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Canandaigua Daily Messenger Newspaper Archives Jun 23 1930, Page 5

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Canandaigua Daily Messenger (Newspaper) - June 23, 1930, Canandaigua, New York Its toasted watch your family paper grow in strength and Power the daily messenger Canandaigua n. Y., monday june 23, 1930. Agricultural news of interest and profit to the Ontario far Mer. The Ontario county Farmer this Page is dedicated to the Farmers the life blood of Ontario county. Tia Pursuit of Flower Hobby brings genuine Success to King of Iris growers Iris King and part of his world famous Domain entire world now meets in acres of vivid blossoms of a. B. Katkamier at North Farmington thousands visit farm yearly growing millions of plants in Over a thousand varieties. Demand for every Plant a and if i told you that every Plant on this farm will be sold i be telling a falsehood a the owner remarks proving that there a a ,. Is such a thing As a profitable Hob but comes far of Teu Uig any by of course roots Are being re set constantly so the farm is Able farm philosopher with a profitable Hobby in the least number of words that most adequately a describes Allen b. Katkamier owner of the worlds largest Iris farm located at North Farmington. Thing of the personality of one of Ontario county a most successful Farmers. One must visit him talk with him explore the experimental Patch walk through his acres of irises and show gardens with him in order to truly get acquainted with him. Even then one comes away from a Iris Villez with that feeling that there is much to this Man which can Only be uncovered Only after years of daily Contact. To meet every demand for plants. The farm consists of 90 acres and As 30 acres Are covered with Iris and other perennial plants there Are still 60 acres remaining for the growing of Strawberry plants thousands of them Small fruits and farm crops. This year there will be a Field of buckwheat. As conditions seem to justify he also grows other Crofts. Or. Katkamier Isnit just a Florist but a four hour visit the daily he is a real dyed in the Wool farm messengers farm editor discovered or with experience in All branches brought Forth Many interesting of crop growing sides of this Lover of Floral Beauty. A except for a few months As a it produced hundreds of sides to clerk in a Village grocery store a he this great Industry of Iris growing we Tell you a i have always tilled of which the Layman knows nothing the soil. I have grown about every Grunt Freak porker born without hams needed while other Farmers could never see much sense in a growing heavy Cherry yields lower Pricer Likely Orchards in Seneca May exceed 1929 crop by 40 per cent Stanley a conservative estimates by leading Cherry growers in the town of Seneca places this year s crop about 40 per cent Over last years yield. A number of growers have contracted their this years crop at six cents the reported Price while those who failed to make contracts Are reported now to be forced to accept a lower Price in order to dispose of their crop. The Harvest of this crop is expected to Start about july to. At the present time several of the growers Are making their sprays. Most of the Canning factories now require All cherries if be sprayed. Mostly sold to canners most of the Cherry crop raised in this Section goes to the nearby Canning factories. In previous years Large quantities of cherries were shipped to the markets in Phila cattle judging on 4-h program Ithaca a All 4-h club members attending the Junior Field Days at Cornell University june 25 to 27, Are eligible to participate in the events on the livestock program according to h. A Willman Extension instructor in animal husbandry. Seventeen counties have entered one contestant each in the milking contest. Other livestock activities include sheep hog and Dairy cattle judging contests and a new feature the cattle live weight estimating contest. Stockman s canes will be awarded those who show the Best judgment in estimating cattle weights. Delphia Baltimore Washington and other Eastern cities. Transportation charges at the present time Are too High for the crop to be handled through these markets. During the Harvest season a number of High school girls and others find about a months work in harvesting this crop. Good wages Are made the compensation being computed on the number of pounds picked. Prospects for crops Are Good in county with few exceptions Stanley As one rides Terr Tolg h the country at this season he is attracted by the Fine growing crops. At the present time the Eft wac a planting season is at its heirs int and hundreds of cabbage trans planters Are at work. _ re a the pea crop is the Best Iii years no and will be about two weeks earlier this season. The recent a ins have been a great Benefit to this crop. The Hay and wheat crops will also be Good this year with the exception of a few Fields. While tic or a 1 Little too Early to predict the apply crop it is believed that except for baldwins there will be a fair crop. The Pear crop also promises la Good yield. A Large acreage of Beans is reported in the middles j Valley. Due to the cold wet Spring i the Corn crop is somewhat late but j with warm weather Farmers Here say there is yet a Chance for a Good j crop. Two Spray ten acres of potatoes it there Are several Cherry Orchards eight times requires 800 pounds of i a Blue vitriol 800 pounds of Lump Lime or 1120 pounds of hydrated j Lime and 120 pounds of Calcium j arsenate. In this Vicinity the largest being located on tile a. A. Post estate East of Here and the White Springs farm near Geneva. It revealed the magnitude of the Iris farm business. And it was All of intense interest. Talks Only of Iris others May talk and write of Katkamier the Iris King but he1 talks Only of his Iris. Although others see in him a master Farmer he sees Only a love of Flowers and a desire to extend a Hobby which gave him the title of owner of the world s largest Iris farm. As one looks Over the acres of Iris plants some in Bud