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Capital Evening Journal Newspaper Archives Apr 6 1891, Page 1

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Capital Evening Journal (Newspaper) - April 6, 1891, Salem, OregonA f o evening capital journal. Vol 3 the people s Salem Oregon saturday april fr1891. To Day s jn3bws to Day n033 pm Fountain pens Only Twenty cents Bach entirely new Lino of ruled and a ruled writing tablets both letter and note size just received. Ast t. Kcf. Patton s Book store 98 Street was been in your midst it was none of your friends this Call Jim. Al of Jbf. Pfc is Al cues have died the ignominious death they deserve we killed them. Look Here if to did not. We wet 1 la butter holds for 25c 2 la holds for 30c butter ladle 10c 240 tooth picks for 5c Good Black Ink Only 5c per bottle wire hair brushes 10c 12 Good Lead pencils for 5c. Coff Llo and see our prices on tinware extra Large dishpan Only 35 cents. Small dishpan for 25 cents. All other kinds of tinware. Aim it will pay icon to Sec our shoes from 50c to the Best hand made at astonishingly Low prices. Umbrellas trom 60c to $1.25. Safety pins 2f c a Doz. Clocks guaranteed for Weiye Onuis omy Yum. Mills 4i c. Lamp burners Only "2 5c. Hair Combs 10 and 15c. Come in and see us. Obis spam is Henry Schomaker if you want a plow Harrow cultivator or any agricultural implement from a Hoe handle to a threshing machine. Agency of Staver l Walker. Theo reon land co with its ice at k. Ulm i in the state insurance building and Branch offices in Portland. Astoria and Albany has for Sale a Largo list of Grain Stock and fruit farms also go to City and suburban property. The Oregon land co. Was especially organized for the purpose of buying and Large tracts of land and has during the past two years bought and subdivided Over 3,200 acres into pm to Twenty cafe parcels the Success of this undertaking is shown in the fact that out of 280 tracts placed on the Market 225 have been sold. We claim that ten acres of Choice land in fruit will yield a larger income Tau 160 acres of wheat in the mias Sippi Valley. We also make valuable improvements in the Way of roads Clearing the land fences Etc. We sell a Small tract of land for the same Price per acre As you would Wal to pay for a Large Larm. For pamphlet and Price list. Is. Altkin groceries and produce. The Best canned goods choicest fruits and vegetables in season Garden seeds Field seeds and Flower seeds fresh and True to name. Rte grantee Stora a26 state St., Salem or. Of m 1 h t n drays and troc state of kinds Over 800 the latest the of a Sical write to us for an illustrated by mail. P. H. East0n & com l Salem or. My k what makes 4th on works. Drays and Trues May be found throughout Dav Al kinds of and com Werc Taf Etc eur Street. All pianos organs violins guitars banjos and retail of most popular so juju music. I you Purchase my co., 30 St., the ecu ii Porner Bute and and the commercial mandolins whole Al e contemplate instrument catalogue free grocer commercial Street. The Best for the Money All the time. The Singell manufacturing company s vibrating shuttle no. 2 latest and Best of its class r j to Tiki cd Leo Nfn Ntina la do Nicula that Gomilar Nln Conle. Containing Spe Clu patented improvements it 1st the lightest running machine in Inema Keu id the simplest machine in the world. It requires absolutely no d the Only Vibrator that makes a perfect stitch a result heretofore at the Vibrator which can sew from lightest to heaviest Cotton work Points of superiority. 1. It has a far Shorter Needle than any other machine of its class. 2 it has the simplest of shuttle made you can t help thread no it right. T it has the latest and Best form of automatic Bobbin Winder i. It has the latest and Best stitch regulator. By simply turnip Gastrow the stitch can be lengthened or shortened Wyllo the Mach no is Ruu no or at full Speed. No fastening necessary it stays wherever you leave it. The ultimate perfection of a simple family sewing machine Burt care agent 827 commercial Street. Churchill Sash door & manufacturing co.,. N ik.1o Ann Lillma turning is up poll saw Ltd. San to Ritj Iii Una. ," a. 0. Troma mid a order. U 261 Only pm Liln the capital journal. Hofer Brothers editors. dail.y.kx0e1t8unday, by the capital journal publishing company. Incorporated off