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Canton Sunday News Newspaper Archives May 20 1923, Page 2

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Canton Sunday News (Newspaper) - May 20, 1923, Canton, Ohio 3sotjs2s Quot Fey on the wings of duty 2? w sva Sti a 111 mfg climbed slow in thin world Quot re posted url Lii to j Lylo the tto a ghz climbed herself. By her loft foot dinging the so tank Down on la top right painfully up la step. The Al and i ran of her Brad on brr hands to Alalia we or Strep and Slippery aha had by a up since b o clock. My and narrow and a never mounted bad got Bronk fart for her husband them we shout fray of falling. If a and had Dona a Hundred Bihar things lameness mid or timid. Which har House wifely Inaten run at tha Bead of the Nalra Levant la would not allow bar to neglect All paused a moment with har heart go tha time tha thought of tha Feather log very fast pallor gathered about bad remained Aith har. They Moat brr tired Mouth. Tha clo hot Small a attended to however much aha of the attic Manta her with faintness. Dreaded the task. Quot it Don t Aem Aalf i Tref could in of course. A far a Al and Hen heard Henry haying from somewhere smelled something acrid. Was la in Tho distance Quot come right up. It s smoke a twirl of Btu crept and it came to her that the room. So tottered tip to her he was telephoning but to whom feet Quot Eli Ell Quot a screamed. She the did not know or care her mind reached him somehow. She knew a All confusion. Before a Taw his fact that the it a the doctor who Cam. Arter House was on or. So tried to tight Denly and that by and hit if Muat feathers. I think a Good Deal of my do to climb to the attic and How i�?�1 Quot int away so fell asleep. It was him a he grabbed Hor and ran out by Monte Darrell �s3gcbgaa> no place like Home 8 do by Margaret Taylor i f you two children done to Stop quarrelling 111 Send you a or from the table Quot exclaimed oms at one. Una Nola had dropped Beds Van by. Every one of Ems a a aver to get tha Atren bed mid afternoon when a awoke. Ell a Quot Feather bed Quot a gasped. And Stop the task that engaged her. Packed Hla mad from geese Feather dry picked Down and Back again aha did not in thrown h8t an Ltd he fainted again. Shirt and a few things for Hara Elf done to Lear pm out a minute Arter know. Seemed quietly to a searching for it wag of re. Mains who told Levan and flown on the wings of duty and the Buna Down for that Whan tha re roes resolutely and walked a rating. But a ceased the in tie All about it the engine 4 pity. During the thru weeks that Moths get Busy. I never bad a Moth toward them. They billowed and a a pm re. Saved the Boos after the attic waa Mother bump had struggled to keep in my House and ifs All Ontog to sagged on their cords mightily. Each Quot Well Van by How you coming Quot burned out and the roof badly dam ber grasp on Levant had for my being on of them weighed 21 pounds. A in Alfed. He came Bent Down aged. The Feather bed were con Given her everything and been the twice a month for four months faint disagreeable odor of Oil came end kissed her. He did not often burned. Tenderest of nurses. For Mother had Levant a dragged the Evan from them. Levant la Felt like hold kiss her and Aba Felt a a in of tar Cou y0u rant go on living bump had not wanted Levant la in Feather Beds Down from the attic log her breath. So reached a and Wae and happiness. A a. Or Wain Quot Hen a pm melt i the the family and Abe never would Hay sunned them on the rack dragged took on Down. That instant aha Quot i feel Good. I feel rested Quot she comte Over her to Board and i Ait of a in it for the fourth been of Kun had not had a Streak of hem bark again and swung them to collapsed. The bed received her body replied. Abe smiled up Hla we take y m Home. Do this world Quot she said to herself. By were concerned he need never go when of Bunn do re Ald a a a a a Quot add a rough kindly face. Quot what Yow Bant you Gnell that ainu to it fierce i do a a Quot a a Herman a = a a ass e s =.vs� h s5s�s �hh�3r or i Sriri = ass is s w my ? my. To. Of i room. But the. By Tad a a a a a a i. Mouth. Hod. Tot us. Kook. Of Thorn Tad. Ii re re old. Id i big bout would not Bell. And until it a ooh. she murmured Quot you Levant la clasped her hands hard. Singing a different tune when r did Henry insisted that Ell must know you ought not to be smoking men were so careless. A pipe la the stingy try