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Canberra Good Neighbour Newspaper Archives May 1 1951, Page 2

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Canberra Good Neighbour (Newspaper) - May 1, 1951, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory They bring water to the Black soil Plains by a staff writer it is a far Call Fror i the storied Carpathian mountains of South East Europe to the prosaic Black soil Plains of North Western new South Wales but there Are two new australians working there who know what it is to make the change. In fact up to the present change appears to have been the Only constant Factor in their lives. T hese men we will have. .11 r a. 1 to Call Smith and Jones because their relatives still live under the Shadow of the oppression from which they fled. Smith is the elder of the two a thin Man with a deeply lined face who Speaks halting academic English with a heavy accent. Like Many foreigners he will never use one word where Halfa dozen can be squeezed in but his whole approach and personality Are of a kindness and unobtrusive Courtesy All too rare. & prom 1925 to 1937, he worked As a Boring Engineer searching for Oil All Over Poland the Carpathian mountains and in other Corners of Eastern Europe. He is a member of the British Petroleum society and has a string of01 letters to10 Nis h Jiuu Mcname Mai that sound like the exposition of the theory of relativity. \ when the War came it Laid a Blanket Over his activities and ambitions. He will say nothing of what happened until by what devious routes he alone knows he turned up in England. From 1943 until 1947 he worked in England doing technical research into the science of drilling for Oil. In 1946, he was Able to bring his wife and Mother from Poland to London where they Are now. Of course he would like to Long them to Australia to take a part in the wide new life he has discovered Here but that he shrugs off with the kind of Practised gesture which one feels has disposed of grief and worry that would have put other men under the ground. It is he says something for the future something to be worked for. Jones is younger but with substantially the same history. He also drilled for Oil in Poland and ail around South Eastern Europe before the War and he also will say Little of what happened when War came. He arrived in England after having served in polish forces under British command in the campaigns of North Africa and Italy. He is More prone to joke than Smith and laughs readily and loudly. He has a bubbling sense of Humour that is not impaired by the fact that it comes half in broken English and half in polish. Married & he cried with mock consternation looking Down at his. A a a a a. J t z l d pm Lyrl singlet a would some girl Arry to met but that is what he Gnu to Arry Here and Here to raise a Amily that will not have to endure the hardships and heartaches which he and All of his generation endured in his Homeland. It j Ike Smith he is a shareholders in the Small company that i owns the expensive Plant with which they seek the underground water so vital to this Corner of their new Homeland like Smith 1he endures happily the minor discomforts of living in a Small caravan of preparing their own meals and of going to bed each night As soon As darkness creeps Over the sea Flat Plains around them. Smith wants to be Able to bring his Mother and his wife jut to Australia and Jones wants to get married. That is Why they stand Day after Day in the Middle of a Jack soil Plain that lays a Wal to Wall carpet of Green across the world and listen to the voice of the engine that drives their Drill. Why they continually examine he Derrick for stress and Strain Why they carefully note the signs 3f Wear on the specially hardened l drills and Why they tirelessly Analyse the sludge pumped up from the casing. The bore they Are on now is Down nearly 200 feet and so far no sign of water has been struck. It is nosing infinitesimally through Iron like Black Basalt that is the foundation of these Plains it is slow work but they have time. The water is there and when they finish on this one there is another and another and another waiting for their time Anc patience and experience. Ask them if they Are Happy and they shrug. They Are Tot courteous to say no too truthful to say yes. Ask them again in. A few years time when Smith s wife and Mother arrive in Australia and when Jones a achieved his goal of marriage and when the harsh Corners of this new existence have work. Away. For the present their happiness s embodied in one fact that the Ork they Are doing is needed and that while they Are making n asset against their own future hey arc also investing in the future of the land that has adopted them. The staff writer or. T. A. G Hungerford Winner of the Sydney morning Herald novel Competition in 1949 with Sowers of the wind will write othe. Articles for this paper from time to time. Mith and Jones examine the bore tip for signs of weat. It is a special bit of Fine steel hardened for use in the Basalt country. 