some in full Bloom and some later varieties which have not yet begun to Bud. Then one begins to realize the magnitude of this farm. Further idea crop that can be grown in the North temperate zone even to peanuts and Sweet potatoes in the Garden. And then his Hobby a then i have As my Hobby the growing of Many acres of irises and other flowering plants and sending them not Only into every state of the Union but to Many Distant countries a Tasmania Columbia China Mexico Newfoundland Newfoundland Alaska Norway a thus helping to beautify thousands of gardens and Home surroundings in Distant foreign but Back to the statistics a or. Katkamier grows Strawberry plants that is one of the big businesses of of size of this undertaking May be his farm Industry. The plants Are gained by a few statistics. There Are 30 acres of Iris plants at North Farmington. In rows averaging three and a half feet j apart the plants Are growing from grown Between the Iris plants not for the fruit but for the plants themselves which Are shipped out by the thousands each Spring. He handles the Strawberry Plant 10,000 to 200,000 to an acre depend business of some 35 or More Nursery ing upon the variety and the num firms. This Spring he handled some Ber of years they have been set. 2,000,000 Strawberry plants. Of therefore it is no exaggeration to j course not All of these were grown a highly profitable agricultural Busi Allen b. Katkamier is owner of the worlds largest Iris farm in the world located at North Farmington in Ontario county. From a Hobby he has developed say that on the Iris farm there are1 on the Katkamier farm. A Iris Villez seeking Post office As parcel Post business grows Ness in seven years. An eight acre Field of irises a Small part of his Flower farm is shown in the Large picture at the top. Manchester n. H. A the backyard at the Home of Nelson ring in Auburn just Over the City Boundary is a regular sideshow these Days and All because of a a Grunt a the two legged pig. Grunt was born without a sign of Back legs and none has developed. But the pig extraordinary does t mind. He hops about on his two front feet cheerfully and efficiently. He came from a litter of five. One of his Brothers has bowed legs but Grunt All agree is the real Freak. Plains. They easily revive when planted and cultivated. Inc Dently in the growing of Iris he adds that the Plant needs Snow in Winter and then plenty of Sun and warmth. Asked for the Best j time to Plant Iris he explains that he starts planting them in april and continues until the ground is permanently Frozen. Quot the Best time to Plant irises is when you Are ready a he says. This is the Iris business developed in seven years by a Man now recognized As the Leader of All commercial Iris growers. A seven years ago a he explains a a i i swapped some strawberries for a few Iris roots a just As a Hobby. Since then i have always been impressed by this great Flower so fit Tion gardens to View the countless tingly called the Golden Orchid. In this connection it might be i ties the prices go Down through added that efforts have been made i the Dolly Madison the Best Pink to secure a Post office at j toned Iris at $15 the los Angeles the heavy first class and parcel at $12.50 the Baineses a new blend Post mail is now handled through in russet and Tourmaline Pink at the Macedon Post office but the $8 countless from $2 to $1, and business of the Iris farm would Well then to the to cent species of which support a separate office. During the Early and free flowering old the first 40 Days of the Spring Busi i Quot Blue Flag a the Germanis is a Ness this year the postage Bills of representative. The farm for parcel Post alone age what is the most popular of All Gre gated Well Over $2,000, exclusive i the irises a or. Katkamier was 1 varieties and or. Katkamier As j their personal guide. He appreciates others who appreciate the i Beauty of color and fragrance of the Iris. Often More than a thousand automobiles pause at the farm. Visitors come from All parts of the uni then about four years ago i found myself with a considerable Quantity of Iris plants which had developed in response to that Hobby which came to me As an incident in my love for Flowers. Quot i read every Book and pamphlet in the Rochester libraries pertain Ted states and the world to buy ing to advertising and salesmanship of the letter postage. This is much More than the cancellations of 991 per cent of the fourth class Post offices for an entire year. Last year Cost of labor mounted above $7,000 and some $4,000 was expended for postage. This year thus far is Well ahead of last year. Last fall or. Katkamier set More asked. A Well it is the old Blue purple blossoms or plants Many times just to see this unique farm. Profit is Sale of roots but the Sale of blooms and bouquets is but a very Small part of the business. Profit is found in the and began a Campaign of Quot getting ahead a which has surprised no one More than myself. To have the worlds largest Iris farm is a sure enough compensation for the Days and nights of particularly hard germanic a he replied. A it is Hardy Gale of p1ants shipped through All work in recent years the know Early Iron Clad. Everyone who inh Raiteri darts of the world. The ledge of having contributed to the comes wants some of them. Quot then there is the autumn King which is also a Blue purple Blossom a he continued when asked concerning the length of the Iris inhabited parts of the world. Hemp car plants Are readily shipped to Dis building up of Beautiful Home surtax Points All that is necessary s i rounding of thousands of Friend to have them dry the Iris King sex is also a pleasurable compensation. Than $2,000 Worth of different Var flowering period. A it blooms in june Iris i ties of Iris in his exhibition Gar Dens surrounding his Beautiful farm Home alone. Developing new varieties is his special Hobby but Many of the different varieties come from All parts of the world. At the farm there Are now about 1,000 varieties yet there Are 3,000 named varieties and More than 300 colors. Rainbow in