co commercial Street in p. O. Building in tired at the Posto Allce it Salem or., is second Cli int tar. The value of tub Kinder Garten. Or. Win t. Harris u. 8. Com missioner of education wrote to the new York kindergarten association in my opinion the Koluder ii Etc n should to a part of the Public school system of every City in the United states. The Ideal ten should take children at the age of four and retain them two years. The character of its work la such to humanize the children in n Way that is impossible for the primary school according to its methods. The kindergarten is the most Essen tial adjunct now required to perfect our system of City there is no Man in America better prepared to give a judicious opinion on this subject than is w. T. Harris. He was superintendent of Tho St. Louis City schools when Tho Kinder Garten was made a part of the Public school system of that City through Tho in Cuenco of mus Susan e. Blow. Although or. Harris was not at that time enthusiastically favourable to it Tho results of the Experiment were so Bench Lucial both to the Chil Dren of Tho kindergarten ago and to the after they reached the primary schools that he became a vigorous advocate of Tho kindergarten and has written Many articles in its favor and bus spoken for it in educational conventions on All proper occasions. His wide experience and observation both in this country and Europe make his opinion worthy of consideration. Nil Ops and ave Ahir. A bulletin made up from govern ment reports received from 173 Cor respondents shows that frosts were general but owing to Tho retarded state of fruit buds and vegetation there was no damage done. The showers helped to keep the Soli wet thus delaying Spring seeding the dampness and Cool winds have not been favourable to Tho Young lambs and some loss is reported Troio from. While the weather conditions Aro not favourable to a rapid Advance ment of vegetation yet it is rather Benel Iclal As it allows Tho roots to gather strength and gives a slow but healthy growth. Fall wheat is re ported to be better tooled and rooted than for Many years. Information for gird destroyers. Every newspaper should publish the Law in full in Egardo the Protection of Birds so that their readers will know Tho Law. Tho title of the measure is an act for the Protection of Birds within the state of Ore gon and Tho Law reads As follows Sec. 1. Designates Tho blurs imported from Germany and Eastern Stales. Tho remainder of Tho act is As follows Sec. 2. Every one who shall with in the Watato of Oregon after the passage of this act for any purpose injure take kill or destroy or have in his Possession except for Breed ing purposes sell or offer for Salo any Robin Bluebird Bia Cuiru Oriole wild Canary Wren Snow Bird Meadow Lark , Finch or Swallow shall to guilty of a Misdemeanour being Tho Domestic Birds of the state of Oregon. Sec. 3. Every person who shall within the state of Oregon at any time after Tho passage of this act destroy or remove from the nest of any Nightingale Skylark Black Thrush Gray singing Thrush Linnet european Robin Black Starling crossbeam mocking Bird Robin Bluebird Blackbird Oriole wild Canary Wren show blvd Meadow Lark Swal Low any egg or eggs of such Birds or Havo in Possession sell or offer for Salo any such egg or eggs or wilfully destroys the nest of any such Bleda shall to guilty of a mis. Demeanour 8oo. 4. Every person convicted of a violation of Nuy of Alio provisions of this act shall be of no less than sound not More than f 100, and in default of payment of line imposed shall be imprisoned in the county jail of the county where the offence was committed at the rate of one Day for each f2 of the Flo imposed. One Hal f of All the Money collected for flues for violation of Tho provisions of this act shall be paid to the informers and one half to the District attorney in Tho county in which the Caso is prosecuted. Sec. 6. All nets and parts of acts in conflict herewith Aro hereby re pealed. If to expect to add to our Popula Tion or even bold what we have the digging of the canal is a Neces sity. A number of our population Are ready to move out if that project should full scored of people will move in if Only assured that it is a certainty. Lebanon exp Rew. Suggested comment. The fight on Tho no Taui o is con fined principally to Tho