License sad a can to Ca f stay with him. He had got Ell a lob. Up attic among All those papers Tad mrs. Shortley was and there really was no urgent need a Good lord i d forgot All about other inflammable stuff so heard latest fashions with a Young lady _. For their going Home. The he explained. Ell going upstairs. There was a caller. Kit snickered. She knew it would Eli indeed was very Well Content. She shut her eyes wearily. When moments Dana and then be came Quot Tea von us Vert or Nahand was on make matters worse but Shat by cords each let about the Middle men Elk. They had doubtless by this of old fashioned fur things not. The were Neren huge. Fat Feather Beds in time forgotten whether the were Wrast of which were the seven Feath the cleanest of Blue and Whit Atrip three Beds or seven. Hut Levant la a Erb is of ticking. They seemed to await a Sens of duty was powerfully de Quot i be Hung them in the attic Quot said Van tis helplessly. Quot Here we re oped. To have neat ened Hove old or Hump to Levant la. Giving a they seemed to say. Quot wave got to Feather Beds on Day would have last injunction. I Don t have Mem a aired and beaten and inspected been to Lay a weight on her con on the Beds of course in Hummer for Moths but we cant do it for dance that a could not remove. Anti when Henry bump had written Quot it Don t seem Aalf i Ever could that Fate Mother a stricken Sud not to for. Kit snickered. Going upstairs. There was a caller. 8h hut her Eye wearily. When moment pause and then he Cam Quot did you say your husband a Henry never will sleep on one. It was Levant who was the victim Abe opened them again Ell was lying Down fest and loud. She heard him fond of those clinging gown May Quot e�1 occasional prod i Don t know where he got the notion the Felt her strength going faster on the Couch in the living room. At the Telephone giving a command Yea he likes on to cling to me Quot when you get your License i cup. I brought him up on and faster. It had been Allah could he had no pipe in his Mouth. She in a Sharp hurried voice. She for about three Dora Preston looked once longed for just such n sense of Reagan the Mirror on her . And when at last her of Dree sing table and heaved a port Unity had come to Meke this Light sigh. Wonderful men Happy and help Mold a thar a no mistake shoot it Quot aha Little girl future Dor could in reiterated secretly Quot there Are hoi Len no More Beautiful nor inspire Low dark rings under my Eye i in position. Once Dom Fleming the Moat Beauty that had been three years ago and Ful cloak made i in the Vogue now Dora acknowledged to herself than has arose walked to the that there had evidently been More wardrobe where Hung her clothing a a castles in her mind than could among some costly relic of a Gorge or become realities. Otis Trousseau. Slowly hut Dellbert Angela had never showed her any lately has began to pack her trunk affection. She was a cold today As Quot i be tried my Best but it does t the first Day she had said Quot glad to a lesson in understanding by Hazel Courtney being forever town served More than once to or waa because you understood me so Tot she had looked but a few a if her husband Preston a advantage. This time it Well you charmed my at first. There minutes before. There least was better than on the anxious seat. Howard was sure ber Aith gift of All kinds his ens room As she entered the House Dora Peculiar one. Tomary Way of showing it. But Tho Al pose the Kennersley family will a Raj to exist a far As you re concerned you la be tha Busy kicking up Tbs Dost Between Here and Daisy Brenton you think the High and mighty Marguerite Brenton is going to stoop to ride in an 1s97 Model r Quot who gala anything about Daisy Brenton Yon just quit jumping at world Quot she conclusions Young lady. If i a j waa a Light mused Fanny Little a the Little yellow shaded your father�?1 sacrifice must be made in spite of Intra. Love for him. For the future seem to work Quot she kept repeating a have you Quot when Dora had com to 0f Angela. A a a a a w u i Quot i a in a pm Trump or of torts went Rany people who understand of understand in her eyes that umps in the lounge room Shon up at Quot Harman a Fol Yon please leave the a ii us we without going the reception my nature and i assure you it is a seemed to Shine from her very soul her in seeming mockery Quot and you re tabla Quot la rc0m Tom he entered the House Dora Peculiar one. I can t make