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Canberra Times Newspaper Archives Sep 19 1970, Page 1

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Canberra Times (Newspaper) - September 19, 1970, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory National Library of Australia forecast Canberra Fine Cool. Lake winds so be 8-12 knots. S. Tablelands cold Light winds. Light Snow at 4,000ft. S. Coast scattered show ers. Windy. Seas slight weather details capital City forecasts tides. Page 33. World weather. Page 5. Call for Aid to dying in 1. Amman Beirut Friday Aap Reuter. As the fierce fighting in Jordan went into its second Day palestinians appealed today for International Aid for hundreds of wounded said to be dying in the streets of the capital Amman. The palestinian red Crescent in a Cable to the International red Cross committee in Geneva said people were dying in the streets or under the wreck age of their Homes for Lack of medical Aid. First Aid teams firemen and Large quantities of blood plasma were needed. Palestine commando reinforcements armed with soviet and chinese made automatic weapons rocket launchers and Light Artil Lery pieces poured South into Jordan today from Syria to reinforce the fedayeen Battle against the jordanian army it was reported in Ramatha on the jordanian Border. They sped South through Ramatha As buildings were still burning from a Dawn attack by jordanian tanks. There was no word to Day of the 54 hijacked Western Airliner hostages held by the guerrillas As Ransom for colleagues detained in Israel and West european countries. Fighting in five towns Jerusalem Friday Aap. The jordanian 1 army invaded the Northern Jordan sector held by Arab guerrillas today and heavy fighting was going on in and around five towns the guerrilla radio said the associated press reported. The towns where heavy fighting erupted included Ramatha torah beit far Ras and Irbid a broadcast from Baghdad said. The guerrillas claimed full control of Northern Jordan from 15 Miles North of Amman to the syrian Frontier. Jordan s Tough new military governor Field marshal Habes maj Ali repeated his last Chance offer to the commandos to leave the capital and other cities and move Down to the Jordan River Valley contemptuously rejected by the guerrillas last night. Cairo Friday Aap Reuter. President i Nasser backed by the leaders of Libya and Sudan was exerting big j efforts today to end the bloody fighting in Jordan described Here As an i Arab catastrophe. I the president whose j acceptance of the us pro posed Middle East cease fire helped to bring gov eminent guerrilla enmity in Jordan to a head has appealed for restraint from both sides. He has sent an eight Point plan to King Hus Sein. And the Palestine guerrilla. Chief Yasser Arafat to end the conflict. A summary of the plan was published in the authoritative Cairo news paper a1 ashram today amid reports from Tripoli that Arab leaders would hold a Summit meeting in the libyan capital in the next few Days. In another move the 14-nation Arab league Council met in Cairo yesterday and stated a cease fire would enable the recently established four nation conciliation com Mittee to make new efforts to win a settlement. Late news hmm Hendrix. Dead London Friday Aap Router. American pop stir Jimi Hendrix died from 4 drug overdose Here a Day a spokesman for s London pc capita Amao unreal hermits of a admitted alive Feci Ancas Cious shortly before Boot tin bocce Foj attempts org do 5 to Jung Vietnam moratorium making the "v1 sign and carrying banners Canberra moratorium marchers move from parliament House by Way of Flynn place where this picture was taken to Zarema place to continue their rally. More pictures. Page 8. Ugly scenes in Sydney and Adelaide yesterday marred otherwise largely peaceful Vietnam moratorium marches in All state capitals. Violent clashes in Adelaide led the a Premier or Dun Stan to announce that he would Call an urgent Cabinet meeting to ensure orderly procedures for future marches. Adelaide police arrested 130 demonstrators after a charge by 400 police on 5,000 peace Ful marchers who had refused to leave the intersection of King William Street and North. Terrace near the City Centre. In Sydney at least 200 marchers were arrested in what police described As the ugliest clashes yet in an anti War rally. However peaceful protests took place in Melbourne Brisbane Perth and Hobart and there was Only a handful of arrests. In Canberra about 1,000 demonstrators assembled peacefully outside parliament House and the protest passed without serious incident. Record arrests made in Adelaide & record number of 130 arrests were made in the ugliest confrontation witnessed Between police and demonstrators. The confrontation came when about 400 police charged on 5,000 peaceful demonstrators Nuho refused six warnings to leave the intersection of King Wil Liam Street and North ter race. J wave after wave of uni i formed and plainclothes police backed up by mounted police charged into the ranks of the demonstrators. The South australian Premier or Dunstan said last night he would Call an urgent Cabinet meet ing to consider measures to ensure that democratic Law and order procedures were established. I or Dunstan flew to Canberra at 2pm yesterday 1 where his press Secretary issued the following state ment i it is deplorable and frightening that violence and disorder occurred in Adelaide during today s moratorium demonstration. In Sydney at least 200 Vietnam moratorium demonstrators were arrested following clashes with police. Police described the violence As quite the ugliest yet experienced in an anti War rally. A number of demonstrators and police were treated at City hospitals for cuts and bruises Fol lowing the incidents. I the fighting broke out after marchers refused. To obey police orders to keep ofe roadways. The Wynyard Park rally at 2pm attracted about 8,000, mainly