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Canyon Sunday News Newspaper Archives Aug 22 1976, Page 1

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Canyon Sunday News (Newspaper) - August 22, 1976, Canyon, Texas Microfilm Center Ine p. 0. Jox �o4.?.i6 Dallas Texas 75o5the Canyon sunday news volume 6 no. 51 Canyon Texas sunday August 22,1976 12 pages 15 cents Strain wants to sue Lucky Driver Robert Martin 21, of Ulysses kan., suffered Only minor injuries Friday after he collided with a truck stopped at the Spur 48 Light. After hitting the truck Martin lost control of his car blowing under the big Rig. Randall county surplus sighted yes Virginia there really is a Windfall waiting for the county at the end of this fiscal year. The county will end the present fiscal year sept. 30 with a surplus of $131,700, administrative assistant Carroll Wilson said Friday. The unexpected riches were first uncovered by Wilson while he was still editor of the Canyon news. Thursday he and county auditor Bill Tirey. Confirmed the surplus going Over the present budget checking the actual expenditures since Jan. 1. The s Urple s is a result of a shift in the county a fiscal year. The budget was prepared for a fiscal year of Jan. 1 through dec. 31, but the county adopted a new year to begin on oct. 1. So this year the county has 12 plans in making flu a fall facilities Are go a for Swine flu inoculations to begin soon and area agencies Are making plans for the local Campaign according to or. Henry c. Moritz. Moritz is director for the Texas department of Public health re sources Region i the organization responsible for distribution of the vaccine in this area. He said he expects to receive the vaccine sometime Early in september and that the Overall program for the Region should last most of that month and Lap Over into october. Moritz has an Advance copy of Long Day on tap for county commissioners court at its Best a lengthy meeting could aet some endurance records monday. There Are 24 items on the Agenda although some of the discussions Are just new chapters in Long stories. Items to be rehashed include the ambulance contract which Randall county has still not signed funding for kids inc. And county insurance. Other topics on the Agenda Are listed As discussion of purchasing agent discussion of county insurance discussion of letter to Annex contractor discussion of fire safety inspection discussion of amendment of the budget discussion of Hunsley Road improvements and discussion of appointment of a member to the Board of mental health and mental retardation. In addition county Surveyor John Dorsey will present a plat for unit seven of Timber Creek and Keith Horton will meet with the court on bore Hole septic tanks. Commissioners Are also scheduled to discuss the last meeting of the committee of officials of Canyon Randall Amarillo and Potter county crap. Joe Rice and Jack Jennings of the Canyon fire department will discuss with the court the Purchase of radio equipment. Tie meeting will be held at 1 . In the commissioners courtroom on the second floor of Randall county courthouse months of Money allocated to a nine month year. Basing income and expenditures through september on the actual income and expenditures through july Tirey and Wilson estimate the county will take in $1,586,300 in Revenue and will spend $1,454,600. This leaves a $131,700 surplus they figure. In addition to that the county began this fiscal year with a $46,-000 surplus that will raise the estimated year end balance to about $177,000, Wilson said. The budget the county is working with now did not reflect accurately the income and expenditures Wilson said. A number of expenses were not included he said. For example there were no budget allocations see surplus Page 11 Ili Jacobs feted i the Canyon classroom teachers association wednesday presented a Silver tray to sex superintendent of Canyon schools Jerry Jacobs. The tray was Given As a Token of appreciation for Jacobs years of service to Canyon schools. Engraving on the Back of the tray reads a to Jerry Jacobs 8-15-67 to 8-31-76, Canyon classroom teachers the gift was made by Guy a Webb association president Penny Allen Secretary and Vera Brown treasurer in behalf of the organize i Tion. 9 a fed up Marguerite Strain mailed a request Friday to the Justice department for a go ahead to sue the City and the Texas municipal retirement system herself. Mrs. Strain 67, has been waiting for her claim to be settled before she retires. She has worked More than 30 years for the City. She has been waiting for several years for her complaint to the equal employment Opportunity commission to be acted upon. Mrs. Strain originally complained that she was being discriminated against by the City and the retirement system because she must work three years longer than a Man must to get the same benefits. She filed her claim with the Leoc seeking a Federal ruling. Justice department attorney Squire Padgett came to Canyon from Washington to investigate. That was Well Over a year ago and mrs. Strain has been waiting for a decision Ever since. Friday Padgett said he had no idea if or when a decision will be reached. Her Case must filter through seven Federal agencies he said. A this Case is a lot bigger than mrs. Strain a he said. A it attacks the very Structure of the insurance he advised her to ask for a clearance from the Justice department to pursue her claim privately in court. A supreme court decision in june that seemed to Settle her Gripe with the City does no to apply to her Case Padgett said. A there is a difference in the statutes that were involved quot Padgett said