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Carlisle American Volunteer (Newspaper) - April 17, 1862, Carlisle, PennsylvaniaQuot our count Jiyu May in always be rights but right or wrong our vol. 48. Carlisle pa., thursday april 17, 18q2, no 45, american Tolu Steell. Published every t�iur9day morning by join ii b. Bratton. Terms. Dollar and fifty outs paid in Advance a two dollars if paid within tho year and to dollars and fifty cents of not paid within Iho your. Whoso terms will to rigidly a Horod to in every instance. No subscription discontinued until amp a arrearage Aro paid unless at the option of tho j3dit�?~>>. A. Advertisements accompanied by to Casio and not exceeding Ono Square will to in scrod Ebreo a times for Ono Dollar and Twenty i Volonts of a Roob a additional in Sortin. Those of. A greater length in proportion. / Job printing snob is hand Bills posting Bills pamphlets Blanks labels a fee. &o., executed with i Curacy and at tho shortest notice. V is emancipation the object of the present War or is it to sustain the Constitution As it. Is and restore the Union As it was. Hon. Speech of a Iii Ester Clymer of Berks delivered in the Senate of Pennsylvania March 11, 1802. The Senate of Pennsylvania having under consideration the resolutions asserting that it a in the unquestionable right Lind Manifest duty of Congress to Attolis slavery in the District of Columbia instructing their Sena tors and requesting their representatives to Congress to vote for its. Total and immediate Abo Jitian in said District upon such terms is May Feo denied just and equitable to the stave owners therein or .clyme1j moved to Amend by inserting after the word requested the words a a after the assent of the state of a Maryland and of the people of that District has been obtained.�?�. The question being on the amendment or. Clymer said a or. Speaker in this hour when the nation a is struggling for existence Ive should to ready and willing to devote All our energies to the furtherance of her legitimate Ains and purposes to should top to unwilling to do anything to retard her Onward strides towards the object she has in View which is the main Teu Auoe of tho Constitution As it is and the restoration of the Union As it was. A. Deeply impressed with the magnitude and importance of this object i is Ope of the Quot humbles members of this body approach the consideration of this question which so directly and sensibly affects that great object with feelings of deep distrust As to my own ability to thoroughly investigate it and of fear lest i should fail properly to present it to this Senate Aud Foo people . 7,t too question of nature so Dolio Ute and yet so fast in its immediate and future consequences that if i could impress every senator with the same feeling of distrust and fear and could Opyoke aspirations for tho common welfare of of or common country which should inspire i would feel richly amply rewarded for the labor i am about to perform. Look sir at the position of tho great Commonwealth which we. Represent 1 tho al might for some Good and Wise purpose has made Lor the heart and Centre of tho re Western Bordors skirt the in ind seas and lie upon the River which Emp tips into the Southern Gulf. Go the East she is washed by Waters ebbing from old Ocean a a the Highway of Commerce and the pathway to wealth. The alleghenies traverse her Centre from North to South forming her Back Imeone. From which stretch out great ribs of a Iron. She Lias arteries of Anthracite and Tver pm of Limestone and Marble through which the life blood of Trade and of Industry courses a in Quick and healthy flow. In All tho elements offer Tirol wealth and Progress in manufactures and in agriculture she stands to Day the grandest Commonwealth of the grandest confederacy that has Evor existed thus powerful thus Groat to stand Here placed by the hand of god Between the opposing elements of ruin to our country Between the Blind fanatical and mistaken sympathy at this time i will use no stronger term of. The North and the outrageous and Damnable heresy of the Are the natural bulwark Between those contending forces which threaten the , Stonee of government and i implore you a senators to act at this hour on this question As become the representatives of such a state with such a position with such a destiny and with such mighty interests committed to her charge. You Are not. Acting for this state alone but fora common country not for tho present merely Blit for All time not for the thirty millions of to Day hut for the untold generations who Are yet to he. A. A the , for the consideration of tho Senate is tho first Resolution which is a a that is the unquestionable right find Manifest duty of Congress to abolish slavery in Zhendi Siril of the speaker. The senator will portrait the chair to remind him that the question is on the amendment Flored by himself to in Bert after the word a a requested tho words after the assent of the state of Maryland and of the people of said District has been obtained. Mr., Clymer. I am Well award sir. A what question is immediately before the Senate and if tho speaker and the sonata choose to confine me to tho amendment offered by myself i shall submit to tho decision. But after the amendment which was previously offered to the original Resolution tho discussion took so wide i. Scoopo that i feel constrained to ask the privilege accorded to those who have proceeded to that i May in addressing the Senate at this Timo embrace within my remarks All i have to say both upon the main proposition and upon the amendment offered by myself. If that priv logo is extended to to i shall proceed or Olse wait until i have heard the sons of Trio sonata upon the proposition offered by myself. Tho speaker. Does tho Senate so give its Lueb Tion waa unanimously answered in Tim affirmative. Iho speaker. The senator from Berks a will proo Eod. A Walls about to say when r a to the Glair that Trio the to �7 is. That a a it is Congress to Abo in Kje do mud. Manifest of tax or a in the District of discuss and in jljprqp0b Linn 1 propose to of Iii Story of duty a a a a ,b0 the care facts examined. A Hon to of plighted Faith