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Carlisle American Volunteer (Newspaper) - July 20, 1865, Carlisle, PennsylvaniaVol. 52.carlisle, pa., thursday july 20, 1865. No 5.american vol Unte Ell. Polis died Ever tvs tii Juist m0rki5g fit of How e5� s5s&attoi3u terms dollars if paid Irit Llin the. A on and two a Ollars and fifty cents if a p0,i�?~\ nth Trio year. These terms will to tig ully adhered to in a very instance. No subscription discontinued until All Arr Caraboa Aro paid unless at to option of to editor. April uti bum 15nts�?accompanied the c an and not exceeding Ono Square will to Insor Tod Throe times for $2.00, and Twenty five cents for each Eddit Ioune insertion. Those of a greater length in proportion. A Job pin Ting such is Laud Bills posting Bills pamphlets Blanks labels Abc. Ac., executed with accuracy and at tho shortest notice.�1ie common Soldier. Nobody eared when went to War but tho woman who cried on his shoulder nobody decked him Wilh immortal less Iio was Only a common Soldier. Nobody Paol cd in a Dainty trunk folded raiment and office re a fare a Knapsack hold All tho now recruit might own or love or eat or Wear. Nobody gave him a Good Bye fete with sparkling jest and Flower crowned wino. Two or three friends on tho sidewalk stood watching for Jonos the fourth in line. Nobody Carod How tho Battle went with tho Man who fought till the Bullet sped. Through the coat unlocked with Leaf or Star. On a common Soldier loft for dead. Tho Cool re in bathed tho Iov Rod wound and the Kmic Clouds wept the Livelong night a pitying lotion nature gave till help might come with morning Light. Such Holp As the knife of tho surgeon give cleaving the Gallant Arm from shoulder and another Namo swells tho pension list for the meager of a common Soldier a so Over yonder All Day to stands r empty Slevo. In tho soit wind sways As in holds his lonely loft hand out for Charity at tho crossing ways. And this is How with Bittor shame he begs his Broad and hardly lives so wearily ekes to out tho sum a proud and grateful ? country gives. What matter How to served the guns when plume and Sash Scro Over yonder what matter though to Boro tho Flag. Through blinding Smoko and Battle Thunder Liat matter that a wife and child cry softly for that Good Arm rent ? and Vendor Why that random shot a pm to him their own beloved was sent >�=51 of. Patriot hearts wipe out this stain red cup and sword no Moro 33n r. Let no common Soldier Blush to own tho Loyal Blue to wore. A re shout Long and loud for Victory won let a chief and loader staunch and too or l but Don t to rect tho boys that fought a shout for the common Soldier too., mow wild horses fight. V i had often heard from Peon authority and sometimes from White men whom Bac Clun a ted somewhat better authority of the uses to. When i the horses of tho Llanos and pampas i sometimes apply their heels Aad upon no a Pierius occasions since to came Down into great Basin to have been furnished a it with ocular demonstrations of these Fleet animals for using As weapons a Piboin Ofie Sivo and defensive not Only their ?.-$�heels. But fore feet and Teeth. Jfe pm it was not however until after to had a a crossed tho Headquarters of the theoary in Iarj Torch upon the country of the cup opus. And skirting along tho North Western Baso a a a of the tue Bayo Range that to had an of witnessing a Battle Royal Ween tho slender clean climbed South amort Sican horse and the most ferocious and of All the brute rangers of the Brizil-s3� in forests. The six mor.th3 that we had been in tho Grout Basin had occupied us chiefly along the a a a a courses of tho Panama pariah Elm and their tributaries and consequently very few of a a a the larger and More formidable animals with which All the Forest regions of the Interior avg abound. A but to had got fairly in to the wild beast Quot a a a regions at last and for a week or so had favored with a Good Deal More of. Their companion ship than was agreeable. Pumas .�?~.-�swleoparjs. Tigers an a Congers were quite As Kew Bumcrots As we had found the smaller Ani finals out in the Plains and ten times More annoying a particularly tho Puma the Only a a a amp one of All Turnow neighors who had no fear off dare and very Little of our rifles compelling a fus his audacious bravado generally to set our differences with the Lasso and Lance. Tho North Western Alope of the Tuou Hayo Talango is. Perhaps one of tho most singular is Sierra formations in the world. Prom its a a a soneral base which is densely wooded jut rout into the Grassy Plain Long narrow spurs Sierra of Moderato Elevation of irregular a Rafflle Natii and distance from each other and All i a Shoa Yily timbered to their very a a i Roku a Birds Eye Point of View the Moun Hun Mould probably appear something like in vast Cumb with the to Teeth irregularly set or some of them broken a Rulo to kept to the level ground passing around these spurs but occasionally when to came to a Barrier of trifling Elevation and had a fancy to replenish our Stoot of game to crossed on of the sierras Eib or direct or diagonally As suited our Pur Poso. One afternoon to were crossing one of these ridges Well in towards it Baso and Hail just reached tho Summit when Monde la our wild Paraguay a outrider came driving Baek All excitement shouting in his Lugus Franca of the Border 1 Ola 1 senors Samosa a ver 1 ten Liamos it los Lea Grande Lambor Easta puerto con al Carvalhosa. A in hat a that Mondoy two Lions having a death fight with tho horses a a a is sour. Bon combat 1 Vamos a 70v.