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Canandaigua Daily Messenger Newspaper Archives Nov 20 1967, Page 4

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Canandaigua Daily Messenger (Newspaper) - November 20, 1967, Canandaigua, New YorkPage four monday november 20, 1967, the daily messenger Canandaigua n. Full lined evening except sundays major by Cananda gun messenger. Incorporated. S6 Phoenix Street n. Y., -0jt Dale a 1 St. 0770 urea code acorn1 St. Wine president and i Ca surer Marie m. Ewing. President and Secretary. Vlco Teorre m. In lire a. Cons acc want Carbury w. C. Darien Brink Robert a. Whitla Nobert a. Soil into Gregory Rhei Xie. William m. Roll own editor and publisher business manager managing Lollor advertising director advertising manager mechanical superintendent circulation manager housing Success by r. P. Lambert Ottine in the streets oldest continuously published of the bar enl oldest in the country. Established 17s5 170th year Back to the beginnings on nov. 21, 1620 347 years ago tomorrow the Mayflower anchored at Capa cod North of the limits of the Virginia Colony and beyond any organized Law. Some form of government obviously was necessary. Those who intended to Settle in America were divided into two groups the religious exiles from England and Holland and those who hoped to better themselves in a new land. Dangerous differences of opinion had Arisen Between the groups which of course had to be reconciled if the Small Colony was to survive. Every american Schoolboy is now familiar with the. Suffering privations and limitless courage of these pilgrims. Too Little attention has been paid however to the generosity of spirit and True states Manship which was expressed in the compact they signed. In a time when americans seem Ever More than normally to be pulling in so Many different directions the Mayflower compact deserves a careful re Reading. Here it is in the name of god amen. We whose names Are underwritten the Loyal subjects of our dread Sovereign lord King James by the Grace of god of great Britain France and Ireland King defender of the Faith Etc. Having undertaken for the god and advancement of the Christian Faith and Honor of our King and country a voyage to Plant the first Colony in the Northern parts of Virginia do by these present solemnly and mutually in the presence of god and one of another covenant and Combine Bur into a civil body politic for our bet Ter ordering and preservation and furtherance of the ends aforesaid and by virtue Hereof to enact constitute such just and equal Laws ordinances acts constitutions and offices from time to time As shall be thought most meet and convenient for the general Good of the Colony unto which we Promise All due submission and obedience. In witness whereof we have Here rider subscribed our names at Cape cod the 11 of november in the year of the reign of our soverign lord King James of England France and Ireland the eighteenth and of Scotland the fifty fourth. Ano Dom. The society of Mayflower descendants has prepared a background discussion piece in of ser Vance of the anniversary of the compact signing in which it explores some of the lofty ideals of our these Are americanism a government of the people by the people and for the people. All Are guaranteed life Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness. Freedom and Equality of Opportunity for each individual. Freedom of religion Freedom of speech Freedom of the press. The right peaceably to Assem ble and to petition the government for a redress of grievances. The right of the people to be secure in their persons houses papers and effects except by due process of Law. No private property taken for Public use without compensation. Right of trial by jury. Excessive bail shall not be required nor excessive fines imposed no cruel and unusual punish ment inflicted. Today As much As any time in recent years these ideals which of course Are written into the declaration of Independence and the Constitution need to be pondered. Too Many of us sometimes seem to forget their True meaning. The lighter Side sure fire formula to end junk mail nuisance found Albany n. A struggle for non White families i get decent housing in Nice m River neighbourhoods is harrowing and discouraging. Lit one organization headed by a White Man is making tha Job a lot easier. In scene this past summer of negro racial Vio Lence a group calling itself appropriately Home housing opportunities made equal has been quietly helping negro fam Ilies get out of the ghetto. And it has been doing it for four years. Black family in most Cit ies is left to devices to break out of the Fri too Many cases must steel themselves to take their Case against a recalcitrant landlord to the state commission for jul. Man rights. S 4 before Home was organized in 1963 about one negro family a year bought a House in a White area. Burn 1963 the num Ber climbed to five in 1964 to 25, in 1965 to 40 and last year to More than 60. Commission criticized James l. Hecht a White chemical Engineer who Heads the member group criticized the human eights Coni Mission for jailing to act quickly or effectively enough in housing cases. Home hah found the new York department of Liate which licenses real estate brokers an effective Way of enforcing the state s stringent Law on housing discrimination. Buffalo s open housing Law is vague and unenforced he Eaid. We Don t use it at All. The _ stale Law is conclusive Rochester schools Wirk with the state people. The Secretary of stale John Lomenzo has been doing a wonderful Only four years ago no while real estate broker would touch a negro family in Erie county he said. Dear Abby ring s y by Abigail Van dear last Friday i scratching hls1 giving him panted to buy a Diamond in a neck rub or begging him to Gage meet Tiri for my girl and dance with Hur every store i went into they my sister Boobie s wife tried to sell me a whole thinks it s Lovely that her Hus engagement ring end a wedding band and get along ring to go with it. Abby r