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Camperdown Chronicle Newspaper Archives Aug 10 1937, Page 3

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Camperdown Chronicle (Newspaper) - August 10, 1937, Camperdown, Victoria National Library of Australia Thi Leura hotel Camperdown w. J. Wooden. Proprietor. Professional. Dental notice. My c. Christoph fir . Surgeon dentist. Graduate of the Melbo Umo dental Hospital and Mel Bourne University. Pike Street Camperdown. Phone 139, hours week Days 9to s saturday 9 to 1. Evenings by appointment. Dental notice. Or. J. A. Laugh dentist manifold St., Camperdown. Be kind to your j consult j or. S. T. Marchant ophthalmic optician j 156 Collins St., Melbourne visits Camperdown at Leura hotel tuesday August 31. Appointments at Wharton s news Agency Stutton in consequence of the unauthorized and unfair use of my name it is necessary for me to Issue a warning hint i am the Only optician entitled to practice As merchants or Marchant did son. In any part of Victoria. Consulting in Camperdown Only at Ilu Leura hotel. H. T. Marchant. 150 Collins St., Melbourne readers please note that or. Abo Tomey does not employ canvassers or representatives. Lie personally visits Camperdown on dates advertised in this paper and his consulting rooms Are at the Leura hotel. S. B. Abo Tomey certified optician Capitol 109 Swanston St. Melbourne next visit. Tuesday. 24th August hours 10 . To 5 . "6ec . And your eyes won t j consult 1. S. Whin Erak optometrist 123 Ryrie Street Geelong. Late of merchants Melbourne and Geelong. Visits Camperdown at mechanics Institute. Tuesday august10. 10 . To 5 . A r u or. A. To. Richards chemist notice to advertisers copy for alterations to stand ing advertisements must reach the chronicle office As under for tuesday s Issue before ten o clock on previous saturday. Tor thursday s Issue before one o clock on previous tuesday. For saturday s Issue before one o clock on previous thursday. No exception will be Mads to thai Rule. Worth �10 a packet. Says working Man. "1 even wished i d drop dead because of cruel rheumatic pains writes or. C. V. Stanley Nietta station via u Overstone Tasmania but thanks to . They have almost left me now and another packet will cure me. Your remedy is Worth �10 a . Rheumatic remedy is sold with Money Back guarantee certificate by Oates & co. Ask for free Booklet Woods great Peppermint cure for influenza colds subscribers receiving their copies of the chronicle irregularly Are requested to communicate direct with thl office. Telb Bhone pads id. At Chron there is very grave pieces for the cough that often danger in the neglect follows the flu in fact for any of a cold. If All colds were sort of cough there is nothing promptly treated with Hearne s better safer or quicker than bronchitis cure there would be Hearne s bronchitis cure. Fewer cases of pneumonia pleurisy Inid Hie father of inc missing \ c a. Who Hiu run away from Home inn. Tic re Niu in when 1 get hold of him Atlin v nervousness and its cure. What is meant by nervousness asks b v blur in a medical journal. In pop air language it is a state of the Ner Vous system in which there is a a Uura Jally or unnaturally Quick Sud Den reaction or excitement to any unusual external stimulant As a noise a fright., a sight of anything unpleasant or hearing of anything disagreeable or painful. 1 ii these cases there is what May been led a state of unstable equilibrium of the nervous system. This unstable equilibrium May have several causes. It May arise from a weakened Condi Tofu of the body a condition caused by illness sleeplessness privation Over Strain or anxiety or defective nutrition or it May arise even in Well nourished persons whose brains have not been trained by experience to endure such things. We have All seen those in Good health and Well fed easily excited and nervous Over the Prospect of going through some new experience. As soon As they have become accustomed to it it May become a pleasure. Persons whose Ner Youa system is a a state of stable equilibrium Are Noi easily excited Over trifles or thrown off their balance. The remedy for these forms of nervousness is first to restore health and second to discipline one self by training. Nearly All can do it. At least under Ordinary circumstances if they try. It is not very creditable to people to allow their weak or undisciplined nerves to be their masters All through life. The language of saucepans. In China it is a common thing to hear people say that they Are still in want of a Cook while others will have num Bers of applications directly it is known that their Cook has left. The reason for this is easily discovered if the master of the walks Down to the Kitchen after his Cook has been discharged and takes notice How a Saucepan which will be found standing on the ground is placed. Chinese servants particularly those from Singapore when discharged leave signs which the newcomer looks for immediately he enters Tho Kitchen says the Straits if the place is considered a Good one Saucepan will to left on the ground with the lid put on properly. If the lid is placed in Tho Saucepan upside Down that is to say with the handle of the lid inside Tho Saucepan it Means that the servant has gone away for a Short time Only and that As soon Asho can he intends to return As the Situa Tion is considered a Good one. If the lid of Tho Saucepan is left out a the ground near the Saucepan which is standing the right Way up it Means the is in want of servants. If Uio lid is put half Way in and Naif out of Tho Saucepan it Means that Tho place is a Good one but the master of the is stingy. Should the Saucepan have still some Rice in it and the lid closed properly it Means that the ser vant is Quito satisfied with everything concerning