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Camperdown Chronicle Newspaper Archives Aug 10 1937, Page 4

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Camperdown Chronicle (Newspaper) - August 10, 1937, Camperdown, Victoria National Library of Australia football Hampden league elimination South s Swan song Terang much improved team it is worthy of note that for the second consecutive year an elimination match has been necessary to define the four qualifying teams of the Hampden league. Terning and South Warrnambool played on the Mortlake ground on saturday and after a game in which South failed at any stage to take the Lead Terang won by a margin of fourteen Points. South however were always knocking at the door and the game contained plenty of thrills until the final Bell. As to the outcome of the match. South made a Good recovery and changed Over for the final term with n deficit of Only five Points. This was largely due to the work of j Fisher who was in the fray All Day took Many hard knocks yet was apparently Good for another four quarters at the e end of the match. He was one of the few South players to show any inia Tive and anticipation. Roberts for Terang was distinguished by his characteristic on almost every occasion he got the Ball whether in a tight Corner or not he attempted an individual dash and was not without Success. Supporters were Yelling at him All Day to get rid of it but to generally managed to go through and have his kicks. Another feature of the Quarter wore two Beautiful goals by Clark for South. Both were kicked from the came position about 60 Yards out. This lad has a reputation for Long kicking and these two Shota appeared to be going on indefinitely. They were wonderful goal at the crucial moment for South. Gilbert Fitz Patrick and j. Fisher for South and Whitson 2r. Harris and Mcleod for Terang were the other goal kickers to leave the last change scores Terang 10 goals 13 behinds. South Warrnambool ,10 goals 8 behinds. Terang s Superior finish. As a spectacle the last Quarter of this match must have been one of the Best in the Competition this year. The football was excellent and the fluctuating fortunes during the first few minutes made players Over j anxious and spectators very excited. Atkins of Terang was definitely Superior in the Ruck and on almost1 every occasion got the Knock out South were feeling the absence of be Bruu and Russell from this major position and with their inclusion the game May have had a different cur Tain. Stupid free kicks in front of goal coupled with Terang s Little More ability were souths Swan song and they now say Farewell to football for 1937. They played a Good game in the Best spirit against a team just a Little too Good and the players can look Forward to leaning Over Tho Fence in the rest of the engagements. Smith got souths Only i goal for the Quarter and r. Harris and Davies for Terang. Final scores Terang 12 goals 18 behinds. South Warrnambool 11 goals 1c behinds. Goal kickers Whitson 3r. Han. Ris 3moleod 2roberts 2howard and Davies for Terang. South Clark 2j. Fisher 3smith 2gilbert 2holland and Fitzpatrick. Best players for Terang several players were outstanding. No one did More than Roberts Kenna was invincible at full Back Pitta is a great Little player Atkins in the Ruck Sargeant was always conspicuous and r. Harris to Mcleod and Davies were Best of the others. In Wilkinson South had the Best Man afield Wade did Well in the Ruck although he is generally placed Forward Sanders played a fighting game and Clark Smith and j. Fisher were always doing Well. Umpire Devine gave a very credit Able exhibition. Tho four now comprising Warrnambool Camperdown Mortlake and Crang is very open and either team on performances could Atill win the premiership. The first Semi final will be played at. Warrnambool next saturday be tween Terang and Mortlake and the Warrnambool Camperdown Ratcli will a played on the following saturday at Terang. On saturday the match was played under perfect conditions Many com plaints were heard beforehand re Garding the state of the Mortlake ground but these Wero completely unfounded. The Oval was in very Good order with an ample coat of turf and players had trouble to dirty their kicks. Terang players wore Black band As a Mark of respect to the late mrs. Jackman Mother of. The Secre tary of the club who died earlier in the week. The teams South Warrnambool. Soggiu Wil Kiwon Mitchell Warburton Gannon Matthews Sanders a. Fisher Spence. Mcmahon Clark Holland Fitz Patrick Wade Smith Hartley Gil Bert and j. Fisher. Terang Densley Kenna b. Har rim. Beasley l. Beard j. Beard Pitts Davies Howard Mooney Murnane Meleod r. Harris Steele Whitson Atkins Sargeant Roberts 19th, Ron Aid. Unsuccessful onslaught during the major part of the first term Terang were on the offensive repeatedly driving from the opposing Forward line Only to go to the hands of Wilkinson in the Sticks. It 1c doubtful if there is a High Mark in the league to equal Wilkinson. There was not one instance on which he failed to Mark once he had made an Effort for the Ball. Had he not been there the Terang advantage at Quarter time As Well As at the conclusion