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Canberra Times (Newspaper) - November 20, 1967, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory National Library of Australia if the snowy s where you re going the redo s where you stay. At the Centre of the snowy. Using the redo International Village As a base of operations you can see the snowy mountains scheme it Kosciusko and the whole rugged Range during the Days spend the nights in the kind of hotel you expect to find in an International Holiday resort. And if you get tired of sightseeing you can ride the longest chairlift in the country fish for Trout swim sunbathe eat dance or just relax without budging from the Village. The redo International Village. Canberra Canberra tourist Bureau West Row phone 43258. Ieao4c but hurry the deals Are so special they can t last see your local Chrysler Hillman dealer today & Commonwealth motors pay. Ltd., Lyneham. . Phone 41 233 Chrysler Australia Ltd. Cyprus flare up turkish threat to Greece Ankara sunday Aap Reuter. Turkey has moved troops to the Creek birder after threatening military action unless Greece withdraws 20,000 soldiers from Cyprus and replaces general George Grivas As the Island s supreme military commander according to Well informed sources in Ankara. They said the ultimatum was presented in a note handed to the greek ambassador Here at Midnight on Friday by the turkish foreign minister. The turkish 1st army was taking up positions on the greek Frontier today and anti aircraft units were placed around Ankara Istanbul and other cities the sources said. Turkish naval units from the sea of Marmara were on the Way South and eight units of the Black sea Fleet were moving to wards the Mediterranean. Military movements were also reported from Southern ports. The turkish parliament gave the government last night full Powers to Send troops into foreign coun tries including Greece if there were any More incidents in Cyprus. The greek government confirmed in Athens that Greece s forces were in a state of Alert because of new clashes Between greek and turkish cyp riots. Four greek cypriots were wounded two seriously in a shooting affray along the ceasefire line Between the greek cypriot and turkish cypriot districts of Nico Sia. The Cyprus government accused Turkey yesterday of violating its air space by sending military air Craft Over the Island throughout the Day. It sent a protest to the United nations Secretary general u Thant who conferred separately today with the representatives of Cyprus and Greece about the new trouble in Cyprus. Epidemic hits meat supplies London sunday Aap. Britain s foot and Mouth epidemic is threatening meat supplies the sunday Telegraph reported today. The newspaper said that the fat Stock marketing corporation which hand led the bulk of Home pro Duce believed supplies for Only two weeks More could be guaranteed. The epidemic yesterday stopped sports events including horse races and a football match. Whipsnade zoo 30 Miles from London was closed to the Public for the first time since it opened 36 years ago. The ministry of Agri culture said last night that the number of confirmed cases of foot and Mouth had now reached 551. Allied troops killed by mistake Vietnam Saigon sunday Aap Reuter. An american helicopter fired its machine guns by mistake into South Viet namese government troops today killing and wounding 40 men. The government soldiers were operating in the Mekong Delta province of Vinh Binh about 70 Miles South West of Saigon when they came under fire this afternoon. A us military spokes Man said tonight there had been no breakdown of the casualties into killed and wounded. The spokesman said 12 South vietnamese montagnard tribesmen were killed and five injured yesterday when an american helicopter crashed and burst into flames 130 Miles North East of Saigon. The Crew of the helicopter escaped uninjured. Three american aircraft were shot Down during yesterday s raids on the North where the Hanoi environs took the Brunt of the attack. It brought the total of us aircraft shot Down Over the North to 742. South vietnamese troops broke through a Wall of machine gun fire and overran North vietnamese positions at Dak to last night As fighting in the Central Highlands raged into its 18th consecutive Day. Communist Advance earlier communist troops advanced under an umbrella of mortars and drove to within 25 Yards of the perimeter of one of the artillery bases of the us ninth infantry Divi Sion. American artillery men lowered their big guns and fired Point Blank at the charging enemy. Rinn Niwor ii Iii Tiit i ii i president Johnson emphasises a Point during his press conference at the White House. He said the United states would stay in Vietnam until it found an honourable peace. Vietcong want three truces Saigon sunday Aap Reuter. The Vietcong s liberation radio today announced three Day truces at Christmas and new year and a seven Day ceasefire Over the Viet namese lunar new year Holiday in february. Broadcasting from its secret Jungle base the radio said the decision on the truces had been made by the leadership Council of the National liberation front the Vietcong s poli tical Arm. President Thieu of South Vietnam has said he favoured one Day truces at Christmas and new year and two Days in february. Us military commanders oppose such truces which they believe Are used to advantage by the Vietcong and North vietnamese for the movement of supplies. The radio said the leadership Council had called the truces for reasons of humanity. War tribunal to open Copenhagen sunday Aap Reuter about 250 witnesses panel members and officials arrived Here this weekend to prepare for the second session of the Bertrand Russell War crimes tribunal which opens on monday. The tribunal unofficial and without Legal standing was convened by the Brit ish philosopher. The second session will be asked to decide whether the american army has experimented in Vietnam with new weapons or used weapons that Are prohibited under the Geneva convention such As Gas and chemical products. It will also be asked to decide whether vietnamese prisoners held by us or Allied forces have been treated in accordance with the Geneva Conven Tion whether torture has been used or whether hos tages have been executed. Less us arms Aid for some Washington Sun Day Aap Reuter. The us House of representatives has approved the lowest foreign Aid appropriation Bill in history containing Tough new restrictions on purchases of advanced weapons by latin Ameri can and african nations. One of its toughest pro visions ordered president Johnson to Cut off eco nomic Aid to any develop ing nation by the exact amount it spent on sophisticated arms. Greece Turkey Iran Israel China the Philip Pines and South Korea were exempted from the restrictive arms measures aimed at forestalling Aims races in latin America and Africa. Another attempt to halt us Amis sales to Britain for alleged trading with North Vietnam was thrown out congressman h. R. Cross Republican Iowa was ruled out of order when he tried to attach the measure As an Amend Mea to the foreign Aid Bill. We the House approved Tab anti British move several weeks ago but abandoned it in negotiations with the Senate. 200 million in us United nations sunday Aap Reuter. The population of the United states will officially pass 200 million Tomor Row. Don t Gamble with backache Why Experiment with untried remedies countless people in More than 80 countries Hava discovered that de Witt s pills bring sure fast Relief from backache and the pain of Rheu. Mutism and sciatica. De Witt is the remedy you can Trust. 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