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Canyon Sunday News Newspaper Archives Mar 31 1974, Page 2

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Canyon Sunday News (Newspaper) - March 31, 1974, Canyon, Texas Page 2 one Section the Canyon sunday news sunday March 31, 1974 our world health in Happy Home by Ann Brown psychiatrists generally agree that pressure is the Basic cause of mental and emotional break Downs and Many physical illnesses a including accidental injuries it is not always one traumatic Shock that destroys ones ability to function however an accumulation of Small pressures can he just As effective. According to or. Thomas h Holmes a psychiatrist at the University of Washington school of Medicine in Seattle the death of ones mate can create the greatest life change and cause More emotional stress than Iny other experience. Death can sometimes he avoided hut eventually it cat Ches up with everyone or Holmes also Points out that the next heaviest emotional Impact is dealt by divorce and Mantal separation. Divorce and separation can be avoided a if both partners Are willing to do their Best to make the Home a Happy one considering the eternal consequences in the lives of children involved in broken Homes what More rewarding work can parents do than build Happy Homes financial troubles Deal an emotional blow close behind that of death divorce and disease. Ones financial level seems to make Little difference there Are miserable beggars and billionaires a also Happy ones its debts that put the pressure on. The size of the debt matters Little it s the ability to pay i thut determines the pressure. I death. A certain amount of Fric Tion in the Home and some Finan rial pressure cannot be avoided. And because certain pressures Are inevitable it is essential to our mental health to avoid All the unnecessary stress possible. Or. Hans Selye is a world renowned authority on stress in the february readers digest he recommended four words to live by if one wants to live successfully. I r Selye says that hate causes stress and love alleviates it the key to happiness says the doctor is to earn your neighbors love the most important a a neighbors a of course Are your closest ones your companion and your children. How Many times do you deliberately plan ways to please your family what pleases one person May very Well antagonize another so if we seriously want to earn our neighbors love we need to spend time and Effort learning their needs Hopes and desires. The Man who impulsively sends his wife Flowers and plans to take her out to dinner May be rebuffed by a tired woman who resents his spending Money they need to pay Bills Many wives might appreciate husbands who get Home a Little Early help with dinner and Wash the dishes afterwards take the children out to play a or put them to lied a More than they would an evening out they could not afford. A wife however who wants to earn her husbands love will graciously accept whatever Ges Ture he makes that is obviously for her pleasure. A Happy Man can earn More Money. Deflating his ego can editorials editorial features decrease his earning Power. The wives who Are constantly complaining that their husbands cannot earn enough Money to support them Are probably right. Any Man who has to live with a complaining woman or work under the pressure of continual disparagement is not Likely to be very productive. Parents who do not try to earn each other s love have Little Chance of earning the love of their children. If or Selye is Correct that hate creates stress and love alleviates it the most important service a Mother can Render her children is to love their father a and vice versa. The right kind of Home can provide insulation to protect the members against All outside pressures a stressful Home can step one of emotional defences until he becomes Accident prone and a ready prey for every Type of illness various legislators Are demanding National health insurance the Best health insurance anyone can have is a Happy Home a and it does no to Cost the taxpayers a cent Greco show postponed Jose Greco originally scheduled to perform Here monday will be presented in concert april 18 at Anyon High school auditorium. His appearance slated at 8 ., is under auspices of the West Texas state University special programs committee. All around the House City desk move to Middle attend the Church of your Choice first United methodist Church 1818 4 the ave. Hill m. Kent pastor Church school-9 30 . Morning worship-10 4f> . By Carroll Wilson in recent years americans have complained that there is virtually no difference Between the political candidates of the two major parties. Most americans saw Little difference Between the major contenders in 1968, for example. There have been exceptions obviously there was a chasm of difference Between Goldwater and Johnson in 64 and Between n xon and Mcgovern in 72 therein lies the truth of the thesis of the authors of a political science handbook called the real majority. The authors Point out that there is a majority opinion on most issues. And they Point out that to win an election the candidates must Appeal to that one majority. Thus both candidates must adopt similar techniques and must Mouth similar phrases to capture virtually the same vote. Under the books thesis the major races usually boil Down to popularity contests the authors Point out that Goldwater in �?T64 either failed to recognize the real majority in the country or recognizing them failed to understand How to Deal with them. As a result he lost by a landslide. Their Book came out just before the 72 presidential election and they predicted that if Mcgovern did not moderate his stands he too would be the victim of a landslide Nixon Victory. Help asked on ice boxes that a precisely what happened. As a result