of Tho match would have been far greater. This Man comes from Balla rat with a reputation like some Pedi greed horse and it is certainly a fact that he is a great player. During the last term when souths plight was desperate he was taken from the Back line and Given a run and but Lor bad kicking by the forwards his efforts would most Likely have Heen match Vinning. Kenna in the same position for Terang was also Brilliant but lacked Wilkinson s reach and extra polish. The goal kickers for the Quarter wore Terang Meleod. Whitson and Roberts South hol land Clark and j. Fisher. The first change scores were Terang 3 goals 4 behinds. South Warrnambool 3 goals 1 be Hind. Wonderful marking. The Aerial display Given by both teams during the second Terra was worthy of any metropolitan team and the scouts from some of the More prominent Melbourne clubs who were looking for potential buttons must love been impressed by the display Tho ground work too was excellent although the kicking for goal with few exceptions was bad. On several occasions souths ultimate Suc goal which went out of Bounds. Once or twice this 3ould have been excused but it happened repeatedly. The Umpire although he was greeted with howls of derision from the crowd when he gave certain decisions was applauded by those who were closer and could see what had actually happened. Soon after the Bounce r. Harris threw himself on Tho ground to snap up a Mark and goal. Howard Roberts and Meleod also scored full Points for Terang and Fisher and Smith for South. Half time scores Terang 7 goals 6 behinds. South Warrnambool 5 goals 5 be Hinds. South equalise. At the end of the third Quarter Terang s officials were very dubious Camperdown and District league South purr Umberte and Bookar for grand final. South s Victory against Camperdown splendid weather conditions a Good Muster of spectators and the in Centle for the right to contest the grand final in the Camperdown league was the setting for the game played at the Leura Reserve Between Camperdown and South purr Umberte on saturday. A 6 was the Case in the two Previ Ous Linal matches the football was of a poor Standard whether due to the magnitude of the occasion or stale Ness it is hard to say but it remains that on no occasion did any team reach premiership Standard. On saturday both teams gave shocking displays although camper Down s mistakes numbered twice j those of their opponents. Team work seems to be a thing of the forgotten past which could be excused if individual brilliance carried a team through to Victory but even this was lacking except perhaps in the Case of a. Perrett of Camperdown. Who gave a great display All Day weak in the Ruck in which Foster of purr Umberte had the Call All Day. Coupled with the areal supremacy of their opponents where the main fac tors in Camperdown s defeat. A for Ward line which earlier in the season was reasonably Strong failed miser ably and insisted on crowding in the Centre and thus spoiling the chances of Murrihy As a spearhead. After be ing soundly beaten in their two Previ Ous engagements South deserve al1 the credit for their fighting qualities and never say die spirit. A Point behind and Only a few minutes to play saw them Forward twice Foi two Quick goals to put the Issue beyond question. The scores 13-10 to 11-11 were a Fine indication of the Day s play. The teams lined up South Purdum Bete Alexander Anson o Donnell Roberts Walsh 3donnelly Hose 2koran English d Arcy Davis Lloyd Clarke and Foster. Camperdown Cronin Tymms Quigley 2brown 2. Doherty Lucas 2buck Mcmillan Perrett 2pitcher Henry Italton Murrihy and Walter. Umpire Warren. Even first Quarter South were on the offensive from the Bounce but Doherty twice sent the Ball Back. A counter attack by the magpies resulted in a goal to Henry from a penalty kick. Walter following and Mcmillan in the Centre were instrumental in further camper Down moves hut crowded Forward play limited their scoring opportunities. Pitcher and d Arcy for camper Down and South respectively were conspicuous for Good football the latter allowing w. Horan to Boot souths first goal. Winning in the Ruck through the Agency of Foster South pressed Forward again but found the Magpie defenders capable or relieving. Henry and Walsh scored full Points for their respective sides to close the Quarter marked by poor play and atrocious kicking with the scores at Camperdown 2 goals 3 behinds. South purr Umberte 2 goals 1 be-1 Hinds. Useless crowding tactics. Within a minute of the Bounce South had posted two More goals Walsh obtaining both. A camper Down player touched the Ball once in these successful drives. A third shot soon after resulted in a bad miss to allow the magpies a Little Relief. In turn they swept Forward for Pitcher and Henry to quickly goal for a one Point Lead. On almost every Occo Sian when the Ball was bounced in the Centre it was kicked into the South Erners scoring zone. Horan foaled after marking one of these kicks both teams were much below form the football suffering As a cons Quence. Camperdown still insisted on crowding play in their Forward zone allowing the heavier and slower Southern defenders to turn almost every attack. After