a furs quickly so dabbed at her nose a funny Little Alster Yanmul an there slipped quietly upstairs to her room. Over a Parson ifs the real deep True with come Rice powder and fluffed Gela has the same temperament As a. Fac walked to the window Drew affection that i have but i simply her hair for Howard a sister Minnie her dad. Even the Little Birds on g�e8 Quot there that s the Way it always teases me and just be bait the scrim Hummer curtains and can not animate it Quot and Dora bad was fussy about ones appearance the Iron Bench tried to solve my cans mad and answer her Back gazed out it the Lawn with its Many understood so Well. Then she calmly walked downstairs problem by bringing me Back to a Nec know tall spreading trod. Suddenly her reverie was broken to the reception room. Howard s very acknowledgement of a a us re lug to say Quot he inter a How Happy the Little Binl Are by by the sound of voices below. When she opened the door Angela his unan mated affection but stupid 0 11,6 1 m Mother Quot tarted to nor. How. A or ,u, a turn a. Of thl to. .n.o, a a 1 a 1� St i slipped from the thut morn to Tho dido of the Rhododendron the stairway and leaned Over Aho aunt Minnie told Dora of her la smile be or Oor very much Hurt in and went Dow n to Tho station to Bush. Heard Angela speaking. Rim and angelas refusal to go. And a wow in nut. It to a he left the 0001,1 it like it i up the Purabi tiie ber ticket Quot that w As the place Quot she mused Quot no auntie i olm ply can to i Angela in her Little self restrained to Belize it Abe fun shed. And then tir8 a tou done Tver say anything guest Batter give me one Quot the same Little place with the same Don t want to leave my big sister War confirmed it. After Tea had he no a. To a to her Quot he shouted from the next Way or just Walt a minute till i Iron Bench where we used to tit two Mamma for a minute. She is so been served aunt it nil to a a a a a it u to toe top Stair. Quot just because she s Ahe carefully smoothed out a wrinkle the palatial Home after a Brief Honey Here and Thor and lovingly patted Moon. Down the soft silk things place. Dora s situation seemed to grow no child who is unhappy at Home can Ever make a real True woman a Dora philosophize secretly and it Aid Lewis Preston the big Western the fact that Angola did t Uke her department store Man. She had been nor want her around. A cloak Model at the Vogue co. In "111 just slip Back to now York new York and it took Only a few for a Little trip and Surprise All tile purchasing trips to the big town to girls i used to she planned to make the wealthy Howard Lewis herself Quot then. Of things look Bright now of i be got the Money with me hummers agr to vah i Vii Caa us. 4 l t Ai Kas. Maids for it later Telb daughter and what a Nice chummy Terru ted her own thought hastily. One of Tho companionship they could have. That night Dora slept More sound m w1 eth Nodi r a to attn usual a Fth he a Quot a up the or to a of Howard a sol night he had taken her hand in Bis of the conversation Fler Ful plans. For years Abe had her mind one Way now and that at Preston in thin she spoke aloud. To Beau served aunt Minnie took her 0bf How Sweet the api uni Bop a i Don t want departure gracefully saying As Ahe been to boarding school she and Quot All right Angle dear of you diff not a a came blam of a door of want to come ill ask your Quot in my last place Quot said the new crw a b7 science a Cousin parlor maid to the Cook Quot i always Herman had predicted his that evening Dora Hail a new managed to take things fairly Mother said nothing to Kil but she a whisper sparkle to her eyes and flapper the Cook closed one Eye and held began to tidy the sapper table in a c my her mind wandered Back to the the voices died Down to a kit a it a v aug Visnu two 7� Wuu Peiu Degan to nay Ute sapper table in a a last. She remembered a wily the so tha Dora could not Hoar any More Spring to her step. She had phoned her Finger to her nose. Quot toll find disapproving silence that was More 7 to the station and cancelled the Pur it different Here Quot she said. Quot they effective than any amount of words. Keep everything locked kit pretended at first to be blissfully a a a. A a unaware of any coolness in the at House As Martha a had been a worn playing billiard single handed. He mo8phere whistled her class growing Western and said Quot you know Dora dear it she rushed Back to the same mar Chase of her ticket