to How United states _wa8tlf?, of tho made for tho establish r provision was and it was provided Taft Teltz Ion Tlona Eori Bod limits win his a a pm a who Congress of tho United state i pmt30�?T elusive jurisdiction. In to Lisl and 1790 the states of Maryland and Virginia in a spirit of kindness and with the intention to promote the general convenience of tho government ceded ten Miles Square to Congress for the sea of tho National capital. They ceded Ono Hundred Miles of their territory for this purpose. No\v.sjr, by whom and to whom was this cession made Are the questions to to considered by this sonata. N order to determine Ali Otylior tho first position of the Resolution is tenable and absolutely True. To whom was it made it was made to the Congress of Trio United states. By whom was it made ? by the Legislatures of the states of Virginia and Maryland. Having been made to the Congress of the United states for the purposes of a National capital it cannot to supposed that the state Legislatures of Virginia and Maryland could have ceded to that National legislature other great Tor or higher Powors than they themselves possessed. Then sir if those Legislatures had not the right to abolish slavery within that to Fri tory i mean if they had not the constitutional ability to exercise that Power not having been elected by the people for that particular purpose of therefore it will follow that these Legislatures not having been clothed with those Powers could not Grant other or greater Powers to the National legislature than they themselves possessed. Therefore the grantee which was the National Congress has no greater or other Powers than were granted by those state Legislatures j and As the latter had not the Power or right to a Olsh slavery that being q Power residing in the people of these states they never having conferred it upon the Legislatures which passed the acts of cession., Congress cannot have the Power to do what its Gran tors tho states of Virginia and Maryland could not do or in other words the grantee has hot or cannot have greater Powers than the Grant or had to. Confer. I present this position in order that senators after duly considering it May then determine whether it is beyond Opte Shadow of doubt that a a it to the unquestionable right of Cor Gress to abolish slavery in the District of this disposes of the first proposition in the Resolution. Admitting for the Sake of tho argument that there is an unquestionable right in Congress to abolish slavery in that District i approach the second proposition contained in the Resolution which is a a that it is the Manifest duty of Congress to abolish slavery therein a in order to determine whether it is the Manifest duty of Congress to abolish slavery with said District there Are several considerations to be examined the first of which is what was tho object of tho states of Maryland and Virginia in ceding this territory to the National government and secondly what was the object of Congress in accepting it ? these two Points must to determined and after their determination it will appear whether a it is the Manifest duty of Congress to abolish slavery within the District of Columbia. First fall and Manifest that the design was to make that territory the sept of government of the United states. In the words of or. Clay a a that was. Tho great Quot Paramount substantial object of the Grant a a that and none other. Certainly it could never have entered into the opinion of those Legislatures or of Trio people residing within the District to to ceded that it was to lie used occupied or treated for any Othor purpose thin making tho District the seat of the National legislature. In order to illustrate this Branch of my argument i will rend from tho speech of Henry Clay Doliver etl in the Senate of the United states during session of 1850 lie says that a a tho object of the Grant to Congress was to make the District of Columbia the seat of government of Trio. United states. That was the great Paramount substantial the Grant and in exercising All the Powers with which to Are invested Complete and full As they May to yet tho great purpose of the cession having been to create a suitable seat of government that ought to be the loading and controlling idea with Congress in the exercise of this Power and inasmuch As it is not necessary in order to Render it a proper and suitable sea of government of the United states that slavery should to abolished within the limits of the ton Miles Square and inasmuch is the cession was made at the time in a spirit of generosity immediately after Trio formation of tho Constitution when All was peace Harmony and Concord and Ashen fraternal feeling prevailed throughout this Union when the states of Maryland and Virginia in a moment of generous impulse and with High regard towards the members of this Union chose to make this Grant neither party could have suspected that at some Distant and future period after the agitation of this unfortunate subject their generous Grant without equivalent was to be turned against them and the sword was to to lifted As it were within their own bosoms to strike at their own hearts. I do think that Congress As an honorable body acting in Good Faith according to the nature and Pur pose and objects of Trio cession at tho time it was made and looking at the condition of the ceding states at this time cannot without forfeiture of All those obligations of Honor which men of Honor and nations of Honor will respects much As if they were found literally in so Many words in the Bond a a self interfere with slavery in this District without a Violat Tion of those obligations not in my opinion less sacred or less binding and if they had been inserted in a the. Constitutional Inspru ment itself Quot i could hot More briefly or soc notly sum up the argument As to Trio purpose of this Grant Aud As to tho binding obligation upon this nation to preserve that purpose in tho spirit in which it was made than was thus done by that Noble senator one of those really Groat men who lived and flourished for half a Century and who when Thoy were among us wore tho props and pillars of the Republic and whose