imp perfect. Light thai but still quiver try carcass or a die st re Eop Erk favorite dog. A. After his astr Nis Mont had a Little subsided he took off the Scalp and leaving tho body where it fell made the Best of his Way to the graziers House. /. body of the Recreant suspended by the neck in a Wagon was driven in Triumph Down to the vill Lago Aud subsequent inquiries left not a lingering doubt than lion with nil his remarkable que amp Litie was after All but a Wolf in dog q Hab aliments. A it was remembered that at a or Tsih Pori she. Had refused his food and appeared sleepy and Cross and upon comparing dates fab parties concerned discovered that the very Days after the havoc had born committed. A he was actually Eppg god in washing the blood of six sheep. Freih his body when the Huhter shot him Atid upon being satisfied. Of thib the whole Village with the bereaved storekeeper at their head while boy would not help deploring the end� a no an an Mitil 6ang the Deviti Over the fall of so accomplished in villain .a. Tho honest Hunter received his Reward was Ever afterwards know by the sobriquet of Sampson inasmuch As it was he who Elow thaxion. A. A Ami 6rajidf4t�ier War a person of. Mular bits Tyeray Fri Rural a up baking of Trio imaginative a Dituro of won Rin i certain writer Saja i. -., a the Only tripe a to Binan 3oes not exaggerate she is talking of her own age Brick Pomeray says in this set in the whisky is so weak since the War tax a truck it that it is run in fro Zou and bold by the Latiok l a Fri Neil Riad thai brits Ewhen a lost my wife every family in town offered me a Noth her by t lost my horse fio orig Ofifi trip to Mako him Good i a 333? digit Fri 1 Man who1 Wilri sighed the a Fri Rind afterwards s planted his foot Ripon his no Tiye j5� a Wrig a be Kirin of a Blind Wood Sawyer says Thrift l Whilo none Eyer sri Linig see Thoner Wridt have Esq Hin a s o�t��6,�?� a Tript Sirij Een Irien i Iriri Rii ther Heriot enough to Eju a Well nor. I dug Rijkent Erio ngh to old their Tongula this is the Forin brition of All Imerti Nenashi some Twentyfive years Aguior perhaps a Little More an need and highly respected play Simian departed this life in on Goethe counties of . In fact the worthy gon. To Lemon had reached at the time of his disease the extraordinary Quot age of one Hun Druid and five years. No Triay to ii Rieg ined had hovered around his slowly Deoline ing Days and this was naturally awakened to fresher Oono Erri at the period of his Lorrn Dri Ferrid death. Fri had always enjoyed the foil a Stem of h is fell Rita Olti Kons and the Rodical proves bin which naturally looked up to him a it father and Guiditha Gorlod of of Groat excitement in Rogard Tda Ift Tel Ripe rank a Fri estion arid it was Felt that most important lessons spy the Benefit of the oar Isri Puld to an investigation of the Ordinary habits of a gentle Mun of Rdv Cilton and scientific attainment whose life he protracted of such an Advar acrid period doubtless owing to Dahri re no is to the Laws of Heath As promulgated and on forced by the total Obst Menos adv onto of the any. Accordingly after the in so of a duo seab on n committee Tyus deputed on. Thai print of the Temperance societies to wait upon Soto near relative of tho old Gont Lemait deceased in Ordrie to learn positively what had been the Oor Irso of his life arid by what Mearis he had Jung preserved sin existence in Trio posse Stiop of and physical vigor until at length it yielded to the absolute delay of bodily Powers without the intervention o any Joule i Jirise. The deput Ritis a haying proceeded to Trio ancient any six Irin e late place of residence waited upon tiny gon Leinan who was his grandson to obtain from hip All tho Partie ulars concerning his aged due sentiment of Gondi Aemi it h �d.hoori�?Tpressed, thai suitable inquiries were propounded re a doubtless a said a the. A Lief int Erlric Tor a your Grandfather enjoying Euloh a remarkable Span of existence was. A strict observer of the rules of Triin Perance to need not express our Oon Fidone that to a in no excess in the us of hurtful kinds of a Oil no sir a said the person inquired of you May be quite sure of that.,my Grandfather was a person of very regular habits a but to should like to know if Yon please pursued the questioner a something in part Zoulur regarding his Mode of life Jow for a Stanos he began and passed and ended tho a Well Eirwen to first Rose in the morning he took about i half n Glass of Puro Jumada rum Iris Gran Fathor was a person of Ysra regular habits this was. Has uniform custom this i suppose a said the inquirer a was to give a sort of fillip to his system after the lethargy of lengthened repose made requisite As an by Ilia very advanced period of life. Please Tell us what his during the rest of . A my Grandfather gon Lemau of vory regular habits and took rioting else of this sort until 11 look and then Only a Glass of Jamaria a Pirn a in does did to or int anything with Hie meals exactly with his meals about Hak Rin hour before dinner he drank a mixture to. Which partial consisting of half arid half of cider and rum. But after drinking Liat it was his a Stom to go out for a Short Trilk and return to dinner.