lbs mss her House and his by Phil Moore threw Down the Cue. Quot hello Martha Quot he said. Tin. Bor Manta Uoc attic Money and her own Way had and All. A Good Many people said with armful of Cut Glaso a Consort dare to fall his soul his Quot i can to Tell you one thing m e Mart la Beecher what they were sorry us see him marry Story stuffed with the latest hybrids. Martha having gathered in some tha answered. Quot i be never Ane we a a a a Tommy Bliss. Ahe waa when so married Martha. Others said he was just and a Kitchen which displayed the Odds and ends of Money built a a Tommy and he never tells me. It she had called to let him know when song cheerily. Finding that this device did not melt the maternal composure she lapsed a brooding lasted till the dishes were washed and put away. Then who , to nothing Martha except that i she became exasperated at her Moth Khz want t on the h a 0t to red a la ten 1,1 your House 411 1 Eros Calm indifference and broke out mar and then the tried t t wanted one of my own do you tearfully Quot if id realized what a Cor a3kod and Toen she tried to find Tommy. and a House that is As far As he ent. He furnished Only half of it the Den the billiard room his bed Quot what does room and bathroom. The rest he demanded. Left Bare. A a Avita ii a r a i Oinui Usu Ujj Iii it in hit u1v. A la still was Money the Man for the place he would get most expensive plumbing and beat rage and placed in it a handsome May to he is speculating and getting 8he would Arr a cd of course that think of it Quot i think you re Martha. A a not in the least Quot let me insane dial Welcome i was to receive at gasped Home id have accepted Mary Blaine s invitation. I done to see father hut 20 said Tommy a stoutes a Day and then he can talk of nothing but his cows. Herman a my Hor Carn Way that won Tommy along with her of anybody could. It log arrangements. Car. She Learned to run the car her Money. That a his affair. I Hope a Cali a of no consequence. She it he fought he did not know it. Was a self evident fact that Martha yes it was distinctly a a Home self and every pleasant evening one however that he w on t fool away his a phoned to the president of the Bank Iran Aid. Tommy thought that he had potential resource for making a but it waa Martha a from the top might see her Bowling about town in earnings. That a always to Descour and he ran amp up Tommy and present worm have pursued her of she did no to contrary minded person miserable. Most Colling to the cellar Bottom. No gloves and goggles with Tommy sit aging to a Young Man. Though it by Tommy rank up Martha. A pay a vip name find lord Martha and Tommy went to ber one needed to Call there More than Ting beside ber meekly holding Tho won t matter of course in be got my a Why hello Martha you Home Quot ap�c08ch a a a do on their wedding trip. On once to and that out. Martha took Chow dog. To Greenville this seemed business Well in hand. I always he inquired. Of p a aug Way Park tbsp tarried for two people All Over the House and showed to put the Cap sheaf upon Tho whole will be Able to take care of my dear Quot yes a replied Martha. So always laughed when she did weeks in new York and Martha so them everything. She to speak out and say what elected the furnishings Tor her new and satisfied Householder. In the meantime Tommy worked Chow dog. A Why in a at Ham too so i ought Home. The Kellogg chanced to be Quot Isnit it a shame a sighed mrs Martha had lived All her life in in new York at the same time. They dish Quot i went Corss Neuls. Everybody and mrs. Kellogg reported that that seemed just to be Tommy a. It s chose. Sixty dollars a month looked my he could Board. She expected to Quot that in a at Home too no. 7. It r 6 or y Ommy r8n38,Ned silent and station a woman s House All through it s very Small to her beside something be gone All Winter. No sooner had merchant place. Come Over and see the ten a ave up Ana you 8howed a Ilttre More sympathy a Zzz Rwm Ary who a Martha to Ltd 0ut Char Quot Martha hou8 you fe�1 a the Odd ilk Hundred. She gone than Tommy bought the we cd a a ,.i0 lbs Tan a an compared the texture of mrs Ute you got inside the front door. But one Day the intelligence began merchant House and began to get a Are you sick or a Martha min a very Appy and Rob Fly w Tutt i nuk0uv<tln, a amp a in t r Char or a or la spread that Tommy bli88 had it Tor occupancy. Greenville paused before the word crazy. Tommy i. Of