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Camperdown Chronicle (Newspaper) - January 13, 1891, Camperdown, Victoria National Library of Australia a masonic lecture. Of thursday evening last the members of the Leura Lodge held an emergency meeting. The was to Bro. Jno. Steane ., of the Geelong Unity and prudence Lodge deliver his Weli Fino ten lecture on the " symbolism of w.m., Bro. H. P. Coy presided supported by his officers. In his introductory remarks the lecturer said Little More than a cent Niy has passed away since the White Man first set foot on australian Anglo Saxon race have taken firm Root and Are fast spread ing to the North South East West of this great Island continent. They have Laid the foundations of an Empire j mightier than that Over which the eagles of Rome so proudly floated. They have transplanted hither the arts of civilization the Means of culture and All those institutions so fondly cherished in the land of their fore fathers. There a thousand agencies Are at work to satisfy the cravings of Man s higher and nobler nature. So too hero not Only Are his material wants More easily met but facilities Are continually increasing for satisfying Tho requirements of his mental and spiritual being. Amongst these must be classed the Noble order to which we Wong. Id most centres of population we find not Only the school and Church Bat also Side by Side with these the masonic Hall. As the school has Ever been recognized As a necessity to Supply the Young with a training which will fit them to play Well their part in the great Battle of life and As Tho Church its spire pointing heavenward supplies the place where those professing a Lite Creed May meet and worship thir Slater in com Mon so too the masonic Hall furnishes the Neutral ground where men of All classes creeds and politics May clasp hands in brotherhood May pro6t by the lessons of its Beautiful ritual May relieve the wants of suffering humanity. Free masonry i take to to one of to general carriers. W. O Gallaghan desires to inform the Public of Camperdown and surrounding District that he has comae aced business As above and is prepared to deliver All goods con signed to his care at reduced rates of charges. The Public can rely on of delivery civility and attention. Wanted of i cod general servant to a com it Patent person. Liberal wages Given. Apply to mks. J. Babbick manifold Street. Notice. Ant person or persons found shooting on the mount fyans estate will to prosecuted. We. Cumming & son. Mount Frana. December 12th 1890. Notice any person shooting on Stoneypoint estate after this Date will be prosecuted. Robert Jamieson. December 20th, 1890. " to let cottage four rooms Anil outside Kitchen near the Cricket ground. Apply Rich w. Barlow agent. To let House five booms and shop in Mani fold Street. Immediate Possession rent moderate. Apply to j. G. Upton chronicle office. To let at Peterborough Curdie s Inlet cottage containing four Komi for particulars apply to Charles Macgilvrey Peterborough fort Campbell West. To squatters Aai others for Sale. Posts rails and slabs Oulu apply Buscombe Chappe Tbell. For Pauo Edvitte Sale seed potatoes a very Early Ronni kind Good Cropper grown from the Victoria kidney grows Only about 5 pc cent Small ones. Three crops have Bee grown by us in 1g months the last Noi ready to be sold at Stevenson i Henderson or the growers. Erred Bros Lawrence sync the proceeds of the Sale to be a Odds t editor for or. Bam Anva Haass. Commercial hotel port Campbell r. A. Henderson. Staving taken the above hotel lately occupied by mrs. S. Silb offers int class " to visitors to the above Favourite watering place. Charges moderate. Prince town Seaside snorts. Desires to inform her Friend the Public and her numerous Patron a that Bavin considerably enlarged and improved the premises she is now prepared to Krc Eive visitors to this famed sea bide resort. They can rely upon receiving every attention and All the comforts of a borne. The charges will be found moderate. Beats available for fishing. Conveyances will Cobden train when desired. Visitors can arrange for conveyance to Princetown at Metser. Stan More. Bros., livery Stabler