�?T. A when dinner was about half through to would then ,.Eay a Glass of rum or whiskey As the Oasa might be and another when dinner was Over. Jinner was always punctually on the table at 1 of Olio he took no Moro until four of look the Small Quantity in his Tori. Hip Peri Otisie was not to drink anything Pise until near bed time which was always nine of look when he had i Glass or two of Whf Skoy . Some neighbor or Friend Amo in to join him. A Ivris very Hospital always a Ilas i have remarked extra imply regular in his habits a. A. Tho committee looked at Ono another and hesitated about pursuing the inquiry any further. It occurred to them however would to Well to Suvo the Bolves possibly in regard to the use of tobacco. A did or. A Ever smoke sked the chairman a that a said their Host fans one of his most regular habits. He was not often without a Pipo in Bis not engaged professionally he did riot smoke in his bod1 surely then Fri used tobacco Iri no other Way ?�?T.8uggeoted tie. Interrogator. A my Grandfather saturday afternoon Geu Lonion Urolia sed a certain Quantity of Pigtail tobacco say from Twenty Ono to ii Ift bps Iri length this lie Cut up into seven a Hoffer int portions one of which per Day rigid no More he used for chewing in tho of the seven Days of Trie week. My a , As i have observed a of a Oriff ind your get trip rather and his habits a Roku in thai questioner out of All Pati Enoel i beg your Pardon sir but it is not necessary to ppr sae this Abib Jet any Fri ther a Boston courier a Beauty of you now log be to woman we find that Changos Happ ii. To her generally less marked it is True than in a Man Blit still distil out i id quite observable there is a burst of Beauty in women at to at times All Beji riders. This May list for two or three years hit Seldom scr Long a in some Only a few months. In Short the sympathies of her physical Constitution Tell Rit last on the face head Rind Ribok arid on Rill the features. The jaws enlarge and with then the Mouth and Nus i disfiguring that fair face of eighteen or Twenty which the admiring Lovrin fancies Iris it be per Marierio Rind at twp rity four it is Nob unlikely the prior Lori can no longer be recognized Eyck by the my st in tii Nate acquaintances of their youth. Hip ill looking girl of twelve May become a Beautiful woman. The beaut of Eevi Teea or eighteen May grow into a Plain looking woman of Twenty four Ith Largo Mouth,.and nose and or Ivy a Small eyes and a brow either upright Square m98cullne and coarse or narrow Rind conf rioted Briw and Dis Propopy to one. A trip emf the Elevation of the up per part of the head so essential to Beauty and Shioli Inyo uth. Was not observed by reason of the inn Lafof the Friori Rippa Merit. Then arises the necessity for restore if in Sihle tho disturb Quot a up rms to lib Joszt proportions the of trip lick a Faco Grid feat rips the Cap supported by life hair. Res Bros the cd on Ltd on of Trio vortex Ollett Eddritt a if Assiat the Ebrok Quot with pendulous Orri prients Rit Eph Large a Juare the a or once my re appears to so of put its plan e til tia Gentr of tho Arti Floit a of Owen of a Ppd Hippetsmakeup for the natural Falna is rid. A Vuja Furni of tho Frico and raised conc edit the. Cine try Trape ii Mii Scellos up. The Bank of. The Nhok which Deri a Troy the Hearity m so me Yah pm is drip1 let women de opiate by All my ring Bric of frit i with triste and in the figh direction Lei Sheti decorate in 6mer to fulfil her great mistrow on Earth the pleasing dds i Ting of Rinrin. New to is list Bitch. A. Tho Reader must picture a Stout big Bel lied Short haired recruit log officer Antn a Blue Cap by Ftp stiff frontispiece a Short sword ,. Blue uniform i a size too Small Rind a customer from fatherland with wooden shoos and a Long tailed Grey Coati. The officer was after a bruits for a Gorman Regii right and thus went for his Suaco Stiblo country men. .1 b Dore inns to Dat you a. A Yaw a come wit me to to a Solob Ritari a Neinl. A a Yaw 1 Pemsl it to so rilce.�?T. A Neinl i grits shoots y y. I a ,. A Nix ,.by Tali it is better As Good. It a Foon do Yilo. You i Liat Mit me you gets Noin Hundred Pullara Bountis. / so ., Yaw. And in tho morning yen thai trunk Potap . Is do Gurnelos compliments to a Siomo and git your schnapps mid him 1 so?.�?T ,. J. A. A. A. A a Verv. And purty. Soon. Bimo by Trum perils again and Dat a Sli do Gurnelos Gomp i month to Como eat Somo sour Kirori t in Eliw Sage Mit him by trite. A a. A so Rilyn Beer Yaw fit Teh so. Den purty soon Bimo by der Truiti Peats Rind Dat ish tho go Rnold a Gimp Limette to rid i in it him in der earrings to s9ri voila prov or your Katarina and Dori you ride s Mit him City and no costs you Vonta i cent. And Liliuo by do. Trum Peats and Dot is do Gurnelos gom Limo its to co to and Schmoke a Bike Mit him 1 and den Bimo by purty soon right away do Trum Peats Liko de Tuy Fril and Aat Grid Nell a . To Como and get Yrino nein Hundred toilers Bonn Tish i Tanka but t guess not by Tan. A. A. A Yri i so Gootz a. In -�.