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Camperdown Chronicle Newspaper Archives Jan 13 1891, Page 1

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Camperdown Chronicle (Newspaper) - January 13, 1891, Camperdown, Victoria National Library of Australia steam Oakridge works wars Bool. To bus son and Morse manufacturers of car Raj is buggies Etc from Best materials do sgt Okosi England Aad in Samoa. Awarded Over fifty first prizes within the last four years for High class work competing at nil the principal show in the Colony. All work executed by experienced workmen specially engaged. Every description of repairing and painting executed with despatch. I Large of every class of vehicle it Stock a Zai i Ted. A & m. Be pc thank their n ume Roas Friend nod customers fur their Liberal patronage in the past sad to inform them that having Spires no expense in fitting no and completing heir establishment with All the latest improved machinery and a Large Stock of Well a canned material they Are in a position to guarantee first class work. Great Clearing Sale �100,000 drapery clothing boots & shoes Atso furniture carpets linoleum at the new warehouses of 14,16,18,20 & 22 Elizabeth St., Melbourne. This enormous Clearing Sale of summer drapery clothing a is the largest Ever held in Victoria and the reductions most genuine. Terms net Cash. The Sale is now on and will continue this month Craig, awarded first prize against the world for enamelled work Wilson Gorben & co., manufacturers and importers of All kinds of Marble enamelled slate and enamelled Wood mantelpiece Quality and Price in equalled in the colonies. Grates Gas fittings chandeliers Verandah tiles a. Six itary Ware a speciality. All kinds of in file and Stoss work supplied. Castlemaine slate trom our own Quarrles. Malm Samry Milestone sawn or Bough &c., Vances on Wool Grain of. Goldsb Rougie Liport a co limited. Capital. �6,000,000. Subscribed �3,500.000. Capital paid up �350,000. Reserve fond. �210,000. Head office Melbourne. Goldsbrough Mort 4c0., limited make Ybana Cwi a4nem on the ensuing clip of Wool and Oahu Tina securities they old auction of Wool twice each week during the Zeim not frequent intervals daring the sprinter month auction sales of tallow hides sheep skins and other station produce Are held thrice each week throughout the year. Auction sales of Grain at held each wednesday daring the Grain season. One month free storage on Grain free cartage on Wool Couig Nad to Mel Bourne. Farmers consignments Recave every at Tention a warehouse being Tes apart specially for their display. Yukky Brasack circular nay and Darling Harbour. London a Nisan 149 Leaden an Street. Agent at Camperdown and Colao b. M Kenzie. Agent at Mortlake m. M do Fald. Darton Reeves & co., tool Oak Wool Watt cum Moor Abbl Street Geelong. For sell big Wool the lowest a Bottog in the Colony namely 3 per cent. No charge made for be Pacl cing re preming or adverting. Sales held every Tob Day through ont the season. Cash advances made on All valuation a by each member of the firm and account sales forwarded promptly Geelong aug rat is9s. Drays la Calm Austin no co Wool brokers Geelong. The Market for Western District Wool. Aur sales last season 32,978 Wool. All vice Joe the personal attention of the men Ben of the firm and Are carefully protected up to foil Market Rale. Tracks Are unloaded at the warehouse from oar railway siding. All information As to charges which arc considerably lower than those rating in Melbourne on application. Offices also at Melbourne and b Llavat. So Tom us san in of Slit. E j. Mob Ehouse prov Rotor. Orient line of Koyal Hall steamers. Quickest steam squib to eng land. Steamers Leivo Melbourne every fortnight for ply month anal London. Fares�i7 a i to �70. For Date of sailing see Melbourne Dally papers. And for farther particulars apply to m. G. Anderson. Branch manager 488 and 4m, Collins Street Melbourne. Look Here Agat i have to inform you that have just purchased a Large Stock of fancy goods. Alao Large assortment of toilet soaps aug por Cumry second