the people of the , but that lie is forced to leave on account of debts or other reasons which inconvenience him. Ii the master is in the habit of Cut Pmj a servant s pay for broken or lost articles or for other faults a Mark is made on is Bottom of the Saucepan in Chalk which will not rub out easily. Tho chinese boy makes his Mark Lieh Iii the pantry or bedroom door Aid the Waterman on the Bottom of his tubs the Hyla in chinese Are said to Honvo adopted these signs from Tho Macao chinese who in the first Case got the idea Froid have a look at yourself. People who Are harried worried in doubt Are dangerous in a business Way unsafe and unreliable. They blame All their ills on others and have a faculty of making a whole household miserable. And of course they Are unlovable. Such people have a coated Tongue cracked lips Blotchy complexion Dull eyes yellow Teeth. Cut Down your food Quantity in crease your breathing and not How your love capacity keeps Pace and patience possesses your soul the Way it goes. The incumbent of a country vicar age had Long a Thorn in his Side in the shape of a crusty old Farmer who delighted in opposing the vicar to every Way. Tie Parson having been offered another living accepted it. And taking his leave of the Parish he called upon the Farmer when he was touched by the Man s evident re Gret. Why i thought you would be glad to get rid of me exclaimed the vicar. The Farmer Shook his head solemnly. Well he said you see sir i be lived Here for nigh forty years and my experience of our Parsons is that there s never a bad in goes but a Wubs in diplomacy at fault. Abbas Bey an Oriental potentate was giving a fete and before him on a Louis Quinze table Lay a Superb watch the gift of the German emperor. Suddenly the electric lights failed. For a full minute Abbas Bey and his guests were in darkness. Then the lights went up again and alas the splendid jewelled watch had disappeared. My Good friends said Abbas Bey in suave diplomatic tones lights will now be lowered afresh and i will expect that the person who took my watch in order to look at it will put it Back on the table in a profound silence the lights once More went out. There was a alight sound As of Metal against Wood. Theu the lights went up again and Abbas Bey discovered that in Stead of the watch being returned a Gold cigarette Case the gift of Queen Victoria had disappeared As Well. My Eon said the father i have & confession to make. I have had detectives shadowing the chorus girl whom you wish to Well you did t discover anything to her discredit i m sure said the son confidently. No i did not. On the contrary 1 find she is a woman of the highest character and the sole support of her two orphan Camperdown Golf club programme 1937. Aug. 7 a Pennant Camperdown v. Terang. Sweepstakes bogey. 12-14 Terang open meeting. Sweepstakes stroke. 23-26 country week Melbourne. 28 August medal bogey. Sept. 4 Best Ball four Ball. Stable Ford system. 6-11 Colac open stroke sweep stake. Is september medal stroke. 25 mixed foursomes. . G. Erred trophy 18 holes match play. Entry free. A Pennant top five of first named clubs at Home. A Pennant first named club at Home. Club championship open to All entry 2/-. A championship players whose Handicap is 19 and Over. Entry 2/i entries for All other events 1/ each player. Associates fixtures season 1937 aug. 3.Camperdown v. Cobden. 4.bogey, mrs proud s trophy final Silver spoon. 11.foursomes. 14.saturday, bogey comp Tion. 18.medal, mrs. Holm s trophy 25.stroke, a & a div is. Sept. , Best is 14 holes. 16.secret partners stroke. 23 " 30.final Day Canadian four Somes. Club Best Gross scores. Desailly Best Gross scores for players on Handicap of 25 or Over. Scores must be placed on score Sheet or not eligible. Trophy Given by mesdames Salmon and Varley for three total Best net scores for year. Names and result must be entered in Book. Trophy Given by mrs. Kraefft for aggregate of round of Best holes for season. Ladder match play tournament. Herd testing Cobden and District association. Results for june. Leading herds. Randall Bros., 11 cows 23 lbs milk 5.3 test 1.21 lbs butterfat d. J. Mckean 15, 24.5, 1.3, 1.07 George Vagg 25, 24, 4.1, 1.01 h. R. Alexander 12, 18, 5.2, .94 mrs. M. H. Dunston 13, 19.4, 4.4, .s6 p. Hickey no. 122, 16.3, 4.9, .80. Leading cows. George Vagg s Nob by. 3s, 5.1, 1.93 11. R. Alexander s Linda 35, 5.5, 1.92 d. J. Mckean s. Nellie 30, 5.g, 1.68 Randall Bros Polly 23, 7.3, 1.65 h. R. Alexander s Primrose 20, , 1.62 p. Hickey s no. 1nancy 33, 4.5, 1.58 h. R. Alexander s spot 33, 4.5, .1.55 ran tall Bros Buttercup 30, 5.1, 1.53 George Vagg s Sally 34, 4.1, 1.49 d. J. Mckean s Molly 34, 4.2, 1.43 John erred s june 34, 4.2, 1.43 l. K. Brown s Ringtail 25, 5.6, 1.40. . Randall Bros Florrie 30, 5.8,1.74 George Vagg s May 41, 4.0, 1.64 Randall Bros Lorna 22, 5.3, 1.16. Two year Olds. George Vagg s Dinah. 31, 4.2, 1.30 George Vagg s Possum 28, 4.4, 1.23 George Vagg s Diamond 25, 4.6, 1.15. Western Plains football league the draw season 1937. Matches to be played on the ground of the first mentioned club. Home team will Wear White shorts and the visiting team Black shorts August 14 v. Cressy Beeach v. Lismore ill Barook v Derrin Allum. August 21cressy v. Ill Barook Lis More v. , Derrial Lum v. Beeach. August 2sfirst Semi final. September 4second Semi final. September 11final. September is grand final. A winning service Only Young tender Leaf buds Are picked for bushels Blue Label Tea and slow careful curing imprisons the Rich flavor. The More sap juice contained in the Leaf the less Tea is required to make a cup. That is Why bushels Tea makes More cups to the Pound than Ordinary Tea while it is cheaper to use and you have the flavor As Well

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