East. How Cau you teach your boy a Radolf you do not know one it is so much easier to profess a Good Creed than to Lead a god life. Or. Corwin. This office is in receipt of valuable bulletins on fruit culture from thu department of agriculture. Mud is nearly Gono Aud Tho reign of dust will begin. What is needed on our streets is Well Lai d gravel after . Some lines of business Are not overdone in Salem. There Are but two newspapers and twelve saloons to twelve thousand population. Why is it there Aro so few Patent Medicine remedies for sickness among Luimula and so Many for each disease human flesh is heir to a Chicago Man was grossly insulted Tho other Day when asked to pay a Bill. Tho associated press need not Havo Gono to Tho other bide of Tho Rocky mountains to find an instance of this kind. Tho kindergarten is gaining ground in Salem. A second school has already Elf teen pupils. Parents who do not give their four year of Ach auce at this new educate of de Prive them of a great interesting articles in Babyhood Aro tuberculous joint diseases in children and objects and method s of Tho minor topics Are disturbed sleep Early singing Quality of Tho Teeth hives Etc., Etc. $1.60 a year. Babyhood publishing company new York. Of Oregon s Flo Aro still Vlug Aud three of these w. W. Thayer z. P. Moody Aud s. F. Chadwick were in Salem Tho other Day. Tho other two Are Hon. L. F. Grover of Portland and Hon. John Whittaker of Lane county. Governor Thayer resides at Portland and Tho other two at Salem. Tho Wood uru alleged Independent Papor has let up on its Stream of Abuso of our county officials. Has it concluded that it had no Caso or has it ceased to to a journal of Reform its great cry and Little Wool has been effective in one Way it will to Moro difficult if it Ever becomes necessary to Call Public attention to Nuy real abuses. S. F. Chronicle a free Trad e paper Speaks of Tho heavy duty retained on Ellued sugar. This is n deliberate misrepresentation Tho duty is Only 0- of a cent a Pound considerably less than Tho Rato fixed i Tho Mills Bill. The corporations Havo u powerful grip on Oregon by land or water. What has happened to Tho Adver Tising manager of that congenial fellow Jack Tho i Topper a Good Deal of dust will to moved this year in Radom both by shovel and pen and Ink conveyance. Tho newspaper puff gives the puffed a higher opinion of and a lower opinion of Tho Puper. Tho democratic party always favors a Tariff for Rove Riuo. It has always Beon Able to Mako Tho most political Revenue of Republican tariffs and the least out of its own. The Utah mormons favor to the fur Seal. Each male appropriates about Twenty wives Tho Molt extensive Beer Trust is that among Tho follows who buy a Glass at a time. Beet sugar is not a new thing. The grocers know hundreds of men who beat sugar Bills whenever they pm. The Jou Dinah b idea As to the cause behind Tho Farmers movement has Beon very generally endorsed by Tho Oregon press. For a Man who was knocked out Lii his own state Ingalls attracts unusual attention by his utterances. It is a Safe Gamble that Tho is a presidential possibility in 1802. The Devil has got a Strong grip on the Man or woman who acquires a habit of indolence and it Issue Fly acquired in Oregon. This journal cannot divest its mind of the belief that senator Mitchell of Oregon be a Strong Man for Trio republicans to place on their ticket in 1802. Hopeless yet Sard. From a letter written by mrs. Ada e. Juril of Proton h. D., a taken with a bad cold which settled on my lungs cough set in Aud four doctor gave me up. I gave myself up Letiro Mereu i Coqui not stay. My husband was advised to get King Al discovery for consumption coughs Aud colds. Took in All. Eight bottles it has cured me and i am now Well and Hearty trial Froe at Fry a drugstore. General news notes. Owing to the Flo condition of Tho ground Crook county Farmers will put in a larger amount of Grain this season than Over before and prospects for n Good yield were never better. Tho report to Tho effect that Leba non s Public school would close soon is without foundation. Tho school Board is composed of men who will not allow nothing of the kind. Settle Bros cleared their Ware House of wheat last monday hav ing sold to Salem parties Between Teu and twelve thousand bushels of wheat at 75 cuts per Bushel. Leba