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Canyon Sunday News Newspaper Archives Mar 31 1974, Page 1

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Canyon Sunday News (Newspaper) - March 31, 1974, Canyon, Texas P. X 4" a a a Dallas Texas 723�o3 incumbents opposed in t Unesda selection two Canyon City commissioners seek re election Aii inst two opponents tuesday during an election which began with virtually no issues but which has been spurred by controversy Over construction of a new City Hall Complex. Incumbents Jim Christopher and h. R. Fulton or. Will face opponents on the ballot when the polls open tuesday morning. Christopher is challenged on the ballot by or. C. S. Thompson and Fulton is challenged by Charles Sykes. A heavier than usual voter turnout is predicted for the City election which historically has drawn fewer than Kkt voters to the polls. Absentee balloting ended Fri Day afternoon with Only two persons casting Absentee votes the polls open at 8 . Fues Day and voting will continue until . At the Canyon Community Center across from the police department in the City. Incumbent mayor Manly Bryan Drew no opposition in his bid for re election and his name will be on the ballot unopposed. More than 5000 persons Are eligible to vote in the City election. The vote will be accomplished on paper ballots. No other issues Are on the ballot for the election. Canyon City commissioners will canvass the votes and certify that election Dunn their tuesday night meeting. They will meet at 7 . At the City Hall Annex to conduct routine business those selected by the voters from tuesday s slate will take office at the next regular City commission meeting in april. Persons who have not previously Register a to vote Are not eligible to vote in the tuesday City race. Quot Ity a a a Liob Moore produced figures last week which indicate few of Canyon s eligible voters go to the polls in City elections. Reviewing statistics for the past 10 years m City elections Moore noted that in 19h4 Only 80 votes were cast. The number fell to 63 votes cast in the 1965 a Tion but Rose to 255 voters in 1966 the number Rose again in 1967 with 471 casting ballots in 1968 with 6ii voting and 1969 with 829 casting votes. An All time Leaird numb r of voters went to the polls in 1970 when 1133 persons cast ballots. The number dropped significantly in 1971 when Only 69 persons candidates speak out interviews with the candidates for the Canyon City commission appear on the lower portion of this Page. Poff nixes three articles okays three in proposed Constitution went to the polls on election Day in 1972,95 pr8ons cast ballots and in 1973. A total of 492 persons voted. Construction of a new $1.2 Miluin civic Center Complex for the City has emerged As the main Campaign Issue for this year s election and could stir voter interest at the polls i he Complex has been the focal Point of two petitions sign Ltd by local citizens calling for a citizens vote on whether or not the building should be constructed j he candidates in the City elec Tion express their views on various issues in another Story in today s sunday news Chustopher a local real estate Man has served on the commission for several years Fulton owner of a local finst shop has served longer than any other incumbent on the Corn Mission. Syk�8 is an employee of a local garage and mrs. Thompson is operator of a laundry and dry cleaning firm m the City Buffalo Lake manager Paul Ferguson examines Tomatis and Pepper plants which have taken Root and Are grow ing Well in soil taken from the dry Lake Bottom. Ferguson is experimenting on growth of crops in the dry Lake bed. I he crop planting program la designed to remove nutrients from the Soli so water Mav once again he returned to the dry Lake. State rep. Bryan Hoff of Canyon said Friday he has voted against three of the six articles considered so far in Austin to go into a new state Constitution. Foff serving As a Delegate to the constitutional convention which is rewriting Texas antiquated Constitution said the inclusion of various sections in the articles caused him to cast a against quot ballots on the three major articles. The convention which voted tentatively last week to adjourn Friday and resume the deliberations following the May primary elections has approved and completed an education article executive article finance article rights and suffrage article. Bill of rights and constitutional amendment article. The convention when it resumes activities following the primary elections must consider the judiciary article separation of Powers article general provisions article. In Gisla Tive article and possibly the i ical government article. Poff said the convention will take up the i tical government article again monday after several Days of discussion last week. This area s representative said he feels the convention is Mak ing Good Progress on the proposed document which is to be submitted texans for a vote next fall. He said not much change is being wrought in the final proposals when compared to the Texas constitutional revision commission proposal. And he City High school athletes honoured at sports banquet More than 376 persons applauded Canyon High schools athletes Friday night As honors were Given the athletes themselves for their work this year. An unexpected announcement was made during the ceremonies when it was revealed that Ace footballer Bob counseller has been named a National football All american by the who Stio in National High school athletics. Counseller an All District selection for several seasons is a graduating senior. He played tackle and linebacker for the eagles during 197,3. Two fighting heart awards were presented during the evening. Jimmy Ward was named for