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Canton Sunday News Newspaper Archives May 20 1923, Page 3

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Canton Sunday News (Newspaper) - May 20, 1923, Canton, Ohio Quot in was an an or be in it .1 is amp pm 8 la o 0�?o\/ f a Ioji do a it i a Quot is went Alit in a fas wha fish ? All the Day and cau5ht anly a the Little people up the High Mountain to look at his father s sheep went Little Gitto one Beautiful Spring Day. When the Little boy had reached the to he saw a number of Lovely Little fairies dancing and playing and singing. Gitto was a sociable Little fellow and lost no time in join lug the charming Quot Little people a As fairies were called in that part of Wales. Many a Day after this did Gitto climb to the Mountain top and always found the Quot Little people ready to play with him and when he returned he always declared he had been with the children of the Mountain for he was too Little to know anything about fairies and thought his playmates were children like himself. One Day however Gitto did not return and his parents became very much alarmed. Nor did he come the next Day or the Day after that u search was made Over the Mountain r it nowhere was Gitto to be seen. The whole Village turned out to search for Little Gitto was a great favorite with every one. Tho Days slipped by months grew into years until Gitto had been lost for two of the Long sorrowful years and his parents were still lamenting his loss. One evening when it was nearing a upper time we Hen the Mother opened her front door to Call the children who were playing in the Garden a he was amazed and delighted to see Gitto sitting on the Doorstep exactly As he had been accustomed to do be the old swimming Hole fore he went away. Darling boy. My dear dear Little Gitto Quot she exclaimed As she clasped him in her arms Quot where have you been All this time a Quot playing with the children. I went Home with them a replied Gitto. Quot but of my dear child Why did you stay away so Long a exclaimed the Mother. Quot i Only stayed a few minutes Quot answered Gitto Quot for i knew you would want me to be Home in time for supper go i did not stay with the children Quot my boy you Hare been away two whole years a said the Mother. Then came hurrying along Glt to a Brothers and Sisters and Gitto exclaimed in astonishment Quot what Hakes you All look so big a a Quot they have grown a said his Moth or. Quot every one grows larger in two Suh him rebus dictionary Cine ii it 4 to a pm inf Nejak $ f1 1 Quot i Elk j5>�?z pint you Lee one head in the water and dozens of legs on the Bank. Then you see lots of Heads in the water and maybe one pair of legs on the Bank. A morning on the seashore outside the door we Are playing hide and seek it is lots of fun. To one is allowed to peek ton should see us ran. I am sure that Jack and Jane Are not far away i have hunted them in vain till its work not play. I guess they Are right in Here quiet As can be. Hiding on dark shelves so queer ill just look and see. but Gitto had not grown and he looked exactly As he did on the Day when he disappeared. Gitto never saw the Quot Little people again for his father never allowed him to fro alone to the Mountain top but he never forgot the pretty songs he had Learned to sing and often when the Sun was shining Gitto would sing softly to himself Quot Shine Golden Sun on us today while merrily we dance Mary had a Little mule a very stubborn Jack for everywhere that Mary went that mule would simply Back. On one of those dazzling Blue and White Days that near the seashore Only come once in a while in t in late summer a Flash of Blue Gray and a startling ringing rattling cry told that the Kingfisher was on his Way to the tallest stake marking the Oyster Beds for his morning s fishing. As be passed the Little Salt Marsh that Lay Back from the Shore the Black and White Kingbird on the old Fence Post launched himself into the air in Pursuit but with an extra rattle and a Sharp curve the Kingfisher dodged him. And went his Way. Really the Kingbird was not fussy about following when he realized that it was the Kingfisher lot he was a Good neighbor and stayed Over the Waters of the Bay and never disturbed the Marsh where the Kingbird a nest was and that he regarded As his own Especial property. Kingbird with his Black head and Back and the White band across the Edge of his Tail was quite convinced As a feathered Warrior that it was a most important part of his life a Mission to Only allow other Birds that he approved of on his Home Range. There was the Little spotted Sandpiper and her family of four Chicks who lived in the Garden on