did t so Well. This could be serious As want a wedding ring. All i want Mother is a swinging Divorcee de was an engagement ring and and the plot seems to thicken i had f Cash on me to buy All the. Time. What can we do it too. Short of telling open her first let me see what being eyes and hold on to her bus engaged is like and if i like it. Band big sister i la . Maybe i la de cide i Don t like it and Don t dear sister you could want to . Then what tpu1 Mother to act her age. And am i going to do wed you could also Lell Boobly to ring so Why be less cooperative asks to see Only an engagement does the Salesman look at dear. Abby you were so him like he s some kind of nut right when you advised Wor no nut ried neighbor to Tell her " her teen aged dear no nut sets Are daughters were up to while they popular because most couples were working evenings. Was in engaged have a the same situation. I wedding Date in sight. Anil since knew hat the Young girl next the two rings arc worn Side by w As taking advantage of Side they look better if they Iler parents working nights but match. Next time Tell he sales Kepl because i did t Man that. You. Are. Interested hard feelings. Now-1 Only in an engagement ring Llave a guilty conscience Over a is his sales and if he looks at you like you wedding and two sets of Are some kind of nut ask for parents. Per naps if i had Lold those parents in a Friendly Way i could have headed off the trouble that caused the mess. Chicken the Boss. The nut Man. Dear Abby j am a 22-year old 5 foot 8 Inch female engaged to a 22-year-old, 5 foot 11 Inch male College graduate. Write to Abby Box is kind handsome and los Angeles Cal. Intelligent. I should for a personal reply enclose a Happy and i am except for one stamped self addressed envy Small problem my Mother. Hope having married a Man-6 feet three inches with massive Shoul Motel or a 4g scottish essayist Thomas Cai ing Good housing. School officials believe the re in one f or but looks and the whole Lyle once said music is Well there Are very few negroes suiting mathematically balanced. Ovio tin. A pretty Imus eating. Moth said to be the speech of w to today Are really anxious to should show what her. U t write How in a subject is allowed it sitting on his Lap live in an ail while neighbor would be of the in via tax _ . Senator Jacob a help the teacher present Hood. They Are concerned about Are Monroe county Public being a sociological Experiment school system been involved. Hecht said. Inside renovated it is not an anti White feel a j be. Die first ing. It s a fear first Cousin to of inv in pass the it 54 6jf. Pass South West North. 2 v 4 it pass 6 4 pass pass 6 a 7v 74 y pass 7 it pass pass dbl to Cable apparently East read six clubs As showing both minor suit aces and accordingly opening Ace of , hearts but this hand occurred in the men s pair championship in 3964, there were Many wild and woolly results As can be imagined in a Deal containing two voids and three very Fine seven eight and nine who could not believe that his partner had Only. Oneace for his forging two bid and in an Effort to achieve Theo maximum score converted to seven no Trump Soili doubled and collected suits. Oddly enough the difference Between the Best East West score and the worst East West score Caine to at still another table the bidding went East South West North 2.4. 34 4nt pass Points Passi 7nt pass a few Dale Reduble y pairs wound up in seven understood South s doubled after As a Call for an unusual bid seven they and he therefore led a by five As it result Mada but this was a worthwhile not Imp redoubled for Rifici since would of Points parents Vishv parents visit the school Peri Mically to get reports on their child s Progress and at year s supervisor of our to nah owl students will be Given k Bik via Tkv r. Testing so they can be measured against conventional schooling. It s highly principal. William Pugh said of the program. We Are still in the first Yea Rand Don t yet have ail the a the answers May never be available but the educators in Rochester Are try ing. Bible thought for today lord k n o w e t h the e thoughts of May hide our inner selves fron men but every., thought purpose and motive of Pur lives is an open Book before god. It 29 37 41 50 51 is 21 10 56 Zzz 42 v 57 to b i 20 24 14 25 40. In 47 55 56 by 49 v i. Horizontal 60. South o founded Ontario repo Eltory. Of undid Canandaigua mesh Rpger. 1803 recoil Tor. And messenger Consol dated 1883 tha daily Mei founded 1907. 2. Large 4. Portion 8. Insect 12. Fuss 13. Sar Noan seaport 14. Unclothed 15. Steal 16. Controlled 18. The Choice 1 part to. Marble 21. Poker american country 55. Frost 56. Above 57. Christmas 58. Period of time stitches ,60. Pis mires 61. Total Veim Cai. 1. Naked 2. Pagan deity 3. Desert in Asia. 4. Mom and dad 5. Mimic 6. To equip 7. Tense 8. Chewed on 8. Dry fruit 10. Fruit drink. 11. Spread grass to dry it. Fold Rover 1 19. Make lace 22, sport entered As second clan matter poit Ohlee Subir Letlon per copy. By Carrier Weiker 40 menu. By Carrier Puld in advances 120.00 j10.m Tor Monlai. By mall in and Wayne count Lei. Where de liver u not available Giuld in and Vanno j17.co per year. For ill months for 3 months. By mall t i when in the . Paid in Advance j20.00 per for months for 3 month. By mall and College away fro to horns per National advert Lilor Epe Otal Ai Oncy inc. New Fork Boiton Philadelphia cd Cluro Detroit puh Burgh. Syra 24 i pan 28. Sprinkles around 32. Attica township s3.aawine 34. Hindu garments 3.6. Diamond 41, Lego 43. Western City 44. Lamprey 46. Pigeons Wei a goof x up oui 23. Mistake. 25. Low casts hindu 26. Discharge 27. Depend 28. Resorts 2 9. Essence 31. Father 35. Open shoes 38. Slumbers 40. Card Garni 2.turkish Cap 45. Moon goddess 47. Competes 48. Beige 49. Line of Junction act 51. Summer 62. 63. It s 1x1, Al nor 54. Lit a fac inc the Dally Meuanjai will Clad to rave in attention called to any misleading or Urt Rui stat menu that May upper la cd Lunow

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