of the truism recognized in the real majority we see the phenomenon of George Wallace coming toward the Center and portraying himself these Days As no racist. The same phenomenon is at work on the local level in the City races set for tuesday. All four candidates recognize that the majority of Canyon s residents want a vote on the construction of a City hell Complex. Thus they have All moderated and moved toward the Center in an Effort to capture the votes. The City Hall Issue is diffused for the tuesday election. All candidates agree the citizenry should be allowed to vote on the Issue. With varying degrees of enthusiasm they All agree a with the possible exception of mrs. C. S. Thompson a that a civic Center or something like it is needed. The Issue is no Issue for the tuesday balloting As far As the average voter is concerned. Frankly before the Complex Issue raised its head there was no real Issue in the Campaign. Challenger Charles Sykes came closer than anyone in the Campaign to raising a real Issue and he has not pursued it. Sykes began his Campaign contending that the average working Man should have a voice in City government noting that Canyon s commissioners Are probably in the Middle to Middle High income brackets. Challenger mrs. Thompson has cast about for an Lisue to take hold of and has grabbed the civic Center which is no longer an is sue. Incumbents h. R. Fulton it or. And Jim Christopher naturally done to want to see Many issues raised. The voters on tuesday will find themselves then contemplating other factors in the City race factors like experience personality and enthusiasm. Hopefully though the Issue is defunct the controversy surrounding construction of the City Hall Complex will get out a Large vote on tuesday. All too frequently in Canyon s history men have been placed on the commission with Only a handful of voters balloting. Madison believed the people not really Able to govern themselves. Perhaps he was night not in the sense that the people Are not smart enough to govern themselves but in the sense that they too of an done to give a Damn about governing themselves. Vote tuesday. By Becky Hall county Extension agent up to Date Home interiors accent with wallpaper. Dating Back to ancient times wallpaper popularity has fluctuated in recent years. Today s wallpaper however offers a great diversity and challenges for creative imaginations with its Broad ranges of color pattern and texture. Wallpaper Isnit limited to Walls. Innovative homemakers use it on screens furnishings and other decorative accessories. Also with proper use. Wallpaper improves problem areas. For example it can a Clear quot a spa Cious looking room or make a Large empty space seem More cozy. Wallpaper also can separate or coordinate areas where other Means prove impractical. In addition it easily covers or camouflages Wall surface defects and blemishes. On the a minus Side quot after two or three layers of wallpaper Are applied to a surface they must be removed before applying a new finish. Although time consuming for an Amateur this process is relatively simple for persons using professional equipment. When decorating with wallpaper Consumers should understand several terms involving maintenance methods. Quot non washable coverings May be printed with water soluble dyes. As a result water May damage their designs. Washable coverings on the other hand can withstand gentle blotting with a Damp cloth to remove surface dust. Scrub Bable finishes resist spots and stains a and can be washed with soap and water. Plastic finished papers Are scrub Bable a and extra durable when backed with fabric. Two other terms concern application methods. Pre pasted paper can be simply moistened and applied to a Wall. A wallpaper labelled a strip Abler can be stripped from a Wall and re applied to another surface. When applying wallpaper always follow manufacturers instructions and care recommendations. Going somewhere or been the Canyon news wants to know about it and so do its readers. Blair resigns from a staff asst. Dist. Atty. Jim Blair whose family was terrorized several weeks ago by unknown persons has resigned from the Randall county District attorneys staff Blair will take up full time practice with the am Anllo firm of Purdue Brandon and Blair. He has been with dist. Atty. George Dowlen since March 1972 and has handled primarily tax suit cases and the prosecution of accused criminals. Randy Sherrod a recent Texas tech graduate will join Dowlen s staff As Blair a replacement. Sherrod is currently prosecuting attorney for the City of am Anllo. He is a Nat Veo cd Hanning. Central Church of Christ 4th ave. At 21st Dwayne Dennis minister Hill Mayes Assoc. Minister is Bible classes 9.80 . Morning worship 10 80 . Evening worship 6 00 Wednesday ladies Bible class 10 00 . 1 lev Othnal a i Bible classes 7 00 First presbyterian Church 1819 5th ave. Morning worship-10 00 . Dialogue groups amp Church school-1180 Baldwin i. Stabling minister so Paul lutheran t Hurch amp University l enter 2600 4th Avenue David w. Melber. Pastor sunday school and Bible class 9 30 . Worship service 10 45 communion 1st a i 3rd sunday of month Calvary Baptist Church 800 8th st. Sunday Sehool-9 4 it . Morning worship-10. . Church training 6 00 Evening worship 7 00 Wednesday night 7 45 Affiliated with Southern Baptist convention Derrel Lewis pastor first Baptist Church 1717 4 the ave. Pastor Bill foil sunday schedule Bible study �1 00 morning worship 6 00 evening worship wednesday to 00 family supper 0.u auxiliaries departmental meetings 7 30 prayer meeting children a choir program asst. Pareto re Darold Baldwin f first Christian Church 1719 5th ave. Terry White minister sunday school 9 45 . Worship 10 50 . Youth meeting -6 30 Abri fic fabric centers by a 100% polyester double knit a Large new selection of Spring and summer double knits to choose from just in time for your easter sewing solid and fancies. 