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Canberra Times (Newspaper) - December 20, 1965, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory National Library of Australia the store of the Christmas spirit new release from new available at s k v i pint �9/12/6 2j pint �9/17/6 Sunbeam s new electric Saucepan comes in two sizes accurate Low temperature setting is suitable for cooking vegetables baby s food eggs sauces and Ideal for Vitamin Rich waterless cooking. Sunbeam saves Money too inbuilt element with thermostat control costs less than cooking on a Range. So easy to clean Ormon Eyba u Westpoint driving school. Fit Holder Volkswagen to Morris ,1100 v " act Vlf building Gartma place. Canberra cite Commonwealth s4 my. Of Australia architectural Cadetships Are available with the department of works largest Public works authority in Australia. It open to University and technical College students who Are under the age of 28 in december 1965 51 if 1 an sex Serviceman. In diploma students must possess full victorian leaving certificate or its equivalent in other states. Air salary whilst training full time at the University or technical College varies from �781 for students aged 18 to �1257 at the age of 24. Tir on successful completion of their course cadets Are advanced As architects and Are engaged on design and construction duties in one of our state or territory branches applications close 6.x.66 . J to director of works j Barton . J please Send me full details end application i form for my architectural cac of ship. Name address i Vietnam War giant american bombers hit military targets in Laos Saigon sunday Aap. Giant american b-52 bombers from Guam have struck at communist infiltration facilities in neighbouring Laos it was Learned Early today United press International reported. The first in a series of secret raids was conducted More than a week ago. The news Geney described Laos As nominally Neutral. The raids came against military targets such As recently constructed All weather Supply routes and Way stations for communist vietnamese military units infiltrating through Laos to Aid the Vietcong rebels in the South. Under an agreement be tween the us and laotian neutralise Premier Sou Vanna Houma smaller american air Force and Navy planes have been at tacking communist positions in Southern Laos since Early this year. The decision to throw America s mightiest bomb ers into the attacks was prompted by a stepped up use of the laotian corridor by the communists. Sources said earlier that the North vietnamese had improved the infiltration i network to a Point where As Many As 4,500 men and 2,500 tons of supplies could be moved South each month american military officials became especially concerned when they noted that the North vietnamese had moved heavy Road building and Earth moving equipment into areas of Laos bordering Vietnam tvs Korntum and Quang Nam provinces where All weather infiltration roads were be ing constructed. The construction out paced the ability of air strikes by smaller tactical warplanes to deter it. The us military com Mand in South Vietnam has a dusk to Dawn curfew in All american military personnel in Saigon All us military person Nel must be off the Street from 7pm local until 6 am and in their billets except for those on official duty or travelling Between duty and heir living quarters. Vietcong terrorists exploded a grenade in front of an american officers Billet on Friday night in the fifth consecutive Day of terrorism in the heart of the City. Several vietnamese were guerrillas at tacked a Section of Saigon with Nior tar and heavy automatic arms fire a few minute before Midnight last night. There were no casualties. Us troops clashed with Vietcong forces in two Northern regions yester Day killing More than 100 guerrillas an american military spokesman re ported today. Fighting broke out again in the area of the Harvest Moon operation. 355 Miles North East of Saigon just As several us Marine battalions sent in to rein Force hard pressed govern ment troops were about to withdraw. In the action late yester Day afternoon the marines reported killing 76 Viet Cong soldiers while suffer ing Only Light casualties themselves. The South Vietnam National liberation front political Arm of the Viet conc Cal crates its fifth birthday tomorrow. More than 20 times As Many insurgents Are under arms than when the organisation was formed five years ago. In i960 it led about 10,000 hard Core guerrillas and claimed control of half the vietnamese Countryside. Today. Washington Esti mates the Vietcong num Ber 230.000, with As Many As 4,000 reinforcements pouring into South Viet Nam from North Vietnam every month. Or Hasluck Al front the us has reported a toll of 1,100. Americans killed in Vietnam for the first 11 months of this year compared with 455 dead for the previous four years. Vietcong