much scrimmage ing in and around the Camperdown goal base Murrihy marked to shoot truly. Camperdown s mistakes were numerous and As a result Hose and Horan foaled for South. Murrihy again replied for the Hack and Whites after a Brilliant Mark to Cronin had turned a determined onslaught by South. Having a Clear Call Over his opponent Perrett. On one Wing coup led with Mcmillan s Ascendancy in the Centre should have been enough for Camperdown to dominate the game As on the other Wing play was even but poor Forward work was responsible for Many wasted opportunities. Scores at the Long interval. South purr Umberte 7 goals 4 be. Hinds. Camperdown 6 goals 6 behinds. Camperdown holds advantage. Henry who was the most impress Ive of the Camperdown forwards kicked his fourth goal soon after re sumption for his team to retain the Lead. Perrett unbeatable on the Wing forwarded for Quigley to add another goal from a penalty kick. The game was in danger of becoming a Rugby scrum at times. After play had been centred for some time Walsh foaled for South for the score to remain at 8-6 All. After two misses from deliberate shots Camperdown again took the Lead when Pitcher shot accurately Over his shoulder. After a Fine exhibition of High Mark ing by Clarke at half Back to keep the magpies out the latter forwarded again for a. Lucas to goal from close in. A Long goal to Horan left Camperdown with an eight Point Lead at the last change. Camperdown 10 goals 9 behinds South purr Umberte 9 goals 7 be Hinds. Camperdown slumps. After Quigley had foaled Over his head Camperdown stocks Rose to a High level but slumped again when Horan and English foaled Al Tei singles had been scored to equalise the scores. Displaying the wrong Tel ies of playing the wrong Wing thus keeping the Ball away from per rett had much to do with camper Down s failure. Aerial work by the tall southerner s loft the magpies at a loss and Only Superior ground play kept the former team from holding a commanding Lead. A single to Lucas gave Camperdown the Lead again but it was Short lived As Walsh marked soon afterwards for a five Point Lead to South. With Only a minute to play the same team swept Forward from the Bounce for a goal to Hose who was a source of worry to camper Down throughout the game settled the Issue beyond question. South ran Cut winners by 11 Points and thoroughly deserved their win. Al though their form was poor they seem to have it in their Power to sex Bookar to the fullest and next saturday s grand final should be fur of incident. Having soundly beaten the minor premiers earlier in the season and in turn being Defeated the stage is All set for the Climax to an interesting season s football. It is a ls6 interesting to note that for the last three seasons South have been the team to keep Camperdown from gaining the Pennant after the latter had shown themselves Superior earlier in the season. Final scores. Gouth purr Umberte 13 goals 10 be Hinds. I Camperdown. 11 goals 11 behinds. Goal kickers South purr Umberte j Horan 3. J. Hose 3d. Walsh 3w. Horan 2n. English and n Walsh. Camperdown Henry 4pitcher 2. Murrihy 2f. Quigley 2and a. Lucas. Best players for the winners none gave better service than Foster Hose 2". Horan 2davis Clarke Alex Ander and d Arcy. In a. Perrett Camperdown had the Best Man afield. His splendid dashes on the Wing opened up Many opportunities which were unfortunately not always fruitful. Henry Pitcher Cronin e. Brown Walter Mcmillan and Doherty were the Best of the others. Seniors at practice during the week end the camper Down senior team had a practice match with the Bookar players the very suitable contesting ground be ing at new Minster Park. Each Side had fifteen players and the game took the form of four quarters of fifteen minutes. The country team were no match for their More seasoned of a orients and suffered defeat by in goals 9 behinds to 2 goals 1 behind. Goal kickers Camperdown Malone co Sutherland 3pitcher ran tall 2vockins. Watson. O Sulli Al i. Stratton. Bookar Wood in on Bloom. Or. E. Morris officiated As Umpire. There was a numer Ous attendance. Damage to roads by Timber traffic. Mention was made by the Engineer or. Rolf. Crawley in his report to the Wam Kambool Shire Council on wednesday of the damage that was i being done to new roads in the Forest area by Timber traffic. Or. Crawley1 said that Only vehicles holding per mits were allowed on these roads with Timber but the owners were not obeying the terms of. Their permits and were carrying heavy loads when the Road was wet. The hands of the Council had been forced to some extent by the c.r.8., which had re Quested that permits b e granted to alleviate hardship amongst settlers but the roads were now badly Cut up in spite of the dry autumn and Early Winter and something would have to be done. He suggested writing in the c.r.8., drawing attention to the damage that was being done. They should limit permits this year and consider their future abolition. Councillors stated that there were heavy lorries carting Wood almost Day and night. On the motion of cars. Croth ers and Rollo it was agreed that a letter be written to the . As tue Engineer had suggested. An Arctic