60 Widby All on bolts machine was hand dry. Value to $3 99 cd $077 cd dotted Swiss solid a print 45" wide machine Wath and dry. 88 cd. Checked Gingham a Large a election of colors. 45 wide machine Wath and dry fab Rifie fabric Center _ seersucker i $159 Beautiful a a Ort ment of print and solid 45�?T wide. Machine Wath and dry City officials called on local residents last week for help in locating abandoned or discarded refrigerators or ice boxes which might pose potential danger for Canyon youngsters. City manager George Loudder noted that a City ordinance prohibits abandonment of refrigerators or ice boxes on property in tin City. Spurred by the death last week in Amarillo of a 3-year-old girl in an abandoned refrigerator Loudder said City policemen will continue an intensive Effort to rid property of the abandoned ice boxes. He said the City ordinance forbids discarding an ice Box unless the door to the refrigerator is detached or the lock is made inoperable. Residents who spot abandoned refrigerators which could pose h Hazard Are asked to Call Jerry Lehnick City code enforcement officer at the City Hall a 655-2593. Nine students in recitals nine West Texas state University musicians will be presented in a student recital at 4 monday in the branding Iron theatre. Five of the students will sing selections from operas by Verdi Puccini Gounod and Donizzetti. They Are Joe Dowell Antone Rosemary Burckhardt Soprano Gary thrasher Antone Brenda Ratliff Soprano and Travis Angel baritone. Carol Sublette and George Hiskey pianists will perform sonatas by Scarlatti and Mozart on the program. The listener will also hear la it a me Clark and Randy Hunsaker play works of Gaunelli and Donato on their trumpets student recitals Are designed to give students valuable performance exp Nence and to present Fine musicians to the Public. There is no admittance charge. Letter to the editor questions on new City Complex dear editors i have some questions concerning the proposed City Complex that so far have not been answered. 1. Are the City commissioners going to stand with their Bare faces hanging out and say if objections had not been raised they would have said a there is our proposal and we want the people of Canyon to vote on it �?~2. Did the Canyon news get the $1.5 million and now the $1.2 million figure out of thin air 3. If we keep on talking about this and signing the petitions will the Cost estimates continue to go Down 4. Could it be that mrs. Parker and others who Are asking to vote on this Issue have opened a can of Worms Why else would they be the recipients of such rude behaviour at monday nights budget hearing 5. If there is no danger of our taxes being raised also water and sewer rates Why done to the commissioners make these figures available for publication they Are bound to know How much surplus Money thus town has and our present City debts and when and How they Are to be retired. 6. And last a Why Hasni to anyone looked into buying the Neblett Hospital building and using it and the City property around it for the Complex if indeed one is needed after All when the new Hospital is finished that Large and still usable building will be vacant. Sincerely yours Vivian Kay Madewell mrs. James w. Madewell a Happy Jaycees to compete for crusade Happy a Jaycees will play the a Dow triple players in basketball for the cancer crusade at the Happy gym at 8 Thursday. All proceeds will he donated to the cancer crusade. Half time performance will feature an auction of donated merchandise by merchants in the area. All these proceeds will also go to the cancer crusade. During the third period baked goods will be auctioned off to the highest bidder All for the cancer crusade. Happy Jaycee ettes will donate the baked goods for the auction. Admission Isth dollars for everyone. Children Bond goal according to Don Max Vars chairman of the Randall county savings Bonds committee the 1974 savings Bond goal for the county is $250, xxx. January sales of i and h us ted states savings Bonds totalled $14,458 for 6% of the sales goal the 1974 sales goal for Texas is $236 8 million. Dunn the month sales were $21,189,711 for 911 of the yearly goal. Under twelve will be admitted free. All proceeds admissions and auctions will be donated to the cancer crusade. A a a a a by and dint Willi ils alter Church -11 45 a 1 00 We Are open to a a a Public for sunday Inch menu for sunday i a country style Steak amp pork chops with whipped potatoes i amp vegetables j Etsu dining Hall lust off 26th st in Campus a checking account will save you lots of headaches in figuring your income tax. I cancelled Meek is a Good record adj polyester amp Cotton Idee Lor summer a dresses a Hart and blouses 45" wide machine Wath and dry a Ciu pm Wi�-6pn 1521 a a a a. Die Canyon news founded in 1896, is an Independent newspaper dedicated to the Best interest of the Community state quot a subscription is $8.40 a year in Randall and surrounding Clun ties and $10.50 a year elsewhere. Hie Canyon news is published sunday and i thursday Ai its of fuss 15 h 5th Avenue Canyon Texas set my class postage is Naid in can on a up t a de 9u15. Ans erroneous re Fleetion upon the character standing or reputation of any person firm or corporation which May appear in the columns of bus newspaper will be corrected upon let eing brought to the attention of the editor the Canyon news is a member of the 1 an handle 1 Ress a a Ocia Tion. Texas press association and National editorial a. To citation publisher manat nth editor a a Walkk mawr Joan Alleman _ open a checking account Ith i s today state a a a n or Canyon a Canyo Texas member Federal it Point inter once corp

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