and Liko teachings Sinoto their voices Are no longer Hoard Are sainted and enshrined in the heart of every Man who is not openly or secretly a traitor to his noun try _ a. I have now discuss of the Resolution in its two fold aspect As it the Senate. I Lyvo examined first the assertion that it is tho unquestionable right and next endeavoured to is certain whether it is tho Manifest duty of Congress to abolish slavery within the District of Columbia. I will now discuss the propriety of tho amendment offered by nay self which is a a that our senators a and Thoy. Are. Hereby instructed and our representatives in Congress requested after the assent of the state of Maryland and of the people of said District has been obtained to vote for the total abolition of slavery in said District on such terms As May to deemed just and Equi Bio to Loyal Slavo owners therein ? that is tho second portion of the Resolution. I will first inquire Why tho assent of tho state of Maryland should to of Taino ? this has been partially answered in my exposition of tho reasons which Indus of the states of Virginia and Maryland to Cedo tho District of Columbia to Congress that in Honor and Good Faith we have no right to which do that was Apt within the contemplation of the ties interested it the time the Grant was made. 1 say that we have no right at this time in this hour of National peril when fear dismay and terror pervade the land and when danger lurks in and around the very Capitol itself and in every Square mile of territory in its Vicinity to have no right to or oct within the Shadow of that Capitol a powder Magazine if you please for Trio destruction of the very state which generously granted that territory to the miso of tho nation. If to abolish a slavery in tho District of Columbia to afford a place for harbouring and once no ing free negroes and runaway Slavos from which forays on the adjoining territory will be so homed and planned where arms can be put into tho hands of Slavos in the surrounding country and from which tumults rebellions and insurrections May boy and will be incited in the Maryland. Was it sir for any such purpose As this that the state of this territory to the National government was it to Plant within her own bosom the source of her own destruction ? had that state supposed this to i ave Boon the intention would she Evor have my ado the Grant ? had she supposed this to to tho ultimate result Ofha a generosity would and such cession have Beon made ? uus to sir it is a truth sound in morals As in government that that which we cannot do directly we have no fight to do by indirection. Pfow it was one of the avowed purposes of the senator from Allegheny by the abolition of slavery in tho District of Columbia to introduce on entering wedge for the abolishment of that institution in other portions of the slave territory. I present to him Aud to this Senate As honest men representing the Truo and Loyal sentiments of Pennsylvan Hia the question whether they dare abolish this institution in tho District referred to with any such purpose ?. \ or. Irish. Or. Speaker i Rise to. Explain. The senator from Berks has attributed to me language that i did not make Uso of. I made no such assertion that the adoption of this measure was intended As an entering wedge. I simply said it might have a moral bearing upon the institution of slavery elsewhere and that in up far As it had that bearing i we As perfectly will to Taka the consequences of it 4 or Clymer. The senator from Allegheny stated in his remarks a a it is the ulterior effects which tho adoption of tho measure before Congress for Trio abolition of slavery in the District May have Ufi Wirthe slave system in other portions of the country.�?�. Thaws Ono of the considerations offered by that senator to i reduce this Senate to vote for the resolutions and i hold him to his record to his assertions Given upon the record before his people. I ask him in tho name of the people he represents and i put the question to eve Ery senator whether he represents or misrepresents his people when to dares to do by indirection what he knows under the Constitution to dare not do directly ? when h8 knows that within tho Statos in dare not Lay hands upon tho institution of slavery unless willing to tear Down the Constitution and trample its provisions under foot. I ask whether by indirection they Are going Todo that we Biol they dare rot and should not do directly. I put that question to the senator. Lie lab assorted that the present proposition was urged because of its ulterior affects on the institution and sir i hold him to his remarks. And i ask him whether he a. O March up to the question and say that he has. Already avowed is not tho real object to to accomplished by his party associates ? but i will pursue the argument farther. The Constitution has Given Power to Congress to fallout Trio militia to execute the Laws of Trio Union to suppress insurrections arid report invasions. Daro we then in the face of the express authority granted to Congress to suppress insurrections do that which in the nature of things must incite insurrection and rebellion ? is not Congress required to repel invasions and suppress insurrections and will senators Here vote to do that which by their own avowal will produce the very results that among others your Constitution was. Formed to proc it ? i put Trio question to senators a orind Nio whether As constitutional and Law Loving men As men who under similar or eur stances would Usk to have Justice the land Constitution administered to them a who Thor they would Call upon Congress to Dot which tho Constitution is in Tondow to suppress and prevent ? condition i pro peso by my amendment is that this action shall not to taken Quot a shout the consent of the people of the District. Of Columbia them solves. Why so sir ? if Congress has unlimited jurisdiction within that territory uncork strolled unrestrained by an earthly Power its condition is that of tho most slavery Over known. Why sir then there is a population of some sixty or seventy thousand people who Are anomaly in our system of Ovorn Mont they have no representation nor right to vote