in the Case heard before the supreme court. Quot the Issue that got to the supreme court is not the Issue we re interested in quot he said. In Fitzpatrick v. Bitzer the court ruled that under the amended civil rights act of 1964, the Federal courts had the right to protect state employees from discrimination. Amendments enacted in 1972 specifically authorize Federal courts to order state governments to pay damages to individuals who have been discriminated against by the state. In one Case the state of Connecticut was ordered to pay retroactive retirement benefits and attorneys fees to men who had been required to work longer than women to qualify for retirement. This is a reverse of mrs. Strains Case. Connecticut argued that state sovereignty precluded Congress from passing any Laws that required expenditure of state Hinds. Congress passed the civil rights act and subsequent amendments under the authority granted by the fourteenth amendment which prohibits states from denying any person equal Protection of the Law. The court ruled against Connecticut on the grounds that Lagrone loses Job states had voluntarily forfeited some of their Sovereign immunity by ratifying the fourteenth amendment. Padgett said the Issue ruled on involved state sovereignty More than it did discrimination. He said he would quickly approve her request to sue privately. A it would be a Tough lawsuit quot he said. A it will have a dramatic effect on the entire insurance Industry and they re going to attack her Hammer and tongs. It will take a lot of resources to Pur sue the the requirement for women to work longer than men for the same benefits is based on actuarial tables that show that the expected life Span of a woman is longer than that of a Man the practice of making women work longer is common with retirement systems including the civil service Padgett said. There iss suit similar to herein new York that has been kicked Annid the court Structure for More than a veer he said Padgett said he was not optimistic about a Federal ruling for her. Permit revoked three Days after he was hired Jerry i Agron lost his alcohol drug abuse Post As an outgrowth of the alleged theft of a 15-cent newspaper. Lagrone lost his $899 a month Job and his work release from Randall county jail was revoked after he was arrested thursday morning for taking an Amarillo paper from in front of the can Yon news. Members of Hie Canyon news staff had complained that the paper had been missing each morning for about two weeks. An officer observed 1/igrone taking the paper and placed him under arrest on a charge of theft under $5. Canyon news publisher Troy Martin declined to press charges so they were dropped. Sheriff Cliff 1/ingest said a i Grone who is under a two year jail sentence for driving while intoxicated had broken the terms of his work release agreement. A rules Are made to be followed and Jerry knew the declared the sheriff. A one of them was that he not break any i Nigrone Only monday was named alcoholism drug abuse service coordinator for Panhandle regional planning commis Sion. George i a udder executive shots soon legislation passed by Congress last week. Hie legislation settles the liability question that was halting Progress on the program. What it amounts to said Moritz is a the . Government will assume liability for this particular vaccine and everybody involved will be he added that this should increase the likelihood of physicians participating in the program. Vaccine for Potter and Randall counties will be sent to the Amarillo by City by county health office. Health officer director or. G. Mason Kahn said tentative plans for Canyon Are for an in inoculation clinic to he set up either the last sunday in september or the second sunday in october. Present plans Are to give the shots somewhere on the West Texas state University Campus possibly in the building where the health resources office is located. Kahn said his latest information is that there will be two vaccines a bivalent vaccine containing both Swine and a Victoria flags Are ripped off almost a Quarter of the Texas flags put up this summer by the Canyon chamber of Commerce were stolen. Roland Black chamber manager said about 25 flags Are missing a fall the flags from the museum on Down Are gone and now they re working on the ones on the West end of fourth quot he said. Earlier this summer the chamber posted a Reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the Flag thieves no one has claimed the Reward and no arrests have been made. Quot Well have to alter our program someway next year because we Don t have any replacements for them Well have to replace some along the Highway that Are ragged order the said. Black said he planned to take the flags Down from their Light pole mountings this week. Virus i 11 be Given to those 65 and older. A monovalent vaccine with Only the Swine virus will be for those under 65. Or. Charles r. Nester Canyon physician who is working with the by City by county unit on the project said plans Are being finalized for administering the vaccine to Canyon residents and information will be Given to the Public As soon As it is available. The local project is part of an unprecedented Campaign to mass inoculate americans in Hopes of avoiding a possible influenza epidemic in the United states. Several recruits at fort Dix see flu Page 11 mail Call Jam a Simpson sorts die daily mail in cramped quarters. A hearing wednesday night will be held to present postal service plans for a new Post office Here. The meeting is set for 7 30 at die Community Center. Mosquitoes bite budget those Pesky mosquitoes Canyon residents have been