�?~-.yriw.i, and den Dpi general and apr president. Shal Cep hands Mit you eat Krout Mit Dor. Brest Dontz a Row and Shust live Liko Ono fighting rooster by Tam l and Dep in a Little Vilo you say der. Bre eident to. One co. Iriri Man you gets anode Hun toilers Bountis and Dor Bres Idem. Makes Ono Grarld general Tuit you purty a Poon .1 Guomas but i tink nut. You to Mit to yawl Quot to russian serf his sad thai following is extracted from a lecture de. Liv cred by or. Keilab former minister to Russia it to the life the Ohara oter of thai russian Worf. Of them there Are no Quot loss than forty Chillions Twenty of whom belong or Upeor Nicholae i human being of voted we Orin not.Eay clothed in -undres8cil sheepskin tho fool turned inward Liat which should be a boat Riser bling a Loose gown having no col Gar and a Cap lapped Over by a Price of Ropa or other Materiale is a Belt Ai i and the Waist. His Beck is unc revered red rough and hard hib Hoard Long coarse bib my is Tach hanging Down and covering Bis Mouth. He weave Ribell shape Cap of. Woolen stuff trimmed with dirty fur and shoes either pieces of hard Wood scooped ouf or Kina of Sorik of Publ of pliable birr Lio has Hung at his Back a Kinin of axe of cat bet. And his exterior is Rialto Gerbor harsh soiled or dirty and repulsive. A non thus and habited suddenly appearing in , i or in any part of the country a would awaken at tic e alarm and pity As Sorieri escaped Wanderor from Trio cells of lunacy or in the moral and mental qualities of the rus Sian Aero there Are mingled traits of Good arid evil lip is Enild and amiable but imbecile arid Servile. To the profound Riet in Quot Franco and vilest a a he a unites Ohi Noso imitation Dpi Kriess arid reverential Faith Iri thai dogmas of the of Huron. Iio crosses himself Rit every Flash of lighting apr a faces death a fearlessly under a priestly Proiti Lisp of he endures without complaint the most frightful extreme of phys a Cal exposure and privation. He is Content with a Block of Wood or Stone for a Pillow a plunk for Hie Couch Rind some Blok bread and onion for his daily tnenl., like our Western a Savage he yields at every Opportunity. To a Luire a Heffs of Intoci coniing drink. Iri the present i. Of Power he frills prostrate in the deaf profit rating safety from his. Superiors in. Trio most disgusting servility. Yet notwithstanding the rigor of his de Staty to that there exist Quot happier or fairer regions Oil the Earth he love Hie country with enthusiast to Aud unto Pride Ardour Rind when fighting his Battles abroad it Fri is almost a willing victim to thai enemy in Liri confident belief that after death Hris 1 before he takes Bis final flight to heaven he a is suffered to visit Days his nation a., a. A Borin . Samuel. Davie was president of president of Princeton England for the purpose Pfob Tutti icing donations for the institution. Georgeo the second had i coif Jobity to hear a preach Efrum the wilds of accordingly attended and was so much a Rurik with the pro Rieb. Fir that he expressed his Estonia Lieut loud enough to he heard half Ivy Cvar the Church in such terms ris these a he is a Wati Kerful Rima Why he beats by Bishops of a davie1 a observing that the King was attention than himself paused and looking his majesty full Iri the face gave him in an the when the lion Roar eth let Trie beuste1 Ottrie Forest tremble and when tie lord spa a eth let a the Kings of the Earth keep the King is Larity a Krutik Back in Pis seat Rind remained quiet during the re a or finder of thai Sermon. The next Day the Monarch sent for him end gave him fifty guineas for a the Ina Stit ution. Qty which he presided observing a at the same time to Lus courtier who is in ,. Honest Many an ii nost Man Quot. Of it is of Schapa 1ms in unions to soon by of that a gon a doctrine Sli Ould head Companietz a. I by a bad Jils than that a Good life should land its support. To a Brid Doo Trino. I. Linin Aye a cd Jinny persons Rion Fesa their Dep but def Niji their Eon Nat. in general a but ppr titular a. As Lorig Ai Trier Geniell of whiskey a no a to Brit co tho a Emen Riave a it to Deferio c a the miss Minsk. I to a b&�,7. V Lori a j. I ii a Rit a --i.1 a. I it i it 1jo to suited v do Somo ,hypoorhicqljprriys#3�., he avy intended to Otiest to of Torii Catlin pthsrs.50 trip lord a. Ihbe. A v Vlaj h mini whee Mon Rij Isif al it i 1 of la is of us. ,. A a acc in v i w Quot do al it a  .  r.v. Quot i or w Lep Many i ersatz to ump Onsa t in a of car it amp nothing to do Arit Dahljr Tarj have Tuso nothing to Lay

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