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Canberra Times (Newspaper) - December 20, 1965, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory National Library of Australia Vietnam letter churches Call for talks Sydney sunday. The executive committee of the australian Council of churches sent to the prime minister sir Robert Menzies tonight a nine Point submission 011 the Vietnam War. It followed the executive s consideration of the statement against the War from a meeting of us and asian protestant ministers in Bangkok earlier this month. The letter to the prime minister called on the government to encourage All parties to take All possible initiative to move action from the Battlefield to the negotiating table. Urge the discontinuance of bombing of North Viet Nam. Urge All contending parties to avoid escalation of the conflict and to encourage by evidence of Good Faith the to the Confer ence table. Advocate the development of greater flexibility in their attitude to relations Between negotiations and withdrawal of troops. Advocate that the parties test the serious Nesses of All possibilities of discus Sion for negotiation. Alleviate sufi or info support the in Secretary general u Thant As he continues to explore at All Levels the possibility of negotiations. Encourage a re study of the Geneva conference of 1954. Recognise the importance of asian countries not directly involved in the conflict making available their Good offices in seek ing solutions to the War. Increase Steps to alleviate human suffering caused by the for the first time the acc has advocated an end of us bombing of Viet Nam. When the acc made submissions to sir Robert in february this year he us were not bombing North Vietnam. Eleven australian protes Tant churches Are members of the australian Council of churches. Parachute did not open Ipswich. Sunday. The 51-year-old president of the Queensland Parachute club plummeted 5,500 feet to his death this afternoon when his Parachute failed to open at Purga about seven Miles from Ipswich. He was Bernard Waller de Laurier married a parking station proprietor of Waringa who was Mak ing his 82nd jump with two other men when his Para Chute failed to open. A spokesman for the club said tonight the two Oiler men opened their Para chutes at 3,000 and 2.600 feet to land in a paddock used by the club but de Laurier plunged to Earth across the Road in a neighbouring paddock. Police Check on assault police arc continuing their inquiries into the As Sault of a Young Man near the hotel Ainslie Rex on Friday night. Police said on saturday the Man is Michael laugh Ian but they have refused to give further details. The Man was admitted to the Canberra Community hos Pital with injuries to the face and head. His Condi Tion was not available last night. Bystanders said the Man was sitting in a bus shelter in Limestone Avenue when a car carrying Between six and eight youths stopped nearby. The youths had jumped from the car at tacked the Man and left him lying on the Roadway. Weekend cooler Canberra s temperature during the weekend was about 10 degrees below average. Saturday s maximum was 68 degrees and yesterdays 69.2 degrees. The average maximum for december is 78.7 degrees. Yesterday s minimum of 43 was 11 de Grees below average. The minimum on saturday was. 54 degrees slightly above average i National service officers graduate Sydney sunday. A 20-year-old Syd Ney artist who Gate crashed the first National service intake last july has graduated As an officer. He is David Sabbin of Cremone Sydney who took part in the graduation Parade at the officer training unit of sch Yville near Windsor yesterday. He received a Call up not ice earlier this year but after undergoing tests was told by the army he would not be required until the second National service in take in september. However i pestered the army so much that they Fin All agreed to admit me to the july intake at Kadooka he said. He suffered an injury to his hand while playing foot Ball five years ago and believes this May have been the reason he was told that he would not be needed for the first intake. Sixty nine National servicemen graduated at the ceremony following a 22 week course at the officer training unit raised in april this year. The governor general lord Casey told them National service officers would not suffer by reasonable comparison with officers from military colleges. He said the new officers would be in charge of Mili tary units and should in spire in the men under their control respect and Confidence. A proud occasion for these four Canberra men was saturday s officer training unit graduation Parade at sch Cyvilla. From left Cadet officers Bernard Houston of Griffith John Austin of Turner and Paul Lonergan and Douglas Cribb of Griffith. They became second lieutenants. The governor general lord Casey inspects the Parade of new officers. Later lie presen Ted the prizes and graduation certificates. No clue yet to girl s killer Melbourne sunday. Police were checking tonight on train passengers who May have seen or spoken to Maureen Ferrari 18, whose partly Clad body was found near the suburban Holmes Glen railway station Early yesterday morning. The girl of Jordanville an outer Melbourne suburb near Holmes Glen was found dead on a lonely ill lit path near the station by a Man going to work. Holmes Glen station is on the Glen Waverley line which is unmanned after 8.30pm. J a Post Oriem Examina Tion by the victorian government pathologist or Mcnamara showed that the girl had died from asphyxia Tion and strangulation. There were Bruise Marks around her Throat and part of her overcoat had been Lor cd into her Mouth. Detective inspector f. G. Holland of Russell Street