Trade unionists students and office workers. More than 40,000 moratorium marchers defied a victorian govern ment warning and staged a 15 minute sit Down in Melbourne s a o u r k e Street. However the scores of police in the Vicinity took no action. Only four arrests were made during the demonstration. The marchers were led through Melbourne s streets by four Young men carrying a coffin draped with the flags of All the nations taking part in the Vietnam War. Or Cairns the moratorium committee chair Man criticised yesterday the Melbourne police strategy. The police did All they could to create a spark of violence a dozen times to Day he said. The moratorium Demon stration passed in Brisbane with comparatively few incidents. No arrests were made and the Only confrontations involving Radical _ students were with estimated about 3,000 took part. About 3,000 people marched through Perth streets. Demonstrators were Pel Ted with eggs Lemons water and sprayed with Fly Spray but it caused no incidents. Police made Only two i arrests in generally peace Ful Vietnam moratorium i demonstrations in Hobart. Canberra peaceful Canberra s moratorium a collection of 1,000 protesters in Sev eral differing groups assembled peaceably at parliament House and Zarema place yester Day. There were jeers and shouted insults placards for and against the Viet Nam War and a Large variety of flags. But there were no incidents. Apart from watching and filming the proceed Ings there was Little for the 60 act policemen to do after 1.15pm the demonstrators began leaving also. When the rally ended at 3 pm there were about 60 left. Several of them stayed j behind to help keep their City clean by picking up the lunch wraps drink cans and posters littering the ground and Fountain in Zarema place. The major groups were the moratorium their opponents the citizens for Freedom association socialist youth Alliance against Vietnam and the National service act the Freedom vigilantes repre1 setting the australian a Tiona socialist part women s liberation and reformists interested in the abortion Laws and aboriginal land rights. There were also half a dozen Young men carrying a South vietnamese Flag who claimed they were in dependent of everyone else. They gave everyone a reasonable hearing the member for the act or Enderby the Leader of the opposition or Whit Lam or Gordon Bryant my and or Bruce Mcfarlane Anu. Or v. Matthews of the citizens for. Freedom association spoke from a second plat form in Zarema place thus giving demonstrators and lunchtime bystanders a Choice. After the March to Gar Ema place or Bryant repeated his belief that the i Only solution to the issues 1 was a National door Knock Campaign. The message of the moratorium he said was that military situations were out. North Vietnam was the aggressor in Cambodia. In Vietnam the action be tween North and South was purely military and in the hands of the generals. All foreign troops should withdraw from Vietnam. Or Mcfarlane attacked or Bryant s views on Cambodia and both then took turns at replying to each other. By consent an interim in Junction against officers of the australian National University students association was dissolved yes-1 ter Day by or Justice Fox in the act supreme court. S the interim injection had been granted on an sex Parte application by Graeme Marshall Watkins a University student of Garran Hall on thursday. Watkins a member of the association had cited Mark Cunliffe Sandra John and Christopher Bain president Secretary and treasurer respectively of the association and the Bank of new South Wales As respondents. By consent it was also agreed that the motion for an injection and the suit be. Dismissed with Cunliffe John and Bain paying Watkins costs. Watkins had obtained the interim injunction to re Strain the officers of the association and the Bank of new South Wales from taking any Steps to pay i $200 from the association s funds toward the costs of the act Vietnam moratorium committee. Agreement on new rating for Sydney Friday. Commonwealth and state ministers responsible for censorship have agreed to the principle of introducing an a certificate scheme for films the Federal mini Ster for customs and excise or Chipp said today after a conference in Sydney. Under the scheme films branded a by censors would be allowed to be shown in theatres Only if children Between the Ages of six and 18 years were not admitted. Two other classifications both Only advisory would be suitable for general exhibition a and not recommended for children arc. Or Chipp said the meeting to Day the first of its kind since 1968, had agreed also to changes in the regulations governing film censorship. The changes included the establishment of an Appeal Board or boards of suitably qualified people to replace the existing system of a single Appeal censor. Out state ministers had agreed to recommend to their governments that existing leg isl a t i o n should be amended so that an a certificate system could be legally enforced. The ministers had agreed that the a certificate would remove an anomaly from australian film censorship. Film censorship need no longer be too inhibited by the Lack of control of children s attendance at theatres or Chipp said. Senior state govern ment sources said today the decision was a major breakthrough _ in austra Lian censorship policies. It would take some months however to Intro Duce Australia wide legis lation implementing the re certificate system. 