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Canandaigua Daily Messenger Newspaper Archives Dec 20 1965, Page 4

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Canandaigua Daily Messenger (Newspaper) - December 20, 1965, Canandaigua, New YorkPage four monday december 20, 1985 the daily messenger Canandaigua new York d Milord ii us major told it b7 Kinin Delict s4 pm mall a Trot x. Y., sh-07zo i pm Tel u. Bwint incs Itoi Arar uru h. Iwler pm dral h. Kylar Edour a uni if w. 0. Edour a. Wal a. k. Hell twin Clint Kari Piper Mil Lihtz Thi re str Minth in till Cut Urr. Established 179s year the Kettle and the kid the Story that follows is True. It happened in Bangor. Maine at Christmas time in 1952. The author is John j. Lindsay who was then a reporter on the Bangor daily commercial and is now a staff member of the Washington Bureau of Newsweek Magazine. The raw wind whipped around the Corner of Exchange Street in Bangor. It Tore at the ragged ends of the kid s faded Mackinaw. He hunched up his shoulders and half turned to fend off the prob ing chill clutching his solitary Wreath tighter against his stomach Knuckles tiny Grey spots against the grime of his hands. He threw an occasional curious troubled glance at the old Man huddled against the Corner of the building protected from the wind by a solid vertical column of masonry. It was the supper hour. Only a few Busy people hurried past. A Ruddy pleasant faced Man Burly in a heavy overcoat trimmed with a fur Collar hesitated then stopped when he saw the kid. His hand v plunged into his pocket. He bought the last Wreath smiled a merry Christmas to the kid and passed on. He did not glance at the old Man. Nor did the old Man seem aware of his passing. Backed against the steamed up plate Glass window the kid studied the Bright half Dollar. He turned it Over in his hand. He looked up and Down Trie Street once. The old Man turned his eyes slowly downward to where the boy now stood before him on the Side walk his expression revealed nothing for an in it ant lost somewhere probably in memories. Tjien the old Man s mind registered. He stirred As the boy s hand came out the Flat glittering against the Grimy open Palm like a shining Dollar sunk in Grey Cement. No words had been spoken. The old Man shifted his feet. He looked at the boy s face bordered at the top by a leather Pilot s Cap brim its symmetrical lines broken Here and there by Tufts of matted Brown hair. Perhaps it was the Sharp claws of the wind. It was raw enough to moisten eyes. But the old Man s weathered face just under the eyes glistened in the Vari coloured lights of the overhead Christmas bulbs. A troubled Shadow descended Over the boy s face like a Shade drawn on a brightly lighted win Dow. Involuntarily his hand withdrew a few inches. Fingers closed Over the shining half Dollar. Then unaccountably the boy lowered his head. Though he bit his lip he wept too. Passers by hurried on without a glance. They had troubles of their own. For a few seconds the two tattered specks of humanity stood in tableau. Two Sparks from the Grindstone of life. The chilled kid the cold feet and the faded Mackinaw possessing Only unbounded Hope. The old Man Long past Hope with Only Mem ories of perhaps better maybe worse Christ Mases. They were standing a few feet apart but essentially were separated Only by time. Time a mean ingless abstraction to the old Man an eternity to the kid. Finally the. Old Man stirred. The kid withdrew the Yoneji n Long withered hand fell on the kid s shoulder. It squeezed once tight. You re was All the old Man said his lips scarcely moving. He nudged the kid along the sidewalk. The kid followed along at his Side with just a questioning glance through his drying eyes. They stopped near the uniformed Man absently ringing a Bell As much to warm himself As to draw attention to the Metal pot suspended on a red Tri pod on the sidewalk. The old Man motioned toward the pot. The kid edged Forward his Grimy fist unwound the half Dollar glittered once and disappeared. The two solitary figures shuffled across the Street and disappeared into the dimly lighted restau rant. Inside they talked. What they said is theirs. Eavesdropping would have been an impertinence. The old Man paid the Check. It was 52 cents. Back on the sidewalk the old Man extended his hand the kid grasped it. Merry Christmas mis his High pitched voice prayed. The old Man nodded his eyes twinkled momentarily. God bless you. God bless he said. The kid hands shoved deep into his Mackinaw moved