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Canberra Good Neighbour Newspaper Archives Aug 1 1950, Page 2

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Canberra Good Neighbour (Newspaper) - August 1, 1950, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory They brought Joy to the hospitals jew australians Are bringing Colour brightness and cheer into the lives of sick and distressed australian children. Children from the Centre at Cowra recently visited Sydney hospitals. Arrayed in the colourful National costumes of their old homelands in Europe they entertained the Small patients with a display of traditional Folk dances which have so captured the imagination of australians wherever they have been seen. Between dances the children visited the Hospital wards and modelled their blight costumes for the close inspection of the australian kiddies who expressed their Delight with shrill cries of Joy. At the children s Hospital Camperdown Beds were wheeled on to the verandahs flanking the courtyard on which the new australians danced. Earlier that Day the children had Given their display at the deaf and dumb Institute Darlington. The new australian children next Day crossed the Harbour by ferry and once again performed their dances in the courtyard of the far West children s Home at Manly. The Gay costumes of the new australians brought a touch of Colour to the wards of the children s Hospital which the newcomers visited to display their unusual dress to the Small patients. About 40 lithuanians latvians and ukrainians made up the party. Top at the far West Home the child patients crowded round the courtyard to applaud the lithuanian children in one of their merry dances. Below two lithuanians and a latvian Are absorbed in watching their colleagues. Attila could keep his Promise now he has a room for baby with a to by it is impossible to get a room. You won t find even a Little room for your wife and that s what new australian Attila Bujdoso was told by his Fellows when he was leaving the migrant Centre at Bathurst to take up his Job in Sydney. It could have turned out like that but it did t. In his letter he tells us How it happened. Before i left the Centre l made a big Promise to my wife and baby. J told them that next time i came to visit them j would take them Back with me to Sydney to live. Next Day i was in Sydney. I started my work in the factory. Everyone was Nice. My workmates were All sad that i had to leave them so far away in the Centre. They All promised to help. In a fortnight when / went to visit my family i was Able to keep my Promise. Now we have a Little room we re All together and i can see my wife and my Little boy when i come Home from work. I have to thank All my australian friends who stood by me and from the first made up their minds to help that Little Story is not unique. Many new australians have written to us stories just like that stories of Faith in Australia Hope for the future and help from the men and women with whom our new australians mingle. And no doubt there will be other stories of Little rooms just like the one that s or. Bujdoso s Home to Day. Innocent victims of War can you accommodate a widow and child ? the department of immigration is conducting a drive to find employment and accommodation for 773 european migrant widows with their 1,077 children. Can you provide a Job and a Home for one these Are the wives and children who were left without a breadwinner during the fighting and turmoil that ravaged their european Homes. I these Are the people who drifted around Europe seeking 1 Refuge where they could find it j until they were taken into the care and Protection of the inter National refugee organisation these Are the innocent vie Tims of War to whom Australia offered a Home and a Chance of a new life. In accepting these women and children for re settlement in Australia the Commonwealth knew that their employment and their accommodation would present a problem. Because of their dependent children they could not be placed in employment in the Normal Way. Since their arrival in Australia As Many As possible of the widows have been found employment on the Domestic staffs of Commonwealth immigration centres. J this has enabled them to j earn a regular income and to 1 maintain their children. Says the minister for Immi la Gration or. Holt that employment could be regarded Only As a temporary expedient. J we Are now appealing to open hearted people willing to give employment to these women and at the same time them and their children i am sure that we will not have far to look and that the people of Australia will readily accept the Christian and moral obligation of assisting these people to find Security and happiness in of the 1,077 children 136 b age Are under three years of 283 Are Between three and six 498 Are Between six and 14, and 160 Are Between 14. And 16. This is where the widows and their children Are now living new South Wales 44.1 widows and 629 children. Victoria 105 widows and 150 children. I Western Australia 205 widows and 269 children. South Australia 17 widows and 22 children Queensland five widows and seven children. If you Are Able to offer employment and accommodation for these people write to the Secretary department of immigration Canberra . A form will be sent to you on which you arc required merely to state your name and address and to attach your Sig nature. If you sign the form you will e stating that you Are prepared to provide or arrange employment and accommodation for a new australian widow with one or More children. You will be asking for an officer of the Commonwealth employment service to Call on you and discuss details. Filling in such a form will place you under no obligation pending an interview with a representative of the Commonwealth employment service and Mutual agreement being reached on a satisfactory placement. Can you help sports Council thanked thanks go to the Vic a Torian women s Amateur sports Council for advising that they Are anxious to assist sportswomen among new arrivals to continue with their sporting interests. The Council has provided a list of its sporting associations with the names and addresses of the people whom migrants interested should Contact. We have published the list in the new australian " we would be pleased to publish in that paper the list of names of organisations in other states if the Central bodies will Supply them to us. A you9re a free Man Here. To recent arrival new australian George Rojicek writes his impressions of his new land from the Bathurst migrant Centre a 1 meet people. They Jerk their Heads and say something. I say Good Morna Iid my go on. "1"george," i say to myself. These men Are australians. They Are the people who opened the doors of their Homes for you a Man without a Home to come in. And the Only thing they ask you in Exchange is to lend your hand in making this Australia still Richer and More Beautiful. So Don t be shy boy raise your head you Are a free Man Here go to your task with Joy j c i i migrants building a Young Australia analysis of the age groups of migrants reaching Australia this year under government schemes reveals that the newcomers Are predominantly under 40 years of age. Figures compiled by department of immigration statisticians show the following percentage break Down into age groups of arrivals up to june 19 age group 0-4 5-9 10-14 15-19 20-24 25-29 30-34 35-39 percentage 12.1 6.6 4-9 5-i 15-7 19-5 11-3 10.6 40-44 45-49 7-i 35 50-54 55-59 0.8 Over 59 1.2 these figures show that Only 14.2 per cent of this year s arrivals were Over 40 year. Comparison with the ago ? groups of the total Australia population at the census of june 1947, shows that this influx a brought a greater preponderance of people in the 20-44 g Rou p j migrants say thank you Phe president of the Mildura Victoria Shire or. Hicks was very pleased a few weeks ago when he received a donation of �9 12s. Id. From new australians at the holding Centre there. The Money was contributed at an exhibition of arts and crafts organised by the new australians. A or. Hicks has decided to Divide the donation Between the f three free kindergartens in the District
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