tragedy. The Story of the discovery of the last relics of sir John Franklin and Liia companions who perished amid the Arctic snows is familiar to every one. An equally poignant tale of Polar adventure and heroism is told by a scrap of paper piously preserved in the Royal Library at Copenhagen. It was discovered in 1908 in a Cavern among the wild and inhospitable wastes of Lambert s three Danes Hagen Erichsen. And Brounland left. Greenland in 1907 and pushed northwards unaccompanied by natives. They went too far. And exhausted their provisions etc., Ere their homeward March was terminated. Their tent had rotted their fur sleeping sacks were full of holes their boots worn out. Briefly they were at the mercy of the relentless cold. Hagen died first Erichsen ten Days later and Brounland was left in awful Solitude amidst the perpetual dark Ness of an Arctic Winter. Starved and exhausted both feet Frostbitten he yet crawled some Miles southward and then dug his grave the Cavern in question lie recorded simply and clearly on the scrap of paper exactly where he had left the bodies of his comrades How Hagen died novem Ber 15," and Erichsen on the 25th, and How he could creep no further. He signed legibly and firmly and Lay Down to die like a True descendant of the Iron framed Iron willed Vikings. Here his body and his paper were found when Spring allowed the explorers to scour the snowy wastes. Under Hen domination. The male Ostrich has to do his share of the work of sitting on a clutch of eggs. If he shows a disposition to shirk his duties the Hen worries him until he returns to the open nest and drops his huge bulk prot Stingly up on the sixteen to Twenty eggs. It is laughable to watch the Hen mount guard Over her lord and master to Bee that he does not get up too soon. After the Chicks Hatch out both parents teach the pretty Little striped creatures How to eat and when in Captivity it is interesting to the cautious Way in which the older Birds Wilt approach human visitors whom they do not know to pick up grains of wheat thrown Down for them to eat. They tread As gently As if they were walking on Sharp edged swords and a suddenly raised Arm sends them off like racehorses. Braile s big Well. Perhaps the most idiotic of All the Many idiotic schemes with which britons have been enamoured in Days gone by. Was that which was known at the time As Braile s big Well. M. Braile was a belgian Engineer residing temporarily in this country who in 1848 approached the then prime minister lord John Russell with a scheme for sinking a huge Shaft a mile in Diame Ter and Twenty Miles in depth that should tap the Earth s internal heat and thereby Render England Independent of her Coal Supply when this gave out. % lord rtt Ssell always rather attracted by visionary projects attentively considered the scheme and caused plans and estimates to be drawn up. The first difficulty was the Inrush of water which would have been certain to occur sooner or later. This it was proposed to keep under by pumping caissons being used for the purpose of further excavation while the finished portion of the Shaft was to be Ren dered watertight by a jacket of Gran Ite set in Portland Cement. Mad As the scheme was it found plenty of advocates and a provisional Bill had been it was said actually drafted when the overthrow of the government on the franchise question was announced and the whole Busi Ness was thenceforth consigned to a Well merited oblivion. Answered. A traveller in Scotland had left i wrap in a railway Carriage. The guard opening the door of one of the carriages inquired is there a Black Mackintosh Here no answered one of the big High Landers inside there is no Black Mackintosh but there Are six red Mac ?regors." if there is anywhere on your horizon a spot of Light fix your eyes upon it and turn your thoughts away from the Clouds which May cover the rest of the sky. One spot of Blue is Worth a sky Fol of Grey. Sex president Roosevelt was once shown a picture of himself in Battle. He was represented As waving a sword on horseback in one of the fights in Cuba. Is it a Good picture he was asked. Vees he replied it s All right except that i never had a sword and i did t ride a horse. Otherwise it s All it is no Good making a fool of your self in order to prove How Wise you Are. Pendennis who is the meanest Man you know Warrington old close fist. When Ever there is a crowd at the railway booking office he always gets on Tjio outside so As to be the last to part with his a Man spends a Good onion of his time deceiving himself and a woman spends a Good portion of hers before a Mirror. It s the same thing. Cucumber sound Large cucumbers pare thickly Iron pm to end. Cut in thin round slut strew thickly with Salt put in a bowl press Down heavily with piece of Mable or Brick for three hours then press or with a Lemon ski Evzer Squeve a out every drop of water put in a said bowl Lay thin slices of onion Over of o so a. H whue Popper of teaspoonful of Olive Oil pour enough vinegar to wet Well Ando in a tiny bit of sugar and e of nit in Parsley May be add d if desired Raisin puffs. Beat half r Tell of a f a sugar and one Teaspoon nor -.