away in the darkness. The old Man watched for a moment then turned slowly and shuffled around the Corner up the Hill where the yellow Light fanned Down on the Side walk from a Side door. He disappeared inside the warmth of the salvation army. Two human souls perhaps forever physically separated were suspended As one for a fleeting moment in history. Revealed to Thorn was the Awe some meaning of Christmas. So awesome they new look needed by John Chamberlain a group of Yale University professors and students including an eminent divine an Emi nent Dante scholar an eminent authority of Melville s moby and to be perfectly fair a few eminent political scientists i ave signed one of those newspaper advertisements calling for a nationwide reappraisal of our far Eastern the name of the group Spon Soring Hie advertisement is american for reappraisal of far Eastern policy and it wants to negotiate with red China beginning with the ques Tion of red chinese admission to the in. Well in a fluid world there is nothing eternally sacrosanct about any. Policy. But just How do you negotiate with a country like red China where to you begin when the conditions Are All Laid Down for your defeat before you have even so much As opened your Mouth and How do you Trust a Man like Mao tse Tung who says that political Power grows out of the barrel of a let s Start with this mat Ter of in admission before go ing on to other matters in the far East that the Yale minority thinks need the red chinese have spurned the in recently and have even talked of setting up a rival peace body. But they have said enough in. The past to. Indicate they might condescend to take a seat by Manhattan s East River if the rest of the world would be Good enough to change the in Char Ter and expel All imperialist puppet the Taiwan Chi As we push Ever More deeply into the universe lbs Moholen controversy -1 dear Abby Job for salesmen t by Abigail Van Buren dear Abby Why do most dawdling. Men prefer to buy their own Are to years children form no matter How poor heir habits so give her a cer their taste is rather than let lain amount of Une like is their wives go shopping with minutes in which to eat them i know very few men Cereal and remove whose wives could t dress them bowl. Full or empty she better than they dress them. Trained you to accept her fid selves. Most men know nothing doing around. Change her tune about style. They come out of and rain her to get on with the store with something just the business of eating at meal like what they went in with. Time. You have to look close to see if they re wearing their new Blue suit or their old one. You should write a whole column on How the Well dressed Man should dress. Sick of slobs dear sick i Don t have to write a column on How men by United press International today is monday dec. 20, i Day of 1905 with 11 to men s clothing store and ask one m of the salesmen for guidance. Rulle morning stars Ara men who sell men s clothing arc Mercury and Jupiter among the Busl dressed men in the evening stars Are Venus the country. They make an lion Saturn and Jupiter. Est Effort to sell the customer those born monday Are under what is right for him. And Only Lyle s a Sagittarius. Ameri if they fall will they let him can manufacturer and producer buy what he wants regardless. Rubber. Harvey j was born on this Day in 1868. Dear Abby please answer on this Day in history this soon As it is very important la to me. There is this real cute officially took Over Arpra Bov at school and i like him France the land bought in tin very much but he does t like me he likes another girl. She in 1864, Gen Wilham t. Is real popular and i am not. Sherman completed his Marci this girl has a big Mouth Ter to the sea and arrived ii Rible personality and she s a big satvann.a0ll Gaa show off but she s Good look in 1922, the 14 russian ing and that s Why she s popu republics combined to form Lar this in t just my opinion. Union of the soviet socialist today s almanac should dress. Any Man who wants to be Well dressed needs Only o walk into a first class editor s note late in 1958,c Eilif will begin dig Ging in the floor of the Paci Wiitan no deepest Noie Man has Ever dug. This is the first of three dispatches on project Mohorc. N my of course have to thrown out red China has press said it won t sit with the Kai Shek lots of kids with me. I republics. Am not cute but i am not ugly in per cent of the Earth s layers of the Earth already is either. This boy is going to ask material and in the Center is being