casualties were Given As 33,682 dead Over the 11 months with 5,525 captured and 7,984 defected. A us spokesman said 10.041 South vietnamese were killed with 20.341 wounded and 7,001 miss ing. Current strength of the South vietnamese forces was Given As 650,000 including police and militia. Us military strength at the last count was 165,000 men. The australian minister for external affairs or Hasluck. Went to War yesterday. Wearing borrowed Jungle greens he visited australian troops of the 1st battalion Al the front. Or Hasluck who went in by us helicopter spoke with members of the and Vance Force of a search and destroy Mission against major elements of the Viet Cong in Phuoc Tuy prov Ince. Erst of Saigon. Or Hasluck. On a three Day visit to Vietnam had expressed his wish to talk to the australian troops but the majority of the battalion has Hen on continuous operation for More than four weeks. Tie Shadow of a Lis air Force 700 super sahre shows on the. Surface of a canal in soc t ran it Vietnam seconds after it had released a 750ih bomb on a Cluster of Vietcong structures. Five of them were destroyed in the operation. Abortive revolt Viet tribe fights for reforms from Creighton Burns South East Asia correspondent Plesku Central South Vietnam sunday. Montagnard tribesmen who have been struggling Tor years to Force reforms from an inflexible South vietnamese government sprung a Brief and abortive revolt late on Fri Day night and Early yesterday morning in the Central Highlands of South Vietnam. The movement led by an organisation calling it self the United Force for the struggle of the oppressed people Fulcrod was quickly suppressed but it caused a minor panic among american and Viet namese officials. In a series of separate a / coordinated actions Fulcrod guerrilla Bat la Lions briefly captured i he Thioni. A District Capi Tal in the Phu Bon prov Ince killing 22, including the assistant District chief and wounding 32 others at the same Lime. Rebellious Mon Maignard irregulars surrounded the provincial capital of Gia Nghia 120 Miles to the South but later surren dered to Loyal South Viet namese troops without fighting when sur rounded. Another group of Mili Tant montagnard a inf Ultra Highland town Las Thien but abandoned it when challenged. Twenty montagnard were captured Early this morning Here in plei Kii the military capital of the Conli Al Highlands which has precariously with stood a Long monsoonal seige by Strong and aggressive Vietcong and Viet Minh regulars. They tried to creep into a Camp occupied by lie local militia the civil Ian irregular defence group Cid. Remained Loyal Tel Cray s revolt affected five Central prov inces running South along lne. Laotian cambodian Border from Korntum to Quang due. A senior vietnamese a 7a Oft Cia in p Eik a Mon lag Ard soldiers in the regular South Viet so. Forces remained so idly Loyal o la g eminent. The revolt ominously underlines the vulnerability in a Highlands of j a Nail be infected provinces belong to Region already heavily infiltrated by both Viet cup and North Viet na"1ec regular hoops. H has been the scene of big Gas and bloodiest Battles of the vietnamese War in the past year. The montagnard a group of Tough and intelligent. Though primitive Mountain tribes Are fiercely Independent and resentful of the present Sai gon based South Vietnam Ese elite which treats them with open if muted con tempt. They arc however for the most part also strongly opposed to the Vietcong. No vice Cowig backing t h o u g h vietnamese officials say there is no Evi Dence of Vietcong backing for the revolt the Fulcrod movement has however been encouraged and politically exploited by the National liberation front the political Arm of the Vietcong in the past. American military and political officials Are keenly anxious to play Down yesterday s events and have refused to comment Oft ally. But a senior vietnamese Oft car told me in Plesku this afternoon that while the rebellious Fulcrod forces were now Well under control he expected further and continuing trouble. American and Vietnam Ese officials have Good Rea son to be disturbed by the events. The. Rebellion was immature and poorly planned but the fact that dissident montagnard. Irregulars could strike simultaneously in widely scattered areas of the Central Highlands Points to a de Gree of organisation and a sophistication of communication which suggests serious and committed dissidence. United slates civil officials who raced into Plesku today to Check out the situation were clearly relieved that South Viet namese government forces had rapidly settled the trouble but. Though anxious not to intervene they seemed uneasy lest the South vietnamese should Over suppress the montagnard and so add an additional Hazard to their already vulnerable position in the vital Central High lands Region. Berlin s Christmas gift East Berlin sunday Aap Reuter. Over 