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Canandaigua Daily Messenger Newspaper Archives Jul 23 1938, Page 1

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Canandaigua Daily Messenger (Newspaper) - July 23, 1938, Canandaigua, New York Non daily Usu readers More Ontario county readers than any other Ontario county paper. Coven thu people 7 the weather Little change in temperature. I Oli Ible rain tonight and Sun Day. Established in 1797. Vol. 172. Canandaigua n. Y., saturday july single copy 3 cents German pact talked map Emmet i japanese make rabbi Sells Lee Cream again i talk of rest Japan soviet Border clash is reported tension renewed. Today As result of new War incident a action is feared Jap motorboats charged with violating the soviet Frontier Moscow k report is of a Border clash and a japanese on the soviet Island fam gov renewed far East Ern tension today just As it was subsiding after a japanese protest that soviet troops had violated the Manchu kaon Frontier july 11. Dispatches from Khabarovsk siberian City near the Mancho Kuoan Border said two japanese manch of Kuoan motorboats violated the soviet Frontier near the settlement of on thursday and landed a military detachment on fam gov. Soon afterwards the reports said a soviet Cutter passing the Island was feed and a brisk Exchange of bullets followed result ing in the wounding of two japanese Mancho Kuoan soldiers and the capture of one machine gun one japanese rifles and a Quantity of ammunition the encounter said Tass rus Sian news Agency occurred on the ussury River North of the Chang Kuofeng distinct near where Sibena japanese Korea and Man Rhou Kuo meet and where red sol Diers on july 11 occupied a piece of land which both Russia and Manchukuo claim. A Tokyo foreign office spokes Man denied yesterday that Japan threatened Force to eject the sol Diers although Tokyo newspapers quoted a spokesman that Russia s action must be interpreted As a Challenge to he was re ported to have said Russia must Ime responsibility for results of the Border incident and declared Japan is ready and has every right to take All necessary Steps. Russia rejected flatly the japanese protest about the incident the general impression Here yesterday was that the soviet s firm attitude toward the japanese de mands for withdrawal from Chang million voters deciding today Texas issues Riiber Natoria scramble most exciting fight in Many years Ruth Christian Whittier 21, is limn at her be veiny mass., Home Between sessions of court hearings on her petition for Choice from her wealthy shipbuilding husband Frederick g. Whittier or. More production noted business on upward swing now democrats push plenty of strength is being1 shown for w. L. O Daniel Austin. Tex. Million c t Irens stepped into balloting Booths today for a showdown on the mos1" unpredictable i sup Ai Texas Polit ical potent of Moun Tain music not since the me edible1 race Blacksmith Bob Williams made in of 08 without leaving his forge or perhaps the a k Tun or Farmer Jim m 1914 has the electorate been of excited by a gubernatorial scramble. A new personality w. App o Dar ice. The Campaign m o a to aveling the Foit Woith flour broker campaigned atop a round truck with a Lanng ill till band and a Promise of monthly pensions for the data is sought in Tva rat situation Knoxville Tenn. In a Conics signal committee investigating activities of the Tennessee Val Ley authority sought information today from director David e Lilienthal on the theory of rate making by which the Tva Vai stick was developed. test fied yesterday that the rate making policy had the approval of president Roosevelt and the Federal Power commission. He told the committee Tva Are sound and Are in tact too High the directors statements marked the opening phase of h a defense of or Arthur e. Chai nmn of the earlier was consequently a noticeable de crease m excitement Over the Inci Dent although there was a spirit of watchful waiting. Girdler subpoenaed in Little steel strike Washington chairman Lafollette Prog wis said today the Senate civil liberties commit tee had subpoenaed Tom Girdler chairman of Republic steel corp oration in connection with its m Quiriy into the 1937 Little steel strike t f. Patlon Republic attorney said that Girdler desired an Opportunity to appear before the com Mittee and that his testimony would be As Strong and pictures Sjue As that of labor leaders. The committee was in recess in next wednesday to permit at taches to study financial records of Hill and Knowlton Cleveland pub Lic relations firm concerning a Survey of labor relations made Foi six steel companies. A can to charges Morgan