Flowers when one gets into the subject of color there is ample to write King at to proves Success possible to attain late in life and he and then if weather conditions Are right it will Blossom again in the fall in september. The flowering % a season last about ten weeks through there is summed up the system a common every Day Farmer. May june and into july. The first if it May be called a system which is always ready and willing to give Are the dwarfs and the last Are the has brought Success to one Ontario credit to those of his employees who japanese. County Farmer. That he under have loyally helped him to build a the Iris blooms at a time of year stands How to advertise can not be that business to its present Heights when the Garden is nearly Bare of denied. His printed messages to this then is the Man who had a other Flowers. In its development buyers Are widely known among sex Hobby who loved Flowers in Gen from the old Type Flower commonly pert advertising men As models of eral and irises in particular who called flags in our grandmothers their kind. He has talked Over the saw that Hobby expand into a about. As one looks Over the varied i Day to the enchanting forms and radi0 on his Hobby a irises. He profitable business and who Suc hues the pastel shades the delicate tints the Rich colors of the Iris it is easy to understand Why it is called the Rainbow Flower. A it is the right term in the right place a or. Katkamier observes As he fondly turns Back the petals of a new Blossom which has just showed its color in the experimental gardens. A there is Josephus coat and the colouring of the Blossom can be easily guessed from its name. It has a varying color habit with combinations of White Maroon Violet yellow and inc Dently the Root which produces this highly colourful blossoms is priced at $25., but it is one of the most rare and therefore the most expensive. Then there is the rare mrs. Valeri West in a Bronze and a velvety purple another $25 Plant. Not a expensive but All Iris plants Are not sex Rainbow colors of the newer irises j has had the Plant has become most valuable in helping to beautify the Home surroundings. A to Advance from the old Blue White and Light yellow of the old flags to the gorgeous red purples Orange yellows Lavender pinks and All possible shades tints hues blends and color combinations in Between is like passing from deep darkness into Bright one has Only to hear or. Katkamier talk of his Iris to understand that he loves them he uses that verb himself and can understand that his heart is so much in the financial burdens planting of them and then the watching of them mature and Blossom in All colors of the Rainbow that he is sincere when he says which would completely overcome Many another Man. Over 60 years old now he has stepped out and proved that Success can be attained late in life. Or. Katkamier has another Hob i by besides his beloved irises. It is the collection of geological specimens. His farm abounds in stones and rocks and geologists have declared that there can be found specimens from every period of the Earth s formation deposited by the glacial Era. Introduces his Flowers collecting these rocks is a Hobby blossoms to spare and he uses them to beautify his Home. A Large Rock Garden is the Centrepiece of the exhibition gardens. A water Garden is lined with Fossil bearing stones those lined Many mornings i have gone into the gardens and been amazed a1 with evidences of Metal ores of most breathless As i watched the various sorts unique Rock forma unfolding of petals As some variety tons and about the water Garden pensive. I rom the More costly Var new to me was bursting into Are growing several varieties of water irises. So an interview with or. Katkamier is not a Mere conversation it is a literal education. He is a a i student of geology an Amateur perhaps but nevertheless so interested in the topic that his interest is contagious. Then he thoroughly understands Flowers particularly irises. Telling of his Flowers his enthuse experimental Garden seedlings develop new varieties of the interviewer caught some of this love which he holds for his Iris As he walked with or. Katkamier through the rows of the experimental Garden. A we often Plant 10,000 seedlings Quot he said a and then Only get one that is suddenly As he looked up the Row often to Admire the delicate hues of the Blossom. Another delicate Blue caught his Eye and he also found admirable qualities in a Large Bloom with a Light purple Center asm is also communicable the color deepening toward the out he is always the Host among his or Edge of the petals. Visitors flock to farm it was just before memorial Day of hundreds of plants his Eye single i the messengers reporter visited out one Blossom. He walked to de the worlds largest Iris farm and it rapidly and tenderly folded Back so or. Katkamier pointed out the the petals opening it wider that its White scented Leota As the me color might be More readily seen mortal Day Iris much in demand and admired. It was of a Blue and j in fact it was in demand by purple with a velvet like Sheen. Countless automobile parties which a thre a he exclaimed not once arrived to Purchase blooms for use but several times a i believe we have j in bouquets of remembrance. Visi Somerl a a a Flowers introducing his Flowers to j his human visitors often with a touch of humor which adds much to the description of the various blossoms. But above All he is human and appreciates human qualities in others. He looks Only on the philosophical Side of things. Regardless of the fact that he is i this Iris the Jacques Ana is one of the prizes of the Katkamier Iris farm at North Farmington. It is noted for its multitude of blossoms a a w a mull Itro lilo Iii it bullit Sci us big us j Ovate Iii i Usu Btu l and he looked Back i tors were taken through the exhibit Sands of dollars yearly he is just a for their fragrance acknowledged As the grow there being 17 buds and blooms on or of irises the owner of a business the stalk shown above. 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