manifold Street camper Down. In order to seen re accommodation it is desirable that visitors should communicate prior to arrangements. manifold St kept a e b d o w n. Mrs. R. Cowley begs to inform her friends and the Public generally that she has taken the above establishment lately occupied by mrs Sxton and Hopes by strict attention to bassinets and the Comfort of her patrons to obtain a share of the Public support so Liber ally bestowed upon the former occupant. Private rooms required As per arrangement fake Stabl so misses Cahill t Oabed and lodging House Corner of Scott Street on Cobden raid. Good accommodation. I if Oidick ate Haege vacancies Fob boarders. The Albert Coffee Palace established 1877. Counts of Yabuka Stout act Mem 1t Square a Klong. Offers special advantages to Boarder being in close proximity to Tho laths. Shipping and Parks having Well ventilated bedrooms also Reading and smoking rooms and every accommodation. Colonial and English papers Axtt Tiv. Addition to soil Lac it neatly terms moderate. Middleton 4 m Cullagh. Proprietors. Suler Church a Haig la a grammar school a aurb a. Up. Austin ., Magdalem Colleti Xix id. This school has vacancies afr Christmas for a Lis sited number of boards. An Early application is requested. Refer Oca kindly permitted to or. J. Brass Bride Wilson h.a., Bead master v. K. G. A Geelong by whose applications will Enad until the arrival in la Airoy of or. A tin a to Waif. A it Jisc trill u a h Renwick land estate commission & insurance agent. A to � it to " Money to lend in Large or Smau sums. Books made up debts collected a office adjoining or. Bowlby a Mani fold Street age x t of r the Mutual Assurance soot to of Leto re limited. For life Assurance annuities and endowments the whole of the profits divided among the members. Premium unusually Low. Head Offick 406, Collins St., Melbourne. " agent for tha Victoria a Surano cor., limit. Authorised capital �1,000,000. Subscribed capital �898,710 paid no capital. �50,000 fire risks accepted. " office Market Street Melbourne agent for the australian a eident a Nix a be Oulu it Coy a capital. �100,000. Accidents of All kinds insured against. Claims promptly paid. Chief office forvictoria323 Collins to Melbourne. . F. J. Thwaites Koroit Istrefi Viau amyl next door to or. Fleetwood or. . Dentist Wimam Bool notifies his visit to this District As follow Camperdown Wiggins hotel thursday january both Crang Narviea hotel Friday january 9th. English and american dentistry t4iler Broth inks denial surgeons. Eng. 77 Collins Street East ital Soram. Or. visits Camperdown every month consultation at the Leura hotel in. John Ambler surgeon dentist of 178, Collins Street Melbourne to tiffs Wiggins hotel Camperdown a monthly. Next visit saturday december 6._ " Floreth Siw Cut Tatry per formed James Short. Authorised and licensed Surveyor under the land statute is prepared to exc cult All surveys with promptness and despatch. Terms moderate. Camperdown a. H. Renwick. A i \ a to i Hio Hett m Laughlin t Wrigley solicitors a Little Salop Street West feel Ono. Or. R. S. Wrigley will visit Camperdown on court Days. Office or. Bowley manifold Street . Hancock of of Toni Jolo Kotab lir ill continue his late father s w practice at Camperdown. Attendance at Wiggins Leura hotel every wednesday. Money to lend at current rates of interest. Is subs. Exc Xzin flt Spud Mic stars. On Good Freehold or leasehold securities in Large or Small sums at current rate of interest. Omen manifold Street Camperdown to Jaretta Sand Owari and Otto. Trust and other Moses for 2, 3, 4 a 6 yeahs interest from 5 per cent. L7mlg to company 323 columns stent Melbourne. Local agent a. H. Renwick. Money. Teraun Isido Ysmel Riant. Pro lend Lake or Snail sans of Trust And other moneys for term of 2, 3, 4 5, or 7 tears or a agreed upon on lease hold sad Freehold land at lowest rates of its rat. " j. M exby and 21 Market St., Melbourne. Banat for Yean 1889-90 to Mouw �980,000. Borrowers Are req Atud to plan Isamli in direct . All Taaj a so shafts al a merry Xmas and a Happy new year. T. M. Halls the popular drapery warehouse. Call and inspect Lott Oszt Wjk. By a Bhoot. This week of ladies Choice trimmed hats at Tho following Price 5s lid 8 de 12s 6d,. 