1 or Chipp or Chipp said the a certificate would be applied by the common wealth chief film censor to films which were considered suitable Only for adults. Referring to the pro posed changes to censor ship regulations including the new Appeal provisions or Chipp said the changes would provide also a sys tem to allow Deputy Cen sors under the control of a member of the film censorship Board to examine films and to recommend release of a Type films and refer other films to the i Board. There would also be pro vision for recourse to the courts As was now pos sible with books to deter mine whether or not in fact a film was obscene. Or Chipp said the meet ing had examined also the effects of production in Australia of books which had been prohibited by the j minister for customs and excise. It has been agreed that the work of the National literature Board of review and the operation of the uniform Book censorship agreement should continue As before he said. However if a local Edi Tion of a prohibited Book is allowed to be distributed in any state the responsible minister in that state will consider whether it. Is appropriate to take measures to confine the the distribution of the Book As far As possible to that state. Ministers at the meeting today were or Chipp or Willis the chief Secretary of new sir Arthur Rylah the chief Secretary of Vic Toria or Delamothe the minister for Justice and attorney general of Queensland or King the attorney general of South Australia or Craig the chief Secretary of Western Australia and or , the chief Secretary of Tasmania. Residents win group housing Battle by Bert Castellaro the National capital development commis Sion has decided not to build group housing in open space Between South Curtin and holy Trinity schools at cur tin. After objections from local residents. However the future use of the land is in doubt and residents Are wary of the commission s attitude. The land is one of three areas which residents have been concerned about. The others Are at the Theodore Street Corner of Holman Street and in Carruthers Street opposite Mccormack Street. A spokesman for the a cd said yesterday that the commission had under taken a detailed review of development intentions and had decided not to proceed with group housing proposals for the area be tween the schools. The precise use that would be made of the land had not been determined. The location lends it self to a number of other forms of development for which a need could emerge in future years the spokesman said. Asked if any decision had been made about the other two areas the spokes Man said a petition was presented to the minister for the Interior last wednesday by Curtin residents about these sections. While the minister is considering the petition it would not be possible for the commis Sion to comment. Meaning not defined the Secretary of the Curtin Progress association or g. Gillies said the commission told us last week that there would be no group housing be tween the schools. They did not say that it would be open space perpetually but said that if some suitable develop ment arose the area would be used. They did not de Fine what this meant. The Progress association is not too Happy about the reply because we feel that they gave Way on this in order to Spike our Nins. Police see senator senator Keeffe lab old said last night that he had been questioned by two senior Commonwealth police officers in Canberra Over statements he was alleged to have made on thursday at a moratorium rally. Senator Keeffe is alleged to have told the rally that he would continue to advise those eligible for National service not to Register. No information was available from common wealth police officers last night. Senator Keefe refused to talk with the police until he had Legal advice. Chisholm to choose new my Melbourne Friday. More than 56,000 Vot ers in the Chisholm electorate will go to the polls to elect a Federal Mem Ber to succeed the late sir Wilfrid Kent Hughes. The candidates for what is regarded As a Blue rib Bon Liberal seat Are Francis Xavier Costigan barrister of Camberwell labor. Andrew Edward Morrow teacher of. Hawthorn Australia party. Raymond Norman Nilsen financial analyst of West Melbourne society for the defence of government schools. Anthony Allen Staley University lecturer of War Renwood Liberal. Sydney Friday. The by election for the new state seat of Georges River will be held Tomor Row. Although the Liberal candidate or j. Tonkin is expected to hold the seat for the government observers expect labor s or f. Walker to reduce its majority. Long sitting on . Public order Bill the Papua new Guinea House of Assembly began a Marathon sitting on the Public order Bill yesterday. It was expected Mem Bers would face an All night session. Page relations Canada and China Are Likely to resume Diplo Matic relations and this is expected to help Clear the Way for China s entry to the in. Page lock out ends the Stock out of Federal Alp officers from Vic Torian Alp rooms has ended. Page 7. Warning if the South Pacific con Ference became a poli tical forum it would kill itself the new zealand minister for Maori and Island affairs or Mclntyre said yesterday. Page payout Bop has again lifted dividend with a 6 per cent interim payout compared with is per cent in 1969-70. Page 19. Grand final Ainslie looks to have enough big Man strength to win the australian rules grand final at Hanuka Oval this afternoon but the game promises to be. One of the Best for the season. Back Page. Other pages world news 4-6 press opinion 14 Church news is gardens is arts entertain ment 16, 17 finance 18, 19 courts 20 parliament 20 comic strips 35 lotteries Jackpot 378 32 special 1,935 32 Ordinary 6,383 35 classifieds Index 21 real estate 28-31 Pickering. Page 11. Pigeon Post the morale of Paris was Low. There was no mail in and no mail out. The germans had a tight cordon around the City. But 100 years ago to Morrow the mails got through by Pigeon Post. Page 11. I Good stuff 1 Napoleon took it. So did Churchill. Then there was Lyn Price. She tried the stuff and concluded that snuff was the stuff. Page 11. Fitzgerald. Page 11.1 hazards Hindmarsh drive 1� notorious for motor accidents. The hazards of its intersections in the Woden Valley Are examined in an article on Page 33. 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