�?���?<? we wont Down to see but Mendoza a eagerness had slightly Outram the facts. The Battlo was not set yet but it was inevitable Aad near at hand. There would to right Royal port Worth witnessing. So having gone Down the slope of tho Sierra at a rattling dash we Drew rein just within the fringe of tho Timber where to had in admirable Lookout and laying Clear tho fastenings of lances and uns Linging our rifles we were prepared for whatever emergency might Ariae. The level Grassy Plain Between the two spurs was less than half a mile in Width and about one third of tho distance across it counting from our Side,.and directly in front of our position was grazing quietly a Beautiful mouse coloured Maro having a pair of twin colt3, three months eld perhaps frisking about her. Off to her right and Down towards Trio Bottom of the Grassy Cove were two immense a pumas male and female stealing cautiously out towards tho unsuspicious Mare and Awa a to the left out in the Centre of the Meadow was a Small Herd of the finest looking horses i had Ever seen on Liano or Pampa. The animals had discovered tho pumas and were preparing for Battle while tho Lone Maro her attention diverted probably the gambol of her foals remained unconscious of danger. The Maro tvs about Midway Between Hor friends and enemies and Trio pair of ferocious brutes appeared to to calculating their chances of pouncing upon and bearing of the two foals before tho horse brigade could sweep Down upon them. There was something very much like reason in tho sagacity manifested the horses tho Herd numbered perhaps a Hundred animals among them. Some Twenty mares with foals their after a brisk trotting to and fro for two minutes half a dozen of the finest looking wild stallions i Over saw As Many staid matronly mares Drew out from the troop followed every Colt among them. Then As if practising a strategy to conceal their real intentions from tho pumas every animal put his or her head Down to the grass and began chopping along towards to Maro at a rate just about about equal in Speed to tho Advance of the pumas. It looked very much As if the horses wished to draw their enemies so far from their base that when the charges were made they would Able to out off their Retreat. _ both parties continued to and vane until the distance to tho Mare on either hand was lessened Tor Twenty five Yards. Trio situation was growing to us excitingly interesting. Mrs. Louise Elmor far the Host Rifle shot among us poised her Lansingburg Drew Back the Hammer and in three seconds More it is Likely there would have been a Royal Purina floundering there in the grass with a Bullet through his brain. But Harry promptly put Down tho weapon scolding his wife a Little in his Good Humoured Way a a Fie,.Louise, would you deprive us of the amusement to have been so Long in search Oil. A a i say its a shame 1 a downright barbarity to permit those for odious brutes to mangle and murder tho innocent foals a exclaimed Diana indignantly fingering the look of her Rifle impatiently. A a a Nao see Ora Diana al Leo Nao Mure to a and Mendoza was right. The lion would kill nothing. That to saw very clearly in less than thirty seconds. _ there came suddenly a shrill neigh from tho general of horse a magnificent Brown stallion a yell More like the scream of a Sharp Sot steam whistle than the neigh of a horse and in a moment the whole Troup was charging Down like a Lii rewind. It first they came four or five abreast in sections passing Between us and the Mare and beyond the pumas the head of tho column when the Leader suddenly swept round jul a Curvo Trutho left tho animals dropping into single Filo As regularly As tho Best drilled troopers on Earth could have done and round they went like lightening the left until ill Quot Bead of tie column came round and tapped the retire on the inside about ten animals leaving a space of about six feet Clear bet yen the laps of tho Circle which enclosed tie two pumas and the Mare with her foals. The moment that the Mare found herself encircled her friends she fell adroitly into tho ranks As did her foals. But the latter fell out again directly and on the outside too Whon they shot off at a Tangent and joined their Young friends in charge of the Matron Maves. The pumas finding themselves completely enveloped set up a terrific Roar and on the instant dashed upon their enemies with headlong brute fury. The male made a tremendous leap aimed at tho stallion who Wheeling on the instant his head twit ads the outer line let Fly his heels with such Force that their Eonta to with tho pumas Jajjo sounded like tho crack of a pistol. The vast brute was hurried Ond Over and Aero the revolving Circle and like lightening a fiery Gray dropped into the line wheeled and drove his hoofs into the Puma s ribs with a thud that sent tho monster rolling Over and Over howling with rage and agony. The female Puma sprung her leap upon a Beautiful mottled Mare some ton animals in Advance of tho Brown stallion and was More hardly dealt with than her mate. As Quick As thought the Mare and two of her nearest companions fell within the line turned Tail to arid Sipult Anesly there fell the crushing blows from six spiteful hoofs upon the pumas head breast and shoulders knocking ovary atom of fight out of her in a second and laying Hor out there on the grasses Limp As a rag. A Bravo Lite Flo Beauty a cheered.Louise for the mottled Mare. A a i Lurral for gooral Brown 1�?