16.chi Dens leghorn. Trim med hats at 39 a -. " children s Bonnet richly trimmed 2s 6d and 5.6 d. Special line ladies and children. Untrimmed leghorn Etc. At 9d each. Garden v school hats 4jde.. Galatea hats. Is Worth is 6d boys 1, g Ala teas in Good qualities. Silk mantles summer Tweed jackets. White Muslin jackets coloured jackets from 2i, 6d each. Co r sets " in great variety. A Good Corset new style 3 lid. Pink and Fawn corsets Good Corletto 4 lid. Sashes. Special value for Xmas time. Long silk sashes is 6d the Saih. Bet Tifal moire sashes in Pink Blue Maroon Etc 2 lid the Aufa. Ribbons. A new and Choice let just open of Keck ribbons 3d to,6d per Yard All Colour. Gloves. Special value for Xmas season. Coloured gloves kid top is 3d per pair. A lot of coloured gloves 6d per pair White Cream 1 tar pare silk. Gloves is lid per pair. Umbrellas. Satin umbrellas 4i 6d, 6i 6d, 8l 6d, 10i 6d, Etc special. Choice coloured Satin umbrellas Gold ribs 7i 6d, Worth 10a 6d.- the following lot of i. Dress o oods i we show this week at marvellous prices i. French fondle Choice thades Lawn Brown preen Etc., Lod per Yrd Worth is 3d. Double Width Cashmere Lud Worth is6f Fine French Cashmere newest thides is 9d, Worth 2i Oil. Roses at 3s lid the 12 Yards Worth 5s 6d prints line hams zephyrs in great variety from is 6d per Doz. Upward. A 80-Xjj r value in above this week at. . Hall s. The foil embroidered dress 10s the dress Inloe Pink Grey Etc White embroidered Robe fall dress 12i 6d. The full embroidered skirt worked to top. 6�9d. Full worked dresses also at 15a 6d, 16s 6d,1756d. Call Early and secure first Choice. T. M. 1 Hall s men s. Clothing department. Special notice. Trousers and Vest to measure a Are now doing at 30s. 100 patterns to Cocom from. Full suit All guaranteed fit and shrunk Only 50a, men s cabbage tree boating hats 6d. These Are Bono Aily Worth is. A pretty lot of the new Der b a scar f a handsome designs All shades at 1 4d. Geelong Tweed trousers is vests id 6d. Boys and youths Serge suits All Sices from 10 to 2 size 355, Well Worth 425.boys Norfolk suits. Specially Nice line at 17s 6d Boja Knicker suits 2 to 6 site 3 lid to 6 . Boots 1 boots i a new lot at popular Price Good news for the children. Dolls 1 dolls it dolls la wonderful lot of Dalls cheap t. M. Hall s. A merry Xmas and a Happy new year to All t. M. Hall the popular drapery warehouse manifold Street l Campb Browm. Gibson Moodie & ., Stock and station agents bump i cattle salesmen 476 Bourke Street West Mcl Bourne and at Camperdown right and Hitchcock s special december announcements. of toys fancy goods and other Christmas novelties a leading feature of the month. In oar wonderful shilling Box of Christmas carps. Co card new artistic design if posted 6d extra. Lil Christmas novelties a. And special value in millinery mantles jackets. Foj dress fabrics hosiery. Lacks. A see re inflow show in gentlemen s tailoring Section. Gentlemen s Mercery. Steel trunks. Portmanteau 4c. All other department equally Well represented in both variety Tad Talue. Bright & Hitchcock importers Asp fault drapers Oik Lono amp London. Ice try Christmas to ailed g. Morrison boo Freller and stationer begs to notify to hit numerous customer that he has join opened a Large Selec tion of books suitable for school prizes and rewards fancy goods. A Choice collection consisting of albums work boxes baskets writing desks photo frames tourist cases ladies bags Ink stands in sea a Illuminati a Booklet this season the assortment is very com plete and embraces every variety of object Christmas and new year cards an endless variety. Special attention is called to our 6d, is and la 6d packets. Extraordinary value. Tots toys Tot. Consisting of games dolls bats and balls toy horses and carts. Trumpets horns Tea sets a. All the latest novelties. Now Roadt australian diaries 4 almanacs m Iai Public nonce Ernest Stevens begs to inform of Coniguen Luton and sur rounding District that he has purchased or. A Kae s cab. Late or. W. Osborn and Hopes to obtain and Merit the patronage so liberally bestowed on his predecessor. All orders