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Canandaigua Daily Messenger (Newspaper) - June 23, 1930, Canandaigua, New York Page four advertisers certify Fiat Fiey get Rig results from a the daily messenger Canandaigua n. A a a monday june 23,1930. The daily messenger published expiry afternoon except sunday messenger bld., by the Ontario pres. F. A. Robertson president John p. Robertson vice president. Entered at the a Emend class matter Post office Canandaigua n. Y., As f. A. Robertson editor. Dan a id t. Fraser managing editor Catherine e. Welch City editor. John p. Robertson cosiness manager. William c. Engol advertising manager. Howard Menf fire mechanical superintendent phone 807�?All departments. Delivered copy 3 cents. At subscription hates ily Carrier your door is cents per week single Fly mall outside of Canandaigua 1 to. .3 to. 40c $1.00 70c fl.86 a a. $1.75 $3.00 or. $3.00 $5.00 printed on the by sending in in county outside county please watch the Date of expiration Label and avoid interruption of delivery Advance renewal. Member of associated press the associated press is exclusively entitled to the use for republication of All news dispatches credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. All rights Are reserved. National advertising representatives Ingraham Powers inc., n. Chicago. Detroit Atlanta Kansas City. Ship ability in household arts and popularity growing j out of personal attractiveness. Woma Liness is coming into own on the Campus. Jeanette Eaton novelist and Magazine writer who investigated seven leading women a colleges for a to Many a publication describes the College girl of today As one who cultivates Charm of voice manner and dress who respects scholarship and takes a Lively interest in world problems. She docs not ape men As did her Hoy Denish predecessor. She likes them and cultivates their Friendship but refuses to a play up j to them in any Way other than by being her most attractive self. The picture Eaton draws is quite different from that which might have been painted ten or 15 years ago. Smoking granted Public approval in All but one of the seven girls colleges visited appears j the Only hangover from that other Day. Perhaps in the new dispensation it too will eventually vanish i but even if it does no to disappear no real harm will be done by a puff at a cigarette or two. The fatal lure the messenger s platform a More industries for Canandaigua that the City May have a larger weekly payroll. A larger milk production in Ontario county so that Farmers May have a Semi monthly pay Check. A better county roads for the Farmer. A closer affiliation and cooperation Between Canandaigua and Ontario county Farmers. Electrically lighted signs at East and West approaches to Canandaigua. The messenger boys no connection with Western Union or postal by one or the other of us Good afternoon this column varies from Day to Day in contents. One Day it is cold facts but people done to want them next Day it is something funny our old Friend Mike Clarke sends us another Day it is something of still another nature. In that Way we Are sure to have something that at least somebody will like. Today for instance we print a contribution from a subscriber in Phelps who writes that he thinks he will Send us something interesting occasionally and seeing that we arc rather Busy ourselves we Are glad of his offer to help us out. He evidently Isnit quite sure that the present i Prosperity is All that it should be. But read what he says a everything seems to be Normal now except the people and the tax rate. Most everybody is talking hard times. The filling stations Effort seems to have reached the Point of saturation but they got All of the Corner lots before they stopped. By Charles p. Stewart Central Presa Blaff writer Askin ton d. C. A the new Tariff Law will be the economic Issue of the conure signal election Campaign just beginning. Prohibition will be the moral Issue. A moral Issue May lie More exciting than an economic Issue but it has less to do with Tho Cost of living. The democrats White House will jump All Over the for passing the new Tariff Law. My hourly enough most of the re Beans will he placed in the queer position of having to admit that Tow a done to like it either. A a a it May Well be Asker if Tho republicans consider it a bad Law Why did so of them vote for it a lot of them certainly do consider it bad. Senator David a. Recoil of Pennsylvania might ire exported to say a Good word for it if anyone for Reed is one of Tho highest Tariff republicans. Yet discussing it in the Senate be gave it unmitigated Hail Columbia. For All that he voted for it. A thought for today walk in love be be therefore followers of god As dear children and walk in love As Christ also hath loved us and hath Given himself for us an offering and a sacrifice to god for a Sweet smelling . 