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Canberra Good Neighbour Newspaper Archives Mar 1 1967, Page 2

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Canberra Good Neighbour (Newspaper) - March 1, 1967, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory Editors hold common principles foreign press has unite policy for integration the Survey of the foreign language press in Australia is a fascinating Story for everyone but especially for those who have been watching the development of the australian immigration programme or have been directly connected with it through the past Twenty years. It is the first sociological report of its kind in Australia and is a further proof of the seriousness of approach to the problems of immigration. It reveals a significant process which we have witnessed in the last two decades. The ethnic press often a mystery press to the general Public has stood the test of nine years of thorough investigations and analysing by a team of research workers under the guidance of two known scholars Miriam Gilson lecturer in sociology at the Victoria University of Wellington and Jerzy Zubrzycki professorial fellow in sociology of the Australia National University in Canberra. It was by no mean san easy task. From 1848 to 1964 about 390 periodicals in More than Twenty nine various foreign languages were published in Australia. From this bulk of publications concentrating on the period 1947-1964, eighteen Mai papers in nine languages were selected for a methodological Survey. Man aspects of these newspapers were Analysed space distribution reporting european and australian news and sport treatment and comments of australian Domestic politics and affairs and such Subtle problems As fighting against the discrimination and defending the rights of migrants and the approach to integration and naturalisation. The assembled evidence clearly indicates that the great majority of editors of the foreign language press Are fully aware of their responsibilities and try with All available mean sat their disposal to fulfil a very important role in the process of adjustment of new settlers who arrived Here to Start a new life in a foreign environment with hardly any knowledge of the English language and different working and living conditions to those of their own country. One is inclined to believe that this task of absorbing into the australian Community such a great number of new settlers in such a Short time and most of All in such a smooth Way would not be possible for any governmental organisation if not for the assistance of the ethnic press. Book review Jan Dunin Karwicki editor of polish news Polis language newspaper published in Sydney migrated to Australia in 1949. He is Active in promoting the integration of migrants especially poles and is a member of the Commonwealth immigration publicity Council. Married with one daughter he lives in the Sydney suburb of Seaforth. He a help migrants the diocese of Sydney has appointed a Field officer to the staff of the diocesan immigration office. He is capt. B. R. Mattinson Church army. He took up his new appointment at the beginning of february. Formerly he was an evangelist working in the Parish of East Sydney. Capt. Mattinson is the first officer of the Church army in Australia to work full time among migrants. As Field officer he will help the chaplain with the reception of migrant sin ships and at the Airport. However his main task will be among migrant sin hostels. The Church army a Church of England Lay society was for Man years involved in assisting migrants and in particular was responsible for arranging for the emigration of Many britons to Commonwealth countries in the 1930 s. Australia needs people from Page Onet Don t know what the answer is but we must be Ware of it and try to Cut it own. Perhaps we tend to slip into he official approach and an be a Little less Quick on the Uptake in seeing the problems of migrants or Price said that the Good Neighbour movement provided for All elements of the population to meet on equal terms but its work was for nothing if delegates did not report to member organisations. The Secretary of the department of immigration or p. R. Heydon said that immigration would continue to be essential to Australia at least at its present level. This country needs people he said and immigration is the mos effective Way of getting them. Or Heydon said migrants were now be no attracted to Australia More by family ties than by Hope of economic gain the task of attracting migrant was being made More difficult because of increased Competition from such countries As Canada. Or Heydon listed what he called Earnest of the government s real intention to do something about the problem a the . Scheme under which migrant working in a country other than their own can be assisted to Migrate to Australia a the opening of three new overseas migration posts in the Oast three years a the opening in the week of the conference of a regional office of the department of immigration at Townsville a Multi store Emigrant hostels planned for Sydney Melbourne and elsewhere. The department of immigration was investigating cases of discrimination against migrants and Good Neighbours were invited to bring cases to notice or Heydon said. Explaining the increased professional Effort in integration or Heydon said that a professionally staffed Good Neighbour movement would dilute work done on a voluntary basis. But professional attention could help advanced problems and so reduce migrant wastage. The preliminary report of a committee inquiring into the rate of migrant departures had revealed a situation for concern and action rather than for alarm and despair. Or he Don said that on present indications Australia would have a population of 24.5 million at the turn of the Century. Summing up the president of the Good Neighbour Council of the a.c.t., or j. R. Paget told the conference that As there was a continuing need for migration there was a continuing Job for the Good Neighbour movement Good Neighbour work is essentially Persona Contact work from you to somebody else he said. It is done by individuals because when you Analyse Good Neighbour work Down to its essentials it is Friendship. Think of yourselves As the fingers at the end of the body. You Are the people who make contacts you Are the people who can carry out the work or Paget said that some Good Neighbours tended to concentrate on welfare work forgetting that an important Job for the movement was developing the Public min to accept and receive migrants into the Community. If it is to succeed this must be a continuing thing we have to sell Day after Day week after week he said. A after the conference or Paget released a statement saying that As a result of the conference inquiries both Foj membership of the Council and for assisting migrants had increased the foreign language press in Australia 1847-1964 by Miria Gilson Anderz Zubrzycki Canberra. $6.90 All editors advocate one main principle the sooner a new settler learns the English language the better he will be Able to Cope with his daily rounds and get along with the australian Community. This is the key to integration. In Many editors opinion however it does not mean that the migrant has to get rid of his National identity. Not one editor As the Survey shows is in favour of creating National ghettos. The foreign language press explains to its readers All advantages in obtaining australian citizenship but the majority of these papers however Are against using any forms of pressure and Are in favour of leaving the decision entirely to the person concerned. Naturalisation must come is their common opinion a in its own time and by one s own decision. Mostof these papers with few exceptions in an unbiased manner try to present the issues of the australian politics Trade unions etc., on a distinctly non partisan base. In defending the rights of migrants protecting them against exploitation at work discrimination or treating them As second class citizen they do not spare space or Strong words. The readers Are encouraged to form and express their own opinions and As soon As they acquire sufficient knowledge of the English language to participate in australian Public and political life. This Book without doubt is a very valuable source of inf formation a fair objective and i informative presentation of if the foreign language press. If it is a Survey which went quite deeply into the g is a document illustrating thet important social function of this press in forming a Public p opinion and a medium of social control within the National group. From the historical Point of View the cited figures of circulation and space distribution might be to some degree fluctuation of space distribution has a marginal value and it is certain to change from year to year depending on circumstances which May occur. It May be a worthy aim Tol have a regular yearly review j of the ethnic press to promote a Mutual understanding Between the australian Community and the new settlers. The authors see for the foreign language press a vital function to fulfil which they express in their conclusion of the work %. In our View it is not Only a Bridge Between the country of origin of Many of our migrants and this country but also the mean whereby the multilingual culture which we have never had before might be encouraged in this country this is the final verdict of 1 the Survey. A. Dunin Karwicki

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