and yet they Are taxed and Jade to feel the. Hand of government. Such tyranny if it is Tobo exercised As it would he of ores authority of the United states who has called upon Congress to assist in paying for emancipated slave property. It is property recognized by Law and endorsed by the president hire feel and although to May not take it for a Public use yet if in Obedi Enoe to a Public will he a demand its emancipation Why should not its owners be paid the full amnio outside Juride for tho commodity or. Speaker i have hitherto endeavoured to confine myself most strictly to the resolutions before tho Senate. I have attempted to show first that there is at least room fur a reasonable doubt who Thor it Wuthe unquestionable a i -1 a right of Congress to abolish slavery in the District of Imi Sis. A question for Man to decide for Dii Selu next i have cd show path to snot a a Manifest of Congress Soforo. I have further attempted to establish that such action should be taken upon three cd editions alone a first with the assent of the state of Maryland next with Ufeo assent of the people of that District arid those Hoin Given that then the Loyal slave owners of that District Ami those two being Given that Tinea the Loyal slave owners of that District should receive just and and fair compensation of their property. I have thus Essaye a to present to the Senate what Are my views upon the question � Now sir there Aro portions of history intimately bearing upon this a cation which i beg leave to pro sont so Liliu Thoy May be made matters of record As a portion of this question. On tho 12th of december 1831, or. John Quincy Adams in the Congress of the United states presented fifteen petitions from numerous inhabitants of Pond Sylvanin praying for the abolition of slavery in the District of Columbia and the abolition of the Slavo Trade therein. A a so far at the latter desire was concerned he thought it a proper subject of legislation for Congress and that the petitions on should Bofo forr de to tho Coria Riitto on the District of Columbia. As to the other prayer of the petition a tho abolition of slavery in the District of columbian he deemed it his duty to say that he would not support it. A who would no sup Pori it 1 John Quinoy add Wijs born before the Days Whon the Constitution was formed roared amongst the influences that produced it educated by the my i who framed it was unwilling to do what he know he dared not do without a violation of Faith of Honor and of Justice to the people of that District. \ petition in this subject was presented in the Senate of the United states in january 1830, by or. Morris of Ohio praying Tor the abolition of slavery in the District of Columbia. This question was finally. Referred to a Ooin Mitten in Congress who reported As the opinion of that House arid it was clearly tho unanimous opinion of con reds a a that Congress possesses no constitutional authority to interfere in any Way with the institution of slavery in any of the Statos of the confederacy a next it was resolved a a that Congress ought not to interfere in anyway with slavery in the District of. Columbia a. That was tho deliberate opinion of Congress in 1836. The first Resolution declaring that Congress had Rio Power Over slavery in tho Statos was a Mere reprint of tree no presented in 1790, and adopted at that Early Day in the very first Congress that sat under the Cori Stit ution a a that Congress had no Power or authority the this sized to import slaves into tho West indies James the second being president of the last company i England a that had tho contract to Supply All the slaves to islands of the West indies for thirty years and that put a Hundred and forty four thousand slaves into them 1 what Ingland a whose very body and soul Are covered deep damnation deep with the blood of tho slave is it to conciliate her Frieri ship her Good opinion that we Are Todo this ? is it to propitiate England our oldest and bitterest foe from whose Iron grip we escaped by tho blood of our ancestors flowing like water from 76 to 83 and that England who in our present death struggle for National existence when was ebbing from us when we were lashed to our enemies approached us from behind and would Havo stabbed us in the Back a is it to propitiate tho Good opinion of such a nation that to Are to adopt this Rii Yasuro sir if More passion prejudice and hatred instinctive National Lerah Fary governed my action and i Lead no other reason for my course on this question i would vote As i am Abony the do to Manifest my utter detestation. And loathing of that government and to hurl Defiance at dior. If i had no holier purer or higher motive that single one would be sufficient for me. I deeply regret that the senator assigned such a reason for his action. It a a no pleasant duty for me to recount tho wrongs and injuries that this nation has received from tho country which should he if True to her religion Hor language her literature Rind her destiny our Best and truest Friend but we Ipoh for Cotton and Gold would sell herself to slavery and Mako herself a very harlot amongst the nations or. Speaker that was tho second consideration offered by the senator from Allegheny to. Induce our favourable action upon this Mear ure. The third consideration was the ulterior effects which the adoption of Tacto Yasuro before Congress Tor the abolition of slavery in the District of Columbia might have upon the slave system in other portions of Trio country i have had occasion to discuss that Point in a torpor portion of my remarks and i will not detain or weary by it. Suffice it for me to say that it is Rincon titu tonal wrong in morals wrong in polities and re Rosa in government to attempt to do indirectly that which under the Constitution and the Laws we dare not do this is my answer to this his last reason and i will do tho senator from Allegheny tho Justice to say that Thebo three tho Only ones that have been adduced in All this argument Why we should pahs this Bill. A i could Stop hero in my remarks and in doing so i would feel that answered every reason triumphantly and fully out the most arduous and to to the moot Ding Retablo arid