-.t. To a Cream. Beat in one air vow a cupful of milk one cum vol third of flour two is of baking powder one cupful 01 Rrt v raisins and spice to taste. Siani for thrum quarters of an hour in cups half Why we plough and cultivate. The Why of things frequently in very difficult question to answer. Until recent years most Farmers cultivated to prevent weeds from Chok ing out the crop. Wallace s far Mer . Has a splendid article on this subject from which we take the following until about two Hundred years ago tha Farmer s idea of ploughing was to get enough Loose soil to cover his crop and thus allow it to Ger Minate. Farmers in that Day and in fact up to the time of Jethro Tull about one Hundred and fifty years ago did not seem to have any Defi Nite idea As to How plants grow. That worthy whose name should be forever held in grateful remembrance among Good Farmers. Had the idea that plants took up minute particles of the soil itself. He published volume after volume on this subject and while his practice was invariably right and in fact quite modern his theories were All wrong just As in these modern times the theories of Many scientific Farmers Are All right and their practices All wrong for it is a matter of history that theory Aud practice do not always work together desirable As it is that they should. When Farmers get hold of the idea that plants take their food Al ways liquid and in solution and do not live on the soil itself except in this Way it became quite Clear that water is one of the essential ele ments of Plant growth and therefore that ploughing should be done for the purpose of putting the soil in such condition that it should have the greatest water holding capacity not the capacity of holding the greatest amount of water Between the particles but of holding a Large amount of water in films around the surface of the soil grains. They soon Dis cover that the finer the tilth and the greater the number of soil Grama the More surface there was and. Therefore the greater the water holding tillage Means a great Deal. The modern system of farming is based on tillage and has been helpful to re claim thousands of acres of land that were considered worthless until far mers Learned the Why of tillage. Faith and patience. Some time ago a Young couple were being married at the Parish Church Halifax. The Bride s name was Faith and the name of the bridesmaid her sister was patience. During the ceremony the bridegroom very much flurried and confused became once or twice rather too premature in his responses to the minister and to latter exclaimed have patience Man the prospective Benedict turned an offended Eye on the Clergyman and said a sail do nowt o the Stoart if a Caan t have Faith Wall Hanu body after Mutual explanations the Cere Mony proceeded and the Happy Swala became wedded to his Faith. A lady was crossing the Road of a Rainy Day and a smart Chappie stand ing by said excuse me miss you Are showing your Well said the Young lady Haught ily i have a perfect right yes and a Jolly Fine left added the Bounder with a smile. When blogging senior on the Occa Sion of his annual party was obliging his guests with " tis love that makes the world go round master Wil Liam blogging seized the Opportunity to retire for a few minutes behind the japanese screen with Bis lira s half smoked Cigar. The applause subsiding master blogging was observed by one of the company to be looking far from Well. His face had taken on the Hue of Putty and his eyes stood out like Small hat pegs. Good gracious Willie what s the matter cried mrs. Blogging in alarm. I believe you be been Willie Shook his head. " taint he declared untruth fully. If it s True what father s been singing about i a re reckon i m in love Clara that Man who has just passed was an old flame of mine. Kate indeed what happened be tween you Clara of he flared up one Day to went out. He was very Youthful but he fancied himself More than a Little and he lounged into the railway refresh ment room with a �10,000 a year swagger and fixing a look upon the barmaid evidently intended to he killing remarked away Good afternoon my a dear. A feel Deuce Day Chippy to Day d be know. A what do you think would be Good for me what do you advise me to have he and the smart and pretty barmaid surveyed him i tingly for a full min Ute before she answered Well sir if i were you i should so in for a Glass milk and a Btu the sweetest music in the world is the laugh of a child. Every child ought once a week to have a birthday. Three indispensable of Genius Are understanding feeling and Persever Ance. The taste of Beauty and the relish of what is decent just and amiable perfects the character of the gentle Man. Old doctor who has been gossiping for Throe quarters of an hour Well Well i must be going. I be got to visit a lady in a fit whatever enlarges Hope increases courage the Hys clan pondered the Case for a few moments before he ventured an opinion. I think your husband needs a rest More than anything else he said at to. I t lie Rould be convinced of Iii at " Lut he absolutely refuses to listen o me. I the returned the physician in a Hijii kill tone that s a step in the right

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