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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Canton A T Eye (Newspaper) - February 19, 1962, Canton, New York Vol. I. No. 7 state University of new York agricultural and technical Institute Canton n. Y. Monday february 19, 1962 to gets award study professor William k. Viertel chairman of the mathematics and science department has been granted a teach Exchange award by which Fie will spend eight weeks this fall in the United kingdom. There were four such awards granted for 1962, two for the fall and two for the Spring. They Are sponsored by the English speaking unions of the Commonwealth and Sof the United states and by the technical Institute division of the american society for engineering education. Similar awards were made in the United kingdom for visits to the United states. The purpose of the project is to Foster Mutual understanding Between the Peoples of the Commonwealth and of the United states. Be Grant holders will be Able to see what is being done in their own Fields in the other country and to acquaint themselves with the traditions and the Way of life and thought in the other country. Grant holders do no teaching they Are sent to observe wherever it is judged that they will receive the maximum Benefit. Professor Viertel in common with other grantees will reside with a British family in order to Furt Lier this aim of increased understanding Between the two countries. S. A a a a on january 81, the hotel club at its monthly meeting had As its guests two representatives of the travel Agency Industry they were or. Demarsh a representative of the Stowel travel Agency Here in Canton and or. Stowell head of the Stowell travel Agency. This Agency has offices in Canton pots dam and Norwood. Or. Stowell spoke on possible careers in the travel Agency Industry and stressed some important Points about travel agencies. One such Point was that the traveller does not directly pay the travel Agency fees instead the hotels airlines and bus lines pay these fees. Pictures were taken of the hotel group for the year Book and refreshments were served. An informal question and answer period followed the meeting. A. T. Eye notice important meeting today at 4 00. All staff members Are requested to be present and on time. World views it a by Frank bisse1l Cape canaveral a bad weather has forced the postponement of John Glenn a Orbital space flight for the tenth time this week. Another countdown is scheduled for Early next week. The weather forecast is still Uncertain and another cancellation May result. The weather is a much More serious problem in launching a rocket than people actually realize. In order for cameras to record the take off there must be no Clouds obstructing the View. This is also an important matter when considering the location of the satellite after it has returned to Earth. Glenn will return to the Earth after several orbits around the Earth and is expected to land somewhere in the South Atlantic not too far from Florida. If the seas Are rough the necessary Quick Rescue of the capsule and its Pilot for their safety would be virtually impossible. The communists Are taking advantage of these postponements for propaganda purposes. They Are accusing the u. S. Of Balking on purpose for fear a failure will disgrace us in the eyes of the world. Ulicy seem to be forgetting their own failure to return one of their -gstr�.? nauts to Earth. It Assy f6r tempts in science. Their resources and Man Power enables them to put maximum emphasis on the development of a space program. Unfortunately the United states is bogged Down with red tape and Lack of coordination within the different space programs in Progress. # # washington�?u2 Pilot Garry Francis Powers shot Down by the russians on May 5, 1960, while flying a spy Mission Over the soviet Union has been released. On a Bridge separating the Western and the Eastern sectors of Berlin representatives from the United states and the soviet Union met to make the Trade. In return for Powers and an american College student held by die West German police six last summer the United stares released master spy Rudolph Abel Powers was shot Down on May 5. 1960. The very next Day the russians made the official announcement of his arrest and asked for an immediate apology from our government. No apology was Given and the soviets in turn destroyed the forthcoming Summit conference continued on Page 4 cold but colourful Winter carnival take ice trophy King Seide Sal Myand Queen Flossie Partridge reign at the Ball. Background left to right Prineas Amy Bertini Prince Tony Loiue and Frank Bise. Grand finale of Winter weekend roup id Capers Ball. Theta Gamma s winning ice statue. William it to. Teachers Exchange a tacit for next jazz sessions spark carnival a jazz session was held on saturday morning february 10, in the Ati lounge. The program featured Talent from 8t. Lawrence University the four the trollers and John Perry. The program which was very successful included a bit of joke telling Ballad Folk singing and a a Kingston Trio Type singing group. Many people got up Early to attend Quot this program and thoroughly Enjo Leififi 9 on fifty february 9, a Buffet dinner and Jam session was held in Ati cafeteria and lounge. The dinner was supervised by the foods students and a the rocking teens played at the Jam session continued on Page 2 top brass president of Phi Theta Kappa Honor society for the 1961-1962 year is roger1 Hollis an 18 year old senior. Roger comes to us from Saranac Lake but he is originally from our neighbouring country Canada. A drafting and design student he is a conscientious Leader of the Honor society and enjoys his work very much. Roger is a member of Alpha Theta Gamma fraternity and is chairman of Astle. Sports play a big part in Roger a everyday life. He Hunts fishes skates and occasionally builds Model air planes. Quite an Active boy with a huge Index of 2.16 the Canton Ati Winter carnival a a cupid a Capers climaxed on saturday evening at a Ball ruled Over by the Royal family. Elected and crowned As King was Seide Malainy of Tupper Lake. His Queen was Flossie Partridge of Tony Iosue of Oswego and Princess Amy Bertini of Cortland completed the Royal group. A during the Ball announcement was made of the Winner of the commercial press ice statue trophy. Judges William Webb William Mcluskey and Ronald Scott of Canton chose the statue of Alpha Theta Gamma fraternity As Winner. Second place went to Sigma Delta Phi fraternity for its Valentine Between Schultz and Dooly Type Beer mugs Alpha Theta Gamma a monumental winning statue showed two set of sweethearts one Happy and on divided by a broken heart. In addition to its social events the carnival was a great sporting Success for Ati. During its Appleton Arena afternoon on Friday the Ati hockey team heat st. Law Rencey Sato fraternity team six to four. The Broom hockey game he tween two girls teams wound up in a one on tie which neither Alpha i Omicron sorority nor Pink by. Uon was Able to break. In another vent Quot of the after pop the aft West amp to left Cote Witolt Nisto Richard priest John Ruitberg. Ouderkirk and Bill Coooper were led by Ron of Brien former st. Lawrence hockey Star in a Broom Ball game which routed the Independent students team led by Lowell Newvine. The teams which started out with six men on a Side gradually turned into a comic opera As More and More students came out to help the faltering independents. At one Point the students had twelve people on the ice but it was no use. They lost the game five to nothing leaving the faculty triumphant. On Friday night the Ati Northmen turned the tables on Coble skill before a capacity crowd at Madill Hall taking the game by a score of 109-&5. The one flaw in the carnival weekend was a Lack of Snow which Cut out the scheduled ski and Snow shoe races on saturday afternoon. The treasure Hunt however was earled out. In this event a number of prizes donated by Canton merchants were hidden in a huge pile of Snow and students scrambled to dig out the the Lucky winners were As follows Sandra Dunn gift certificate from the Anne shop pad Scott Cash award from Kelly a fruit store Harry Komrowski music album from Canton menus Wear Dave Kasner Cash award from Buck and reds Gene Rathbun gift certificate from Barbour a Karen Kaiser record from Barr pharmacy Paul Walter services from band Box cleaners Lorraine Karasinski gift certificate from Peggs jewelry Mike Grimshaw services from aurello a dry cleaners Dick Farmer meal ticket from Ralph a restaurant Stan Lemko Gilt certificate from the Bontery Aliece Thompson electric clock from reasoners to Anne Curtis Cash award from Sunshine stores Sharon Phillips ski hat from Kaplanis Richard Van Marter Cash award from news shop Dick Favreon Cash award from Merrill Brothers Marilyn Heller flashlight from continued on Page 3 ;