unwelcome duty still remains. I Pip now obliged to leave a this ten mile Square a whore the resolutions would legitimately locate us arid travel off into that unbounded space through which Trio senators from Bradford and Erie wandered in order to reach tho principle presented by tho real unions .immediately1.before the. Senate. The senator from Bradford who Haa wired ened of this discussion stated that he intended to be Frank and that he would hold up before his heart a Mirror As did tho old grecian so that every one. Might be Able o see what was therein. I propose to do the same. And if in discussing this question t god and under Trio Constitution is no nation tho re establishment of this government. If Evor prospered before. It is Truo that the he moans by tho re establish Jerit of this gov founders of this nation regretted that slavery existed it is True that they would have abolished it if they could hut it was an existing fact and they As practical men who wore dealing with facts and not in theories or Seri ziment treated it As a fact therefore Thoy moulded and adopted a Constitution adapted to their exigencies. Sir from 1790 to 1820, there was no difficulty no trouble he Teeri tho elements composing tho original Union one state after another abolished slavery. I Havo taken some pains to examine Trio history of this matter in order to show How rapidly tho Riv Stem Deer Erseil in this in Fhern Eliante am obliged to say unkind add in l elect ii question was not again agitated in Congress i things it is not Boe Ause tho discussion is of at the least i Honvo found no record of atm my own seeking but Beer Iuse it has Boon Gressional door signs in regard to tho matter forced upon me. I come Here As the Thampi until the question was raise cd Andas Thoeun Quot quoted Liy such proceedings As those has Nover been heard of. Re would Moro hopelessly and utterly enslave its victims than any oppression i Havo tho Power or. Will to describe. Should Thoy Jot to heard or. Consulted in regard to a question which if lots first their rights of property next their happiness Anil their social relations in life ? is it possible tho people of that District without their consent without their petition and without their will should to stripped of All their rights Liy a Pizvor not self imposed of their part and in which Thoy have not the first Iota of representation ? is it Manly a is it just a is it right answer these questions senators. Toll me whether it Issow you who no not affected by this institution who Havo nothing to do with it whether the grievance in this matter is so great that As tho Only remedy you. Must strip this people of property of in Rafort and of Many of tho Dearest relations of life without their will or request. In that would to the worst most terrible and most unheard it f tyranny Liat Feis world Lias Evor seen. _ i next come to consider the substantial proposition submitted in Tolje Resolution a Amend de Fey tho committee of Federal rotations that this abolition of slavery should not take Plano without Somo provision for tho payment of Loyal slaveholders. I Havo no objection to tho amendment of Trio senator trom Alla Thony inserting the word a a Loyal for Trio Man who has raised hand against this government and would destroy it has no right to tho Protection of its taws Oit Linoir in Hoo person or property. That senator had he not Beon porno Down by that innate Seibo of Justice which i know has not Ift tho breasts of All this sonata would have struck out that amendments made to his Resolution in Trio Eom Mitt of of which i have the Honor to to a mom Hor Why should to riot Tonoko recompense to those Mon for having their property taken ? is if not Dool Rod in tho fifth article of tho Constitution that private property shall not he Takon for Publio use without just Oora pens ution a and that Staves Are private property who will doubt ? leaving that question stripped of a fall disguises i present tho High try believed settled finally by the Compromise measures of 1850 in that year or. Clay presented a series of resolutions known As the a a measures a which a afterwards although Thoy did not pass As individual resolutions Yot passed in the shape of separate Bills on each respective subject. The fifth Resolution reads a a that it is inexpedient to abolish slavery in the District of Columbia whilst that institution Contin yes to exist in tho state of Maryland without tho consent of the people of tho District and without just compensation to tho owners within the i have endeavoured in the argument i have Offord upon tho original Resolution reported from the committee of Federal relations to embody if not the Oxtot words yet the veritable meriting of Trio immortal Glay. Of sir could i present to this sonata the argument the National Senate of 1850,upon this sub Joet when to examined arid supported the same proposition 1 have hero submitted with tho soul inspire g Energy of a dying Patriot feeling that without its passage the measure would be As is in tended hero an entering wedge for the dissolution of the Union could i have any portion of his olo Quonce i concise that i would influence this Senate Asho influenced tho sonata of the United states and persuade those member. As he persuaded , that this measure in itself is inexpedient Rind that its passage will militate against tho Unity the peace arid of nerd of this great and Good govern Mont. But i have no such expectation. I tear that did i posses tho oratorical Power and eloquence of that gifted statesman it would be useless Here hut Iff had it i would exert it and if twas not Heo Dod with thers and not with me should he tho blame. But what Are the inducements held out to this Senate to secure their affirmative notion upon Whoso resolutions i a ill do tho senator from Allegheny or. Irish the Justice to say that in arguing. This Subj not to endeavoured to adhere strictly to Tolje question immediately before the Senate or in the words of tho Senate in from Bradford or. Landon to confined himself within a tho limits of tho ton Miles i cannot say tho same of other Gont Lineu who have discussed this questions they have wandered from the pole to the