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Canberra Times (Newspaper) - November 20, 1967, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory National Library of Australia sprinting to Victory a Corvette special driven by John Mcdonald of Canberra leaves the starting line in a Cloud of Tyre smoke at yesterday s sprint meet ing on the old Queanbeyan Road. Appearances can be deceptive for or Mcdonald is using Only a fraction of the car s Power at this stage in an Effort to avoid time wasting wheel spin. The special built from the remnants of a wrecked racing car was one of the fastest cars at the meeting and reached about 100 mph at the end of the Quarter mile from a standing Start. Almost 50 cars competed and Bruce Burr took fastest time 13.7 seconds in a Mustang. Devaluation what the Sterling drop Means to you by Leo Chapman finance editor evaluation has an Aura of gloom about it and most people Are vague about what i Means. However it is simply the lowering of the value of a currency. For example a British sports car on which the maker had set a Price of �1,000, would have sold for $2,500 in Australia on saturday but today the equivalent Price would be Only $2,143. Demand for goods credit this is because Brit Ain is now prepared to accept $2,143 for each Pound Sterling compared with $2.5 previously. Money is a Shadow. It is goods which Are the reality. The demand for a country s Money is a re Flection of two things one the demand for that country s goods and two the demand for that country s credit. If a country is falling behind in Quality and efficiency the fact will be shown quite clearly in the rate at which people Are will ing to pay for that coun try s currency. Sterling had been kept at its former level Only by Liberal support from International Banks Loans from other countries. If there had been an entirely free Market in Sterling bought and sold Between foreign countries Over the past two years the rate would have fal Len before the official de valuation. Britain s economic Dis ease is overspending on its foreign Trade account and there Are two ways of trying to cure it. Or Wilson chose to try the internal one first the Medicine which dries up spending Power at Homer by making things dearer or More difficult to do. This was tried but it failed. The other form of cure available to or Wilson the external one was devaluation whereby the value of the Pound Ster Ling is reduced in terms of the world s other main currencies. To the British people devaluation Means that their imported goods will now Cost More. Or Wilson Hopes that this will reduce demand for them. For example the Price of Australia s Kangaroo Brand butter in Britain should Rise unless As is Likely Australia s Dairy Farmers Are forced to accept less for their butter. The devaluation by another big but Ter producer Denmark should ensure this. Australian manufacturers will find the British Market tougher going from now on. V i c t a motor mowers Repco automotive products and Hani mex cameras should Rise in Price in Britain unless the companies Are prepared to accept a lower Dollar return. Competitive pressures could bring about this situation. On the other hand australian housewives could Benefit from cheaper Cotton and Wool Len goods from Britain. Machinery also could be cheaper but this might not last for Long if australian manufacturers were successful in obtain ing higher tariffs. To strengthen Sterling or Wilson Hopes that a reduced demand for imports and an increase in exports will put Brit Ain s balance of pay ments in credit and so strengthen Sterling. Trading is Likely to be subdued on the austra Lian Stock exchanges to Day until the Market has taken Stock of the Posi Tion. Canberra surprised or Crean sir Ian Potter Melbourne. Sun Hay. Sir Ian Potter financier and adviser to the australian government on economic policy for Many years said today he thought the British decision to devalue the Pound had taken the australian government some what by Surprise. He believed the devaluation would stimulate the metals Market in the next few Days. Sir Ian said the London Stock Exchange and foreign Exchange Centre would be closed today but he doubted if the Melbourne Stock Exchange would close and said there was bound to be wild speculation on some devaluation of the australian Dollar. There was a possibility Australia May now go the us Dollar stand exporters lose importers gain the Alp Federal Shadow treasurer or Frank Crean said in Melbourne the extra Burden of lower external prices handed on to Farmers in a drought year could Only cause additional suf Fering. However new zealand would suffer far More than Australia. He believed simply the situation was one in which exporters lose and importers gain. There would be some friction Between farming and manufacturing interests regarding the new ratio to Sterling or Crean said. I. Devaluation in Britain was unlikely to have any immediate serious effect of i Australia the australian economist sir Douglas Copland said. The Impact on the australian Economy would have been Felt More seriously had the value of australian exports to the us been at the level of 20 years ago. Britain s devaluation can be taken As pre condition to her entry to the european common Market sir Douglas said. It is a policy aimed at increasing her productivity and is there fore in effect a tax on the British people to overcome the country s present cur Rency difficulties. But he said devaluation would reduce the value of Australia s $600 i million assets in Sterling by some $90m. The general Secretary of the australian wheat grow ers federation or t. C. Stott said in Adelaide. The lowering of Sterling will cause a fall in Australia s balance of payments Posi Tion in London As our cur Rency is based on Sterling. This could be approximately Aso million. To maintain the status quo Australia would have to Export More goods to the us. The professor of economics at the australian National University professor sir John Crawford said the Wool