k a Sawh Hanft i the had owned the House to begin picture that expressed Tommy in cleared up $3000 on a speculation in looked on in amazement he bought "oh.no. Just tired. Been work Noi Aachen u w88 furnished it any War. Martha a method will kill stocks. How Bod he done it no rugs pictures a billiard table a Long hard All Day. Come Money of his own. To mme he t a it a Ila,ld80n,� a Quot a thin and without the Little ego that he has. In a so body could guess. Occasionally after player piano and books. Those who Martha went she raced past . A a ? a cd a r0?m Bra 8orry for him that 1 Cou a cry 8very Tost other rumours of other Specula saw what he waa doing had to admit mrs. Dishes. She pounded up the it was most obliging the Tram of i Ood Lookin try pocked with All the Best known time i see him go lagging by toward tons were heard. Mrs. Dish asked that he had some individuality after Steps of 7 merchant place a Sweet tempered and beloved by on author a dining room glittering that House where i know he does no to Martha outright. A a in a Horn. We As a proud Stock of Martha a performances. Hub find and she caressed the where Are you a respond faithfully is clerk in the Bank. Mar that fall Martha went away to de Tommy pleasantly. A a or a Tost House tha never used a Penny of his Money. California with a party of friends. A Tommy Bliss what Are you say ran. to Youn or by Chance and there Wasny to a Corner or a thing he was at Liberty to spend it As he she shut up her House and told Tom ing a and he did so cleverly that Martha just puts himself out to be mean to was convinced and ended up by cry me and tou look As of you were ing. Quot in be either got to live alone in thinking. What a change what a my House or come and live in yours a disappointment in a sure eve tried she sobbed. Hard enough to be Nice but i done to Quot Well a said Tommy a i Don t ask amp it much encouragement Quot of course you to live in my House the Way i tears followed lived in yours. Look Here Quot and he mrs. Kennersley tried to hide the opened the doors that led to the pain that sprang to her eyes. Quot my empty apartments. In the end Martha dear a she said at last Quot i think if and to offer to smoke cigars in the Green All. The House waa a much a Man s bounced in upon Tommy who waa House to keep insect away. J it had been four or a months a exceeding your allowance dear a sine Henry had Given her any he asked absently Flowers or Candy the thought Quot Henry i did t buy the. Aren t persisted in mrs. Henry s mind As she they beauties a turned for Dpi the window after waving Quot yes. Is dinner ready Era who said Henry Goodby. They bad been bought them a married four years it it Ould it be that Quot i Don t know. They just came she was losing her Charm her fas with a card. And the card just had a Sago 3 c the question Mark a in by Parke Whitney gave up and happier. Your father is very much upset by your attitude toward his business. In a sure Selling milk is As honorable an occupation As anyone could want you done to realize How your shuddering hurts him when he is talking. And your brother was pleased enough with his old car till you came Home and made fun of it As for me Well i guess you be outgrown me too. Somehow i Don t know Youh e speaking to me when you Call me a Mother or. You always used to say she stooped Over to fir her shoe lacing so that kit could not see the tears in her eyes. Kit walked slowly from the House the git i citation. Her eternal mystery for Henry shed read of stub thing. To be sure there were always Bonbons in the Jar and a few Flowers about the living room. But they came out of the a household expenses a Henry Hadnot Given her any Flowers Isnit that roman a question Mark. Us a Henry thought so Balf heatedly and ate his dinner rather thoughtfully. Henry had his business Wor had a question it Quot and the card Mark Lim a Henry refused More Candy and wrent Back to Bis paper. He was in pie. It easy and mrs. Henry munched her Ries. And while the a sea lasted it it col to a and watched him Surrey ardent if unknown Ead his paper sitting in a tm�ua1? then Henry began to. Feel the or Candy for months mrs Henry stiff chair slightly turned away from for a Mouth these offerings con pangs of jealousy and had a half picked up a dish and put it Hack up them. Tinted to com in alway Saccom hour to work upon it before his wife i his thing required then for two Days nothing Hap panted by r card