the Honor from the offensive team of the football eagles and Tom Grimes received a he award As defensive player on the team. Dennis Collier was named basketball King Vickie Abbott was named basketball Queen and Karen Tompkins was named football Queen. Wayne fitt who led the Hoy eagles to the District basketball Crown was named most valuable player for the eagles. See athletes Page 8 0� a a a a a a or i��6?680u�o tits unit Sirim Siyu 9q01 4npitmi� a a a of Atit sit twins Tijia to it to Cna 0� a a a a a said the new articles emerging from general floor debate Are st kingly similar to a divisions in the old 188 7 Texas Constitution. Poff said he voted against the education article when it came up for floor debate because a it did t take Good enough care of universities other than those in the University of Texas system Poff said the funding Section placed in the article to provide financing for colleges and universities outside the it and Texas a amp a systems Mil give inadequate sums of Money to help upgrade facilities at those colleges. The special provision for colleges and universities outside the it and Tamu system Calls for a $31 million fund to by used by universities for construction and supplies. Yet. Poff said the permanent University fund which was retained m the education article will increase rapidly in future years in terms of Money available for it and tam i expansions. Money available in the fund for other universities will not increase. T wanted both funds tied together so they both would grow Poff said. Poff said he also voted against the finance article but the decision to vote no quot was not an easy one lie said he favored the in delusion in the article of an exemption for persons 65 years of age and older on taxation but also favored a definite limitation on the amount the slate can tax see Poff Page 4 the Canyon sunday news a a were it left for me to decide whether we should have a Ovenu Ideiil without newspapers or newspapers without a government i should not hesitate a Moi inn to prefer the i Homas Jetle Roii vol. 5 n0.30 sunday March 31,1914 10 pages 15 cents government and news Media blasted by Oil company executive the Federal government and the news Media Are unfairly attacking the nations Oil companies in the current Energy crisis and the result could be creation of a climate of opinion which would tolerate an end to the free Enterprise system in the Oil Industry a Panhandle Oil executive told students Here sewer rates same some h2o rates up mrs. Earline Benham left and r. T. Reevee new manager of siesta Mobile Home Park discuss the first edition of the Plaza quest new newspaper put out for the Park residents. A move is on in siesta Park to build a spirit of Community. See Story on Page h. Water rates for the City s commercial customers and for a few residential customers will use in april. But sewer rates for the City a customers Wall not go up. The news erred thursday in report ing sewer rates have been hiked by City commissioners in considering the 1974-75 City budget commissioners increased w iter rates for commercial customers from cents to 35 cents per 10 �0 Gallons and for residential customers who use More than l5, Dkl Gallons of water per Monti. From 25 cents to 35 cents per a a Gallons Unity a mide tial water customers who do not use 15, Kkt Gallons or More per month will face no rate increase Ity manager in it Irge bidder said the new rates Wall be reflected on Bills Rei lived by lot in customers in Mav or late april. In addition this month will in Gin an per cent salary hike for All Aly employees the Cost of living increase Sefi okayed by commissioners fhe a h per cent hike could be Only part of a pit lentil wage m crease ant Nabated by late of missioners following completion of a wage and Saiar Survey now being Coni ducted a representative of Public administration services which h has contract to with the Panhandle regional planning commission to study wage lev is in various regional towns was in a Anyon thursday to meet with All City employees to rewrite Job Des in Pitons and Cairn pole in set Eha Page h. Friday. Hanging that senators and congressmen and the mrs Media have hurled half truths and false charges against the Oil Industry r. S i Hillips of Phillips Petroleum go at Borger admitted Friday the Industry was Short sighted in predicting the fuel cons in. But said High level and continuous criticism will Only damage the Industry s chances to not Only survive but to increase the nations Oil Supply Phillips Plant services manager tor the Borger Plant spoke Friday morning to students of economics at West Fexas state University he said several myths have Lieen Given common circulation by government and news Media and then told the Industry a Story concerning the myths one such myth he said is that the Oil companies conspired to Ltd create the Oil shortage t personally find it incredible Anyox would consider this Lielie Vable a a Phillips said quot to do to they would have to believe the Oil Industry is for the continued control of the Price at the Well Heads for the cessation i Drill ing off the coast of a Alifornia and for the delay in the pipeline another myth receiving sides Pread circulation. Phillips Sai. Is that the Oil Industry has enjoyed excessive profits As a result of the fuel crisis Phillips charged that proponents of this View have Hosen to compare the Realti Velv High profits of 1973 for the Industry with the very Low profits returned during 19 72 profits in 1972, he said were the lowest in p years for the Industry historically he said Oil Corn panics have enjoy a profits in the Middle Range when Coni part a to other industries the fuel crisis Phillips said is really a Money Tisish and the Runch focus on the fact that Oil