Industry could be helped if Australia de valued if currency. It would however be Hurt Only slightly and then Only on the British Market if the Dollar was not devalued. The Federal Secretary of the australian primary producers Union or a. A. Dawson said in Canberra last night it was obvious that the government would have to devalue the Dollar. We import about 25 per cent of our requirements from the United kingdom and our exports to the us Are about 17 per cent of the total he said. It is obvious that we must de value. The former australian prime minister an out standing Empire and Commonwealth advocate sir Robert Menzies refused to comment on the devaluation. I m not a politician any More he said. I the government s head in the Sand incompetence in not pulling australian re serves out of Sterling has Cost Australia about $95 million in de valuation losses the Federal president of the australian Republican party or j. F. Davies said in a statement in Mel Bourne. Am not a drop to drink Sydney sunday. It would have made the parched Beer drinkers of new cry. In the smouldering debris of a Glen Innes hotel Des troyed by fire last night were three charred 18 Gal Lon kegs and dozens of broken empty Beer bottles. But firemen who checked the kegs were quickly elated the Beer at least had been saved. Firemen were called to the Glencoe hotel after fire broke out in the si8,000 building. It quickly engulfed and destroyed the hotel ruining hundreds of bottles of Beer. As firemen sifted through the debris the three kegs were unearthed. However the kegs Are being held at the local police station until fire assessors have checked the building remains and former Stock for insurance purposes. Prospects of an end to the Beer drought Are Good. Tomorrow More than 2,000 striking brewery workers Are expected to accept a recommendation to return to work and end their 42 Day strike. The recommendation will come from All Union leaders involved and from a Dele Gates meeting held last thursday. Last monday in the Syd Ney town Hall a meeting of the strikers turned Down a similar recommendation from Union leaders but it appears certain they svill1 strongly favour a resumption this time. All new draught Beer has been exhausted in hotels and clubs. Even if the men vote to return to work tomorrow it will be More than a week before supplies Are Back to Normal. When the strike ends the breweries will fill orders for country centres first. Sailor shot while Hunting a Sailor from has Harman was shot dead in a Hunting Accident near Yass Early on sat urday. Police said Theo Chris Tian Peter Bruyns 22, an Able Seaman bad been shot from a Range of 15 to 20 feet with a .22 Rifle. James Sydney Hannigan 21,. A naval Cook had been loading the Magazine on his Rifle when the Rifle accidentally discharged and a Bullet hit Bruyns in the spine. Five men from the har Man naval establishment Canberra had been Hunting rabbits on the property Wattle flat21 Miles North of Canberra. Detective lectures on drugs a Canberra police officer used before and after photographs to illustrate the effects of drugs to 200 people at the o Donnell youth Centre Braddon last night. Detective sergeant c. E. Kent the officer in charge of act drug investigations was launching the first of a series of police lectures on the problems of drug Addic Tion. Detective sergeant Kent showed several samples of common prohibited drugs and restricted substances to the seminar attended by several youth groups. He advised parents How to detect signs of drug addiction in their children. New Camp Nabina a local. Aboriginal word meaning Happy meeting place is the name of the act girl guides new Camp six Miles out of Canberra which was opened by the new South Wales commissioner for girl guides mrs e. Chauvel on saturday. I All fires out Melbourne sunday. The forests commission and the country fire authority reported tonight that All Bushfire that had been burning throughout Victoria for the past four weeks had been extinguished. Walsh attacks Nixon teachers used As Scapegoat the possibility of strike action by teachers was not the real reason for the government s Deci Sion not to accommodate roman Catholic children in two state schools in the first term of next year or g. J. Walsh claimed yesterday. Or Walsh the Leader of the labor team on the act advis Ory Council said in a statement that blaming the teachers for the decision was a blatant and dishonest attempt by the minis Ter for the Interior or Nixon to secure a Scapegoat and cover up for his own inefficient Handl ing of the affair. Or Nixon announced on wednesday the abandonment of a plan to accommodate about 200 Catholic children in Pearce and Torrens state primary schools in first term next year while two Catholic schools inthe area were completed. He said the reason was the or Walsh possibility of a strike by the act teachers association which objected to the proposal. Or Walsh said that when or Nixon announced the decision to make space available to Catholic children in the Woden Valley schools construction of neither Catholic school had be gun. Tenders had not closed for one of them. The minister should have been aware when announcing the proposed accommodation was for one term Only that it was virtually impossible to expect the schools to be ready by second term he said. It seemed Clear he added that or Nixon who had set the second term deadline realised the Catholic classes would have j to be accommodated elsewhere in second term if the Catholic schools were not ready by then. It was this Assumption not the possibility of strike action that had made the minister change his mind and then blame the act teachers for his inefficient handling of the whole affair and the reversal of policy or Walsh said. There was no problem at All until the two education authorities started to meddle he said. All that would have happened in the Normal course of events would have been that parents would have enrolled at the appropriate government school and decided whether or not to enrol