to n express. Speak n of roads Dar no several Ica Diu in Ter Dos City Dat which tier do Way far or mount Chaco Ter take to d to sorry he did t took de udder per Diu to did t backslide Foro Reachie his dest Nashun. West Aldo. Alvo a Oregon Mossback Tho Goose that lays Tho Golden egg every morn nig before breakfast Aud Tho Cost of her feed will break his miserly heart in less Thau three weeks. Klamath Star. Mines Havo commenced to work in Tho placers near Orlu Evillo. Indianapolis has a Man who took ten cents Worth of morphine ten cents Worth of chloroform a spoon Ful of Tough on rats Aud two grains of strychnine without Feol lug any particular inconvenience. The deadly Gruppo would have a slim show with that robust citizen. Seattle Telegram. Jerry St. Dennis who la yes on the wild horse near Athena states that Chloves Havo Stolon from him ninety thre o head of cattle six horses harness Saddle Etc., All Dur ing Tho last ton months. Pendleton Tribune. To read n letter last saturday from n Man interested in mining in some of Tho Rich districts in this Santo and also in Idaho. Tho Routle a n has heard Good reports from Tho Bartlam mines and says when sufficient depth has been reached in Cortail claims to confirm existing reports and to Itsuro n por Mauet Lego he will visit Tho mines in com Pany with Mon of capital Aud begin work at ouch. Lebanon express. On saturday Thero occurred a sad Accident on Cherry Crook twelve Miles from Burnt a laugh in Wasco county which caused Tho death of let to Mcday Elma Mcbroon fourth child of Ter Rouco e. And Carlo my Bryon Agod three years and Flo Mouths. She with Hor three Sisters was playing near Tho House. Let to Meda crossed Tho Road and picked some buttercups which Sho carried to Horm Othor Olio was 111 and lying on Tho lounge and said Ain t i a Sweet let to girl Sho then went to got Sora Moro Flowers. A horse was grazing Thoro and Sho went too near to Pluck a Flower when Tho horse which was shod kicked Hor striking Hor of Tho Arm and right Templo killing Hor instantly. Only a tiny Blue Mark was left to show what caused Hor death and one Small Cut to mar her Protty baby face. Pendleton Tribune. Charles Kohl or who has been driving a Slop Wagon for John bar Reth committed assault Aud Battery on mrs. Martha Jones who resides near Jones Mill on saturday. Tho trouble arose Over a pig. Said pig was in a Muddy Pon. Charles is a member of Tho society that believes in mahogany Sweet Scute pens for pigs and to remonstrated with mrs. Jones because she did t give the pig a clean Feather bed. Sho did not heed his counsel Aud to lot Tho pig out of Tho Road. This mud mrs. Jonos angry. On saturday morn ing when Holroyo by Sho stopped him and scolded him. To got off his Peich of the Wagon and began to Bola or her with a Hazel stick. She fought Back bravely and smashed a bucket Over his benevolent head. She stayed with pm until to wearily crawled Back on Tho Wagon. Char Les was arrested in town Aud after Donnor he came before Justice Fouts and plead guilty. He is earning 20 by 10 Days in jail. Oregon courier. Competitive drills Between Tho military companies Havo a tend buoy to elevate Tho National guard service und ought to to encouraged. The state of Oregon has u special Pride in the National guard organisation because it is composed of Tho Flower of the land and it is Tho Futato s main Dop Ondesco in Case of War or of violence. According to Tho jeffersonian idea the Volunteer militia is Tho Only army a Republic needs yet it is proper that the a Ellitta should to kept in training and thus Boiu readiness for any sudden emergency. It is Elk owls u Good policy to keep Tho martial spirit Alire among the Young Meu of tue country. The Cal Vullo ideas associated with a military life always exert an elevating influence. Your True Soldier is always the True gentle Man the sense of Honor is exceptionally High in military circles. The Brave Man is invariably Tho Manly Man. Thus aside from the Public advantage u keeping up a state military organization Tho effect on the social life of the Community is beneficial. The Dalles chronicle i it i. i. Juja a if Tii. Associated press Keport Ami digests of All important news of to a y. Miscellany. Stilts Ben Butl Kil Washington april 6. Gen. Ben. Butler created Somol Ottlo excitement in Tho Treasury department Friday