5 1, 2. Player Quot More love to thee o Christ More love to to a a a instalment buying is somewhat on the Wane and so is instalment collections. If the boys were to undertake to re possess their goods and wares they would have to build additional warehouses to store them in. It seems to be a Case of watchful waiting the seller has his Eye on the buyer and vice versa. Just about Mountain climbing Reading today about some of the attempts being made to scale High Mountain peaks just gives us the urge to write about in a rather humorous vein. A Mountain Peak always presents a sort of Challenge. By a ides that after you have looked at it for a while thwarts nothing much else you can do with it except climb it. It once you have decided to climb a Mountain it is essential to find a suitable Day. But As Mountain climbing is the sort of thing that is put off until the last possible moment it is More than probable you will have to select a Day that will Only just do if you aes target the Mountain in before leaving for Home. Peon get tend to be optimistic about the weather when thay have made the sandwiches the night before. It is always Well to make an Early Start so As to a Terr plenty of time for motor trouble which May be expected to occur on the Way to the base from which tilt ascent is made. A Choice usually Between a sheer ascent of a mile or. Two almost straight up or a More gradual incline for four or five Miles which everyone advises you to take. In every Mountain climbing party there is at least one member whose heart is not particularly Strong. But she decides to go because she wants to be a Good sport. She will make it All right if she is allowed time out to Pant. She will risk the heart rather than be left a prey to wildcats that Are supposed to j Lurk in the fastness. Drinking water is to be had at streams on the Way. But the climbing expert of the party will advise against getting water logged and insist that you just rinse your Mouth out. Near the ton of the Mountain the ascent grows steeper and More rugged and the Trail is less Well de j fined. When you lose it you can go Back a Quarter of a mile or so and Start again. Some one May suggest eating the lunch then and there but better judgment is Likely to prevail. A there seems to be a Scarcity still of parking space. Short rides Are More common than Long ones. Only about 85 per cent of the cars have been dressed up with License plates. Industry seems to be curtailing with a vim at this writing and there is no room on the Creek and River Banks for More fishermen. What a Happy life the labourer is living just think of it nothing to do but fish and fish. However it happens that senator Reed told Why he voted As he did and being an unusually Lucid speaker he told it in words of Ono syllable that even i could understand. Or maybe there were special reasons Why i was Able to understand him. A a a apparently but nog really changing the subject for a minute let me remark kind Reader that dope like this which you re perusing is not As easy to dash off As indifferent Quality perhaps leads you to imagine. A Story of a fire or a dogfight usually writes itself. Why then did both senators Reed and Grundy vote for it a a a Well said Senate Reed so i far As he was concerned this was i Why Congress had been fussing with that Bill for More than a year and a half and in his opinion business which is very sensitive to Tariff Bills simply stand it any longer. The senator that some Folk might inquire a cwt in not let the old Law stand a he admitted preferring it to the i new one in that Case How Over he was afraid said the Sinator that the next Congress w oui it Hart right in where this Ono had left off and that probably would mean another year and a half and by that time business not it Only would he dead hut buried. To he was voting for the Hill to get rid of it. Haven to i Felt exactly that same Way lots and lots of times As i rushed one of these to the editor Many a the time in be been struck by a corking Fine Hunch for a yarn and sat Down to write it Only to Havo the infernal thing take a wrong 1 slant muddle itself up and refuse j with diabolic Al cunning to Corno out the a Way i wanted it to. Arriving a often after two or three i hours of slavish labor at the end of Ono it it of these abortive jobs the ques Tion arrives now what a obviously the Spiel ought to he ditched and done Over again. Quite 1 Likely however there s a deadline at hand and there Isnit time enough. True in All probability the stuff in Liand is worse than nothing hut the situation demands something or i other and nothing else available so it to serve and that Sall there is to it. The e Hawley Smoot Tariff Hill was h pod food a thus from incipient by a so 5 senator Reed related and there were Sot Many to disagree with him. Getting off to a bad Start it got worse steadily until precisely As the Congro a onal session was drawing to a close and no time remained for further tinkering it positively was a the pro St Tariff Bill in history a a Corderjr to senator Reeds Pennsylvania colleague. Senator Quot old Joe Grundy. A this period of idleness is not confined to the Cotton Mills of the South Only. The automobile and steel plants up North and Down East Are resting. The