left at the Leura hotel pane tally attended to. Public notice. New butchering business. We. Jones wishes to inform the Iab Abitang of Camperdown and surrounding District that he in torts commencing business in the lately occupied by or. A. 11. Morri udder. Manifold Street adjoining Bank of Victoria and by supplying a first Clou m icle at a moderate charge be Hopes to Merit a fair share of to Fecit families waited on daily for orders. W. Jons3. Is november National Prutki. Is cutest k away pc Paay taut Namu Saitta. To directors Hon. N. Fitzgerad . Chairman w. Chin Esq., . M. D. M Acharn Esq. M. O Shan ass Esq., . Hon. W. I. Winter Irving . And Hon. Walter us Dan 11.l.a. Subscribed capful. �150.000 of paid up 3d.000 0 Reserve fund 23,400 0a executor trustees Sal agents for absent get. Managing director Han. Walter Maddan. Offices-454 Collins Street Corner Wil Lam Street. Mell Murati Taua for Campt Down to Vemta is Toudle s Filer urn. Ump Down. Depart 7 a m., 12.31 a a pm. A Raghid depart 7.15 a.m., 12.58 Cobden arrive 7.40 a.m., 1.10 p Cobden depart 8-2 1 a.m., 6 Naro Grid depart 8.35 a.ra., 6.15 pm camper Zowd arrive 9 a.m., 6.40 p Fares. Single return. S d. A. D. Camperdown to Cobden. 1 6 2 6 Camperdown to Narog hid 13 2 0 Narog hid to Cobden. 10 16 return tickets will also be issued from any station to Tho end of the line by train leaving Camperdown 12.31 pjn., and re turning at 6 40 All goods a carried at Ordinary depart mental rate. Buscombe Chappel it Bells Victoria College w a r r Nam Bool principal w. S. Lawson Cantab., f.l.8., . Fees per Quarter boarders Over 13 years of age 18 Gulnesa do under do 14 do weekly do Over do. 15 do do under do 12 do Day pupils Over do 4 do do under do s do Junior. 2 do evening pupils class 7 to t o clock. 2 do extras mum italia a and painting. For Forth information apply to the Jan Sipal. It Lauvima a ten teut43tmmtmm Lamb pm portent during Solo country it township proper tue Oder instructions from the axe in ton in the late or. Walker s of Dixie estate at Wiggins Leura hotel Camperdown of tuesday january 27,1891, at 2 o clock. O to Quintin to Donald associated with messes. Walker Bros. Co. 020 Achi Parish of Jan cart. 170 acre parts of Sua Gamit. To Muhip of Camperdown thru allotments. Towa Ihly of ten oat allot aunt. Particulars Black Glen estate confusing or 930 acres subdivided into 7 allotments my 77 up to 190 Anres. The whole of the Timber on Thia estate has been ringed the property is permanently watered. And comprises Good agricultural and grazing land the main Camperdown and port Camp Bell Road runs through it. Easton paddock consisting of 170 acres securely fenced with Rabbit proof wire netting and barbed wire Good grazing and agricultural land permanently watered. Tho alive property is within a mile of the Cobden Batter factory. Township of camper Dowty allotments 1 and 2. Section 20, Cimper Down containing 1 acre having a frontage to manifold Pike and Fergus Sori streets on which is erected or j. Thornton Sale Yard messes m crae and Fullarton s Timber Yards and the chronicle office. Allotment 6, Section 16, Camperdown containing half an acre with a frontage to manifold and Scott Street on which is erected or. Hudson s Blacksmith s shop and cottage. ".,. Diu Oita. 10 acre on which is erected a commodious and comfortable residence seven rooms exclusive of bathroom Kitchen servant s room and table coach House fruit and Flower Garden of 1 acre approached by a tastefully Laid out drive All in perfect order forming a charming residence. Stir a Vitca. Allotment 36 on plan of sub Divi Iiona Vlloa i Bisti. The auctioneers wish to draw the attention of intending purchasers to the fact the executors Are anxious to close the estate and consequently no reasonable bid will be refused. The situation of the country Linda is Inch that an improvement in Valuo most arise and the township allotments in pm per Down it is hard to put a value on in con sequence of tha rapidly increasing strides this picturesquely Aud prettily situated town is taking surrounded As it is by exceptionally Rich land. The allotments All lying in the most Central part of the town this Opportunity should be made