the Hillside Back of the Marsh. He saw her making trips to the Shore at All parts of the Day in search of specially Choice morsels for those four that looked like Bunches of Cotton on two toothpicks and who could run with the Speed of mice in and out among the rows of vegetables. But Kingbird Felt quite Friendly toward her when he noticed her at All for she never pried into the Marsh round his nest with its four Brown splashed White eggs and the Little brooding Mother. This morning the tide was ebbing and All along the line of wet Sand that was steadily growing wider a Bevy of Shore Birds were gathering to collect the stranded fish and insects that the retreating tide left As the Harvest of the sea. The Sandpiper was working industriously to get her share and the night herons and even an occasion Al Gull were flying and wading along the Waters Edge while farther Back some of the land Birds were venturing onto the wet Sand for the titbits. Quot Caw Caw Caw rang out. A three crows hovered above the scene at the Little Cove where the tide seamed to leave its choicest morsels and was echoed by the shrieks of the Blue jays who alternated from the wet Sand to the Bayberry Bushes. But the crows were Large and aggressive and did not hesitate to crowd their lesser neighbors whenever something particularly desirable came in sight amid Many protesting cries and much squabbling. A Hawk that was on his Way up teetering motion which the Small Chicks seemed to Echo she started off again for the Shore. Once More she joined the general scrimmage going on where the cawing of the crows and the cries of the other Birds a they disputed Possession of every scrap they found waa creating an uproar. But Sandpiper was no stranger to the ways of the Shore and she teetered along the Edge of tile group of squabbling Birdie until she secured the crap she wanted then started her return flight to the Garden. While she was still some distance off the Chicks heard her Quot Peet Weet Weet Weet Weet a and responding to her Call ran to the spot where she \ a a Tyr or directions and instantly disappeared. The Mother Bird fully Alert to the danger instead of flying to the immediate Protection of the Corn and potatoes Flung herself before the Hawk in a fluttering shrieking Ball. The Hawk lost no time in flying at this shrieking Ball of feathers. Just As his descent began now in deadly Earnest something St Nick the Hawk in the Middle of Tho Hack and again his flight was changed. Blow after of cow rained Down on his head and Back As the Small Black and White Kingbird attacked him savagely. Only a fraction of Tho Hawks size and weight the Kingbird kept continually above him and poured blows upon his head and scattered a Shower of feathers along the path they followed. Up and Down twisting this Way and that the Hawk darted but the Kingbird Clung till they reached the Crest of the Hill that was the limit of the Kingbird a Range then he left the Hawk to go his Way and returned with triumphant cries announcing his Victory and that his own Range was again Safe from intruders. Today a Riddle v i a Timm my my it re Vav n sit a a my the Garden Queen inside the door Janey be still of please or Shell hear a squeak i know it is a Ligh Tish squeeze Hope the shelves Arentt weak. Ltd so amp a a la. Facetious or. Monk hide and seek is Jolly sport its a breathless game lets pretend we re in a fort that is far from tame. I a p i f a. A picture Puzzle said Tho Monk to the Gnu in the zoo Quot he a some runner that big Kangaroo Why last Winter they say he sprinted one Day go fast that he soon caught the of i Hoar her at the Knob ton can never Tell climbing Downs a Bardish Job lets Rush out and yell. Unnecessary gardening i be heard my grandpa say Quot to have Success at gardening Quot he knows i guess. All gardeners must to named the same. If worthily the soil you a till you re just obliged to be named will a if you would know his meaning better that will is spelled with Little letter. The White Clouds looked so clean to me. But soon i had to laugh for in Tho Stream Plain As could he i saw them at their Bath. Good nature a Jolly Man is Uncle Ray he keeps us Happy every Day and asks of sorry face we make Quot who bit the scallops from your Gin Ger cake Quot the Well dressed Camel Here a a shabby individual whose rough Moth eaten fur is quite worn off in places though this never should occur. It in Plain he needs attention for the holes within his clothes Iii Many Many places his cuticle disclose. But with some Well placed patches his legs and Tail Well pressed a High silk hat and walking stick he would be quite Well dressed. Cow rtt Jhu Momu Rax a dazzling Bine and White