rat trap factories Are running on Short time. Even the Rayon Mills Are not working but half time. We have struck a Snag everything a been Over done there Are too Many folks and too few jobs. A the politicians and rafters have got the tax rate so High on real estate that nobody wants to buy it any More and the fool who now owns it is not Able to pay his taxes and live. Our court houses and City Halls and High Way commissions and other Public institutions have at least 50 per cent More people on the pay Roll than Are needed if the Bosses would go to work. Personal health service by William Brady m. D. Signed letters pertaining to personal health and Hygiene not to Diseati diagnosis or treatment will be answered by or. Brady if a a stamped self addressed envelope is enclosed. Letters should he Brief Aud written in Ink. Owing to the Large number of letters received Only a few can be answered Bere. No reply eau a made to queries not conforming to instructions. Address or. William Brady in care of this newspaper. Name you City of your return envelope. Done to say a City. Tuition so the poor Workman would title Way to help a baby or for that to on to Luck matter an adult when the nose Throat Usu or Chest is a stopped persons who this argument made one of the suffer with bronchitis or related Coundi Ordinary doctors present at the to is of in Lud Relief it a of envy u a. Lug Sui h a position even for a Short hearing gag a bit. He remarked that time or better leaning out of bed a sick Man recovers Best under the with the hands and arms resting on Tho care of the doctor in whom he has floor it Lor a Evornia minutes on awaken ing in the morning. Algebra More Dill cult than cockroaches As a constant Reader i surely appreciate your column. You instructed ,. How to get rid of Roaches. I followed Andai Gua is spending the week with directions and in a week not one was her daughter mrs. William Eisen left. As an sex teacher i heartily agree workmen. The thing that Niv a ii Quot of Tiv a Impi who a i John Coons accompanied Walter counts is the financial consideration future citizens some education in the b Case to Rochester thursday. They pick whoever will contract to Ca a Uhl feeding of a f. A mrs. Christopher Broxholm and two evils i think William Broxholm visited mrs. Confidence. Another doctor Tho not a cotillion Leader observed that a a it Isnit always because of extraordinary ability and skill that physicians Are designated by employers or insurance carriers to treat Centerfield Centerfield a Ernest Seymour of Rochester is employed at the Gillette Gas station Bristol Road. Mrs. Mack Booth of Cheshire Road will be hostess of the d. H. Meeting july 2. Mrs. George Thompson of can Nie Roaches Are a and 40 per cent of the officers of the Law would be to per cent too Many. State and county a id City governments seems to have plenty of Money it for every purpose but the citizenship is busted. It is no trouble to get the Cash to build a paved Road through the country where Over half the farms Are being sold for but we done to believe things Are quite As bad As he paints them. The country Isnit going to the Bow bows just yet. Meekly tile doctor the Plant chooses paragraphs by Robert Quillen what let a working Man choose his own doctor news item tells How doctors workmen will understand that. To clashed at a legislative hearing on bots will not. An a Industrial special a Bill that would permit injured Isth is any doctor who gets a Job As workmen to choose their own Doc Plant physician tors. Employers prefer to have Doc a Strong argument put Forward tors of their selection take care of j by the agents or lawyers of the pm injured workmen under state com i oyers Union or association at the pulsation Law. Let us see what the i hearing was that if the injured Ltd Zzz ant Vern men Notri doctors clashed about woe were Pernu Ted select red a i under a compensation Law there his own physician he might pick Workman is of course a certain temptation to some Ordinary doctor say one ii Al. A Small class of Low Grade men to Censed by the state to practice Eck nations and answers treat patients at the cheapest algebra h the worn sometimes the doctor the employer provides is one of the Best. Nevertheless it is depressing to think that the american Workman or even he Workman in America should be so abject As to accept Jer anything As Long As i continue. ,. ,. To intr be her a o. J. A More readily extirpated. The poor baby i have a baby girl 9 months old fat and Strong appearing. I feed her Only 0a _ a abreast milk arrowroot biscuit and or Bristol Center called at Fay o. Burl auge juice once a Day. Should i give Ingham a Friday. Sarah Boylen in Rochester the last of the week. Or. And mrs. Harold Johnson of or. And mrs. David Thompson answer yes. Abe should have a Bot-1 or and mrs. Howard Thompson if he has a doctor of his own he Fie of milk daily or better a feeding of j and mrs. John Hoffman attended prefers. Fror Quot no Tell new a a a it come the funeral of John Tracey in Cantline to wean her. In another month a a. It is