� shouted do a a enthusiastically. A Viva of Todos Carvalhosa 1�?� put in Mendoza in Exta oies. A a Hurrah 1 Bravo Viva go it wild horses to All yelled in and go it they did those Gallant defend Erb of female and infant horses. Bound and round they went in that whirling dizzy Waltz dealing battering blows with their vengeful heels until the last spark of life was beaten from the mighty pumas and then with Many a proud neigh of Triumph they went prancing away from the Field of Battlo. The Snake bitten tho City of bending Berks county. Pa., Thero lived a cosy old Farmer named weigh offers of German descent and Aee ent too As his speech will indicate. Old Sweighoefer had onco served As a member of tho legislature and was no fool As lie commanded a Vojs racer corps of rustic militia lie could Harty to to incline to cowardice. Ills boy Peter was his Only son a strapping lad of Sev teen and upon Young pier and old Peter devolved tho principle cares and toils of the old gentleman a farm now and then assisted Trio old lady and her two Daughton or it is very common in tie state to Seo tho women and girls in Trio Fields and upon extra occasions . Well Ono warm Day in old pc e and Young Poto Wero hard at it in tho Meadow when the old Man drops his soy Tao and crawled out a of mine Gott Peter a. A what a de matter Fader answered the son straightening up and looking towards his sire. A. A a of mine Gott p again cries tho old Man. A Dander a echoes Young Peter hurrying up to the old Man. A Fader what a do matter a. A a of mine Gott 1 Peter do Schnake Hite Mino if anything in particular was eap Ahlo of Frigli toning Young Peter it was snakes for to onco crippled himself for life tramping on a crooked stick which broke his ankle and so horrified the youngster that he liked to have fallen through himself. At the word Snake Young Peter fell Back again As nimbly As a wire dancer and bawled in a where is do Schrako v a up my ,.peter�?oh 1 mine Gott a a of mine Gott a echoed Potor Junior 1 kill him a no a no a he kill me Peter come but Peter the younger a a cowardice Over Amo his filial Lovo Whilo his of cars gave strength to this legs and he Stai ted Jiko a scared locomotive to Call the old Burly Buta Mau who was in a Distant part of the Field to give his father a. Lift with the Snake. Old Jake tho Farmers assistant Camo bungling along As soon As he heard the nows and passing the Fence whereupon Peter and his boy had Hung up their Quot Linsey Wolsey vests hurried to the old Man who still managed to keep on his pins although he was quaking and fluttering like an Aspen Leaf in a june Gale of wind. Of mine Gott. Come Quick Yacob 1 a you got he ? _ a Yaw Yaw. Como come Yacob he bites me All to piece so Here up Mino old Jake was not particularly sensitive to fear but few people old or Young Are dead to alarm when a a a Pizeno reptile in making a Levy. A gathering up a stiff dry stalk of Stalwart Weed old Jake told the Boss to stand ready and he would at least stun the nuke a rap or two if to did not kill him Stone dead and the old Man Peter loss loth to Huye his log broken than to to bitten to death the Viper designated the spot to Ltd strike and Jake let him have it. Quot the first blow broke the Weed and also knocked old. Peter off his pegs on a i Aycock. A a of a roared Peter a you have broken my log and the Tam scan Kos a got a Vero vere v cried old Jake moving briskly and scanning very narrowly tho Earth to stood upon. _ a a put on your Ali oaten Here it is a said tho old Crout eater gathering up his Boss and trying to get the garment upon his Humpy Back. The moment old Peter made tho Effort he grew Ltd in the face his hair stood on end a a Liko quills upon a frightened pore Pihe a As mrs. to shivered he Shook ids Teeth chattered and his knec3 knocked a Slac Carlo accompaniment of Yacob carry inc Homo in a so dead As nits a a ish no Dor Schrako in your Trow Sis a a no a look 1 in mall Sweet up 1�?mine Vlist wont go on mine Hack. Oil Gott 1�?T a Tunder and Blixton a cried old Jake As he took the same conclusion and with might and main he lugged and carried Trio Boss some Quarter of a mile to tho House. Young Peter had shinned it for Home at tho earliest stage of the dire proceedings Aud so alarmed the girls that they were in High strikes when they saw the approach of poor old dad and Bis assistant old Peter was carried in and began to die is natural As life when in name the old lady in a great Bustle an d wanted to know what was going on. Old Pete in the last gasp of agony and weakness pointed to his leg. The old lady rapped up his pantaloons and out fell a Thistle top and at the fiame Tiff the considerable of a Bratli was visible. A Gall Dis a Johnako ? Boh a says the old woman. A ooh hut in a wizened to death see in mall Pizeno mine Chest wont come Over mine body it a Haw Haw Haw roared tho old woman. A a fool. You have got Peters Chest a Ivoah a roars old Pete shaking off death s boy Fetters it Ono surge and jumping a Yacob what an old fool you must to say i was Schnake bit. Go a bout your business galls Pete bring me