police Headquarters said to night that some of the girl s underclothing had been re moved. No evidence of assault there was no evidence of rape although police Are sure rape was the killer s intention. Det Insp Holland said robbery also did not seem to be a motive. Miss Ferrari s handbag and its contents were found scattered nearby. He said the girl s move ments had been traced after she left a Christmas party in the City on Friday night to go Home by train. She and another girl parted at Flinders Street railway station and it was known that miss Ferrari caught a train at 10.5pm. The other girl went Home by Tram. Police were checking to night o see if any other passengers on the 10.5 train remember seeing miss Ferrari. Miss Ferrari a Short hand typist at the same insurance office at which her father or t. Ferrari works. Or Ferrari said today his daughter usually phoned from the station if she was out late and waited for a member of her family to meet her. But this time she did not phone. Maureen Ferrari 23 killed 011 roads at least 23 people died on australian roads at the weekend. Up until late last night Tasmania was the Only stale without a weekend Road fatality. The toll was 10 in new five in Queensland four in Vic Toria two in South Australia and two in Western Australia. A 22-year-old Man killed in a Road Accident near Eden on Friday night was Victor Bruce Beuzeville married of Eden. Santa forsakes Sleigh \ Santa Claus exchanged his Sleigh for a police launch on saturday. When six children from the or Barnardo Home at Downer and several others boarded the Lake ferry Marlee for a Christmas party on Spring Bank Island they had no idea where to look for Santa Claus. But he Drew alongside on the Lake in the police launch handed out gifts and his Busy round. Fraser expects big changes next year Wourl bring Many political changes and most probably a general a Hal my about november the member for Ellen Monai or a. D. Fraser said last night. He said the most fascinating speculation centred around the personal plans of the prime minister sir Robert Menzies and the events that would follow if he stepped Down from the prime minister ship. For Many months now he has played a guessing game on this subject drop Ping a hint Here taking it Back there acquiring a Home in Melbourne and then indicating that it is not a pro vision for any definite or immediate purpose or Fraser said in his weekly to broadcast. This is the sort of thing calculated to drive or Harold Molt into a frenzy and sir Robert is certainly putting himself in the Posi Tion where he must make a definite announcement one Way or the other and soon. The fun of the guessing game is All very Well but it cannot be indefinitely pro longed. Sir Robert himself has deliberately created this situation and it is up to him to resolve it now. Until he does so t and Here to the View that he will not Lead the govern ment at another election. Based on two things this is based on two things. First his own state ment to friends Over a year ago you will not find me fighting an election after i am 70. Second my supreme Confidence that sir Robert s path still leads him towards the governor generalship. A have some reason for the belief that lord Casey May not intend to serve the full term which is nor Mally five years but instead May vacate Yarr Alumna after two years or so. If sir Robert resigned the prime minister ship in the few months and announced that he would not contest his seat of Ico Oyong at the next elec Tion he could retire from the Active political scene Lor the 12 months or so which would be the appropriate prelude to accepting the governor generalship. And that is the Way think it will if sir Robert resigned the liberals would lose their greatest electoral asset or Fraser said. And with the breaking of the Iron Bonds of discipline he has imposed on the government parties the incipient signs of revolt now apparent will Spring into full storm. Or so i fondly Hope he said. Tie Gallup poll shows he labor parly at an All Lime Low. The labor party also has changes to make. If it makes them including a classification and realistic reassessment of its educational policy the results of the general election May be much closer than some would now Motel opens Friday the National capital s tall est Motel the Canberra City trave Lodge Motel on the Corner of Northbourne Avenue and Jooyong Street will be open for business from Christmas eve. The manager or c. Carter said yesterday that he and his wife and daughter would be the first guests they would move into a ground floor Flat today. Or Carter said he would accept reservations from to Day. The building would be finished by wednesday. Construction of the Motel which Cost �500,000 fully furnished began last Janu Ary. It has seven floors and 72 suites which can accommodate 190 people. It is fully licensed and air conditioned and has a restaurant swimming Pool two lifts every suite has to a refrigerator canned music a radio and a Tele phone. The official opening is expected to be Early next year. The builders Are t. H. O Connor pay Ltd of Fysh Wick. Two other trave Lodge motels in Canberra Are at Lyneham and Hanuka residents yield to Road plan red Hill residents seemed resigned yester Day to the proposed route of the muggy arterial Road but they warned they would be watching construction carefully. The National capital development commission announced on Friday that a contract Worth �627,072 had been let for construction of the first carriageway of the Road to link Fishwick Southern can Berra and the Woden Valley. The five Miles of double Lane Road is to be completed in two years and later will be duplicated by a second carriageway. The proposed route was chosen