to my mind a scandalous you will have no trouble a just o n e a afternoon thing that a legislative hearing bottle or cup feeding and one mrs. Warner Simmons of Canan should be necessary to Settle such a a Quot Day a a a that j4 i Dai a spent wednesday with mrs. Question. That sort of policy of Xuy Zuke Tilljr Mcpherson. Or vegetables now. Send a stamped end mass Maurita Macpherson left veloce bearing your address and ask Friday night for six weeks at cold for instructions for weaning and feed sprint is her her to t ing the baby. The arrowroot biscuit n and Orange juice Are nil right. Other j or. And mrs. A Walter b. Case fresh fruit juice Aud Tomato juice called on her Mother mrs. F. V. Daniels at e of the week the higher culture disposes of the bugs that infest Beds but we still have the Humbug in the political bunk. You can take your Choice. Prohibition offers a new Way of living or a new Way of dying. The Law most hated by Young criminals is that one about earning your bread by the sweat of your brow. Those prophets who said the next War would be in the air May have meant or. Henderson and the at last you reach the ton and Are Well rewarded Chain stores. Use words carefully. The Only Man Ever a beside himself a is a yes Man or a siamese twin. Malinger when the Prospect of a Medicine and surgery but still not this Mother know now to handle fresh or factory canned Tomato May Daniels at Fulst Rin nmn Tiei i the inst compensation is Good. Employers or in the social swim perhaps an Koniw in a mothers who rend Ivory .i.s? 1n,, 1 gone sm1 re a we their agents argue that specialists then should the Case require an your articles know How to dear out a from Quot be ago of rmkoivthvo7cartierv a in Industrial practice a whatever operation in a Hospital where the Young baby a nose. My baby was so daily. The pulp of Ripe banana raw la littaur they May be a can give injured Well known medical oligarchy has or Quot lie con Al scarcely breathe. Is an excellent thing to feed a Young Hmer Polyn. In Tel Vii Irmi Trio a a to Ioos a 1 j1,11 1 Bis stomach Bead lower infant especially where there is Mal ill Nia flu nutrition and the constipation of under w,.?eyer.thtn0 ring pen that the big p. A. 0. A Boj to surf it. Workmen better treatment than or control you know the american him have a Good cry. Then diary doctors can. Of course pm College of surgeons a it might Hap 1 it Lim to sleep in that position it. J torn no badly i life. I have Rhiew a a a a. Her three children bidder who has found it impossible let the Ordinary doctor treat his a and it always a great Relief. To get along in private practice tint in their very exclusive inst answer it is a Good. Sens Hie Mideu feeding. Copyright John f. Dille co his ing in any Little pet medical tyros staff would not consent to believe it saved or giving the Plant Job to the Low state would a not consent Toj,rl0 1 j Zulj our Moltu it a Fum it possible the Ordinary doctor treat his a practice. Tint in their very exclusive inst for your efforts by the View that is if a fog has not set in at any rate you can imagine what it would 1$ Ake if there were no fog. After that you can Converse with the old timer 20 years your senior and no sign Ai fatigue who is always to be found at the top of the mountains and who will Tell you of Al the mountains he has climbed which Are higher More arduous and More Beautiful than this one. Good land still tilled \ it is significant that while More than 75.000 farms have been abandoned in the United states since 1920, there has been a marked increase in truck farms near cities and the larger steady Drift to cities from Rural districts tends to increase the demand for and curtail production of foodstuffs but for every farm abandoned several truck farms have been established to make up the food deficit in the City zone More poultry Yards and Apple and peace Orchards Are to be found from year to year. Small but intensive vegetable gardens Dot the landscape within marketing distance of the larger communities. There need be no fear that Good arable land in the agricultural country will be abandoned. The Lenn years have to be taken with the fat. Most of the abandoned farms Are not Worth cultivating and no Rich farming land Long untitled. Chorus an As Sembly of naked dancing girls used by the talkie producer As a substitute for j ideas. Laj a True Hick town is one where the Only temptation on sunday is to turn the dial and get a Little jazz. Now the word a a smart describes the effect of a new hat but in the old Days it was a result of studying or spanking. Modern parents May know less about raising boys but they have at least Learned better than to raise them by the ears. Ufi in Yon it by Maurice Ketten w Jil by 9 is 4/ x v # copyright pros publishing company St new York Imo new York Stock Exchange transactions compiled by Goodbody amp company Geneva Branch office 94 Seneca St. Bee you vjan7fd at the phone answer Fok he please the new College girl Ontario county parents with daughters who will enter College next fall sometimes put in Wakeful