Somo Beer. A Small boy heard a Parson preach a Sermon from these words Eye must born again a which was frequently repeated during the discourse. Tho Little nearer paid strict attention to All that was said and particularly to tho text. After he returned he became Melan Holly. Ilia father observed it and inquired the cause. The boy told him that the preacher said he must he Horn again a Well my son a replied his father a Why do you cry about it v a a of a Sai the boy a in a so afraid that next time ill to a Gal a the old Jemian and tiie Crow at a certain crossed Road in tho state of Alabama stood a Small grocery or a a Lanskoy shop a previous to the rebellion whore a bust head and a Chain lightning were dealt out to thirsty unwashed at tho Small sum of five dents a quart. Tho presiding Genius of Titis Deleet Nln to institution was Ono Bill Sikes who among various Othor pots had a domesticated Crow Black As the Ace of this Crow had Learned among other things to repeat Quito plainly tho words Damn you a which lie of course heard frequently used in the grocery. During tho prevalence of a Knook Down and drag out fight Ono Dikiy however tho Crow was frightened from Biu Homo and flew off into tho Woods never to return. About from tho grocery was a sett meat a noting i Pusey on old Tumble Down dilapidated , Only used on certain occasions lion a 1 circuit i Devi happened to pass that Way. Into this building West tho Crow taking Peaton Blo Possession and two Days ther after tie Church was thrown open for preaching Jand a Large crowd assembled among whom was a very old lady who Wae compelled to use crutches in walking and took her seat in tho a front Pew a and was soon deeply absorbed 111 to eloquence of the preacher. The Rove rond gentleman had scarcely got under full headway and commenced thundering his anathema at All grades of sinners when a hoarse croaking Goico from above uttered the ominous words Damn you a. Tho preacher and congregation looked aghast at such profanity and each Penrod in his neighbors face in vain to defect some eign of guilt. Quiet was i length restored Howo Vor and the Sermon proceeded but Ere ten minutes had old Psid the ominous a Damn you again electrified tho audience and just As the preacher Oast his Eyo upward to search for tho delinquency tho orow flow Down from Hie porch and lightning on the Bible calmly surveyed tho terrified crowd 03 he gave Cid Othor doleful Oroala t Mainii you 1f the effect was electrical giving one startled and terrified glance at the intruder the preacher sprang through a window carrying Sash Glass and All with him and set off at a break Nock through the Woods closely followed his horror stricken congregation who had piled out of the bulding Kellmell after him. In the general Sor Amblo the old lady with crutches had been knocked Down in the Church where she Lay unable to Rise and observing her tho Crow who was after something to flew Down beside Hor and Cocking up his Eyo at Hor very knowingly again croaked a Damn you a tho old lady eyed him savagely for a Fow moments and then burst Forth in a Tono of Reckles Defiance -. Yes and Damn you too 1 i bad nothing to do with getting up this methodist meeting and you know it too a tho poor old soul had mistaken the Crow for tho Devil and concluded to propitiate if possible tie Wrath of Hie bad Cento majesty denying All complicity in tho affair. The world is full of just such people. Verv bad business of the court in Ono of tho Frontier territories wn9 drawing to a close when Ono morning a rough sort of a customer was arraigned on a charge of stealing. After the clerk had read the indictment to Bini he put the question a 1 guilty or not guilty a a guilty but drunk your Honor a answered the prisoner. S a a hat a tho plea a tasked tho judge half dozing on the Bench. A lie pleads guilty but says Howa drunk a replied the Clork. A what a the Case a a May it please your Honor a said the prosecuting attorney the Man is regularly indicted for stealing a Large sum of Money from tho Columbia he is hey ? and pleads a a he pleads guilty but the judge was now fully aroused a guilty but drunk a Thio to 111 a Moat extraordinary plea. Young Man you Are certain you Scro drunk a a yes a whore did you get your liquor a a at a did you get none anywhere else a a not a drop _ you got drunk on his liquor and afterwards stole tho Money a a. A yes sir.�?T. _. A or. Prosecutor a said the judge a do to tho favor to enter in that Many a ease a Nolle pre Segui. That liquor at Sterrett a is enough to make a Man do anything dirty i got drunk it on myself tho other Day and stole All stereo to a spoons 1 release tho prisoner or. Sheriff. Adjourn the coiirt.�?T. What he meant.�?ii�?