1111 Western Australia a Branch of the Good Neighbour Council has been formed in Fremantle and is now operating. The Branch was started following a meeting on March 14 called by the mayor of Fremantle sir Frank Gibson. The meeting was addressed b the president of the inc of Western Australia or. Simpson and the Secretary or. Feather Stone. Valuable work among migrant has been carried on in the District by various organisations Anc it was Felt by delegates presen that a coordinating organisation would be valuable. Or. Featherstone reports tha he recently completed an Organ Ising trip to Northam to make preliminary arrangements for the formation of a Branch. The possibility of establishing branches at Albany Gerald ton Bunbury and Collie is also being investigated. The returned soldiers league of . Has set up migration advisory councils throughout the state. The Good Neighbour Counci Hopes to get their co operation i assisting the formation of be branches of the inc. Alternatively it is hoped thai he Rel advisory councils might it As local branches of the 3nc. Tasmania no Secretary or. Parkinson Cumine reports that re a cantly he was Able to assist in he formation of two new councils one at Penguin and the Lucr at Devonport on the North Vest coast. There Are also prospects for he formation of two others in Jive Stone and Sheffield. The Hobart and Launceston councils have just completed heir first year and will shortly Lold their annual meetings when experiences will be reviewed and lans discussed for further dec Loument. In Hobart two clubs for new australians Are continuing their Ood work. They Are the new settlers Christian Friendship league which holds a social evening on the first saturday in the month and the toe h new australians club which meets every saturday except the first of the month in order to avoid clashing. Thus is the coordination of activities maintained. Launceston Council holds a monthly social arrangements being taken in turn by member organisations in co operation with a committee of new australians. Requests have been received from the state immigration department to assist newly arrived British migrants by providing temporary accommodation. Launceston has been asked to assist in this task As the parties Are employees of a firm which is establishing a Rayon weaving works there. New South Wales Elcome gatherings Tow Greet newcomers will be held every three months in different Halls. Member bodies of the league will organise these in rosters. The first will be at the Myca on May 18. Good Community groups Are being coordinated to provide Bradfield Park Hostel with a children s Library adult education programme teen age club and child guidance Bureau. Here Are highlights of the Mouth in Good Neighbour work forwarded to us from Western Australia and Tasmania and new South Wales. Let us have reports of highlights of your activities for publication each month. Myca activities onto fronts rom Western Australia comes the following report on Myca activities to assist migrants neighbourhood groups in five suburbs will be opened for the Benefit of migrants in various districts. These will meet in private Homes so that australians and new australians May meet informally. A regular monthly literature discussion group has started at the Owca. Five families have been found accommodation and More than 20 have received temporary accommodation during the month. An International concert featuring nine National groups is being sponsored for july or August. Mrs. Dorothy Horgan has been appointed to the hut at the activities Secretary of the Myca in Hobart or. L. Kable reports that czechoslovak living in Tasmania have formed a club which meets in the Myca each sunday afternoon. Members of the club Are keen on gymnastics and one of them formerly one of the famous Sokols is training Young australians in the gymnasium. Poles pledge loyalty to Australia pledges of loyalty to Australia were conveyed to the prime minister and the minister for immigration at the second annual convention of the Federal Council of polish associations last month. Convention took place in Sydney where 25 Dele Gates representing 17 polish organisations in Australia were present. The main subject of discus Sions was the cultural and material welfare of the polish Community in Australia. Count Alfred Poninski was elected president and or Wladyslaw a Moncznik so rotary. The convention reaffirmed its appreciation of the efforts being made by the Commonwealth government As Well As by the people of Australia in extending a helping hand to new settlers. Messages to the prime minis ter and minister for immigration expressed the Hope that while preserving National cultural attainments the polish contribution towards the development 0 the Commonwealth would b maintained and that there Wouk be a continuance of the Happy spirit of co operation Between new settlers of polish origin and the australian Community. Dutch enter Timber industries Putch migrant families were being absorbed into the new South Wales Timber Industry in Large numbers said the common wealth employment officer or Stackpoole at Grafton last month. To Date they had been sem mainly to the Dorrigo sector where they had rapidly accustomed themselves to work in Thi Mills. Employers stated the duty migrants were excellent workers there was a keen demand Foi Sawmill workers and suitable migrants would be easily absorbed. One of the latest new australians to reach austra Iio from Europe is four year old Rosemarie Chenik. Here she is waiting on the wharf in Europe Jusi before the ship sailed
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