harnessed in Japan and his girl to go steady. I told him the Yolk the Earth s liquid Core. Italy to generate electricity he is making a big mistake and the Mantle is Moholen s prime the deeper hotter portions of he said that was for him to objective although samples of the Earth May produce even decide. What can i do to get the crust will be obtained first More efficient Energy. Him from halt a dozen Sites. Oil yield possible likes him so far Mankind has barely Oil has been found in offshore dear likes nothing. No Ontario servicemen an plane Walsm. Gazette scratched the Shell. But on the Arcas Anci there is no reason to boy likes to he fold whom to Ontario repository founded Isopi basis of Flimsy indirect infer believe it does not exist under like and and coaching from the Washington up mation hundreds of theories the deep sea. The drilling sidelines will Only make him consolidated 1s62 Tho daily in of Arthur Conan Doyle s have been evoked about the equipment being used for More determined to make in his Senger founded Dot. Pm Phina novels a scientist dug a Hole origin and development of the Moholen is the most sophistical own Milnrt. It s not possible to fun him Nurmi min eight Miles through the crust of Earth. One of Moholen s objected Ever devised and May make throw Murt without of the Earth and found a Gray lives is to help substantiate or it practical someday to take Oil on yourself so my adv. Entered As second class matter some Poai oif Ico. Canandaigua n. Advice to Here a it Craft swim blab disprove these hypotheses. It toe the Yon is of concent on making subscription the Taman chinese 01their have Milleras that lie in yourself More and of carrier5 paid in if Iii Lour the Rover boys explored that the continents Are Drifting ule Ocean sediments. Ref Cpl of Cut other in acc per year for he Interior of the Earth with a the no icebergs on one of the project s chief girls Clown. To the wolves mechanical mole. The sea. Tie continents they experiments will be to test How t Advance year or Jules Verne s heroes descend say fit together like a giant Rast sound Waves travel dear Abby t have a sex months Tor 3 months. By Down a Volcano into the Jigsaw can be through the Earth. This will be daughter who is seven Vears old Man elsewhere in the . Paid n Titis no could be Centra i squeezed quite nicely into the am by dropping a Hydrophone and Abby she is about the arranged if the . Were sufficiently machiavellian to United Stales is Northwestern Corner of North Ima the Hole and Selling off an slowest-1 Nater i have Ever seen. Rann. Rovic Corn .an-i., College preparing to Drill a six mile America South America and explosion Miles away. It. Took her. 45 minutes Loca a away from Home crossword by Eugene Beffer twisting there would t be a Effort to put a Man on the other theories account for Hie Moholen project s director try to pet to eat faster or not. Country in the world that would Moon to existence of the entire Earlh scientists have pushed can you advise me continue to Trust he , in any conceived half in jest eight Pacific Basin by plucking out postulate and theory to the vital matter. Years ago Moholen is a deadly crustal material which now limits and we find ourselves under red , Effort to unlock the presumably constitutes the Back once again with the the Only Way to make the in Earth s secrets. Moon. Rock Universal is to begin by fore it is controlled and financed was there once a in the rocks of Rel Earth Lill ing the non universality of Tai ulc National science foun an disappeared believes there May Well be wan a nation of 12 million peo a Federal Agency which Many geologically old so answers vital to the nation s pie. Twelve million in t so promotes pure research. Opera Dunets on the continent seem Effort to find out what is on the much but it s More than live in Giorl of no project has been have been derived from the Moon. The Maldive lands. Entrusted to a prime Condrac erosion of off Shore land it is not Only timely but another condition Laid Down Tor Brown Root inc., of masses not now known to a gently necessary that we by the red chinese is that the Houston tex., which Hopes to geologists Hollis d. Know enough about the Interior in repudiate its 1951 Resolution begin drilling operations 125 Hedberg and Creighton a. Burk of the Earth to enable us to condemning peking As an a Miles Northeast of Honolulu late wrote last year. Interpret effectively the returns Pressor in Korea. Thus there in 1868. The Moholen scientists also expected from the nation s could be no negotiations