in the week Linenthal no used or. Morgan of n Campaign of defamation against him present chairman Harcourt a. Morgan the witness denied or Morgan s assertion thai tin basis for Tva rates had been leva cd and that he continue his study of documents and me Mcnanna As the Houston carried him to Waitl new fishing and sightseeing spots in the stoned Galapagos islands. The chief executive Les Civco ii this of his vacation cruise consideration of various matter i his quiet study ship Cool Southwest Bee yes Teidan checked an expected Rise in Toni be ratites As the Houston sped at i knots Over the course be Forest Blaze causing heavy losses West Portland. Ore. In hazy Blue woo smoke turned the Sun into a deep red disc today to re mind the Northwest where More them 50 per cent of the population derives its livelihood from the Lum b i Industry that a Forest famine approached. Fire the most spectacular and Tropic method of liquidating the s Gie lest resources was foil most in Public concern this Vick for the forests future. But fre has but a comparatively minor Lole in Hie annual Board foot depletion despite thousands of acres devastated this week by Forest flames. A report from the regional of fice of the National resources committee estimated that a single year s depletion amounted to 12 and one half billion Board feet of announced landings were effected at several Points on the Southern shores of the Yangtze River put Ting the invaders within ten Miles of Kiu Kiang 135 Miles Down the Yangtze from the chinese Provis ional capital. These developments followed by a Lew minutes the japanese Success m crossing the narrow Entrance to Loyang Lake ten Miles East of Kiu Kiang after three weeks of Terri fic bombardments. The japanese thus gamed a favored position for a drive against the big Nanchang air base. The communique said japanese aviators intensively bombed Chi Nese troops Manning defences on the Yangtze s South Bank while other fliers machine gunned Chi Nese forces attempting to halt the japanese infantry. A Kiang s defences had been badly shattered by repeated raids and the chinese scorched Earth policy of leaving nothing useful be Hind but chinese fighters remaining in the City took positions in hastily dug Street trenches and ruined buildings to await the approach of 8.000 japanese massed at nearby Hukow. Severe fighting was progressing meanwhile throughout Shansi pro Vince. Chinese reported the Japan Ese were unable to perfect their organization for a projected Offen Sive across the yellow River against Fungkwan and Loyang. Considered the gateways to Shenski province communist stronghold. Chinese troops at lacked japanese garrisons and transports All along the aided by heavy la Falls that mired the invaders detained by police for a couple of hours on a alleged charge of sell ing ice Cream Uit Hoat a License. Rabbi David s Savitz above of the Bronx new York was later released. The rabbi head of a jewish Community Center said he in route to his children s Day Camp with a cargo of tha Frozen dessert. Shown Here celebrating their pal s return Are Ronald Mcdill left and Claude King. Regulation of report British freighter has been fired on is proposed Washington recon counted for ten billion feet and fire insects and disease Lac re a aider. Cio amendments to be asked of Congress Washingtton up the c. I. O. Announced today it would Spon Sor amendments to the Walsh Heally government contacts act at the next Congress even broader than those which House committees bottled up six weeks ago. John l. Lewis chairman of the committee for Industrial Organiza Tion went to the capital twice in the closing Days of the session to exert his personal influence but failed to obtain House approval of the legislation. Those amendments would have compelled concerns with contracts of at least with the govern ment to observe not Only the Walsh Healey wage hour standards but decisions of the National labor relations Board. Has heart attack Hornell Coroner m. G. Burch said last night Robert Mccorduck about 22, of Hornell suffered a heart attack while swim Ming in nearby Cana Cadea Creek. He died while being taken to a Doc Tor s office Burch said. Foreign i cations committee proposed today that the United states chop Elton seek new commercial treaties Wilif and the Halapt All the american republics these agreements the senator said should eliminate in the future difficulties such As those now existing Over the seizure of american property m Mexico. The Senate Leader in tonal affairs gave warm support to last Preu Taos. Sales estimated Washington .