Equator. But Liat were tho reasons Givon by tho senator from Alio Hony r tho lira Ono was. Tho Fifoot it would have upon the two or Throo thousand individuals who Aro to to directly affected by tho adoption of the measure now before Congress tli0 two or three thousand Slavos and tho several Hundred Slavo owners in that District. Are Trio interests the happiness arid the eternal welfare of thirty Millious of men Tobo jeopardized for tho Sako of two or Throo thousand men either Whito or Black ? Alliy in Suomi a consideration Thoy Are hut As tho dust in tho Scales. If my previous argument has been Worth anything i Lyvo shown Tomt it would to consulting tho interests of those people Tomt this action should not be is tho next reason advanced by the son Ator from All Ogiony to induce our affirmative action i would to god sir to had not advanced it for i would then not love been forced to express tho feelings i enter pm. To says this is a Quot too of character that character is Power a and �9 order to prop tote tho Good opinion of Engin my of England Tus think of it 1 a the Good opinion of england111 that to Oro to do this thing. May god forgive him 1 what England Whoso Virgin Quoon Elizabeth shared m tho profits of tho first Slavo voyage Mailo by an englishman one John Hawkins 1 England a Whoso Kings Charles the Sorond and Primos tho second i. Tuition. I Homo bore to defend that instrument Flora within and without no matter whether they coins from the North or tho South. Planting myself upon its Broad foundations i will defend our Groat legacy of Freedom despite tho threats of men no mate Tor to what party Thoy. Belong. I am Nota member of any political organization in occupying this position. In Yiew of Ufeo Issue in Volvo a tho porno tuition of tho eternal Prin Oplos of Justice i fool raised above the paltry of tho partizan and am willing to Rise or. Fall upon that vital what is that instr Moat arid by whom was. It made ? the Constitution was made by the people of these United states tho then thirteen colonies for then and for their descendants forever. It was the result of tho combined Wisdom and the mature reflection of the thirteen. Original states with a full understanding of their condition and wants at that time and of the probable future wants and the requirements of their country and posterity. Such As it is As they , and we find Trio instrument with the alterations that in to me Boca no necessary. It is now the written Law of the land and Trio expressed will of tho people of tho Only Ono that in governmental matters and subjects of state or National policy binds my conscience tho Only one that a Man True to his duty to his god and to the Best interests of his country should Over subscribe to. I know no higher Taw on Earth than the written Constitution of tho United states and in matters of government i k of no higher Rel o in heaven far tho equal and exact Justice of its Law harmonizes with tho attributes of divinity itself. In who attempts to set up a higher authority i pro Olayin to be either a Fai Metio or a traitor. To May choose tho alternative but Ono or the other lie must to. And is .1 Havo stated that this Constitution was Mado to suit tho condition of our ancestors of tho thirteen original states. It was tho result compromised tho child of cd met of Mise and to Day it is tho Strong living Man of Compromise and Whon you take away that life giving substantial nourishment the Man will sicken now sir there wore Adverse interests and opinions entertained by our forefathers representing these states when they formed tho Federal compact but in spirit of Amity of Concession and fraternal fooling those Adverse elements were settled and received expression in tho write Taw. Aud i say to Day that tho system decreased in this Northern climate of ours and How As rapidly it increased in those regions further eur Ali. As slavery became unprofitable in tho new England states they abolished it. In the Stato of new York it was abolished commencing in 1790. My recollection is Liat this state common bed its. Abolition in 1780. Thus gradually it was abolished As it Mccamo unprofitable hut o show How deeply rooted was this system in tho minds of the people of Tomt Day i will merely state that although the Slavo. Trade had been abolished by Trio Continental Congress in 1776, yet in the convention that formed the Constitution in 1788, a provision was incorporated into that instrument that the slave Trade should not be abolished for Twenty years thereafter until 1808 and this was Dono at the request of several of the new England states conjoined with Georgia and tho carolinians. If i am wrong in a historical data it is not intentional As i am Eide adoring to relate facts without referring to notes. Do Ririe this interval of time Pennsylvania having rid opted a system of gradual emancipation the institution of slavery soon expired in this state. In the year 1780, i believe the first abolition society in tho country was formed in the City of Philadelphia. In 1790, that abolition society presented a memorial to Congress praying for the abolition of Trio slave Trado. And the. General amelioration of the Black rare was received and after to Spotful consideration there Host Resolution which has Beon the basis of Overy Resolution on Tjio subject of slavery since that Day a that Congress has no Power to interfere with slavery within Trio that 1790, immediately after tho formation of the Constitution Quot that opinion of Congress was based upon the a Piri ious of men who formed that Constitution and upon the Universal tho Meri of that Day. Afterwards there were other abolition societies Forrisi de. The first Gerrit. Difficulty in regard to this question of slavery arose in 1820, upon Trio question of the admission of the state of Missouri into the Union. Then Liore was trouble arid difficulty in the country happily bottled however through a Compromise of the friends of or. Of Gay end other lording Ami distinguished patriots. Front that time up to 1831, there web Little or nothing said upon this subject. Prior to that year All was peace and happiness the storm of 1820.had subsided arid the people wore again