looking results unknown would be disappointed if some planetary and lunar to seat red China in the in no one knows for sure what treasure of practical use to he says without the in itself eating pl.0bc will yield humanity were not found on the Lin Points to the discovery in Crow. By observing Shock Waves Way Down. The Mariner spaceflight that even the league of nations from earthquakes and explode. William h. Tonking. A Magnet Field is less than feeble Reed that it was refused Sions seismologists have con Brown Root geologist said in i Looth that of Earth s. If we to bless the russians for a strutted a fairly reasonable 1963 the types of Rock to be had not know there was a Gressin in Finland in fact it Cross Section of found in deeper crustal areas magnetic Field on Earlh we expelled the russians for their thing like a soft boiled egg. The and the upper Mantle Are the in avidly could have discovered behaviour. Shell is the Earth s crust the habitat of chromite Platinum jts virtual absence on As for Nee Omiatine a peace while its dense Gold Nickel and diamonds. Says. Of the Viet Nam hard substance comprising 70 steam from upper crustal two Earth layers the idea that there is a definite Clear distinction be tween the top and second layers of the Earth was first broached by a yugoslav seismologist Andrija Mohorovicic he observed that seismic Waves generated by the 1909 croatian earthquake travelled through the Earlh at iwo speeds. His conclusion the faster Waves had travelled through a layer of dense More Clastic Rock underlying the crust. The existence of the line Tiow known As the Mohorovicic discontinuity to to for since has been con mrs. C. Bally messenger will be Drar mrs. A forty five to hav r ils called to minutes is far too Lolly to sit appear in uie Over a bowl of Cereal. She s not Dell Oren 01 advertising columns. War North Viet Nam s to Chi Minh has said he will talk when the . Has departed from Sai gon. Very Nice of the old revolutionary. We might meet him on his own terms by saying that we will talk when he gets his troops and agents out of South Viet Nam. By All Means let the South vietnamese govern themselves without the intervention of either to Chi Minh or Lyndon John son or for that matter Mao tse Tung. Any time a reappraisal involves an even handed quid pro quo we Are All for it. The advertisement signed by a minority of the Yale Community and sponsored by americans for reappraisal of far Eastern policy says the United states and China Are on a collision Pardon me but the . In t touching a single blessed thing that red China owns. We have studiously and systematically refrained from giving Chiang Kai Shek offensive military weapons such As big bombers or missiles or atomic warheads. Contract Bridge 3 y b j a y be eke r top record Holdar in masters individual championship play North dealer. Both sides vulnerable. North v a j9sg43 West 4ajhh3 East 4kq85 vk752 sooth a9762 1098642 4.853 the bidding. North East South West 1 9 Dale 2 f 84 6 Dale opening1 Ace of Spades. Here is an extraordinary hand played in a pair championship. We Don t even let him buy the results were Many and Landing Craft and during the varied at the different tables korean War we used the seventh Fleet to keep him from at tacking the chinese Mainland. If there is going to be any it will be because the red chinese get Between us but the Best result for a North South pair occur a at the table bidding went As West chose what was prob ably the Best action to take with Bis hand when he Cubid where tha shown. And the North vietnamese fore d1amond3 but North brought is that Are trying to throttle a pressure to Bear Small inoffensive agrarian pc agam3t Hoth opponents by leap pie in South Viet Nam who Are 0 six diamonds suffering because to Chi Minh should not 3ou himself had consistently refused could easily have stood to abide peacefully by the co a six Spade bid if West s hand Neva agreements in 1954. Of incidentally he signed and to. Did t. Called for it a forcing1 pass by the East would have been More nor real but in the actual Case it would probably have been in effective. Six Spades could not be made the Lead the Ace and another it could nol Havo been Defeated if East. West on Lead against six Dia monds made the unfortunate Choice of the Ace of Spades and South thereupon proceeded to make the contract. To ruffed the Spade trumped heart played a Diamond to the officer Ace learning that he had to lose when the Moholen Drill finally h 4 a

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