to none in the District which mean to dispose of at a Low pric to meet the present season. No Sham sales. Come and judge for yourselves. My old motto is Small pro6ts, and Quick returns keep the Mill t. M. A haves Sale Rauer and Volu Coulat. Oame Browh. Miss Wax Keb desires to inform the ladies of Camperdown and surrounding District that Shaulis commenced business As dressmaker. Ladies underclothing of every description made to order. Note the to dibs Brook Street opposite or. J. M. Peter s. A belong Grain and produce Exchange i _ h. V. Richardson conducts sales of every description a of farm. Daily and Orchard produce in his rooms Market Square Geelong every thursday morning at 10 o clock. The Bales Are attended by Melbourne Ballarat Queens Hal and local buyers. All kinds of produce entrusted to him for Sale either privately or by auction will have every attention so As to secure fall Market rates. During the Winter months Good demand for prime Dairy fed carcase pork always exists. Terms 5 per cent commission. No charge for storage weighing to. Auction Kos s it Ovule Seaburs. Person having country properties for Sale will please lend full particulars. Money to lend from �100 to �10,000 at lowest rate of interest. Tholar product 1 auction booms. 497 and 499 Collins Street opposite m Cracken s City brewery. Of lowest Pouesi it 00., general farm t Dairy pig k cattle salesmen. A a. Held at our rooms every wednes Day and Friday. Auction sales of pigs and cattle con ducted at the corporation Yards weekly. Chaff Grain and potatoes sold daily sex wharf and station. Bags supplied account sales promptly rendered. Correspondence invited w. Bax let Grain and Veo Ducj merchant Market nil rings 410 Flinders lao Melbourne Sells on commission daily sex railway stations and wharves great care exercised Toots a highest Price account Aalee and payments promptly Ren dered. Charges moderate. Correspondence invited. Established 1852. hand kinds English agricultural see is. Loans moved on Inmam and fart inc land it sons nurserymen seeds men fruiterers 4c. Large Stock of fruit Trees ornamental Trees and shrubs seeds and bulbs Choice and True to name. Order by Pott will meet with prompt attention. Address Mottag contests manerto and it a. Or , Caliper Down fetishes to inform the general Pablo w that he is till in the Trade and can Supply watches clocks pfc Wal Lery fee of the Best Quality and Moat recent designs i urge varieties of Faa Hiou a e styles to select from. M. C would specially Point oat that having no shop rent to pay be can Supply All article at a Casa Derbia of. Ordia Acy Prim Lalaha bad juy of Calm tata 4? Fot in their i a tits 1�"um, at work form. 1 a Buti oem All meet with or Wuerful Naceem. Any 0110 ctn do the w rec Yon o Tea to explain Hore. Lam run can make mag Little Fortune in notably and Meil tile employment i particularly adapted to the recon in which thl pull Citron Cirrus St. D it and in rib earn nearly As much i men. Kail pan learn an instructions mailed free. Saw i Tho Ilont delay Bat write to in at once. Stimuli 4 co., port land Maine unite stat. An interesting letter no i Muon speciafe3t. Or. Jam a who Liot Unali Hugh .7 the medical cards o v. F Ali i mfg Ai Wales. Awl hat by Sci artn., usual routine of practice Ami div Olin to a it Cal ranch Whitti he a 4 done for mime line. He not trial la following the path of prot i onal Tique me it. A a i i the Prole Iotti Mill i Powl v aloof for in Arona of their inn ctr who u. Jim popularity i Tho not Mph d Rollin Allm it a it rally a Llulia i to text to let he Coriden Cri tirante Maua for the up jux Yrol a r be h Alile the con. It Nee of the Puli Ilc. It n a practitioner in profit Aoe .1 Uio pack. Trie True designation of Mickery belong to Thole har Urlon Garfve Nurun oho Oil out a particle of ii dial know me or a Tittle of claim to the humblest Errar Trant of the Proli. . Practise Rotor Tittl and deceit. Advertising their nos Toniu act r Ului men a uie Lovrant c of i,.unr to and Rotonti Milit Home Aurance it a Una u ii cd at their prom Ipei at the Choiu. Such men a in