-t5 the agn Cululi e department predicted today that Farmers would receive about inter a a 000 from sales of farm i products and government by Neh Secretary Hull s note demanding that Mexico submit to arbitration the claims of american citizens on expo plated Anim lands payments during the Juh septem Ber Pend. Total ice its for this Herod last were estimated at worst fire in history Seattle pillars of fire danced Mac lev through Virgin Van Over Wand Timber today As the Loibl Forest file in the Island s la Story burned uncontrolled and bang crop sly close to several communities. The Blaze. 100 Miles North of Vic Toria was the Norst m the fire dotted Pacific Northwest even be fore it doubled its area in eight hours yesterday officials estimated it had Cove cd More than acres. At Headquarters most of 000 feet of Jared logs went up in smoke despite the efforts of loggers tinned firemen. Buildings in the Village escaped damage because streams of water were played on them constantly. Emendations for Federal state regu lation of the nation s richest milk Market the new York Metio Poh Tan Aiea were placed a foie ice of new York s 000000 Dairy Industry today by the agricultural adjustment administration emphasizing the recommendations were drafted at the request of new York producers harried by Competition beyond the state s bord Hon Kong in British authorities receded a Leport from the British freighter Leana today that she had been stopped and searched by a japanese warship ten Miles off Hon Kong after a warning shot had been fired across her Bow. Talk of fresh alignments in Europe heard rumoured As a possible Means of relieving great tension Germany involved Hope for understanding seen in visit of King George London talk of new peace preserving alignments swirled Over Europe today As Bri Tish French and German leaders each with a wary Eye on the others discussed with their own aide Means of relieving Central european tension. Some quarters close to the Lon Don government mentioned the possibility of a non aggression pact among France soviet Russia and Germany As a possible Way out of a huddle arising from self government demands of nazi supported sudeten germans in Czechoslovakia. Another suggestion was that Ger Many might approve a four Power plan involving France Germany Britain and Italy to work out a sol ution. Still another was a reported Ger Man willingness to enter rimmed. Lately a non aggression pact with Czechoslovakia if the sudeten prob pm could be answered. Prime minister Neville chamber am of great Britain discussed the Point with his foreign minister vis count Halifax who returned from the 2.915-ton left Manila May freighter which 11 for Hon Kong was the first foreign vessel to be feed upon during the japanese South China blockade. Meanwhile chinese reported 300 persons were killed or wounded in v a marketing m the populous me Tuiolo which the raiders and stability to the Industry producers and dealers were muted to file the do Patmont of agriculture by August 2 arguments for or again the proposed agree ment which would affect about in streets. Changsha. On the Canton Hankow railway is one of the Cit ies listed by the japanese recently As Kelv to be bombed. The chinese also said that More than 100 persons were killed Dur 000 dairymen in six Stales after ing a japanese bombardment of studying these arguments the Sec j Island off Swaton on the farm land seizure action is proposed Mexico City the for eign office worked today on its re ply to Secretary Hull s pointed suggestion that Mexico do something about Faim lands seized from unit Pel Stales citizens but there was no official intimation As to what the reply might be. Unofficial sources suggested the Forcin office might Call attention to Mexico s indemnification Law which provides that the govern ment Mav pay for expropriated properties within ten years after they Are taken Over. It was not known however whether such a Renov would be satisfactory to the american Secretary of state or whether he would press his suggestion for arbitration of the Issue arising from the expropriation of an estimated 1000000 acip15 of land from american owners since 1927. Rotary of whether to Dio vulgate agreement. Nil decide outly China coast the proposed before the program can go to j Jef a pfc q effect it must be approved by at least two thuds of the producers. Aaa officials anticipated no hitch n the proceedings and estimated he referendum would be held and he marketing agreement put into by the end of August the program proucle.