slapping recently Are taking a bite of the City budget also. Already the budgeted $14,000 for Mosquito control has been spent with at least six weeks left of warm weather said City manager Glen Metcalf. For the past several weeks the City has been trying to Spray twice a week. Metcalf said he was not sure How much had been spent this summer but that it was More than he had expected for the year. A i think we re controlling the mosquitoes in the City area but what happens is the areas around the creeks have perfect Breeding conditions so they Hatch out and come Back into the City quot Metcalf said. Metcalf said the City was using enrolment jumps As schools open enrolment is up considerably in the Canyon school system. All schools show increased enrolment except Gene Howe from which 100 students were transferred to Rex Reeves in Canyon this year. Enrolment at Rex Reeves was 988 on the first Day of school and at Gene Howe 481 with 160 kindergarten students and 12 Early childhood children at the administration building which once housed Neblett memorial Hospital. The total enrolment this year of Rex Reeves Gene Howe kindergarten and Early childhood comes to 1641 As compared to 1583 in november of last year it is difficult to compare school by school enrolment since some 100 have been transferred from Gene Howe to Rex Reeves this year. First Baptist Church reports an enrolment of 14 for its kindergarten classes Junior High school this year has 937 students As compared to 954 in november of 1975 and has 875 As compared to 800 last year. Willie Mcalpin assistant Canyon school superintendent said the Peak enrolment has not been reached predicting a surge after labor Day. He said three students have transferred to Canyon from Amarillo school District while 13 have transferred from Canyon to Amarillo these mostly to take advantage of special classes. Mcalpin noted that 32 have transferred from Bushland largely for High school. Some 28 students living on the Edge of the District and in 3 Miles of Happy have transferred to school in that Community. Vindicated Hanson wont come Back or. James Hanson has declined to return As director of in Panhandle Plains museum after having been invited to do so by some members of the Board. Or. Hanson resigned last Spring hut the Board did not act upon his letter of resignation. Early this month a grand jury cleared or. Hanson and members of his staff after investigating alleged misappropriation of funds. Tom Christian of Claude a member of the Board said he and several others Felt that the museum had a very Able director in see Hansot Page 10 director of proc said i a Grones Job was conditional upon his work release permit under which he could be Oil duty 8 hours a Day 1 rudder said he expects to move quickly to fill the vacancy left by i Jig one s full time incarceration. A we be got some real critical situations that need immediate he declared. �?o1 thought and still think Jerry has a lot to contribute and i hate to lose his kind of Talent which is so badly Lagrone had been on a work release permit for 8 hours a Day spending his nights in Randall county jail. A panel of eight Panhandle judges recently was appointed by proc to establish an alcoholism treatment Center a it coordinate treatment agencies in the Region Post office meeting set wednesday night a Spray of 95 percent malathion which is supposed to be Excel Lent. He urged residents to buy a 50 percent malathion solution and Spray Bushes Hedges Trees and any standing water a this would be very helpful he said. Metcalf said the City Crews were trying to Spray on monday and tuesday and then again on see mosquitoes Page 11 postal officials wednesday will present their Side of the controversial proposal to build a new Post office Here the Public hearing is set at 7 30 . In the Community Center. Critics have protested the proposed site the need for new facilities and the Cost of construction and operation. A group of fifth Avenue residents circulated u petition and talked with postal officials from Here to Oklahoma City protesting one of the building Sites. Proponents of the plan include the Canyon chamber of Commerce. C of c officials ure expected to present a prepared statement at the hearing. . Postal service personnel expected at the hearing include Canyon postmaster Lee Roy Moreland Amarillo postmaster . Davis District officer Dale Fowlkes from Oklahoma City and Roland Cook of the real estate division in Dallas. Two Sites Are under consideration according to Davis. One which has received the most criticism is located West of the Square Between fourth and fifth avenues. Building on this site would Lead to widening of fifth Avenue and destruction of the character of the tree Rich neighbourhood critics say the other site which was Dis closed Only last week is thought see Post office Page 11 Burkett lad still critical Mike Burkett a Canyon teenager injured in a one car wreck aug. 13, remains in critical condition at Northwest Texas Hospital. He has been in intensive care since the Accident. Four other teen users Hurt in the wreck have been released from area hospitals. Burkett was u passenger in a car driven by Brian Pratt on vow Road. According to state trooper Jim Humphrey the car went through an intersection crossed a ditch end hit a High line pole. Carol Callahan la among the aids a working with the three regular kindergarten classes which now fill the cd so administration building. About 160 Are enrolled in kindergarten classes for the 1676-77 school year. Classes Are being conducted for morning and afternoon students it the facility

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