Melbourne. Sydney. And other town in a Thailand by their Fiaai inf a4irertl�menle attract the attention of the unwary che to the health by sir allowing the nostrums of Ticae irretrievable bold Eithe no iffy Touy ratted in lurch aim at exorbitant and. Their to them or who have been victimised by any of the horde of quacks who Hare for Tut Prerad upon Ftfe in experienced and whose Only object is gain whole boastful pretensions but veil their a Norance to any sch vhf levers i would say " do not be despond liar inv other Ellab Tenned a Raj Iman,1 Man in Fol of them pm al ailments and the result will tall you would at a labourer in the Field of fair dealing i doubt not experiencing at least the Rew re of the App Road of Virv ton est Man and wish for is Hin mors hoping Ziy Eif Trinni will prevent he you if and inexperienced from but inc their Nio Aey on the i various and Erti so nostrums. La wily i have thai they will a Eire from me the wet straightforward Nihon it frat meet Coli ind wih undoubted tel in Landtr Erma the. And the Moss a to Anu i tide Noe. Whether they Emu to at my consulting Roums or communicate with of by letter which will have my immediate attention. Youn truly James d. Loewe Ixta. . All Para Oul Moniri Lucioni with Man few but by ictus a tit of �1 l chanted which u Indi ulva of Mt�Lu-ine4. All Cju i that to Amend by to Ato darn creat Myrtt a pwt nerd an Fojut or. A to ii on be to tel to their Homes throw feb the port i about my. Nurrit Renc to their Liui Ineata i Lutley did Nui have their by my or to pm to Anjer part of Autrilla ont buy a cad As met Mali from Ohuna Uon. No notice will Hukin of any Lett Mcfeal 4mi it a onus the Oon ablution to or a very article in the Trade manufactured or supplied. 7 who a a beat this. A Good violin Bow and Case �1 Banjo inuit with Korewa and brackets 16a German concertina Nickel bound doable Bellows 8s 6d a lat Maiio tools is Morocco it is Ina Laton for Imp Rotvig tone and appearance of piano 2k cd. Per Art. All Carriage free. 8d Eirts half Mollisa Street Price at Wright s mask Ware me Rippett stat Alket mks a Stu failing health restored. Chest complaints. No diseases Are More frequent few More dangerous than affections of the respiratory organs. The first symptoms 4 1 them May always be alleviated by Holloway s renowned pills. They quickly a Cecily any local congestion moderate the hurried breathing and the lungs to do. To Weir piece with and re clarity. Thee pills cleanse the blood from All impurities Ami fortify the system against consumption asthma and similar complaints. Stomach. Liver kidneys and bowels. These organs Are frequently getting out of order and require some suitable Medicine to regulate them. Holloway s pills effect this object with wonderful certainty. They do not distress the system or weaken the Frame they thoroughly invigorate the digestive organs and stimulate the kidneys to perform their functions efficiently acting upon the bowels without griping. Again taken an hour before dinner they cannot be equalled As a dinner Pill As they entirely prevent acidity and flatulence. Drops Cal swellings. Whoever is afflicted with these complaints should at once have recourse to a Holloway s pills. They act most energetically on the a Shalant and absorbent systems purify the blood and impart & Vigour which age or other causes May have temporarily taken away. They excite the kidneys to increased activity and promote watery discharges. Disorders Peculiar to women. There is no Medicine equal to it Olloway s pills for correcting the ailments incidental to females. They May be taken with safety for any irregularity of the system. They remove All cause of maladies and so restore by their grand pit riffing properties females of All Ages to robust health. Indigestion bile and sick headaches. No Organ in the human body is so liable to serious disease As the liver. Hollo Way s pills regulate every erring function give strength to every enfeebled Organ speedily remove All causes of indigestion bile and sick headaches and thus effect a permanent cure. Foo ways pills Art the bust