Day with the Birds squabbling on the Shore. The Shore was attracted by the disturbance and flew in circles a round and a round Over the group of noisy Birds but after a Little seemed logo his Way. The Little Sandpiper having secured a particularly Choice Beetle started Back from the Shore to the Garden on the Hillside where her Quot Peet Weet Weet Weet Weet Quot brought the four Chicks running from As Many directions to meet her. Once on the ground the bottle was broaden into pieces and duly crammed Down the throats of the clamouring Chicks. Then after running in and out among the rows of vegetables for a bide a cock horse to Banbury Cross. Can you find his daddy few Caractor Utulo had alighted before. A she was within a few feet of the ground the Call changed to a terrified scream a the Hawk swooped Down upon her. She escaped its claws by a fraction of an Inch and fell into the thin grass at the Edge of the potatoes. The Chicks seemed dazed and crouched Down against the warm Sand. The Hawk swung upward but seeing the group of Chicks again dropped like a Stone into the very Center of them with clutching claws and threatening beak. Their mothers cries roused them to a sense of self Protection and they scattered in All once upon a time there was a Flower Garden that had a White washed Fence around it and a Sundial in bin Middle. Tall hollyhocks grew against Tho Fence and morning glories clematis. Virginia creeper honeysuckle and Cypress vines trailed Over it. One summer Day at Twilight there was a commotion among the Flowers. Snap dragon spoke Quot of course. Rose is our Queen. Re always was. Ask Bumble Boe he ought to know. He hovers around Hor ail of tile time a Quot let s vote for our favorite a a suggested snap dragon. Quot Grasshoppers Stop your leapfrog game and take a message to All the Flowers in Tho Garden of they can not come in person let each Send a written note. Butterflies ask the Dew fairies to make a Crown and we will place it upon Tho brow of our dear Rose at near Tho modest Rose grow the flaming jealous poppy. She whispered to th1 wind a blow o Friendly wind. I know a Poison lurks in my skirts. I am willing to give up their Crimson Silken elegance to kill Rose. My skirts Are easily loosened. Breathe Ever so gently and they will flutter upon her. A. A she will die Yog Are grand dear wind you Plaj Lovely music in the Pines and Youl breath is Sweet with Tho fragrance of All the so silo flattered him until he did her will poppy a Scarlet Poison skirts drifted upon Rose until her Stem Bent with their heaviness. Down the Garden paths Tho Gram hoppers played leapfrog returning from their errand. At the foot of the Sundial they spoke in chorus Quot Hollyhock sent Lier vote. Rho could not leave the White Fence Quot Quot vain thing i have noticed that it la Quito becoming Quot sneered snap dragon. Quot morning glory honeysuckle clematis Virginia creeper and Cypress All vote for Rose but they Are Busy covering the Fence and creeping Over the trellises and Sun Flower is oar Gate Sentinel but he is Strong for Columbine Violet Pink Pansy Heliotrope and Daisy in a Lively Rainbow of color fluttered around the Sundial to cast votes for Rose. Tho Grasshoppers still leaped drowsily. The Bumble Pees hummed sleepily. The butterflies folded their wings and Tho fireflies lit their lanterns. Frogs croaked and the Moon Rose. The poppy had no skirts to hide her Bare toes. Rho really thought that Rose was dead but she still was not satisfied. She summoned worm the villain of the Garden. Quot for fear there is a spark of life left crawl up roses Stem worm and eat her heart. Bereft of skirts i can not reign the gardens Queen but at least she shall not a slowly w orm cradled up Rose Stem to begin his deadly work but behold Dawn in the East a flutter of Friendly wings and to Early Bird seized worm and bore him away Tho Dew fairies were ready Early with a glittering Crown. A big Black Beetle came next he brought a note from poppy. It begged them to excuse ber from their revels. She did not consider that she had Fin enough clothes for the crowning ceremony. Quot she has none at All a laughed the Grasshoppers and Bumble bees. The butterflies fanned the withered toppy skirts from Rose. Dew fairies crowned her the wind played Sweet music and the Flowers held an Early morning can iral in Honor of their Queen simple Simon wore a Diamond weighing seven pounds Wrhen the Pitman spied that disc mond he exclaimed Quot great zounds a Golden a leanings blessed is the hand that prepares a pleasure for a child for there l no saying when and where it May Bloom Forth. Douglas Jerroid Kilt a

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