their child at a Catholic school when those schools were completed. Federation s stand a meeting of the Council of the. New teachers federation in Sydney at the weekend adopted a Resolution supporting the opposition of the act teach ers association to the proposal. The Resolution adopted by the 200 teachers present with one Dis sentient said it would have been impossible to have dual control on one school Campus. It also criticised strongly a Canberra times editorial on the Issue. Further Council endorses the president s press state ment and the action with re Spect to this matter taken by the federation executive and officers including the visit of the acting general Secretary to Canberra. Editorial criticised the Council deeply re Grets the Content and tone of the editorial in the can Berra times of november 16, 1967i appearing under the heading no help Here. This article misrepresents completely the attitude of the new teachers. Federa Tion including the act teachers association. The article suggests that prizes for blundering be Given to teachers. Actually any prizes for blundering should be Given to those politicians and or administrators who proposed hous ing children from two sys tems of education in build Ings controlled and administered by the authorities of one of those systems. There is no Issue of Lack of Char Ity or Goodwill by the teachers of Canberra or by the new teachers federation to children # of any particular Faith As children of Many differing faiths Are taught in Public schools. Acted reasonably responsibly the act teachers association affirmed the teachers who belong to that association Are willing to teach any child who is presented for enrolment in the customary Way in the act. Far from being misguided the teachers have acted reasonably and responsibly and with commendable restraint in the face of the intemperate criticism uttered in the press. The question at Issue has nothing to do with the religion of the children concerned nor is it mainly a question of opposition to state Aid. It is simply that the dual control on the one Campus of children attend ing on the one hand priv ate schools and on the other hand Public schools would create an impossible situation. It is quite unreal for two separate authorities implementing two separate policies and controlling two separate groups of children and two separate groups of teachers to be housed in one school. A proposition that the principal of a Public school could be in charge of both groups would create an unworkable situation As children would still be in two different systems. If the control were really to be exercised by the principal of a Public school the education of children from Independent schools would no longer be Independent. The suggestion that the procedure would have been temporary and for Small numbers of children carries no weight As temporary measures adopted in Public schools top often become permanent. Further such procedure could doubtless be used As a precedent and carried into effect in other Public schools. As Long As parents prefer to Send children to non government schools they can scarcely logically have those children housed in government schools. Child Ren of All creeds May and do attend Public schools where education is provided on a non sectarian non sectional basis. In Curtin in the Woden Valley yesterday a roman Catholic priest appealed for continued inter denominational co operation in developing Church life in the Woden Valley in spite of recent events affecting roman catholics in the act. Preaching in holy Trinity Church Curtin yesterday morning father Benedict Lynch told parishioners the co operation shown Between Woden Valley churches must not be disrupted. The store of the Christmas spirit exquisite gifts from Mexico looking for a gift that s a Little different and not Over expensive ?. Then see our Range of exquisite w gifts from Mexico. There s Mexin in can Only pottery glassware 1 cigarette boxes and cases in leather jewellery All beautifully designed and styled. International gift Shopp ground floor water jugs $7-50 glasses $2-25 each Onyx Book ends $9-95 pair famous guarantee satisfaction or your Money Back parachutist killed Perth sunday. A 27-Ycar-old experienced sky diver wrapped in his Parachute plunged to his death at Rockingham about 25 Miles 6outh of Perth after a mid air collision with another skydiver. Police Are withholding the dead Man s name until his parents in new zealand have been notified. He is believed to be a Shearer who made More than 94 jumps most of them during the last five months. The other Man involved in the collision or Frank Hill about 30, of Inglewood a Perth suburb Cut his Mouth but landed 6afely. Board of review for books Only advisory Canberra Sun Day. The Long awaited agreement be tween state and fed eral governments for a uniform censorship Board has been signed. The minister for customs senator Anderson said yesterday the agreement which he signed on behalf of the Commonwealth marked the conclusion of negotiations initiated by All states in 1965. The agreement provided for a National literature Board of review of nine members to advise the Commonwealth and the states the Board s role would be purely advisory. New regulations would soon be introduced to Al Low the Board to begin work on. January 1 next year. / the right to prosecute under the scheme the states will retain the right to prosecute for obscenity the publishers and distributors of books approved by the Board and the Commonwealth. The decision to ban or pass an imported Book will remain with the minister for customs. The new Board is seen As the first step towards a uni form censorship system for the whole of Australia. In dealing with books initially referred to it the Board will operate in Divi Sions comprising the chair Man or the Deputy chairman and three other members plus one reserved member who will report Only when the opinion of the others is evenly divided

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