100,000 people from West Berlin Laden with gifts poured through the grim Ber Lin Wall Inlo the East Ern sector yesterday. The Wall was opened for the if Day Christmas armistice. East Berlin took on a new tace. Shining West Ern cars were Strung along the Ker s of the normally near deserted streets. Inside the houses families laughed and smiled As they exchanged gifts and caught up on six of gossip. Relatives from the West had not met in East Ber Lin since Whitsun in june the last visiting period. Yesterday ended six months of nerve wracking suspense in which tons dragged on to find a political formula for a passes scheme satisfactory to both East and West governments. Each person from West Berlin is allowed two visits and 600,000 Are expected to make lie Cross ing before the Wall closes again on january 2. Two hours before the Wall opened at 7am. Crowds gathered at the checkpoints on both sides in drenching rain. When it was opened people from the West streamed through carrying shopping bags hold alls briefcases and Carrier bags. They were cram med with Flowers sweets chocolate cigarettes dolls toys shoes even soap and fruit. One Young Man humped on his shoulder a seven foot aluminium Bath for his East Berlin parents. Rhodesia Smith lashes out at Britain a theft Salisbury sunday Aap Reuter. The rhodesian prime minister. Or Smith lashed out last night at the British government s unscrupulous War against Rhodesia in a nationwide radio and television broadcast. He also announced plans to restore the country s Economy with development projects totalling More than �2,600,000 Sterling. Or Smith again attacked the British govern ment s seizure of the re serve rank of Rhodesia s assets in London which he described As the great Caine Britain took Over the Bank s �23 million Exter Nal assets in London on december 3. Suspended the Board of directors who live in Rhodesia and appointed a new Board headed by sir Sidney Caine. A director of the London school of economics. Or Smith said there was a Bright Side to the Brit ish sanctions and seizure of rhodesian assets in London. It would provide a very significant Relief to Rhodesia s balance of payments and to the coun try s present and future budgets. Liabilities As Well referring to the Brit ish government s theft or Smith said the British prime minister or Wilson must Realise that a take Over bid must embrace liabilities As Well As assets he said before attempt ing to take Over Rhodesia and its external assets or Wilson should have paused to remember that the country had external debts totalling �108 million. In View of the British governments action. Rho designs could consider themselves entirely absolved from the responsibility for servicing and re paying these debts. Thev included Rhodesia s London mar Ket debt except that por Tion which is owed to residents of Rhodesia the debt due to the Brit ish government and British government agencies the debt which is under British government guarantee. The last item includes Rhodesia s share of the �26 million still outstand ing to the world Bank for Loans towards the Cost of the Kariba dam Hydro cd citric scheme which is owned jointly by Rhode Sia and Zambia. Holders of this debt must look to the British government for satisfaction or Smith said. Two More countries. Al Geria and the Sudan have decided to break off Diplo Matic relations with Brit Ain in accordance with the Resolution of the organisation of african Unity. This brings the Lota of countries to make the break to nine. The others Are Guinea. Tanzania. Ghana. Mauritania. Egypt Mali and Congo Brazza Ville. The algerian decision came after a specially called meeting last night of the Cabinet immediately upon president boomed ice s return from a five Day visit to Moscow. The break is not expected to affect consular eco nomic or cultural relations Between the two countries. Algeria s much prize state owned third trans Sahara pipeline built by a British company and backed by the British government is already finished. However an embassy spokesman said it was now doubtful whether Brit Ain would seek to increase imports of Sahara Gas. Britain is presently Al Geria s most important for eign client. Crown Case hearing end London sunday Aap Reuter. The prosecution s ease in the bodies on the Moor preliminary hearing was expected to end tomorrow. The prosecuting coun Selmr w. M. Jones pc told the hearing on Fri Day i think i. Can now say that the evidence should be concluded Well before lunch on the hearing is to decide if Jan Brady 27, and e Solher Myra Hindley 23, should face trial on thai Ges of multiple Mur Der. Brady is charged with the murders of Lesley Ann Downey 10, 17-year-old Edward Evans and Kilbride 12. Hindley is charged with the murders of Evans and Lesley Downey and with harbouring brads knowing he killed John Kilbride. 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