-, probably the most celebrated poot whom Western new York Ever produced used often in his younger Days to a go on a bust a in other words a Havo a it was after one of these occasions that a Friend one Day came across his him sitting in a Wayside inn and apparently plunged in a Stato of die deepest despondency. The Friend thinking the Opportunity too Good to to lost undertook to convince him of tho necessity of reformation and painted in glowing colors tho ornament to society which to might become if he would Only return to tho path of rectitude. A no a said Willy sadly a its too late a i Shane to live Long i feel a but a said his Friend thinking to Clinch his arguments a quotation from a brother poet a done to you know what Watts says that Quot a Venlo tho lamp holds out to Burn tho vilest Flunor May return 1�?T�?T a All a quoth Willy a i suppose you moan to say that. Quot while Trio lamp no Oil doth Laok tho darn Cost sinner May Como Back a it is deed loss to add that tho discussion was thereupon adjourned sine die and the poet still lives and imbibed without Ocean Bottom. Or. Green the famous diver tells singular Etorie of Bia adventures alien making search in the deep Waters of tho Ocean. Be gives us bomb so tunics of what he saw at tho a a Silver Bank svy near Ilyati tho Banks of Trio Coral on which my diving were made Are about forty Milo in length Aud from ten to Twenty in breadth. On this Hank of Coral �3 presented to tho Divot one of Trio most Beautiful and Sublime scenes the Eye Ever beheld. The water varies from ton to Ono Hundred feet in depth and is so Clear that the diver can Seo from two to three Hundred feet when submerged with but Little obstruction to the sight. % tho Bottom of tho Ocean in , is As smooth As a Marble floor in others it a studded with Oral columns from ton to one Hundred feet in height and from Ono to eighty feet in diameter tho tops of those move support a myriad or pyramidal Pendents it a forming a myriad More give ing the reality to tho imaginary Abodo of some water Nymph. In other places tho Pendents i Ivy arc i after Arch and As the diver stands at o Bottom of tho Ocean a id gazes through the deep winding Avenue to kids that they will fill him with As sacred an is if lie were in Somo old Cathedral which had Lou Boon but ,.1 beneath old oceans wave lore and there tho Oral extends even to Trio surface of to water is if tho loftier column 1 Scro towers belonging to these stately temples that Are now in Rufos. Thero wore countless varieties of diminutive Trees shrubs and plants in every Crevice of the corals where water had Deposit. The Ortii. They were All of a faint Hue owing to Pule Light they received although of every Shade and entirely different Iron plants that i am familiar with that logo to on dry land 1 Ono in particular attracted my attention it Reso inbred a sen fan of a in Menso size of variegated colors and tho most Brilliant Hue. The fish that inhabit these a a Silver Banks i found As different in kind As tho scenery wa3 varied. They were of All forms colors and sizes from those of the symmetrical goby to the Glubo Liko Sunfish from those of Trio dullest Hue to tho changeable dul Flim from the spots of the Leopard to tho Hue of Trio Sunbeam from the harmless minnow to tho voracious shark. Some had Heads like squirrels other Liko Oats and drugs one of Small size resembled Trio Bill Torrier. Somo darted through tho water Liko meteors while others could scarcely to seen to Dinovo. To in Umerto and explain All the various kinds of fish i beheld while diving on tin bank3 would Scro i enough of a naturalist to do so require More than my limits would allow for i am convinced that most of to kinds of Fisli which inhabit to tropical areas can to found there. Tho Sunfish sawfish Blu or shovel nose Sharks were often noon. Thero were also fish which a sem Hlad plants and remained As fixed in their Posi Tiona As a Shrub tho Only Power they possessed was to opt hand shut when in danger. Solo of them resembled tho Loso in full Bloom and Woro of All Limos. These were tho ribbon fish from four or five inches to Throe loot in length their eyes Are very Largo and protrude Liko thong of a Frog. Another fish was spotted Liko a Leopard from three to ten feet in length. They build their houses Liko heavers in which they spawn and tho male or female watches Trio egg until it hatches. I saw Many specimens of the Green Turtle some feet Long which i should think would weigh from 400 to 500 pounds. 0�?��?~we see a says the editor of an Exchange paper in Tennessee a that tho sheriff has advertised tho Argus office for Sale during our absence. If the sheriff can soil it to will surely do More than to could. Like a Damp percussion Cap we think it will fail to go off. A a Oneo two newly imported englishmen just off the Steamer strolled into the restaurant attached to tho Trenion House Boston fast fall and after a wondering Siire at tho a Long Row of individuals each busily and silent engaged in bolting their allowance of food in tho shortest possible time climbed up on stools and hesitatingly ordered a a chop Ami some a Quot while the agile William was ordering their meal the attention of Rico of the bulls was attracted to u dish unknown to him but of which his neighbors were partaking with great gusto. Carefully waiting until Trio next Man Quot to him grunted a no Thor. Ear of Corn a he nudged his brother Bull with a enry there a nil in Meriann Wege Hilo that we done to no at a ome. Lets a Are some a and accordingly Ord Rod Ilaw 1 waiter Hoar tho Corn Adiah unknown in England was brought in smoking hot. Bull passed it to his countryman who observing tho manner of Bis neighbors sliced it Down with his knife and tasted it with an approving Wink. A Good a asked Bull no. 1. _ a worry a said no. 2, adding with True British Economy a there is no use in bordering another Eros enough for both of us a passing the cob to his companion who or Navoly sliced it after tho manner of Eue umber and seasoning it commo Nood eating