satisfied to wore onco upon our career of material arid National wealth Progress and strength when this foul spirit of discord and disunion again appeared upon the horizon. In 1831, if i mistake not an abolition paper was established in the City of Boston by William Lloyd Gur Ison. To put lip As the Moteo of that paper that the Constitution was a a league with tho Devil and a boy Orient with hell and that this Union must to dissolved Liis efforts were persistent and constant and the paper originated and aroused a spirit within this people which being founded upon of Anattol sympathy grew and increased until it resulted in tho formation of a mighty party. This brings Rise to tho assertion of Trio senator from Bradford that a slavery Rind slavery alone is the cause of All our Troi Ible a that without it there would to no War Rill Vrouir have been peace Concord and Lappin pm a. Suppose sir. By Way of illustration Liat in a densely populated City there was a Magazine of powder a perfectly legitimate Taw fill of cot of Trado an4 Commerce useful Rind Indis per Isible in its Way is applicable to the wants and necessities of men suppose further Tomt this Magazine has been located by Auto Jority of Law Long before that great City Lias grown up around Rind about it Liat the Law by which it existed was fixed and unalterable except by the consent of Trio owners of Tomt no gazing suppose however Tomt some infuriated Iliad a mud some one with hell Iii Bis heart and Savage Bate in Hie soul should Conoe ivo Tomt this powder Stoulil not a remain wit Liiri Trio limits of that City Tliatha would remove it even if in so doing lie blew up the. City and brought upon it utter ruin and Insp Post sir All the efforts of Trio citizens and of Trio officers of Iho buy to should seizo a Torch Riml apply it to Tomt Lime a Zibo and blow it to the skies scattering death and ruin Over Trio scene which before Ltd Ever i tossed the hum of Industry and the Joys of Prosperity ? answer me sir was it Trio no gazing of pow Tor which caused the ruin or was it not rather tho fiend who fired it or. Itt Estand. Aside both. Or. Clymer. Aye the a senator says both and so say i. Tomt was Trio hoped to extort. ,. la.ndon. . Or. Clymer. The senator from Lancaster answered i agree with him that it was both was those miserable Das pirate tricksters and politicians of Trio South using the institution of. Slavery planted in their midst by their ancestors for benevolent purposes As a moans to excite the feelings of their people it was Thoy sir and the equally Samll i not say tho traitorous a Meu of tho North who aiding and abetting those other men in their mischievous designs actuated by trip same hellish intention Tomt i never Pould fathom gave them Trio moans to blow up this fabric of Gover Uincent. I Here desire to say Tomt if there is any Ono Ern ment tho preservation of tho Constitution As it is and the Union As it was Ianiri wit i him and with him i would spread fire and a Brimstone not Only Over rebel soil in the South hut Over soil North or South a Preyor secret treason or open rebellion exists and believing that it exists hero in to lib North this War Mado upon tha Constitution upon tho president upon tho Lender of\drir,a,nrifri8> for unconstitutional purposes Iyo id girl rid it thick and fast right Here. Sir if i know anything of Liq political party to which i a Qaq the belong and with which i act a rom conviction a of duty i Havo stated truly emphatically and fearlessly to licit views upon us is they no not for slavery or Nigri Subt it a they Aro for it risky Aquia finds Iti they Aro neither for or Nga Hrit any particular govern Niento hut they Are for tho Gray Orr Merit under As it is and Fps the Union is it was they Qaq for this cup Stit Utieri and Union intact and if i under stand them they will strike Down North and South whatever stands Between them and this Introit Union Rind intact that is their proposition undisguised is Well to to known Here a Rind now Tomt sue i is the determination of that great Philo disregarding All Mere desires based upon sympathy with traitors Rind Rill ideas based upon a design to acquire Power from hostility to a particular institution tar Irr will strike Down Bot i alike for Thoy Are hath accursed under the Constitution and few Irig sri we the democracy whom i claim lava Over been Truo and Loyal to this government in every wily in All our history ice wih sop that �?��8 . Remains unchanged Anduri erupted. This is the Mission of the demo cratic party. For that it was founded by Jefferson and Madison and Jia principles illustrated by Jackson and a hos of worthies a who Are now in muted patriots whore memories. Are enshrined in Tim berate of their court try men and who will to worshipped As Long is there is Ono Stone upon Auto Lierly the Templo of Liberty. But Silys. Tho senator from Bradford if this country would to restored to Probo arid. Could go up from Page to ago prosperously. With this institution a i tet lie Rould to in clinic do. A a a or. Landolf Trio senator is not right sir. I wish to he rightly to prescribed. I want the whole of tho . Clymer. Reading from tho be Eek of or Landon in the . A god has undo certain men with. Their faces a Little Darker than mine hut if they Aro capable of enjoying Freedom Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness it is your duty to give it to them and woe to the government sooner or later that refuses to do it arid throws itself athwart their pathway of Progress. I am no infidel hut if we As a nation can hold up and perpetuate slavery age after ago Sanction it legally and Christen it Anat tho Saino Timo Prosper ours Lyos to free trippy arid great escaping All the Orrise quenches divinely threatened against in just Rifg and oppression a 1 or. Landon. That is Correct. Or. Clymer. Reading further f then this if anything would constrain Nitrai nos Only to question Trio Biblo but to Doutri Idiz of tho deity Lii Nacif a or. Landon. I Condor Swiat. A a i. Or. Clymer. Sir it is Ari Arnii piss fact and not Mere theory that abolition a leads to infidelity. It has produced that result in tho garrisons Giddings is Pifferi rigid it Haj shining lights of that