a a in Nanies must make a reasonable a turn on their investments a a a a a a they can sink Money into exploration for Oil. I he companies must make More Money than they have in the past so they Cun step ups get in Page 8 Gas stations face continued shortage optimistic reports from Washington it oru ring Tea full crisis have Faile it i to int if reality cd the gasoline shortage situation in any a 1��< al service station own is said last week As they watched their sup plies dwindle the future for lot al Oja razors is not As optic Mali Eufus As the National reports we july in it lib site Lionial Ops razors term the Supply of Gas m the City Joor and say they do a Rit knt in whether inc situation i will improve m april at least two user cd a lations were closed duri. G the latter part of last we a due k a gasoline hers fear a they might have a this we Ekens Lall contacted last a s viewed president Nixon lifting a it the ban on sunday said Sas in oink at least 1 Kamw what the president sail said Martin of Jim a Gulf a Rvin a but Ifyu a a can to get the Gasya in can t a t the Gas a a Martin s feelings were Echo it Eli by b g in Yahir of b a a a 66 service who noted that if he can t a t enough gasoline to of rat during Normal hours during the is a he certainly can to afford til Jsn on sundays it hers a a hold similar feelings the tight gasoline situation in the City prior to the weekend was a Pri Manly to a the fact that the no fat of the Wek Cointa ded with my nth s end Many i a al service station a a writers were running out of Gas it line supplies Alhi rated for March and Are awaiting their april Alio Hions a Adbi Stafie Page 4,commission candidates agree on need for vote on the eve of a tuesday City election which pits two incumbent commissioners against challengers news interviews last week revealed that All candidates for the two Council seats favor a vote of the people on the controversial City Hall Complex Issue. Incumbents Jim Christopher arid h r Fulton or and challengers Charles Sykes and mrs c. S Thompson agree the at Zens of Canyon should be allowed to vote on whether they want the City to build a $12 million Csc Center Complex the Issue has been of major concern recently t.8 several citizens or curated petitions a ailing for the vote. The four candidates agree too that no vote should be taken before All the facts concerning construction cd Sis and Finar Ying Are available to the Public incumbent Chustopher said after the City s Archit cts present comp led plans and costs estimates to commissioners on Panl id he will favor As Many town Hall meetings As the people will come to a to disseminate All in formation concerning Cut Isle and financing for construction of the Complex quot i feel this Way a Chustopher said. Quot in this Type of Community project All the per a pm Are entitled to have a say so and that i m be mainly for the people having a vote after everything is in. Chustopher s opponent on the ballot. Mrs Thompson had she a a a favors a vote on the Issue but Only after the facts Are All in on construction and Fin Anang costs Fulton favors the vote. It s evident the Majenty want a vote and 1 feel when the facts Are known overwhelming in approve it a he said quot we should Call it at the time the facts Are available and not i Don t think any cd a missioner Ever expressed any feeling against theve Ite Sykes who challenges Fulton for his plan a Ltd the commission said he favors the Vole after the facts Are in while Chustopher and Fulton Are avowedly for construction of the new Complex their challengers have some Hes Lalion Assiut the need for the full Complex As planned Chustopher and Fulton noted that the City s current Library is Loc ated in a world War ii Vin Lage Barracks the fire station is located in a 7�?~ Vear old building which is itself a fire Hazard the police department is in an add Lumler a a Pany building and that City Hall is in an antiquated build King with inadequate storage and personnel Faa ties quot in View of these 1 sincerely believe we do need a new building to House the foremen lined fan tres can Slasher said i feel like if anybody even investigated the fire do part sent the deplorable Ondl Kin of Ifie Library and qty Hail it would be self via Jenl that its the cd int plex was past due sultor Sai it is it Kes said the Library is in sad shape hut questioned the m de for a new fir department he cited the need for Mure room in the City Hall itself my Thom its it in said she a s a real need for a prove no in the fire depart rent and Hii Rary fair cities but she said the Proth t neds in a study to it of Are anything is built and she s sus Pii i sub that a ily residents have not a n told the truth con Eming finans ing of the Complex fhe incur lieu Chustopher and Fulton Nile that Lhez Ity Finan Lal picture is Good a and that sex Ess funds from a Large water fun a surplus plus i Ideal Revenue Shang Nion a or mde financing for the a instruction of the town pie or Fuci Nipson hid she a a a a a the use of Federal Revenue a bang Money be Ause the use of that a non a uts off other available few Jeral murals which might be us a of for other pro eds Yah a hid my ire facts Ned to be known a but the Fin of the pro Ijes to water for the future i he candid at Salsini focused on other or Zienis who h the ill a or May fac e in the future Consi Ipher an Fulton a be that a study club to last summer reveals that with the Urr enl Wells the it ily has a 2<�yeur Supply of w Ter Ltd with Gre with fax tors taken into con Sid ration a Stopher said the a Ity has and should a continue. La i la Sik for other water nights which Giuld prob no that Supply figure Fulton noted that the it Ity has also contacted a views Page s

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