the sliced cob. Lie got through two or. Throe slices with Somo difficulty to the huge Delight of a Small boy with a cropped head behind the bar arid then turning to his companion Oja emulated. A my Hyes a enry if this is a Sample Hof Ilam Eriean Weg tables their stomachs must Iron plated like their a Orrid ships a an Netious Grin Slid Over tho faces of tho witnesses and William turned Fiji holy on tho Small boy and ordered him to a make change at the other end president Lincoln Wil Linci that Jeff. Davis should correspondent of tho Cincinnati Maze the who is writing up Somo of the reminiscences of Sherman a Campaign in North Carolina is responsible for the following general Sherman complained and doubt less with Home truth if not Justice that the government had never distinctly explained to him what policy it desired to Havo pursued. A a i asked or. Lincoln explicitly when i went to City Point whether to wanted to to capture Jeff. Davis or let him of rape and in reply he told to a _ a that a a Story May now have a historical Valuo and i Giro it therefore is general she Muu said air. Lincoln told it Only promising that it was a favorite Story with or. Lincoln which lie told Many times and in illustration of Many Points of Public policy a a ill Tell you general a or. Lincoln was said to have begun a a ill Tell you what i think about taking Jeff. Davis. Out in Sau Garnon county there was an old Temperance lecturer who was very strict in the doctrine and practice of total abstinence. Ono Day after a Long a Ida in tho hot Sun lie stopped at the House of a Friend who proposed making him a lemonade. As the mild Heve Rago was being mixed the Friend insinuating asked if to Liko the least drop of something stronger to Brace up his. Nerves after the exhausting heat and Oxer Ciso. A no a replied tho lecturer i think of it in a opposed to it Ori principle. But to added with i longing glance at the Black Buttle that stood conveniently at hand a if you could manage to put in a drop unbeknownst to to i guess it Hurt me much a a a now general a or. Lincoln is said to Havo concluded a a in a bound to oppose tho escape of Jeff. Davis but if you could manage to lot him slip out like i guess it would fit Hurt to much 1�?� a a and that a exclaimed general Sherman a a is All i could get out of tho government As to what its policy was concerning the rebel leaders till Stanton assailed me for Davis escape 1�?� j5gy a a Avi iat is Dat Sambo what goes from hosting to new York without Movin a a ale gives Dat up pompey.�?�. A a Why Nigga its a the Devil editor on entering his office and seeing his apprentice boy cutting some queer Capers called out to him a a Jim what Are you doing on tho floor a a a Why sir in bad a Shook a a a Shook 1�?� a a yes a what kind of a Shock Quot of a a Why sir a said the Devil gasping Quot one of your 8iibsoribers came in during your absence snid lie owed for two Yoars subscription paid it and also paid another year in a a in a Yanco 1�?� gasped the editor nearly As much Overes me As his Lone apprentice. A a yes sir and it has produced in effect upon to that i Havo been perfectly helpless Over a a and Well you May Jim. But up j if you survive this you re base As there is Little Prospect of another such a of tho Georgia Central Railroad from Moon to Savannah will rebuilt within a month. I cleanings from diffs torn roman Villas on coun us seats originally tho roman county cats or Villas were nothing More than very Humble form he uses but with tho Progress of wealth and luxury Lioy Woro made degrees Moro extensive and costly. Somo of them were surrounded with Large Parks in which Deer Aud various of Loigu wild animals were kept. Largo fish Ponds were also not Onfro quintly attached to them and Scro stocked it great exp onto. Generally however tho Villas Wero merely surrounded gardens and in size and appearance resembled those of modern Italy. Tho philosopher Pliny tho younger was a Nobleman and a Man of Fortuno and the owner of four magnificent Villas,._ of Woof those to has left minute descriptions. Ono of them was seated on a rising ground facing the South with the a Pennino mountains raising their tall Cliffs in the Distant background. A a portico fronted the House with a Terrieo before it adorned with various figures and bounded a hedge of Box. Clench you passed an easy descent into a Lawn surrounded walks and adorned with Box out into Trio Eliapo of various animals. Beyond this Lawn you entered a ground for exercise Laid out in tho form of a circus ornamented with Well trimmed Box and other shrubs and fenced with a Wall covered Box. On the outside of tho Wall was a Meadow and beyond Wero other Meadows Fields and thickets. Opposite the portico Sto cd a Square edifice which encompassed a Small area of Spineo shaded four plane Trees with a Fountain in the midst refreshing the surrounding Veril Uro. This apartment consisted of a bedchamber and dining room. A second portico locked out upon this Small area. Another room situated tho nearest plane tree enjoyed constant greenness and Shade. In tho same building were , porticoes Baths and rooms for playing different games. The sides of Ono room Wero encrusted half Way with carved Marble thence to Trio ceiling branches of Trees Wero painted with Birds intermixed with the foliage. In front of these buildings Anil porticos was a spacious