use of for purchasing business Sites. Terms very Liberal will be declared at Sale. Farther particulars at Walker Brot. And . Camperdown or St. Quintin and m Donald Warrnambool and Terang. Thursday january 15. Mortlake. Fat an store cattle. Fat and store sheep. --.jfi��e.,. John Hyla t will hold his next monthly Sale of Stock at Bis sheep and cattle Yards Mortlake on thursday january 15, at one o clock when will be submitted. Cattle on account of the vender 20 fat Bullocks and cows shelf 2100 five year old Merino ewes Barnab Plains bred 880 Merino ewes aged. Stoneleigh bred. All in Good condition direct from " the station on account of messes Armste oho & ukr Hakr hex Hara Park 1000 Merino ewes 1 to 4 years none Over. 4 years Oldin Lamb to Lincoln rams splendid condition. 400 comeback and Merino ewes fat 600 4-tooth comeback Wethers fat ,. Grand lot pos horses Etc particulars of Stock c., May be supplied to h Donald 4 Brumley Mortlake or direct to the auctioneer Warrnambool. Entries now being received by the auctioneer and messes. M Donald and Brumley Mortlake. Monday january 19, Hyland will bold hit usual fortnightly Sale of Stock at Tsiang on monday january 19, at two o clock when will be offered rat a store cattle fat and store sheep pigs fee. Entries now being received by the Ano Pioneer Kepler Street. Warrnambool. For private Sale and immediate Vou Milos. That Well known property Glenfern situated at Cowley a Creek on the main port Campbell Road and three Miles from the present terminus of the Cardie s River railway line. This valuable property consists of 280 acres of Rich Black soil suitable for Agri culture or grazing the greater part being Laid Down with English grasses and Clover the improvements consist of the whole of the property being enclosed with ral bit proof wire netting and slab fencing sub divided into 7 paddocks and 25 acre under crop together with a three roomed dwelling . Newly built Deta tubed Kitchen and Senagal Roost also Dairy. Five stalled stable buggy shed milking Yard and Alto one acre of Orchard in full bearing. The auctioneer has much Pleane is introducing Annfa a valuable property to those requiring a comfortable and Well improved Hosae the. Owner or Mackie throw go severe illness is determined to sell. This is the sole a Ieasha for disposing of her property. There Are also 320 acres adjoining which can be purchased. Bear in mind Thia it genuine Ana for absolute Sale. Title perfect Don t fail to inspect As the property is a bargain. Apply at once to t. J. Clarke auctioneer Cobden. Septum Dowling h Crawford Stock 4siitin Afi ests Horbe salesmen Aba x saturday 17m january 189 l to let Fey auction 6oda.ores or thereabouts first class grazing and agricultural land. John Thornton under instruction from t. P. Manifold ese., will offer by Public auction at his rooms on the above Date All that land lately in the occupation of or. T. P. Errs subdivided into four paddocks of the following acreage no. 1.160 acres or thereabout. No. 2.160 no. 3.140 no. 4 132 full particulars As to conditions of pay ment of rent a can be had on application to messes. Picken 4 Speed. Note Date of Sale saturday january 17, 1891. Thursday ism january 1891. At 2 o clock Macx Orr Sharrit agricultural and Dairying land Sale. My Niong Cobden. My Niong subdivision of 1550 acres in 24 blocks from 5 to 200 acres. John Thornton under instructions will offer by auction on the above Date at the Homestead the. Well known my Niong property adjoining the town of Cobden and 8 Miles from Camperdown sub. suitable Lota for farm ing. Grazing and suburban pad docks. The following Liberal terms will be Given one fourth Cash balance in 1,2, and 3 years interest 6 per cent. The auctioneer would draw attention to this favourable Opportunity to secure land in this rapidly improving neighbourhood and would strongly advise investors to inspect the whole property being in Good order having been thoroughly cleared and drained during the last two years. For Dairying purposes it cannot be surpassed. The butter factory and railway station adjoin. Title certificate. Inspection invited. Solicitors meters. Picken and Speed. Sale Day. Thursday 15th january on the estate. Also the property known As Glen Joe. Containing 135 acres highly improved and Laid Down with English grasses which have grown most luxuriantly. Monday. January 19. 