Faith a Riidu if Alifi Sena Tor from Bradford probs by a Wirig the exception Lio will by inf a fortunate. Ini order sir to save Iii i i a feb cd Esq que cos of such a result i would to tho life and Tua Binge of him Whoso mini Sion was Quot a a peace on a a Atli and Good will toi swards born Anil reared in Judea i 7 province of tho roman Empire in which slavery existed a bits worst forms and in frightful numbers there feeling sixty millions of Thom. It is to say Trep least remark Pifelo that no where in Rill his teachings do to find the institution directly or inuit wetly condemned. Every Othor sin every other Vico he denounced and reproved. It was Ilia Mission to Rcd Buke Vico wherever to found it. Iio was riot tii cd by Powers or principalities Lio taught the True Faith As it was committed to him and if that system of slavery was Iri orally wrong a was the a a sum of All villains est a Why did not Iio denounce and rebuke it is impossible that this most stupendous social instil tuition of the roman Empire should no Brno have escaped Ilis denunciation Rind reproof of no sir 1 i will not cannot believe it. In Ordor to do so i must throw Newny my Bible with the senator from Bradford and forget tho touching of him who walked by the sea of Galileo. But this i cannot will not i desire for myself Anil for All others to Trike More freely and Moro truly of Trio spirit and teachings of Teri Felc Sod founder of our Faith. By so doing How much preset t bitterness and 6orrmv might have been avoided hew easily might we Lyvo escaped a Lour present difficulties How love and Ponce ivo Rifi now reign instead of anarchy and discern and Toiv this country would have bounded Onward in that Mission fur which she was surely destined Fey god himself and Froid which is i believe in that god she cannot now to turned. A a again sir in order to Savo tho senator from Bradford from tho sin of Rufid pity would Point him to tho lesson taught the world by Trio struggle of 1770. Did Neiot god sustain support Anil Rio fort us in Elioso dark Anil gloomy years of Tunit soon Yourst War ? surely Ilis Arm sustained us surely his we their Doe Narits. Trio a Rocney of those i who Imp a right to feel desperately original states Are bound to tho en-1 Ful Ngai ust those traitors of tho so at i l Ilo Forcemeats of every word and letter in to Lipton no moan Trio people in framing its provisions Thoy str ment. In framing its provisions wore obliged to treat in the Host manner possible tho condition of affairs then there was then unfortunately for us but it was entailed upon us by that England Whoso Floii will we Aro to Day asked to con Siliato a species of property throughout the country which required to to peculiarly protected. If it attempted to Ostapo. Thoy provided a rom Edy for its return Thoy pro Pard the Means for suppressing the insurrection raised by it and Thoy made it an element of political strength and Power giving to it the right of representation for to lire fifths of its number. Thoy a cognized its right of representation for it the time tho Constitution was formed Liore was hut one Stato of tho original thirteen Liat was Jion slav holding. Therefore tho Constitution was formed by Mon and Trio representatives of men who were interested in Slavo property and who very sensibly provided for their interests in tho constitutional convention. I repeat Thoy Ltd to treat the Subj not As they found it. Thoy did so treat it and the result was that from 1790 tol820 of floyds and Yan coys it is a Man like my spiff a Northern Dom Socrat. I Lyvo had no part nor lot in bringing this terrible calamity upon tho country i and those who noted , Havo endeavoured to secure to All sections their eve Ory right and if i was Only Govor nod by pro Yudico if i. Could disregard tho Constitution and tho taws i could soc those leaders go Down i Down i Down 1 11 sir it is Only my Lovo of the Constitution my belief in its Effie Conoy for All our National ills and grievances and my Hope that it will to restored intact uninjured Tomt prevents me in my feelings of indignation from being drive by Ilis Arm sustained us surely voice comfy Rcd us and yet sir his chief instrument for Mir deliverance was George Washington tho virginian and stave1-owner hut sir according to tho senator from Bradford to must Lyvo been accursed in the sight of god. A a. Again Bir wore not tho generals and Liq rank Rind file of tho Reyold Tinnery army most of Thorn 8tavoholdors ? surely sir for All tho states were Slavo Houlis Ngsaye one. And yet Ritli Liis Iyoub is of slavery upon them Ood in Iris merciful Providence sustained supported Rind upheld then. Iio sir allowed i nation of slave Uldera and slave owners to it achieve to Cir Index Ondesco and assert to Weir True position among Feo nations of tho Earth. But ills kind Paoyi Jenco did not end Horo. He permitted us to go on prospering Rind to the year 1861. Having done this in tho past i will not cannot doubt his mercy his protecting Caro and support in the future. I will rely upon Ilis mighty Arm on Ilis sure prote Ettori rather than on tho mis Woro mom bars of tho fourth company author-1 this country prospered under the blessings of on to Quot Somo desperate position. I do not do ,. Fond their institution of slavery i merely guided and find Toul teachings on the wild accept it because tho Constitution recognizes ratings of men win Taro willing t. A where such recognition is made i Mccog to Carit aside Ilis word when it conflicts with in be it not Ono Whit mor not Ono Whit Taf s. Ali or finito ideas of right and Justice. This there i leave it. There in a oils name i 1ms been tho Rulo of action of Providence Iii implore ovary Ono to leave it As our fathers times past and acting under immutable Aud lot it to us under god Riml under eternal principles i cannot doubt tho results god and under to Lii government to workout of Trio future Iho past is tho the its own destiny and All iriv Vot he . In it we read with nor ring Cor Fuin tho senator from Bradford said that lie to Del that Lias Boon All Tomt Cau to would sweep away aught that interferes with a concluded on fourth Page. J

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