circus surrounded plane Trees covered with Ivy. Between those Woro planted Box and Bay Trees mingling their 3hade. Tho inward circular walks Wero perfumed with roses. A thousand different fantastic shapes were Given to tho Box that Quot bordered the straight and winding alleys that crossed the grounds. At the cod of one of to Ese walks was in al Covo of White Marble shaded with vines and supported four pillars. A Fountain hero emptied itself into a Marble Basin contrived with so much Art As to to always full without overflowing. Sometimes Pliny supped hero with his friends and then the Basin served for a table tho larger vessels being placed about tho margin and tie smaller ones swimming about in the form of Little boaf3 and water bowl. In front of Trio Alcove stood a summerhouse of exquisite Marble with projecting doors which opened into a Green Ino Losurdo. Not to this was a private recess furnished with a Couch Aud shaded a spreading Vine which reached to the top. Here also a Fountain alternately Rose and disappeared. In different parts of Trio walks wore several Marblo seats and throughout Trio whole circus were Small rills refreshing tho grass Aud other plants. Such is tho description which ploy tho younger has Given us of one of his to see that it was vory. Magnificent and Thero wore Many others throughout Italy of equal splendor. To will perceive this that tho wealthy romans lived in a style of great luxury in the Timo of tho emperors. Amei Ucan wonder so tho greatest Cataract in tho world is tho Falls of Niagara where tho water from the great upper lakes forms a River of three quarters of a mile in Width and then being suddenly contracted plunges Over tho rocks in two clout Iris to the depth of one Hundred and seventy feet each. The greatest Cave in Trio world is the Mammoth Cavo in Kentucky whore any Ono Ean make a Vongo on tho Waters of a subterranean River and cited fish without Oyes. The greatest River in tho world is tho Mississippi four thousand Ono Hundred Miles in length. Tho largest Valley in tho world is the Valley. Of tho Mississippi. It contains five Hundred thousand Square Miles and is Ono of tho most Fertile Aud profitable regions of tho Globe. A tho largest Lake in the world is Lake Superior which is truly an Inland sea being Lour Hundred Anil thirty Miles Long and one thousand feet deep. Tho greatest natural Bridge in tho world is the natural Bridge Over Cedar Creek in Virginia. It extends across a chasm eighty Foet in Width and two Lynndred and fifty feet in depth at tho Bottom of which the Rcok flows. Tho great mass of solid Iron in the world is tho Iron Mountain of Missouri. It is Tiree Hundred and fifty foot High and two Miles in circuit. The largest number of a Lilac slips in tho world is sent out Nantucket and new Bedford. Tho greatest Grain port in tho world is Chicago. Tho largest Aqueduct in the world is the Croton Aqueduct in new York. It length is forty and a half milo3, and it Cost twelve and a half millions of dollars. The largest deposits of Anthracite Coal in the world arc a Pennsylvania tho mines of which Supply tho Market with millions of tons annually and Apponi to to Inoel Rausti a ble. Quota these it May he observed Are american a a institutions a in contemplation of them who will not acknowledge that ours is a a great country a a Phreno logical journal. African fruits. Of african edible fruits and seeds Ono could almost go on to Infinity for there Aro few indigenous that Are not eaten tho natives in Somo form or another a no blood Plum of Sierra Leone Bartor has a pleasing Sib void flavor when Ripe in size and form it is similar to a Grapo but somewhat larger. Another fruit of the Samo shape Anil form but smaller and with less pulp is considered a favorite fruit on tho niger it is a species of Vitex. Trio l Ruit of ecu Lontus called in Sierra Leone native peach is when full grown about tho size of a Large Apple it is of a Pulpy nature tho outside is rough and uneven and hours Somo resemblance to a custard Apple Anona a the pulp of the Zohab and Quot ammonia digit ate 1ms a very pleasant and agreeable sub acid flavor and is much a Teo mod tho native in making a kind of sherbet or Cooling drink. Detarius Sonnga i Csc called Dut Toek on tho Gambia whore it grows to an immense tree produce a fruit tie pulp of which is eaten is Well As tho Kernel or seed. In size acid shape it is like a Largo Chestnut tho outer skill is of a dark Dull Brown. Tho Small pod of tho go Darium Aeu trifolium is remarkable for its velvet appearance Lien co it is Suin Timos called velvet tamarind and is also known As Blok tamarind. The pulp enveloping the seed has quite the flavor of East India tamarind and is valued the natives of Sierra Leono on Oliai account. Tho ochre Labohn Osthus is Eulon Tus is common on tho niger and is used on account of its mucilaginous proper to is in various ways in the preparation of native dishes. The seeds of a species of Trieu Lia Aro also eaten in this part of Africa the fruit is very similar to Trio breadfruit to which it is closely Allied. Its size is about that of a child s head the seeds Are Small and hard tho native Amcis aka. Tho seeds of hah Zenia Mythi Opiela Are used As Popper and Are sold in the markets at Zupo As Wolf As at Bahia. Trio seeds of in Nodoro Graudis Flora ten Folia and Brov ipes Are nil Moro or aromatic Aud would