-. For in appointment of on to administer the agreement. Jeal estate soil is heard on Salamanca youth Falls from Cliff rescued by volunteers Gowanda up a Youthful mail subscribers look for your expiration notices. Send your renewal order in Advance. Insure uninterrupted Morvice. No collector will Call camper was in a Hospital in a serious condition Here today after a tall from a Cliff in a blinding rain storm last night. Walter Stoll 18, of Kenmore n. who was found unconscious at the base of a precipitous Escarp ment m Zoar Valley non a Cattaraugus Creek. Was earned up Tho Side of the Cliff m an improvised Lope Stretcher by police and Volun Teer rescuers or. Norms Frank of Collins Cen Tei who figured in the spectacular Rescue Saui Stoll a franc lured Skull and Shock from exposure. Loll and Bruce Upton. 16, also of Kenmore had been camping near by and had hiked into the Zoar Valley. In a deep Ravine known As the the two youths started to climb the sheer Escarp ment. Upton said that they reached a Point some 60 or 70 feet above the floor of the Ravine when he noticed Stoll had lost his balance and fallen. He said Stoll was lung partly in the Creek Waters when he reached him. Upton made his Way by a Ciu ruinous route to a neighbouring farm and Gowanda police were called. Or. Frank arrived alter a Rescue party let itself Down the face of the Cliff on a he followed them Clown the Slippery rope Ard gave the youth first Aid. Thev improvised a Lope Stretcher and carried the unconscious youth to the top. Chief Gilbert Harris of Gowanda police said a blinding ram and electrical storm hampered then work. Stoll fell about 4 p. M. And the Rescue was not completed until 11 p. M. New move by Dewey seems Likely today new York a new Lega move by District attorney Thomas e. Dewey appeared Likely today to delay until the Middle of next week a showdown on whether he must name m Advance of trial the judges he charged that James j. Hocs District tammany Leader agreed to try to bribe. Hines. J. Richard Dixie Davis attorney for the late dutch Schultz. And six of Schultz s henchmen Are accused of conspiracy in the opera Tion of a policy Racket. Their trial is scheduled August 15. Dewey yesterday asked state sup reme Cost Justice Ferdinand Pec Ora for a a argument monday on the Justice s order requiring Dewey to furnish hints with a Bill of particulars on the stale s Case. Stock Market booms at closing session new York demands for motor shares turned on the Given lights for another Forward push in the Stock Market just be fore the finish in the week s Deal Ings today. Suggestions from Tracte source that the country May face a new car shortage late m the year if 10 cent sales improvement continued seemed to a Weite speculation in automobile stocks. General motors in heavy was pulled up Neaily to the highest quoted this year. Puck of Veie quoted at to expectations of a Furtner use ii steel production next week helped the industries Stock fall in line or the Advance. U. S. Steel 50 to 37 duplicating the pre Nous Peak of the Iii Iimori Bull mar Treasury report Washington position of the Treasury on july 21 receipts expenditures net balance including 45 working balance. Business Buffalo m improved business and employment in new York stale s second City have taken n decided turn for the a Buffalo newspaper Survey showed today. Flour production was reported As running at the highest or very near the highest rate in More than a year in this milling Center. Ket. And Bethlehem higher at 12 closed demanded in primary Topeka Kas. Many re publican leaders joined today in demanding the defeat in the aug. 2 in Marv of the Rev. Gerald b. We Rod Wichita evangelist lecturer no l in us bid Foi nomination for the u. S. Senate seat held by George Mcgill Democrat John Hamilton National chair Man yesterday warned Kansas re publicans if or Omrod is Nom j mated our Oarth in Kansas Wil i the for the cd a be on the wrong Side of a vital is i appellate division Roche set for the foil on prominent republicans including William Allen White Emporia editor recently issued a state ment accusing Wigod of nazi sympathies and of utterances against jews. Catholics clinches. And protestants came out icle thud time in 42 today 10 hol an Elri Ordinary session to Cox Irie ical estate fun t against a Citi presiding Justice pm Les b of died a special session in Burin to to hear the Suil of Jonn Wal ath Salamanca taxpayer who ec1 a of the City to spend sp5000 for repairs to a building by the of Simanca i Hough tax Ionec Oure Pappis in the suit Sel out that a private individual has offered to buy the fo1 a Oil Pur poses on a stipulation in Irine cite 1 judge Brvant reserved decision decision reserved Malone Federal judge Fredenc h Bryant faced today the difficult task of deciding whether or not Anson Stark s Bull has a be Gal right to be in this