afternoon. To went Thoro to get his Check from Tho government in pay ment for his property on Capitol Hill bought by Tho last Congress. Secretary Foster had Tho Check made out for $275,000, As appropriated. A to Laid it before Tho general the old Man took out Tho deeds from his pocket. The general looked at Tho Check and said i want $9 Moro for this Tho Secretary re plied that to was sorry but to o appropriation Only allowed $275,000, and he could not pay Tho extra $9 demanded. Tho general then waxed Wroth and raised his voice so loud that to was heard nil Over the treas Ury bore to was not go ing to lose $9 for drawing up a deed and to would see if Tho government would pay it. To grew so mad that li6 finally refused his $275,000 Check Aud put his deeds in his pocket Aud walked out of Tho treas Ury. For this $9 general Benjamin May refuse to sell his property unless to cools Down in a Day or two. How it stands in Little r1iody. Providence it. I., april 5. Are turns from wednesday s election As corrected by today s advices blow Tho Voto for governor As follows Burton nationalist 384 Davis Democrat 22,249 Ladd Republican 20,905 Larry prohibitionist 829. These figures show that Davis plurality Over Ladd was 1254, but to lacked 000 votes of a majority Neces sary to elect. Tho complexion of Tho legislature shows Senate 22 republicans 7 Dorao rats 1 Independent and 0 to to chosen. House 34 republicans 19 democrats Aud 10 to to chosen which will give Tho re publicans of joint ballot a majority of one with their present Strouth. Terrible tragic by. Pembina n. D., april s. Ono of Tho bloodiest tragedies in the history of Pembina county occurred near bowl Mont yesterday at Tho Resi Dence of Ito Ort Iralu whore Fred Bartlett shot und mortally wounded Thomas Mccou Noll h. G. Hill and Irwin and in hour later blow his own brains out. It appears that Fred Aud Thomas Bartlett knowing that Mcconnell was at Irwin Shouse went Thero for Tho purpose of killing him claiming to seduced their sister under Tho prom so of mar Lago Aud Thon married another woman. My Conoll was shot twice at Tho barn who to ran to Tho House and up stairs. To was followed by Tho Bartlott Sand shot again to got out through Tho window and across Tho Prario whore to was followed and shot twice again Hill and Irwin Woro shot Wyllo defending my Conoll. Tom Bartlett is under arrest at Drayton. All Tho parties Aro Well to a o neighbouring Farmers and married except the Ono that took his own life. Seattle news boys. Seattle wash., april 5. The newsboys of Seattle struck last oven in g against Tho evening press times and instituted n vigorous Boycott which caused great excitement on Tho streets. Several hand to Han d lights nearly ended in it riot. Tho trouble was caused by Tho announcement that hereafter unsold copies of Tho Papor would not to bought Bank. The boys promptly organised a str co to fusing to buy Tho paper Tho business manager hired a number of District messenger boys to sell Tho papers hut each boy was pursued by n baud of strikers who yelled Don t buy the Scab press times finally they took to snatching Tho papers from them and Tore them into tatters with shouts of Triumph and severely bruised any of Tho boys who resisted. George Schultz John Lockle Honry Hoe gel and Ernest Clark All boys word arrested Tho boys returned to the press time s off co Aud continued their former tactics until about 7 o clock when Tho attempt to Dis tribute papers was abandoned. The boys paraded Tho streets headed by Tho leaders John Lockle and Arm Strong Guowu As let to Thoy have improvised a band of tin pans and Aro wild with excitement. Fava still in Washington Washington april 6. Baron fava is still in Woshlo Nicou it was his intent Lou to Leavo yesterday for now York and to sail from there to Europe but to has been 111 for Tomo Days and he Felt so Little Able to travel that he changed his plan and decided to remain Here for Eom time u May to for Daya and it May to for months Aud there begins to to a glimmering possibility that it May to for years. Bomb people have read theol Ansof Thot Linvs to mean that Pronier Kudul May want to explain that Tho order of recall was issued under a Nus under Utah Dong and May want to the Boron at the head of t Rel am 1 a m m 1m w m m i 3 4?a
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