seem to to Well adapted if shipped in any Quantity for a useful condiment in this country. Many of the Onon Ceai have Trio the same decided fragrance but none so powerful As in this Genus. To fruits Are vory Largo and round those of m. Grandiflor quite the size Ofa Large Cannon Ball the other Spelios somewhat smaller. The seeds Aro about tho size of a common Scarlet runner bean and Are very thickly in Hedded in tho pulp which fills up the Interior of the fruit. The fruits of the wild Mango probably a species of Spounias Aro eaten on tho niger and on tho Zambesi the kernels of a species of Seler Zoarya. Tho stones of this fruit however Are very hard and difficult to crack these kernels appear to contain a Quantity of Oil and perhaps might to turned to account in that Trio fruit of a Aleighia one ocarina called a Sierra Louo tho sugar Plum in shape and size resembles Trio Damson. It has a Boot and agreeable flavor and is in perfection in tho months of february and March when it is to to soon in Largo quantities in the Market of Freetown. Tho tree producing it is lofty and Majestic in appearance attaining a height of eighty feet. Tho Largo seeds of put Clethra Macro Phylla known in the country is of Pachelo and in Gabon As Owala Are collected at tho seasons of their falling and eaten As food they also yield a Clear Limpid Oil. Tho Young germinating shoots of Boras sus Mth Iopu Are eaten the natives Buth of East and West Africa for this purpose they Aro Takou up soon after Trio seed has vegetated and Are then boiled in a similar manner As we Cook cabbages or Domoj Sulci vegetable. Tho Largo seeds of was Cir Inelss from which the natives of Ceylon and West India prepare a kind of Sago Are valued As an article of food in some part of tho Zambesi. Tho oxi stench of a species of cycads was discovered in Western Africa tho botanist of tho so Etione niger expedition As Well As Gustav Mann both of whom found that tho natives used the seeds As an article of food. Of the Dilta or Kudika Broad a specimen of which arrived in this country Somo to lire or four years since and was then supposed to to procured from the seeds of tho i Angilera Gaboni Eustis it will to sufficient to say that upon further researches it is proved to to derived from no Mango but from Trio bods of Irving a barter. Tho fruit is similar in form Aud size to thu Ito tho Mango hut tie seeds which contains Largo amount of Oil Aro separated from the fruits and beaten in a trough till they attain a partially fluid state. Tills is then put into baskets of ninja leaves and to tho Sun when a White tallow collects on tho surface which is poured off and tho Dika allowed to col in the Shade. Tho natives esteem it very highly in tho various preparations of their food hut More especially in cooking fish. It hos however a Strong rank Ana highly disagreeable taste. Tho fruit of a species of Parin Aruin known on tho Zambesi As Nohela is valued Oil account of tho very Sweet pulp which surrounds the seeds. The Gero Corn penicillin Ria Spica a is in common Uso for household purposes on tho niger and Gambia. Tho seeds of sorghum vulgar Are also extensively used for preparing . Tigist. Gay two gardeners who Wero neighbors had their crops of Early peas killed the Frost. Ono of them Camo to Tondolo with the other. A a Aliis cried How How unfortunate 1 do you know neighbor in done nothing but fret Ever since. But bless Nie you seem to Havo a Fine crop coming up what sort Are they v a a , those Are what i sowed immediately after my a what coming up already a a yes a replied the other a Whilo you Wero a rotting i was act Quot a tall keen eyed countryman stepped in to tho court room at Detroit tho other Day during tho Progress of tho Railroad trial stepping g to a Spectator he requested that the prisoner might Poi Tod out to tho Man accosted being somewhat of a wag pointed to tho jury. The follow scanned the twelve with a distrusting Eye and Whon satisfied with tho scrutiny turned to his informant and whispered a a Woll Lioy Are a hard looking Sot ainu to they. I know their looks they ought to go to tho states prison every Ono of Samuel Launsie Ieie re of Oil Arfield county Pennsylvania Ono of tho victims of abolition vengeance was released unconditionally from fort Mifflin on saturday last presidential order both imprisonment and Fina being remitted. Thus Evo tho implacable satraps and demagogues rebuked for their false Swon ring and improper use of their Brief authority. The toot ii of when Nineveh Lias departed and Palmyra is in ruins when Imperial Rome has fallen and Trio pyramids themselves Are sinking into decay it is no wonder sighed a French humorist a Liitt my old Black coat should getting seedy at to elbows. Tiie Myat Jious letter intended for both but dire cd to initials j. A b., found at the National hotel last week which pretended to to written Ono of Booths conspirators at South Branch,.va., turns ont to a a forgery. Trio Man who. Wrote it is under arrest. Nis Obj oot it seems was to implicate parties age inst whom he had personal spite. C7 some of Jour hoarding Louse keep orb Are said to Liao adopted tho plan of laying an extra Fork across the plates of delinquent boarders on the principle that in such cases they Liko to Havo one a Forte �7&Quot fall not ont with a Friend for a Trillo

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