country. After hearing conflicting evidence. Paris conferences on the internal ional situation resulting in Anglo French reaffirmation of brotherly love. The French Cabinet was called to meet today in a special session to review the French position in the Light of the latest diplomatic moves. At the same time or. Herbert von Kirksen German ambassador to London left for Berlin to report to Chancellor Adolf Hitler on his 45 minute Courtesy Call on chamber lain yesterday when Chamberlain was understood to have told the envoy he shared Hitler s desire to set the european problems peacefully. Some London circles Felt the talks Between Chamberlain and von Kirksen and Between lord Halifax and Captain Fritz Wiedemann hit Ler s adjutant who brought assurances of Germany s desire for peaceful settlement of outstanding questions indicated a consider Able softening of the German Atti tude. But this optimistic belief apparently found no counterpart in pans where the feeling was reported that the German gesture of peace might be an adroit move by Hitler to separate France and Britain. Talk of agreement Berlin Hopes of an ultimate understanding Between Ger Many and great Britain were nursed in official German quarters to Day As the results of King George vis state visit to France this week were studied. The optimism was based on a realization that both Britain and France seemed determined to make Clear to the czechoslovak govern ment that far reaching concessions to its clamorous autonomy seeking minorities were essential. Some newspapers emphasized this fact As a surprising action in connection with the Royal political circles wondered what new viewpoints or. Herbert von Dirksen German ambassador to repair the Sti Acturo Cha g would is a Bond of. The cause a tax . In cite in an action brought by the government to confiscate the Bull on the ground it was smuggled across the Canadian Border. Three women tourists Are missing near Cave Grants it m of police and Shenfil s began at Dawn Fitch of. Lii be Kentucky tourist missing since tuesday near Fie it Range tee of the talks to Farmers Walton d fim mar of arc i ilk plants Are the line of fortification for dairymen in Umpir Battle for better milk says Harry Carnell of Utica Secretary of the new York state Dairy Union. Carnill spoke last night at ceremonies marking the opening of the new Rock Royal Creamery Here next week s weather weekly weather great lakes Region temperatures Normal or below for the most part not much precipitation indicated. Neslein new Mexico their automobile Insl was noticed a naked near the in the heart of the Indian Minim tuesday. When it a in the same place again pcs leu in .111 ulain wn1 spiced. The women were Idun Livic cd miss ire up . Of Wip Tkv. Cranky Home Demonsi motion agent Loi Uip last five Sci Sisic i. Miss Lama Pic Viilup 47. A new Yolk Nuisl and miss mane Arlo Melte Ucol Lexington in pvt Bucior of French at the univer site of Ken tuck. To in three Hud been expected to arrive shortly Al Billings and Lewis mont., to visit Sisters of the Piedalue. Concern for their was expressed there by rela tics had received a Irum them mailed at Albuquerque tuesday. Governor Cluj do tingly came Heie Eaily today personally to head the Schaich. Officers equipped them with heavy Lopes by which to deep crevices in the Frozen and in the jagged sur Londing lava county. The women s locked automobile was found on a rough in Toad near the Cavos indicating they probably had let i it to explore the Region on foot. Inside were several bags part of a lunch their hats Money and London might bring with him As he returned for several weeks leave. His report on conversations with the British prime minister Neville Chamberlain it was hoped might put negotiations for a peaceful settlement of european problems a step Forward. Strike Short lived new York Short work of a sit Down strike of 20 Pei sons including 12 women at a Bronx Home Relief office last Light they turned off the lights closed the windows and barred the doors to sympathizers bearing food and blankets. The strikers swelter Ira in a room without fresh air Light or food gave up in disgust and left the building one officer it was possible the might have become lost 11 tin1 lagged Malpais Bart of lava formations of which the caves a part. Killed after the first insertion Al most every classified advertisement for cottages on the Lake has been ordered kilted. Reason there arc More people looking for cottages than there Are cottages. You have a cottage for tent advertise it in the classified columns of the daily messenger phone 897 today s results today

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