from four possibilities after residents in the area had criticised plans to build the Road close to their Homes. The president of the red Hill Griffith Narr Bundah Progress association mrs a. Dalgarno said yester Day it would have been preferable to construct the Road South of the red Hill Reservoir behind muggy Knoll which would give the Road far belter grading and take it far away from Homes in the however she added that it seemed a Little late to do anything different some residents in the area Are concerned that there could be damage to their properties during blasting operations and they will be watching the con tractors carefully when work on the Road begins next month. A spokesman for contractors the firm which will build the Road said last night it was most unlikely damage would be caused to any Homes during construction but 100 Homes in the area would be inspected before blasting operations. Asked if this was an unusual procedure before Road construction blasting the spokesman said it is prudent grocers wine and spirit merchants phone 42101 o Briens have by far the most extensive variety of wines spirits liqueurs Beers in Canberra gift packs novelties miniatures Etc., Etc. You la have no difficulty in finding the right gift at o Briens. Australia wines from All the famous vineyards spirits liqueurs in All brands and sizes Beer from All states Castlemaine Swan West end Coopers Carlton res chs Tooheysr Cascade Etc. France wines Champagne Cointreau Char Treuse grand Mariner Benedictine cognacs Calvados. Germany liqueurs wines Steinhaver Beer. Poland Vodka Wisniowska Warwel. Yugoslavia Plum Brandy wines. Hungary wines liqueurs Plum Brandy. Sweden aquavit Carls hamms punch. Spain wines Champagne Brandy. Mexico tequila Kahlua. Greece ouzo Matiea. Italy wines Asti a Yumante Chianti Marsala Strega Campari Drioli. Holland Bols Coebergh Blank Nhym Beer. Denmark a Davit Beer. South Africa bertrams Van Der hum. Scotland All the famous whiskies in gift Acks drambuie Giava Crabbe Ginger wine. Ireland Irish Mist whiskey. England Gordons Gin cider fruit wines. West indies rum Tia Maria. O Brien s will be open until 8 . Next monday tuesday and wednesday and until 9 . On thursday take advantage of their extended Christmas trading hours. O Briens the store with the Christmas spirits East Row Canberra City free delivery 42101 0 in votes for Freedom for no Nauru United nations sunday Aap Reuter. The general Assembly s trusteeship committee approved yesterday two resolutions calling on Australia to set an Early Date for Independence for new Guinea Papua and Nauru. Australia abstained in the voting on the african sponsored resolutions both carried by 61 votes to nil with 19 abstentions. The same voting pattern is expected when they come before the general Assem Bly. Australia is the administering Power for new Guinea and Nauru tinder the in trusteeship system. The australian Delegate or d. Mccarthy argued that it was for the people of the territories themselves and not the administering Power to decide when they became Independent. He said the Resolution on Nauru presented the Situa Tion in an Over simplified Way. It should be borne in mind when considering in dependence for this Island that its entire indigenous population could fit inside the in general Assembly Hall. J he added the Island of Nauru Remote As it is. Small As it is having Only one economic asset with a growing population is i be Lieve ultimately incapable of accommodating As a Home Independent or otherwise the Nauru people who live at or Mccarthy s request the sponsors of the Resolution agreed to replace the word devastated with worked out in reference to the land left by the phosphate commission on the is land. They disregarded a soviet suggestion that devastated was a More suitable word in View of the commission s plundering of the Island. Or Mccarthy said Nauru presented an enormous problem a unique prob Lem and in Many respects a sad problem. Australia was addressing itself to the problem with All the resources at its com Mand. Turning o new Guinea and Papua or Mccarthy said there was a sense of brotherhood Between the people of Australia and new Guinea. Australia was working vigorously and with in creasing Speed towards the objectives Laid Down in the in declaration on granting Independence to colonial countries and Peoples. But the moment for in dependence had not yet come. Australia had provided a voice for the people of new Guinea and this voice would i speak in no Uncertain terms when it wished to he Fredbo land passed in a. I Cooma sunday. The 2,031 acre Merino stud property Bredhof North was passed in at auction at Cooma yesterday at �18 an acre. Elder Smith Goldsborough Mart limited withdrew the property when bidding stopped at �18 because the Reserve Price had not been reached. Us trip purely personal the United states ambassador. Or e. Clark said yesterday that his flying visit to the Lis next week was for purely personal and business reasons. He would pay for the trip himself and his wife would accompany him. Or Clark said he would probably Stop in washing ton on the return leg of the trip to pay his respects to the us Secretary of state or Rusk and the assistant Secretary in charge of far Eastern affairs or Burnett. He did not expect to see president Johnson. The main purpose of the visit expected to last about three weeks was to see his daughter in Mississippi and relatives in California and Texas. There also were business affairs to attend to. Before their departure from Sydney tentatively set for december 27, or and mrs Clark Hope to attend the Davis clip Challenge round and watch the Start of the Sydney Hobart yacht race

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