1 Crang. Valuable township property. It. Quintin m Donald & . Havoc received instructions from or. Simp son to sell by Public auction on monday the 19th january allotment 12, of Section 21, township of Terang situated opposite the Cricket ground containing a Quarter acre substantially fenced with Post j and rail Aad on which is erected four roomed House. Terms . Quintin & m Donau monday january 19. Terang. Cattle cattle cattle. Sheep sheep Pifa at Cit. Quintin m Donald t . To through their auctioneer will bold their next Stock Sale in their Yards Terang monday 19th january at one o clock Sharp when will be offered cattle. ,20 heifers 3 years old in Good Condi tion. 10 Forward springers. Sheep. 100 Merino ewes fat and half fat. Aso comeback ewes and Wethers 4 tooth fat 600 crossbred and comeback ewes and " v Wethers 2 Teeth in Good Condi tion 800 crossbred and comeback lambs i i. Early shorn and in Good condition. . Or sundries. A Sale of pigs commences at 12 o clock. Sole of sheep cattle and horses imme lately of 1.30 train from Colm and Geelong. Sgt constituents wishing to offer Stock will oblige by forwarding Early particular to or b. Palmer Crang or direct to our offices Warrnambool in order to advertise. Persons wishing to offer land at Thia Sale will please Send particulars to the auctioneers so that they May be advertised. St. Quintin m Donald jk.. Fisken Valentine 6 ., v Stock a station Agenia sheep an cattle , commercial club build magi of aloud or tit. Shimant to Oeurm St it a min new. Asenct or. J. R. Hindhaugh mugger. Agency to tech a or. Donald my curse manager Robinson barns a Sparrow took Tad Sutlon of Ato. Auctioneers. House land and general commis9ion agents farm and Dairy produce salesmen Ryrie k Moor Abool streets Oil Riovo. Sales of Dairy Stock. Hones pigs. A very saturday in the Yards Yrio Street. Sales of fat and store Stock and sheep at the corporation Yards Zedong West every monday. Hides tallow be Eakins a on wed essay in the roams Moor Bool Santt farm and Dairy produce Praia. Ste. Caromae pork each tha Radalin ump mrs brie Brea at 10.15 a a. Pm Tsumi on tin Antral a Aak Camperdown turf club s annual meeting. January 26th, 1891. Handicap tier of. F. Dakin. T to gramme Maiden plats of 25 ran., Odd a Quarter. Weight for age. Entry i soy. Handicap hurdle race of 60 Row. 10 Siva. Out of stake to go to second horse one . Nomination 1 say. Acceptance 255. Ladies Bracelet value so ices the gift of a. Blackwood Esq. With sweep of 1 soy. For starters. All hones to be nominated by ladies. Amateur riders to be approved of by stewards. Three quarters of a mile. Welter Handicap. Nomina tion 1 soy. Acceptance 255. Is Lac o Flat rack of 20 sets. Winner to be sold for �30. 7lhs allowed for every �5 reduction in Price. Five. Furlongs. Weight for age. Entry 1 soy. Camperdown of 100 soys., 20 says. Cut of stake to go to second horse. One . Nomination 1 soy. Acceptance 2 sets. A Piateck humid la rack of 40 says. The gift of messes. J. C. And t. P. Manifold with sweep of 1 soy. Added to go to second horse Amateur liders approved by stewards. Ona , . Welter Handicap. Nomination 1 accept Ance. . Fino stakes a Handicap of "20 says. Tha gift of . S. Crim Side and t. Dodda. Half a. Mile. Nomination 10s acceptance 10conditions . Rules strictly adhered of Amateur riders to be sent in on night of general entry. Winner of any Handicap Flat race after declaration of weights to carry tips penalty in cup Bracelet and flying Sukes and Winner of Auy Handicap hurdle race after declaration of weights to carry tips penalty in hurdle for hurdle cop Bracelet Amateur hurdles and flying stakis to be in the hand of the Secretary not later than s o clock On Tho 12th january is9i. Weights to appear on 15th january is9i. Acceptances at Scales. Entry for Maiden plate and Selling Bice to be in not later than 8 On tuesday 20th january 1891. No nomination will be Reco Ved after time advertised. J. Bishop Secretary
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