remedy known in j acne female i Recu scr Fula or Auma untie Kine s evil Burious com feign of All sore throats plaints kinds blotches on the Fin secondary skin gout symptoms bout com headache tic Dou Leureux plaints. Indices on turnout Colio ulcers cont Licarion of jaundice venereal Alec the of curels liver cob dons Cotra unction plaints Worms of All debility Lumbago unas dropsy files weakness train dysentery rheumatism whatever Erysipelas Kettimon of cause it the pills and ointment Are manna Cnute Only at js3oxfortst. Loni on and Are sold by All vendors of medicines Iron ghost the civilized world with directions for use in almost every language. Be the emaciated form the vacant look the listless hesitating manner the nervous Dis Trust the senseless almost i Lotic cipro asian. Note his Demeanour and conversation and then say is that the kind of Man to leave Bis footprints on the Sands of time. Do parents medical men and educators o youth pay sufficient attention to the subject. Do they Ever As certain the cause of this decay and having done so can they As a strict sense demands seek the skill or advice of the medical Man who has made this Brand of the part Oasis his Partlou or speciality whose life has been devoted to the treatment of these cases. Header what is your answer Lee each one answer for himself. Parents see their progeny fading Freda ally before their sight see them become Mac Valet Youna old men broken Down in health enfeebled in fitted or the Battle of life Yia one Werd might my. Them one sound and Vito turns health riving Sitter from a medical Man Habl trued to the treatment and continuous supervision of such cases would in Soet instances succeed in warding off the impending doom of a miserable and gloomy , Aud by appropriate treatment restore the enervated system to its Natuis velour. And ensure a joyous and Happy Lite or. L u Smith of Ault urae has made tin Dis ease of youth and those arising therefrom his pen Llma study. His whole prof Jasic Nal Lite he been As my Italy devoted to the treatment o nervous and tons and the diseases incl dental to harried Lite. His skid is available to All no matter How Many hundreds or thousands of Miles Distant. Ills system of Lorre Louden of by letter la now so Wall organised and known that comment would be superfluous by this paeans Many Houe Anda of put menu have been cured whom he has never seen awl never known and it is carried on with such judicious supervision that though he has been practising this Branch of his pro a in these Ottolea no Sipfle instance of accidental discovery Kasos in with Down Tea Murrans Dubi Ustad Vai All a Rin Irmo i i Demsas flu Utor or. L. Salth t Pun of inuit Osia winds Imi Azoulai m it Jem the inca my a Adu Rush. Adds. Or. L. L Smith 41 Hollim Traat Melbourne. Late the Raa Identa of the governor Vitt Only legally qua Lifland practitioner a 4 it Mac my Tifrit mind Madar or n Bowd of Victoria Aad t Waman . Ate s fills m inure in remedy fur . sick head a by Tepila. Jaundice and the common derangement of Toma Ali butt lii Uliey fore Alc do Coldi mitigate pc tors Telic to Kout rheumatism and neuralgia Elcanie Ihu to Tom of malarial polio. And unlit in Trio formation at . Rich mood. Thucie Well known Illus Are compounded of Hie finnual dlr tue of the butt vegetable cathartic i Aud out drug. They mar. Thera Fote lie ail menu. in All Issei Valiere a Pur Kilve 1 m a Tyty Are Flea ant to Uve Aud thur med Llna i Treuth l Orrei Ervyl for a a Carloa Domestic Medicine Cliett and Treller i Titi al Ayer s pills Ruri tid set trl ail Tanh Tlell Titi Llull Foster so v lager / a Patent Iron windmills the cheapest Strong est simplest Rand most efficient Mill made. " .1 i. N _ _ j Alston s Patent Iron water troughs. The Gundine in the Market. The Public Aref cautioned against using on infringement on my Patent am prepared to plan. Estimate and execute All orders and furnish All require ments or a Complete Job for watering of Stock or Garden. " r James Alston ta2o.axbool Send for Price lists and catalogues
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