nights wondering whether the educational institutions of this decade will turn their girls into the athletic sophisticated cheer leading flappers of the Post War period or whether there is a Chance that Jane and Sarah will return Home in another four years cultivated and attractive Young women. Such parents May take Comfort in the knowledge that the old fashioned phrase a womanly woman is enjoying a renewal of collegiate popularity and that with the return of longer skirts and longer hair has come a revival of that outmoded feminine Quality Charm. At Wellesley this Spring certain girls were accorded special honors a possessing this attribute. The Choice was Basea of scholar americanism adults breaking Laws and chasing easy Money telling adolescent boys they must work hard and be Good in order to succeed. In so i of so when Congress Isnit in session tile lobby committee can have a Good time by joining some sewing Circle. The idea of protecting minorities Isnit yet eligible for the Hall of Fame. Candidates for the Hall of Fame must have been dead full 25 years. Legal technicalities Are puzzling but As we understand it a liquor Container is illegal unless it can walk. The Man who howls most when the restaurant service is imperfect is the one who eats in the �?3 Kitchen at Home. Statisticians Tell us someone is Hurt every 30 seconds in an american Home. This should teach us to Clear the track Between the dining room and the garage. America preserves Fine old traditions. Observe that mail carriers Wear the same Confederate uniform made famous by the a foot whether he a a a poor misguided boy or a a Nasty Little Crooks depends on whether he steals the other Fellows pulse or yours. They by the Gulf Stream is drawing in closer to new Yore of. Maybe it noticed the Welcome Given the Stream from Canada. Correct this sentence a the political Boss instructs me to turn you Loose a said the magistrate a but i shall give you the copyright 1930, publishers Syndicate Geneva n y. D. S. T. A client Jants to Cee Hou Obi kit. Dus nest e Cee Hiti take cake Tiit. A Crowe Home / am very to Zed join close 2.10a am can saturday today 110v4 114% am Loco no sales 50% am smelters 56% 56 am t and t 203 206% Anaconda 48% 47% Asso Gas and flee 29% 30% Atchison 206% 207 bait and Ohio 101% 102 Beth steel 77% 80 Ches and Ohio 179% 174 Chi and n w 72 71% Consol Gas 102% 105 Corn products 89 93% East Kodak 185% 189% Erie r r 37% 37% Gen elec 66% 67% Gen foods 53 52% Gen motors 49% 41 Gen by Sig 76 77% get nor pad 82 79% Glidden 16 17 Illinois Cen no sales 116 int har 77% 80 Kennicott 36 38% Lehigh Valley no sales 64% Mack truck 50 50% Miami Copper 16% 16% to Pac 65%. 65 to pc pad 120% 120% Mont Ward 34% 35% new Haven 104 104% n y Cen 155% 157% Northern Pac 75% 72 Packard 12% 13 Penn by 70% 71 radio 33% 35% Reading i Rock Island 108 107 101 too Sears Roe 67% 68 Sinclair 21% 20%stan Oil of n j 62% 64% son Pac 111% 111% i Southern by too 103% St Paul 13% 13% Studebaker 26 26% Texas. Co 50% 51 Trico no sales 30% j Union Pac 208% 209 u s rubber 20% 21% in s steel 165% 156% Wabash no sales 34% Westinghouse 129% 132 i West Union 158 157 Honeoye a mrs. Edward Hargrave and daughter Eleanore of Albany Are guests of or. And mrs. G. W. Deal. Wales Duffy of Syracuse spent several Days last week with his Kotlier mrs. I. Duffy. Emily Deal of Clifton Springs was a recent guest of her parents or. And mrs. G. W. Deal. Genevieve Erdlac of Canandaigua daughter of or. And mrs. John Erdle is spending some time with Hei grandparents or. And mrs. James Meehan. Janet Abbey of Niagara Falls tis visiting her grandmother mrs. Jennie Abbey. The school picnic held thursday afternoon at the foot of Honeoye Lake West Side was Well attended. The ladies Aid society will picnic at Hemlock Lake Park thursday june 26. Pauline Brink was graduated from West Bloomfield High school Friday evening. East Bloomfield a funeral i services for Percy l. Gattling took j place saturday afternoon from wheelers funeral Home. Rev. Roy f. Gamble pastor of the first Congre a National Church officiated. Bearers were Harry Sweeney James Howes James Crowley Elmer Wood Edward Mccarthy and Francis Swee i Ney. Interment was in East Bloom i Field cemetery. Cornish Bailey East Bloomfield a h. Duane Bailey and Cora May Cornish daughter of or. And mrs. Arthur Cornish of West Bloomfield were married Friday afternoon in the congregational parsonage in East Bloomfield by Rev. Roy. F. Gamble i the brides parents and mrs. Hiram Bailey Mother of the Bride Groom were in attendance. Primary grades picnic Seneca castles the primary grades of the Seneca Castle school of which mrs. Jennie Hiler is the teacher held their picnic Friday with Many entertainment features and a Bountiful lunch. A Large number of parents and friends attended. In Token of the regard held local school she with a handbag. Was presented. Willys Over 6 >4 6 Willys Over cd no sales no sales Call Money 2 1-2%. Sales to 2.10 p. M., 3,196,800. Market Rall de after morning Low. I

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