with a question came in. Park Long and full of the opened. Henry sprawling in his easy Mark. Henry was thoughtful and wonderful play. Henry turned to deep in the financial news uneasy by turns until one afternoon her furiously. This has got to Stop Quot he Bel you the Telephone rang Quot Den and sat there alone till her am. But you seemed to take me for time. Then she stole silently picked it up in envelope such As and then Well by separating. Tickets come in. With a card inside do nothing to atop it a a Darling a Aid Henry voice granted and we seemed to be getting Henry read the card without a Ecru Quot done to be absurd. I done to know Quot How would you ilk to meet me in in a rut and Back Stair to her was As he suspected from the Man. But i confess id like to. Town to night for dinner and then go a blam a i who also stated that he was Quot an it-8 Nice to have someone Admire to a show a and a he end. you All right kit up tha a a room but not too was afraid of that silently for the vigilant mothers a Quot a a. Called on the table. Subtlety. She went to her desk and made borne careful calculations of chair deep in the her allowance and decided that the looked up St the sound of his wife she came Home Early and found the thing could be put through. So she voice an it perceived her offering him House deserted and a note on the Hall Lowed called up a florists shop and gave an Candy from a gorgeous Box. Table for Bim. Ord it a he accepted and ate a piece and mrs. Henry s heart fluttered but eyes looked across at her with the from the confess of the front Steps she decided not to let Henry know Sam look in them that she had seen .ye9�?T 1>m t0� tired t0 8tay Awak How thrilled she was. There before their marriage. A by longer Quot responded the voice Quot id like it. What time Quot Quot of. You she said and Hen fr0�?o ab0v8 Henry told her and Hung up feel re a a. Hal a amp hour later mrs. Kennersley Long that it was t much of a Success. J hnry�?T8 stepped her daughters room. Heart she resolved never to forget she could not realize that this was Henry what do you mean Quot tv., a a a. _ _ pl8c8 and he read it mid Learned that his a exactly what i say. I w ill not Henry sat Down heavily in h out a�?o0thr a by a us a wife bad Uken ber motor to a mat have you going to matinee with had to be done and weary from toil came Home and an extravagant person my a Inee. Henry Felt a glow of question next Day mrs. Henry received a lion. He knew his wife enjoyed a a i did no to i took a Box of roses and a Large Box of sex Good play and was glad so was Hay Quot ifs the same thing. That Man pensive confessions. She was Suring a pleasant afternoon. A been sending you stuff for the prised. She had t ordered. The he turned away and a paper lying last month and you like it pretty cards each read Quot an ardent Admir und rth table caught his a. A soon he lab getting an introduction mrs. Henry sat Down abruptly. Kissed his wife he noticed the scent said of roses through the living room and Quot i did no to buy these. Henry. Hail. He looked and saw a magnify Quot he who did a cent bowl of roses standing on a Quot i Don t know. They a a with a a Well done to or a i done to know. Do you anyway ones husband a she shrugged prettily and said something about dinner and went away with a wicked smile. Poor Henry stood with his which is what Mouth open. One s husband so he feel. Question Mark and to this Day not the Sam kit who had gone did t Appeal to her As a Lover a that Avenir at dinner she men tcaslonl1 offering comes to her away to boarding school nine months worshipper at her shrine any More. Honed the gifts of the ardent Admir xclt3 a dad before. The same braid of Brown something or. Henry expanded. N0t anally bestir Henry to hair was thrown across the Pillow Quot i m he said without Gram t0 that he u Stu ber and the expre�8i�n on her face was she wanted him to mar. He could t a i sent you those. Keep the secret Lover As Well As merely ber husband As tender and unsophisticated Ever. With a sigh she Bent Over and Labia. Just Cam but it said on the card. Quot an a be doing a Quot i. Pres. Agent a tells of up8 Dent mrs. Henry leaned that he is trying to Eleva the. Tax Back weep ily and a a Rowan across the table exultant. Of Tidevil Isva a muomuo8d�?T thy Quot i Henry said. Quot i certainly Competition from the trained a ajar Mummy away contented at

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